Israel/Hamas Truce, Fight Back Against the Jab, Inflation Coming

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 481 5.21.21)

Looks like there is a truce between Israel and Hamas in Gaza.  I say “looks like” because truces between the two usually take a while to solidify.  That’s been the case in the four Hamas/Israel wars since 2008.  More than 1,300 houses have been destroyed, and heavy losses have been inflicted on Hamas in Gaza.

Is your employer requiring you to get an experimental gene therapy CV19 jab that is being called a “vaccine”?  You might want to know it’s illegal to require someone to get an experimental vaccine.  The U.S. government is not requiring this so-called vaccine, and about half of the CDC and FDA employees have NOT gotten the jab.  There is a new form you can hand to your employer from that might get their attention.  It puts the liability for adverse effects of the jab squarely on the company’s back.  It also requires the responsible company official to sign this form with a witness.  The vaccine makers have zero liability, but companies forcing the CV19 jab do have liability.  This is a cold bucket of water in the face of any company who wants to force or coerce employees to get this experimental “vaccine.”

If you think the economy is going to get back to normal now that the CV19 crisis is subsiding, you have got another thing coming.  There are shortages in everything and inflation coming bigtime.  It appears the Federal Reserve is printing mad amounts of money, and the inflation genie is already out of the bottle and getting stronger by the day.  Hunter will explain.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 5.21.21.

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After the Wrap-Up: 

John Williams of will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post.  He will give you the real numbers on the inflation monster that is coming and coming soon!!

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  1. Lynda

    Thanks Greg for all your hard work in keeping us in the know…!!!! I always look forward to our Thursday night/ Friday morning “weekly wrap ups”… God Bless….

    • Greg Hunter

      You are very kind Lynda. Thanks you!

      • Ken Landon

        Greg, you’re entitled to “righteous anger”! I’m appalled at what Franklin Graham said;
        Pat Robertson has really disappointed me, taking the Johnson& Johnson vaccine which uses aborted fetal tissue. Where is the outrage with these Christian “Leaders” ? I’m appalled with both of them shooting their mouths off with doing any homework. Laziness?
        It’s disgraceful their that uniformed and Stupid .

        • Bill Wilson

          One Citizen journalist, claims that Franklin Graham and his father are/were Satanists and Pedophiles. Any truth to that claim?

          • Jennifer Arbach

            Not sure about that, but TruNews did a piece on Franklin Graham’s close association with Greta Van Sustern and her husband who are scientologists. I think he may be compromised.

          • by Victor

            Well they are freemasons, So what do you think???

        • Graham Leadbeatter

          These so called men of God need to get back to the Bible. Of the many healing and protection verses, the best is in Psalm 91. In regard to pestilence (plague, viruses etc) Psalm 91 verse 7 says ” A thousand may fall at your side, and ten thousand at your right hand; But it shall not come near you.” Either you believe the word of almighty God or you don’t. Seems like some of these high profile preachers don’t.

    • Graham Leadbeatter

      Greg has been badly treated by You Tube, and so as well as your good wishes, he really needs your financial support. Look, it doesn’t have to be a lot. I just sling him a few bucks when I can, and this means that I’m not just helping Greg, I’m also giving You Tube the finger.

  2. JC

    Regarding the “miracle” vaccine, look at this chart, connect the dots, Bill Gates “funding” is all over the place. NIH, CDC, Fauci and more…

    • Steve Bice

      The constant media drooling over the “miracle” vaccines drives me nuts. Occam’s razor says its seasonality. The glee over dropping below 30,000 new cases per day as of May 18th, compares unfavorably with the 24,000 cases May 18th, 2020.

      Cases ramped up starting late September and rose dramatically in a classic bell curve finding its “subsistence” level in late March.

      This is a classic flu season pattern encompassing Fall and Winter. Get back to me in October when they start blaming the unwashed…uh, un-vaccinated for the ramp in cases.

  3. Greg Waters

    I love you Greg Hunter. I can’t tell enough people about how awesome your WNW reports and your excellent interview. You are the best!

    I am going toe-to-toe with my employer over the fact that I am advising all the other employees to do their research before taking the jab.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Greg for your very kind comments! Glad I could help.

  4. JC

    Who needs God when you have a iPhone?

    43% of Millennials ‘Don’t Know, Care, or Believe God Exists’…

  5. bruno

    Hahaha Love yah Bro!!!! Maranatha!!!!

    ‘monkey armed’ just cracks me Up!

    Yes I didn’t think of that; Extra toilet parts!!!

    Well, I’m in a camperizef ambo!

    Egress in a bucket!

    Getting ready bro!!!

    Yeah, cantpeople get out a calculator!!!

    It’s not a pandemic!!!

    And so enjoy that weather guy!!! 3 or 4 now so good times!!!

    Too good!!!! You are going to get an award once the dust settles!!!

    Tell it like it is!!!


    “Be angry and sin not”

    Good job!!!

    Bravo bro!!!

  6. Allen Freeman

    You’re not angry! You love your fellow human beings….passionately, and don’t want any harm for them. I really appreciate this weekly news report because it keeps me well informed. All the best to you Greg Hunter!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Allen!

  7. Armene Belless

    Thanks Greg for advising me for the last 5 years. You do a great job and have interesting guests, too. May God bless you and keep you on the net for many years to come. Armene in Point Roberts, WA….the absolute 4th corner of the lower 48 states!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Armene for your very kind comments & blessings.

  8. Maria+das+Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter for all your hard work and bravery in standing up to the deceit of the Communist Bolshevik elite .
    Meanwhile ,
    Here in the UK large retailers of building materials,B&Q and Screwfix,have warned of dramatic shortages whilst houses are galloping away in price outside the Communist areas of the country.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Maria for your support & for all the very insightful comments you’ve made over the years. Much appreciated!!

  9. Lee

    Greg, always great hearing your stuff, Thank you for being one of the voices in the wilderness. May God Bless & Keep You and Your Family.


    • Greg Hunter

      Lee, thank you for all your blessings & support!

  10. Mark H

    Much love and appreciation from Australia. We’re waking up down here…

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mark H for all the love from Down Under!

  11. Simon Isler

    I’m sorry Greg, I think your great BUT I stopped watching after you pro Israeli stance on this indiscriminate bombardment by Israel. It’s unforgivable that you are towing the line. Most Israeli’s are against this war but you just bowed to the evil zionist that are in control. There is simply no reason to bomb hospitals, schools and shelters for the vulnerable. Stand up against evil.

    • Greg Hunter

      There is no reason to fire rockets at the civilian population of Israel from “hospitals, schools and shelters for the vulnerable. Stand up against evil.” You got that right. There is plenty of land in Gaza that Hamas can attack Israel from that is NOT NEAR hospitals, schools and shelters for the vulnerable.”

      • Bruce E. Sanborn

        I agree with your response to Simon,how blind must he be and to whom is he bowing to😳 Maranatha, Greetings from Tampa Florida 😎

    • Charles H

      NO, Simon,

      Absolutely NOT. You proceed from a false statement. Israel is VERY CAREFUL in it’s DEFENSE, while striking at HAMAS strongholds. It is HAMAS that is wild and indiscriminate. You attempt to turn the whole thing around in order to blame the innocent. Well, you can lie to yourself, and you can front that lie to others in the hope it gets some traction: but you are LYING nonetheless.

      The REASON hospitals, schools, and shelters are bombed is because HAMAS places it’s missile sites there on purpose: to USE it own people as hostages and human shields for the propaganda of their deaths. You ignore this heartless and horrible FACT in order to take sides: whicj makes you as guilty of their deaths as much as those who force them to stay.

      Finally – Israel warns the sites where they intend to strike or bomb BEFORE they carry-out their attacks. This is humanitarianism of unheard of lengths. Do those in the Gaza Strip perform such carefulness?!?? NO, No, a thousand times no. Everyone is entitled to choose a side: but you have chosen the side of EVIL. Lying by Omission; lying by Reversal; and taking the part of those who guilty agtessors WILL come to Divine light someday. Tell me – what God delights in a Lie?

      • Paul ...

        You know … Warning people before you attack them?? … sounds strangely familiar to what Big Pharma and Bill Gates did to us before jabbing us with their experimental vaccine? … warning people “before you kill them” does not nullify God’s Commandment “Thou Shall Not Kill” … and of course the killing by Hamas “without warning” also violates God’s Commandment (even if they say it is just retaliation for the “un-warned” attacks on Iran and Syria by Israel … murder is murder (however it is justified) … and murderers don’t go to Heaven … they go to Hell!! … unless of course … “you truly believe in Jesus” … then you get a pass out of Hell even if you murdered people with a machine gun like the son of Sam (when you didn’t believe in Jesus)!! … perhaps Jesus had a profound sense of humor … whereas both the Jews and Hamas who committed murder “will have to live together for all eternity” (if they then say they believe in the Lord)!!

        • Charles H

          So, Paul… – you would not operate to remove a tumor because it would cause damage to surrounding tissue? War is killing: that is what war is. To assign the term “murder” to war-footing is like associating racism to Free Enterprise: it is NOT a proper pairing.

          ALSO… you just can’t throw the ‘thou shalt not kill’ card down when taking sides. God sanctions self-defense both in the historical narrative of Israel AND to King David who confessed that God taught his hands to war. In the Israeli/Hamas military-grade conflict of missiles: Israel is forced to remove the threat of continuing attack – much like punching a bully in the stomache so he doesn’t keep swinging at you with punches.

          And lastly, it pains me to say that apparently you have no understanding of Christianity. People don’t get a ‘free pass’ when ‘they believe in Jesus’. The opposite is true, in that they must occupy the highest levels of moral courage. Police do this when they uphold the Law, and must defend themselves against those who would kill them to escape apprehension. Since few people are willing or able to rise up to this level of activity nowadays – I can see how many cannot identify with the behavior: but it was common among our fore-fathers and the Framers of our country.
          Your hypothetical rant of mass-murdering does you no justice. Israel and Hamas have two different beliefs and two different Gods – so how are the two going to be joined in eternity?

          Christianity is the culmination of Old Testament (Jew) and New Testament (Gentile) revelation of Truth, and the Person and work of God to redeem man from the condemnation of Sin. Jesus (Gentile) Christ (Jew/Messiah and Redeemer God Himself) made the eternal sacrifice in the shedding of blood Himself on the cross – to redeem ALL of mankind that might believe. It is not a matter of saying some standard prayer, then confessing to believe: it is a matter of “calling” on God, in the manner His Word, the Holy Bible prescribes; AND believeing with the heart, that God raised Him from the dead; that brings man into the position God can “save” them. It is believing the conditions God has set in His Word AND believing with the heart, your very core identity and your will – that brings you to the place God can save your. Unfortunately, few people take the Bible at ‘face value’, as coming from God to begin with. Even fewer people are willing to believe from the heart; so that cuts-out more. In perspective of all humanity – I suspect few people truly get Saved. And it is not something you can look at from the outside and understand. Those who are saved are adopted into a spiritual relationship of Family by God Himself: which is beyond the human dunamic of relationship. Marvel not that I say unto you that Ye must be born again. That which is born of the Spirit (God the Holy Spirit) is spirit; and that which is born of the flesh is flesh. You need to be Saved, Paul… – otherwise you are just throwing-down on something you don’t understand. There is nothing hypothetical about real Christianity; and there is no ironic mockery to it either.

        • Paul ...

          Jesus will show “humanitarianism to untold lengths” … by having the people “murdering each other” … live together in Heaven “for all eternity”!! … now that’s truly funny … as it almost sounds like Hell!!

          • Paul ...

            As for the Jews and Hamas believing in different God’s … there is only “one God” … and the One God frowns upon murder … even if “it is justified” as Bill Gates is trying to do (claiming it is to save the planet) … when Gates is simply trying to get away with “murdering all of humanity”!!

            • Paul ...

              Does anyone really believe that Bill Gates will be “saved” and go to Heaven after he kills off 99% of humanity?? … just because after he gets through murdering all of God’s creations … he then says: “I believe in Jesus” … give me a break!!!

            • JC


              Bo Polny there is a war of God vs. the “gods” a couple of interviews back.

              • JC

                Sorry for my mistakes/typos Greg, let me try one more time…

                Bo Polny said there is a war of God vs. the “gods” a couple of interviews back.

  12. tim mcgraw

    Greg, I love your passion and your Weekly News Roundup Reports. You start the show with the situation in Gaza/Israel; okay… some questions for the audience;
    A: Who wants to live in Israel? (Green Pass , proof of vaccination to do anything… all Pfizer vaccines btw. Netanyahu got a sweet kickback on that.)
    B: Who wants to live in Gaza? Anyone? Anyone?
    C: Why does Iran hate the USA and Israel? (1953 CIA and MI6 overthrow of Mossadegh government because Mossadegh wanted some of the oil money from British Petroleum’s wells in Iran to go to Iranians.
    D: Would you send your children to fight for Israel, Gaza, or Iran?
    E: What is the reason for the USA to be involved in the Middle East? Don’t we all use green energy now? Oil is so passe’
    Let me know students what your answers are. Thanks.
    PS: This test will not be graded as it is racist, sexist, Papist, and cancelled.

  13. Peter Makin

    Hamas lost and ran with its tail between its legs? Yeah…. I don’t think so Greg. Israel did its best but Hamas overwhelmed its vaunted Iron Dome and Israel held out as long as it could until it ran out of missiles. A pity you didn’t mention anything about Netanyahu provoking this war for political purposes. Having failed to form a government for the third time the Israeli president asked the opposition to form a government instead. Netanyahu launched the war to scupper those efforts and boost his approval ratings as he fights corruption charges. But it looks like it may have backfired big time… Turkish President Erdogan came out and threw Turkeys total support behind Hamas and the Palestinians and stated they would support them like they supported Azerbaijan. If Israel attacks Turkey – that could put NATO against Israel… I can’t help but wonder if Gog is going to prove to be Erdogan, and Magog a Turkish Arab alliance, or even a Turk/Nato arab alliance.

    • Greg Hunter

      You really do hate the Jews. Genesis 12:3

      • Mike+G

        Yes that is right Greg, to criticize Israel is anti-semitic. AIPAC forever!

        • Greg Hunter

          I have no problem with legitimate criticism. It’s the Jew hating that I don’t like. Genesis 12:3 says it all for me.

      • Bruce E. Sanborn

        I’m staggered as to Peters response to you, somebody isn’t connecting all the dots!

      • Charles H


        It is the spirit that is in the world today – of anti-Christ. These have unrighteous hatred for an identity. It is proper to have righteous indignation for an act or cause: but these who hate Israel do so for neither. Arabs hate Jews, who are racial half-brothers: simply because one has what the other doesn’t – the True God, and His approval.

        Failing to identify with the True God – there is only one solution to “justification”: that is elimination. But Truth stands apart from man: we either find it or we don’t. Those who are apart from the Truth can never be happy within themselves; and so they would destroy those who are content within the Truth they refuse to believe. It is spiritual blindness: because who can believe hatred is a good thing?

        • Allen Freeman

          Well said Charles!
          Two thumbs up.

      • Alan

        We have exactly been blessed since 1947. I’d say things have gone downhill in a bad, bad way. I think the better Biblical reference is Rev 2:9
        JFK thought he had the power to deny them nuclear weapons. He and his brother, RFK, got schooled –

        • Paul ...

          Alan … in Genesis 12:3 … God blesses Abram … I will bless “you” … and I will make your “name great” … so that “you” will be a blessing … and “you” will make a Great Nation … so it was up to Abram ” to follow through and make Israel a blessing to all the peoples surrounding it” … and it simply goes against all God stands for … for him “to curse” the people “who were not treated fairly by the Nation of Abram” … and although expropriating Palestinian land for settlements and Syrian land for security “would seem a curse” to those people … it did not come from God … but from the Nation of Abram!!

          • Paul ...

            As for nuclear weapons … China is moving to make the entire Middle East “a nuclear free zone” … this means “no nukes for Israel or Iran” … I guess all the Jewish Demon-rats who voted for Bribe’n are very happy they got rid of Trump (who helped them win Jerusalem) and are now simply ecstatic that Bribe’n is currently working with China and Iran to achieve “a nuclear free” Middle East!!

  14. tim mcgraw

    Genesis Chapter 33; Jacob meets Esau. They make peace. Jacob gives Esau gifts, but Jacob/Israel, does NOT go with Esau. The Bible teaches us here that we are not to mingle with the non-believers. Hamas, Israel, and Iran are non-believers in Christ. Even the name of Israel as a country is an abomination imo.
    Let Hamas, Israel, and Iran find their own way. We have our Way.

  15. barsoom43

    A trillion seconds ago was almost 32K years in the past.. Christ walked the earth about 63 billion seconds ago.. If the national debt was laid out in $1 bills, end to end, it would stretch to Jupiter……….. about 6 times..
    If you’re just now starting to prep, get a little of everything you think you will need.. Then add to all the items.. then add to them again..
    God bless Donald Trump for giving us 4 more years to get ready.. This train wreck was bound to happen and he couldn’t stop it..
    Be sure to get some lead because if you don’t have it, you’ll lose your preps to those who do.. Network with some combat vets..

    • Bruce E. Sanborn

      True that barsoom43,keep your powder dry as the Church may see some of the bedlam before the Harpodzo! Maranatha, Greetings from Tampa Florida 😎

  16. David Gordon Dunne

    I have made so many in the family and friends who I thought were intellectually
    advanced very angry as they got the Fake Vaccine. I have one friend who is dying now as
    he got fired as a superior welder on the KS Pipeline and was moving here to Thailand to be with his wife and retire. He got it too. A very healthy man at 59.5 years old and a big cash pension to live on BUT now he is dying. Stage 3 kidney failare, diabetes out of no where and BP off the charts. It is called Stockholm Syndrome to get people to be so feartul they can’t use their brains properly. Greg is an inspiration and I so admire him. My smart family and friends not above watch him all the time now. I have moved out of the dollar to Silver and Gold Eagles, and moved a lot here and put it in the unpegged currency, the Baht. In 95, Soros almost brought down the whole country shorting the Baht so after that horrific time, they unpegged it and have low dollar reserves now. I pray 3 hours a day as I workout that long and I mean deep praying as the world is on the cusp of extinction if good does not win here. In the end, we Christians will win but it will be brutal until Jesus comes back and sweeps all his people in the Rapture.

    • Greg Hunter

      David, thank you for sharing about your friends & family & for all your blessings & support.

  17. Daniel

    I realize my commentary may be deleted that’s okay that would be on you not on me in 1967 Hamas was created by Israel they are the same Hamas is used as a continual false flag so Israel can be successful at its agenda…. They are not chosen people Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 Israel is a people descendants of Jacob are people this whole thing was just another land grabbed by netanyahu the rogue state of Israel to get Gaza it was all fake trees do not last with Israel you cannot make a treaty with Israel they will break the treaty before the ink is drive before all party sign we have seen this 100 times Israel has killed millions of Palestinians over the years put their young people in jail for life just because they can and they accomplished this with the help of the American taxpayer this is all about a land grab Israel wants Gaza Joe Biden sent 750 million dollars over and above 15 billion we already send per year Israel says they got this they got this they got this Hamas through is a few rockets furnished by Israel Israel throws back they bombed the hell out of Gaza kill and destroy and then move in to put up more for Israel more walls watch and see track trace all the wars internally you will see this is how Israel is getting bigger and bigger and bigger and Palestinians are being dead all at the hands of the American people funding all this operation everybody loves Israel but they are wrong they are very very wrong The chosen land is supposed to be a nation of unwalled villages Genesis 35:11 I believe close maybe wrong Israel is a nation of walled villages it is not the chosen land it’s also supposed to be a nation divided in quarters by mighty Rivers this is not Israel Israel is just invaded technically technically Palestine was invaded by descendants of Kane and this is prophecy to do battle with the bride the remnant of the Bride this also this disaster dropped famine is also coming to America for all the death America is responsible for all the murder of innocent women and children America is going to be punished very severely

  18. MarieJoy

    From what I see, in groceries, and real estate, I think we’re above 12% inflation.

    • Julie A Cohick

      Israel are Jews from the line of Abraham & Sarah. Hamas & the other Arabs are from the line of Abraham & a slave girl from Egypt. They are not the same. They do not have the same promises from GOD. GOD gave the land to Israel & told Hagar (the slave from Egypt) that her seed would be wild men & their hand would be against every man & every man’s hand would be against them; which is certainly true of most Arabs. The promises of GOD to Israel will be fulfilled & CHRIST will one day sit on the throne of David & rule the entire world from Jerusalem. ALL eyes should be on GOD’s timeline which is Israel, and we should be praying for the peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122)

      • susan

        Julie, very well said. And our Father is so loving that if the Arabs, etc. turn around, repent and give themselves to Jesus Christ that even they will be accepted.

    • Charles H


    • Bill Wilson

      I buy frozen Sweet Garden peas all the time from Aldi’s. Then all of a sudden, Aldi’s for 8 months, did not have Sweet Garden Peas. When the Peas did come back, the price was about the same (75 cents), then I looked closer at the package, the package said 12 ounces, rather than the 16 ounces that it use to say before! Which is a 25% increase in Price!

  19. Neville

    It puts the liability for adverse effects of the jab squarely on the company’s back. It also requires the responsible company official to sign this form with a witness
    The responsibilities of the health of any country lies or should lie four square in the
    government of any country. The experimental injections are life threatening and should on
    accounts be avoided like the plague. That they saw this loop-hole in the law and shove the onus on companies who pay taxes to keep these lowlife scumbags in office is highly offensive.
    To use your population and that of the world will be PUNISHED in no uncertain terms by Our LORD JESUS when he returns which could be at any time in the near future.
    The american government is not only bringing disaster on itself but that of the population as well.
    Finally vaccinations by their very existence are an insult to Our LORD GOD CREATOR ,WHO HAS CATERED FOR EVRY CONTINGENT AILMENT THAT WE MIGHT INCURE ……It is not for the likes of the vile idiot scientists to prescribe for us,they have up until now been as useless as as a broom without bristles

    Thanks as always to you Greg for your fortitude in bringing us the latest news and crimes being committed of the american government ….As I have mentioned before this is a crime report more than an update of current affairs

  20. Jerry5

    Thank you for your weekly news wrap ups. Personally I’d rather listen to you than many of your guest. The past few weeks I have been finalizing my preps and doing estate planning for the events that lay ahead. Now that it’s done I plan to donate more to your site to keep the information coming as long as we can. It’s important for people to realize that we are on a timeline with the globalist and that they could use a cyberattack to take the grid and the internet down at anytime.

    I wish I could tell you it’s like a t.v. show and that we’ll tune in next week for the next episode. But that’s not the reality of our situation.
    The globalist and the WEF are following a preplanned program and intend to fold the entire global economy into the NWO before 2030. Event 201 was a placemat for the vaccines. The vaccines are a setup for Cyber polygon which will be the bridge to link your mRNA to a global cloud. Do you understand why they wanted Bill Gates involved with this? They’re making the entire world into a giant computer program with the mRNA jab, and 5G. The reason why the vast number of people have not experienced any adverse effects from the jab is because they haven’t turned the program on yet. Did you get that? They haven’t turned the system on yet. Doubt what I’m saying? Click on my next link for your tutorial before they take it down.

  21. al


    WELL PLACED ANGER is proper. Whomever CANCELLED your anger on video should be shunned by you. Anger is a HUMAN RIGHT! Cancel Culture tries to erase this human right for a reason. They don’t want anger, ergo, they don’t want accountability, and it’s the lack of accountability that put us in this mess!

    If you’re angry about something … SHOW IT! WITHOUT APOLOGIES! YOU ARE HUMAN not a CNN watching mask wearing trans-marxist sheeple puppet !!!

    Cancel culture is Communist bordering on Marxist!

    HEY!!!! I SAW NO MASKS!!!
    I was shopping for groceries and goods yesterday and 80% of the people, INCLUDING EMPLOYEES HAD NO MASKS ON!
    WHAT HAPPENED? Did Covid decide to take a vacation? Or does it have to do with law suits? I think the latter.
    I live in Florida and we are fully opened, but you still have those sheelple who failed the IQ test because they trust CNN and the Gnome called Fauci … LOL!
    I have to say it was literally a breath of fresh air.

    In case you’re wondering, I NEVER WORE A MASK THROUGH ALL THIS FIASCO AND NO ONE BOTHERED ME ABOUT IT, not even a minor battle… nothing… then again I’m not an easy target 😉

    Thank you for doing what you do, your news show is excellent in many ways.

    • RTW

      There is nothing more infuriating than somebody reporting a crisis in the same timbre as they would in telling you about the local weather. Granted, you don’t want a Tom Cruise moment but a little passion to mimic the publics outrage would be nice.

  22. Antoinette Cerone-Dawson

    It’s time to re-assess your resources if you have been prepping for longer than you’d care to admit. Take a fresh look and build on your plan. Get good stuff. You’ll be glad that you did. An example is the “jackery” power station. It costs more. Every “camper” living in their car will tell you that it’s the only one that does it all and charges FAST. Be picky and do your research while you can. It makes all the difference when you are cold.

  23. Julie

    Brilliant!!!!!! Thank you!!!!

  24. Jerry5

    Please tell me, the pandemic wasn’t planned. Look at the dates.

    The American people have been bored, honed, polished, and sleeved by these globalist. Nothing like investing in planned death is there?

    • JC


      It’s not just the American people, it’s international in scope.

      Where is The Man from U.N.C.L.E. when we need him?

  25. William Betts

    You did a great service to the American public with those forms you have provided. What most people do not know is that this experimental jab is going to cause real problems around the end of this year and into 2022. The jab produces a protein that causes mad cow disease. I have never seen a human with this disease, but I have seen cows. Yes, it is really bad. Just remember that Biden and that bunch in Washington are idiots. We need Trump back now…..Betts

    • Greg Hunter

      Don’t thank me thank Catherine Austin Fitts at I just know good material when I see it.

  26. Olga

    Sophia Smallstorm, in her latest newsletter, says our anger and frustrations are due to a “moral injury” – we have been betrayed by so many organizations and watching our loved ones succumb to irrational fear propagated by the MSM is also a betrayal – we look around and all we see is evil, and there isn’t much that can be done.

  27. al


  28. Sue Patterson

    Friday morning coffee and the WNW.
    2 Timothy 3:1 Remember that there will be difficult times in the last days.
    Luke 21:26 People will faint from fear as they wait for what is coming over the whole earth…
    Proverbs 27:11 Be wise, my child, and I will be happy; I will have an answer for anyone who criticizes me. 12 Sensible people will see trouble coming and avoid it, but an unthinking person will walk right into it and regret it later. 13 Any people stupid enough to promise to be responsible for a stranger’s debts deserve to have their own property held to guarantee payment. (Good News Translation)
    Don’t allow any criticism to get you down, Greg. Stuff is happening, you, and some of us are seeing it heading toward us, and the sensible prepare.

  29. Ransy Avera

    Too bad the PA let Hamas take over Gaza. They store weapons in highly populated areas and launch rockets from hospitals. ~Three-fourths of Gaza is under cultivation, but Hamas chooses to plan operations/attacks from densely populated areas. I wonder if any of the left-behind Israeli agriculture infrastructure is still operating. We do know that a massive greenhouse facility left by the Israelis was taken apart piece by piece; wasted on
    people who did not have sense enough to value what they had been given.

  30. Louis

    Great Report !

  31. Mitchell Bupp

    Here is a letter by civil rights Attorney Robert Barnes

    Vaccine Mandate Employee Letter Example
    No authorship claim or copyright asserted…this letter just came to me in a bottle, and I have no idea who might have penned it, nor can I possibly vouch for it, and what you fine folks do with it is entirely in your own hands, as the Gentlemen of the Bar remind me I can proffer no legal advice in the matter, and do not so here…

    Dear Boss,

    Compelling any employee to take any current Covid-19 vaccine violates federal and state law.

    First, federal law prohibits any mandate of the Covid-19 vaccines as unlicensed, emergency-use-authorization-only vaccines. Subsection bbb-3(e)(1)(A)(ii)(III) of section 360 of Title 21 of the United States Code, otherwise known as the Emergency Use Authorization section of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, demands that everyone give employees the “option to accept or refuse administration” of the Covid-19 vaccine. ( … ) This right to refuse emergency, experimental vaccines, such as the Covid-19 vaccine, implements the internationally agreed legal requirement of Informed Consent established in the Nuremberg Code of 1947. ( ). As the Nuremberg Code established, every person must “be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision” for any medical experimental drug, as the Covid-19 vaccine currently is. The Nuremberg Code prohibited even the military from requiring such experimental vaccines. (Doe #1 v. Rumsfeld, 297 F.Supp.2d 119 (D.D.C. 2003).

    Secondly, demanding employees divulge their personal medical information invades their protected right to privacy, and discriminates against them based on their perceived medical status, in contravention of the Americans with Disabilities Act. (42 USC §12112(a).)

    Third, conditioning continued employment upon participating in a medical experiment and demanding disclosure of private, personal medical information, may also create employer liability under other federal and state laws, including HIPAA, FMLA, and applicable state tort law principles, including torts prohibiting and proscribing invasions of privacy and battery. Indeed, any employer mandating a vaccine is liable to their employee for any adverse event suffered by that employee. ( ). The CDC records reports of the adverse events already reported to date concerning the current Covid-19 vaccine.( )

    With Regards,

    Employee of the Year

    • regaleagle

      I wonder at what point will hundreds of thousands of Americans finally realize they have been duped by our leaders in government…….and that they have taken an experimental drug without their knowledge believing it to be a “governmentally mandated safe vaccine” that everyone was supposed to take against the dreaded “Covid 19 Killer” disease. When that does eventually happen……..I’m wondering what that will look like in our society just here in America…….not to mention the rest of the nations of the world. Things may turn very nasty…….for even those that were informed and wise enough NOT to take the jab. Make sure you have a way to defend yourself…….or find others that share common views as yourself and make some accommodations together.

  32. Russell Holmes

    I don’t get the whole bitcoin madness, Greg. One would think the “big boys” buying it would know the government/banking/corporate cartel has plans to create their own cybercurrency. Is it possible that these cartels will somehow use/incorporate bitcoin or some other fiat currency to replace the dollar?
    Also, thank you so, so much for advertising Discount Gold and Silver Trading (sure wish I’d found you before I bought from Oxford—talk about a screwing!).

  33. Jay rocco

    I’m hoping there’s a lawyer that reads these comments that can help our cause. In the 1990’s the government took the pharmaceutical companies to court for offering incentive kickbacks trips golf outing etc to court. It was illegal to offer incentives to prescribe any medication that had the aforementioned How is this any different to offer patient. Not consumers…patients an incentive to take a medication? At least it would be deemed experimental and doesn’t apply to the public

  34. David Jackson

    Hello Greg,

    Great weekly wrap-up. I can’t find the links to the Catherine Austin Fitts employer forms.

  35. Da Yooper

    I cant wait to read how the US government weasel’s it’s way out of giving seniors a raise on their Social Security due to inflation when they give out the inflation number in the next month or so.

    Love to hear what John Williams has to say about this?

    Monkey Hammered = whip sawed – rinse & repeat as needed

    Time has come to …….Hunker down

  36. Greg Sabourin

    Great job Greg,
    Chris Martenson demonstrated how much a trillion dollars is by saying that a million dollars in thousand dollar bills laid flat is about 5 inches tall, a billion would be 416 feet tall, and a trillion would be about 78 MILES tall.
    I measured a 100 dollar bill with a micrometer and it was about .005 of an inch thick so it looks like he is right.
    My two cents

  37. Ranlar

    I verified that both Fauci and Marks said: “that only 50-60% of their employees took the vaccine”, as “reported on social media”. The interview happened as follows: “Around 1 hour and 40 minutes into the hearing, Sen. Richard Burr of North Carolina asked Fauci, Marks, and Walensky what percentage of employees in their organizations had been already vaccinated.” The mainstream media reported this story to be false with their headline as follows: “Fact Check-Fauci, Marks did not say 40% to 50% of CDC and FDA employees are ‘refusing the COVID-19 vaccine’.” Correct, they didn’t say 40-50% refused the vaccine; however, if they were offered the vaccine like all other Americans, and elected not to take it, what’s the difference between refusing it or declining to take it? The mainstream media are wordsmiths that spread propaganda as well as Joseph Goebbels did. I am sure many people will see the headline, but not read the story. Keep up the great work Greg. Godspeed

  38. Russ 2

    Thanks Greg, good weekly wrap-up. Thank you also for staying on-topic with the medical device jabs.

    The jabs aren’t really vaccines at all, but these medical devices seem to be important to the New World Order/Global Reset crowd and that alone should be a red flag. An EUA for a pandemic that’s killing way less than 1% of the people who get it, almost half of whom were in nursing homes? MSM went to great lengths to hype the death count and then the case rate and generally just spool up the fear.

    Fear Not.

    “Litany against fear”
    “I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.” ― Frank Herbert, Dune

  39. Anne Almon Ford

    At 40:52 the video stopped –literally in mid-sentence–then jumped to 48:35. Stated differently, the commentary has been truncated.

  40. Dr. Gonzo

    Im sure you know by now you announced the 5/21/2021 installment of.the roundup as March 21,2021. Greg, you are working too hard, please take some time off for yourself. We appreciate and need you!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Yep, Dr Gonzo. Totally got it wrong and yet I was so confident it sounded so right–Not. Thanks for the back stop.

      • Russ 2

        Yeah, put it in context and we knew what you meant 😉

  41. Nancy McDaniel

    The mafia banksters rothschild, rockefeller, EU, vatican, WEF, CFR, club of rome, UN, council of 300, davos, et. al. have been rigging elections WORLDWIDE for 30 years getting all their bribed and threatened puppets in place in office for the agenda 2021 takedown and global babylon government mark of the beast system. American sheeple were not paying attention and now we are the last to fall. That’s why they have to get the guns. This is the birth pangs of the last days. Next major Biblical events to watch for are the revealing of the antichrist and the Two Witnesses at a future Passover season for the last 42 months of hell on earth. MARANATHA!

  42. Ironpuppy

    The economy will be just fine as it has been for the past 12 years when the doom & gloom sayers have been calling for the sky to fall. Everyone, relax, enjoy the freedom that the vaccines are giving us, be thankful for NIH and CDC who got us through Covid and back to normal. If you haven’t gotten the vaccine, please get it. Jesus would want you to.

    • Greg Hunter

      How much does a troll get paid?

      • Bill Wilson

        Ha-Ha, sic him Greg!

    • Jerry5

      Ironpuppy ,
      Your sunshine pumping is turning dingy brown.

      Greg calls you a paid troll, but I disagree. I can’t imagine anyone who would pay for the mindless dribble you just posted. Like we’ve never heard that nonsense before? It’s straight out of the romper room playbook. Put your crayons down and go back to the kiddy table. Greg’s site is for adult conversation.

      • Ironpuppy

        The vaccines are not 100% effective (95%, something like that). So, out of 130 million or so fully vaccinated people, 6000 people getting Covid is expected.

        • Greg Hunter

          95% effective according to who? The vaccine makers with zero liability!! LOL LOL LOL!! Give me a break. Hey, how much does a troll get paid???

      • Teddy45

        Thank you Charles, how did you know that “Maroon” was my favorite color. Jesus did truly bless you with that sixth sense.

        I’m not a troll. I have listened to USAWatchdog for 10 years. After at least 10 years of gloom and doom from the Greg Hunters, Chris Martensons, Peter Schiffs, Lynette Zangs of this world, where they’ve been wrong every single year, someone needs to question the validity of their theories. It seems that the loyal followers of the doom-day sayers never question their theories. It is important to open ourMind to alternative viewpoints.

        • Charles H

          Well, T – you are a sensible person: I give that to you. I must disagree with you as to ascribing the bulk of material in this site as ‘ gloom and doom’. To solve a problem – one must define ALL the constants, variables, functions, and operation correctly and in order to solve or come to the correct solution. By categorically defining all the material here negatively – it seems to me that you are not going to arrive at a good answer for yourself. Neither rose-colored glassed, nor heavy dark shades will do a person’s vision justice.

    • sk

      Puppy needs to check out Dr. Michael Yeadon.

    • Charles H


      “Jesus would want you to”?!?? What a Maroon! So you are speaking for GOD?

      Thanks, Greg – I need to be reminded of just how unthinking and mindless these trolls are to believe we might fall for their lines.

  43. Jay rocco

    Sorry my second comment I’m considered low income. I budget my money well. My wife and I both work I no longer buy coffee out. I take a thermos That coffee money (of that I was spending roughly 45 dollars minimum) I donate $20 a month to USA WATCHDOG. I support families like Greg and his wife and his work as I look forward to anything Greg produces. It’s only right. With that said. If I can donate won’t you please consider donating to USA WATCHDOG. The interviews the views of Greg is worth far far more than I can give every month I am posting this on my own Greg has or had nothing to do with this. I would also make this comment on his YouTube page about once a month. Support people like Greg and his family that have been silence by large Corp entities. I can’t wait to see an email that Greg has posted. It truly has become a staple of my days when I get to view his work. So again….please support him. Thank you

  44. Paul ...

    Excellent wrap-up Greg … very comprehensive and informative!!

  45. Ebert Beeman

    Greg, do you expect to ever have Hunter Biden on your show?

  46. Sean

    Thank you

  47. Jeff

    Somewhere around 2003 or so (if memory serves), SecDef Donald Rumsfeld came out and stated the Pentagon could not account for $3 trillion missing. Can you say “Secret Space Program”?

  48. Mike Maxey

    Hi Greg I haven’t sent you a note since YouTube but still follow your reports. This was such a great report. I love the work you do. I’m in my 60s and have been subscribing to the alternative news since before the internet. You’re right in there with the best. Keep up the good work. Love you brother.

  49. charles michael johnson

    Cuomo’s book……Kamala’s Book? Gub-Mint-Taxpayer buys it. So yep BRIBE!

  50. scott

    Dealerships around us are getting 20 new cars to carry the them through the next 3 months.

  51. Sandra Sullivan

    I can hardly wait for your shows to come on. I heard you apologize for being too long – not so. I wish you could go on longer! And every word is important. Thanks

  52. john J Powers

    Hi Greg Your 5/21/21 report has to be one of the most important presentations!
    Thanks very much.

  53. David

    He should be called “Dr. Fascist”…

    • Bill Wilson

      Wasn’t it, Dr. Fautus that made a Deal with the Devil?

      • Paul ...

        Bill … Dr. Fauci made “a deal” with Big Pharma, Bill Gates, the Globalists, China and the Devil Satan himself to gain “untold worldly riches” … only to find out (according to Klaus Schwab) that in ten years “he will own nothing” … but … he will still be Happy about “all the killing he did for nothing” … because … he knows he will be going to Heaven (as long as he believes in Jesus)!!

  54. Country Codger

    Fantastic Greg! Keep it up!
    Lo Iyrah!!!

  55. Harvey Ackermann

    Thanks Greg for another instructional presentation. I can always count on USA WatchDog to keep me up to date. I know it is a lot of work to prepare, however, I also know that those of us that watch regularly appreciate all you do. God Bless.

  56. donna gilio

    hi Greg,
    I like your reporting. I have been watching you for a long time. where I disagree with you is in regards to inflating away the existing dollar. The powers that be dont want people up in arms and pitchforks out and rising up. no, they will make sure that they seamlessly transfer to a new money system. food will be on the shelves, there will be gasoline for your car, you will be able to heat your home or apt. there wont be an abundance of things, but just enough to keep you comfortable. In the meantime, money will continue to go down in value, but you wont notice, then they will roll out a digital currency. physical dollars will go away and people wont care. The beast system will be in full effect, soon. That is how I see it playing out.

  57. Sylvia

    The reason they keep fighting over Gaza is because Israel wants to take that desirable
    waterfront property for their own. Gaza is not part of Israel. Gaza is on the beautiful Medaerterrian Sea. Frankly, I’m sick of these people trying to take property away others. They are the same people that Christ drove out of the temple. Hardly God’s Chosen. ….Caananites, etc. They’re back ! ! ! Time for Christ to return and hopefully separate them from the wheat., as they, in my opinion, are the tares. (read N.Testiment )
    This “Jab” they are giving people is the pharmacia of Babylon and is patented.
    Those who are jabbed, are owned body and soul by this patent, by those behind all of this. …. remember 666 in the Bible? We have been warned. Want to be one of Satan’s
    own, then take the “Jab” . Wake up victims, it’ is not a “vaccine”

  58. TJZ

    I am with you with respect to being ANGRY!
    Close relatives, friends, neighbors, etc for the most part have all bought the COVID LIE! Without pause, they parrot and propagandize the government COVID LIE.
    They have made the ultimate CHOICE; they have chosen fear and quite possibly death. TRUTH should ring clear to a GOD fearing individual; these people did not choose LIFE!
    Slaves are not entitled to the TRUTH! God bless!

  59. David

    1 Trillion seconds equals 31688.087814028950237026896848937 years!

    • Greg Hunter

      I think I said 30,000 years. close enough to get my point across.

  60. Paul Caffery

    I like that you show emotions when you give your analysis Greg – I’ve always like that about This is what makes you real.

    Thanks for all that you do – I can’t wait to see John Williams on Sunday.

  61. Felix A Renteria

    greg always love your truth and commentary,keep up the great work.Been following you for a long time,we truth seekers know whats going on for a long time.Like I tell the people at work,has the government ever told you the truth.The mainstream news are lying rags same with the corrupt government.Fellow truthers prepare.

  62. Diana Brown

    Thank you Greg. Really appreciate the Catherine Austin Fitts “heads up” document share. She is an awesome contributor. I always look forward to your weekly wrap-up perspectives. We appreciate all you do for us.

  63. David Leonard

    Awesome report Greg. A real eye opener for me. I am DEFINATELY printing off that form and sharing it with my wife. Her employer has made it mandatory to take the jab. But they are strongly encouraging it. That might be enough to get them to back off.

  64. Ray Lefebvre

    Hi Greg: As usual love your show. Very recently for no good reason I have received the doubling and tripling of my credit card credit limits with offers all over the place to borrow money at .99% rates and as high as 3% rates now I am up to well over $60,000.00 in credit availability if I wanted to use it. Strangely enough I never asked for it nor could I ever pay all that nredit back if I used it. Mind you it makes the limits on my credit card balances look good. But my question and concern to you is why are the Banks doing this and making these offers on their credit cards to average people with medium type credit scores nothing special. I will not use it but I am amazed. Some say use the credit and go Bankrupt others say buy Gold and then hide it and go bankrupt. I am not doing anything like this but i do not underdstand why all this new credit is suddenly available. When two years ago I had to fight for a measley $500.00 today they are giving me thousands to spend no questions asked. This is scarey and makes no sense. What do you say about this Bank Strategy of entrapment or worse?

  65. pjbikerful

    The Nuremberg Code makes FORCED vaccination illegal—along with all other forced medical procedures and therapies. The Nuremberg Code doesn’t single out vaccinations or any other procedure or therapy — it outlaws all forced procedures and therapies with the same broad brush.

    So if you want to be vaccinated, after being fully informed of all the possible downsides and consequences, after understanding exactly what the vaccine contains, after understanding that you will have extremely limited rights of recourse if you voluntarily take the injection and something goes wrong—- then you are free to take your chances and do as you will. It’s your choice.

  66. james iler

    Spending $1 million an hour, non-stop for 24 hours a day, you wouldn’t run out of $1 trillion for 114 years.

  67. Mark

    Dear Greg and all who come here to read and post,
    Amazing Polly has uncovered and connected some crucially important dots regarding an association between Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates.
    In my view, the documentation of her research in this report reaches the high standard held by Greg and so many who faithfully come here to read and post. How she has not been censored by you tube is a wonder in and of itself.
    As always Greg and all who come here to read and post, the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit, for God has not given to us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sober mind”

  68. Dan S.

    First of all, thank you Greg for the time and energy you put in keeping people informed of the big issues facing the country. It is refreshing to hear a voice in the media relaying the TRUTH to people, not the lies and propaganda put out by the MSM and the government. There is so much corruption going on from the basic level of government in cities, counties and states upwards to the federal government and it’s agencies. The corruption in the federal health agencies is especially disturbing considering how many people have died after taking the Covid-19 gene altering drug. The admitted count is now over 3800 people that have died after receiving the shot, which is more people dying than the previous 15 years combined. In comparison, the Swine flu “vaccine” was halted after just 50 deaths. The question I have asked rhetorically for years is how do the pharmaceutical company executives sleep at night knowing people are dying from their drugs? Money truly is the root of much evil in the world.

    It is disheartening to say the least that a serial liar like Dr.Fauci has so much influence over health policy in the United States. He has a gigantic conflict of interest in his promotion of the vaccines considering he has financial interests with the pharmaceutical companies. In addition, he may be directly responsible for the Covid-19 “epidemic” with his funding of the gain of function research at the Wuhan lab in China. If justice prevailed Fauci would be held accountable for his actions, but as we all know justice is a rare commodity in America today.

  69. Thomas Wigand

    Ahhh, inflation. Those of us of a certain age remember it well. We also remember at what price gold started in the decade of the 1970’s, and where it was at the end.

    That occurred in a country that entered the decade in much better financial shape (much smaller per capita money supply, unfunded liabilities, etc.).

    So by the end of the decade of the 2020’s, where will gold be? (The phrase “into the stratosphere” comes to mind.)

    Just sayin’

  70. Coalburner

    In the, “you need everything” department! You made me think of a question to ask in your future interviews. When we lose the Reserve Currency, what will a gallon of milk cost, what will a new flush assembly cost for the commode? What will a roll duct tape cost? I know it means a huge drop in our standard of living. I think it will get peoples attantion when you put real numbers on a roll of toilet paper. Joke about toilet paper all you like but when there is none in the house, “it is not going to be nice for papa.”

  71. Skip Havely

    Thank you Greg for continued efforts to wake people up about the TRUTH behind the Virus “shots”. My wife and I went on the internet and contacted AMERICA’S FRONTINE DOCTORS to obtain HCQ and Ivermectin. Although there is a $90 one-time charge, we were able to talk to doctors within 24 hours and obtain prescriptions for our local pharmacy. Please check this out and spread the word to your audience.

    You are a blessing Greg!

  72. Philip

    Greg, If silver and gold values are based on the dollar and the dollar goes to zero, what then gives gold and silver its value. I understand that real money is gold and sometimes silver too, but would not then one ounce of gold be worth just 20 dollars. Silver $1 Anyone has another view on this please let me know!

  73. Russ 2

    Greg — With your contacts in the farm belt, have you seen/heard this, or is .gov paying farmers to let the ground go fallow common practice and NBD?

    “Is The Gov’t Bribing Farmers To Destroy Crops To Create Food Shortages????”

    • Greg Hunter

      Russ 2,

      I have not heard that. The guy in the video offers no sourcing either. The farmers I know are all planting right n ow not destroying crops.


      • James

        Thanks for all you do, Greg!

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks for your kind words of support!!

    • susan

      Russ, across Montana there are thousands of acres not planted because the federal government pays the farmers not to. It’s called CRP. That is what many farmers use for their retirement.

  74. Rick Hayle

    A Chevy truck for 60 grand ! I was 22 when I bought my first new vehicle & it was a heavy half ton or 5/8 ton GMC in September of ’77 . The loan cost me $5oo.00 . The truck cost $ 5100.00 bucks . Talk about inflation , from 5 thousand , one hundred dollars to 60 thousand. I guess it was the type of model that had the biggest V-8 , along with all the bells & whistles . The heavy half ton I bough had a 350 with a 4 barrel auto trans. That model still had wooden stakes in the bed. It was a stepside . It also had A/C & an AM/FM stereo . It was sweet ! I drove that truck for 23 years until 2001 when I cracked a head & my wife said , ” Don’t you think it’s about time for something new ? My folks had a Toyota & couldn’t say enough good things about it so I went straight out & bought a 1/2 ton TUNDRA . I now have a 2005 Tundra & not a single complaint . The only thing besides changing the tires & batteries I have done to it was changing the “U” joints in it once . I haven’t even had to recharge my a/c . I bought it the last day of Dec. ’04 so figure out how long it’s been . Very good show as usual GREG . GOD bless you sir .

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Rick!

  75. Jack

    Greg, there is no computer chip shortage. We are in a depression. No one is buying new cars. The shortage is a big lie to their narrative of a Booming economy.

  76. Coalburner

    That missing money is not missing. It is in Space and underground military work. Jobs are better than welfare!
    Back to “Nothing will be cheaper in five years. That is profound Greg! No one wnats to hear that. With just inflation that may mean two times to five times. Add on the loss of the Reserve Currency. What will that cost. Look at the crap hole England has turned into. I mean before they were overrun with the dumbest and least competent people in the world, all on Welfare when the UK is already broke, and like “in the red”. How long before they are nothing but a cesspool like the remainder if Europe on it way to being like the Congo and Syria mixed together. We need our Wall finished just south of me. We all carry guns, yes plural, we teach our children to be good with them as soon as they can walk now a days and we have reason for that. No woman, no man and for sure no teenager should get in the Interstate sewer from the south without a gun and a cell phone today. They need a mean grumpy SOB Grandparent on the other end of the phone ready to roll at all times too.
    Did you see the State Trooper murdered a few weeks back. The Feds caused that. They wanted to take that guy out and were just a minute too far away when they should have just done what they finally did after the NM State Trooper was dead. They wanted to kill that criminal SOB and did not think he would ambush the trooper and win. Our Governor is a kiss Xiden’s behind Democrap like our two lousy do nothing Senators from New Mexico.

  77. Trinacria

    Thank you Greg for a great report – you covered a great deal and I’m trying to digest it all. For now one quick question: last time Bo Polny was on, he mentioned a significant event was to take place in the second half of April (I believe from memory). Do you happen to know what he was referring to ? Thank you.

    • Greg Hunter

      It did not happen–Yet. Polny still believes something big is going to happen.

  78. Julie A Cohick

    About the shortages, I have been telling my hubby for over a year that the supply chain in this country is very damaged. I worked for 23 years in Purchasing, Inventory Control, Warehouse & dock Supervisor. A company that carries its own name brand should NEVER be out of it, NEVER. And I go into 4 different grocery stores every Monday morning to get our groceries for the week. Why 4, because that is how many stores I have to go to, to get what we need & even after 4 of them I go home without some things. Sometimes it take 4 weeks + to get some items & they are the stores own brand. As I said, in the beginning – the stores own brand should NEVER be out & they are not only out of their own brand but national brands as well !

  79. Justn Observer

    Greg, Your ‘monkey hammered’ is just the whales playing people just like they do in the PM ‘rigging’…and the stock market when they drop thru people’s stops before ‘they’ know it is going to go up…
    Yes, FEAR NOT…and do NOT let ‘them’ use fear or Fud on you to move you emotionally… At my age, I do not own any bit-coin but do believe blockchain tech, will replace the totally corrupt currency as we know it today…eventually. AWAY will go the FOREX and exchange markets that manipulate via deflation and inflation…and hopefully the PM markets will spit them out and return to ‘fair market’ as well… But all should wake up to the corruption, and their use of propagand/FUD and fear as tools to keep people on the ‘wrong’ side of trades…=

  80. iwitness02

    The train is really picking up speed. I thought Mike Lindell was going to be our brake man and slow the train down but he seems to be MIA.
    It is astonishing to me how so much truth can be covered up by TPTB.
    They haven’t fooled everyone, but they have fooled enough people to keep themselves in business and out of prison. Dang it.

  81. Jim Furr

    Yea!!!!!!! Greg! : )

  82. Jim Furr

    If you don’t get angry over things happening lately,
    what Will you get angry over!
    We ALL need to be ANGRY!
    -Jim >

  83. wendy faulconer

    you are fun, and kind, thank you.

  84. JC

    Interesting. Buy new tires for the car? Stock up on canned food? Nah…

    “If we want drinks, we’ll get them. If we want a bottle of wine, we’ll get it. If we want appetizers, we’ll get them,” said Benedetto, 30, who isn’t going with a maximum money allowance in mind.

    It’s a brief flash of what Benedetto calls “enlightened hedonism.” The fully vaccinated couple hasn’t gone out often since they moved to Chattanooga from Brooklyn, N.Y. last June. “We have that thirst to date one another, instead of cohabit with one another. It does feel necessary to engage in life.”

  85. Danbo

    At will employment gives your employer the right to discharge you for any reason at any time. The forms may have some holding for salaried employees that have a contract other than “At Will”.

    The shortages are artificial. Plenty to go around. Walk behind the buildings to see the stacks of lumber. We are being lied to on all fronts. Look for the truth it’s there.

  86. Bobby Hitt

    Usurper in Chief Joe Bidet pressured Israel into a cease fire. But Israel made a brilliant move by saying okay. We hereby declare a cease fire. We unilaterally declare a cease fire. No need to negotiate a cease fire with conditions required by Hamas. Simply okay world we stop firing. Now world you see if you can get Hamas to also cease fire. So Hamas keeps launching while Israel points and says hey world! We stopped. How long do you expect us to remain silent?

  87. Geena Gador

    Hi Greg: I turned 67 a few days ago. I have not taken the shot. Will never take the shot. About a year ago, before the election was stolen from Trump, I had a dream. I was five years into the future. Everything looked brownish. Lots of businesses were shut down. I did not see any old people around. There were some young people nearby. I could see them and hear them clearly. But when I tried to talk to them, they did not reply. I asked them, “Can you hear me?” They did not reply. I think I travelled into the future. I think maybe the vaccine will kill off the old people.

  88. Dave

    Cuomo has not conscience about the old people who died in nursing homes, they’ll still be voting for many years!

  89. Da Yooper

    Greg I know you are probably pressed for time before you talk with John Williams. But you might want to watch this 8 minute you tube with Jim Rickards before you talk to John.

    It’s Going To Get Much WORSE From Here – Jim Rickards | Many Will Lose EVERYTHING After This!!!
    105 views•May 21, 2021

  90. Shirley Thompson

    I’ve been a prepper for 7+ years, sold my Boston area home 2017, took the equity paid off all debt, tucked a little away in gold, relocated to rural area to a homestead and spent the past 4 years concentrating on improvements supporting self-sustenance – food production year round. I thought i was in great shape with supplies, hard goods, tools, food and livestock but there was a knawing feeling. So for what it’s worth, I’ve been prayerful seeking guidance in preparing for the near future and the Lord has now brought up energy – prepare for energy needs. I keep gas in cans for mowers, trimmers and usually buy enough for the summer. I have 100+ gal propane for emergency heat and installed a nat gas heater three years ago and have gas generator, a couple 1500+Watt Lithium generators. I thought i was in good shape but the urging I’m getting is put together a solar system with multiple panels, battery bank, etc. I keep getting this urging and now it’s pretty clera to me I need to get this up and running. So I’m cashing in some gold to get a system up and running this early summer that can power my freezers.and provide heat, fans for cooling, essentially my house. Somethings going to happen to our grid. I don’t know if its a hack but without power life as we know it is dramatically changed. Not sure if any of you have had this type of urgings, but I thought i share what I’ve been getting.

  91. L Leidy

    Hell, that is not anger, that’scompassion for the truth to help your fellow humans,
    I pray every night as others should too that the Lord protect the true news journalist like yousefl.
    Thanks for your great work, keep it up

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you L Leidy for your blessings & support.

  92. Jerry5

    This is a case of rolling a turd in powdered sugar and calling it a donut. How absurd!

  93. Jim Wade

    Hi Greg. Your comment about a trillion seconds got my attention. I never thought of it that way. Here’s a bit from the NYT: “…a trillion seconds would amount to no less than 31,709.8 years.”
    I enjoy your news and opinions.
    Be well.

  94. Elias Andrinopoulos

    Thank you Greg for all your hard work! You don’t sound angry to me at all, there’s nothing wrong with righteous indignation. In fact, our current predicament demands it! We’ve got the facts on our side and there’s no question they used fear and lies to convince a segment of the population that taking the experimental gene tampering drug was the only way back to “normalcy” (as if the oligarchs will let us off the hook that easily). Well,’there’s only a few thousand of them and there’s billions of us! Just hope enough people can wake up by then. God Bless you! ☦️😊👏🏻👍🏻

  95. Cheryl

    I agree and I’m positive, the F’ouch had no idea how many feds in the public health agencies took the vax. Rather than answer honestly, he exacerbated the generally disruptive, disabling problem of non and mis information by throwing out a number. But even if our public health agencies were to do something to protect and promote population health–systematic assessment of acceptance rates–it would be impossible for anyone but a few bottle neck secret information guardians to access reliable data that might provide an informed answer to a critical question. Meanwhile, do not let Senator Burr or his Committee Co-workers off the hook for this one. A few better informed questions from our brainchild senate representatives is what we need to begin sorting out the messes they have made. We’re getting nothing from F’ouch and Burr but a clown show. They are equally culpable. It’s business as usual and their shenanigans continue to fuel our collective, careening out of control trajectory.

  96. Robert E. Salt

    Back in the early 90‘s when my daughter was four years old we were standing outside one summer evening watching all the lightning bugs. I told her that they didn’t bite and they were easy to catch. She went off to investigate and came back all excited. “You’re right! They are easy to catch.” Ten years later she was a teenager, high frequency cell phone towers were installed everywhere and all the lightning bugs disappeared along with bees, mosquitoes and butterflies. Insects are very sensitive to radiation sickness. A few years ago the lightning bugs were beginning to make a comeback, but then 4G was being replaced with 5G which is a much higher frequency and they all disappeared again. Have you noticed that they keep removing large swarms of bees out of urban areas? These are high frequency bees that are attracted to the high frequencies that cities provide. 5G towers were installed all over Wuhan. They were activated all at once and people dropped dead in the streets. They were installed in Spain and Italy. Italy is top heavy with old people and many began dying. 5G was installed on a cruise ship and passengers started getting sick. You need to raise your frequency with Vitamin C & D, zinc, and by practicing fasting. Stress, fear, alcohol and masks that inhibit proper breathing lower your frequency. We have influenza every year which kill the very weak but not like radiation sickness does. The people who used to come around collecting soda bottles for the deposit money are beginning to disappear because the sinking dollar makes the effort hardly worthwhile. Most people still believe that the twin towers collapsed. People believe whatever they want ignoring all the evidence.

  97. John Nordstrom

    OSHA – any employee who suffers a vaccine-related injury is eligible for Workers Compensation coverage. See –

    OSHA’s position is in this case a very righteous one. It has taken the position that any employee who suffers a vaccine-related injury is eligible for Workers Compensation coverage if he was vaxxed to comply with a requirement imposed by his employer.

    Furthermore, the “requirement” label is to be broadly applied: if an employee could have been penalized in any way for NOT getting vaxxed, he is deemed to have been so required. This means an employer cannot escape liability by claiming the company only “encouraged” vaccination through bonuses or positive job performance reviews.

    Because of experience rating, most employers in most states who have a history of high Work Comp payouts pay higher premiums for their Comp coverage, and will generally find it difficult to secure coverage in the private market, which in turn causes them to apply to their state fund.

    If this OSHA policy stands—and let’s hope it does!—most employers will not require the vax, because to do so will place them in a very disadvantaged position from a financial and competitiveness standpoint.

    The other element is that all of these injuries will be recorded, as is required by Work Comp statutes in every state. These cases will be difficult to hide by Big Pharma and others who are motivated to hide bad news on this issue.

  98. Pat

    Thank you and good luck Greg. I hope you have a little extra income to purchase Bitcoin. It will benefit you immensely in the future. May I suggest a weekly amount to dollar cost average? You won’t be disappointed.

  99. John P

    It looks like OSHA is calling a reaction to the vaccine a “recordable” if the company insisted that you get this so called “vaccine”. The Biden administration is probably going to have a fit.

  100. Gerald Benton

    I am in the HVAC business. FLAT SHEET metal went up 3 times in May. Flex duct work is not available until August. Contactors, a device to bring your Air conditioner on is also being told, ” if you are out, it could be August before more arrive.” Compressors for your air conditioners and refrigeration are now (for me ) becoming a one to a two week lead time. The govt is going to bring out ANOTHER refrigerant for your air conditioner this month. Restaurants are closing one day per week because not enough help. Restaurants are running out of food to sell. It takes two to three weeks to get my service trucks repaired. People do not want their life styles to drop, BUT they do not want to pay for it. It is something new ever day, which makes it hard to plan even a full months ahead.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Gerald for the street reporting.

  101. Coalburner

    Greg; I have mentioned this subject before without presenting any evidence. So please watch this video. If you want to hear the debunking of Global warming and the sea level rising. This guy the gentleman is interviewing has more direct experience than and more knowledge that anyone I know. This man is talking to and about real PHD experts. He tells it all including the motivation for lying at the UN..

  102. Kevin Fernandes

    Sounds like money laundering to me

  103. Randy Best

    Franklin Graham is one huge disappointment compared to his father.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree!

  104. James C Rattenborg

    Looks, like you got shut down I cannot watch your weekly news wrap-up.

  105. James C Rattenborg

    Greg, hire Larry Klayman as your free speech attorney. He fought for the Bundy’s in Oregon and won. I believe he can win against big media.

  106. REALIST

    The Jab is sciences way of thinning out the herd, let it be.

    • Greg Hunter

      As long as you are not the one they are thinning out. People are being ill informed and murdered by Big Pharma.
      Are you not getting this??? Your thoughts are cruel and ignorant to say the least.

  107. Julie Hewston

    My Saturday morning treat has been stymied. I cannot find your video of the weekly wrap up. I hope it can be re-posted. I love how you present the happenings around us.

  108. DUGTRUX

    Greg , I started listening to your pod casts on You Tube after the last financial disaster. ( which also wiped me out) As I sat In my rep ode house with 3 minor children waiting for the end. Things did turn around. Still got the house, Kids are grown and gone ( doing ok) .\Point being I readied myself for this days, In part thanks to you. And all I an say is bring it on. I aint going “quietly into the night”. And yes our America is still alive, as it is for many .

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for telling me this you are very kind andyou made my day!!!

  109. Mark Brewer

    Always top-draw reporting Greg:
    As noted from DUGTRUX above, “And all I can say is bring it on. I ain’t going “quietly into the night”. And yes our America is still alive, as it is for many.”

    Good news from the many: ARISE U.S.A. Tour (good crew), doing just that.

  110. John

    Re vaccines, a relative decided to get the vaccine because part of his job is traveling and Lowe’s doesn’t allow travel without being vaccinated. Surprised at Lowes.

    • Greg Hunter

      Lowes = uninformed idiots. Pass them this form. You can get the link off this explainer page neatr the top:

    • RK

      I want to say that I am surprised, but I am not. Lowe’s is a TERRIBLE company to work at. I know, I used to work for the company before they decided to eliminate damn near every full time department head/positon and horrendously slash staffing companywide in 2018/2019 in the interest of making money for the shareholders. This place routinely cooks the books, and the fact they have not been investigated is criminal.

      Marvin Ellison is a greedy and terrible man, and he has bankrupt almost every company he has been at the helm of, does J.C. Penney sound familiar? Everything Lowe’s does, (minus the EUA), he has copied from Home Depot, and he does not have an original thought in his brain…It is astounding how companies keep hiring this moron. He is truly a scumbag, and is running what once used to be a good company into the toilet. Time to boycott this company too. I am shocked your relative took the poison jab for this garbage company.

  111. William Westenberger

    So, how do I play this weeks program?

  112. Lisa Stahl

    Our family looks forward to your weekly update because we appreciate your passion, integrity and information. THANK YOU! 1000% agree about the experimental gene therapy, decline of the dollar and 2020 election fraud. Don, USMC, says “stay pissed, more people should get there” and I say LOUDER, please! God Bless you & USA!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks and Amen to that Sister Lisa!!
      Brother Greg

  113. SWANY67

    Greg, awesome work!!! Do you have a podcast?

  114. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report.

  115. William

    Help needed in Canada Police kick people out of church and lock the doors.
    20 min part very important

  116. tim mcgraw

    Great weekly report. Great quote on the Fed buying debt. They can’t hide it. The only question is, “What replaces the fiat currency Federal Reserve Note?” I look around the world and see corruption and fiat currencies from central banks everywhere.
    BTW, received the Ivermectin (low dose) I ordered from Canada in yesterday’s mail. It took a month. Was held up in customs. 10 pills cost $65.
    Very good advice from Greg at the end of the video.

  117. Igby MacDavitt

    They will pull the cord on the central banks when the time is right, and the CEOs like Jamie Dimon will find shelter at the BIS.

    IMO, Bitcoin is like the invention of the wheel: great until it was refined a thousand different other ways, thus making the original wheel a relic. The criminal class will use any vehicle, including BTC despite what they say, it can to fleece people from their earnings, and they alway have a yacht to sail off to as their marks, err clients, drown.

    Is this too hard for new investors, err speculators, to figure out?


    Thanks for the information, and always on the edge, Mr. Hunter.

  118. Joe Wong

    To Greg;

    Great video you have there. The vaccines are a complete fraud, and the only ones that are profiting from this is Dr. Fauci, the CDC, and BIG PHARMA.

    Also see this and this is the world that we are all entering now.

    Be well & be safe out there, since both economic systems collapsed some time ago. Communism in 1989, and Capitalism in 2008.

  119. James Cortright

    I appreciate you warning folks about the vaccine. I know 3 people who took the vaccine and have suffered medically and have yet to recover. I saw this today and you may to follow up on this. I hope it is wrong.

    I also like your common sense approach to stockpiling necessary items.
    You are doing important work.

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