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Weekly News Wrap-Up 6.14.13

NSA Whistle Blower Edward Snowden, Americans Under Surveillance and MoreBy Greg Hunter’s 

This week in the Wrap-Up, we’re going to play “connect the dots” to see what kind of picture is developing in America.  Let’s start with NSA whistle blower Edward Snowden.  He has released information that shows a gigantic government surveillance program that is spying on millions of Americans.  It’s not only in the U.S., but this surveillance program is reaching into Asia and Europe according to reports.  Many say he’s a hero, some say he’s a traitor.  (more…)

We’re a Long Way from the 1970’s

Is the Gold Rush Really Over? We’re a Long Way from the 1970’s!By Greg Hunter’s   (Updated)

Lots of people are comparing today’s gold market to the 1970’s.  Gold shot up to nearly $200 per ounce and crashed 9 months later to near $100 an ounce.  Of course, gold had an historic rise to $850 per ounce after that wicked pull-back.  Some, such as economist Nouriel Roubini, say “the gold rush is over,” and the seventies are not going to repeat.  (more…)

Fed Hell-Bent On Hyper-Inflating Stock Market-Gregory Mannarino

Greg MannarinoGreg Hunter’s 

Analyst-trader Gregory Mannarino says, “The Fed is the sole driver for the market at this time.  They’ve caused an absolute and disconnect in the economy and the market.  When that happens, you know you have a bubble. . . . The Federal Reserve is hell-bent on hyper-inflating the stock market at the expense of the U.S. dollar.”  (more…)

Weekly News Wrap-Up 6.7.13

U.S. Marines are Headed to the Jordan/Syrian Border & MoreBy Greg Hunter’s 

1,000 U.S. Marines are headed to the Jordan/Syrian border.  You might remember pieces of the 1st Armored Division are already there.  Military exercises are common between the U.S. and Jordan, but this is not part of a military exercise.  The Pentagon is worried about the fighting in the Syrian civil war spilling into Jordan and wants to protect the Kingdom. 


A Political Problem-Not an Economic Problem-Catherine Austin Fitts

U.S. Back to a Gold Standard - Catherine Austin FittsBy Greg Hunter’s 

Investment banker Catherine Austin Fitts sums up the historic global financial problems by saying, “We have a group of people who have the power to act with impunity.  They are above the law.  They are centralizing and consolidating economic and political power.  We have a political problem.  We don’t have an economic problem.”  (more…)

Gold Tracks Irresponsibility of Central Banks-John Browne

Economist John Browne: QE and Gold UpdateGreg Hunter’s 

Former advisor to UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and economist John Browne says, “I think it is very near a bottom for gold before it will resume its cyclical upturn, and it will track the irresponsibility of the central banks printing cash from nowhere.”  (more…)

Weekly News Wrap-Up 5.31.13

Middle East Inching Towards War: Syria - Russian Missiles, Senator John McCain Met with Syrian Rebels & MoreBy Greg Hunter’s 

The Middle East is inching towards war.  In Syria, the Assad regime wants high-tech Russian missiles to thwart new efforts for a no-fly zone that the Obama Administration may be calling for.  Israel says if the Russians deliver them, they will attack and knock them out.  The missiles would make a no-fly zone very difficult.  Assad says he has the S-300 missiles, but the U.S. says not yet.  (more…)

Collapse Isn’t Coming-We’ve Already Begun-David Quintieri

David Quintieri, “The Money GPS" - Economic Collapse Isn’t Coming - We’ve Already BegunBy Greg Hunter’s 

David Quintieri, author of “The Money GPS,” is so worried about the unfolding economic calamity he wrote a book about how to survive it.  Quintieri says, “There is no other way out but a collapse . . . the collapse isn’t coming, we’ve already begun.”  (more…)

Demand for Physical Metal Extraordinary-James Turk

By Greg Hunter’s James Turk #2

Gold expert James Turk is not worried about the recent sell-off in precious metals. He says, “At this level, we’ve probably gone as low as we possibly can.  The paper traders and the derivative traders have pushed it about as far as they can, but the demand for physical metal is extraordinary down here at these levels.”  (more…)

Weekly News Wrap-Up 5.24.13

4By Greg Hunter’s 

The IRS scandal of targeting conservative groups is messy, and the Obama Administration is going to look like it was drug through a hog lot before it’s through.  Lois Lerner, who was in charge of overseeing tax exempt groups, was put on administrative leave (with pay) after she pled the 5th.  (more…)

IRS-Incredible Abuses of Democracy-Professor William Black

Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.comblack 

Professor William Black is an expert in white collar crime.  When it comes to the IRS scandal, Dr. Black says, “This is everybody’s fear.  This is a real fear and not made up.  You can produce incredible abuses of democracy if you use the IRS as a weapon.”  (more…)

Bank Run Happening in Bullion-Jim Willie

goldenjackassBy Greg Hunter’s 

Jim Willie, Editor of The Hat Trick Letter, says the recent gold price take-down has caused, “A bank run in gold bullion banks.  It’s a vault run. . . . Wealthy investors are asking for their gold, and some are finding out it’s not there.”  (more…)

Weekly News Wrap-Up 5/17/13

IRS Targets Conservative Groups, Dept of Justice Seizes Phone Records of the Associated Press and MoreBy Greg Hunter’s 

This Week’s Wrap-Up series of stories I call “Scandal-topia.”  Benghazi, IRS targeting conservative groups, Department of Justice seizing phone records of the Associated Press (AP) and yet another sex abuse scandal in the U.S. military.  While all of these stories are important, they are taking our eyes off other stories of great importance.   Let’s run down the list: 


Jon Stewart’s View of the IRS Scandal

4By Greg Hunter’s

Jon Stewart may lean left, but even he cannot pass up good material.  The recent IRS scandal involving the targeting of hundreds of conservative groups provided him with just that material.  (more…)

Rising Stock Market False Positive-Yra Harris

Yra Harris: Rising Interest Rates, Capital Controls and MoreBy Greg Hunter’s 

Renowned commodity trader Yra Harris says forget about talk of the Federal Reserve “tapering” money printing.  The real problem is the $3 trillion of junk the Fed has already bought.  Harris says, “So you are going to allow $3 trillion in cash the Fed created to sit out there in the economy?  That would be phenomenally inflationary.”  (more…)