Murderers & Thieves Sold Out America – Gerald Celente

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Renowned trends researcher Gerald Celente says the trade war President Trump is starting against China must be fought for America to survive. Celente explains, “We have lost 3.5 million jobs (to China).  Some 70,000 manufacturing plants have closed.  Why would anybody be fighting Trump to do a reversal of us being in a merchandise trade deficit of $365 billion?  Tell me any two people that would do business with each other and one side takes a huge loss and keeps taking it. . . . So, why would people argue and fight and bring down the markets because Trump wants to bring back jobs and readjust a trade deficit that, by any standard, is destroying the nation?” Who’s to blame for the lopsided trade deficits destroying the middle class of America? Look no further than the politicians and corporations buying them off.  Celente charges, “They sold us out.  The European companies and the American companies sold us out, and the people fighting Trump are also the big retailers because they’ve got their slave labor making their stuff over there.  They bring it back here and mark up the price, and they make more money.  If they have to pay our people to do that work, they have to pay them a living wage and they can’t make enough profit.  That’s who is fighting us. . . . You go back to our top trend in 2017, and it was China was going to be the leader in AI (artificial intelligence) now and beyond, and that is exactly what happened.  All the corporations have sold us out. . . .The murderers and the thieves sold out America.”

Celente thinks the odds are there will not be a financial crash in 2018 “because they are repatriating all that dough from overseas at a very low tax rate and because of the tax cuts from 35% to 21%. These are the facts.  In the first three months of this year, there have been more stock buybacks and mergers and acquisitions activity than ever before in this short period of time because of all that cheap money going back into the corporations.  That’s what’s keeping the markets up.”

Just because the stock market is near all-time highs doesn’t mean there is no risk from a black swan. Celente says, “I want to tell everyone what our major signal that we are watching closely that is going to determine where the markets are going.  It’s the signal.  It’s a signal that you will know whether to bail out or stay in, and that’s gold prices.  With all of this volatility going on, gold prices have not moved much.  They are still stuck in the $1,300 to $1,350 (per ounce) range.  Even on Friday, with all the volatility, gold only moved up a couple of bucks.  That is the indicator to watch, and here is our forecast.  Gold has to break above $1,385 per ounce.  It has been unable to get near there. . . . The next big number will be $1,450.  When it solidifies over that, we forecast a jump to the $2,000 range.  Gold is the ultimate safe haven asset.  It has not been acting like that during this market shift.”

On the recent poll where 77% of people thought the MSM was putting out so-called “Fake News,” Celente says, “It’s not only “Fake News, it’s junk news, and that is why people are tuning out.” Expect the trend to continue.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Gerald Celente, Publisher of “The Trends Journal.”

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After the Interview:

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  1. Mr. Bean

    “Want to plug the leakers as soon as possible”
    Vegas Mole Hunted by Rogue FBI Brass; Death Threats Made to True Pundit over Mandalay Bay Investigative Series

    “Did ‘Hans’ Mueller plug FBI Dike?”
    Jimmy, ditch making fun of Milania’s accent

    • This sceptred Isle

      What place for man amongst gods and monsters?

      • Charles H


      • William Stanley

        TSI: Isn’t that obvious?

    • Gary K

      Very interesting link to True Pundit. I’ve been reading him off and on for months. This will be very interesting to see where it goes. It’s great to have the cover peeled back a little to see more of what is going on behind the scenes.

      • Spencer

        This might fit! W. Engdahl insight. Hey Gregg, can you interview this guy?

      • Paul ...

        Here is a look behind the scenes with respect to the Silver/Gold ratio … now at historic lows … now as Celente says:” if Gold breaks $1450 it’s going to run” … say it runs to $2300 (silver should run to 2300 x .03 = $69) … if gold runs to $10,000 like Rickard’s says (silver should run to 10000 x .03 = $300) … if gold runs to $50,000 like Sinclair says (silver should run to 50,000 x .03 = $1,500 an ounce) … contrarians who own 100 ounces above ground may want to sell 1/3 at $69, 1/3 at $300 and 1/3 at $1500 for and average price of $623 fiat dollars (generating $62,300 fiat dollars to pay off debt) … the other 100 ounces you have buried should never be sold for bankster fiat paper they print out of thin air!! …

        • Paul ...

          There is no need to get greedy buying this “blessed metal” given to us by God Almighty to provide us with unlimited energy … like JP Morgan Chase is doing (who has already stockpiled about 95,000,000 ounces of silver over the last 6 years at its COMEX warehouse) … JP Morgan Chase began buying silver at a price of $50 dollars per ounce and has been averaging down ever since … think perhaps this bankster knows something about the usefulness of this metal silver beyond it being a good collector of free electricity from the Sun of God??? …

          • Paul ...

            And even if the Satanist oil industry uses chem-trails to put “a permanent cloud cover” over planet Earth … so as to not let any sunlight through to generate “free electricity and H2O2 gas” for us (so they can continue to sell us oil for a fee) … we have the capability to put giant solar cells in Earth orbit to generate electricity 24/7 … and we can beam this energy down (through the Satanist’s cloud cover) using microwave beams … so these oil industry Satanists are “dead meat” and they know it … but it doesn’t stop them from poisoning us with aluminum “just to get even” … or perhaps “use JP Morgan” to buy up all the available silver and just “lock it away” so it can’t be used to generate “free energy” for all God’s people on Earth!!

      • philipat

        The Trade defecit with China is artificial and blaming China is just shooting the messenger. Manufacturing in China generates employment, wages and a small margin for contract manufacturing. The vast majority of the profit generated from lower manufacturing costs in China accrues to US Multinational Corporations. These Corporations transfer most of their profits to tax haven countries using transfer pricing, royalties, trademark fees and other IP transfers owned by their subsidiaries in these low tax jurisdictions such that the US doesn’t even benefit from the tax revenue. And of course, this has exported good manufacturing US jobs.
        If it isn’t China, it will be Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Indonesia etc.
        So if you really want to do something about trade defecits, you need to start much closer to home with the fascist structure wherein the US is essentially auctioned off to the highest Corporate bidder.
        What is happening under “Globalization” is that living standards are rising in the undeveloped world and falling in the developed world until eventually they will meet somewhere in the middle on a purchasing power parity basis if not in absolute terms.
        The only problem with this model is that it is extremely short term because what US Corporations failed to recognize was that they have simultaneously destroyed their consumer base at home where consumers have been gutted and can no longer afford to consume. And in an economy which depends 70% on consumption, that is a major problem. And it is that which is finally coming home to roost and the root of so many of the US’s economic problems.
        So China (Russia etc) and trade deficits are really not the problem but will be used as the excuse to blame Trump for the coming “market” and economic collapse whereas the real cause of the problems is actually the US Government, the Fed, the Oligarchs and US Corporations, all operating within their comfortable fascist space.

  2. Mr. Bean

    Black op’s; DEEP STATE CREEP
    Syria, ISIS &white pickups. Iran, Parkland, lost wages,
    [Paddock’s Mk Ultra Las Vegas]
    All interesting, but to cut to the chase;
    Go to 22:55 point!

  3. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Celente.
    Not only have murderers and thieves sold out America,that great beacon we all looked to,but here in the ever so proper UK our elite are dumping on us as well,what a surprise!
    Reality seems to know no level of satire.
    You see,lies are so emollient in our society and our population embrace them all,whilst turning off their televisions and refusing to buy newspapers .Reality,here in the UK the most widely read garbage is free as is the most widely viewed until it irritates.Most free news ends up as window cleaning sheets .Daring to lie so blatantly shows the contempt they have for us “deplorables”
    As in the USA same here in the UK only connected get in front of the TV cameras and across the country people eagerly search for anything else other than the fascist state .
    Of course our economy is in the dumps and yet BMWs,Audis,and Mercede-Benzs litter our streets and debt is through the roof.

  4. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter: Thanks for the great interview with Mr. Celente.
    I think we are in extremely dangerous times: the MSM has failed in its propaganda offensive. Russia-gate also has failed to bring the President down. The Deep State and Shadow Government (and the Globalists generally) are ever more desperate because they increasing realize the likelihood that they will be punished for their crimes. The financial markets are fragile. Today there was a second fire at Trump Tower in a year. False flags and other Black Swan events may soon be rolled out.
    Therefore, it is extremely ill-advised for President Trump to travel to Peru next week: The region is too politically unstable and dangerous; providing proper security will be next to impossible. Yet — because of the failure to bring the President down by non-violent means — from here on out, the President requires maximum protection from our enemies, both foreign and domestic.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree William. This is why I keep quoting the Bible when I say “Fear Not.”

  5. Paul ...

    Trump must continue this “tariff war” with China in order to get our trade deficit down … if we don’t get this trade deficit down our country is toast … a re-set of the dollar can’t take place if our trade deficit is not solved … for if it is not solved it will require that our dollar be devalued again and again after a re-set … this can not be tolerated if we want to have any chance of becoming a Great Nation once again! … after a re-set that links the dollar to silver and gold as Constitutionally required (the dollar must remain stable) … where we will be able to turn in a silver backed paper dollar at the bank teller window and receive a silver coin in return … just like in the old days when I could hand in a twenty dollar silver certificate at the bank window and get back 20 silver dollar coins!!

    • Paul ...

      You know … the world monetary system the immoral banksters have created for us … uses “paper tokens” to pay us for our labor … and we use these “paper tokens” to trade for other peoples labor … the paper tokens themselves are not “human labor” (which is the “real money” of this world) but only a means “to trade our labor” for some other person’s labor … now would any logical person accept “ice cube tokens” for his labor that simply melt away before they can be used to trade for another persons labor? … is accepting “paper tokens” issued by the Fed and other world banksters any different? … we don’t want tokens made of ice that can melt away on us when we bury it “for future use” … nor do we want paper tokens that can rot away or be eaten by termites when buried “for future use” … we want an “immutable token” that can last through he centuries … something that is “stable and impervious to rot” and won’t become worthless and disappear before we can use it … we want a token to represent our labor that has “God like Qualities” … a token that is “forever stable and immutable to change” … not a token “that can do a disappearance act on us” and be produced “in unlimited quantities” out of thin air “by bankers without morals” … we want a token that is not only impossible to produce by banksters but a token of our labor that will not crumble away before we can trade it for other labor!! … God has created such a material for us (gold) and mankind has logically used this material in the past as a token representing our labor … God creates his immutable, everlasting, impervious gold by smashing two neutron stars together at one third the speed of light … banksters would find this hard to produce out of thin air … what would an “immortal God” would use as money … GOLD … that is why we should be using it as money right now as our Founding Father’s well knew and prescribed in our very Constitution!!

      • Paul ...

        So … to the point I want to make … what happens when the banksters paper money system collapses?? … does money disappear? … NO!! … money is our labor and “it does not disappear” … only the banksters tokens disappear … and we simply have to choose new tokens to trade for our labor … sea shells, beaver skins, whiskey, ammo, food, etc., etc., everlasting gold or “simply our word” … a carpenter can tell a plumber he will build him a cabinet if plumber fixes his water pipe … an electrician can do wiring for someone who fixes his roof … in this “new world order” unlike the New World Order of the Banksters” people with skills will make “new money tokens” with their labor … the banksters “will be out of business” and will finally begin to learn that “money is not a token” … “money is labor” … something they know nothing about … and all those trillions of fiat paper tokens they have squirreled away will be “useless” in the people’s new world order! … so lets not agonize over what will happen when the banksters monetary system implodes … it will be happy days again … when an hour of labor of one man is worth an hour of labor of the next man … only the banksters “without skills” will be poor and destitute ones … in a world where “money is labor”!!

        • Paul ...

          Now think about this … is not an hour of labor of a carpenter equal to an hour of labor of a plumber? … so why are the banksters adding interest on to the tokens representing this labor? … it is an absurdity to be paying interest on tokens that represent a fixed amount of work … so why is the Fed “raising interest rates” on their Treasury tokens?? … the time and labor spent by a carpenter building something last year should be worth as much to plumber this year … tokens representing “labor” should have a fixed value irrespective of time … gold is such time-independent money … and logically does not pay interest … only “fake money tokens” invented by immoral banksters make ones labor less valuable over time!!

          • Paul ...

            Now back to Celente’s point: “Why would anybody be fighting Trump to do a reversal of us being in a merchandise trade deficit of $365 billion?” … “Tell me any two people that would do business with each other and one side takes a huge loss and keeps taking it.” … murderers and thieves are running things and now the Pope has given them absolution (to gain a foothold in the huge Chinese market just like Apple and others) … I thought Jesus died on the Cross “to save evil souls” for eternal punishment … not have them wither away to nothingness and let them get way with murder without any punishment!!

        • Bill

          HEY Paul;
          Like the idea of going to ” seashells, beaver skins and ammo ” Not sure about sea shells, but beaver skins? gonna have peta on your tail if you aint careful!!!

          • Paul ...

            Bill … in the end I believe “it will be silver” that will be used as circulating money … the constant demand for physical silver is breaking the back of the manipulators of the “paper” precious metal markets … so just keep stacking … already the Commercials, the Bullion Banks, the Fed, BIS and BoE (who determine the price direction of precious metals) are actually at the “lowest short position” ever recorded … making silver the most under priced and bullish metal in history!! … the banksters have covered most of their short positions because they know the paper game they have been playing “is over” (we stackers have won) … and the banksters don’t want to be on the wrong side of a very soon to come Explosive Bull Market!!!

  6. Anthony Australia

    Thanks as always Greg.

    Sorry although I still enjoy his message, GC sounds like a broken record.
    Crypto endorsement one day nothing the next.
    Rather than criticism about the MSM, which we all know is rooted, do some research and give us truthful facts. Speak in a clear, calm and polite manner and more people might listen. Your popularity on Twitter is very low, not sure how your subscriptions are going.
    I used to love you but it’s fading fast.

    • Anthony Australia

      You always make my Sunday evening relaxing on the Lazyboy recliner extra special Greg.

    • messianicdruid

      Thank You Paul. Very true.

      “Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the hearts of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.”

      Usury is an evil work.

    • Silence is Golden

      GC is becoming increasingly redundant. Nothing new offered. Repeats/regurgitates.

      • Greg Hunter

        I disagree. I thought it was great insight into what was going on right now. One of Celente’s better interviews and he’s been very good. What country do you live in????? I would like an answer to this simple question.

    • ARNIE


      • William Stanley

        ARNIE: Are you sincerely sorry?

      • Paul ...

        ARNIE … open a Chase Bank checking account and have your paycheck automatically deposited in it and they will give you $300 dollars … take that money and buy about 15 one ounce silver coins … when silver goes to $1500 dollars per ounce you will have $22,500 fiat dollars to pay down your credit card debt or buy half an ounce of gold (more gold then the people of the world would own if all the world’s gold was distributed equally)!!

  7. Jerry

    Sorry Greg ,
    Gerald lost me when he said “watch the gold market as a signal”.
    It’s well documented that the gold market is artificially manipulated by the central banks. Here’s what you’d better be watching.

    Ignore it all you want, but America is in a “currency war” with China. Nothing has changed in the economy. President Trump has added 4 trillion dollars to the debt ceiling since he took office just to keep the economy propped up. Like it or not America is trapped in global economy whether we like it or not. The only way the playing field will be leveled is with a global currency reset. And it’s coming.

    • Jerry

      I’m going to go out on a limb and make a prediction.
      I think the Chinese are so close to launching a new global exchange system that president Trump has had to move his schedule to take down the deep state. In the coming weeks we will see massive swings on the stock market as we move closer to financial Armageddon. Let’s all pray he is successful.

    • jim c

      I agree jerry , china holds all the cards.

      • Greg Hunter

        Jim c,
        I disagree and so does David Stockman:
        China is not as strong as you are told.


        • Jerry

          When everything is said and done it’s going to boil down to who has the largest gold supply. Until I know for sure that our gold has not be stolen by the banking cabal that’s been running the bank system in this country I will continue to be skeptical about our chances against the Chinese. I realize David Stockman is,the resident expert but even he doesn’t know for sure what’s in Fort Knox. It’s a huge gamble. All I can say is lay your money on the table and spin the wheel.

        • This sceptred Isle

          Yes, China is a giant bubble heading for a crash. They are at least showing an awareness of that, though. They are busy preparing for the new paradigm as America continues to defend the old one. China is investing extensively in solar power, new infrastructure and securing resources abroad.
          America seems to be staking too much on shale oil, which is an unsustainable con perpetuated by debt loaded companies.

          • This sceptred Isle

            Apologies Greg, I couldn’t respond to your question on the thread from the previous interview as all the space had run out. In response to my comment regarding fracking you wrote:

            No it has not “poisoning all the American water supplies.” There are problems with the tech though. Where do you live? UK, New Zealand?

            I am based in London, UK.
            I believe fracking is just a debt based con game and America has become, in my opinion, too complacent about its potential. The technology uses the wolds’ most precious resource (water) to extract the 3rd most important resource (energy). This is a destructive process which pollutes water supplies. Having said that I believe that fracking is better suited to America than the U.K., as you have more scarcely populated land on which to undertake these destructive processes.

            • Greg Hunter

              Oh, you are in Londonistan, where now, they are going to crack down on owning a knife? You have Sharia courts all over you nation. They have just about shut down free speech. You are ruled by an over class of sell-out idiots worse than America. Now I know why you comment here because there cannot be a as it would be shut down as hate speech a week after it would go up. Let’s hear what’s wrong with the UK and London. How about it. You know where Muslim terrorists rape women and kill and rob at will because they are practicing the “Religion of Peace.” Not a people about the awful crap going on in your country. WHY THE HELL NOT. There is PLENTY TO CRITICIZE. I just scratched the surface and I DON’T LIVE THERE. Let’s here some street level reporting and some truth.

              • This sceptred Isle

                Greg, that is grossly unfair. I encourage you to read the thread attached to your last news wrap-up, where I invited you to give your view on the Skripal poisoning affair in the UK, which I described as a ‘false flag which is unravelling’. Under the same news wrap-up
                I also said of Tony Blair
                “It was gross negligence at best. If anybody else makes a mistake at work leading to people’s deaths they are prosecuted. I have said the same about Tony Blair. He claims he made a mistake over WMD. Very well. Put him on trial for manslaughter then.”

                Enjoy the site and engaging in the debates. As you have reminded a previous poster, the site is called USA Watchdog, and so most of the comments will be about America. I am happy to discuss the UK and its faults if you like. Generally when I have done this it hasn’t got as much response, presumably because most of your viewers are American and interested in issues relating to US.

                • Greg Hunter

                  You gave me a homework assignment and you are not my teacher. I do not know much about the Skripal poisoning. I am happy they are both alive.

              • This sceptred Isle

                Also, in response to Susan I posted:

                “Sounds like a good place to be. In London we are officially more dangerous than New York for the first time since records began.
                We are killing each other and the you know what hasn’t even hit the fan yet!”

                Check the Rob Kirby interview.

              • Buford T. Justice

                We won the revolution!
                TSI is one of the most thoughtful and intelligent commentates here on Despite London’s problems most here in flyover country take their first overseas trip to London, even before going to New York. It was in my case and i’m sure it still is for most Americans. I think TSI would be a great guest on USAW.
                You can come across in the comments section a bit harsher than in your interviews. Maybe thats why your site is the must check out site by all the intell agency’s across the globe, but when you anger them they take down your site!
                I love you and all the commentators here but most of all the freedom you afford us here. The best and freest site on the Internet for getting to the truth and the justice the American revolution still protects, though still alive, but barely hanging on.

                • Greg Hunter

                  Thank you “Buford,” I try to get to the point and I have lots of people to get to here. I sometimes come off harsh and sometimes I mean to be harsh. It’s all part of the fun of owning you very own platform and it’s FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. WEEEEEEEEEEE!

              • Greg Hunter

                Nothing is stopping you from posting and exposing more from the UK. Isn’t that where the “City of London” is located. No dirt there???

          • Greg Hunter

            America is drilling actual oil on dry land in Alaska and on Gull Island. China is a the biggest importer of oil in the world and they can’t go “green” fast enough to make a difference before they crash. So, you are going to hang your wagon on a country that is communist and just installed a dictator for life????? That should make everyone feel all warm and fuzzy and confident. What country do you live in!!!!!!!

        • jim c

          China has all the gold, They have all the industry , all the people , We need china they don`t need us. I am the biggest trump fan, But I don`t believe there is a thing he can do to stop the reset that is unavoidable .

        • Keith Miller

          Additionally, Mark Taylor said God said that He (God) will soon put China and Russia in their place financially. China is a debt mirage, the same kind of house of cards that toppled in the developed markets in 2008. God has got this. He has “denied the enemy’s timetable” and will continue to dismantle the enemy’s institutions and proxies.

        • William Stanley

          Mr. Hunter: Stockman’s essay is superb, thanks!

          • Greg Hunter

            I was shocked at how weak China really is. Trump knows this and he is squeezing them. He wants the Chinese markets opened up for one thing.

            • Silence is Golden

              When China carries through on its planned reduction in UST purchases…then we will see how effective the Trade Tarrifs will be.
              Increased budget spending and deficits will require every “other” nation to be buyers of UST’s. Talk about hitting a brick wall.

              • Greg Hunter

                Yes keep rooting against America! Things will be much better when China and it’s communist dictator for life is in charge. I guess you all have already given up in the UK. You are disarmed and accepting Sharia courts and rapes and murder of your citizens by radical terrorists. nSo nice of you all to go quietly– so politely. You are an atheist, correct?


                • Silence is Golden

                  Does Bill Holter root against America too?
                  He’s a realist…just like me.

                  • Greg Hunter

                    Not even close. Holter is an American and wants to fix the country. You got to now what’s broken to fix it. You want to see America go down and never get back up. Big difference. Oh, and Holter does not hate Israel.

                • Silence is Golden

                  You have a convenient memory.
                  I was one of the few on record…who was quoting….
                  ” Be careful what you wish for”…in relation to China and its rise. Care to go back and re-visit some of my posts over the last few yrs? hmmmm….
                  here’s one for you….
                  Silence is Golden 10/28/2015 •
                  China is hardly the bastion of integrity when it comes to matters of transparency.
                  BS numbers flow as freely from the Government/State controlled agencies to equal that of the US mis-information.
                  China is in a world of trouble too…..30 TLN in debt…..supposed 7% gdp growth which if true is not being supported by recent currency devaluations or lowering of interest rates and reductions in capital adequacy (margin lending)….escalating bad debts, insolvent steel manufacturers. Its inflation or die there too.
                  Holding a truck load of US Treasury paper (as they do) doesn’t fill me with any degree of comfort either given the US Govt. is bankrupt.
                  I agree they may be building new roads and bridges…as alternatives pathways….but they cannot sever the arteries of the existing infrastructure without imploding upon itself.
                  Greg Hunter 10/28/2015 •
                  I agree SIG. China has big problems and they too want to cover them up.

                  • Greg Hunter

                    You got a lot of extra time.

                • Silence is Golden

                  Silence is Golden 11/16/2015 •
                  I dont know what all the fuss is about.
                  The RMB joining the SDR basket is nothing more than confetti mixing with more confetti.
                  The kind of stuff that gets thrown around very liberally…without thought or conscience.
                  I happen to be on your side when it comes to the USD demise …but until the US is left penniless and destitute the USD will remain. They will fight till the bitter end and the US citizens will suffer interminably.
                  The RMB is not the solution. The monetary system will require a reversion to one which has a solid and valuable foundation. The RMB will not be backed by Gold…..The whole system will be. Then the matter of taking away the priviledge of controlling the money supply from the clutches of the Central Bankers will need to be dealt with. Isn’t it odd that China, as a Communist Nation…with its STATE Run and Owned PBOC … being groomed as the heir to the throne. What does that imply for our so called free democracies going forward? We all want a solution….but we best be careful what we wish for.

                • Silence is Golden

                  Silence is Golden 11/17/2015 •
                  Jerry and Charles,
                  I feel that you both have missed the point I was making.
                  China (& the RMB) may be the Heirs to the throne…..but do we really want a Communist Nation as the Rulers of the Monetary System with the RMB = more of the same paper…just with different ink ????
                  Gold will not back the RMB. I stand by that comment.
                  Gold does not re-enter the Monetary system through currency….it will be done through trade settlement.
                  I fully appreciate that China may have a material amount of Gold but so too does the ECB and the Vatican.
                  On another matter related….China lacks transparency… for a Nation that desires to own the privilege…it announces that it has circa 1800 T of Gold !!! Why the opaque narrative ????
                  Evidence (or lack of it) suggest the US is impotent when it will be forced to sit at the table with no bargaining chips (NO GOLD).
                  Jerry…..take note of the word “Inevitable” inserted into that article(underlined). It rhymes with Ultimately used in the same paragraph.
                  Got anything else ???
                  Do you honestly believe that a 13 % weighting will have a instantaneous deleterious effect on the USD……markets are factoring information into the equation in milliseconds every single day. No one will wait to react to that event when it unfolds. It just means the US Fed will have to reduce the money supply of USD / Debt… counter the expected “loss” (sic) in demand. Do you have first hand knowledge of what the CB’s are planning with regard their respective RESERVES ???? Take China for example…..Yes we know they are unwinding their USD positions in UST/USD…..but do they then replace them with RMB ????
                  Are the other CB’s re-balancing their reserves to allow for the RMB inclusion in the SDR ….if so to what extent ??? What of Gold in that equation as well. Surely Gold must enter the SDR basket if we are to have any semblance of a fair monetary system.

                  • Charles H


                    NOBODY wants a communist country to step-up to a world class table. But – China has manufacturing base; USA does not. China is allied with Russia; USA is not. A bi-polar world will devolve into the strongest block. The USA and the EU won’t have the strength to call the shots. I wish another way it could play out.

                • Silence is Golden

                  Silence is Golden 11/18/2015 •
                  I have reminded Jerry and a few others to be careful what you wish for (China’s ascendancy).
                  Indeed what WILL Gold be priced in…surely not RMB….given (PBOC) and their profligate ways would not resolve the issue with the current flawed system…merely transfer it.
                  Something tangible like Gold must be used as backing for the potential Electronic price tag that will be ascribed to it (both go hand in hand). This ultimately may be the domain of the NWO…which defines and controls the financial and monetary system and therefore determines what Gold is worth in terms of price (not measured in fiat currency).
                  China in my view is a stepping stone …to bring about a fairer system. That system will then evolve into a one that removes the need to trade in fiat. Fiat still retains use in domestic transactions, but eventually that will become defunct as well….ultimately leading to a credit based electronic system.

    • Silence is Golden

      Agreed…GC is wrong about watching the Gold market as a signal.

      • Greg Hunter

        You don’t think they can push it the other way?????

        • Silence is Golden

          Absoutely they can. But dont expect it to be telegraphed in Gold price data points or an email sent to you.. warning of the explosive move. Point is …there wont be a SIGNAL.
          Why on God’s earth do you think they have supressed the price for so long? Protecting the Dollar?….OR Perhaps destroying the companies that mine and produce the Gold? The price doesnt fly until they have control of the resources….whether by confiscation of land /mining rights..or by other nefarious means.
          Ask Jim Sinclair how this is transitioning…he will clarify it for no uncertain terms. He knows full well what the ultimate agenda is.

          • Greg Hunter

            You are trying to tell me what? You do realize I cover this for a living?

            • Silence is Golden

              Oh Greg.
              I have lived and breathed this stuff for 3 decades. That makes me somewhat qualified to make comments of this nature. You as the moderator have the choice to accept and post them or disparage them.
              I give my time to make contributions freely. If they are not welcome…I will cease making an effort.
              Ask JC Davis …he knows what I do for a living and where my home is.
              I thought you being the astute man that you are that you would have connected the dots by now. Some time ago you asked me if I worked on Wall Street/Banker….do you recall? You asked that question because you had made some telling observation about my comments/posts.
              We are all learning Greg…and are on the same side…fighting the same fight.
              This site is called USA Watchdog….
              that is the focus…that is my concern….these are my obervations….the USA is the epicentre of the Financial and Military World and home to 325 Mln citizens.
              I dont like seeing the country being destroyed from within. I am acutely aware of the evil that pervades every profession..and how it is tearing apart the moral fabric of society….creating a even larger divide between the have and have nots.
              I dont live in denial….I have 2 eyes and a functioning brain. I havent been indoctrinated. I am sad to say that although America has many good things going for her…she is at the crossroads.
              Time will tell if we can escape the clutches of those that have made themselves the unelected rulers who have put the country on a path of destruction. If its not the Politicians/Globalists/Communists that corrupt the system, or the Spy Agencies carrying out various nefarious activities to control the masses, or the Military Industrial Complex who continuously look for enemies to justify their existence and spending, or the Banksters abusing the privilege bestowed upon them or the Aristocracy owned Media who promote thought /mind shaping, or the Alphabet Corporates who have control over BIG DATA=INFORMATION. One and all are culpable. The system is rotton to the core. This is not an American centric issue either. Evil has pervaded the Globe. Thats should be obvious to all.

              • Greg Hunter

                SIG ,
                I am asking you to make some comments about where you live. The UK. There is plenty there to comment on. How about doing that a little more?

                • Silence is Golden

                  I dont ask you to moderate your blog so that the focus is non-American. The fact is … USAWD is USA centric…..“analyzing the news to give you a clear picture of what’s really going on.” ….in America!!!
                  Yes you may have covered Global Geopolitical events…but the overriding issues are those on home soil.
                  Agree ??

                  • Greg Hunter

                    No SIG,
                    NO I do NOT agree. You added “in America” and that is “fake news.” I did not say that and I have NEVER said that. I analyze news from around the world, but yes it is USA centric but NOT only USA.

              • JC Davis

                SIG you are one of few I read everything you post.

                • Silence is Golden

                  I don’t know if that’s a good thing. Apparently I am biased, support China, am an Atheist and not Pro-USA!!
                  What I do know is that you are probably one of the few who cares to be honest enough to admit reading my posts. I thank you for that.
                  Others have enjoyed the luxury of some of my coining of phrases posted over the years like….
                  Game Changer
                  Skin in the Game
                  Price Suppression
                  Price Discovery
                  Connect the Dots

                  Keep safe friend.
                  Best always
                  SIG 😉

                  • JC Davis

                    Silence is golden you have more understanding of the big picture then all of this site combined. God , and his son Jesus keep, and bless you.

                  • JC Davis

                    Greg I hope you don’t call me a troll after 8 years of following your site 3 times a week. I have learned a lot from you, but SIG is one I respect over the years of GREAT comments.

                  • Greg Hunter

                    I did not call him a troll did I? I would just like more insight from his home country in the UK.

                  • JC Davis

                    Email him Greg. You gave me his email.
                    SIG should have a right to privacy in his position in life. Me I can have the FBI investigate and laugh it off. Some like SIG need to stay out of the spotlight.

  8. Tinfoil hat Canuck

    Thanks for having Gerald on. I agree that the corps and deep state through their puppets ( presidents ) have sold out the people of the west. Ole Bill C is front and centre as he created the casino by dismantling Glass-Steaglle for the banksters and corporate barons. Then of course, with eyes on China’s potential billion consumers he gave his corporate masters ( and their shareholders ) the green light to move the good solid manufacturing jobs overseas to maximize profits.
    But, in a way this not the ultimate capitalist foundation? And given how Darwinian capitalism is a near religion in the American Empire, did it not set up a real conundrum, being expressed today as the Uber-wealthy and well connected exercising their power over the people via their control of media and the democratic process?
    Alas, the irony Trump and republicans trying to rollback the runaway profit imperative and supposedly giving a better deal to the minion/worker serfs? Crazy world indeed.

    • Tinfoil hat Canuck

      apologies …. “But, in a way IS. this not …”

  9. Bernie Google with the Goo Goo Googly eye's

    Dozens dead in ‘one of worst chemical strikes in Syrian history’
    Many of the 70 victims are women and children, a rescue service claims, while more than 500 others are said to be injured.
    10:31, UK,
    Sunday 08 April 2018
    Syria chemical attack

    By Tom Acres, News Reporter

    The US has called on Russia to end its support for the Syrian regime after at least 70 people were killed in an alleged chemical attack.

    We’ll it’s here. The chemical attack Nikki Haley has been warning us about has finally arrived and happened. Why do the innocent always have to pay the price for war and peace? Will everybody get what they want? Let’s just hope the guilty get what they deserve. Good eventually conquers evil and this is pure evil! Just when the US. was supposedly going to eventually leave Syria, Assad panics and passes gas, attacking woman and children for fear president Donald Trump will remove the remaining contingent of American soldiers and take them home? He apparently wasn’t happy enough sitting in the cat bird seat. It Looks like he’s going to get his wish and you can bet your bottom dollar Nikki will make sure we never ever leave Syria in our lifetime. Her job now is to get the rest of the world to pile in and threaten them along with Russia. If Assad doesn’t go they’ll be hell to to pay to play! World war three anyone? Any volunteers? I don’t care if your mother said never volunteer! ~!@#$%^&*()_!!!

    Whom Do You Believe?

    Syrian Civilians that were held captive for over 2 years meet with Pres Assad & Asma

    Syria’s First Lady Deconstructs The Domestic Dimension Of The War
    Syriana Analysis
    Published on Mar 13, 2018

    Syrian president’s wife slams Western media coverage of war from the Daily Mail

    Life for women in Syria; Who is Asma Assad? Bashar Assad on chemical weapons

    Mohammad if your out their please chime in!

    How NSA Tracks You

    Asma al-Assad – the beautiful face of the Syrian dictatorship | DW Documentary
    Read some of the comments section, you decide if propaganda.
    Can Muslim and Christian live together without Assad’s?
    Do the Assad’s stand in the west’s way for regime change in Moscow?

    • Paul ...

      A “False Flag” to keep US troops in Syria … as you say … Assad was so sad to see Americans leave his country … he gassed 70 women and children … so as to keep us there!!!

    • Mohammad

      Very important to keep in mind that if any one had an interest in using chemical weapons in Syria at this moment is Iran.
      Assad is a figure and Russia is the one who is running the show.
      Bin Salman from US said that Assad can remain for the time being in power in exchange of severing ties with Iran.
      US is on the same page.
      The dragging of Turkey to fight the Kurd in northern Syria is Iranian interest since breaking the vice that is applied on the Iranian road from Tehran to Beirut by the US backed Kurd serves Iran very well.
      If US is to practice caution and does not get involved in a massive strike that ONLY WILL STRENGTHEN IRAN’S POSITION IN SYRIA and let the Iranians suffocate with the Kurd controlling the northern eastern part of Syria after some kind of a deal that will eases Turky’s fears on their southern border will be hitting the jackpot.
      Iran wants to shuffle all the cards in Syria by inviting US and France to a strike to Assad, that will be their wet dream.


  10. Roger D

    Yes, politicians and corporations sold their country out. That is treason. They are traitors and need to be charged, arrested and tried as such.

    • Keith Miller

      I not sure the chemical attack isn’t a false flag, and I am not convinced Pres. Trump will be fooled by it. We’ll see what happens. My guess is that God will continue to boomerang the tactics of the deep staters and shadow gov’t back on their heads, exposing the wickedness in high places and holding them to account.

  11. Zodiac

    Mr Celente is forgetting the Rockefeller puppet , George Herbert Walker Bush , was the first to offer us NAFTA. The democrats voted against it because they didn’t want to give Bush a victory. Clinton was elected on the promise that he would tweak NAFTA in favor of Americans , but of course , he lied. The democrats and republicans fell all over themselves to vote for it when Clinton offered up the “new” version.

    • William Stanley

      Zodiac: Is your message that the deep state, shadow government and globalists shouldn’t be cleansed from the “system”and the miscreants properly dealt with because they transcend the Republican as well as the Democrat parties? Or is it that we should root out as much stupidity and/or evil as we can find wherever we find it no matter who fostered it? Or is it “move along, nothing to see here, it’s all just ‘normal’ politics”? Please clarify your point.

  12. Rob

    Right on time folks! Things must escalate with the war card at the same time things escalate with the economic card!
    War distracts from the bankers purpose of massive economic change they wish to institute.
    Please understand this has been all planned for 30 years and slowly being implemented over that time by the BIS and their central banks in every nation on earth but 4 now which just happen to be the countries in the news today:

    Albert Pike told us a 3rd world war was coming but there had to be 3 major crisis between the 2nd and 3rd world war to set the stage:

    It is all part of creating distractions from global corporatism controlling the world through food:

    It can not be a coincidence that the whole system is more leveraged than at any other top in 100 years. Hyperinflation is the plan that will indeed cause the burning cash under the phoenix that should begin in earnest this year right on schedule. This is complete collusion on the part of most central banks coming down from the BIS who is loaded with satanists hanging out between there and CERN.

    That will morph into this:

    Over the next 7 years:

    The masses already have a physical mark in their retina or hand/finger prints. All that’s required to keep them from buying or selling is to phase out cash and replace it with a crypto currency riding on the back of block chain riding on the back of the internet. Then do away with passwords thus requiring them to burn their retina or hand/finger prints to access their iPhone to access the internet to do any future purchasing. It does not matter how decentralized the crypto currency is if the gate keepers of the internet refuse to allow them to access the internet with their iPhone if they do not comply with the beast:
    Revelation 13:16-17 And he causeth all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free and the bond, that there be given them a mark on their right hand, or upon their forehead; (17) and that no man should be able to buy or to sell, save he that hath the mark, even the name of the beast or the number of his name.

    Our Father proved His physical children “Israel” and now He is about to prove His spiritual children “Israel”:

    History(His~Story) always repeats:
    Ecclesiastes 1:9-10 That which hath been is that which shall be; and that which hath been done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun. (10) Is there a thing whereof it may be said, See, this is new? it hath been long ago, in the ages which were before us.

    • Paul ...

      Imagine the surprise panic fear and consternation on the faces of the Global Bankster Elite when they crash the current fiat system and bring in their “new crypto tokens” and ordinary people “reject them”!!! … and demand Constitutional coins made of gold and silver instead … the dumbfounded banksters will be left out of the loop (the same way Jesus left Satan out of the loop in the Garden when offered “unlimited riches” by the evil one) … their “Phoenix” rising from the ashes of their fiat monetary system will instead become an albatross who’s wings catch fire and falls back into the ashes and roasts like a turkey … and Trump “if a man of the people” will tell the US Treasury to begin stamping up silver and gold coin as US money once again and as required by the US Constitution!!

    • Paul ...

      That neocon Bolton is in office a week and already has the US on the verge of war with Syria, Russia and Iran … using the same old “sure fire technique” to achieve their political goals … use weapons of mass destruction to kill and murder women and children … whether it’s Demon-rats purposely sending killers with AK47’s into our schools to murder our kids so they can take away our guns … or Palestinian’s sending women and children into a hail of bullets to further their cause … or neocons sending chemical weapons to kill women and children in Syria to set the stage for WWIII … the US failed to overthrow the Syrian regime using ISIS in a 6 year proxy war (to facilitate the transport of Qatari natural gas to Europe) … did Qatar just offer some extra bonus money to the neocons? … I wonder?? … someone should check to see if Bolton has a Swiss Bank Account!!!

      • Paul ...

        Jesus should be “saving” these evil neocon souls … and putting them in a special FEMA camp call “HELL” … not allowing them “to simply fade away without punishment” for their grossly evil immoral murdering of women and children … sins the the Pope wants to absolve these murdering thieving neocons from … and deny God’s justice!!

  13. Mr. Byrd

    The are two requirements for a functioning democracy: (i) an informed electorate and (ii) a free press. Currently we have neither. Block chain technology means nothing without these. The road back to democracy is far bumpier than Celente suggests.

    • Keith Miller

      I’m going with Mark Taylor’s claim that “God has denied the enemy’s timetable” and has “escalated from spiritual battles to spiritual war.” If true, nothing we thought we figured out will come to pass when and how it looked like it was going. There is a new variable in the equation, God on offense. We shall see.

    • William Stanley

      Mr. Byrd: It strikes me that there is at least a third requirement for a functioning “democracy,” i.e., fair elections where voting is restricted to citizens and votes are fairly counted. I think that Mr. Celente’s blockchain approach is worth considering.

  14. Leon

    Rightt on time.
    Looks like it’s time to get WWIII started.
    I guess the Celente interview must hav been
    recorded before this latest event. Ironic how
    it is one year to the day since the last “chemical
    attack”. We all deserve what we get by voting
    in these sick psychopaths. Yes I know Hillary
    would have been ten times as worse but, it seems
    Trump is going along with the program.
    Looks like between the trade wars and the failing
    U.S. economy the time is ripe for war. I the Russians
    are tiered of the continuous lies and other propaganda
    and if the U.S. invades Syria under these false pretenses
    that this time will be different. You don’t need C.S.I. to realize
    who the real criminals are.

    • Paul from Indiana

      It is possible that “democracy” is a chimera. Best always. PM

      • allen ols

        two of my friends, pastor, missionary just returned from ukrain . pastor speaks Russian, Ukrainian, and visited with top bishop, over seer of several underground churches, as well as above churches. they went south of Odessa, near black sea, saw new military base being built, 100 k approx. from cramiea. at hotel they talked to british/American officers, dressed in ukrainan uniforms . usa does not know this. now, church In dobnask sp east Ukraine had pastor/wife/kids taken to basement, kids shot, pastor/wife told to stop doing Christianity, or else. they escaped. the 2 friends came back to usa, I met them for lunch, they got word from bishop, ukrainan military said stop church or else in Ukraine, same in arab s22t h22e world, ie ME, Iraq, iran, SA, Syria, turkey, Algeria, and these AH, want to come to usa. duh

    • Frederick

      Leon Exactly It’s so ridiculously obvious

  15. George E

    Greg: Gerald is interesting, but at this point he is a pretty much been there heard that already. Lyndon LaRouche spelled this out in the 70’s until present, the late Bob Chapman at The International Forecaster did a terrific job on this subject decades ago, so this is not new news. We as a nation we might spend our time getting a no home no farm foreclose bill as law of the land. Glass Steagall would be even better. Possibly join the One Belt one Road initiative of the BRICK nations, that would put Americans to work building railroads. Have faith!

    • Diane

      Ignore at your own risk.

  16. al

    No revolution but blockchain evolution. Celente is BRILLIANT!!!
    I’m glad you got him today instead of Charles Nenner who is clueless about these very important issues.

    • Walter Baumgarten

      Yes he is! I love that guy, he is man enough to speak out against the evil that has infested our society, our nation, our world. If I had a bucket list it would include meeting this man, giving him a big man hug and saying “I love you Gerald! Never stop giving them Hell”! God bless you Gerald, God bless you Greg Hunter!

  17. H. Craig Bradley


    Nimrod was a Tyrant who sought to subjugate everyone under his control for his purposes (Think Socialism ). Everyone was thus viewed as another brick to be used in building his Tower (of Babel). Customers, taxpayers, voters, clients, only seen by big entities as another “brick in the wall”. Uniformity and conformity to His rule was the name of the game. Sound familiar to some of today’s Leftist Politicians?

    Its sure no coincidence its going global nowadays either. For example, take the financial or global tax reporting procedures agreed to by the G-8 Nations to report tax related information between each other takes effect this year. Just one more piece fitting into place. Global (World) Government, piece by piece. The idea is to bring everyone possible in the developed world and possibly the Third World into an urban lifestyle and track them for tax and other official purposes (Control). Herd the cattle into the corral and shut the gate.

    “The Jewish-Roman historian Flavius Josephus, in his Antiquities of the Jews (c. 94 CE), recounted history as found in the Hebrew Bible and mentioned the Tower of Babel. He wrote that it was Nimrod who had the tower built and that Nimrod was a tyrant who tried to turn the people away from God”. His plans were ultimately disrupted by a higher controlling authority, as I understand it.

    What a surprise, as we see History repeating in yet another predictable manner. I expect we will all eventually come under the rule of a Tyrant at some point in the future. Yes, here in the U.S. of A. Bet money on it too. Sure hope not to experience it. This time, “you can run, but you can not hide”. However, I believe we can delay. We have the current window or “reprieve” still open to us, but the “Ball is Still Rolling” downhill, according to Rabbi Jonathan Cahn ( Jan. 2018). Our decline is still in-progress and probably can not be changed by anyone. So, be ready.

    • Robert Lykens

      HCB, I’m one of those who are delaying. As the cattle rush voluntarily into the corral, I hold back because I see the leftist/globalist “masters” ready to shut the gate.
      The problem is that conservatism is no longer trusted vs. liberalism. Too many people are so eager to strain at the gnat but swallow the camel. Good conservative intellectuals like John Bolton, a strong supporter of Israel, are accused of being “neocons” by those who know nothing about him or even what a “neocon” is.
      As for Rabbi Cahn – he’s much more than a breath of fresh air; he’s almost the only voice of sanity, clarity, reason and truth on the world stage today.
      Good post.

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        ” Good conservative intellectuals like John Bolton”
        Let me guess are you joking or just plain certifiable?

        • Greg Hunter

          So any opinion that is not in agreement with yours is a “joke”? You and you alone have all the answers? It must be hard being you?

  18. andyb

    Greg: One thing that Gerald didn’t mention about the goods we import from China, formerly made in the USA, is that they are vastly inferior. I have an anecdotal rant; others that post here may have theirs.

    During the 1950s my parents used a Faberware percolator for coffee. When my parents died in the 90s, I inherited that same percolator which lasted another 10 years before pooping out. It had lasted over 50 years!!! So I looked around for another one. The only place I found that carried them was Bed, Bath and Beyond, but like everything else in that store, it was made in China. I bought one and it lasted 6 months before the heating element burned out. I was given another (after much argument with the manager of the store), which lasted all of 12 months before the burner gave out. The manager refused to replace it. So now I use a French Press for my coffee; no moving parts, no heating element.

    • Paul from Indiana

      I bought a used 1950s Norge refrigerator in the early 90s for $50. I put it on the porch for beer and soda purposes. It was used heavily by us, a family of 7, friends, neighbors, visitors, contractors, UPS/mailmen, you name it. It was still working when the door finally fell off (broken hinge) 10 years ago! Best always. PM

      • allen ols

        I retired from ups march 3o grew sick of ups, glad I am done

        • allen ols

          ….but I would show up for a couple of u beers….

        • JC Davis

          Ah Allen its 30 not 3o..You always correct my spelling. Now its your turn.

    • Keith Miller

      Regretfully and respectfully I say, “Get behind me satan.” It is impossible for your view of demise for America to be correct if God has “denied the enemy’s timetable”, is draining the swamp and is directing judgment on the corrupt leadership of the church and the state. Once the treacherous and treasonous have been exposed and held to account, and once God’s enemies have been put under His feet, the path is level and straight for America’s best days are ahead of us because God has decided it for His name’s sake. I have hope in God and declare it with authority in the Christ.

    • Paul ...

      I had the same experience with cars … bought a US made 1969 Oldsmobile … it’s still running fine with over 250,000 miles on it … bought a top of the line 1976 Toyota and it crapped out at 100,000 miles!! … with the trade war now going on … every American should be buying American cars only (as the price for imported parts are going to go through the roof)!!

      • Paul ...

        Along with the price of imported goods going through the roof … gold and silver will too … for as the “gold backed yuan” begins to be used by countries more and more (mitigating any threat of US sanctions) … the need to hold US Treasuries as reserves in foreign banks will diminish … and a flood of US Treasury bonds will come back to the Fed for payment in US dollars … creating a currency crisis (as the demand for US dollars in exchange for Treasuries and will put pressure on the Fed to simply print all the dollars necessary) … the flood of US fiat dollars in the hands of foreigners will likely be used to purchase “real things” and this will drive the inflation rate to extreme levels … so be prepared and buy your gold and silver now … for as soon as other nations have a real credible alternative to the US dollar (with China’s gold backed Yuan) they will dump US dollars for yuan (which will be convertible into gold) … a dollar crisis is coming … and it will result in a flood of new dollars that will have to be printed up out of thin air to meet the Fed’s obligation to pay off Treasury Bond paper with fiat paper dollar bills … so along with tariffs … hyper- inflation is baked in the cake … how high gold goes ($7,000, $10,000 or $50,000 per ounce) depends upon the fear and greed generated in the minds of a panicked public!!

    • BobT

      AMEN andyb.

      That is one of my pet peeves. In fact, I have gotten to the point that if it is made in China I have stopped buying – it is a waste of money to even bring it home. I try to buy most of my stuff these days at flea markets from when it was still made in the USA – some things can still be found; old but very, very functional and high quality.

  19. H. Craig Bradley


    Is it really the demise of the Nation State or rather, the Demise of Globalism, as its been since 1945 ?

    • Flattop

      H C Bradley;
      I believe the Pres has a plan. To clean up deep state in the US, remove the globalists, make a down payment on our debt, and restore the rule of law. The only question is, will the republicans allow him to!!

  20. Russ McMeans

    Greg; thanks so much for having Mr. Celente on. I’m so glad he briefly focused on how our manufacturing base was shipped out of here to China under the Clinton regime. And why they oppose the factory jobs coming back here- when you go into Walmart and see the high prices of imported stuff, you can see obviously that these American companies are making a fortune. It’s bullshit and Trump is pushing back. Refreshing to see!
    I hope we have a better hand than China at that high stakes casino table upstairs. We’re not allowed up there, but the dude getting paid a buck a year is! God Bless. ( that copper cross you got was the coolest present I’ve ever seen, God Bless Scott! I’m going to contact him about making copper bird baths. I tried to buy one once at a thrift store but the owner kept it for himself- it was just too cool! Not heavy like concrete ones and very beautiful. )

  21. Mike

    I thought , as the pledge states ” and to the republic” , that we where a republic ! It is so often stated we are a democracy. There is a big difference. I believe they have altered history to the point that the people in this country are almost dumbed down to a point of no return. Even Gerald refers to us as a democracy.
    The republic is trying to return : please see the Michigan assembly, the Texas assembly, on . The Texas assembly meeting in Kerrville Texas takes place on 3/14/18. With guest speaker. Anna von reitz. Her site loaded with history and legal things like admiralty law, marinetime law, versus common law. And the truth about the civil war. Not what we believed. Mike

    • DB Cooper

      Thanks Mike, Look up Liberty DB

  22. Gary K

    Great interview, Greg. I have already linked to this on a couple of sites.

  23. john duffy

    Trump says he is pulling the troops out of Syria and at the same time increasing the military budget. Now he does a 180 and wants to attack Assad. How stupid does he think we are?

    • Paul ...

      Trump can’t be that stupid not see this is a False Flag??? … ISIS is defeated and Syria has no one left to kill … the US is leaving … so they decide it is time to gas some women and children? … to keep the war going??? … but perhaps Trump by “pretending” he is mad gains some leverage with Russia and with Iran to negotiate a better deal? … but one day … when the nukes start flying … and our American cities are vaporized … I’m not going to be around “to figure out excuses” for Trump!

    • Marcus

      The attack has happened …. chemical false flag killing children blame Assad reason to push the button, how far will Russia take this as the ball is in their court.

  24. DanT

    I can’t get over the stupid thinking of some people that the Chinese steal American jobs. It’s just as Celente says, the corporations sold us out and the Chinese stood there with open hands to accept the gift.

    • Greg Hunter

      Hey Dan, The net result is: jobs (millions) and manufacturing still went overseas. You can frame it as a gift bit it is still gone.

      • DanT

        Long gone and I wonder how many can come back again. It is not only the manufacturing jobs but all the support industries. No America first thinking there only PROFITS!

        • Greg Hunter

          Never give up Dan!!

    • Keith Miller

      Let’s see what happens. I think he does want out of Syria and I think he will hold accountable those he believes to be guilty. The two are not mutually exclusive. Actually, they are consistent…do the right thing for the right reason at the right time, and keep America’s interests first. We shall see.

  25. Jodyp

    Had to laugh at the ‘talent’ correction. That’s when Mr.Celente went into high gear. Very animated, entertaining, and educational. And true, right or wrong, people still vote with their pocketbooks.

  26. Tad

    I’m not sure The Art of the Deal compares favorably or equally with The Art of War.

    The Chinese give the impression of having mastered both. I don’t know they’ll relinquish much in tariff wars. They hold around $1.3 trillion in US Treasuries alone. Would be interesting to know the total sovereign debt exposure. Government stores of gold is by some estimates, around 20,000 tons.

    Questionable stories of three US aircraft carrier groups in South China Sea add the peace element to negotiations.

    Where I’m going with this is unspoken, perhaps deliberate policy I’ll call linear uncertainty.

    The tariff wars with China follow the fires in Russia, which followed by almost three weeks, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s landmark news conference announcing stunning new weapons systems.

    I’m happy the Russians weren’t expelled from the D.C. chancery, because at some point, the Russian and Chinese will have an easy mark in John Bolton–for starters.

    Or, by his multitasking mind, Mr. Trump will engineer the greatest global deflationary collapse ever seen. With some unwitting assistance from China and Russia.

    Don’t leave home without the popcorn!

    • Greg Hunter

      Trump wrote one book and read the other. It’ will be OK. China is not in as strong of a position as you have been told: This problem in the world today is too darn much DEBT. It’s the worst of the four letter words and the debt will never be repaid.

      • Tad

        Other than the fact they have gold and the US doesn’t, i might tend to agree. Their domestic debt and that stemming from dark pools related to banking and other markets make them vulnerable.

        They’re vulnerable, but a gold backed oil for yuan and the BRI makes things look promising after the collapse. Of course that’s easy to say before the fire starts.

        Always bet on stackers.

      • Keith Miller

        Right on, and China hasn’t mastered negotiating they mastered bribery. Just as spoken in Revelation, the kings, merchants and bankers chose mammon over God. They will reap accordingly. Moreover, if God orchestrated America and the Constitution, then they didn’t sell out America, they sold out God. Didn’t work out well for Judas, Ananias or Sapphira. According to Mark Taylor God has had enough. We’ll see what happens.

      • Marcus

        Don’t read into Zero hedge as a source of truth….pretty sure Tyler has sold out in one sided info.

        • Greg Hunter

          It is no secret that Iran has troops and proxy forces in Lebanon and in Syria. Iran also has a long term plan to wipe out Israel and this IS NOT A MIS-TRANSLATION. If Israel was setting you bases and troops and proxies on the IRANIAN BORDER the world would go nuts. Iran is doing this and all you hear are crickets.

  27. S.O.S

    Don’t forget Dr. James Dave, listen live WAAM1600 at 2:oo pm EDT 5:oo pm EDT US. SUNDAY’S!

  28. Mohammad


    Here is the breakdown on what it happening in the M.E.:
    1- if Russian backed Assad’s forces take over Duma, the last stronghold of US backed rebels in the suburb of Damascus, then the war in Syria is OVER.
    2- if the war is over then it is a definitive victory for Russia over the west in M.E. and eventually Russia is a force to be reckoned with in the world that paved its path to remove US’s dollar from the reserve currency of the world militarily. No other way to assert the new status if it is not backed by military force.
    3- while the negotiations between Russia and the rebels were going to give up their position for a safe pass to the Turkey’s border something happened and the negotiations stalled.
    4- after the stalling of the negotiations the Russians continued bombing the rebels stronghold and then we heard yesterday about the chemical attack…!!!!
    5- Russia + Iran+ Syrian forces were able to liberate most of the GHUTA suburb of Damascus without chemical weapons, and their campaign was about to end the last stronghold Duma in a matter of days also without using chemical weapons, that begs the question WHY to use it now, and WHO really used it?
    6- I do not think for a martian minute that US will give up its lever planted in Ghuta which is only couple of miles from Damascus that is a very strong US negotiating point in the coming solution in Syria.
    7- If Russia / Iran / Syria back off Duma and they accept keeping that thorn in the flank of Damascus so they do not risk direct conflict with US then the calming down of the situation is likely to happen FOR A WHILE.
    8- if Russia /Iran/Syria continue their military campaign into Duma, then ALL HELL WILL BREAK LOOSE.

    Time will Tell


    • Marcus

      Spot on with all going on it certainly looks like all hell must take place , given the History with American’s broken policies, If Russia allows this chemical attack to go unpunished it will be Russia’s down fall.

  29. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    A new theory has emerged that the Salisbury Saga was actually caused by…wait for it… a type of shellfish poisoning which contains a neurotoxin known as Saxitoxin or STX. As the below article states the UK official story smelt very fishy from day one! Apparently, the symptoms the Skripals exhibited were classic to Saxitoxin poisoning and to a ‘nerve agent’ …STX is a nerve agent…just a naturally occurring one.

    Interestingly the U.S. developed Saxitoxin into a chemical weapon in the 1960s. The U.S. military designation is TZ and it was used by the CIA for covert operations and liquidations!


  30. Julia

    Great interview. The section on manufacturing was g00d. The two California Senators (Boxer and Feinstein) also made a fortune. The Justice system is corrupt, all levels down to the city govt are corrupt. I dont know why Mr. Celente believes that globalism is winning here. Maybe I miss understood his comments. I know one thing, prayer got Donald Trump elected. Only God can save America. Maybe we just arent miserable enough.
    I really appreciate the comments from others in countries besides America. I have never changed my mind about a nation as much as I have for England. The situation with the Russian spy and daughter is pretty bad. Perhaps it will bring the May government down.

  31. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    Yep…that Assad must be an absolute “glutton for punishment” alright.
    And we sheeple are expected to swallow the farcical whopper that within days of Trump announcing the withdrawal of US forces from Syria, Assad suddenly slaughters a whole lot more civilians with yet another gas attack…yeah right!

    Also, this latest episode was predicted over 3 weeks ago…see below link. To quote from this link which incidentally, was posted by Tyler Durden on 17 March 2018;
    “Only this time Russia – which is allied with the Assad regime – is not planning to be on the defensive, and according to Russia’s Defense Ministry, “US instructors” are currently training militants to stage false flag chemical attacks in south Syria, i.e., the catalyst that will be used to justify the US attack on Assad. The incidents, the ministry said, will be used a pretext for airstrikes on Syrian government troops and infrastructure.”

    This situation is very serious. I would hazard a guess that Russia is beginning to run out of patience with the incoherence of the current admin…could you blame them? If Trump gets sucked in again this could escalate out of control very quickly!

    Scary times

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      (Col this is Greg Hunter. I am not posting the broken record of the anti-American anti-Israel “Western-Zionist” crap of the “Saker.” (Whoever that is.) Do not post that stuff here.

      • Ed

        Seemingly Paul Craig Roberts is not welcome here anymore. The world is on the threshold of WW3.
        Quote PCR: “Tough man Trump, sitting next to the crazed warmonger Bolton, declared that the alleged chemical attack in Syria “will be met and it will be met forcefully”.
        There was NO chemical attack by Syria. I know that for an absolute 100% fact. I would bet my life on it. Yet here is the US president declaring a total non-fact to be something “we all witnssed.”
        Little wonder that the Russians have concluded that the West is ruled by a gang of thugs supported by an infinitely lying and hypocritical media while the general public in the West has been hopelessly zombified.”

        • Greg Hunter

          ED (Col) is that you?

          “Seemingly” you don’t know what you are talking about.


          • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'


            Absolutely not me posing as Ed…I have no idea who Ed is…however he did make some very astute observations in this post [IMHO].


    • William Stanley

      Col: Yes, very scary, especially now that things have escalated further with today’s attacks on Syrian airfields. Of course, Putin will now have to respond, if only by giving Syria (more?) S400 air defense systems. No doubt Iran will be bulking up with all the S400 systems they can afford as well, since regime change there seems to be even more important to the US than in Syria — and it’s a twofer: take down Iran, and Assad probably falls as well. Other Russian options are to annex the Donbas region in Ukraine or deny the US northern access to Afghanistan through Russian allies’ territory. Maybe Turkey, Russia’s newest BFF, will join in the fun and deny the US its use of Turkey’s airfield (at Incerlic?). It’s really hard to predict how this will play out; only that it has tremendous potential to end badly.

      • Paul ...

        Perhaps Trump can make a deal with Iran and Syria whereby Qatar is allowed to build a pipeline through Syria … if the US allows Iran to build an oil and gas pipeline through Afghanistan into China!! … as for those S400 air defense systems … Russia may just upgrade them to S500’s “free of charge” to both Syria and Iran to take down “anyones planes” that dare attack their Syrian or Iranian allies … and China may begin to take some asymmetric action (a more active role in the ME now that it is in a “hot” trade war)!!

        • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

          Just my 2 cents worth as to what scenarios could be unfolding;

          #1 Perhaps the Israeli attack was just simply symbolic and the US is not intending to follow up…this assumes though that Trump has enough of a conscience and grey-matter to reflect on, and learn from the fact, that his attack 12 months ago was completely unwarranted and illegal…the problem here though is, irrational as the attack was, Trump’s ratings suddenly shot up because the US public decided that he was acting in a much more ‘presidential’ manner…as sick as this is!…this scenario also presupposes that Trump is not completely overwhelmed by the deep state….hmmm????

          #2 The attack by Israel was to gauge the effectiveness of defense systems and to help in planning a large-scale attack by the US and Israel combined

          #3 The Israeli attack was completely independent and homegrown and carried out simply to distract from the recent Gaza slaughter

          #4 The attack was an orchestrated trick with US/Israel hoping that Russia/Syria would assume the raid was perpetrated by the US and as such might act impulsively and attack the US forces [probably the ship Donald Cook ] to get a full-scale war started, and then to go after Assad.

          The plot thickens

  32. serge

    The problem i see with bringing jobs back to America from China is the wage adjustement.
    They went to china for the low wage advantage so i can see anything that is manufactured in America will cost a lot more .

    • Tinfoil hat Canuck

      … which will be a problem for consumers high on the joy of buying lots of China made shite for just a little US$ …. and being tapped out in personal debt, there could be some unhappy consumers!

    • Keith Miller

      I think we need to pray as King David did. Father please give President Trump advisors that are wise and truthful. Please give your enemies foolish advisors and lead your enemies to follow the foolish advice. Please do what is necessary for President Trump to stay in your Word and in prayer, seeking to discern what is true. Please send him true prophets and remove all false prophets and foolish advisors from his presence.

    • Silence is Golden

      Is it wise to contend that America should move back to a Manufacturing based Economy rather than the Consumer based one ? All the advantages of the Strong (Reserve) Dollar would disappear.

      • Greg Hunter

        You don’t stay wealthy exporting debt. We got to make things and export things the world needs. The debt reset is going to be tremendous.

        • Silence is Golden

          You dont get wealthy by living beyond ones means = Debt.
          Such a dilemma is best understood through the Triffen Paradox.
          Its essentially about the US providing the world with enough liquidity (Dollars)…to allow the US to become a NET Importer. If this didnt occur the world economy would fall into a hole.
          Deficits and continuous dollar supply implies ultimately a loss of confidence in the Dollar.
          This is the fork in the road that cannot be avoided.
          Either the International Monetary system fails or gets an overhaul……The IMF with its SDR …OR…China with its Petro-Yuan.
          Either way….Americans are going to experience a substantial correction to their standard of living.
          Tarrifs and sanctions are the last gasp attempts to save the USD and its hegemony over the globe.
          Look at who is in the firing line….China+Russia+Iran.
          America will not go down without a fight.

          • Silence is Golden

            David Stockman chimes in with this …
            “The US has essentially borrowed the entirety of its current GDP from the rest of the world in order to temporarily live high on the hog”.

          • Greg Hunter

            Don’t underestimate America. There is a good reason Dark powers want to take it over. Their plan failed.

    • Frederick

      Serge That’s where the devaluation of the dollar comes into play IMO

    • Russ McMeans

      Serge; we have 2 vacuum cleaners in our extended families that are over 2o years old. Made in America. The new crap coming out of China is mostly garbage. Example: the $3,500 dollar refrigerator that has a 7 year life span. Ask any appliance repairman. We need to get back to building excellent long life quality stuff, like the old days, right here in our beautiful America.

      • Jodyp

        Russ, reminds me of all the times I’ve been asked by salesmen if I wanted to buy the extended warranty on appliances,electronics, and such. “This piece of crap won’t make it past a year?”. Makes em stammer and stutter every time.

      • Silence is Golden

        By design!!! We (the majority) live in a disposable world.

    • Arthur Barnes

      Serge, the problem I see is that Americans sold us out buying all the Walmart Chinese junk as well as our so-called patriot corporations. Buy American and see what happens! Pay more for our goods and save and create a job. If you search long enough you can usually find the American product you need. If not, then try to find it make in a country who has a better trade policy than China’s trade dumping policies. Watching that big bully China squirm lately is making my heart warm!

    • William Stanley

      serge: Yes, but the counter argument is that the trade deficit is not only unsustainable, it is bleeding American workers dry. Short run gains for some elites and non-manufacturing workers, versus long-run pain for nearly everyone, with deleterious income-distribution, social-cohesion and national sovereignty side-effects thrown in for good effect.

  33. Flattop

    GREG: Great interview.
    Question, whats going on with Dane Wigington at Geo Engineering and his law suit??

  34. EasyEnergy

    I’ve listened to many a Gerald Celente interviews but this one is by far his best. Please share. The junk media needs to go away.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree “EE”!!!

  35. coalburner

    A good chance right or wrong Assad is now a dead man. Mohammad may be on the target. Trump may do what Obama was afraid to do years and a million lives ago. Yes, it was probably wrong from the evil beginning but I don’t think Trump was able to get this one solved. Too many people working against him from the Beltway and CIA and Iran. Time to blow the hell out of Syria and tell Russia, sorry find a new answer that doesn’t include Assad or Iran. That is what is coming. US and Russia will split up the remains. No, not what Obama and Soros and Hillary wanted but that will be Trumps way to not let the evil ones win and not let us lose. Just think how many the CIA, Hillary, Obama and Soros killed from Libya to the Ukraine! That does not count western Europe bonus for Soros destabilizing of 100 million people, still to shake out the death and destruction.

  36. TruthNoT! Falsie Flags and other Injustices

    Remember when men were men and woman were Helen Mirren?

  37. Mark

    Greg, I have been watching you for a few years now, I love many different points of views based on facts and common sense . I like Gerald and I way his advice highly, but I see were his system is based on trends, and trends move like a tanker not a speed boat, so he reacts in long term, (REACTS). I Think Trump is playing a long game, He is waiting to bring out the horrific sabotage of the Democratic and Rhino Republicans, FBI, DOJ, CIA, Hilary, Obama and treason. The attempted COUP on a duly elected President. I believe trump has been working with military to show the light on all the PEDO and crimes of the Deep state / kubal. Military has all the info, pictures and evidence, so the trends will not apply to this time in history. When normal people see the sickness for there own eyes the trend will mean absolutely nothing. We will see very soon, the next few months if I am right or Gerald is Right. TRUMP IS PLAYING 3D CHESS AND BY THE TIME THEY FIGURE THIS OUT THERE EGOS WILL NOT LET THEM STEP BACK AND MAKE A LOGICAL OR strategical reassessment. Game over!!!

    • Paul ...

      Here is a random thought … if in this game of chess … Assad (or US neocons) killed all those women and children in Syria to keep US troops “tied up” (instead of bringing them home to protect our Southern Border) … then perhaps our enemies (or traitors within) have “some evil plan” to bring weapons of mass destruction across our Southern Border … and they don’t want to contend with US Troops … who may hold them out and foil their evil plans … so perhaps “Trump should move a different chess piece” and reinforce our National Guard with troops withdrawn from Afghanistan (we have been there 17 years … that’s long enough) … simply make a deal with Iran allowing them to build an oil and gas pipeline through Afghanistan to China in exchange for allowing Qatar a pipeline through Syria to Europe!!

      • Paul ...

        Keep this important fact in mind … “someone” doesn’t want Trump to bring back Syrian troops to guard our Southern Border … I think the probability of who this “someone is”… highly favors all the Demon-rat “traitors within” … who are out to destroy our Constitutional rights (to freedom of expression … or to own a gun … or to have any privacy … etc., etc.) … Obama was bringing more then “illegal voters” across our border … he was bringing “weapons” … what type of weapons are these Demon-rats planning to bring into our Country now? … suitcase nukes????

        • Paul ...

          Suitcase nukes could be set off in American cities … by the evil neocon Demon-rats … and used as a “false flag” to blame on Russia, China, Iran, etc., etc. … in order to get WWII started … and thus cover-up the theft of our National Treasure … by immoral murdering swine who’s love for fiat money surpasses even Satan himself!!

  38. Jerry

    The Chinese are getting ready to take the trade war (which is actually a currency war) to the next level.

    Americans need to really revisit how the petrodollar works. Oil and currency are joined at the hip in the fiat system.

  39. Keith Miller

    One more thing. Clemente said he sees the Dems winning the House because they are running ex military, CIA and FBI types. We are assuming those people are all spineless political puppets that will bow to Nancy Pelosi. I’ll be a lot of them are Americans first and democrats second. It would not surprise me if they do get elected, even without taking the majority in the House, but vote Pelosi and the anti-Christ and anti-American traitors out of leadership. This plan of their may boomerang and backfire.

    • Frederick

      Celente NOT Clemente

  40. Jerry

    Talk about art imitating reality?

    This is either a tale told by an idiot, or a swan song being sung by a dying industry. In any event it speaks volumes of the twilight zone we find ourselves in. You decide.

  41. Keith Miller

    The Blue wave may turn out to be more Red and White than Blue.

  42. Marcus

    Starting to doubt Trump again.
    Saying one thing doing another back flip hear and a dopey deal their, media saying one thing the anti media say another …and in real time the kitchen is on fire.

    • Greg Hunter

      What you hear in the propaganda press is a fraction of what is really going on. “Fear Not” your president works for $1 per year.

      • Arthur Barnes

        Trump! Finally a President that puts American interest first. What a concept!

    • Jodyp

      Had my doubts too Marcus, but I’m starting to see this President is similar to Tom Brady and the Patriots. They may not be perfect, but don’t bet against ’em!

  43. H. Craig Bradley


    All the current explanations and theories about money and interest and inflation are obsolete, according to Martin Armstrong. Instead, he maintains (correctly) we are in a CREDIT (Debt) Based Monetary System and Economy. So, confidence in the future is the one variable that affects everything. So, If its the wrong time of the month, you are SOL.

  44. beLIEve

    Overnight AIRSTRIKE on Syria…Sunday night into Monday morning.
    * * *
    Israel Launched Deadly Airstrike Against Syrian Airbase: Russia
    by Tyler Durden…Mon, 04/09/2018 – 07:25

    Despite President Trump adopting his harshest rhetoric yet to condemn Russia and the government of Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad for an alleged chemical attack in rebel-held eastern Ghouta, a missile strike carried out overnight on a Syrian airfield was not the US’s doing.

    Instead, RUSSIA and SYRIA…HAVE ACCUSED I$RAEL of CARRYING OUT THE $TRIKE on Syria’s T-4 AIRFIELD… situated about halfway between Homs (Syria’s third-largest city) and Palmyra (famously the site of ancient ruins).

  45. Robert Lykens

    Admittedly, a leftist muslim is an odd fellow, but that’s not really the point here.
    London’s mayor, Sadiq Kahn, is cracking down on knife possession and the UK itself is moving in the same direction. As if outlawing private ownership of guns wasn’t oppressive enough.
    Christian Conservatism is the path to freedom in this old world. Leftists and muslims are all about oppression and totalitarianism.

  46. zteve.0

    would be a fascinating experiment to see what the politicians vote for and what the constituents vote for – bet we wouldn’t be in endless wars policing the oil-fields and poppy-fields half a world away sending cargo planes full of cash?.?.? Lets hear more about West Virginia and Switzerland

    • Tim McGraw

      If voting mattered, we wouldn’t be allowed to do it.

  47. Tim McGraw

    Retired Russian General Evgeny Buzhinski recently said in an interview that we are headed towards “A real war. The last war of humankind.”
    I enjoyed your interview with GC, but I was reminded of the Bishops of Constantinople arguing about how many angels can fit on the head of a pin right before Constantinople fell and the Byzantine Empire was destroyed.

  48. DerStan

    The ultimate safe haven asset is several months of food storage in your home… Gold is good but you would trade all you have for a couple of cans of food if your kids are starving to death….

  49. Tracy Welborn

    Fantastic Greg. I have a feeling that we are going to win this thing. Just a gut feeling. If we can get the deep state out of our lives forever there is no telling what we can do as a country. We can rebuild. We’ve got a lot of good young people that are ready for this type of opportunity. I know. I work with them at church – they are not ALL snowflakes.

    • Greg Hunter

      Me too and “Fear Not”!!!

  50. Russ

    Thanks Greg, good to hear from Gerald Celente again.

    Peter Boockvar‘s latest article at KWN seems to agree with GC, “ … As the price of gold surges above $1,400, that is when the real fireworks will begin. …”

    GC has been consistent on that $1400 price for a while now. It seems other analysts agree.

  51. Doug W.

    I could listen to Gerald Celente all day. NOW FOR THE” FAKE NEWS”. Assaad did not do the chemical attack. that damn Trump can stay out of Syria and leave Russia only. What, the U.S. is hoping for some peaceful muslim to take over Syria, good luck on that. Taking a line from Celente, how’s Iraq doing ? how’s Iran doing ? with all dees freakin peaceful muslim. TRUMP !!! get the hell out of Syria, you don’t have any rights to be freakin with Russia. I say this until my dyeing days.

  52. Flattop

    GREG: Celente says he feels the democrats are going to win the house. Seems i have heard that story before(Hillarys run for president.) It will be what GOD the Father decides. Just read Psalm 24 verse 1

  53. Bud Smith

    Dear President Trump: Please Read This Before Bombing Syria
    by George Washington Mon, 04/09/2018

  54. Bud Smith

    WOW! Very interesting, but very stupid.
    (18) A U.S. Congressional committee admitted that – as part of its “Cointelpro” campaign – the FBI had used many provocateurs in the 1950s through 1970s to carry out violent acts and falsely blame them on political activists.

  55. Jerry

    Robbing Peter to Pay Paul.

    And the whole time I thought bankers were smarter than us. LOL.
    I’ve seen better strategies playing monopoly.

  56. Bob Tomlinson

    The Rush Limbaugh Show
    Bodansky: What If Bashar [Assad] Didn’t Do It?
    Sep 3, 2013
    To cut to the chase go 12 paragraphes, 12 seperations down.

  57. Muddy Waters

    The Real Financial Crisis is About to Hit – Peter Schiff
    The Sky Is Faltering

  58. Gina M Mancarella

    This weekend, George Stephanopoulos interviews Comey who will lay out the details concerning this arch criminal occupying the white house. Somehow, this animal needs to be taught that NOONE is above the law ! NOONE ! His deeds will soon find him out and we will witness the man with the orange hair in an orange jumpsuit at GITMO ! High Crimes and Misdemeanors folks !

    High Crimes and Misdemeanors !

    • Greg Hunter

      Wake up. Comey is going to jail.

    • Justn Observer


    • Frederick

      Gina I’m still waiting to see the criminal Clintons perp walked That would make my day

  59. Gina M Mancarella

    It is important for Criminal Conservatives to understand that you all will be hunted down and imprisoned. We will open the borders. We will take all of your guns. We will preserve the right to practice the sexuality of our choice between consenting persons. We will preserve welfare for our needy citizens. We will have healthcare for all. We will preserve a woman’s right to choose. We will put those who abuse women in prison. Dirty old white men will pay the price for their transgressions.

    Finally …… We will take control of the Congress in 2018 and finally take the white house that was rightfully ours in 2016 in 2020 !

    • Greg Hunter

      I am only posting this because this to show what the “tolerant” Left/Marxist Democrats really think. Not going to happen by the way.

    • Jodyp

      You are the queen of comedy. If you throw hard working people in camps, who’s gonna pay for you’re healthcare and welfare? Too funny!!! You are the best!!!

    • Paul ...

      You need to preserve a woman’s right to choose Gina so as to abort black babies … because black babies grow up to have “independent minds” like Diamond and Silk … and without the black vote you Demon-rats need to open the borders (to let in non-thinking aliens interested only in stealing our wealth) … you and the Pope would make a good couple (practicing sexuality of your choice) … as you want to preserve welfare for the needy … do you think it was a bit cruel of the Pope to take away Satan’s home? … now where is he going to live? … California? … well perhaps he can get a in that Hollywood TV series about Satan … or perhaps even dream of becoming President in 2020? … even though he was not born America it didn’t stop Obama … however Hillary may object to Satan running for President in 2020 … because even though Satan may be gay, a transvestite, practice baby sacrifice, blood rituals, etc., etc. … he is “not a women”!!

      • Paul ...

        Gina … don’t get so happy … your neocon buddies only have Trump surrounded (he is not in prison yet) … and although they are now moving in troops in the ME to start WWIII … Trump may still wiggle out of their trap “by the grace of God” … if we don’t get to see America Great Again and Satan installs himself as President in 2020 … Russia is ready … and has “a very big bomb ready for the Great Satan” with his name printed boldly on it in red!!

    • Sayonara

      You are an evil, wicked and mentally disordered human being. Your exuding hatred and intolerance is only equaled by German Nazis. Your ilk is responsible for the death of 100 million human beings over the last 120 years. I now live in fear for my life in the gravest extreme because your ilk’s intolerant and violent attitude towards those who have a different opinion.
      I suppose when you conquer congress and the white house that you will advocate the construction of ovens to exterminate those who oppose your evil and sick ideology or will you prefer to brutally torture us in a gulag until our death?

    • John

      And how will WE pay for all this? I mean really – grow up! You know it used to be that true liberals were enlightened individuals who explored different viewpoints but still were anchored in some semblance of reality. Liberalism has gone so far left of center that it almost looks like fascism – that is why your side lost the last election – it was not the Russians but a lack of understanding middle America and the values of cooperation that made this country united and therefore great. You seemingly tout a polarized America where there is only room for those who think like yourself – an ends justify the means mentality rather trying to build a consensus among different groups to advance the common good – you know – true diversity that will make this country better and not some pseudo-intellectual dogma being bantered around in a local university coffee shop.

    • Tad

      Those with Trump Derangement Syndrome will be sent to a funny farm by November, 2018.

    • Justn Observer


  60. Gina M Mancarella

    No more Russian Collusion. No more stolen elections ! Its time to throw Trump in JAIL !

    • Greg Hunter

      This is going to go the same way as your prediction of Hillary winning in 2016.

  61. Tad

    It seems something has been lost these last days in the Russia-US relationship that make the upcoming US-North Korea-South Korea discussions on denuclearization (or perhaps, peace).

    It could be the latter has a better chance of success because the Korean Peninsula is far from Israel’s control, or interest for that matter.

    Because Netanyahu is a Jew, he figures he and Israel is much closer to God than others. Seeing as though Russia is pointing a literal or proverbial gun barrel toward the “Holy State,” reality is becoming much clearer to me now.

  62. Tad

    We need a president to run on the issue of ending the anchor baby policy! (That’s all it is: a govt policy, not a law or S. Ct ruling.)

    Ann Coulter added,

    Was seen in an Ann Coulter tweet today. Always wondered about this policy or law. If not Supreme Court ruling, Mr Trump could probably overturn with executive order, and no legal nitwit from Hawaii or California could put a stay on it.

    Then again, I’m no lawyer.

  63. Mike G

    What the world needs is a good anal purging , meaning getting rid of the entire human race and that begins at the top , the oligarchs and the politicians, maybe a rapid flu, you know the whole 12 monkeys scenario.

    When it comes down to planet incineration vs just getting rid of the devil, how can you not choose?

    • Greg Hunter

      Mike G,
      I am sure you are going to volunteer to be one of the first to go–right??

      • Mike G

        At my age, ending my life really doesn’t matter, but preserving God’s world does.

        • Greg Hunter

          Mike G,

  64. Tad

    Kings Bay, Georgia

    Guided missile

    USS Florida (SSGN-728)
    USS Georgia (SSGN-729)

    Ballistic missile

    USS Alaska (SSBN-732)
    USS Tennessee (SSBN-734)
    USS West Virginia (SSBN-736)
    USS Maryland (SSBN-738)
    USS Rhode Island (SSBN-740)
    USS Wyoming (SSBN-742)

    Perhaps this is informed speculation, but I think the closing of Russia’s Seattle consulate probably had more to do with their surveillance of the Kitsap Naval Base, and how many boomers were in port, and less so than in stealing technology.

    In the current crisis, no submarines docked at either Bangor, Washington or Kings Bay, Georgia probably goes without the desire to describe in horrific, detailed possibilities. It wouldn’t necessarily mean the homeland isn’t being defended. It means they’ve gone off the coast into deeper water to launch.

    An answer of extreme importance to Russian President Vladimir Putin and one to inquire of CNO John Richardson by President Trump.

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