America is Detroit-Robert Kiyosaki

Rich Dad Poor Dad Author Robert Kiyosaki: I Do Trust GoldBy Greg Hunter’s 

“Rich Dad/Poor Dad” author Robert Kiyosaki says, “I am terrified for my fellow human beings.  Detroit just declared bankruptcy, and most Americans have no idea what that means.  The idea that Detroit went bankrupt is the canary in the mine. . . . It means the end of the industrial age.”  Kiyosaki, who wrote the best-selling financial self-help book of all-time, goes on to say, “America is Detroit. . . . Our leaders are functionally incompetent because they are still operating with industrial age ideas.”  Kiyosaki points out, The rich are getting richer than ever before, but the middle class is shrinking . . . . Both Obama and Romney promised to save them, and when politicians promise to save your butt, you know your butt is gone.”    Kiyosaki goes on to say, “If you trust Obama or the Republicans or the Democrats, then you don’t need to buy gold, but I don’t trust them.  I don’t trust Bernanke.  I don’t trust the financial system, but I do trust gold.  So, it’s not in God I trust, it’s in gold I trust.” Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Robert Kiyosaki of

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  1. Garitt

    >>>So, it’s not in God I trust = ERROR

    • Steve

      Nailed it!

    • Ambrose


      Old America: In God We Trust.

      New America: In GoLd We Trust.


      • Garitt


        Are you New Amerika or Old America? If new, good luck with that!

      • droidX-G

        I trust in GOD and I believe gold more so than US dollars (debt instruments)

  2. Liquid Motion

    OMG Greg !!!
    I have never Laughed so much….this time I almost cried.
    U trying to get a str8 answer from Robert was excruciatingly funny. Don’t take it as an insult …..Robert was evasive intentionally.
    I’ve read most of his books (well over a decade ago).
    Each one of those books has its own “lesson”.
    The BIG theme to take away from Robert (this interview and his many books) IS TO EDUCATE YOURSELF. In his vernacular…”Education is Financial Literacy”.
    That is what is missing in this “new information age” world.
    He is absolutely correct in saying that the educational system is stuck in the industrial age (as are our central planners). In actuality it is the Industrialists that invented the system of schooling as we know it today. You see the industrialists/elitists/entrepreneurs needed workers…labourers (skilled/unskilled)who were taught how to read/ write and add. Workers were important not only for viability/sustainability but also growth. After all the world cannot survive or function with every man/woman/child being an Entrepreneur. NO we cant have that!!! There is a social order which needs to be maintained. That schooling system protected the interests of the Industrialists whilst achieving economic stability and growth. The Dirty Little Secret that school entrenched in the minds of children (who then became adults) that it was acceptable social behaviour to get a good education to get a good job (as Robert said).
    That is the problem with America and the Western World. Children and to a large extent Adults, really are UNEDUCATED. That is why there is not a Civil Uprising across the Globe in light of MF Global, Lehman, Cyprus, Derivatives, Gold and Silver, Moody’s and Warren Buffett, Detroit, the FED, the TBTF Banks and MONEY PRINTING to name a few. A greater percentage of the Population simply do not have a clue.

    Robert was in fact one of my teachers. I thank him for a great deal of knowledge that I have acquired and to some extent for being the catalyst for my wealth creation. I recall early on he said in Rich Dad Poor Dad…that “every waking day…look for opportunities. They are everywhere”. You must educate yourself because school is really imprisonment for life. You are forced to act and think for the benefit of our central planners and the Old Industrialists. When you cannot think outside the spectrum of what they only want you to know, then you are a slave for life. A life of misery is about to be bestowed upon millions world wide, because of that very same ideology.

    Suggestion: Next time you have Robert on …focus on the philosophical aspects of how and where to educate yourself. That is his Forte (not giving tips on the next big theme). Life is a journey and if we all understand that learning does not start/stop at college/university, the world would be a better place. The system needs change so that people can change.

    • Greg

      Thank you Liquid Motion for your perspective and feedback!

    • bghyt

      NO – the people first need to change – ONLY THEN THE SYSTEM WILL CHANGE

  3. bob

    if i have this right this was a very difficult interview for you.he was interesting but hard to get on his level. i did understand the gold and silver thing. i deleted about 10 lines of what i would like to say but feel i should keep my comments short.

    • Greg

      Let em rip Bob. I have some very long comments on the site and 10 lines seems like it’s not too much. Just keep it clean as I know you will.

  4. Thadman

    That was Roberts main theme and it didn’t make any difference on the Titanic, until they saw the cold, icy waters of the Atlantic, in there staterooms. The Industrial Age is dead, another theme of his. Tell that to the worlds factory room floor, Red China and Ag. is fer hicks? I guess what Robert is telling us, if we aren’t in IT, were loser’s and we better get in on the Wall $treet, (Comod)ities casino. In other words were all Detroit and what does the smart guy in Detroit do, he finds a Blind Pig, buys and sells pork belly’s and laughs all the way to the bank, as long as he doesn’t get shot first! Thats my advice Robert, you might take all the dough in the end, but please leave some fer the fishes so they don’t shoot you in your asset’s in the end and hook up with hairless Krishna Sanjay Ka$h HariKari, another speculator. Two asset’s are better than one. But my best advice to you two is turn your paper in and take delivery, because after they shoot all the speculators the only system left will be the barter system. J

    • Trotski

      Robert kiyosaki and hairless krishna, Sanjay Ka$h HariKari, should join a (barter shop quartet). They could join in and sing, Great Day, like Der Bingel! Hear Great Day, with Bing Crosby, on youtube. As far as hearing those two sing, i’m sure they’ll wake the dead one great day!

  5. J.C. Davis

    Wow ! What a different perspective.
    Greg my trouble with picking teachers is most teachers teach what they want you and I to know. In the end it will benefit them. The old saying is everyone wants the best for themselves.
    Robert kiyosaki is clearly a smart man. Information is power. He did not give out much information. Thanks for the interview.

  6. jerry

    WOW…Greg….WOW! Robert Kiyosaki is the all time “Economic Guru” of our time. His advice has made me a lot of “MONEY” over the years. He knows what he is talking about. Non-the-less how do we get out of a 125 Trillion dollar debt bubble without a collapse? That’s what you were asking him.. right Greg? Even he couldn’t answer that, as much as you kept pushing the question. As far as the timing of the collapse? Its like asking, when will you die? You will die eventually of old age, but if you die in a car wreck today, the timing is irrelevant. 2016 may be a good date according to Robert, but if you have something (say like a war in the middle east) to prick that bubble, it will collapse much sooner than you think. I do agree with Robert, that Detroit is the economic canary in the coal mine. Its just a matter of timing. Thanks Greg for the great interview. Just about the time I think you can’t get any better, you bring out another rock star.

    • Greg

      You are very kind Jerry and it’s good to know Mr. Kiyosaki helped you.


      • Pete

        Greg – I’m a huge fan of what you do and how you inform by actually practicing journalism through your website and interviews (as opposed to what often purports to be journalism nowadays throughout much of the remaining “traditional” media).

        I seldom -if ever- take the time to comment, but this interview has certainly ruffled feather and elicited some rather strong feelings amoung those who have responded and I feel the need to add my thoughts to this dialogue.

        I am firmly in the camp of the minority sentiment here.

        It appeared to me that Mr. Kiyosaki was making an effort to answer, but there is effectively no way to answer any questions directly and certainly not with any accuracy in a static sense. He is looking at the world as a dynamic system that is constantly changing and advocates a mindset to process information as it presents and is urging being ready and poised to adapt to a changing world as it changes… constantly. Being ready to act when opportunity presents and, more importantly, being able to recognize what is actually an opportunity.

        His reference to a “teacher” is likely less about the individual and more about the mindset. In his OPINION, Mr. Rojers world view is more relevant to how things work in today’s reality than Mr. Buffet’s. Whether this is true or not is for us to decide. If you study either of these two – or the many others who are active, do interviews and publish – and begin to understand how they process information and act on it, it should become apparent which mindset is more in tune with how things work and under what circumstances.

        This information filter which we all adopt in some form – whether we realize it or not – is critical to how we process information and what we ultimately do with it. Knowledge applied either demonstrates its accuracy and viability through positive results or demonstrates its inability or incompleteness through failure to achieve a desired result. A individual’s mindset in a dynamic system can be self correcting as long as one is open to changing ones belief system about how things work through evidence of success or failure in outcome. He is advocating modeling your mindset to reality and to break out of an unproductive behaviour pattern by modeling on someone who has demonstrated success. It’s definitely macro, but everything filters through it to the micro. Think martial arts or golf where ultimate power isn’t necessary or even desirable to the prime goal.

        I have noticed that most people seem to think they want a sure bet. In a closed, static system, perhaps it’s possible, but we live in a dynamic system and looking for specific things to do is more or less a suckers bet when the rules keep changing. And they will. You don’t think the folks running the table aren’t paying attention and acting with purpose at some level? We all know the house always wins, right? That’s not an accident, right?

        In reference to his comment about “in Gold we Trust” I would prefer to assume it is in reference to the emblem on all our fiat coinage; which do you think most would trust more given the choice?

        I think hammering him on the micro may have been a bit frustrating for him since he was very deliberate about the macro mindset as the key issue and that may simply have come across to some as aloof. That, and being a “success” comes with baggage for many.

        Is he a perfect individual? Yeah, probably not, I’m really only sure about one. Can we learn something that will help us survive and prosper. Maybe, if we can keep adapting and changing with the dynamic system we live in.

        Please keep up the good work you do, the world needs you – those of us struggling every day to just keep going need you. If we can’t field and ponder all of these many important perspectives and issues, agreeable or not, we will surely suffer for it from a self-inflicted tunnel vision.

  7. Chuck

    Wow, if you could bottle arrogance and sell it this guy would make the Rothchilds look like pan handlers!!

    • MargfromTassie

      Chuck, I agree with you absolutely.

  8. Anne Elliott

    Well, Greg, you tried to get it out of him, but all I got is that he doesn’t trust in God, America is Detriot, the stock market will crash around 2016, and get rich by listening to the “right teacher”. He says that he cares about the common man, but he obviously doesn’t care if he gets rich off of the backs of those who have been working hard under the “wrong teacher”, since “getting rich” is a goal of his. I hope when the collapse does come, he’ll be kind to those he made money off of, but I have the feeling he’ll just be telling them that they should have listened to a better teacher.
    What he doesn’t address is that due to the population explosion, everyone cannot make a living in the “information age”; that seems like it would be a pretty limited educational category. And even if I have an information job, I’ll need a home and a car, so there will have to be those who build the home and the car… And if my home or car breaks down, I’m going to need someone to fix it…

    • Greg

      Anne Elliott,
      I think Mr. Kiyosaki was just making a play on words. I agree America is going to be Detroit, but I think the stock market will crash long before 2016. Thank you for weighing in.

  9. Mitch Bupp

    The end of the AMERICAN Industrial age …… Will there be a rebirth of industrial manufacturing to support the information age happen here in America ….. probably we will just muddle along in an economic daze …. until we fall …..

    Great words Robert, “If your an idiot… find a good teacher” LMAO great words of wisdom …..

    Thank you Greg and Robert

    • Greg

      Thank you Mitch for the comment.

  10. Doug C

    Greg. Maybe I need to read this guys book because unfortunately I didn’t get anything out of this interview. If you are not sure what to look for in a “Teacher”, your screwed. Good job of trying to nail him down to some real advise, unfortunately he wouldn’t bite. I am sure your next interviewee will be more informative. Take care

    • Greg

      Thank you Doug and Art!

    • MargfromTassie

      Yes, despite your efforts Greg, I didn’t get much out of this interview and I wouldn’t watch another with him. I find the man disturbing. Anyone who talks in the way he does – about how much tax free money he made last year and how he’s going to get richer in the future, is light years away from the common man. We all want to be secure financially ( as I feel I am) and our main concern at the moment is just to preserve our wealth. I feel this man gets up every day just looking for ways to increase his wealth. That’s greed of the same kind that brought the system to the brink of collapse. As he more or less said himself, money is his god.

  11. art barnes

    Greg, highly entertaining & informative. The end of the industrial age is a truism, just look around. Trying to save a dead horse is unproductive. I think what your guess was saying was that the new age is among us whether we are ready for it or not. Our politicians are trying to save an age that is obsolete. Trying to save it is unproductive, unsustainable, narrow minded & futile. Thank you for having him on.

  12. Frank

    In college one of my majors was economics. So, that basically means that I have a better understanding of what occurs in the economy and with the money supply than most. I also was a business owner and a software developer. So, I do understand business and being an entrepreneur. What this guy is telling people is NOT true. He is simplifying it to a degree that spins a totally false concept. Everyone can NOT be entrepreneurs! You need employees to build a business and a vibrant economy. Quality employees have a very important intrinsic value. The only way you build an economy is to “dig” something out of the ground and build something. Manufacturing builds an economy, NOT information jobs! I’m not taking away his successes in HIS business. I’m only stating that his concepts will NOT create a prosperous economy.

    • Greg

      Thank you for adding this counter-point perspective.

  13. Rodster

    He said: “America is Detroit. . . . Our leaders are functionally incompetent because they are still operating with industrial age ideas.”

    I have to disagree, these guys are NOT incompetent. They know exactly what they are doing. They are collapsing the economic system on purpose. So to say they are incompetent I say he’s wrong. If you want to insert “corrupt or criminals” then go ahead I agree.

    When nations start dumping gold to drive the gold price lower so as to prop up the ponzi scheme known as the USD, that’s not incompetent. They know the end game, in order to keep printing digitized money they need to attract more buyers of USD and not Gold.

  14. Ray L. Raney

    It is not so much ” Industrial Age ” is over , but the I. A. has been off shored to China and India !

  15. George Baron

    This interviewed started very well and the guest made some interesting observations about the end of the industrial age.
    He then began to show his real colours. He showed he was really just a “show-man”. He never really answered a question properly.
    The point where he totally lost my interest was when you asked him what he thought the “little-man” should do and he completely refused to answer your question.
    He just went over the same mantra about having a good teacher and how rich he was and how much richer he would be.
    It was obviously a plug for his book which I now shall not be buying.
    You tried your best Greg but he was as slippery as any politician.

    • Greg

      Thank you George for your comment and feedback.

      • Rene

        I agree. I heard his interview with Peter Schiff back in April 2011 and he was evasive there too. I think he makes his real money on “financial education”.
        Here is the interview
        And John Reed has his analysis here
        I am not sure if links are allowed but I think they are worth a peek or people can just do a web search to find them.

        • Rene

          Oops. I forgot to mention he even says he was BSing in his Prophecy book which I read. (He does not mention the Fed’s monetary policy as the cause of bubbles if I remember correctly but rather baby boomer retiring as the cause)

  16. Doug C

    Sorry Greg
    It should have read “unfotunately HE wouldn’t bite”.

    Doug C.

  17. Praxis


    Kiyosaki said something I’ve believed for a long time now.
    This system is obsolete. The system of massive governance is. The system of international export / currency war is. Big box, mammoth redundancy and wasteful business is. going. away. Hell, for the most part, unless it’s imposed on the world, WAR is obsolete.

    It’s all obsolete. What can’t be sustained, won’t.

    The only things which will remain and carry us into the future are the super local for most things we need and the super global for the really daunting management challenges such as running massive oil fields and large infrastructure like building hydroelectric dams.

    It truly is going to be a brave new world.
    Very good guest indeed Mr. Hunter.

    • Greg

      He did say a few things I have not heard before. I thought his perspective was different and refreshing.

  18. Tanya

    The most important lesson is “It doesn’t matter if the market goes up or down.”

    Really thinking outside the box.

    Great interview Greg. Great guest.

  19. Mr. Stacker

    This explains everything about the man.

    • chet

      This says nothing about the man – – it says he was upset with the licensee’s handling of his ideas – – but the new company was the ones seeking to bilk people out of more money with further training.

      Most people want to be spoon-fed stock/commodity tips, so they don’t have to think. RK is saying to think for yourselves – which is what the Fed/politicians don’t want us to do – they want us to follow them.

  20. Art

    Wow! What a landmark interview. Down to earth and very credible – very “NON MAINSTREAM” and refreshing without the accompanying hyperbole.

    • Greg

      Thank you Art.

  21. Mike

    Wow, to say that was frustrating would be a huge understatement. BZ to you Greg for trying to dig something useful out of the interview. At least I now know how smart Mr. Kiyosaki is and how stupid I am. Sure glad I never bought the book

  22. Brian

    Its not that Robert Kiyosaki is a bad guy, its not that I don’t like him, but I don’t trust him, haha. He’s a dyed in the wool, balls to bones promo guy, which means the man wants to talk the big picture all day long and will not be walked into discussing specifics or details without a good strong fight, as you probably know haha!

    With that said I think his overall and beloved macroscopic advise is solid and good, the take away being that we should be informed and understand what it is we are doing with not just our wealth, but our life as well. It is bad to get involved in stuff we cannot take the time or find the desire to understand because to do so is to make ourselves a target of crafty and not so crafty opportunists. Work hard at something you like and become good at it, pay attention to what is going on and respond in the best way you can muster—sad thing is that that should be laughably common sense but it is not! And thats why we are in such deep shit right now.

    All in all I thought it was fun to watch you do this interview, it was like watching a good sport fisherman trying to haul in an ornery marlin.

    • Greg

      Priceless line “All in all I thought it was fun to watch you do this interview, it was like watching a good sport fisherman trying to haul in an ornery marlin.” Thank you for the kind words and comment.

  23. Peter Frank

    I found Kiyosaky irritating in this interview. He wouldn’t answer Greg’s questions. All he could do was brag about how rich he is and he didn’t care if the markets went up or down. He also mocked working hard and saving money. Screw it. I won’t buy his book.

  24. Nancy

    ‘It’s NOT in God I trust, but in gold I trust.” Honey, I’ve got news for you, if you DON’T TRUST IN GOD, you’re already DEAD!

    • Greg

      I think Mr. Kiyosaki was just trying to make a not-so elegant play on words. That said, Amen to what you said!

  25. Mark Lange

    God bless you Greg, you tried with all your interviewing skill to pull some tidbit of practical information from Robert Kiyosaki’s mouth. But he evaded and ran around every question. For a moment, my ears perked up when he seemingly endorsed oil; but then immediately did a 180 and said “don’t invest in commodities if you don’t like them or understand them.” That interview left me in a breathless and dazed state.

    Love your website and I encourage everyone to throw a few bucks your way by means of the donation button!

    • Greg

      Thank you Mark Lange for your comment.

  26. R.L. Trickel


    What a good idea, Robert Kyosaki. I’m in the process of reading all of his books but got kind of waylaid by this economic collapse business. I told my wife the same thing. We lived in Detroit for a couple of years. The school shootings pretty much started there from my vantage point, then spread across America. So I’ve developed the opinion that what is happening to America first starts or becomes visible in Detroit. Can’t wait to watch the full interview with my wift this evening.


  27. Shawn in San Jose

    This is the first guest where I was just outright dissappointed by your choice. Robert K. is a hack who makes his money selling his books. Listen to him closely and all he offers is vague statements and platitudes. Very rarely does he offer any specifics.

    He just old you he called 2016 as a crash but was BSing. Why would I listen to someone who just told me he was BSing his readers?

    There is so much more about this guy thats wrong but I’ll leave it at that. I’m intersted to see what the other viewers think.


  28. Brandon

    Some good advice but he dodges questions like the politicians that he doesn’t trust. As many times as he sang Jim Rodgers praises we should listen to Rodgers as opposed to him. At least Rodgers gives more pointed answers.

  29. Jim H

    There is nothing anyone can do to protect themselves financially unless they understand the underlying root cause of the economic problems.
    People need to understand that there was a coup d’état that took place in this country in 1913 which involved 3 pieces of legislation.
    The 16th and 17th Amendments and the Federal Reserve Act.
    With those three pieces of legislation the US government was taken over by the banks. Within 16 years of that take over, the country was in depression and under the control of Wall ST. and the banking establishment.
    Everything that has happened since that time has been by design and until control of government is returned to the States and to the people there is no way to protect yourself from the financial and political devastation that is coming.

  30. MAL

    Hi Greg,
    Robert hit the nail right on the head. I lived in Detroit most of my life. I worked in the city and for the city. When he speaks of the end of the industrial revolution he truly gets it. A university study estimated the level of functional illiteracy amongst Detroit’s population at about 50%. That was using a very generous definition of what constitutes functional literacy (so much for the schools). The legitimate unemployment rate in the city has also been placed at near 50% when “discouraged workers” are counted. Most of those who are working are in minimum wage jobs. The bottom line is that the bulk of Detroit’s population would be better described as unemployable rather than unemployed. There is little to no chance of them finding even minimum wage jobs even if they would take them. Detroit like every other major city to some extant is a repository for the no longer needed legacy of an industrial revolution that ended 35 years ago. In 1973 I worked for an industrial construction company inside a large automotive foundry. There were 2000 workers on a shift. In 2005 while doing inspections of 2 automotive plants in the city there might typically have been 400. Robots were welding, assembling, painting, etc. Automated carts were moving parts around the plant without drivers. As Detroit’s Emergency Manager recently noted in what many interpreted as a disparaging remark the days of someone with an 8th grade education getting a $20/hr. job with a defined benefit pension and medical insurance for his family are over. As he says this lawyers from his old law firm are being paid up to $1000/hr. (yes, $1000/hr.) to advise on the financial reorganization. Another firm is being paid over $200,000 to evaluate the assets of the art museum. Another firm’s financial analysts are being paid up to $250/hr. to advise on restructuring. Headhunter firms were paid undisclosed sums just to advise on what firms would be best to advise the EM on the bankruptcy. All this has been widely reported in the media. Even in it’s death throws Detroit’s carcass is being picked clean. Detroit was first because it was worst but calling it a canary in a coal mine is a gross understatement.

  31. mark saint

    Odd interview. His “Macro” answers leave alot to be desired. He is correct about who your teachers are and about education. Mr. Hunter you handeld yourself good with an akward interview.

  32. NIX


  33. bob d

    Your top story link 9-11 Pentagon debunked is not coming up?

  34. Stan

    Greg my friend, I can’t believe you invited Robert Kiyosaki – a known FRAUDSTER- to participate on your show. Don’t you vet these guys’ bios BEFORE bringing them on? I’m afraid to say you’ve done a major disservice to your readership AND you’ve just lost some major credibility points.

    I’m truly surprised.

    • Shawn in San Jose

      Spot on! Look up John T Reed’s critique of Kiyosaki back when real estate was still booming. The guy is a big con man. Even at the height it was found that he didnt own any houses (except his own I think).

  35. Jeff

    I like most of your interviews, but I personally didn’t care for Kiyosaki even if some of what he may say is true. There was an arrogance (cockiness) that sort of turns me off. Greg, you don’t need to post this or you can edit this last sentence. I do like your web site and most of the guests you have. Keep up the good work.

  36. John

    The Robert Kiyosaki interview was a waste of time and energy. He had little to say and little to offer except to keep saying he likes Jim Rogers, and he buys gold and silver. He had no intention of letting anyone know where he would invest, or give a view on current trends so he was someone whose voice added nothing to the economic debate and should be struck off any future interview lists. Time i think to stick with the most popular people who know what is going on and can offer some constructive information.

  37. Stan

    “America is Detroit-Robert Kiyosaki”

    Then Robert Kiyosaki is Amerika.

  38. jhaz

    Good interview Greg, thank you. I’ve been curious about Mr Kiyosaki for some time. I think he has a lot of timely ideas. However, I’m already in the “don’t trust those in power” camp. I found most of what he said to be too broadly philosophical. That is commom for the self-help gurus. If you follow their philosophy and succeed, then they take the credit. If you don’t succeed, then you obviously didn’t understand the philosophy or execute it correctly. Mr Kiyosaki’s greatest asset is Mr. Kiyosaki and that is, I believe, the lesson your audience should take away from the interview–read, learn, question, understand, and be prepared. The future is not predictable, so bet on yourself and those things you know and can, to some degree, control. Always try to figure out the underlying reality, regardless of how unpleasent it might be. Like both you and Mr. Kiyosaki, I strongly recommend Jim Rogers as someone to follow. For me, I won’t be listening to Mr Kiyosaki, but he might be a good place to start for those new to the reality party.

  39. Rebecca

    Not one of the best guests you have had.
    Sorry, I didn’t make it all the way through the inteview.
    Kiyosaki seems out of touch with reality.

    I hope he is as impervious to financial calamity — as he thinks he is.
    We will see, by and by.

  40. will

    This man is rude and awful, really awful.
    Choose your teacher!
    What sage advice…
    We got it…
    Now could you at least try to answer the questions the man is asking you?
    He gave the same answer to every question. If you had asked him what colour is the sky, he would have given you the same answers. I think he answered every question the same way.
    Some disappointing interview that was.
    Don’t bother interviewing this man again Greg.
    He is waste of time..
    I am so happy he is rich and making so much money…enjoy sir.

  41. jerry

    Greg I had to make one more comment after reading several that were posted. The main theme to Robert Kiyosaky theories are “financial self reliance”, and I strongly believe in that. If you rely on government, a job , or someone else for your security, you are basically screwed. In a short period of time about 47 million people that are dependent on the government for their substance are going to find that out the hard way. Thirty Four years ago I lost my job as a school teacher after teaching for ten years. The day I drove home after getting my contract cancelled, I made up my mind I would never let someone hose me over again. It wasn’t easy being self employed, because I had to learn a new trade that I wasn’t knowledgeable about but I did. Later on it allowed me to raise my family, and pay off my debts without looking back. Sure I could have gone and looked for another job teaching, but like Robert I had lost my faith in the system and the politicians who run it. Your much better off if you are self reliant. Now the government is taking away one of my businesses, and I’m starting another new company to take its place. There’s no sense crying about it, because in the end no one cares. Unfortunately we have a nation of cry baby’s. If uncle Sam isn’t there to shovel food in their mouth and wipe their butt, they kick and scream that life is unfair. Is it any wonder that government has gotten so big? The tragedy is that these people are going to get hurt the worst when the collapse finally comes, and guess what? Uncle Sam won’t be there to take care of them. That’s the real crime. Robert is right. In every adversity there is a seed of opportunity. You just have to find it. Thanks again Greg for the great interview.

    • Liquid Motion

      Kudos to you Jerry for getting it (under duress)and for making your life richer in the process.No one knows better than a former Teacher.

      Unfortunately (reading comments on this page) a lot of people are still expecting gratuitous information. Like lambs to the slaughter they just havent been educated enough or are too lazy to find out for themselves or are stuck in the “where do we go…what do we do” dilemma…someone give us the answer. The answer is …Go find out for yourself!!! What do people expect…that someone is going to provide them with the ABC plan for extracating oneself from the cesspool of the financial system that engulfs mankind and ensures his participation in the kingdom of serfdom for all eternity ????
      You either accept what is constructed and layed at your feet as your destiny or your try to understand and acquire knowledge to allow you to make value judgements (not based on wims or heresay).
      “Oil” is good for RK…because thats what he likes (and understands).

      For those that only see things as Black and White (“Rich”)…. can have numerous applications/meanings in life. Of course everyone who has a derogatory remark about RK wanting to be RICH only considers that in the context of wealth or $$$$$. What about an abundance of Love, Friends, Freedom, and the biggie ……KNOWLEDGE ??????
      Robert did say something remarkable in one of his books…and turns a well known phrase on its head…” You can take it all with you (when you’re dead)”…..! He wasnt referring to Assets …he was referring to KNOWLEDGE. Sometimes you have the ability to pass on what you acquire to those that are willing to learn. Knowledge is power and facilitates your abundance in life.
      Whilst I can respect other peoples opinions , I am sincerley disappointed reading a lot of the comments here….but I am not surprised. It just supports my earlier comment about a large majority of the population not having a clue.
      Detroit = US of America = BANKRUPT….!! The implication of this is so endemic that it will affect all US citizens.

      • Greg

        Liquid Motion,
        Thank you for taking the time to write this. Great stuff!!! I thought the quote “America is Detroit” was very powerful and that is why I titled the post this way. That said, I wish Mr. Kiyosaki would have been more forthcoming as other commenters say he was in other interviews.

  42. peter

    Robert Kiyosaki talks and talks and says nothing that’s useful.
    “Rich Global LLC, one of the corporate arms Kiyosaki has done business under, filed for bankruptcy protection in August, after it was ordered to pay just under $24 million to the Learning Annex and its chairman Bill Zanker.

    Kiyosaki was one of the small-time wealth guru mountebanks who made it to the big-time in the aughts by telling his forever falling behind audience that they could get ahead, they just had not learned how. The schtick behind the Rich Dad books was that Kiyosaki was sharing secret money-making strategies of the wealthy with his wage slave readers. The tips ran the gamut from ridiculous to illegal and downright hurtful and included advocating for insider trading, arguing for the purchase of multiple real estate properties with little or no money down and telling followers they could purchase stocks on margin via unfunded brokerage accounts.”

  43. EHR

    I disliked his books years ago and now I understand why.
    The man is an arrogant conscending a@@@##@@@@.
    Smart, rich, but not in the same league as Jim Rogers or any of his other “teachers”.
    The interview was embarrassing but thank you for the revelations.
    How much good will his riches do when the Stasi come to his door.

    • MargfromTassie

      Well said EHR !

  44. George

    As I mentioned in an earlier letter, this interview was quite deflating based on the company you keep with many of your other guests. Robert Kiyosaki seems better slated for network interviews than your independent news channel. There was nothing of substance that came out of this persons mouth. He’s really kind of arrogant, and that was pretty much apparent from the start. He mentions Jimmy Rogers as one of his teachers. I know Jim Rogers, and Jim would have given you a far better interview. He also would have shed more light on things that will(and do) matter at this stage in our lives. Mr. Kiyosaki doesn’t really trend far from many of the people who ingratiate themselves with their success.

  45. Karen

    I’ve read all Kyosaki’s books and attended his lectures. I respect the man but he was arrogant and condescending towards you.
    I’ve seen him before talking about his preps for economic collapse but he wouldn’t give an inch in this interview.
    You deserve better.

    • Greg

      Thank you Karen. Good to know.

  46. Shawn in San Jose

    This guy is like Tom Vu. Just follow his system. At least Tom Vu is making money playing poker. Robert K just wants you to buy another one of his books, or board game, etc.

  47. EHR

    And please keep up the good work

  48. Allen Ols


    You tried your best to pry real info, I read his first book but as you well know I look for the jackass type of interviews, ie. Pepe escobar etc

    Luv u site keep it up

    Al ols

    • Greg

      Thank you Allen for the comment and kind words.

  49. Bert

    I bet Robert Kiyosaki is a poor man, or he wouldn’t be hawking a 2nd rate book and doing these interviews.

    He comes across as one of those get rich quick flip guys.

    • Diane

      If you Google this guy, you’ll find he went bankrupt a few years ago. plus a lot of negatives.
      I found some of his comments to Greg, when Greg asked him questions to be rude and arrogant. I’ll pass on this “teacher”.
      I agree with poster, Bert.

  50. jofo

    Hi everyone,

    If your looking for a teacher, try this:


  51. Ray

    Greg, this was a horrible interview. Please do not interview him again.

  52. Paul M

    What a frustrating interview with such a condescending man.

    I agree totally with John (posted at Aug 14 3:51pm)… The interview was a waste of time. John said that “He had no intention of letting anyone know where he would invest, or give a view on current trends…”
    This was obviously deliberate and was either because he didn’t have a clue, or because if his comments turned out to be wrong then this would chink his smug armour (credibility? – to those who are gullible enough).

    It may well be that there is a certain obsoletism in society, but everything doesn’t change overnight. I think it was Anne who said you still need people to make things. Yes, we need engineers to know how to construct things, scientists to come up with new technologies and new science… Not everyone can be a hot shot entrepreneur.
    While some of his big picture comments had some value, its too easy to say ‘find a good teacher’. However I do agree one should follow good commentators that you can trust(such as yourself Greg) and others like Jim Grant, Dr Marc Faber, Dr Paul Craig Roberts (a very sincere individual), David Stockman, Dr Steve Keen to name a few. It is your own responsibility to inform yourself by listening to such people and then FORM YOUR OWN OPINION.

    Thanks Greg.


  53. Chris


    Let me start off by thanking you for your work. There are not many sites that offer the variety of perspectives that you and your guests provide. That being said, this was one of the most entertaining and informative interviews that I have seen in a long time.

    It was entertaining watching Kiyosaki make a complete ass out of himself. His arrogance and inability to respond to your questions with anything but “Jim Rogers” or “pick a good teacher” or my personal faves “I’ve made more money in the last six weeks than…” and “I can make money in any market, sorry you can’t see how” was truly something special.

    The interview was highly informative as well because Kiyosaki proved that he has nothing real to offer in a two way conversation and is incapable of original thought. He is the epitome of the modern day snake oil man who takes advantage of the self-help seminar culture and he proved as much at the end of the interview with his proud admission of bullshitting his readers. And as far as his “end of the Industrial Age” thesis, it sounds good but he didn’t – I believe he couldn’t – expand on the thought in any intelligent way. I’m sure he lifted the idea from someone else and is using it now because it sounds somewhat profound.

    Anyway, thanks for sitting through and posting an extremely disrespectful interview – it was entertaining!

  54. karl

    he was very evasive but reading between the lines he actually said a great deal. I thought he yes quite arrogant though saying he would make more money in the crash. but what use will his paper money be ?I think though maybe like me he has given up on the majority. if i try to discuss any of this i am called a conspiracy theorist in the UK. The response is money makes the world go around so as long as banks are bailed out all is ok .., The level of ignorance and the fact they believe mainstream media and politicians is very sad and i think that’s the main point he was making.

  55. karl

    I have only come across one person here in the UK thatyou can discuss these issues with in an intelligent way. When ever i mention anything that challenges the mainstream view i am called a conspiracy theorist. Apparently stating the claim that printing money always leads to the collapse of the currency makes me that.i really is unbelievable. Most of the people i talk to now are online like these sites as i can really not be bothered with the brain dead sheeple that surround me

  56. Trap

    Wow! this man came off in the interview as a carnival barker, he should be in congress, this man has taken question evasion to a whole new level.

    Greg have a look at the following interview:

    this is truth she speaks, we are very close and she pegs how and why we’re here.

    God Bless and keep fighting, currently we are wiley e coyote, we just haven’t looked down yet.

  57. Wilfong

    He could have just said

    “It doesn’t f**king matter because I’m rich and when your rich you keep making money”.

    A little cold for my taste but its the truth.

  58. ruthann

    please get this guy off the internet. He and his wife made millions during the rise of real estate market and said nothing about there being a problem — now he says he trusts Gold. Well knock me over with a feather!

    Oh he’ll be forthcoming just cross his palm with some gold? and he’ll tell all. I dont trust him. I think he’s dishonest and a true salesman!

  59. droidX-G

    All the problems in the world and the NAACP wants a rodeo clown to be investigated because he wore an Obama mask. Where was their outcry over Bush being beheaded? How has it become only an insult when the recipient is black?
    All of this must be Kabuki theatre. Obama has a record of disater instead of achievement. They have to falsely claim his failure is because he is being opppsed by bigots instead of the fact based men and women of reason.
    Investigate the clown Mr Holder instead of yourself, Obama or the Bankers that have stolen trillions. Seems fair…

  60. Wayne

    I love the work you do but this was the only video you’ve produced I turned off at the 3/4 mark. As others have stated, Mr. Kiyosaki is one arrogant individual I couldn’t stand to listen to another minute.

  61. Robert Burke

    I am not trying to be negative here , but CBC in Canada investigated this guy and his business dealings and the conclusion was quite damning. I guess everyone has to decided for themselves, but for me I would keep away from this guy.

  62. Mike OConnor

    Again Greg you are one of the best interviewers ever and one of the last real journalists. This was a challenging interview which of course you handled well. However, Kiyosaki did give you the real answer i.e., “who are your teachers.” For the middle class and below him and the Wall St. types are not. They are good to listen to because they can show you where the canary in the coal mines are but they can’t help the common folk get out. I would suggest you interview the following people for the common man. Marjory Wildcraft, Jack Spirko, and John Wesley Rawles. The former middleclass and common people will need the following: food, energy, water, shelter and alternative health solutions. Food that stores for 25 years will be better gold for them. Interview these people and I think you will help common people find their way.

    • Greg

      Mike OConnor,
      Thank you for your comment and support.

  63. Richard

    Robert Kiyosaki wasted your time, and mine as well. Don’t invite him again!

  64. andy

    I have read most of Kiyosaki’s books over the years and am waiting for his soon to be released book on the coming stock market crash and what we should do about it. On the surface he seemed to be evading your questions, but in reality it was two people looking at the same situation from two different perspectives. He couldn’t answer your questions directly as we would have liked, as he doesn’t see the world from your/our view and didn’t want to be pulled into that way of thinking, which is fair enough. I think the end of the interview is most telling where he leaves your questioning and gives us what he is most concerned about, you can see its of concern to him and wanted to give listeners his most important message from the interview. Can be a difficult person to interview but well worth it, thanks Greg

    • Greg

      Thank you Andy for adding your perspective.

  65. chet

    This is the 2nd time in a few weeks that Mr. Hunter was trying to lead a story. Catherine Austin Fitts steered away from going with Greg’s view that a fiscal calamity was coming, just as Robt. Kiyosaki has done. I was introduced to Eustace Mullins’ books in the mid-90’s, so I saw this coming, and lived in a lot of fear. Mr. Mannarino, Alex Jones, and now G. H. seem to want share the paranoia, rather than bring on spiritual leaders who can help the common man rise above his/her fears, at the same time they are buying food, water, commodities or skills to thrive in the future. Ken Roberts wrote “A Rich Man’s Secret” to help his trading proteges cope with this mental catastrophizing that can accompany having knowledge that is outside the box, in the fiscally-wise realms.
    That said, I do enjoy your site, G. H., and will be making a donation soon – thanks for hearing me out ~

  66. mohammad

    When i look at your face Greg i feel safe i feel you are in it for all of us, you are one of us, at least this is how i perceive it, when i looked at the smirks on this guy’s face i felt fear!

  67. Troy


    I can understand why you may feel a bit let down with this interview, but DON’T! Over all it was one of the better ones! Mr Kiyosaki was intent on flipping the paradigm. The question it’s self, and refused to give direct advise on the micro. All and all that’s not a bad thing, as all your other guest are more than happy to do so. Most of your listeners will not get it, but the majority is most often wrong! This interview is just one more perspective to round out many great interviews on your part, and has value. Look at it as just a sum of the whole that you provide. I enjoyed listening!

    Liquid Motion gets it, as does Andy.

    Thank you for having him on!

    • Diane Cohn

      I concur. Yes, the evasion was maddening, but I could also see his point. Greg, it has been interesting to watch your progression as an interviewer, and I consider you a respectable, trusted source. For whatever it’s worth, this is the first interview you’ve done where I’ve been motivated to actually read all the comments, type words into a box and submit them. So thanks for making us think, and for generating such great discussion.

  68. Francis Peters

    Well well…I was really looking forward to this interview but I was sorely disappointed. My disappointment stems from only one thing and that was your guest’s apparent (maybe even obvious) scorn towards your questions. His attitude was demeaning and disrespectful which was totally unwarranted and unnecessary.You have talked to more intelligent and better educated (in all the ways he was talking about) guests and in spite of their education and learning they strove to help the listener understand the finer points they were trying to make and none have derided you for perhaps “not getting it” as Robert K. did. His altitude…er I mean attitude was disgraceful. He should go back and watch some of his “student’s” (Mike Maloney) interviews and “learn” from that teacher on how to conduct himself in an interview.

  69. Mike S.

    This is the first interview that I’ve seen here that almost made me angry. But to just assume if you’re not doing well it’s because you’re not investing right is just plain arrogance. He reminds me of Armondo Montelongo, the guy on Flip This House. He practically had his own t.v. show and treated workers like crap. Last I saw of him was on an infomercial driving down the road trying to sell a book on how to flip houses. I put Mr. Kiyosaki right up there with him. Why doesn’t he just come out and say “Hey, I’m the teacher that you’re looking for, you need buy my book.

  70. Dwain

    But Oil is dependent on industry. Oil wealth without “salt of the earth jobs” won’t last long. Food investment is good but when one man can work 600 acres, how does this contribute.

    Robert and Rogers are glutting themselves on carcass meat. They do so well because they are old, road the wave and have great eyes putting themselves in superior raptor pecking order.

    You cannot have a financial industry or any industry without a manufacturing foundation, which is only 8% of all jobs. But as long as “Fed Peckers” divvy morsels, the financial, fiat, debt based economy will flourish.

    Don’t see how Robert or Rogers will increase wealth when SHTF. Theres a good chance they, along with the other rich, will experience the same fate as headless French aristocrats.

  71. Dan

    Wow Greg.

    You really scraped the bottom of the barrel when you decided to invite Robert Kiyosaki. Didn’t you do ANY research at all on his bio before inviting him on? The man is a known scammer and opportunist of the worst kind! As proven by this “interview” wherein he merely repeats the talking points he ripped-off from Jim Rogers, Peter Schiff, Max Keiser and other REAL Austrian School thinkers.

    You see NOW all of a sudden Kiyosaki’s an “expert” on the economy and all matters pertaining to. But in 2008 he was pushing get-rich-quick RE schemes and writing bogus stories about lessons learned from fictitious parents.

    Which is STILL an improvement over his period of HOMELESSNESS before that. I mean R E A L L Y …who wants financial “advice” from someone who handled his finances so badly at one point in time that he himself ended-up living on the street? And I’m not even going to get into the allegations of fraud levied against his RDPD Seminars.

    In my humble opinion Paul Craig Roberts is the BEST guest you ever interviewed on your E X C E L L E N T blog and Robert Kiyosaki is -as of today- absolutly, most miserably and undeniably the WORST.

    YOU sir -notwithstanding- are still my hero Greg! 🙂

    And that was my dos centavos.

    • Greg

      Thank you for your comment, feedback and for your support.

    • Dwain

      Roberts is good but he does not factor in machine civilization and domestic corporate consolidation into his job offshoring theme. Even if manufacturing came back, there are so many people, that most wages would remain at poverty levels which keeps socialism thriving. Plus there could never be enough created to compensate for the 10s of millions out of work. Only 8% of workforce is manufacturing.

      He also thinks the twin tower collapse was caused by controlled detonation. This is impossible since towers collapse began at plane impact points.

  72. Derrick Michael Reid

    I agree the problem is education. The guest however only suggested what that equation should be, though he mentioned the information age and commodities as the play, and in that there is agreement. The guest did not tie the two together, however, thereby suggesting that the education that is lacking, is a failure to understand the demise of paper assets versus commodities, and the new technologies of the information age, both which is but a small part of the problem, a very small part of the purported missing education, in my view.

  73. Derrick Michael Reid

    My own site will be up in two weeks, the old freeby at townhall is being pulled, guessing the parabolic rise in traffic was overwhelming.


  74. PeterB

    He was evasive and kept saying,”Choose your teacher wisely”…..and what’s he selling???? Teaching.

    I’ve read his books and he has the 50K view. That’s nice, but the nuts and bolts are what get the job done. He’s more of a preacher than a teacher.

  75. Dwain

    What we are witnessing is capitalism mutating into corporate feudalism. But this will not stand because 10s of millions in the middle class will revolt. They are educated.

  76. Angie

    Robert Kiyosaki talks but says nothing. He reminds me of a “fortune teller” the way he puts out vague info mixed with some talking points. Know the business and your teacher – that’s it? Not impressed with this man who make his fortune as a salesman. Rich he is but having intercity, I would not bet on that.

  77. Paul

    I love You always have provocative guest interviews. But, I feel this interview with Robert Kiyosaki was a waste of 18 minutes. This guy had nothing to say. No disrespect intend towards you.

  78. Trotski

    Yankee go home,eh. Oh Canada!

  79. Bobby

    Robert Kiyosaki is not good company.
    He doesn’t give any specifics on how to become rich, no techniques, just general BS. Viewers got nothing from him except how great he is. Then on top of that in gold we trust? No God in this mans life? What an ass.

  80. Rich

    I have been listening to this guy for years brag about his tax free investments. This is just another form of government handout – sucking from the government teet. This makes him part of the problem, not part of the solution. He is no better than Warren Buffet – even though he thinks he is.

    Just say’n.

  81. Jeff

    Oh my god, what a frustrating interview to watch. I only can imagine how much more so it was for you to try to conduct it, Greg. My compliments on your effort and patience.

    I had to quit at the 15 minute mark and re-watch your outstanding conversation with Catherine Austin Fitts just to keep from pulling the trigger of the Desert Eagle I put in my mouth during that “who’s on first?” vaudeville act from Kiyosaki.

  82. Jim

    Tough interview, evasive guest. I can understand not wanting to put a date to what is going to happen, no one knows, but to be that elusive and vague is disingenuous. His previous statements such as “cash is trash,” and various predictions about what is going to happen on searchable youtube videos, makes one wonder why he wouldn’t give a straight answer. I got tired of Mr. K saying nothing and stopped watching at about 10 minutes in.

  83. Dan

    “Each age lasts about 500 years. So the Industrial Age started around 14..1500, you know, in 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue”

    Uh, actually, historians place the start of the Industrial Age in 1760 England. I prefer to get MY economic analysis & advice from people who actually FINISHED high schoool, thank you.

  84. Mike R

    I didn’t watch the interview, but I have to make the comment about the pre-lude to the interview where Robert says Detroit is the canary. First of all, that’s total BS. I’d bet money the guy has never ever been in or near detroit. And by the way, Detroit had major major crime problems, underemployment, government mismanagement, way back in the80’s. I was there. I know it first hand. So for him to say its a canary is utter non-sense.

    The only thing amazing about Detroit is that it lasted this long before it went under. There is no one city that was so completely dependent upon such a failed industry and all that has been wrong with unions, than detroit. Not even close in fact.

    Maybe even now, there should be one car mfg in Michigan at all, and that’d be ford. Besides cars and unions, Detroit has had nothing going for it for more than 40 years. Nada ! Zilch !

    Chicago could have been like Detroit, and while there is a concentration of gang violence, the city diversified years ago in terms of business, and infrastructure. It could have easily died when rail died. It could have died bc of unions. It could have died bc of debt, and still might, but that would be the government only, and not the businesses or communities. Those would stay in tact. Detroit has never ever had any of those positive aspects, ever. It had one industry and a nasty union environment that helped to sink itself.

    Anyway, I also have to agree with others here that have made insightful, but critical comments about bob. Having him on here, was a very low stoop, and low bar to sink to, and nowhere near the caliber of other recent guests. A modern day PT Barnum at best, or Ron popiel at worst.

  85. Steve Starr

    Sorry, we haven’t “left the industrial age”, rather, the industrial age has left the US . . . thanks to offshoring of US industry and professional service jobs. One of your other guests, Paul Craig Roberts (former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury, etc, etc), is the man to read on this subject.

    There is plenty of industry left in the world, like for example in China (112 million manufacturing jobs) versus the US (11 million manufacturing jobs). Where do you think cars come from, they don’t grow on trees? neither do “jobs” . . . the fools that run the economy and economic departments in US Universities seem to have forgotten exactly what capitalism is . . . you need to PRODUCE something, although the banksters seem to think that FRAUD is a viable substitute.

    • Dan

      Couldn’t have said it better myself. Thank you!

  86. Andrew

    Recent service disruptions with google etc. These could be a trial cyberattack for a coming attack that could be blamed on Syria or Iran. This could be used to take down the financial house eradicating records and keeping the real thieves from ever being scrutinized and provide the stimulus to goad the public toward the necessity for war.two birds with one stone 🙂

    • Alex miller

      The collaspe is sure. No one will be able to stop it. only we can be aware and make decision to face the reality. People are drunken and confused with information from the media. They don’t understand that vatican is behind the scenes. vatican never change. what vatican had done in the dark ages is going to happen soon before our very eyes. President Obama plan is helping vatican to do what they want to achieve.

      Revelation 14:17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

      Gold or silver we can have, but we need to have mark of the beast to cell or buy in the future. The slavery is coming back guys. The majority will be blinded. Tell me how many people believe in your website? That will give us the answer. people are been fooled. there is a saying, it is easy to deceive then to say to them that they are deceived.

      Gold are silver is nothing before the coming crisis. it is about total control. Don’t be hijacked with the idea that gold and silvet will help.

  87. aka coalburner9

    Dear Greg;
    First I want to say I discovered you from I liked your work and have been watching more and more. This is my first contact.
    About 23 years ago I started asking myself what the … was it that I did not know? Well it took a couple of years to deterrmine the thing was “money”. You can guess all the previous history that you need to know. I first became successful at sorting out the answers to money when I got to Kiyosaki’s book. I had read and studied many others and no help. No, you cannot get an instant answer from him and I know the frustration but you probably already knew. He is trying to teach the starving to “fish” not feed them. It took me YEARS TO EDUCATE MYSELF AS HE TRIES TO TELL US ALL. And it takes years if as he described in one of his books you do not grow up rich and being taught to be rich. You have to get both things or you lose it like the commonly discussed “gone by the third generation”. To learn, you also have to want too. I have not heard much from Kiyosaki since I read his last book and I have read them all and everyone should read Rich Dad’s Prophesy.” By the time 2000 and later came I had begun to learn who NOT to listen too for me and never heard Robert say it like he did here. That means you shouldn’t listen to 99% of the talking heads!!!!! I learned the most important thing for me and I think everyone is “WHO NOT TO LISTEN TOO”. And I do not listen to Buffet either. Jim Rogers is one of my top guys to listen too. That is right I did that all by myself. So is Jim Sinclair. Many folk curse all these guys because they do not understand who is trying to educate you to use your own mind to decide for yourself what an investment is and what is right for you. It takes years of study when you don’t learn at home growing up unless you are already rich. I think your interview was profound. I knew what Robert mean’t about Detroit is America. Bankrupt, ideas, bankrupt policies, bankrtupt country. But he called the end of the industrial age not just the beginning of the information age, think about that a while! Yes all these guys worth listening too say gold is for savings and storing wealth right now and for a long time to come. Your many interviews are great. I quit watching the news and reading broke and broken people in the TV and newspapers and most magazines long ago, in fact often there is nothing worth reading or hearing till you get a good interview or the few people worth listening too say something. Sir John Templeton’s legacy students, I call many of them. Keep up tyh egood work Greg. “Coalburner9 out” but watching!

  88. Serena

    Useful info. Lucky me I discovered our site by accident, and I am shocked why
    this coincidence did not took place earlier! I bookmarked it.

  89. DD

    Rich Dad and Poor Dad Education , their course for real estate investment is most horrible and full of lies. They use the psychology which ordinary people feel so true and they use it, to make themselves rich (thats their RichDad). I have watched some of his interview and he talks the same thing again and again without any specific figures and time period.
    I do know his book was well written and financially rewarding for him but he is still using the same stuff and suprisingly , still financially rewarding for him.

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