Mass Medical Bankruptcy & Collapse Coming – Dr. Elizabeth Eads

By Greg Hunter’s 

In May, Dr. Elizabeth Eads revealed the CV19 vax was causing extreme disease.  Few doctors were sounding the alarm on the death and carnage from the bioweapon injections, and it’s going to get much worse before it’s over.  Dr. Eads says, “Worldwide there are 10,000 deaths from these Covid vaccines daily.  That’s a culmination of data . . . collected from Israel, UK, Canada, the U.S. and Brazil.  So,10,000 a day and they are estimating we are already up to 12 million deaths worldwide.”   Dr. Eads thinks the death and injuries from the CV19 bioweapon will be orders of magnitude higher in the next five years.

Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx, the FDA and CDC see what is coming.  According to Dr. Eads, “They know this.  They planned for it.  They knew the consequences.  They manipulated the vaccines as they went along and what was going into the vaccines . . . to make the booster shots more lethal. . . . Your immune system is absolutely destroyed with these shots.  Every time you get a shot, you lose more of your immune system.  You lose 30% after the first shot, 60% to 70% after the second shot, 80% or more after the third shot, and you lose 100% of your immune system after the 4th shot.  You also have the propensity to develop vaccine induced aids.”

You can also get heart disease, blood clots, strokes, brain disease, extreme shingles and develop fast spreading extreme cancers, just to name a few of the effects of the bioweapon so-called vaccines, according to Dr. Eads.

Dr. Eads goes on to say, “People are waking up and saying, ‘Oh my gosh, what did I do to my immune system,’ and this is irreversible.  It’s irreversible because you cannot not turn off the intercellular mechanism.  You cannot turn off the nano particle system that is making these long clot-like structures in veins and arteries. . . . There is no such thing as ‘Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.  These are side effects of the vaccine.  Nobody dies of ‘Sudden Death’ when they are otherwise healthy adults.  There is no such thing. . . .  Here are the numbers I pulled off Attorney Todd Callender’s site.  (He’s suing the U.S. military over the CV19 vax.)  The all-cause mortality rate in the military is up 1,100%. . . . The top five life insurance companies are banding together and are going to file a class-action lawsuit against Big Pharma.”

That’s not all, according to Dr. Eads, as she sees not only Big Pharma liable for damages but hospitals, doctors, nurses, drug store chains and all sorts of people who helped make this bioweapon genocide possible.  Dr. Eads says, “You are talking about billions of dollars, and they are not going to be able to afford to pay out all these claims. . . .It’s going to bankrupt Big Pharma, and Big Pharma will end up collapsing.  Hospitals will also end up collapsing because they were complicit in death by ventilators and remdesivir.  Mass medical bankruptcies are coming 100%.  This is going to be the collapse of the Rockefeller medical industry.”

Dr Eads says there are treatments that can help both the vaxed and unvaxed with removing harmful spike proteins.  Two she named are Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ).  Dr. Eads says there are some other helpful treatments and procedures as well.

There is much more cutting edge, frontline medical information in the nearly 1-hour and 19-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks to 25-year veteran Dr. Elizabeth Eads, DO, as she continues to highlight the worsening, and now obvious, effects of the CV19 bioweapon vax.

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After the Interview: 

You can follow Dr. Elizabeth (Betsy) Eads on Twitter, or you can follow her on Telegram.

More from Attorney Todd Callender in an April 2022 interview, click here. 

The Pfizer documents Dr. Eads talked about with pregnant women are here.  Start on page 65.

To find out about Chlorine Dioxide and its inventor click here.

To order Chlorine Dioxide “A” and “B” click here.

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  1. Chip2

    Analysis of tissues taken from recently-deceased vaxxed people:

    • Janet

      The sad fact is that over 200 million Americans have gotten at least one clot shot – we need to fund a National Crash Program to find out how to stop these clots from growing and save lives – as for you politicians of both Party’s out there – don’t tell me you don’t have the money to save lives – when you just sent 8 Billion to the Ukrainians to take lives!!

    • Robert S Swan

      Time always tell. Starting in October, the “flu season” starts to move through Northern Hemisphere countries with the peak between December through February. I strongly suspect that we’ll see expotential increases in serious cases of “influenza” requiring hospitalization. In biological warfare, the “waves” of spiking outbreaks occurring from the release of the weapon are referred to “blooms” as the engineered medical conditions quickly manifest in a region. When mapped out, the color used to identify the outbreak appears as a flowering bloom.

    • Mark Strong

      oh well, mostly sheep and democrats

      • Laura McDonough

        Rino’s were included in the dimwit folks. I parted ways w/casual friends and some relatives who got shots, some went into the spam folder even, they lack critical thinking skills and trust anything and everything gov. feeds them incl national TV news channels. Best to eliminate them from your circle they are not edifying in any way really. When all this vaccine stuff started, I had read just enough on alt. sites to Q it’s safety. then started taking zinc and other things to bld up immune system even tho’ we eat right. Later these dimwits too boosters. We no longer attend church (home church online w/ likeminded).

        • Sandy Smith

          Please reconsider unfriending friends and relatives. As Christ followers we should love and care for even our worse enemies. I’ve been able to keep my vaxxed friends/relatives on fb, etc by scrolling by the subjects I know we disagree on. Just stop all shot related talk with them! It’s simple. And pray they do not get sick or die.
          Satan has a way of using these types of disagreements to draw us away from the most important thing in our lives, giving glory to God by becoming more like Him and living that out daily. God bless you and give you peace.

          • Dee

            Amen to that, Sandy. We are to be Christlike. Pushing out the vaxxed is not the right thing to do. We must pray for them and their safety.

    • Catherine

      Chip. Thanks for that link. Absolutely describes in vivid color that the biological weapon exists. It was designed to kill, in various stages and ways. How diabolical and insidious! May God have mercy on the souls of victims. May God expose and destroy the purveyors of this attack on the innocent.

    • elfmom55

      2 Esdras 5:8 (Apocrypha)
      There shall be chaos also in many places, and fire shall often break out, and the wild beasts shall roam beyond their haunts, and menstruous women shall bring forth monsters.

  2. John Pick

    Thank you Greg and Dr. Elizabeth!

    • (Rev) Andrew de Berry


  3. Todd

    I mean this with all seriousness.
    Is there “any” good news? Is there any hope?
    Federal Judge Protects The Religious Right Of Marines To Refuse COVID Vaccine – ZH
    Is that Good News too little, too late?

    I think we need a pick me up…

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree Todd, and it IS GOOD NEWS!!

    • David

      My instincts tell me lots will die this winter. And that it is important to be compassionate even to those who were cruel to me because of my vocal opposition to this whole psy-op. This is an exercise in awareness; some have it, still will get it, most won’t it seems. Mens hearts will fail them; I always thought that would be because of fear. Now I see they were poisoned. This is a much bigger game being played, and in the near future the living may well envy the dead. And we all check out at some point regardless of our vax status. The only thing of value is the truth, no matter how ugly in appearance. Thanks Greg for being a conduit for truth to reach us. The truth, and God, will set us free.

      • Tony

        Men’s hearts are indeed failing them, David. Literally! You were spot on. Look at Hamlin, and Presley.

  4. Janet

    Excellent interview Greg – to supplement Dr. Eads work go to the 2:10:41 mark of the following post – – where Mike Adams “chemically analyzes the clots” pulled from dead vaxed peoples veins – they are “not made of blood” and even contain “uranium” (what the hell is Big Pharma doing injecting “uranium” into people?? – is it depleted -uranium???) – seems these clots are “not living” – but yet – they grow and assemble themselves (sort of like what a virus does)!!

    • Dr. John

      It’s True.

    • Free_Loader

      It’s to do with the Graphene Oxide that’s present in the vaccine. In the presence of 5G EMFs, Graphene Oxide becomes a self-replicating nanotechnology and envelopes wherever it’s deposited (arteries, organs, glands, etc). THAT is the part you’ve keenly observed. Interestingly, there’s a patent out there describing this very technology.

  5. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    I imagined you would be too busy to put out a Wednesday broadcast. About to listen to Dr Elizabeth Eads. Based on the synopsis – 10,000 vaxx deaths DAILY – your ‘journalistic instinct’ to focus on the CV-19 scamdemic was spot on. You have given ‘airtime’ to many concerned doctors whose warnings were being suppressed by the MSM. It is an understatement to say, you have done your audience a great service.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you very much. My vaxed family still thinks I am crazy–for now.

      • Southern Girl

        My siblings think my brother and I are nuts also. I have a brother who got a rare blood disorder and had to have a blood transfusion from someone in Germany. This disorder came before the plandemic. Now he tells me he has to take all of his shots when we were little all over again. That does not make sense to me.
        One of my younger sisters developed a heart condition after vaxx but cannot put two and two together. It is sad they will pass before their time unless God hears my prayers.

        • Earth Angel

          My beloved elderly neighbors took all 3 shots, despite my begging them not to. Sadly her husband now has developed cancer throughout his body and organs. Cancer was found in the lung, behind the stomach, in the lymph glands under the arm and recently confirmed now in the brain. These are GOOD people. They’ve lived GOOD lives. They thought they were doing the right thing by getting the shots. They were duped by the lies and the media’s fearmongering about the fake PLANdemic. So far his wife has not developed anything debilitating, though both did have some health issues prior to taking the jabs. However nothing like terminal cancer throughout the body. We are heartbroken. I love these people. They have been like family to me for 30 yrs. I haven’t the heart to mention to them this awful turn of events is likely the result of taking the 3 shots. They would never believe me anyway. There is no sense adding to their confusion and grief now, and it would not change the outcome anyway. Please pray for this family. They did not deserve this at all. Thanks again to Dr. Eads for giving us the information on how to boost our own immune systems and protect ourselves from the shedding of this awful bioweapon; and for ALL of her AMAZING RESEARCH! The MONSTERS responsible for this carnage MUST BE PROSECUTED and EXECUTED for their CRIMES. We must be RELENTLESS in this! Thank you so MUCH Greg and Dr. Eads.

      • Chuck Rairdan

        Yup, and I look on in stunned disbelief that they are still believing the, at this point, blatant scam having lethal consequences. The more one points to the obvious, the more determined they seem to pretend it’s not happening.

      • Gunny HiWay

        Hi Greg,
        Both my son and my ex-wife got Vaxxed even though they KNOW that the Gardasil vax killed their sister and daughter.
        They think I am a “tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist”.
        I just told my son today that his personality has changed 100% since before he got his single vax.
        I go to bed at night fearing he won’t wake up, or will expire on his daily run.
        He was Magna Cum Laud in Philosophy, Fine Art and Art History at Gonzaga University.
        I thought he was “brainwash proof”..
        This is like living a nightmare.
        Be well,
        #GardasilKilledJessica ~ 12/16/1993-12/24/2013

        • Greg Hunter

          So sorry Gunny. You might help him dramatically by using Ivermectin. It’s Dr. Kory’s “baseline medication.”

          • Paul Seward

            So please Greg, tell us where we can get Ivermectin! I purchased Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine about a year ago at very expensive prices for use in the case I or my loved ones got Covid, which has been used quite well for that purpose. But the remaining amounts would be used up in short order if used it twice a week to counter spike proteins. Where can I obtain Ivermectin for weekly use at a reasonable price?

            • Greg Hunter

              Tractor Supply or Amazon. They tell me it is 1.87% ivermectin as the only ingredient. “Apple Flavor” tastes the best they say.
              I am not a doctor. I am just passing along what people tell me.

            • Rodney

              Your local feed store should have some. Exact same thing but in paste form.

            • tracy lee

              Tennessee passes the law that you can buy Ivermectin without prescription this spring. This one is online sale based in Hixson, TN. I tried http://pharmacyonair last year.

            • Marie

              The horse paste goes by weight! One notch for every 50 lbs. I weigh 120 so I do 2 notches. Been taking it 2x a month for almost 2 yrs now. Still alive and no covid.

        • Marie Blaszak

          I read that the shots change the brain and their thinking so that once they GET the shots they are INCAPABLE of logical critical thinking.

      • Jeremy

        You are doing Gods work Greg- more power to you . It is hard to be the bearer of bad news – we all feel that burden but I guess none more than you . I wish you happiness and peace for all the good that you have done for millions of listeners . God has blessed you.

        • Greg Hunter

          To be forewarned is to be forearmed. I am warning people like warning them NOT to get the CV19 shots. “Blessings” back to you and thanks for your kind words of support.

    • Janet

      You know – 10,000 VAX deaths Daily is like three(3) 9-11’s “Every Single Day” – and “still” people won’t awake from their stupor – what will it take to shake them up out of their comatose state?? – obviously 12 million VAX deaths per year (two(2) Jewish Holocaust’s) is still not enough!!!

      • Janet

        Do any of the Jewish people in a comatose stupor – even faintly remember deep down in their subconscious memories the words – “Never Again”???!!! – many Jewish people work in the Main Stream Media – if they can simply remember and recall those profound words – almost all the Media “censorship of the truth” will stop – and “many innocent lives can be saved” (especially all our young children’s parents “now being propagandized by the Main Stream Media” to get their kids “jabbed”)!!!

    • Julie

      I understand this substance to be artificial fibrin…..fibrin is a naturally occurring substance made by the body to help in healing…like the skin making a scab. Soo, the fibrin in the vaccine is basically just clogging up the works. The demonic a-holes that made this crap are just not that smart. Also, I don’t see arrests or ANY responsibility on anyone’s part. This will make health care outright SOCIALIST and you will have ZERO legal rights. It’s a huge plan of crap

    • Susan D

      Janet, listen to Dr Ryan Cole… he is saying those jelly like clots DO have blood in them and are protein in nature. I’d trust him before Mike Adams.

      • Janet

        Dr. Ryan says these are “not normal” blood clots (some are 4 feet long) and they are caused by the “jab” – we need the US government to spend whatever money is necessary on a crash research program to figure out how to stop these clots from growing inside the veins and arteries of the 200 million Americans who took the “jab” and are at immediate risk of dying – the Federal Government better get off its ass to help the American people they “jabbed” (and just replacing the dead with Mexicans coming across our open border is not the solution we are looking for)!!! –

        • Johnny Cool

          I knew there was a variety of treatments that we could use [yet] we were using nothing. Doctors were even told to not use anticoagulants, even though blood clotting was “through the roof” in many patients. You could draw blood and actually see the blood clotting very quickly in the tubes. —Dr. Pierre Kory

        • James

          Would you really trust the government to come up with a remedy after the fraud they just perpetrated? I personally believe people are best off to follow the work and advice of doctors like Pierre Kory that can be trusted and have been blowing the whistle on the Covid vax fraud.

        • Earth Angel

          I wouldn’t hold my breath on it Janet. The a**holes BEHIND the puppets running the ‘federal government’ are the ones who WANT US DEAD- maybe some of the goofball puppets too. They will never get off their a**es and help the people they jabbed for precisely that reason. I’ll believe it IF I ever SEE it..not holding my breath though. We have to help ourselves. It’s really ALWAYS has been this way- just not this CRYSTAL CLEAR as its becoming now.

      • salialioli

        Susan D, of course the doctor is right, but he may be talking about actual blood clots not this weird flexible, rubbery, substance that is also stretchy. The graphene oxide (highly toxic) in the vaxx also affects the blood and creates thromboses. The analysis of the embalmer’s clots is certified and not invented. Mike Adams is discovering what many around the globe are now analyzing as intra-body intra-brain nano networks of electronic components for an telecomms system which would connect to AI-controlled 5G satellite systems. Sounds like sci-fi but this is breakthrough, state of the art, military grade secret technology. This technology has been found in the vaxxes tested by others. It is designed to tie ID Biometric data to the Chinese credit score system, shortly to be introduced as part of the Great Reset in the US. VERY SCARY. To find out more go to my pinned posts on Gab account Stirred Not Shaken @salialioli where you will find many links.

        Good job Greg!— we follow you closely! And 🙏 for us all!

        • tony

          to be clear, there are 2 types of clotting which occur from the bioweapons – 1. blood clotting induced by the spike proteins and other factors 2. protein clotting which is caused by the nanotechnologies and mrna which create rubbery cords.

          this means that blood thinners can address blood clots, but have zero effect on the protein clots.

          The bioweaponed have no hope. zero. i thought i knew most of the salient facts about the bioweapons until i heard about the time released cytokines.

          an important article in the journal of vaccine theory, practice, and research reported that 94% of nearly 1000 bioweaponed subjects had blood deformities within 30 days. this data destroys the myth and lie that a large percentage of injected people received placebos.

  6. John Forgione

    monkey pox isn’t the danger it’s what’s in the vax! Maybees a Hunta pox will come along and make everyone happy!

    • Janet

      A Hunta pox has already been illegally thrust upon our Nation – when Biden was elected – and we got a Hunter “pox” forced upon us “to crack-up our Nation” and put millions of Americans into a comatose stupor “where famine (no food) and no fuel for our cars or homes is considered “a good thing” in our drugged up and jabbed up state – so when is Biden going to turn the Nation’s lights out? – so we can all orgy like Hunter – and be happy about (having nothing)!!!

  7. Sheryl Pardue

    They won’t think your crazy for long, unfortunately Greg

    • Greg Hunter

      Sheryl, Yes Sister, and that makes me very sad.
      Brother Greg

  8. John Forgione

    RAT test…. what does it pick up? Spike protein????????????????????????

  9. Jennifer Sue Smallin

    Oh man…I have a kidney and pancreas transplant and AM immunosuppressed. I had both my GP and transplant docs tell me to get the jab. Because of USAWatchdog, I refused. Thank you Greg!!

    • Greg Hunter

      You did the right thing. Dan Bongino says getting the shots it the “Biggest Regret” of his life. He must be sick now.
      Hope he takes Ivermectin. You might want to have Ivermectin on hand and maybe take some on a regular basis.

      • Susan

        He has cancer, heard that awhile ago, already immunocompromised, so taking the shots, he probably has VIAIDs (vaccine induced AIDS).

      • Dee

        Glad you stood your ground. I’m also immune compromised & stopped taking shots 33 years ago after an injury from TDaP. My health went down the toilet then, so I have refused any & all vaccines since then.

        2 friends have had liver transplants a year or so apart. Their transplant teams pressured them both to take the shots, ‘because they’re immune compromised.’ Both agreed & took the shots. One had a heart attack after each of the first two shots. She’s now had 4 shots.

        The other had at least 3 & was just found dead a few days ago. No one will make the connection.

        • tony

          that is exactly correct – it is nearly impossible to deprogram people who have been brainwashed by television and who have no critical thinking abilities which is the majority of americans.

          if you read the your jaw will drop to the floor at the religious demented fervor the bioweaponed use to cling to their old rugged vax. i only recall one story where the victim was able to consider the possibility of a connection between the suicide serum and their health woes. the vast majority go to their graves without a clue.

      • Marie Blaszak

        I saw his recent video. He looked thinner and color darker. Then saw an older video and he looked much better.

  10. Naomi

    Hello Greg,
    I would appreciate it if you could get an answer to what I am asking.
    Recently, I fell and needed a tetanus shot. I didn’t want to take the shot; at the same time, I was afraid I would get tetanus. So eventually I did take the shot. Is the tetanus shot also included in those that one should not take? By the way, the tetanus shot is also against diphtheria, at least here in Israel.

    • Greg Hunter

      I do not know Naomi. I am not a doctor.

      • Hal

        I had it and it ruined my memory, causing brain fog. Never again.

      • Maryann Hurley

        Neither am I Greg but I know any vaccine can kill you just look at the babies. They force babies to get so many vaccines before they are a certain age. Babies have being dying from SIDS sudden infant death syndrome for a long time. Ever since they started vaccinating them. So many die every year they just die in their sleep. When I heard about SIDS left right and center 50 years ago I knew it was the vaccine even though I was still a child myself. During the 2 year shutdown where babies were not getting vaccinated the SIDS was practically non existent which should tell everyone they kill hundreds or thousands of babies a year with childhood vaccines. Natural immunity is all anyone needs to survive. ABSOLUTELY NO ONE NEEDS BIG PHARMA MES THAT KILL HUGE AMOUNT OF PEOPLE.

      • Dee

        I was injured by TDaP 33 years ago. Never would I take another vaccine of any kind!

    • bryan skillestad

      my friend was injured and got one. 21 days later he came down with parkinsons. he became suspicious and started digging in on line. sure enough! over a year later he went in to the clinic and visited with a new doctor who reviewed his chart and was amazed how well he was recovering from parkinsons. he then heard my friend say ‘and i will never get another tetanus shot again!’ and the doc said: ‘yes, i understand’

      and there’s plenty more they know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Susan

        After this clot shot, and I am a nurse at that, I have no trust in the medical institution and will not allow another needle near my body, and I said even if its a tetanus shot, will not allow ANY NEEDLE NEAR MY BODY!!

    • Stephen Haskell

      Good question Naomi. I am not vaccinated but had covid and needed the monoclonal antibodies. I was assured they did not contain the mrna. All the research I have done that proves it to be the case. Tetanus shots would fall under the same category. Unless we are being lied to and they are spiking other medicines with the mrna. I doubt that. Logistically that would seem implausible. I would love anyone else’s thought on this.

      • Steve Quest

        Try to imagine how the “Official LIARS” could easily use all of the people that they know will die as a direct result of the clot shots and blame those deaths on the emerging Monkeypox outbreak! Once again, imposing mandates, lockdowns and travel restrictions, not to mention, scaring the populations into total submission. All of this is disgusting and every doctor, politician or individuals in any position of authority that intentionally lied to force people to get the vaccine should pay the price. Each and everyone of these fools should be indited for crimes against humanity!

        • Rod Cody

          You are exactly right in your analysis. The next wave of fear, will begin with people falling over dead in the streets ,from the shot not from any virus. Fear = jab = death.

    • Timothy

      Judy Mikovitz has been saying all along “no more shots, none, never another shot.”

    • Ellen

      One study I read showed that the tetanus shot lasts for 30 years, not merely 10 years.

      However, it only starts working to prevent tetanus after the initial 2 week period. If you had actually contracted tetanus, and then gotten a tetanus vaccine within 2 hours of the injury, you’d still be dead from tetanus before the vaccine would work.

      Dr. Aaby’s tetanus vaccine study on non-specific effects is an interesting read. We don’t use whole-cell DTP vaccines anymore, too many vaccine-induced encephalitis cases, back before the manufacturers got liability immunity.

    • Dr. John

      I am a holistic doctor. All vaccines cause far more harm than good, and all should be avoided.

      • tony

        AMEN AND AMEN. thank you for that statement of truth!!!! there is NEVER a reason for a “vaccine.”

    • AnnetteMarie

      I had it and I am convinced that I got an extremely rare form of arthritis from it. But this was around 2004. Research, there are serious effects from the tetanus shot. I believe all vaxx are for culling. Got a flu shot in 1977 and I got chronic fatigue, and took me 13 years to recover, using mega vitamins and detoxing. Before vaxx I was a work horse.

    • Elizabeth Eads

      Text us is man made! So no Td

      • Elizabeth Eads


      • sk

        Do you mean “tetanus is man made”? How so???? “Lockjaw” has been around for a long time! Did someone else use Dr. Eads’ name here?

        • Elizabeth Eads

          Clostridium exists! But don’t need a Td for every puncture wound!!!!!

          • Naomi

            Thank you for your reply.

          • sk

            How do you tell the puncture wound that needs a Td from one that does not need a Td???

        • Elizabeth Eads

          This weeks
          ‘Eye On The Evidence’
          is the conclusion of
          my 2 part expose on
          the Tetanus Vaccine

          If you’re finding value in
          my weekly Substack posts, please take a moment & support my work by becoming a subscriber & sharing my work with your contacts.

          #eyeontheevidence #tetanus #tetanusvaccine

  11. Linda Majors


    Wow! An excellent interview with Dr. Eads!
    The California Health Department continues to promote the vaccines on the radio. Unbelievable! Hugh Hewitt (Radio Talk Show Host) boasts about getting the vax and boosters. He makes fun of those who believe they are dangerous. I think he should keep his mouth shut. I wonder how many of his listeners will die or be injured because they were influenced by that fool?


    • Greg Hunter

      The science says he too progressive poison and a bioweapon. This is the actual science and not the political science or the science fiction. He can avoid reality, but he cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality. He will be getting very sick. It is just a matter of time.

      • Brooklyn


        That is an excellent description, “He can avoid reality, but he cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality…”
        All the Best!


    • Dr. John

      Here is an outstanding compilation of many vaccine articles to help educate yourself:

    • Naomi

      Thank you for your reply.

  12. Andy Shaw

    Excellent interview Greg. As usual. And way ahead of anything the mainstream is capable of doing.

    Best wishes,


    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Andy!!! I am hearing more and more from people who heard me say NOT to GET the CV19 injections early on. 100% are telling me they are happy they did not get them. It was worth getting kicked off of YouTube and Google AdSense.


      • PersonaNonGrata

        You had no control over what Google AdSense advertised on USAW. AdSense links content creators with unsavoury goods and services that they would not endorse if they had any choice. By withdrawing AdSense, Google has done you a favour. You can now pick and choose your sponsors. Sponsors that offer your audience first rate goods and services. This creates a ‘virtuous circle’.

      • Susan

        I work at a prison as a nurse and tried to warn the inmates not to get it also, but they were quarantined, refused in prison jobs, refused this or that unless they were fully vaxxed, they were also brainwashed stating that since they are immunocompromised, they need to get the shots and boosters. Very few listened sadly.

      • Coal Burner

        Greg, i never got the shots, partly because of you and I am a skeptic and had the Covid before they knew what it was. Like a very Mild Flu bug. Very few would listen to me and avoid them. A lot of people were forced by their employeers. So sad.

  13. Johnny Cool

    MARTIN ARMSTRONG: The average death rate in June across the European Union was 6.2%. Portugal experienced a 23.9% uptick in deaths this June compared to the same period throughout 2016 and 2019.

    The Ministry of Health is conducting a study to determine the cause.

    Could the high vaccination rate be to blame? The government will likely never reveal the truth, but one variable that certainly has changed is the high vaccination rate.

    • Chris

      It’s the same in many countries. For example, in Australia and New Zealand the stats are catastrophic, but the silence from the governments and msm is deafening. The general public either totally unaware of what’s happening or just don’t want to go there. I just wonder for how long they can maintain the secret, short of “offing” the truth tellers. One wonders too whether there are any people in these countries, who are involved with this atrocity, with an ounce of courage and a spark of conscience left. Enough to spill the beans on what’s gone on and continues to go on. I have yet to see any evidence that there are, unless they are being suppressed (which I would no longer be surprised to find is happening in alleged democratic countries).

      • Janet

        Wondering how the Politicians will maintain the secret of the “jab” die-off ?? – Simple – they will point to the total population numbers – and say: “Look at the total US, European and Australian population numbers” – “they have not gone down” – what the politicians “will not mention” is: That all the native people who have been killed off by the “jab” were replaced with foreign immigrants!! – Israel will have a more difficult problem explaining their die-off – are they going to replace all the Jews they killed (by jabbing them 4 times) with Palestinians???

      • Freebreezer

        JC – the cause of all these upticks in deaths is a new disease that goes by the name “unknown cause of death” … UCD?. Interesting name for it! Good video showing how ignorant the sheeple are with a dose a humor thrown in! TPTB can only sit back and laugh and say ‘unbelievable how gullible the masses are’! or said another way – the mass failure of social intelligence in which the masses are easily tricked or manipulated into an ill-advised course of action.

    • Freebreezer

      JC – most of the death uptick is from a new disease called “unkown cause of death”. Very sad this is happening, but a funny video outlining the the stupidity of our TPTB!

  14. Janet

    Breaking News: Dr. Robert Malone, who helped develop the mRNA technology used in COVID-19 vaccines, is seeking $50.35 million in compensatory and punitive damages from The Washington Post owned by Jeff Bezos for defamation – the Washington Post falsely accused Dr. Malone of fraud, disinformation, dishonesty, deception, lying to the American public, lack of integrity, immorality and ethical improprieties all suggesting that Dr. Malone was unfit to be a medical doctor or scientist and exposed Dr. Malone to public ridicule, scorn, and contempt!! – Dr. Malone is making the case that it is not acceptable for the Main Stream Media to suppress truthful information as a lapdog surrogate for criminal government intelligence agencies … his winning in Court would be a huge step forward toward re-asserting the right of free speech for all individuals!! –

  15. Jerry

    I couldn’t help but post this.

    Spraying entire cities with mRNA vaccine material? This all makes perfect sense to me now, as I am puzzled by how quickly the medical community has backed off of pushing the vaccines.

    It was almost a year ago in October that I was admitted to a covid isolation ward with the delta virus. Before my wife and I were admitted we were told by a hospital administrator that we would have to agree to be vaccinated after our treatment was completed in order to get service since neither of us had been vaccinated. At the time I said sure. Whatever it takes to get us in. As it turns out we were
    never vaccinated, but I found it very curious when I received the billing statements from our insurance company that both my wife and I were treated for coronary conditions and not covid? I didn’t care since the bill was paid, but I can assure you had we both died the cause of death would have been by covid. Do you see how evil this is?
    In order for the hospital to cover its butt with the CDC that had to file our claim under something else besides covid. The CDC does not want
    unvaccinated survivors period. No they can’t have that. They need more deaths to add to their statistics to push the global agenda. Greg
    I’m just one person. I can only imagine how many other people have gone through a similar event. The bottom line? Had my wife and I not taken ivermectin before we went into the hospital, we would be dead now. Hind sight is 20/20. I now know I should have taken the dose by body weight every twelve hours instead of every three days. I won’t make that midtskd again.

  16. Keith

    I have always been a non-believer in the lord, probably a view strongly influenced by the sheer hypocrisy of some of the people I have known, but listening to Dr. Elizabeth changes that.

    • Greg Hunter

      Jesus is real.

      • Anne

        Yes thank you Greg ❤️🥰🙏✝️🇺🇸

      • Chris C.

        Absolutely, 100%. He was and is (either):
        1. Lord
        2. a Liar (or)
        3. a Lunatic

        There are no other options, since virtually all historians agree that Jesus existed. All the fulfilled prophecies point to #1.

        • Bernd

          4. a copy of Lord Krishna in the Age of Kali Yuga, who lived 3000 years before Jesus.

          • Greg Hunter

            You are kidding right? Lord Krishna is a false god. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” Jesus is the “Word” and HE has been around orders of magnitude longer than false god Krishna. Don’t write back. This is not going to be a debate.

            • AnnetteMarie

              God bless you richly Greg Hunter and keep you safe, in Jesus Name.

            • Prasunna

              Hi from India Greg!
              Great interview but this is not expected from you! why would my god be false? I support Bernd here; also the Indian civilization is much older!

              • Greg Hunter

                Jesus is the one true God and He and the Father are one. That’s the way it is. Jesus is the best documented and sourced supernatural events in history. No one else even comes close. The book “The Case for Christ” is a good place to start. Jesus (The Word) is much older than the India’s civilization. John 1:1 “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

                • Prasunna

                  Greg that word is Om from which the whole universe has emerged! The resting place of Jesus is in India too, in Kashmir. Do go through the channel on YT Praveen Mohan, i’m sure it will be fascinating watch!

                  • Greg Hunter

                    Jesus is my Lord and Savior. I read the Bible. Peace be with you.

    • Jeffrobbins

      Come back again and again to read the posts. I find it enjoyable- some are a little out there, but that is….interesting. What is important is to make your own opinion and have your own thoughts. USAW has become some kind of input in my thoughts and actions. I would add that this is under the umbrella of a Christian set of conditions that a great variety of people can have freedom to express themselves within – much like the founding of our country. -but we have to remember and hold on to that.

    • Susan

      I say it this way: Jesus is NOT A RELIGON, He IS! Many religious institutions are institutions and many are hypocrites, your walk should be with HIM and not a religion. Do what the Lord says, not what people say the Lord said! Blessings! We don’t have much time left on this Earth before the Lord comes back so ask Him into your heart TODAY! Do not tarry or you may regret the delay!

  17. Daniel Foley


    I believe your courage has kept many people safe. You are a blessing to many. God bless you.

    Sincerely, Daniel

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Daniel. I just stand on a wall and blow a trumpet to warn people.

      • Brooklyn

        Now THAT is a fantastic visual…;)

      • Cry Me a Ruble

        This is your God-given job.

        For thus hath the Lord said unto me, Go, set a watchman: let him declare what he seeth:

  18. David Gordon Dunne

    Greg, You were so early and so many ignored you. I watched you, Dr. Tennpenny, Mikovitz and Merritt very early before any kill jabs were given and if I remember, most of you were screaming before any jabs were even given. I personally feel like I was in the life boat on the Titanic, yelling at all my friends and family to jump in my boat and sadly, most just sunk down and will die or die an early death. 1 to 2BB dead in the next few years. I would say over 150 I pleaded and begged not to get the fuc-ing kill jabs and I would say 120 ignored me and 30 listened to me. Greg, as you have said for a long time now, it is GOOD vs. EVIL.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for sharing, David. We saved some at least.

    • Robert says no

      Also not included in the 1-2 billion anticipated deaths in the next few years, are all the offspring that would have been born that won’t be. That will also add to the decreasing population numbers as replacement births will be down significantly. We are so screwed. Who’d have thought this is how humankind would end up.

  19. stephan groß

    God bless both of you

  20. Ed Mustafo

    “ Trump is part of the Deep State “….. Yeah, ok, good one….How’s that statement holding up these days??
    It’s only gonna get more stupid…..Watch….

    • Shirl

      Exactly Ed Mustafo…as Greg says too, ” It’s too Stupid to be Stupid.”

      And YES, it’s only “gonna get more stupid.”

      Hang onto the Truth with God Almighty and Pray that the demons get squashed back into the PIT from where they came from. Prepare for what is upon us if you haven’t already as many of Greg’s outstanding guests have recommended.

      • Janet

        Good to see you are on board against the Globalists who are promoting the “jab”!!

        • Shirl


          I’ve never wavered.

    • Chris

      Ed, the “deep state” is not a single entity. There are layers – political, corporate, military, espionage and media. Even within the layers there are factions. Trump may or may not be part of any of that, but I wouldn’t rule it out. There’s no doubt the majority are out to get him. He definitely has something they want desperately. Whatever it is, it may be his “trump card” down the line. Hopefully, something positive comes out of the whole mess.

    • Elizabeth Eads

      Trump is a war time president!!!!
      He had to make tough decisions!

      • Shirl

        Exactly Elizabeth Eads.

        Tough decisions were made for the betterment of mankind in the midst of an emerging ” PANDEMIC” making him a “war time president” he was waging a war & fighting an invisible enemy with the Best tools and People surrounding him that were available with the BEST of INTENTIONS…unfortunately many are confused from the Legacy Media Fake News TeeVee messages on the HERCULEAN EFFORT actually made.

        He surrounded himself and elevated people to step up and to serve WE THE PEOPLE in honorable positions and many FAILED, Not ALL, but many did & literally sold out – there are many examples. Some were even treasonous back stabbing Moles who plainly just made things up – also many examples. So, the fight was on all fronts.

        Considering everything he still has the ESTABLISHMENT shaking in FEAR and I believe even more so now. In fact, if events hadn’t unfolded as they did from the RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA nonsense, The inquiry he made of crimes committed by the Biden’s and others in UKRAINE i.e. the actual “perfect phone call” that backfired too, to the ScamDemic, and MORE up to and including the Electioneering – NONE of THEIR CRIMES would have come to LIGHT. That’s the BEAUTY behind it all, they have exposed themselves in the process of GETTING TRUMP.

        They are still after him as the entire CHARADE of their GASLIGHTING is BACKFIRING….so many are waking up it’s incredible.

        I just pray they DON’T pull a false flag, WW3 for example, to avert attention away from their ongoing blunders as President Trump reflects the attention right back at them.

        Thank you for all you do in the battle of this GENOCIDE …

  21. Scott

    Excellent honest segment relative to the reality of what is going on. We all need to stick together and end this, and then move on in the name of true science which is what the Hippocratic oath is all about.

    • Mark

      Great interview, Greg!

  22. john beasley

    As for Trump, he needs to explain a lot of his actions. As she says, Trump needs to call for an investigation into this medical fraud. I would call it genocide.

  23. stanley skrzypek

    BRAVE,BRAVE, Doctor….calling out the TRAITORS in this FAILED REPUBLIC…a True American Patriot…..GOD Save America….GOD Remove the Demons….Hurry Please!

  24. Paula D.

    This whole thing is beyond sad. Early into the vaccine rollout, I spoke to a friend, whose NDE left him with incredibly psychic abilities. I asked him about the vaccine for a friend of mine. His immediate response was, “Don’t get the vaccine. It’s evil.” This man has proven to be right about other things over time. Now, almost two years later, his words have proven to be 💯% accurate.

    My prayers are for those who have been hoodwinked into taking these shots and their families. It’s so awful to watch this mess going down.

    • Greg Hunter

      I said the same thing from the very beginning.

  25. Manuel Silva Jr

    Explain Executive Order 13887 that Trump signed September 19, 2019 .

    • Janet

      It makes it hard for Trump to say “Fauci duped him” into signing the “Experimental Vaccine” Authorization Act!!! – if Trump knows what is good for him – he better “not say” – “I was just following Fauci’s orders”!! – that kind of defense will definitely not hold up as a valid legal excuse at the upcoming Nuremberg trials !! –

      • AnnetteMarie

        I doubt that there will be any Nuremberg trials. It’s all gone too far and there is no stopping it. I believe that a major False Flag is on the table, for DISTRACTION, and perhaps Martial Law.

        Yes, they are out to get Trump, yet I don’t trust Trump. One major reason being is Trump announced he would use military to get the vaxx to two most vulnerable groups: Blacks and the elderly. RIGHT THEN I knew it was GENOCIDE.

        Trump’s been around the block, he associates with the Rothschilds, he knows Blacks are to be exterminated for the New Order.

        A 2005 secret Intel meeting held in London announced a virus would be used against China to destroy China’s economy and depopulate, because China had gotten too powerful for the coming New Order. Virus is to go to Europe, then North America, to cause depopulation and depression. WWIII to follow for extermination of surviving population. This is to bring forth the New Order. Non-whites are not acceptable in the New Order. This agenda was named Aryan Mission. Common sense, the elderly must be exterminated because they collect SS, pensions, medicare, etc. That money could go into the Satanists (who control the world) pockets. When Trump said the elderly I understood GENOCIDE immediately, how come he didn’t?
        I have no doubt that China learned of this plan, and I can prove it.

      • Catherine

        Instead he lied and doubled down on warp speed. So God took the presidency away from him. I knew his choice to follow Gates would not allow him that win
        However since we can never know the mind of God another possibility exists.
        If Trump knowingly decided to thwart their plans by quickly getting vaccines out and thereby delaying their ability to allow many many more people to die of covid 19 before introducing the kill jabs. At that point in time they would have had the ability to FORCE EVERY AMERICAN to get that kill shot and in turn completely control us through their technological systems.
        If that scenario was stopped by Trump,I choose to believe that is what happened, then he will win the next election and even though many will have died the greater good will prevail and America will be saved.
        Clif high was an early purveyor of the demolition theory that many believe is very possible
        I intend to vote for trump. In the end God will choose the righteous person to run our beloved land that many have given their lives for protecting our freedoms throughout our history
        . It’s war now folks. And all is fair in love and war. We will prevail. Keep the faith only God can save us from utter annihilation at this point by answering our pleas for help.

  26. Bob

    I send your interviews to people all the time!
    This information needs to go viral.
    We have family members that are starting to question what they bought into. They are very ill from the jabs.

    Thanks for all your work.

    • Greg Hunter

      So sorry to hear this.

    • Judi

      Trump went ‘off script” a few times during the Covid addresses. He advocated for HCQ and chlorine dioxide. The media made it sound like he advocated drinking bleach or injecting it. While he may have been fooled for quite a while, it looks like he was trying to get coded messages out. We do not know what threats were hanging over his head.

  27. James Hall

    I’m surprised no one is talking about raw milk and distilled water. They did a study in 1929 about how raw milk cures all diseases. The raw milk has distilled water and pulls the toxins out, probably won’t remove the synthetic clots. Raw milk is a emerging market since Ron Paul introduce the Raw milk freedom act over 10 years ago. Please visit the raw milk institute and Weston Price foundation.. You will find raw milk protests the heart, it also helps maintaining your body’s PH.

    • William Baxley

      Are you aware of the Amish farmer in Pennsylvania, Bird in Hand area being persecuted for improper handling of food because of selling raw milk.
      God forbid we might ingest wholesome, nutritious food.

      • MMullins

        Yea they don’t care about putting bioengineered poisons in our body. Anything that is good, they reject. They’ve been adding things to our foods for a long time, saying they are taste enhancers like propylene glycol in everything just about.

    • AnnetteMarie

      O.K., I’m old, really old. I was raised on raw milk as was everyone my age. Born in 1939, raw milk was delivered in glass bottles with a thick paper like top. When it got really cold, heavy cream would pop open the top, and you had all this heavy cream.

      When I was about six years old, I remember overhearing a conversation between my mother and relatives, talking about changes in milk. Pasteurized milk had just come out, and some were for it and some not.

      This is my understanding what happened. Small farms supplied the community with raw milk. Then in the early 40s large corporations sprung up that competed with the small farms. The corporations had cows that were not all healthy. Their udders would have infections, etc. and were neglected, their milk would contain pus, bacteria, etc. therefore, it had to be pasteurized.

      The small farms had healthy cows that were well cared for. Their raw milk was clean and healthy.

      A law was passed, (in order to protect the large corporations that had unhealthy cows and milk that needed pasteurization,) that ALL MILK REQUIRED by law to be pasteurized.

      In the summer at local farmer’s market I buy raw goat milk. But must request that it is for a pet, because it is illegal to sell raw goat milk for human consumption. That’s when it has all its nutrients, when it is raw. I love raw goat milk.

      • tony

        you told the exact same story my dad told about milk delivery when i was young. raw milk is the only way to go. pasteurization destroys most of the enzymes and health benefits of milk. and the homogenization chemical is toxic. i am fortunate that i can get raw milk locally though not without some effort.

        • Judi

          I was actually raised on raw goats milk. Later, our cows milk came to the door in those glass bottles in a wooden crate. The used bottles were returned in the crate and recycled (meaning reused after sterilization, not turned into other crap).

    • tony

      i would only ever drink raw milk, but i have heard the opposite about dairy and pH. dr young whom i greatly respect states that milk metabolizes acidically and thus is unhealthy. the body requires an elevated pH for health.

      and as a side note, he also stresses that viruses are the consequence of disease rather than the cause.

      • AnnetteMarie

        Raw goat milk is the closest to mother’s milk.

        In the 40s babies that were colic and couldn’t digest cow’s milk were put on raw goat’s milk and the babies thrived. It is the closest to mother’s milk. I do remember that.

        I also remember when I was about five years old the neighborhood Chicken Pox parties. When a child had the Chicken Pox a party was held so all the neighborhood children would get the chicken pox, especially the boys. Once the children got the chicken pox they were immune the rest of their life. Great protection for the boys. No one ever died from the parties. There were no vaccines then, thank God.

  28. Roger Stamper

    tks elizabeth greg

  29. Shirl

    john beasley, “As for Trump, he needs to explain a lot of his actions.”

    Many of the truly LibTarded or Clueless-mouth breathers out there who were easily brainwashed by Legacy TeeVee Presstitutes have that thought ingrained as it seems burned into their psyche, I have heard the parroting TeeVee and Radio dribble all too often.

    President Trump did everything humanly possible to save lives and was back-stabbed lied to and worse…and still on an ongoing basis – never ending attacks by the same Freaks Frauds and Fools….

    Now, should he come out to clarify what is obvious to those with a working brain that atrocities were committed through fraud and that he too was OBVIOUSLY a victim? YES….especially if he announces his intention to lead the USA and the world by proxy, for a 3rd term.

    BTW, I personally listened to his recommendations for alternative therapeutics or to take none at all along with the idea to discuss the medical decisions privately with your own Dr, of which, he was attacked for. I understood and appreciated the fact too that he never forced or coerced conditions for anything upon anyone. I stocked up on some recommendations of his along with backed up research of several doctors like Dr Zelenko (God rest his soul) just in case and avoided the uneeded Clot-Shot & Dr Fraudci’s subsequent call for more including his “BOOSTAS” altogether. As for those that fell for the onslaught of continuous LIES of conflicting information and outright nonsense who then made their medical decisions based on that…ouch…at the same time, they don’t need to explain themselves because they too were LIED to…may God Almighty have mercy on the Genocidal Maniacs who DESIGNED it & LIED about it and those that were/are COMPLICIT still as mentioned in this EXCELLENT INFORMATIVE interview…I have to agree again with the many sane and honest people like Greg and Dr Eads who just layout the Facts, however, many innocents who were destroyed & ruined will NOT be so understanding….

    • Janet

      Shirl – You are not doing Trump any favors by telling him to say “that he was simply a victim and just following Fauci’s orders” – you are going “to get him hanged” at the upcoming Nuremburg trials (his better defense is to say he truly believes the jab is completely safe) even if the preponderance of evidence shows that the “jab” is killing people!!!

      • Greg Hunter

        I think it is clear that trump was not simply “following orders.” President trump was lied to on a massive scale. He won’t get hung for that, the liars will though.

        • Shirl

          Here Here!!

    • Renee

      Shirl, I couldn’t have said that better!! Thank you! Ticks me off when people want to blame President Trump. I too listened to him say those exact things. He didn’t push anything on the American people!


      • Shirl


        Thank you!

        Many are waking up despite ALL of the False Accusations and Nonsense Attacks on President Trump…you know I’m NOT referring to the “WOKETARDS” though 🙂 🙂 🙂

        Stand Up Speak Out and Take Action!!!

      • Janet

        Renee – I agree “President Trump did not push anything on the American people”!! – I also listened to Trump say: “You don’t have to take the jab – and that there are other things you can take like Ivermectin, etc., etc.” – But – but does that absolve him of all responsibility for making an experimental untested “jab” (containing ingredients “unbeknownst to him”) to the “entire Nation”? – what I’m trying to say is – what if I authorized “and made available to the American people at Warp Speed “an experimental jab that contained unknown ingredients to me (like perhaps something as deadly as depleted uranium) for the entire Nation to take “if they so choosed” – they could take it “at their own discretion” – “they would not be forced to take it” – “it would be their own private decision to make” – does this then absolve me of any responsibility for making this “unknown concoction” Available to Everyone in the Nation?? – let me put it another way – isn’t there something “Inherently Wrong” with “any President” (forget about Trump) “any President” (who people normally have faith in) authorizing the manufacture of millions of viles of say some unknown Jonestown cool-aid by Big Pharma (that may or may not contain Arsenic) and then make it available to every single one of the 340 million Americans across the Nation “without any idea of its safety or the possible danger it may pose” – just simply presenting it to the American people as something they “can take” (if they want too)???

        • tony

          Trump is a mass murderer by any definition. He has proclaimed loudly that 1. he is the father of the “vaccine” 2. coerced FDA to approve the “vaccines” which were developed and patented years earlier 3. signed the 9/19/19 executive order designed to increase “vaccine” consumption 4. approved a “vaccine” which is not legally a vaccine 5. proclaimed it “safe and effective” with only 3-6 months of testing and 100% death rate of animals. 6. ordered the military to develop and deploy the “vaccine” when the military is not in the health business 7. hired fauci and birx to terrorize americans over a fake pandemic, scaring them into taking a suicide serum. 8. Ordered rollout of 5G radiation which triggers death in the graphene rich suiciders.

          His defenders reply that 1. it was the only way to end lockdowns 2. he saved us from hillary clinton’s wars and destruction by releasing the “vaccine.” 3. saved hundreds of millions of lives. 4. was forced to release the “vaccine” to avoid assassination.

          his defenders are speculative liars. they always tout trump’s brilliance and power yet claim at the same time that he is surrounded by sharks and swamps which is why he has to sell out his followers as he did on January 6. 4-7 billion people will die from this bioweapon. the journal of vaccine theory, practice, and research reported 94% of “vaccine” subjects developed blood deformities and pathologies within 30 days of injection. this evidence puts to the lie the claim that large amounts of placebos were administered. These post-human people are walking dead. so trump murdered 4-7 billion people to save hundreds of millions? Killing 4-7 billion people was the only way he could figure to end lock downs? That was 5D chess?

          I watch actions – not words. If you turn off the volume, and simply watch the video, you will see trump for what he is.

  30. Mark

    The Word of God says that we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against evil and wickedness in high places. God has given us doctors, because we have come so far away from the Word of God, that we don’t look to God for our healing and strength any longer. The Word of God says that no weapon formed against us shall prosper for those that believe and trust in Christ. When you say Christ it is saying God. Jesus said if you seen me than you have seen the Father. They are one. This shot thing has destroyed our family. Our youngest daughter (40) and her family have all received it willingly. They do not want to listen to reason. They have turned away from us completely. It is very heart breaking. My wife and I try not to talk about it, for it is very sad for us. The Word of God says to trust in the Lord, be of good courage, and He will strengthen your heart. Compared to Heaven, their is nothing on this earth that I want. The Word of God says to not lay up your treasures on earth, for they will fade away. This is truly a war with evil that will eventually get worse. When God gives us the opportunity to sound the alarm than we must not be silent. There is no fear in death for those that love the Lord.

    • Cassie

      Amen and Amen, Mark! We are shunned as well by our family. But we will not deny our Lord.

  31. Randy Avera

    With whom did Birx cut a deal with? I cannot believe there is anyone pursuing them yet.
    Randy Avera

  32. Richard Jones

    My God, what a Sci-fi world we live in! Being a healthy, pure-breed human, we have to take drugs to remain healthy?!

  33. Don Wohlers

    I am flying from DEN to SEA today because my oldest son took the second booster shot and five days later because of a blood clot, while he was in the shower, he blacked out and fell so hard he totally shattered his left shoulder and hit his head very hard. He has been in and out of the hospital FIVE TIMES in the last five months and this time they took him to his final destination at 7pm last night where he will pass away. So I get to fly up for his last several days to be with him and his wife for those few days.
    My wife and I live in a Senior Center where we did not take the last ones and we are the only two, out of about 350 people here that have NOT tested positive at some time for the virus. NEVER WILL I TAKE ANOTHER SHOT.
    Blessings to you Greg for having these great people with the RIGHT information

    • Janet

      Thank the Globalist eugenicists for making parents bury their children!!!

  34. al

    Do we ever give a vaccine shot in the middle of a “pandemic”?.. NO! Never before but now the jab is akin more to a psychological booster for the weak minded and gullible, rather than a “vaccine”.

    I worked as a poll worker yesterday. I was told that the NE FL County primaries had three times the amount of people showing up to vote than normal and a good 70% of them were Republicans. This is a Red County but there are lib-tard lefties out there, yet few showed up in comparison.
    Only a handful of registered democrats wore masks (not worn by anyone else). I know, I handed out the ballots to every single voter. No republicans were seen wearing masks and most democrats did not wear them as well.

    BOTTOM LINE: The Fauci Vaccine mask wearing BS has ENDED ! No one believes in that false doctrine (with the exception of the 2%).

    Speaking of the polls:
    The polls went well, no anomalies, everything was signed for and closely watched. At the end of the day, we locked the doors because voting ended. I was privileged in pulling the ballots out of the locked scanner boxes in to a transport box. I was watched by two witnesses (and others). Handling the ballots was truly a religious experience.
    I was handling People’s Intentions, that was a reverential feeling I never felt before. Hundreds of intentions passing through my hands.
    All 9 Poll Workers always had to be within eyesight (except for bathroom breaks). We couldn’t leave and re-enter the polling area at all. We were righteously stuck together ! To say the least, I made new Friends.

    This Poll Worker can attest to the fact that doing this job is a Religious Experience of high honor !
    I can also honestly say that there was absolutely NO hanky panky going on and every word you said was heavily scrutinized… and rightfully so

  35. CJ

    Just spent the last hour listening to and researching Todd Callender. I hadn’t heard of him before now. Thanks for putting his name out, Mr. Hunter. If what Mr. Callender is saying is true, we cannot win this war without a Greater Power. Because, we are not fighting flesh and blood. But instead against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places… Waiting for a “but God” moment.

  36. James Hall

    Greg good show.
    1.Do a 2 hour pod cast with Steve Kirsch, Dr. Eads, Cori and one or two other guest.

    2.Find a top rated home type water distiller maker, usually nice size counter top units sell for 200-500 viewers will buy, I drink raw milk every day and the distilled water in the milk does the same think pulling out the metals, it’s like a positive negative charge

    Research this !

  37. Robert says no

    “The top five life insurance companies are banding together and are going to file a class-action lawsuit against Big Pharma.”

    Greg, what’s the source for that claim?

  38. Gail Kindstrom

    I got talked into the shingles shot in early 2019 and it works. I get out breaks twice a year. DO NOT take ANY shots for anything!!!!! I now take all of the vitamins and the horse paste 2 times a week. My sister took all of the shots and is now the ONLY woman in our family to ever be dying from breast cancer.

    • Johnnie

      Heard someone Canada developing breast cancer & they were told it could have caused by the over use of hand sanitzer! The things they come up with.

    • Janet

      An unexpected benefit of the COVID-19 vaccine (not normally talked about by the Globalists as it may scare some people) is that it produces stage 2 breast cancer!! –

    • Sam

      Thank you for sharing that Shingle Shot experience with the warning.

      Take care of yourself Gail and will be saying a prayer for your sister.

      If they came at me with a Shot they might just get a Shot back…in a larger caliber and just as deadly…

    • Judy McCleary

      Gail, I had ignorantly gotten Shingles shot years ago. Got Shingles just a few years back. Took Valacyclovir as prescribed by my doctor. Was miserable. Came again following year, but I took Olive Leaf Extract by Olivus and it knocked the Shingles out within 24 hours. No problem since. God bless.

  39. Paul

    I love Dr. Eads

    The masterminds of this germ warfare are the true assailants of mankind. They must be held to account firstly. Others participating were solely by greed and their preservation of power with strategy to dismantle the populist movements and diversion of bankrupt banking system.

    Lives don’t matter to theses psycho’s.
    They do to us, with terrible miseries to befall all of us as this enters our loved ones.

    The head of the snake must fall first or it continues to strike wildly,

    Fauci quote-during the trump administration a virus will appear

    God is here and requires everyone to be his vessel and similarly prepares you for anguish and victory.

    Paul from arkansas

    • Janet

      Our Human Body is God’s dwelling place – it is where he talks to us – and we must take care of God’s Temple – even Apostle Paul encouraged us to remember that our bodies do not belong to us but to God (as God the Father “created us”) – if we read 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 it says: “We are to honor God with our body which is like a Temple to God and it should be kept Holy”! – taking care of our body (Temple) means that it must be kept very clean (as cleanliness is next to Godliness) – so it is up to each of us to keep our body away from things that will destroy, harm or defile it (like nuclear wars, transgender immoralities or injecting Big Pharma Snakes into our veins and arteries to “Clot It Up”!!!

  40. stanley skrzypek

    When will this “Sleeping Giant” awaken?….or are we in a Coma?…… we need the Stealth of of the Israelis to take these War on Humankind Criminals out…..where is our Moshe Dyan?…Where is our Patton?…..where is our Military?…Where is the Man from U.N.C.L.E.?………

  41. Glenn

    Eads is too nice and forgiving to the medical community and the government. People SHOULD be angry as hell and I wouldn’t blame or stop anyone for taking revenge against those that pushed these death jabs.
    It’s the only way to put an OR ELSE to the argument. See, saying “we’re mad, we’re upset” and walking away is the same as saying to these criminals “you’re forgiven and safe and can do it all again”.
    The medical community and the government is guilty as hell and STILL persists. Until they personally understand that they are in harms way because of what they’ve done, they won’t stop.
    Tough Love.

    • Janet

      I agree!!

    • Elizabeth Eads

      I’m angry! But God teaches us that only he sits in judgement 🙏

      • Ron

        Elizabeth and Greg,
        Have you listened to any of the experiences of Funeral Director John O’Looney? He is interviewed many times on Rumble.

      • Janet

        Only God sits in judgement – but – if you hear God shouting in your head (His Temple) – “”STOP THE MURDERERS”” – “”STOP THEM NOW””!!! – are you going to “Ignore GOD’s Orders”?? – and simply allow the Eugenicists to Continue to Kill Billions of Human Beings????

      • Janet

        Those Who Failed Us Must Be Held Accountable!!!
        And people are now “beginning to listen to their inner voice from God the Father”!!! –
        In June – reports have come in that pharmacies and some State and Federal entities are taking it upon themselves to discard and dispose of the COVID shots sent to them (more than 82 million doses “were trashed” despite the push by Public Health Agencies to inject as many people as possible) –
        In July – Following FDA approval of Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for COVID-19 injections of children as young as 6 months old – the Kaiser Family Foundation Vaccine Monitor survey reports – 43% of parents would not give the injection to their young children (very good news) – then we have Dr. Deborah Birx admitting “she knew” that COVID-19 vaccines were not going to protect against infection” – and that “we overplayed the vaccines”!! –
        In August – pro-vaccine advocate Dr. Peter Hotez who scoffed at those who expressed any concerns about the “jab” is quietly
        walking back many National Institutes of Health COVID-19 policies – and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has now abruptly changed course and is currently advocating for “personal choice”!! – CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky has announced plans “to overhaul the entire agency” – while “also admitting to a flawed response to the pandemic” – like asking tech giants to “be on the lookout” for various topics they consider to be misinformation regarding the effects of the spike protein – and in the Court case (Missouri v. Biden) the States of Missouri and Louisiana have filed suit against President Joseph R. Biden, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other federal officials and agencies – to desist in their ongoing collusion with social media platforms to “suppress disfavored speakers, viewpoints, and content on social media by labeling the content “disinformation”, “misinformation” and “mal-information” – and finally to top it all off – we have succeeded in getting Anthony Fauci to step down from his role as the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases!! (this evil eugenicist destroyed the health of millions of people – along with destroying the world economy) – now he wants to disappear from the national stage “precisely when all his missteps of the past two years are about to be revealed”!!

      • Janet

        Don’t be caught “off God” folks – look to the Scriptures – Revelation 20:7 says: “Satan will be loosed from his 1000 year prison sentence (likely happening right now down in Antarctica) and he will be set free to continue his ways of deception – deceiving the countries of Gog and Magog (East and West) and their peoples “will follow Satan into battle” (just like we are doing in the Ukraine now and later into World War III) – Satan’s followers are many (like grains of sand on the beach) and although they will march all across the Earth – we can defeat Satan’s whole army “With the Fire of Indignation” as spoken of in the Bible – and we can put them down in an instant (like we are doing to Fauci)!! – we don’t have to put up with evil men – or those Monkey Pox’ed diseased degenerate queers now coming for our children – we have the Power (given to us by God) “to remove these demonic ungodly men (wiggling their asses like snakes) – they are Satan’s serpents – but these fork tongued vipers of many colors must be removed immediately from our children’s schools – we need to put all the enemies of God the Father (like the WEF and the Globalist eugenicists intent on destroying Humanity) under arrest – and try them now in an International Court of Law (Nuremberg II)!! –

  42. Charles

    I would like to think that there will be prosecutions for the crimes committed, but given the last several decades of criminal activity within the government I don’t see it happening. Expecting the government to actually prosecute at this point is, unfortunately, I believe a fantasy. Just don’t see it happening.

    • Janet

      When we change the people in Government this November – the prosecutions can begin!! – Fauci sees the writing on the wall – he already put in his resignation and probably plans to leave the country (we need to invalidate his passport so he can’t so easily escape justice)!!

  43. Da Yooper

    Wow …………good job Greg & Dr. Eads

    What protocols should My wife & I ( we are over 65 ) be using as far as interacting with the public so we are not shed on? We currently take NAC & all the vitamin supplement’s recommended to strengthen our immune systems. I have plenty of horse paste. Should we be concerned about going grocery shopping & being shed on while out in public? We live 40 miles from the nearest large town of 20,000 but only go there for food & other supplies so our exposure is limited I am just wondering if I have missed something we should be doing?

    Any thoughts anyone?

    • Greg Hunter

      Da Y
      Dr. Eads said she took Ivermectin twice a week.

      • Da Yooper

        Thank you Greg
        we do take it the day before & the day after any time we have to be in close contact like a doctors visit. But then there are times when we dont go to town for 3 weeks at a time & dont see or interact with anyone. So we dont take it then. Should we take it even when we dont see anyone for extended periods of time. I have not seen this situation addressed.

        Greg we just listened to a bomb shell interview of Attorney Thomas Renz. Can you get him on as a guest?

  44. Rick

    United States of Treasonist Criminals

    • Rich R

      Ivermectin in particular docks to the SARS-CoV-2 spike receptor-bending domain attached to ACE2, which may block spike proteins from attaching to the human cell membrane.
      The following substances are recommended for neutralizing covid injection spike proteins, rendering them unable to cause further damage to cells:
      N-acetyl cysteine (NAC)
      Fennel tea
      Comfrey leaf
      Star anise tea
      St. John’s wort
      Vitamin C
      The plant compounds from the above list contain shikimic acid, which may help to counteract the formation of blood clots while reducing some of the toxic effects of spike proteins.
      Spike proteins attach to ACE2 receptors in the cells, impairing their normal function. This blockage can alter tissue functioning and trigger autoimmune disease, as well as cause abnormal bleeding or clotting, including jab-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia.
      Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine (with zinc), quercetin (with zinc), and fisetin (a flavonoid) all help to protect ACE2 receptors from being flooded with damaging spike proteins.
      Covid injections also trigger a spike in interleukin 6 (IL-6), a proinflammatory cytokine. The following substances may help to detox and remedy this situation:
      Boswellia serrata (frankincense)
      Black cumin (Nigella sativa)
      Krill oil and other fatty acids
      Jasmine tea
      Bay leaves
      Dandelion leaf extract
      Vitamin D3 (with vitamin K)
      Black Seed oil
      In order to gain entry into your cells, SARS-CoV-2 must first bind to either an ACE2 or CD147 receptor on the cell. The spike protein subunit must then be proteolytically cleaved, or cut – without this cleavage, the virus would simply attach to the receptor and stop there.
      Serine protease is another enzyme that is “responsible for the proteolytic cleavage of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, enabling host cell fusion of the virus.” Inhibiting serine protease could help to prevent spike protein activation and viral entry into cells, which can be done with the following foods and substances:
      Green tea
      Blue green algae
      N-acetyl cysteine (NAC)

      • sk

        Excellent!!! Thank you.


    Dr. Eads, is one nasal swab pcr test life threatening? What can be done to mediate its damage? Thank you Dr. Eads – we all love you!

    • Elizabeth Eads

      Ethylene oxide and nano fibers up the nose!!!
      This is causing loss of taste and smell-olfactory nerve damaged and sinus infections!

      • JACK SHULL

        Dr. Eads, thank you so much for your response! They will not allow my needed surgery without this test. I’ve tried to stop it. What can I do to mitigate the damage? Ivermectin? Hydroxychloroquine? NAC? Zeolite? Chlorine Dioxide? It really makes me sad they have me in this predicament!!!!! You are a true patriot!!

        • Elizabeth Eads

          Ask for sputum test instead

  46. Southern Girl

    I was supposed to have my yearly checkup with my primary care doctor last week. I called and said I wanted a virtual call, but it just ended up being a regular phone call. He was still upset that I didn’t want to come in. I explained AGAIN that wearing a mask is pointless and it causes such anxiety that I get a migraine. I sent him a letter giving a site that gives examples of 150 peer reviews of how the masks don’t work. He said he never got my letter.
    I can hear his discontent for me in his tone and words. Maybe time to shop around for another doctor.

    • Greg Hunter

      Lots going on there with your doc. He may be hiding he’s sick and to have to admit the unvaxed were right is going to be rough, but not as rough as getting really sick with no way to correct it. Any treatment works better the sooner you start taking it. Your doc is in denial.

  47. Nick

    Great interview, great lady! You are both saving lives. I have been trying to wake people up since the start to no avail. Soon we will be at the point when they will wake themselves up because they will hear it from a source they trust or it will be self evident. For family and friends, I will feel the one that told them so and failed. I’m dreading it, but will also be relieved because then their healing can start.

  48. Ken Alexander

    Greg, I am 75 years old and have acute myeloid leukemia. I had a bone marrow transplant 4 years ago that has failed now. Roswell Cancer Treatment Center in Buffalo is requiring a booster to be admitted for treatment. I got the first 2 shots very early before I knew anything about them. I’m getting sicker and I’m thinking I have to get the booster because I need treatment before the leukemia kills me. I don’t see any other path at this point.

    • Jeffrobbins

      Maybe there is some way to fake it. The whole thing is a lie anyway. Maybe the the nurse would give you saline for a big fat gift card to her favorite store.

    • Janet

      Ken – Taking the booster will be like throwing gasoline on a fire – why not skip the booster and take Astragalus Root to kill off your cancer (Astragalus contains antioxidants which helps fight free radical damage and prevent oxidative stress) in addition the polysaccharides in the herb have a positive effect on the immune system and improve brain function (it also increases the length of your telomeres which could lead to a longer life span) – Astragalus root has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries – Medicinal uses of the root extract date back to the year 200 A.D. and the Chinese called it “Huang Qi” – its most important application is to strengthen the immune system (which is now being destroyed by the “jab”) – and it can also help treat other problems caused by the “jab” (from cardiovascular problems to cancer)!!

  49. Mark

    At one time, Cliff High talked about taking NAC to counter the Covid Vaccine.
    Would it be possible to direct questions about the effectiveness of taking the supplement?
    My Doctors are afraid to prescribe Ivermectin. and I find that criminal. NAC is readily obtainable.

  50. William Calvert

    Greg: In one of your next interviews with medical experts, could you ask for their input on whether the ‘shove-it-up-your-nose’ test for Covid was a secondary means of infecting/harming people like myself who refused the vax but had to get the nose test before a hospital would allow necessary surgeries. Thanks. I’m so glad you are you and are doing what you are doing… – Bill

    • James Kolb

      William, I will be in the same predicament in November. I’m a pureblood and have never taken a test. I am now informed in order to get this NEEDED surgery; I will have to submit to a nasal swab. I even had an exemption from my doctor and stated I would take the non-intrusive saliva test. Admins all turned me down. I would love this subject discussed to see how much danger we will be in for allowing this crap!!!!

      • William Calvert

        James, as an FYI, I have had and used MMS since early 2000. In Jan 2021, I had to have surgery to replace my aortic valve. I was forced to have the up your nose test twice in preparation for my surgery. The Surgery went very well, however, after the operation I developed a constant and annoying cough that just would not go away. I tried a bunch of things but after 6 months of nothing working I decided to get back on an MMS protocol and within 4-5 weeks. the cough was gone and has not been back. That’s why I’m of the opinion that the up your nose test infected me with something no one has talked about.

        • James Kolb

          William, what is MMS? I will most likely just take Ivermectin, and NAC unless someone has some answers to defend against this PCR evil!!!!

  51. Ron

    Hi. There are so many different protocols for taking CDS. I’m a bit confused. I just want a simple daily formula. Your suggested 4 drops of each 1-1 ratio in 10oz water? Do I drink it at once or sip through the day?

    • Ron

      Hi Again. OK I sip throughout the day. I’m reading that I should wait 1/2 after eating. Is that true?

    • Wm. Jnana

      Go to Jim Humble’s site. He is the one who discovered that taking citric acid along with sodium chlorite (chlorine dioxide when mixed) enables ingestion.

    • William Calvert

      DO NOT start out taking 4 drops all at once. Start out VERY slow 1/2 drop every hour. Too much all at once will give you a Herxheimer reaction. The MMS will be killing more nasties than your body can handle. Kinda like a reaction to Chemo. It is not dangerous and goes away but you will have nausea and diarrhea that’ll make you wish you had not done that – Been there – done that… It is not good. It may also give you a mental block from going back to MMS. Best advice — Buy Jim Humble’s book Master Mineral Solution of the 3rd millenium before experimenting

  52. Joseph Boudreau

    Thanks for another great interview, Greg. I hate the pharmaceuticals. I was poisoned in infancy when a tube had to be inserted into my left ear. I was filled with so called anti-biotics (tetracycline) and it made my first set of teeth come out all rotted and developed bad acne in my teens which then permanently scarred me, physically and mentally. Never got any compensation. My parents never went after them. They were convinced it was a ‘normal’ side effect. I pray and pray for the death of the pharmaceutical industry.
    One last thing… when are you bringing Clif back on? You should bring him on once a month 🙂 (just kidding) Such a great guy!

    • Kev

      Ron…there is nothing “simple” about taking cds/mms. Please go to jim humbles site as mentioned, as it is very important you introduce yourself to this product gradually. It should take you a week or more to work up to 4 activated drops, this is EMPATHISED in all of jims literature. If you go at it too fast you will probably vomit, and never revisit it again… kev (speaking from personal experience of 15 years back getting used to it)

  53. PistolPete

    Unfortunately this WILL NOT be the end of Big Pharma, the Rockefeller medical establishment, hospitals, etc., in my opinion, as the courts are for the most part owned by these entities and the Globalists. Lawsuits will run into brick walls, be thrown out, dismissed without action, etc., just like every single election fraud case was handled. No, I think the perpetrators have well covered their asses and are not worried at all about lawsuits. Lawsuits only work when the justice system is functioning as it should… ours is not. The fix is in folks! Wake up! The Communists in China don’t worry one iota about lawsuits… why would they worry here??

    • AnnetteMarie

      I agree. If their back is against the wall, then they will do a major false flag. WWIII is planned anyway, so it could be that.

      • Janet

        What ever it is that is coming – inventories of silver at the vaults of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) have continued a historic plunge – people are accumulating “real money” like crazy – at the same time China has been repatriating gold (which has also been flying off the Comex faster than it has in years) – things could be getting spicy “real soon”!!!
        PS: Keep in mind that Biden signed Executive Order 14067 which will make the current US dollar illegal – to be replaced with a programmable digital currency (so that you can’t spend the money you earned unless it is first approved by the “commies”) and if you disobey the “commies” they will be able to shut down all your digital dollar accounts (like Trudeau did to the truckers)!!

  54. Paul D Anders

    Another GREAT interview!

  55. Bill Wyler

    Thank you for another eye-opening interview. As hard as this is, I really appreciate your efforts in getting this truth out to the public. Great job!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Bill. We all need to be ready as this gets much worse. I’d love to be wrong.

  56. Richard Bannon

    Hi Greg. Can you leave a link to the website to get Ivermectin? I have been trying to find a source.
    BTW thanks for all your work. You are a warrior in this fight.

    • Elizabeth Eads

      Ivermectin can be found at farm supply stores ,at compounding pharmacies, or order from India or Mexico!!!

  57. Doug W

    Here a death , ( Actor ) there a death, ( Sport figure ) every where a death , death, ( Couple of 18 year olds ) and believe me, no one will pay, not “Sleepy Joe ” , ” That so called ” Dr Fauci” not “Trump”, “NO ONE WILL PAY THE PRICE.” I didn’t care what ( ANYBODY, ANYBODY, ) says. Don’t know the Senator’s name, the one whos 18 year old daughter died, ( maybe after a “KILL SHOT.” If what was the case, the family should of found out what was the cause of her death instead of her death being, ” she ” dead peacefully.” IF she had that kill shot before her death, That father should of had her body toren part to see what caused that death. So, what I’am trying to say is, IF he did not care in finding out what happened to his daughter ( he will not get any grand babies from her .”) and could maybe do some thing about it, no one will. Maybe some people will try sue the drug companies , but nothing will come of that. Question, should the unvaxxed ( ME ) where masks to protect myself from the shedders ?

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Doug,
      “Question, should the unvaxxed (ME) wear masks to protect myself from the shredders?”
      Masks don’t work to prevent viruses. To paraphrase Dr Simone Gold of America’s Front Line Doctors, ‘wearing a cloth mask to prevent viruses is like putting up a chain link fence to keep out mosquitoes.’ The ‘spike protein’ that the vaxxed are reportedly shedding is a minute part of the outer layer (capsid) of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. As a cloth mask is totally ineffective in preventing the passage of a virus, it is even less effective against the even smaller spike protein. Also, wearing a cloth mask for hours on end can lead to lack of oxygen – hypoxia. Bacteria and funguses thrive in the damp warm conditions created inside a cloth mask due to your exhaled breath.

  58. Boy

    What a class act she is. I’ve been telling everyone since mid 2020 to take zinc, vitamins d,c
    and quercetin or hcq. Ivermectin as well. My business partner said no, waiting for the shot. He got covid and died/ murdered in the hospital. Another close friend was taken out at the hospital. Then I had a friend die from the clots who was fully vaxxed. I’m probably going to say I told you so at some point. If only to get them to wake up and critically think.

  59. david

    Trump is still pushing the vaccine and still claims operation warp speed was the greatest health initiative ever accomplished.

  60. farmacist


    I believe I could wake more people up to what is going on with the vaccines if I could find the articles stating that insurance companies are refusing coverage to vaccinated people. Do you have those links? I could not find any articles on three different search engines. Thanks for all that you do and God Bless.

    • Elizabeth Eads

      Go search Edward Dowd ! He works in insurance industry

  61. Ginny Silcox

    WARNING! Even though Commirnity Vax is “approved”, people in the military should be WARNED that the vaccine insert mentions it can cause myocarditis. That’s right in the printed insert that comes with the vax, & I doubt that any military person who received it was given a copy of the insert.

  62. Jochen Knaebel

    Hey greg, can you ask the doctor next time, when I slept with my ex girlfriend, she take 3 shoots of vax, can I get somthing fro her?

    • Greg Hunter

      YES, Jochen. Skike proteins and everything else she was injected with.

  63. Jill Waters

    I am so grateful to you for all your guests, especially Dr. Eads and other courageous doctors that are working on protocols for the shot. Lloyd and I never took the shots but all three of our sons are double vaxxed in order to work. We are all on Vitamin D & C, zinc and NAC and I pray all the time for our sons to remain in good health. God bless you and keep you safe.

    • The Seer

      It is seriously recommended to take
      Ivermectin twice a week 10 mg per 100 lbs.
      Compounding labs make a better tablet using crystalline. If vaxxed, first take 5 days in row.
      NAC is not enough.
      Also, take zeolite daily and 10 chlorella pills daily to hel remove the heavy metals in the shots.
      Mike Adams of Health Ranger is providing superior reports testing the shots for contents and testing the
      Clots that do not have blood in them and keep growing.
      Steak also helps to block the spike proteins and collagen. The problem is the shot enters the bone marrow lowering immune system and blocking Tcells.
      Dr Kory and Dr Malone and Dr Eads can provide

  64. Harold

    When Trump runs in 2024 and lists the Warpspeed KillShots as one of his “great accomplishments” what excuses will his supporters make for him?

    Let me guess… ‘Bad advisors’…?

    • Greg Hunter

      No Harold,
      Trump was lied to by everybody. That’s not advice but total murder/genocide lies.

  65. H.G. Barnes

    No need to reply.

    An interview I’ve watched twice (VERY RARE) with smiles of hope and sighs of despair, yet a further hardening of resolve to fight for all of mankind. Let me know how I can help more Greg.


  66. Dee


    Speaking of SADS, I have waited 2.5 years to bring out my dead. According to the old pandemic guidelines, we all should have known 6% of our friends & loved ones who had died & that is simply not the case at all. The guidelines were changed some time before Covid so that we don’t really even need to know anyone who has died of it. In fact I have known ZERO people who have died from covid & most who have been vaccinated have ended up very sick with various autoimmune disorders. Our family now has 3 dead recently, who were all found to have ‘died suddenly in their sleep.’ The oldest – my sister, was 53; a cousin was 42, & most recent, just a few days ago, another cousin only 21 years old found dead in her bed by her father. Several now have pulmonary fibrosis, including my fathers wife, who used to power walk several km’s each day. She’s had 3 shots & her health has declined with each one. She is now on oxygen 24/7 & requires a walker just to cross the room. I’m bracing for more deaths among family & friends.

    On the topic of SIDS, which Dr Eads mentions is from vaccines, perhaps Dr Eads can find proof that SIDS dropped off the map during the lockdowns & picked up again once well baby visits opened up again. There must be someone willing to come forward. A friend does medical editing in Canada & the US & edited zero cases of SIDS during the lockdowns. I wish she would come forward. I wonder if she would if she knew for sure she would be protected. She’s alone in the world.

    Great show & thanks, Greg, for your steadfast push to expose the truth! Thank you both!

    I remain a pureblood in Canada.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for sharing, Dee!! (Pureblood inn Canada)

  67. Johnnytwosteaks

    Greg… thank you. I wish words could express the gratitude due to you for being the lighthouse in this storm.

    Question: When the flu season sets in and the number of sick people goes through the roof, we will undoubtedly see the call for masks again, which is not just dumb but is a red herring that is taking the focus off the real issue of the vax being poison; can you help showcase via interviews the uselessness of masks (again) and help get ahead of that narrative by giving people evidence to fight mask mandates?

  68. Susan R

    In depth and informational also deeply distressing. Dr. Eads works for God as well as Greg. I have heard in other realms that we are the last generation here. The weight against us is the upper most top priority right now but still I hear people talking vacations. We have no time left except to fight against extinction.

  69. pbd

    Trump is trapped (was trapped a while ago) – he probably cannot pivot away from the WARP SPEED Clot shots he has vigorously promoted – by (as suggested by many) simply reversing his position and saying he materially relied on advisors that lied to him BECAUSE evidence has emerged that at least one White House advisor Dr. Birx counseled against the COVID vaccine. The Dr. Birx “bombshell” disclosures suggest that there may be others perhaps (at the FDA or CDC) that early on in the plandemic counseled that rushing the Covid vaccine development and deployment was imprudent, was not justified based on well-established principles regulatory risk/benefit analysis, and/or advised caution in view of the well-known dangers apparent from the failed attempts to develop a vaccine for other similar viruses (e.g. SARS-COV1 and MERS coronaviruses) – for which probably there is documentary proof that Trump blatantly ignored. These cowardly and/or lying turncoats are now probably waiting in the wings to testify that Trump use his Presidential power to silence, pressure and threaten them in order to get his way with WARP SPEED.
    Trump probably did his “thing” regarding cutting through red-tape and ignored advice and twisted arms using Executive Branch power in order to promote his WARP SPEED Covid vaccine development initiative. No doubt Trump was baited, misled, and falsely aided by others that were clearly lying and knew or suspected that Clot-shots would result in massive morbidity and mortality globally and that Trump eventually would be made the bag-holder blamed for arguably a horrendous genocide; and then by extension the powers-at-be could blame the anti-DS populist movement that supported Trump.
    Best of luck all.

    • Greg Hunter

      Not trapped. He will be forced to pivot. The question is when?

      • pbd

        Greg, I certainly hope you are right! Thanks for the excellent reporting and interview with Dr. Eads.

  70. Pamela Hankins

    The idea that lawless people who have usurped authority are going to somehow now bow to the law, just because the law says they should is laughable. Their pattern is to simply repeat their lies, excuse themselves and continue to march. They’ve done everything to spite the law and laughed in our faces. They’re not going to somehow change their spots.

  71. jon

    Greg, one of the greats in Truth in Media for the public good. Was Mae Brussell she worked tirelessly and professionally to expose the comparable corruption of the 60s-70s. It is so obvious her work exposed what we see today. Your interviews are just as comparable to her work.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Jon!!

  72. leo

    Thanks so much for having Dr Eads on today she is my favorite on this subject and covers every angle. I especially like her comment on chlorine dioxide. It is better to go direct to KV lab to order as it is 35 for both 4oz part A and Part B Amazon is 45. I have been using it for a month now and usually go 4 drops of each Part A and B in 40z of water it is best to put drops in the glass first then pour over the water and swish around like wine also take every hour for 8 hours or more in order to keep it in your body. You can also use it as a topical but that is a different process to mix . I would strongly suggest you download the PDF file on Universal Antidote “the science and study of chlorine dioxide”. if you wish to use as a topical. There are amazing stories on the PDF and videos . Big Pharma lies about this and calls it bleach. Thanks again Greg for Holter and Eads back to back, you do more for folks health than anybody I know.

  73. pbd

    Dr. Eads does an excellent job of outlining the factual predicate for making the case for clear and obvious medical malpractice by the trench medical practitioners that have been continuing to push the Clot-shots in view of obvious harm and ineffectiveness – and the longer this continues the case to be made will morph into undeniable criminal negligence and ultimately perhaps criminal intent to harm. The “Nuremberg defense” (aka defendant argues that he/she was ordered to do the killing) is not going to cut it.
    Those at the top of the power (governmental, corporate, hospital, insurance, MSM etc.) food chain will have the highest risk of culpability and ultimately gallows liability. As Edward Dowd (in a recent interview) has said, all our institutions that facilitated and were involved with pushing the Clot-shots will need to be “raised to the ground” (i.e. taken down) and rebuilt from scratch. The positive side is the opportunity to rebuild society and re-establish the rule of law in order to realize the original intent of the U.S. founding fathers and the Constitution – and learn how to more effectively exclude creeping encroachment of elitist authoritarian corporate-statist fascism – that for now is ruling the day.
    The solution is not turning to the false alternative of Communism/Socialism (as promoted by multimedia/movies/propaganda) which has a storied history of state-sponsored authoritarian corruption that benefits a few and oppresses and enslaves the many. Success of the populist revolt against the illegitimate usurpers of power will depend on it being via peaceful noncompliance and advocacy – the powers-at-be want to trigger or create a false-flag populist violent pretext in order to justify initially the immediate pivot to a openly authoritarian hostile, ruthless militarized police state – after that political window dressing and false pretenses will no longer be necessary – once the DS has the jack-boots firmly on all the necks of the disarmed little people.
    Best of luck all.

  74. Mark

    Hi Greg, A big issue I have with President Trump is his executive abilities. Sure he is popular and gives a great motivational speech but he was hired to run the executive branch of government. One quality in a good executive is the ability to hire good people. Frankly I do not see that in this man. He has consistently hired liars, grifters and swamp creatures in his administration and his personal adviser circle. Even in his private business his chief financial officer has admitted to fraud on a massive scale (in court) and says others in the Trump organization will be named.

    I just do not see him up to the job and it is so sad that this is the best of bad alternatives we get to choose from to run the Executive Branch. The same goes for the Congress and most of the state level governors, senators and representatives. He may be honest but his executive record leaves a lot to be desired.

    • Greg Hunter

      I can’t argue with you. Trump, I think, though he could negotiate with these monsters. (“Art of the deal”) If he gets back in, he will go full cave man on them. It’s the only way he will be able to get something done.

  75. Pamela Hankins

    People who’ve made this mistake, for whatever reason, good or bad; and all the rest of us as well, need to commit ourselves to God and trust in Him. He is the One Who decides who lives or dies. Matthew 10:28, “And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.”
    If we continue to put our trust in what men ‘can do for us’ He will let us. Jeremiah 2:28, “But where are your gods that you have made for yourselves? Let them arise, If they can save you in the time of your trouble…” 1 Peter 4:7, “But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer.”

  76. Mark Washburn

    Love Dr. Betsy! She’s a cornucopia of solid information and facts! However she is wrong on one account. She says the shots were ineffective. I disagree! They were and are very effective at doing exactly what they were designed to do, maim and kill! This new flu mRNA is their Hail Mary as they try to get as much sterilization and death as possible before being totally shut down.

  77. jim

    greg, you and dr eads deserve praise for this exceptional interview.

  78. pbd

    Chlorine Dioxide: Here is a link to an article that gives an explanation about chlorine dioxide (Cl2O) – contrary to the mainstream medical media disinformation regarding the same. Chlorine Dioxide Cure For COVID? (

    Here is a link to published results for a small chlorine dioxide/Covid-19 clinical trial (cited in the above referenced article) – the results are highly statistically significant and evidence that chlorine dioxide is potentially a very effective countermeasure to Covid-19. Determination of the Effectiveness of Chlorine Dioxide in the Treatment of COVID-19 | Abstract (

    Chlorine dioxide might be (for consideration) a low-cost non-prescription medication that can be used by those that have depressed immune system function caused by the Covid shot(s) – to counter subsequent infection by Covid variants, other viral and bacterial infections and/or re-activation of latent persistent infections (i.e. HSV, EBV, CMV, VZV) – also it could be useful counter-measure in a future grid-down situation or if there is a State sponsored false-flag pandemic 2.0 (e.g. monkeypox, smallpox etc.).

    Here is the current website for the source that I get the two-part solutions used to make chlorine dioxide that I trust (I am not affiliated and have no financial interest in this source)(do your own due diligence) LINK: Top Seller Best Sellers – there are other sources also that can be searched/checked-out. E.g. hiking camping supplies etc.

    WARNING: Anyone taking chlorine dioxide for the first time needs to start incrementally at a very low dose – the risk is that if a person has a high pathogenic burden the chlorine dioxide (like antibiotics or other antimicrobials) can trigger a rapid die-off (e.g. a Herxheimer Reaction) that causes the body to go toxic and can result in organ overload and serious side effects. Similarly, if a patient has large unknown cancer burden there is the potential for rapid die-off cancer cells/ necrosis of tumor cells that again causes the body to go toxic and can lead to development of very dangerous or potentially fatal ascites.

    DISCLAIMER: The above is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended for use to diagnose, treat, or prevent any medical condition or other health ailment. It is recommended that each person do their own independent reasonable research and/or seek the advice of competent non-conflicted professional medical advice.

    Best of luck all.

    • Rob

      Hi pbd,
      Was able to search and find drcircus info for that link but, I’m not finding the product chlorine dioxide there. The other link that you use to purchase the product is unclear. Would you mind reposting the link you use below?
      Thank you in advance,

      • pbd

        Here is the link to “Top Best Sellers” website: – The product is listed as CD: NACS [Natural Antibacterial Cleaning Solution] Water Purification Drops (WPD) – 1 set [it used to be called MMS per Jim Humble’s publications/book – but I am guessing the name was changed to avoid persecution by the “authorities”] Regular price$30.00. I believe that the website is owned by Herb “Roi” Richards and he makes the CD (2 part) solutions. He published a short book about his experiences with CD – Book: Lyme Disease Non Medical Diagnosis and Treatment: How I Kicked Chronic Lyme disease in One Year for Pennies -Regular price$14.00 $7.00 Sale
        Best of luck.

  79. Rich R

    Thanks Greg,
    There are 7,753,000,000 on the planet
    If there are 10,000 dying per day from the vax that’s 3,650,000 per year
    2017 data shows that there were 150,000 deaths per day worldwide, that’s
    54,750,000 – if you add the additional deaths of 3,650,000 you get 58,400,000 dying per year.
    According to the WEF
    COVID deaths at Peak were 7,500 per day
    It’s starting to look like the Vax is pulling out existing c0 morbidity’s and exposing them faster and killing them.

  80. Mark Washburn

    When can we have a cage match between team Dr. Betsy and Karen Kingston vs Berks and Fauci? I know where my money would be…

  81. Pamela Hankins

    If you base your Salvation on the Scriptures, then READ the Scriptures…we are NOT at the “end of Revelation”, but WHEN we are, GOD WILL destroy them, but not by ‘hanging’ and ‘mass arrests’. 2 Thes 2:8-10, “the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall DESTROY WITH THE BRIGHTNESS OF HIS COMING: Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.” Rev 11:18, “And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldest DESTROY THEM WHICH DESTROY THE EARTH.” Habakkuk 1 explains why God Himself raises up evil men for Judgment: it’s all over the OT Scriptures, but Habakkuk ‘condenses’ it.

    • AnnetteMarie

      With all due respect nearly all the Book of Revelation has already been fulfilled. There is very little left.

      What is left is End Time Babylon the Great (America ) shall burn as Sodom and Gomorrah in God’s judgment, and secondly, all nations come against Israel.

      When all nations attack Israel, two thirds of Israeli’s will be killed and that is when Lord Jesus steps down from His throne and returns in power and great glory. He rescues Israel and judges the nations.

      The Seven-Year Great Tribulation has already happened, it was the Holocaust. The prophet Daniel spoke of it and Lord Jesus prophesied it. Daniel was asking God about the future of his people not the people of the world. The Great Tribulation was prophesied for the Jews. Lord Jesus also was speaking of His people, the Jews, that it would be a horror (for them) that never happened before and would never happen again. Daniel was told that there would be a Little Horn, a king of fierce countenance, and his reign would be short. Adolph Hitler is the Little Horn. Lord Jesus said that he would stop it and if He did not stop it when He did, no flesh would be left. Seven year Tribulation, middle of 1939 to middle of 1945. The horror for the Jews.

      God’s Two Witnesses are here, they always were here. They are not two men, the Bible does not say two men, it says Two Witnesses. God Himself and Lord Jesus both identify the Two Witnesses.
      Revelation 11:4
      “These (witnesses) are the two olive trees and the two lampstands that stand before the Lord of the earth.”
      “The seven stars are the angels of the seven churches, and the seven LAMPSTANDS are the seven CHURCHES.”

      Revelation 1:20
      “The seven stars are the angels of the seven churches, and the seven LAMPSTANDS are the seven CHURCHES.”

      The BIBLE says the Lampstand is the CHURCH

      Jeremiah 11:16
      “The LORD called you (Israel) a thriving Olive Tree with fruit beautiful in form.”
      The BIBLE says the Olive Tree is ISRAEL.

      God’s Two Witnesses is the O.T. Israel, the Jews, and the N.T. His church, the Christians.

      God’s Two Witnesses shall suffer GREAT PERSCUTION in the End Time.

      • eddiemd

        That is your personal idea. It is not correct.

        False doctrine and false teacher.

        In the end times there will be many like this.

        • regaleagle

          Agreed. There are many false teachings and apostates in the world misleading their flocks today.

  82. KC

    Great interview, what you won’t hear, any long time politician or wife or ceo of a pharma Co dying from the jab.


  83. John Hallowell

    Hi Greg…..excellent show. How is it possible to obtain Ivermectin and what is the cost. Also , is it ok for humans to take Ivermectin paste meant for horses that is sold in some farm and agricultural stores ?

  84. J. Loughran

    As I “Google it”, the World Pop is 7.753 billion (2020) and the Annual Mortality is about 60 million. Increasing to half billion Annual Mortality would be an increase of almost 1,000 percent. If you know of about 100 folks and you normally lose about 1 relationship per year to death but beginning this year you lose 10 relationships, would you notice? How about 100 percent increase or a loss of 2 instead of 1? Or a 25 percent increase or a loss of 1.25 per year or 2 every 4 years? Without data sets we TRUST I believe many will continue to believe that there is nothing to see and by this poor logic nothing to discuss.

  85. Chester

    The two videos mentioned by Dr. Eadsare here:

    1. Australian dad with boomerang

    2. Angry dad and pharmacist

  86. Timothy

    Before she passed she knew something maleficent was going on, but my life-long friend’s wife was murdered in North Florida last year by the hospital’s StrokeMe-19 soldiers and protocol.

  87. Craig

    I for one find it interesting when folks think God is coming to save them. It’s surely best if we all wait for no one and do our part in our own way like Greg and his fine guests are doing here.
    So many hoping holding out faith in a long ago broken justice and political system. where they are but sheep.
    An Interesting read: Crossing the Rubicon by Michael C. Ruppert, (you can buy it used for pocket change on Abebooks if you like.) Michael pretty much spells it out for the clueless masses past present and future of our America.
    We truly are up the creek without a paddle!

    • Greg Hunter

      You are lost and a quitter. Go quit someplace else, and stay out of the way.

  88. Andy Cap'n Shackelferd

    BREAKING:::Paradigm Shift In Works. . . . .
    A rats jump CDC! Rat IN festered, ship of fools!🚢/////|
    Wednesday LIVE: Deep State Blames Trump for Covid Vax Response,
    as Support for Democrats Plummet🚽🧻
    3 hours ago/
    Today’s broadcast exclusive breaks down the colossal narrative shift orchestrated by globalist stooges! Share this link;

  89. alfy

    I wouldn’t be surprised if we see one day, a signal sent through cellphone towers across the land that will cause a sizeable percent of those who got the jab quickly become sick and die within a few days. given that nearly all active duty military are now jabbed. that would line up well with major cities across the nation being captured by the millions of enemy combatants joe has moved into the country over the past 18 months.

  90. Ditoh

    So many sad stories. I live in Mexico now and Ivermectine is available from any drug store for about twenty dollars a box. Eat good wholesome foods ,organic, and take your Zinc and vitamin C. Love one another

  91. Ratty

    I think a lot of people hitting their senior years are not taking the Medicare plan for the part that you got to pay for. They said it was going to be a $150 but some people tell me it’s really $170 and when they looked it over they said you still have to pay out-of-pocket expenses on top of that. It’s not free but expensive free. I suspect a lot of seniors already hard hit are NOT taking up the plan.

  92. Jackie Pollock

    Greg, this was a fantastic interview with Dr. Eads. So much information we need to know. She is not afraid to speak out on all this in the slightest.
    All of this is awful and shocking and overwhelming!

    Towards the end at about 51 min Dr. Eads said: “This is really God vs. Satan. This is really evil. This is done purposely. This is a well-planned out genocide. This is genocide.”

    This is all almost surreal!
    Just think of the snowballing numbers of disease and deaths that will be coming at us very soon now. As you both said – we have not seen anything yet.
    Absolutely alarming!
    Thank you so much Greg, You are ordained by God in your work in bringing your report out to us all who will see and hear. Dr. Betsy Ends is among your very best guests. A great Christian too.

    Jackie from Texas

  93. Greg

    Very interesting show Greg. The good doctor is one of my favorites on your channel. I wish I could call her my doctor.
    You were talking about Chlorine Dioxide. Are we suppose to use the one with the Citric Acid part B.???

    Thanks again you and your guests are a godsend to all of us.

    • Elizabeth Eads


  94. Anne

    This whole thing makes me very sad, especially for our children and family members who won’t listen to those of us who have been sounding the alarm.

  95. Tracy Brown

    I hope the Doc is right and these psychopaths are brought to justice. However, I have the sinking feeling that because there were so many of them in on this and they were so open and notorious with their flagrant lies, manipulation, and geocidal actions against the human population, I tend to think they have something else up their sleeves that is even worse and that unless the mighty hand of God intervenes, they will get away with everything. I am of course referring to Agenda 2030 and “The Great Reset”. They are not going to stop.

  96. Mike

    Fiji water is good but the last comparative test I saw the Fiji had the highest fluoride of any and all bottled water by a wide margin. But it sure taste good, I like Planet Water from Linden TN. Ono mile down untouched ancient water.

    • Elizabeth Eads

      Yes! But Fiji is alkaline which is a good alternative or hydrogen water!!!!

  97. Gunny HiWay

    “Healthcare worker”. LOLOL

    You mean brainwashed killers?

    EVERY SINGLE nurse and doctor who kept quiet and pushed the vax is the enemy.


    You would be smart to buy a book on Holistic medicine and treat yourself from now on.

    I will bleed out on my floor before I ever call a “doctor” again.

    They killed my only daughter with their Gardasil vax.



    #GardasilKilledJessica 12/16/1993-12/24/2013

    • Friends call me Lyn

      Dear Gunny — I am so sorry for your loss.

      When my daughter began nursing school, we talked about the vaccines and why we chose not to have her poked with this while a 12yo. She had followed up on the injuries with a reply to us: well, there are only 7 of them. Seven too many!, I said. Our young lady took this and all the others they’ve offered since. The school had planted “their” medicine ideas within her and to be part of their club, she went 100% on board. Now 2.5 years into this, and her going off the rails, I’ve been dreaming of her return and her admitting to life-altering mistakes. Yes, the Lord Jesus will forgive her, as He promises He will, as do I, well in advance of her realizing and coming to me re: the errors.

      So many like yourself losing their offspring for nonsense. I pray Gunny that you find the room marked unconditional forgiveness—only after you’ve fully expelled the anger and frustration of your loss.

      It took many-a-moon for me to find this room, but finding it is a must. Now the daggers meant to harm me irreparably by the enemy of my soul, are now the daggers I keep in my quiver for his evil onslaughts; he is NO match for our Jesus! May His forgiveness wash over you like Niagara Falls and may the Falls engulf your tears as His own.
      —Take Care <3

  98. terrytunes

    How come no politicians are dying the way vaxxed athletes are – every day, every week?

    • Greg Hunter

      Congress was exempt.

  99. Steve

    Greg, I have both Ivermectin and hydroxichloriquin. Did the Dr say how often you are supposed to take it ? Steve

    • Greg Hunter

      Most tell me twice a week, but it could be more or less depending on your contact with the vaxed.

  100. wayne hardin

    Integrity and honoring commitments are a thing of the past.
    I remember when you signed your name to a loan if you had any integrity you paid it .

    By the way all you people that get your loans forgiven it is not forgiven somebody else is paying / nothing is free .

    Wayne Hardin

  101. William Baxley

    Listening to Dr. Eads and others describing the synthetic nature of the blood clots sparked a thought back to Morgellons Disease. There may have been active preparatory testing going on by way of aerosol deployment. Many people equated the disease to intensive high altitude geoengineering. Just a thought.

    • Elizabeth Eads

      That was the beginning of lipid nano infestation!

      • Greg Hunter

        Dr. Eads,
        Thanks for coming on and answering some questions. We all appreciate you!!

  102. Paul Kramer

    My local hospital had multiple open beds throughout the COVID pandemic. As of last week, they were putting patients into the intensive care area and other areas because they don’t have enough room for patients. They are overflowing. No one talks about it or asks why. Scary.

  103. The Seer

    The WeberEndolaser from Germany uses UVA and
    Red light for viruses, bacteria and cancer.
    Non invasive and averages $200 per hour. Available in USA, UK and Europe.
    Lung support use colloidal silver
    And hydrogen peroxide drops in nebulizer- Medical supervision for correct protocol.
    MMS originally was used to fight malaria.

    • Elizabeth Eads

      All great!!

  104. Merry Piper

    Greg: Thank you for having Dr. Eads on again. I encourage both of you, and everyone on this site, to watch the recent interview with Dr. Lee Merritt and Dr. Poornima Wagh. Dr. Merritt said, “This is the most important interview I have done in the entire Covid debacle”. That says a lot!!

  105. Christopher F.

    Greg, fantastic interview! I normally don’t comment, but today I had to. I was very excited to hear chlorine dioxide was mentioned by Dr. Elizabeth Eads. This substance indeed is the Universal Antidote (named by NASA in 1987) discovered to heal malaria by Jim Humble in a 1996 gold mining expedition in South America. Andreas Kalcker, a biophysical researcher, has studied it for over 15 years as being completely safe to ingest. It’s an incredible substance that the powers don’t want people to know about, which can kill viruses, bacteria, fungus, biofilm, spike proteins, denature heavy metals (graphing oxide) and so much more! I’m not a doctor but have been using it for 11 months with incredible results! It’s been said to be God’s detox! I prefer CDS over MMS because it’s easier on the stomach. I thank God for it everyday! Keep up the powerful work – God Bless! In Christ, our Savior!

  106. James

    As with the Coof, the public is more & more NOT taking the fear mongering of the ‘experts’.
    Seems with the vaccines, the public is also too slowly waking up.
    Some people will never wake up.
    As its said, its easier to fool some one than to convince them they have been fooled!

  107. Sylvia Sires

    I learned from X22 Report with guest speakers General Flynn and Clay Clark on Rumble that covid 19 is code for “Certificate of Vaccination I.D. 1 is A and 9 is I >> AI

    • Elizabeth Eads


  108. AnnetteMarie

    Get Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine on Indiamart website.

    Let Indiamart know what you want, then it will send various vendors giving quotes as well as how they accept payment. No RX necessary. Wait a week then compare quotes.

    Product may take four to six weeks for delivery.

    Ivermectin 12mg priced at 0.30 cents per pill and as low as 0.15 cents per pill depending on amount and vendor. Shipping charges are high, but it is coming from India.

    Just do it. Good Luck.

  109. Lieutenant Dan

    How Resident Bidet can forgive $10,000 of contractual debt for some people, but not for others, regardless of any reason or criterion, is just theft of the working taxpayers.

    Why do they always give money to those that don’t earn it? Earn your frickin’ money!
    And now, forgiving the debts of total deadbeats!!
    You ordered your college, you pay your damn debts.
    A contract is a contract, your promise to pay for your education is your debt, not mine!!
    Biden and all those that voted for this crap deserve to be deported to Central Africa.

    Hey Biden, I want $50k so I can take my first vacation since 1997.
    Or maybe I can buy a new car instead of beaters.
    You see I never lived beyond my ability to pay. I even enlisted and served.
    And I went straight to work right out of HS because there wasn’t any programs available for this straight white male from poor white law abiding God fearing parents.

    Those that play by the rules and pay their own way
    also have to pay the way for deadbeat losers that refuse to work
    and refuse to pay their contractual debts.
    America is now a shitty nation because you have one man working and thirteen goldbricking beggars eating the working man’s wage.

  110. Steve Quest


    This early evening I placed a call into the Director of the FDA, also a call to the Senior Advisor for Counterterrorism and lastly a direct call to the Office of Blood Research and asked them for a comment on the number of people that are dying world wide as a direct result of the Vaccines. A Lot of these “Supposed Officials” hate it when you call the, they tend to encourage that you send them an email. Wrong, those days are over. I suggest that all of these people that misled the citizens of the planet, take full responsibility for their actions!

  111. Richard

    Where can one buy ivermectin? Is it even possible to purchase it in the USA or online anymore?

  112. Lana Butler

    you can buy real ivermectin at $39 for 100 pills 3mg

  113. Paul

    Event 201 disclaimer

    Presentation format

    Bill gates denying event 201

    You tube excerpts from event 201

    Reverse repo starts
    On September 17th, 2019, two days before President Trump signed an executive order to fast-track flu vaccine development due to a ‘potential pandemic flu outbreak’, the Fed started issuing trillions to 24 financial institutions. More precisely, such funds were issued to the same banks previously bailed out in 2008. Out of the $4.5 trillion in loans for Q4 2019, the bulk of it went to Goldman Sachs (103 instances), JPMorgan Chase (197 instances), Deutsche Bank (200 instances), and Citigroup (143 instances).
    Needless to say, $4.5 trillion is over 5x more than the $700 billion laid down in 2008.

    Trump fast track link

    Paul from arkansas

  114. Jean Jacoby

    I have such deep gratitude for physicians like Dr. Eads. I’ve worked with the best and the worst after 25+ years as an RN and she is the real deal. Smart as a whip, thorough, honorable and courageous. We are so blessed that she has made herself available for several interviews. Walking angels, you and Dr. Eads.

  115. Marlene Romines

    Looking for the website I heard KBLABS.COM to order Ivermectin? Could you please send me the link? Thank you 😊

  116. Sean

    One of your best guests Greg. She is excellent ! Smart, straightforward and kind. And as always great questions Greg. Thank you.

    PS see if you can get Dr Martin on again for an update. I still have that 75 million to 100 million probable death count in US he mentioned on my mind. Scary.

  117. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Dr Eads,
    It is remarkable how determined you are Mr Hunter to get to the bottom of this inflicted crisis from an elite that have infected all our governments in the West. This elite of Neo-Cons and WEF “crazies” obviously loathe us plebs for not welcoming their satanism with open arms.Instead we are to be delivered up for their glory and it is only the few who are warning us such as yourself Mr Hunter. It will be hard to watch family die but we must be firm in finding out the why and how for this generation and those to come.

  118. Bodych

    So much good information in this interview, clouded by her statement the victims need to pray to Jesus for the sin of putting a toxic substance inside their bodies, God’s finest creation.

    We don’t need holy-roller fear-mongering like this. The world was subjected and continues to be subjected to the worst and most evil kind of brainwashing and propaganda ever known to mankind.

    People thought they were doing the right thing, Doctor.

    I’m not otherwise criticizing her because she’s a smart lady and maybe even a hero, but when she said this, it was like getting hit in the head with the first stone cast. Might as well have said, I told you so.

    • Elizabeth Eads

      I’ve accepted Jesus Christ as my savior and I know where my soul will go when I die!!!

  119. Mike R

    The only question in my mind is can the big insurers, sue the big pharma fast enough, before they financially collapse ???? The lawsuits will take years, but the rapid explosion of deaths in the millions, and the payouts for death insurance will be in the 10’S of billions.

    Battle of the behemoths.

    P.s. how many people know of vaxxed citizens having low oxygen uptake ? Micro clotting ? Undetectable impact on lungs ?

  120. Jerry

    I’m posting this as another warning.

    The dots are starting to line up for a major confrontation in the coming weeks. As I have already posted, China is preparing to launch an attack on Taiwan, at about the same time Russia is planning on launching a new offensive on Ukraine. Coincidence? Not hardly. Both regimes are about to test the Biden administrations commitment to defending both countries at the same time. My prediction? The United States won’t do anything revealing how pathetically weak the Biden administration really is. When that happens you will see the confidence in the dollar tank big time. I still have hope that the midterms will turn things around, provided there is still an election? But who knows? These crazy globalist are capable of anything.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Jerry, if the the elections go forward, it means they have found a way to counterfeit the results. Will that be enough to convince people were screwed and stop wasting time on political process? I doubt it. We’re always just “one election” away from turning it around, right? Next up: student loan cancellation followed by cancellation of the Constitution. So sad. Best always. PM

      • Tin foil hat

        “We’re always just “one election” away from turning it around, right?”

        I believe that for more than 12 years; I’m usually not easily fooled.

  121. Robert Dziok

    Fauci being “reported” to be leaving by the MSM is just an attempted cover for the fact he was arrested, tried and executed by the Military via Military tribunal several months ago. Same happened to Collins and Birx. RRN ( reported on all of this in past articles.

    • Bodych

      Hi Robert, just to let you know, RRN is a satire site and reports nothing. I stopped going there because it really does give the impression of being real “news” when, in fact, it’s all made-up nonsense. The owner of the site tosses in just enough facts to make it seem like it’s real news. It’s not. I’m thinking it’s a controlled opposition site, intended to make people look foolish for buying into its nonsense.

  122. KravWarrior

    Bourla, Biden and the rest of the gang didn’t have any vaccines at any moment at all !!!

  123. Jim CROWN

    Gravitas LIVE | Six months of Ukraine war | What next in battleground Ukraine? | Putin’s big bet 15 hours ago WION 6.74M subscribers
    Watch Gravitas LIVE with Palki Sharma Upadhyay:
    – 6 months of Ukraine war: Takeaways & the road ahead
    – Battleground Taiwan: China building more warships
    – Pak army to provide FIFA World Cup security
    – China’s big move in Iraq
    – Europe can’t get over a train breakdown
    Mike S. 13 hours ago
    I’m in North America. What a bonanza it is to watch Gravitas. Compared to media here it tells the whole story with very little bias. I wish the world would watch this channel. Thanks so much for this unbiased news. Thanks Palki.

    Gravitas Plus: Cold War 2.0: Who will shape the new world order?
    1,142,631 views Premiered Aug 20, 2022 WION
    Riyadh has refused to increase oil output.
    South Africa is calling out ‘Western bullying’.
    India is pursuing a policy of multi-alignment.
    Are America’s efforts to rally the world against Russia failing?
    Is the U.S. losing cold war 2.0?
    Here’s Palki Sharma’s take on Gravitas Plus.

  124. Johny

    Hi Greg,
    The universal antidote is the “ultrafiltrate of plasma” (aka urine) produced by the body itself. Take the time to look at the details of its ingredients. Each one of its ingredients (over 22000 is of medicinal value. It is the best blood cleanser and blood thinner there is: it is the MOTHER OF ALL MEDICINE, produced by the body itself.

  125. KravWarrior

    I really hope that Big Pharma (Pfizer, J&J, Moderna et al) will indeed collapse.

    MSD may stay as far as I’m concerned, so they can keep manufacturing Stromectol/ivermectine !

  126. DUGTRUX

    I dont believe there will be mass arrests. Because EVIL has taken hold. I believe that Americans sit back in a stupor and take whatever comes down the pike.” It said on the news so I believe that.”
    Remember Satan is a lier and his greatest trick is to make you believe he does not exist.
    How do you explain Fauci ?
    The entire Covid thing is a giant rip off of the world by central banks and drug company’s along with their bullshit gain of function research facility.
    My god how long can the people be blind sided by these psycho paths ? Mass mental illness? Satan took control? What?
    As far as Im concerned we should let The Native Americans run things. not the sick f**ks we have now.

    • Elizabeth Eads

      CEO’s , CFO’s if hospitals and CDC/FDA are already stepping down and being arrested—- it just hasn’t hit MSM yet👍

  127. Bob Christensen

    I don’t recall her mentioning how much chlorine dioxide to take and how often…

  128. Jerry

    Boy Greg,
    Talk about bad timing.

    A railroad strike at about the same time that China and Russia are about to launch a military offensive. For those of your readers who think this is no big deal, thinking semi trucks move everything, they should ask themselves this question . Where do the semi trucks get their products that they move from place to place from? For years I have watched trains pulling hundreds of box cars full of everything from oil to COSCO products heading toward a major metropolitan area to be unloaded. Now imagine an economy already strained with shortages being cut off. What will Biden do? While that remains to be seen, you already have an idea with his approach with gasoline and inflation. Never send a socialist to make a deal with a union. In their conceded mind, they think we work for them and will muck up any hope for an agreement. Historically the locomotive union is one of the toughest unions, because they know they hold all the cards. Remember the three P’s. Pray. Prepare. And Pray some more.

  129. J.Crown

    FBI Clean-up hatchet job. Just opposite_ Trump has goods on them!
    Former Supreme Court law clerk speaks out on FBI Mar-a-Lago raid
    11,298 views Aug 25, 2022 Fox News [SHORT PIECE]
    President of Article III Project Mike Davis joined ‘Jesse Watters Primetime’ to discuss how President Beijing Bidens puppet masters, Val Jarret, Susan Rice cakes knew about the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago.
    O’Biden doesn’t know what flavor vice cream cone he’s licking!

    Ukraine War Devastating European Economy
    WEST Clueless ?__________World Bracing for Impact
    Gravitas LIVE| Global recession begins throughout Europe
    UK inflation could hit 50-year high | Aug 23, 2022 WION
    Sydney Gallagher 1 day ago
    I can’t get over the fact that the entire world is at the mercy of gamblers and speculators in the markets. It’s insanity to me.
    doug reich 1 day ago
    The connection between the covid vaccine & heart problems needs to be investigated more.
    – Europe stares at recession: Euro hits 20-year low
    – Global recession fears: India emerges as the bright spot
    – China power crisis: Shanghai skyline goes dark
    [- Shades of WWI: Car bombing leading to WWIII?]
    – America’s student debt crisis: $1.6 trillion
    – Why are young people dying of heart attack?

    McEnroe Says It’s “A Joke” Djokovic Won’t Be Allowed to Compete at US Open /by Paul Joseph Watson August 24th 2022
    Some have suggested tongue-in-cheek that Djokovic should just join a migrant caravan and sneak across the border, given that there are zero vaccine checks on those people entering America.

    • Judi

      COSCO – China Overseas Shipping Company. It owns a lot of the containers that are moved by rail, ship, and truck. Costco – our favorite merchandise outlet.

      • Judi

        Sorry I meant to reply to previous comment

  130. Paul P.

    Greg, another great show. Would like to see Dr. David Martin on again to give a follow-up to his legal case. I watched him this week and was struck by what he discovered in the 1986 medical act that NO ONE knew. Quite revealing. His insight would be of benefit for all. Keep up the great work you doing for mankind!

  131. Matt

    I called my auto insurance and health insurance and asked if I volunteered for an experimental drug trial would I be covered. They both replied yes I would be covered. I have Blue Cross and USAA for auto. Is it really true they would not cover you? I would like to see some evidence of this before repeating it. Does anyone have any real evidence this is happening.

  132. RICHARD

    the video on (look for it) is heartbreaking. Terrible that they got away with poisoning MILLIONS! If this is ever accepted in the manistream, I would disappear if I worked for one of these murderous companies. Personally I will NEVER take another shot of any kind ever again. I will never take a medicine to cure anything, when ALL WE NEED is provided in nature.

  133. JimC.

    FOOD FIGHT/ Oh’ Canada!
    ‘He’s a narcissist’: Trudeau ‘corrupted’ by power
    19,021 views Aug 25, 2022 Sky News Australia
    Clinical psychologist and public intellectual Dr Jordan Peterson argues Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a “narcissist” who has been “corrupted” by the power.
    Sam Sabastian 2 hours ago
    That man talks so much common sense. All power to him.

    The Crash of a Lifetime – Robert Kiyosaki, Kim Kiyosaki, @Harry S. Dent Jr.
    15 hours ago The Rich Dad Channel
    Robert Kiyosaki wrote about the next crash in his book “Prophecy” after 2008 crash. Since then, financial experts warned that over-correction by the government and bubbles in asset classes would cause another crash. Today’s guest explains how this is no ordinary correction, and where he advises the safest place to put your money through 2023.
    Harry Dent, author of “Zero Hour” says, “If we see another wave down as we did in July, we’ll see the DOW down by 50% by next year.”
    Hosts Robert and Kim Kiyosaki and guest Harry Dent discuss what Harry describes as a “crash of a lifetime,” who has the most opportunity, and what you can do to survive.

    Biden facilitated Mar-A-Lago raid, explosive new findings reveal
    9,007 views Aug 24, 2022 James Morrow
    New information regarding the Mar-A-Lago raid has come to light which reveal Joe Biden and the White House not only knew, but facilitated the raid on Trump’s residence.
    Fresh memo’s from Just The News “prove that the White House counsel’s office WORKED WITH the national archives to kick off what in any sane world would never be contemplated; namely, a criminal investigation based around the presidential records act” according to Sky News presenter James Morrow.
    Joe Biden also had a hand in facilitating the raid according to the new information ‘Biden empowered the National Archives and Records Administration to waive any claims to executive privilege that Trump might assert to block DOJ from gaining access to the documents.’

  134. bloglogician

    Steve Kirsch’s anecdote on fox news where he dropped the millions of death estimate – was 26odd of the tripl vaxXxed at the wedding had serious side-effect complications including 3 deaths from memory but no injury or death in the pureblood side. Probably 1st time some regular watches had heard that a ‘vax’ can be dangerous…

  135. Bob Koch

    Let’s get this clear, please. This cannot be “God vs satan”. God CREATED the satan (“the accusing” angel) and the satan can ONLY do what God PERMITS or ORDERS it to do. The statement is absurd on its face – unless one believes the satan has the POWER to “conquer” God…

    • Greg Hunter

      Many would disagree. That said, Matt 28:18 is TRUE.

    • wayne hardin

      Look at it this way / we have the ability to follow God and do what he says / or follow satan and do what he says .
      So who we follow with our choice is in control .
      So it is God vs satan / or good vs evil / or right vs wrong est .

      That is the way i see it anyway .

      Wayne Hardin

  136. Jon Hospital IT worker

    My younger sister went blind after the second Moderna vax, she was an artist. She refuses to attribute her condition to the vaccine. She also doesn’t believe in God or Jesus and continues to practice blasphemy.

    She’s had over 10 operations on her eyes, since they swelled up and clotted repeatedly.

    Now she lays on her deathbed in Upstate New York for the last 4 weeks, she will most likely die there, blind and in pain.

    I was shunned by my immediate family because of my religious beliefs and stance on Vaccines, I tried to stop the vaccines that my ex-wife gave my daughter and lost in Family Court…so my own daughter (most likely took the Covid vax) has also shunned me because of my stance.

    I work in Healthcare IT and can tell you that nearly all my co-workers got 2 shots, they all got Covid (except me) and I cannot discuss this with them as they get very angry…last job tried to force us..I got bought company did not they got it for nothing but the fact they were in fear.

    Got a new job, went to the new Insurance Portal and you can upload proof of vax…Anthem…so Covid infrastructure for ID’ing people still in place with no signs of stopping. Also CDC still extracting data from medical practices on immunizations …seen this stress hospital computer systems.

    And Greg thank you for your faith\message as it’s been a crucial forum and avenue for “purebloods” the real control group!

  137. Paula

    I can’t fathom why Trump hasn’t disavowed this monstrosity of a ‘vaccine’ yet… I’ve begun seeing early signs on Twitter that Liberals are starting to distance themselves from the ‘vaccines’ and shift blame to Trump—who idiotically still promotes “his beautiful vaccine”.

    I don’t think I can support him in 24 if he doesn’t come clean on the vax.

  138. Barbara

    Great interview
    Not the most important issue – regarding the experimental clause they are putting into auto insurance policies – what happens if you get hit by someone who is vaxxed. Furthermore, as the WEF is trying to reduce auto use – could you see them enacting some sort of law that prevents the vaxxed from driving – that would be a very quick way to reduce auto use.

  139. Lester Flat Jr.

    It’s Official: The Entire Covid/Poison Vax House of Cards Is In FREEFALL COLLAPSE & the Rats Are Leaving the Sinking Ship! TUNE IN NOW
    Posted 4 hours ago
    On today’s broadcast, Alex Jones breaks down what Trump needs to do TODAY to denounce the deadly Covid injections to counter the coming establishment’s blame campaign! Also, special guest attorney Tom Renz breaks down his analysis on Fauci’s latest gain-of-function work! DO NOT MISS THIS!

    CNN Medical Analyst Who Fiercely Advocated Masking Now Admits It ‘Harmed’ Her Own Son’s Development
    by Steve Watson August 24th 2022
    “Masking has harmed our son’s language development”
    CNN medical analyst Dr. Leana Wen, who for two years was one of the strongest advocates for masks and masks in schools, now admits that forcing her child to wear one harmed his development.
    As we previously noted, Wen started to admit some months ago that masks don’t work in stopping the spread of COVID, further declaring that “the decision to wear a mask should shift from a government mandate to an individual choice.”

  140. Mary Sue

    What about baby and kids vaccines for school????? Should people stop giving their babies these shots that have been given out for years? I have a 3 year old grandaughter, when she goes to the doctor, they want her to have certain vaccines. Should she be taking these?

    • Greg Hunter

      Mary Sue,
      Dr. Eads said no more vaccines.

  141. FreeBirdJohnny

    Awesome interview Greg!!!
    Lots of Americans have been using CDS/MMS (Chlorine Dioxide) to reduce the effects of Autism in their children. Tons of anecdotal stories out there claiming it CURED their kids of that man-induced disease.

  142. Rich Roz

    Tucker Carlson just blamed the Vaccination on Trump. And yet Fauci is involved in gain of function. This is getting interesting.

  143. eddiemd

    Found a replacement for Milley. Risking 17 years of service. Probably previous enlisted and then became an officer.

    Part of the purge in the military. When are the leaders going to defend the Constitution against the domestic enemies?

  144. Mike

    Sorry, but no one is going to be prosecuted, not even Fauci. Most people still don’t know about any of this and that won’t change.

    • Greg Hunter

      I’ll take the other side of that bet. You sure sound like quitter.

      • Mike

        I woke up to the evil that rules over us in 1999, I’ve had 23 years of this madness. I’ve lost all faith in humanity because the majority are stupid beyond words and there’s no telling them.

        Maybe I have quit; through exhaustion.

  145. Tarey

    When I came to the US from Mexico for a 2-month visit with vaccinated family and friends, I took Ivermectin 2-3 times per week as a preventative treatment to avoid the outcome of shedding. I had covid symptoms back in April 2020 (the Delta strain) where Ivermectin and HCL worked immediately. This time in summer 2022, the ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine were not effective in protecting me from covid, despite my taking it almost daily during my visit. After one month, I contracted full blown Covid with all the ugly upper respiratory and GI symptoms, including stabbing eye pain. The miracle daily protocol treatment that I followed included taking 10,000 mg of NAC (n-acetyl-cysteine) to attack the cytokine storm, 1200 mg Quercetin which is on Dr. Zelesko’s list and serves as a natural HCL, 500 mg Vitamin D3-K2, Vitamin C, zinc, saline solution for my eyes (3-4 times per day), an Oregano-based saline solution for my nose (almost constantly), and GI detox capsules of charcoal and clay, as I had stomach pain and diarrhea throughout. After 3 weeks, I am healed. As I had chemotherapy for breast cancer almost 10 years ago, the GI discomfort of covid very much resembled the heavy metal feeling and after taste felt in my body at that time. The goal is to continue cleaning it out with the above supplements and chelation.

  146. Robert Coleman

    Weapons Research Scientist Tells All: World Government Weaponized 5G And Radiation For Vaxxed

    • Elizabeth Eads


  147. Robert Coleman

    Albert Einstein Said, ” There are Only Two Things that are Infinite, The Universe and Human Stupidity, and I am not sure about the Universe”

  148. Grant Hill


    • Elizabeth Eads


  149. woody188

    Hi Greg,
    Do you know of anyone that could talk about allergic reactions to people shedding spike proteins?

    Seems every time I get in an enclosed space (such as a conference room) where the majority of people have taken these “vaccines,” I end up with a horrible “tickle” in the back of my throat, my eyes water, and my sinuses run terribly. Then I start coughing uncontrollably. The only relief is to leave the area.

    After a few times of this occurring at work, I’ve been instead joining meetings remotely. The shedding aspect isn’t something that is talked about much. Curious how dangerous that portion is the those of us that avoided the direct injections?

    My wife, also did not take the “vaccine,” but we both were sick with COVID. Her regular cycle has not stopped. So we also need to look more at the reproductive repercussions of this bioweapon and it’s gain of function injection.

    Been a fan for what seems like forever now. Keep up the great work!

  150. ken

    There is no Sars 2 virus,,, at best it is a flu virus. Anyone “testing’ positive for this virus is all BS as the test is as bogus as the virus.
    The entire scam was setup by Republicans controlled clowngress. Just ask Karen Kingston. As you know she does not lie. She explains on Stew Peters. Only a 19 minute video.

    I wouldn’t be expecting much from either party. Everyone today is scamming Americans by selling supposed cures for a fake virus.

    Money Pox, HIV, cancer, polio, etc already exist in the body but held back by the immune system. The kill shot reduces the immune system allowing these diseases to infect.

    Fake virus, fake tests, fake cures, fake vaxxines, fake doctors, fake rulers seem to rule the day.

  151. Lynn StDenis

    I searched Dr. Eads claim that several life insurance companies were filing a law suit against the Covid Vax pharmaceuticals. I can’t find any info anywhere. If this is true, SO MANY VAXXED would believe us. Can you post a link to any info about this law suit? Also I want to submit this to American Redcross bc they and many other companies have a policy that they won’t even interview qualified candidates unless they’ve taken the shot!

  152. Citsirose

    Awesome interview! Many thanks for asking the questions that were on my mind, Greg.



    • Elizabeth Eads

      No proof of tribunal!

  154. Doug

    Hello Greg: Love your work and your guest.
    The link to buy the Chlorine Dioxide seems to be bad.
    My computer is telling me it’s an “unsafe site.”

    • Greg Hunter


      The links are not bad. They work and they are not unsafe. You do realize Big Tech wants you sick or dead?


  155. Scot Spalding

    Brilliant Interview. It should be required listening to everyone. Unfortunately, this will not go viral or mainstream so the sheep will never know the truth.

  156. Mark

    “Rockefeller Foundation Wants Behavioral Scientists To Come Up With More Convincing COVID Vaxx Narratives”.
    Excerpt: “In yet another sign that the covid vaccination agenda of globalist institutions did not do quite as well as they had originally hoped, the Rockefeller Foundation has revealed that it (along with other non-profits) has been pumping millions of dollars into a behavioral science project meant to figure out why large groups of people around the world refuse to take the jab.

    “The “Mercury Project” is a collective of behavioral scientists formed by the Social Science Research Council (SSRC), a non-profit group which receives considerable funding from globalist organizations and governments. ”

    “Mercury groups will be deployed in multiple nations and regions and will study vaccine refusal and the medical “disinformation” that leads to it. They are operating with the intent to tailor vaccination narratives to fit different ethnic and political backgrounds, looking for the key to the gates of each cultural kingdom and convincing them to take the job. ”

    Read more here:

  157. Mike

    Graphene is now showing up in the unvaccinated due to the vaccinated shredding. This doctor covers it here:

    Does anyone know if Zeolite can remove graphene from the body? If not, what can?

  158. Juan Sánchez-Villalobos Ramírez

    Jim Humble first discovered MMS, Andreas Kalcker then fiddled around with it to come up with a different way of putting it together so it was easier on your stomach, and named it CDS (he collects the gas in the distilled water) Having used both, I still think MMS in it’s original form is the best! but be prepared to be on the potty!! I would just tell everyone that would go with these products is to invest in Jim Humble’s book and Andreas Kalcker’s book first!! Study it… then study it again!! before starting any protocols!!

  159. Luigi

    Hi Greg

    Can you find out from your sources if those that took just the J&J Vaccines will have the same issues as the mRNA based Pfizer/Moderna? Everywhere I looked, it seems that the J&J doesn’t produce the spike proteins.

  160. james

    Good Day
    from 28:28 to 31:02 Dr. Eads mentions that auto/life/health insurance companies are NOT going to provide coverage if a person has any experimental drug or procedure.
    Can you / Do you have the sources for this information? It is extremely important that I get some sort of source to verify this (especially the auto insurance).
    I’ve tried searching, but even using a VPN I cannot find any documents/stories about this and I’ve spent well over two hours in my efforts.
    Your assistance would be most welcome and appreciated

  161. ADL

    Remember to take the pH of an MMS/CLO2 before taking . It will take the enamel of your teeth over time. Wise to use a mouth piece when taking even if you can get it to pH to 6-7. Also over time will destroy some good bacteria as it is in no way specific to gram- negative bacteria as purported by Kalker & Humble.

    It is not natural, it is a chemical.

  162. Nick Reynolds

    Thank you, Greg. Always a pleasure to hear Dr. Eads. But she’s wrong about one thing when she says, “These shots don’t work. People are getting sick.” The shots DO work as intended. The intent of the shots is to injure people. We’re in a genocide or bio-weapon war.
    I appreciate that she names the ultimate perpe-traitor, the “Rockefeller Medical Industry,” and predicts that it will collapse. That is needed. Break up that foundation and distribute all its assets to all those injured. That will also end this “woke” insanity, because the Rockefeller heirs are the ones who’re behind it.
    Her faith and forgiving attitude are to be recommended, but there’s going to be a lot of angry mothers who had their children jabbed, without informed consent, who won’t be so forgiving.

  163. Carol A jung

    Hi Greg hunter we appreciate your show my fiancee Lee and I always watch your show. We really enjoy it especially when you tell us the whole truth about what’s going on around us, and they are not too many men like you with integrity. God Bless in the New Year coming.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Carol A jung for all your Blessings & support!

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