Trump Inherits Political and Economic Titanic-Warren Pollock

4By Greg Hunter’s  

Analyst and financial expert Warren Pollock says Donald Trump has been dealt a horrendous hand when it comes to the political environment and the economy. Pollock explains, “Trump inherited the Titanic or a nuclear reactor that is about to explode.  As he tries to fix this giant mess, he’s bound to upset the apple cart.  The economy is fragile.  The society is fragile.  If he touches anything, something is liable to break somewhere.  People want Obama Care removed immediately.  They want to see the swamp drained immediately.  I think these are things he believes in, and he is certainly a pragmatic manager compared to Hillary Clinton, who would have been an utter disaster for everyone in this country. . . . The problem for Trump, besides the piranhas that are circling him, both the Democrats and Republicans, is that he has inherited the Titanic, which means he can cause us to sink faster simply by touching something.  That’s why Obama Care can’t be turned off overnight.  That’s why he can’t impose massive tariffs on China overnight.  Whatever he does will cause tremendous dislocations.  Any corrective action that he takes will have unintended consequences, and he understands that.  He’s a pragmatist, and I think he is prepared to deal with this.  All the people he has chosen, all have differing opinions, but they are all excellent in one way or another.”

On the absence of real news reporting and real data, Pollock says, “If there is no news available, then they will just make stuff up. That’s the way our economy functions.  That’s the way the stock market functions.  That’s the way the bond market functions.  They were stealing from people for the last eight years with zero interest rates.  There is no capital formation.  Companies that do IPO’s (Initial Public Offerings), they are not giving you something to invest in, they are giving you their exit strategy.   So, everything is fake, and it gets very hard for an executive to make decisions based on fake information.  When some people take over a company, they are turnaround specialists.  That’s really what Trump has to be.”

What about the Trump Administration going on the offensive against the Clintons? Pollock contends, “When you have a school of piranhas circling you, it’s hard to attack them because they are all over the place nipping at you.  What he has to do is kill the leader of the school.  He just has to do that, and there is no doubt in my mind.  With the Clintons, he offered an olive branch, and he said look, they are not bad people, go away so I can conduct the business of this nation and of the people.  That’s exactly what he said to them. . . . The Clintons just totally ignored that olive branch, and they are going to impede his progress at every turn.  Therefore, he has no choice . . . and he has to kill one of these large players. . . . He needs to make an example of someone large so the nipping goes away. . . . If they won’t shut up and let him do his job, then he has to kill them, and kill them he will because he won’t leave them wounded.  If the Clintons are wounded, then there is nothing stopping them from coming back at him.  It’s a fight to the death, and the Clintons are driving that fight.”

Pollock also predicts a “9% yield on the 10-year Treasury, and it will happen sooner than you think.” Pollock also contends that the real estate markets in the so-called blue states are “75% overvalued” and will crash in the next recession.  That, too, according to Pollock, will happen sooner than you think.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with analyst and Wall Street financial expert Warren Pollock.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

Warren Pollock has offered up his notes he put together in preparation for this interview. There are a lot of things in his extensive notes that were not covered in the interview.  If you would like to get this information free of charge, just sign up for them by giving your email address. Click here to sign up for the free information from Warren Pollock.  The notes will be sent out via email tomorrow afternoon.  No need to give an email address if you have already signed up for “Greg’s Private Messages” on the home page.

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Thanks Greg.

    I’ll be glad when it does come.
    Since 08′ I feel we have lived in a fantasy world, one which is not healthy for anyone apart from the certifiable and deluded.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you A A!!!

      • al Hall


    • This sceptred isle

      It is like feeling you are going to vomit and wanting to get it over and done with as quickly as possible. You can prepare and take precautions such as hovering over the toilet in order to the contain the mess. Waiting is the worst part.

  2. Dan

    Awesome interview. I really like the take on “opposites”. Take the fake news meme and add the REAL focus of the Pedophile/Pizzagate scandal. MSM trying to cover up and distort the facts (e.g., with Comet Pizza for instance).

    But let me be politcally incorrect here (as Warren says we need to be more direct to tell things as they really are!):

    You fucking disgusting Washington D.C. Corrupt Political, Banking, and Business Elite, since the MSM will not do their jobs to expose you WE WILL.


    We are forced to do this because you, the MSM whore media, won’t. Phase 2 will be enforcement – because you useless pussies as the CIA and FBI et al are not doing your fucking jobs and letting so many children be molested, raped, and butchered on a daily basis. You have no spine, no soul, no courage. Hence you are JUST A GULTY YOU SICK people.

    1) Official Statement (Letter) from former NYC Mayer Rudoplh Giuliani stating the huge pedophile ring in Washington D.C. (this letter and tweet was censored by Twitter; but an archive is here. – MUST READ BY ALL)

    2) Donald Trump Silent on #PizzaGate, But Close Supporters Talking (David Seaman YouTube channel):

    3) Illuminati Leak: Current Membership of ‘Committe of 300’

    This last list of 300 (which has countless pedophiles) includes the likes of John Kerry, Alan Greenspan, Henry Kissinger, Paul Krugman, Ben Bernanke, Tony Blair, Michael Bloomber, Rupert Murdoch, Warren Buffet, George Bush Sr., Mark Carney, Colin Powell, Susann Rice, Bill Clinton, David Rockefeller Sr., Nicholas Rockefeller, Robert Rubin, Mario Draghi, William Dudley George Soros, Joseph Stiglitz, Bill Gates, Timothy Geithner, Herman Van Rompuy, Al Gore, Jean-Claude Trichet, Jean-Claude Junker, Robert Zoellick, many from the Rothschild clan, and many from the royal families of different countries of europ including Queen Elizabeth II – the Supreme Leader of the NWO).

    Let’s all make a pact to not let this issue be ignored and swept under the rug! Every day children are molested, raped, and ritually sacrificed (killed) by members of these networks. Don’t take my word for it – take the former mayor of NYC! Read his letter. NEVER FORGET NOR FORGIVE. We are coming after you since the FBI and others won’t!


    • Greg Hunter

      You know Dan, I don’t usually don’t allow the F-Bomb but in this case is seem appropriate.

      • David

        English and writing are part of my professional resume, and I just wanted to say that cursing has no place in real journalism.
        You are a good man with a good heart, but I don’t think you are being very professional in allowing your guests to use vile words or use God’s name in vain. This is extremely rare on your videos, but it does come out as it did today.
        I know you are striving to have a very professional news program, so couldn’t you at least caution your guests in pre-interview?

        • Tracy Welborn

          C’mon man. Wake up! What are you 12 years old? The future of our nation is at stake here. I don’t know if you have kids or a family, I do. I really wouldn’t be concerned about “proper language”. If we’re not careful, you’ll have plenty of time to teach English in the “re-education camps”.

          • David

            Believe me I do know the stakes. That is why I faithfully folow this website and I have learned much from all the guests.
            But I am old enough to know that the communists understood the fact that a nation, or empire, is destroyed from within through the destruction of language and culture. This was successfully introduced into our nation in the 1960s and began a downward spiral so that the “language” we have today is not even true communication. The transfer of thoughts and ideas with the use of curse words is a waste of time and does not add to the value of the truth being conveyed. All the truly great people of the world who give their speeches do not waste time with useless words.

          • Paul ...

            Your right Tracy … when you see Miley exposing half of her virgina to our children on TV … it is just begomes a “natural reaction” … for people to say WTF!!!

            • Frederick

              That’s Virginia Me thinks Paulie

        • Westcoaster

          David, I think Mr. Pollock’s point in the video is that it’s high time to STOP speaking in namby-pamby, political-correct speak w/o getting to the point and telling the truth.
          If swear words appear to underline statements, so be it.

        • Charles H

          I have to agree with you, David. The mental images that words conjure ARE significant. Also there should be a line which one does not cross. And the shear amount of words to configure in expression can more than make-up for what amounts to short, shock-words. Profanity is a compromise upon what should be an exercise of conscience. It is not wrong to endeavor to maintain higher standards than what passes for normal nowadays. Civility is a testament that works conviction upon those who will not measure up to it. That is, unless those here want to sink to the level of their choice. Thank you, David.

          • David

            Thank you. Very well articulated.

        • Russ McMeans

          Swear words should only be used occasionally, once in a blue moon. And the Loord’s name never, unless you have a death wish date with God.
          I find the 2 words fu and Shit to be be very effective if used occasionally. And when you think about it; those 2 words sum up our MSM media and our Government. All in two words.
          To be nice we could just call them goose crap. That’ll do too!

        • Jeff L

          I for one will agree with you. Some people will think that because things are so bad that it warrants a curse……total non-sense and only goes along with stooping to all that is wrong with society and rationalizing bad as good.
          This site as good as it is in conveying the truth doesn’t need cursing. Cursing won’t improve the site.

    • Arthur

      Holy Cow, is this true?

      • This sceptred Isle

        does that expression originate from India?

    • DB Cooper

      Greg, Thank you for having WP on the program, he is obviously smart and insightful. Happy New Year and may God spare us and bless us all in the coming year.

      Dan, while I have to agree with your statements and sentiment I will tell you that I do not do PC well!! I was in the United States Merchant Marine for 35 years and you cannot make me blush … that said, I love the English language and I personally aspire to speak it better not worse and to gain a greater and wider working knowledge of our language rather than a lesser one. I am sure that profanity has it’s place but I do not feel that that place is here … why not just speak Ebonics ?? I agree w/ WP that President Trump will need to take them out …period. He is now playing the Big Game of Risk !! The last time that the US actually prosecuted a war was WW2 and even then there was subterfuge … look at Yalta and look at Patton and how he was stopped from stopping the Ruskies and then was killed. My Point ?? This is the Big Leagues and DJT better not screw around and play patty cakes. I pray that God has anointed President Trump and that He will protect him .
      With respect, Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB

    • This sceptred Isle

      1) In a deflation money becomes MORE valuable as there is less of it around. Therefore, whether you are bullish or not on gold in a deflationary environment depends on whether you believe gold is money or just a ‘luxury’ item as Pollock says.

      2) Debt is growing exponentially. Exponential growth is usually unsustainable. Can someone please give me an example of something which grows exponentially in a sustainable way.

      3) Credit issued by banks may at PRESENT be far greater than base money issued by the federal reserve. However, the Federal reserve potentially has the ability to create as much base money as they wish in order to combat deflation. Theoretically, they could create quadrillions of dollars by entering a few digits on a computer screen. Not like the good old days when the Weimar republic backed their noted with paper and ink!!!

      • This sceptred Isle

        I mean…
        Not like the good old days when the Weimar republic backed their notes with paper and ink!!!

        • Paul ...

          Take a good look at the recently printed $100 dollar bill, $50 dollar bill, $20 dollar bill, etc. … half the bill is a Federal Reserve Note (from a private company that can declare bankruptcy) and the other half of the bill is a Treasury Note (from a government that can’t declare bankruptcy without dissolving itself) … so when the re-set comes … I expect our printed paper dollar bills will be made into “full Treasury Notes” as the Fed is declared bankrupt (and all the old Federal Reserve Notes held by foreigners are declared worthless pieces of paper) … so more then just “the love of gold” is driving foreigners to sell their Federal Reserve Notes … they want out because they see an end to the Fed and any promises made by this private corporation to redeem their paper with something of value!

    • Steve C.

      We have to be careful, PizzaGate is Real, but that @RuldolphGiuliani account is fake I believe. The real Giuliani account seems to be @RudyGiuliani. Like I said PizzaGate is real, but they will try to create diversions to hide the truth, or set up fake accounts like this and then say the info is fake because it’s a fake account. PizzaGate is 150% real, and I share your other sentiments. Draining the WHOLE swamp should be the Trump’s #1 priority.

      • Dan

        You are right Steve. My apologies for not double-checking this was indeed a fake Twitter account. I still have no doubt, though, that there exists a significant pedophile network in DC. Also, the purpose of my post was to discuss this particular issue, not that of cursing in the English language. Any further replies, please stay on topic for the sake of the victims.

      • Frederick

        Giuliani is WAY too much of a creep to actually have a sense of morality thats my opinion I knew that twitter thing was fake news from the git go due to that

    • ross

      Dan there is no doubt that pedophilia is widespread but the ones you have accused here must have the benefit of innocence until proven guilty in a court of law.There should be no more Chelsea Mannings or Edward Snowdens et al who can be imprisoned on mere say so.
      Will Trump go this deep into the swamp? I doubt it.

    • Hatemail

      This is Fake News.

      You have been duped.
      Do a little research before believing anything as truth. Don’t spread evil gossip.

      • Robert G

        Hatemail, I totally agree. Fake news big time. Another internet conspiracy. Let’s have some irrefutable prove, or do facts and the truth matter anymore?

        • Bart

          Snopes is misinfo, big time.

          • Greg Hunter

            I agree. Would not trust that.

    • RTW

      Rudy’s letter did seem plausible until the end where it referred 9-11. Giuliani would never claim that event happened any other way than what was fed to the world. The stakes would be too high for anyone in that position to refute the scripted story. Hell, even the most popular conservative radio show hosts won’t go there because they’re afraid. As for Pizzagate, everyone involved should be rounded up and used as training dummies for our covert agencies. Putting them in some max prison allowing them to be gang-raped would not serve as justice, for
      what they have done/are doing to innocent children. Anyone, and I mean
      ANYONE, who could do that to a child should be deemed subhuman and thus
      treated as such. Nobody capable of those acts is fit for society. However, they
      could still provide one last useful purpose, by allowing agencies to hone their
      torture methods and try out new ones on live subjects, nobody cares about anyway.
      This way these vile, odious, cretins would get to experience what their poor defenseless victims endured just so they could satisfy their perversions. Then their (brains)? could be examined to find out just what abnormalities exist within.

    • Scott Miller

      Fake news.

      Please stop this Dan Mr. hunter!


      • Greg Hunter

        I am not going to stop “Dan.” He’s perfectly welcome to comment as are you. You are not welcome to be rude and call people names you do not agree with.

  3. Nick de la Gaume


  4. Andrew Butterworth

    Hello Greg
    Letting you know that I clicked on the link that was sent to me and the link diverted directly to your website. Would love to read Mr Pollock’s notes.
    Great interview.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes Andrew. To get the notes you have to give your email and then I will send it to you. I just sent it out and will do so again tomorrow.

  5. Jerry

    Question: So how long can the Central Banks continue to manipulate the markets and print money?
    Answer: Until they can’t.
    Question: When will that be?
    Answer: Most likely when the United States loses its veto power to override the IMF board of governors vote to strip the dollar of its reserve currency status.
    Question: When will that happen?

    Question: What will the dollar be worth when it loses reserve currency status and China dumps all of its remaining treasuries? _________________________

    • Jerry

      The velocity of money heading for impact.

      If you look at the baseline number, we’ve already crashed. But the illusion continues. 2+2 no longer = 4. Its whatever the central banks want it to be.

  6. Jerry

    This is why the IMF will act to strip the dollar of its reserve currency status soon.

    They have to much invested with the reserve currency status of the Yuan, and their own gold purchases to let the dollar unravel the emerging industrial nations of the world who support them.

    • Jerry

      Let me explain how the ESF took a dump in their own mess kit and in the process sealed the doom of the dollar. The global economy is caught in a catch 22 right now and the central banks have tramped themselves. Through stealth QE
      the Federal Reserve Bank has been buying up all of the treasuries that have been dumped on the market by the Chinese and the BRICS to keep the banks from collapsing. In this buyback process, it has driven up the value of the dollar even more with its purchases fueling increased selloffs from the BRICS nations and creating huge capitol outflows in all the major markets. In short the Federal Reserve Bank is collapsing all of the major currencies of the world in an effort to plug the pressure that is building in the central banks.

      The IMF knows this, and will pull the release valve by de-pegging the world currencies from the dollar in their next meeting in April if not sooner. I could be wrong, but I don’t see any other way they can avoid this. Unfortunately even Donald Trump can’t stop this.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you Jerry!!! Love the links and analysis. keep it coming! (I am not the only one either.)

  7. Jc Davis

    Xenophobe ? Considering ISIS, and Sharia Law, will the MSM ever call them xenophobes ? The real xenophobes are the ones not willing to say there are many evils headed our way.
    Thanks for another great interview.

  8. Al

    I emailed him around 08 calling him a genius and he hasn’t disappointed since. The fact that he is looking in to Arduino says it all. Arduino is not for the faint of heart it requires logic and understanding of technology beyond downloading an app or clicking a button.
    I CHEERED when he got PI on us (Politically Incorrect), and double cheered when he mentioned taking out the piranhas. 1000% correct!
    I have a reservation about his stance on gold, and silver wasn’t mentioned at all. Overall though I agree with his concept.
    Anyone with a dog bed by the fireplace in the background is a true humanitarian in my eyes. (I have the same setup)
    Awesome interview as always Greg…

  9. Okie from Muskogee

    Earthquakes, Bible Prophecy, and Thou [You]

    BEFORE his death, Jesus foretold events and situations that would give evidence that this world had entered “the end of the age.” That period, he said, would be marked by such things as pestilences, food shortages, and large-scale warfare. He also mentioned “great earthquakes” that would occur “in one place after another.” (Matthew 24:3, 7; Luke 21:10, 11) Was Jesus referring to our day?

    Many say no. They assert that the number of earthquakes has not substantially increased in recent decades. In fact, the U.S. National Earthquake Information Center reports that earthquakes of 7.0 magnitude and greater remained “fairly constant” throughout the 20th century. But [Why has Oklahoma experienced a nearly 4000% increase in earthquake activity?] Read more at:

    Note, though, that the fulfillment of Jesus’ prophecy does not require an increase in the number or power of earthquakes. All Jesus said was that there would be great earthquakes in one place after another. Furthermore, he stated that these events would mark the “beginning of pangs of distress.” (Matthew 24:8) Distress is measured, not by the number of earthquakes or how they rate on the Richter scale, but by the effect that they have upon people. Like the shake -up of the the democratic party after the Trump victory and earthquake like sudden and dramatic, upheaval’s!
    May those democratic pangs of distress, not increase.
    But the warning pangs of a woman giving birth, do indicate the imminent and final end of this age old system of wickedness and the sooner the better! Taint getting any younger. ..
    May survive till kingdom comes! Thank you Greg and all Watchdoggers through out the world wide web. Praise the LORD and pass the info, ammo!

    THE WATCHERS: Earth changes;

    Has there been an increase in major earthquakes? ?
    From yer pappy, have a happy, hippy, newd year!

  10. Tony Gaetani

    Warren Pollock,hit home run what a great guest he really tells it like it is, great interview!!

    • This sceptred isle

      Yes but like all deflationists he totally discounts the ability of central bankers to reflate the system like it’s the 1930s and we are on a gold standard.

  11. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    Warren is, at many times, counter intuitive. This is no exception. I think he has a brilliant idea of attacking local corruption from the federal level to lessen the burden of the overall, not just federal, debt. It will be interesting to see.

    One thing I did note was that Warren did not specify at what point into the journey of the Titanic did the new captain inherit command, i.e. before it struck the iceberg or after. Curious.


  12. john duffy

    Why is it that every time there is an Islamist terrorist attack culture, relativists without a clue bring up the Crusades?

    The Crusades were a response to over 400 years of Muslim aggression — because Islam is not a religion of peace, and never has been.

    • This sceptred Isle

      the crusades were just a scam so the Templars could find the holy grail

  13. Macray

    Will Obama pardon Clinton? And if he does, will she accept?

    Will she accept? Talk about a BS question, WOW! This isn’t a marriage proposal. Of course, the author may have been instructed to present it that way.
    In my opinion, I think Bill and Hillary have already demanded one from POTUS or else. How could Clinton be able to fight Trump fight to the death, otherwise???

    Would POTUS wait until the late hours of 1-19 of next year before issuing her a blanket pardon? IDK, but we will see.

    • Macray

      Federal Appeals Court Revives Hillary Email Case Leaving Key Decision To Trump’s Attorney General

      A federal appeals court for the District of Columbia has breathed new life into the Hillary email-gate scandal which will be music to the ears of Trump’s “lock her up” supporters. The case was filed by watchdog groups ……..

      Clinton to fight Trump to the death? ONLY if she receives a POTUS Pardon.

    • flattop

      Macray; There is so much animosity between Clinton and Obama that I think a pardon is very iffy. Might just be payback time!!!

  14. HankH

    Loved it! The treacherous Clinton duo would actively work to undermine the new Trump government and incite a coup if he were to leave them alone.

    • JC Davis

      Hank H it looks like Obama is doing as much as he can to create a mess from Trumps day one program.

  15. Roland Hanneman

    The Western Media Is Being Paid Millions To Hide This Video! Putin Tells us a BIG SECRET, OR EVEN BIGGER LIE!
    The informed fake news followers know the answer to that one!

    As your watching this short speech ask yourself. Is president Obama sincere, or does he have something up his sleeve?
    He has less than a month till his most powerful nemesis [his thinking] takes over his rain of power. Whats he up too?
    Whats he gonna do? Only his hairdresser knows for sure!
    Zero in at 27:30 to 29:15
    HISTORIC: President Obama & Japan Prime Minister Abe at Pearl Harbor

    Just remember. It ain’t over, until it’s over, over there!
    In loving memory of our Yankee Doughboys and

    we don’t forget our Aussie cousins, the Diggar!


  16. Charles H


    What a clear and broad informational assessment of America today. Outstanding. Not a pretty picture.

    • Diane

      I agree Charles…it is a awesome interview

  17. Russ

    Thanks Greg, I learned a new word today: Nebbish – great word for we poor fools in California; we can vote a straight R ticket every time and it means nothing. So California will vote to secede and… nahh, not going to happen. The true fools here want to leave because of Trump and will never leave because Trump won’t let it happen. The South tried to secede back in 1860 and we all know how that turned out. Then again, maybe the lib’s have failed to study the past and are destined to repeat.

    “…Objecting to the loss of their freedom not realizing they were fighting the welfare program…”… which was the Obama jobs program in a nutshell. People who had had jobs went on unemployment and people who didn’t have the skill-sets to work were employed to pat down our crotches — excellent.

    When I look at the members of the incoming Trump cabinet I see a pattern — people with the skills to, and track record of kicking ass, and people who have a great deal of animosity toward the department they are about to lead. I have a feeling TSA will be totally revamped, really, what have they done besides irritating the public while creating a facade of safety.

    There is a revolution coming to DC. I expect to see more “come-to-Jesus” meetings in about a month. I for one and looking forward to the changes.

    • eddiemd

      I moonlighted at an Occ-Med clinic about 10 years ago and did TSA pre-employment physical exams. I believed at the time that the candidates were unqualified mentally to be doing the job. My sense when interviewing and doing the physical was that some prospective employees were selected to be “yes” men and women. They needed people who would follow orders without questioning authority. It is a government job with all the benefits and people say and do anything to get on board.

      I see more of an expansion of TSA and DHS. More Border Patrol along the highways of Texas, Arizona, California, and New Mexico and perhaps along the northern border. Too much police state; building a wall keeps people out but also keeps us in. That works for both people moving physically across border and finances moving electronically outside the USA. They are making it difficult to travel and live outside the USA for US citizens.

  18. Mike M.

    Bottom line is next year it all comes to an end. Whether it is an internal take down or an EMP strike from outside (likely No. Korea will be involved or at least take the blame) 2017 will turn out to be the worst year in US history and by 2018 the country will no longer exist. Also, the majority of the population will disposed of with likely 90% of you gone within two years or less.

    Also, anyone who thinks Trump is going to be good for the country will know within the first 100 days after he is sworn in, he was a mistake (as Clinton would have been). In fact, Trump was handpicked by the power elite and only a country of idiots can’t see this but you also voted for this moron, as well as the one that lost.

    Enjoy the little time you have remaining. Pollock mentioned the word Titanic and that is exactly where you are at, except this time it represents a country and not an ill-fated ship. The end results, however, will be the same. Tic toc, tic toc

    • Bob Lamb

      That is quite the cheery optimistic outlook! You may be right though! I hope we have more time than that.

    • Maria Clair

      Mike your very sincere but sincerely wrong. Trump is going to be used by God the father to rescue the meek who will then inherit the earth. I hope you’ll be among that great crowd. [Mat.5:5–Rev.7:14]

    • Russ McMeans

      Thanks for the new year cheer Mr. M.
      Not so fast. What if God disagrees with the scenario you painted? I’m in the Jim Rickards and Katherine Fitts camp. Things do go wrong, but the entire world wakes up every morning with a motive to make things work. ( I was going to exclude the drunks and dopers, but even they have to get to work to support their lifestyle)!

  19. andyb

    Kudos to Warren. I am almost starting to feel sorry for the college SJW snowflakes. What a bleak future they have. What with the push for $15 minimum wage, there will be no entry level jobs to gain experience in the “real” world. The social Marxists, understandably, are disingenuously ignorant on this matter. How many waiters, bartenders, etc do we really need? My advice to any one in High school who is not mathematically, scientifically, or computer oriented is to learn a trade. There are no safe spaces in the trades; it’s all, for the most part, on-the-job training, And with right-to-work laws gaining momentum, there will be fewer leeches on your paycheck. Yes, at one point, unions were necessary to protect workers’ rights; that’s no longer the case, and hasn’t been for 80+ years.

    Given the debt enslavement of the next 2 generations of the university cohort, we are facing extremely tough times, especially given the racial and social divisions fostered by Obama. The ultimate in fiscal and monetary tyranny will be the abolition of cash, the control over all bank accounts, and the theft of pensions and IRAs.

    Unfortunately, Trump will not be the answer to our problems. The system is too ingrained with corruption for it to change. A total reset is necessary and will bring a lot of pain even to those who may survive. A civil war is on the horizon; be safe and armed

  20. Mike R

    A 9% yield on the 10 year, would be absolutely devastating. Heck, at 5%, the Dow would probably be cut in half. Impossible to even comprehend how the yield could even get there.

    • Frederick

      Mike Im not sure how old you are but I remember my 18 percent mortgage in 1981 newlywed with a baby and laid off I survived somehow

      • Mike R

        Frederick. I’m 55. Back in 1981, our government had less than 1/20th of the debt we do now, and individuals had even a lower fraction than they do today. Annual College cost less than $3000, vs $30,000 today for a comparable 4 yr degree, and Health care cost was a tiny fraction of what it costs today. At 9% yield on the 10 year – do the math ! Our government could not possibly service that level of debt (interest payments), even if they doubled everyone’s federal taxes, and got rid of every federal agency including the military. (the bulk of their out-go now is for SS and Medicaid.) There would be ZERO demand for home loans, since the same home in 1981 cost $60,000 vs $300,000 today. And $300,000 today barely buys you a shack in many of the nations most populous cities. We’d have the worst stagflation in the history of the universe. Unemployment (the U3 number) would go from 4.8 to over 25%. (meaning real unemployment would be north of 40%). It’s impossible for most people to fathom these implications, bc they don’t take the time to even consider the resulting consequences. (i.e. if this, then that). Yeah, you might survive, but ultimately you might even prefer to be living in some other 3rd world country. It would be a living hell for the vast majority of the population. Particularly, the going forward numbers of an additional 10,000 retirees per day that has barely begun to kick in. What little of their 401k they’d have left after it was crushed, coupled with SS income that would likely be halved, and a future dollar that buys 50% less than it does today, and taxes they’d have on their home that they wouldn’t be able to sell without a substantial loss, would maybe allow them to survive for a half dozen years or less. Nearly Every block (except for the 1%’ers) in the US would look like many of the now vacant or foreclosed lots in the heart of Detroit. Rural and urban alike. You personally might survive, but you might not have 75% of the neighbors you have now. Any recovery from that scenario would take at least a decade, if not two, and the standard of living would never be the same as it is now. You might want to re-visit books on what life looked like after the fall of the Soviet Union, in many of the post Soviet era states for the subsequent 20 years. So few people today realize how utterly barren and broken many former Soviet era towns, cities, etc look, and remain, and they never had it close to what we have today. Many parts of Mexico today, look richer and not as poor as the post Soviet towns look. You don’t want 9% yield on the 10 Treasury. Trust me on that one. It would mean very very very bad things and wild dislocations are happening.

  21. eddiemd

    Propaganda. Psyops. Ruse.

    This is the new norm.

    College educated idiots. The GRE is no longer required for graduate level coursework or degrees. No GRE means more stupid people taking out student loans to prop up the false post-secondary education fraud.

    He is correct about corruption at the local level. This is especially true of the county/municipal court systems, state/county attorneys, prison-industrial complex, and pension systems.

    How many people feed on the electronic plantation known as EBT and SSDI?

    Feel the dread approaching

    Hebrews 13:8
    Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever.

    Acts 4:12
    12Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.

    • susan

      Really? The GRE isn’t required anymore. That’s awful. And SATs keep getting easier and easier. Too bad.

    • Frederick

      Mike I left in 2014 and am very comfortable living here on the SW coastline of Turkey Great weather great local organic food and best of all nice local population No property taxes and medical through my wife is great too I lived in the Hamptons and made a good living building houses but I believe my life quality is better here I just bought land and am lining up contractors now I will keep you posted friend Happy 2017 to all

    • Faith

      The GRE and GMAT are still used. There may be some schools that allow undergrads, or other students, to participate in graduate level courses without taking the GRE or GMAT but it is an error to say that the GRE (or GMAT) is “no longer required” is a blanket statement that may be true at some universities but is not true at all universities.

      Scoring for the GRE has changed as well as the test is now adaptive based on the answers that are given by the test taker. The old test was scored from 200 to 800 for a possible total of 1600 while the new test is scored from 130 to 170 for a total possible score of 340.

  22. Bill

    GREG: The Clintons are wicked and evil. The sooner our nation rids itself of these types of people, the sooner we will begin to recover from this blight of dishonesty and perversion that now infests our nation. Pray for America like never before and ask GOD to bless our Pres Elect with Wisdom, knowledge and understanding of how to correct our problems and show him favor in decisions.

    • This sceptred isle

      The thing is Hillary is not the ringleader as pollack contends. What about the bush dynasty? Soros? Saudi Arabia?

      • Frederick

        Saudi Arabia? You still believe those arabs were savvy enough to bring down those three buildings? Absurd actually

        • This sceptred Isle

          Like I said the Bush dynasty AND the Saudis

        • RealityCheck

          Didn’t the Arabs just build a new showcase city and forget to plan for a workable sewage system? Brilliant!

          • This sceptred isle

            I am talking about Saudi money and what it is funding. Hillary clinton’s campaign for example. Polock is nice to believe simply removing clinton from the equation will solve everything and stop the attacks on trump.

          • JC Davis

            WOW Reality Check. I’m laughing my tail off. The old man said How much Sh.. is in Dubai ? So funny Thanks.

          • Dan S.

            Good they can bathe in their own sh*t

          • Robert G

            RealityCheck Growing pains that have been resolved.

  23. francis m reps

    Mr. Pollock ; for all his true brilliance { and he is truly a brilliant man } seems to overlook the fact that a severe credit collapse and the accompanying misery will not be avoided… matter how cleverly the political and economic Elites implement corrective policies. This crap started with fractional reserve banking back in 1694…..visited this country in 1913 { establishment of the Fed } and since there is not very much else left for the Elitesto steal from the populace ; turmoil and slavery is in our future. Thank the Almighty for Trump as president because he and Putin will become friends and avoid war. Other than that ; we are doomed.

  24. Wayne

    Thanks for interviewing a problem solver. Very refreshing! Please have him back soon. Have a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

  25. Diane

    This is an interview everyone needs to listen to
    at least twice.
    I will listen several times. This is REAL NEWS.
    Thank you Mr. Warren Pollock and Mr. Hunter

  26. Susa Glenn

    Hi Greg,
    Love your show; this one was terrific!
    Here are links to the latest releases from George Webb: and
    These are Day 66 – Where is Eric Braverman parts 1 and 2. Part 2 goes into what President Trump can do to get the U.S. out of this mess.
    Thanks so much for all you do!

    • eddiemd

      This man puts out some interesting videos on the connections to the arms smuggling, Clinton, and other people connected in the web of deceit.

      Braverman’s disappearance should be headline news,

      • Frederick

        The Clintons truly are despicable grifters NO DOUBT

  27. Dee Garmon

    Titanic did not sink the moment she hit the iceberg, but that was inevitable.

    • Paul ...

      And like then … everyone on board today’s Titanic still think things will be fine because after all the Titanic is unsinkable … right? … the Fed promises there is no limit to the lifeboats available to the people … right? … well just watch what the IMF does when the Fed asks for trillions of SDR’s to cover its debts!!… as for gold … everyone should be buying it now “with both hands” before the Fed IOU’s become worth less “relics” that even banks right now won’t accept in payment (this supposedly “legal tender” is being rejected by the very people who created it) and people expect gold to go down relative to the US dollar!!! … get real people … the banksters are rejecting their own IOU’s as worthless pieces of paper and telling you “right to your face” they won’t accept cash anymore … what do you think that means???

      • This sceptred Isle

        In the Titanic analogy, who are the band that played on as if everything was ok? The media?

  28. BobT

    Hi Greg,

    Awesome interview. Warren knows his stuff for sure. RE: the F-bomb, I think this exception if fine as well. You may take some heat, but not from me. It is good to hear that we are heading back to being ourselves, without worrying about being PC. So, I agree it was appropriate.


    • Diane

      It was very appropriate. ..Greg is a fine gentleman, but even Greg is sick of political correct lies….so is Mr. POLLUCK.
      HERE HERE .

  29. Jim Taylor

    Wow 9% on the 10yr! That would be awesome. Finally earn some interest from my bank account. Home prices would drop 70% and housing would become affordable.

    • Frederick

      Bingo Keep your powder dry and get some precious metals for insurance

      • This sceptred Isle

        I’m sure those people in India were keeping their powder dry before their cash was banned.

        • This sceptred Isle

          or we could deposit our cash in an Italian bank. I hear they are gratefully accepting deposits.

          • Paul ...

            Cash in hand or cash in a bank is like owning grains of sand in a desert … think about it … how many grains of sand do you think an ounce of gold is worth? … yet today you can still buy gold with grains of sand because the “fake news” media tells everyone that the desert sand is “going up in value relative to gold” … but a bigger question arises …although we can buy gold from those who believe “the fake news media” and are willing to sell their gold to us for sand … is it morally right for us to do so?? … perhaps we should abstain from purchasing gold “unfairly”!!!

        • Frederick

          Theres. a big difference between the rupee and the worlds reserve currency(USD) I find it very difficult to believe they could pull something like that with the dollar but who knows

        • Macray

          I know I shouldn’t be laughing, but that was funny : )))

    • Macray

      Jim T
      Remember, that was Mr. Pollack’s prediction/opinion on the 9% 10 yr., happening sooner than you think. I believe it was Jim Sinclair that suggested, within the last 30 days, that interest rate derivatives blow up once the 10 yr. exceeds 3%.
      Either way, I agree with you and fellow watchdogger Jerry, there will be some real estate steals/deals coming our way!

  30. This sceptred Isle

    Is Hillary Clinton the leader of the school? If you follow the money, the Saudis and Soros are the real puppet masters. Clinton is history now and the puppetmasters will conjure new monsters to torment Trump with.
    Hillary would have been a terrible president and Trump is preferable. However, surely America had a better quality businessman to offer than Trump. Someone who has had to build a business from nothing. Someone who has avoided bankruptcies. Trump is fantastic at marketing himself but the reality is more Wizard of Oz. Behind the smoke and mirrors Trump is an average businessman at best.
    The baby boomers are the most MEDIOCRE generation ever: Since they ended the gold standard they have benefited from record low interest rates, record debt growth, record house prices, pension schemes kept afloat by younger workforce that will not get a pension themselves. Once the babyboomers bubble has burst younger people will have to pick up the pieces. I just hope the bubble bursts whilst most of the babyboomers are still alive so that they may experience an epiphany once all their pension schemes and house prices collapse.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Nothing against the babyboomers, just they have an overinflated opinion of themselves. Trump exemplifies this. His business model only works when he is able to borrow money at interest rates in perpetual decline and build property into a rising housing bubble. Would this work with rising interest rates and a bear market in real estate?

      • This sceptred isle

        And not to mention that generation greedily using up all the earth’s natural resources so that future generations will inherit a debt saturated resource devoid world.

      • Lucas Doolin

        Most of us were in the back seat of the car someone else was driving.

    • Frederick

      Speak for yourself when you say “mediocre” bubba

      • Lucas Doolin

        You don’t use resources?

  31. Jim

    Mr. Pollock talks about everything crashing (real estate, stocks, bonds, and even gold.). I’m confused as to what they will be crashing against. Something can only fall in value relative to something else. In the great depression, everything crashed relative to the dollar, but the dollar was backed by gold. Does Mr. Pollock really believe that everything is going to crash in value relative to the dollar now, when the dollar is fiat? There is more than one way to create fiat dollars. Borrowing them into existence is the one he brings up, but they can be printed and helicoptered out as well. When fiat money is dying, that is historically when the printing presses ramp up. (Of course now just digits could be added to bank or PayPal accounts .) I just can’t see federal reserve notes coming out of this as the premier asset that everything else falls against. Have you seen a graph of the money supply recently? Can you say “exponential”? And if it isn’t federal reserve notes, then what? What could it be besides gold?

    • Bob Lamb

      Food and other direct life sustaining assets.

      • Jim

        If that’s the case, a lot of people will die. Everything can crash relative to gold without causing a mass die-off, but food? I hope that’s not what he is predicting.

  32. Jerry

    Talk about a dog turd rolled in powdered sugar, being sold as a jelly doughnut?

    Just another reason the central bankers and the globalist will never let Donald Trump even get a whiff of the Whitehouse. To many backdoor deals that can’t afford to see the light of day. Surprised? Not me. What did you expect from a street thug socialist that came up through the ranks of the dirtiest political machine in history?

    • Charles H

      I always used ‘a turd in a hotdog bun’ analogy – as it seemed more American. Onions! Mustard! Relish! (And I loved the foot-longs at Daly’s Drive-In.)

  33. Diane

    This is what I’ve been concerned about for years. It could happen…….

    • Gary Canuck

      I also share your concerns re gold, history repeats itself. It seems like tangible
      goods of necessity, ” Alcohol, Cigarettes, Cows, Coffee, would be nice to have
      in the barn.

    • This sceptred Isle

      They can confiscate/outlaw any asset though (food, water, property, bank assets…even your own body in the form of conscription/forced labour). Failing that they can enforce punitive tax rates on things such as housing etc. In this scenario gold seems a good bet as it can ‘disappear’.
      Take a look at Executive order 13603 signed by Obama in 2012:

    • Charles H


      Armstrong has a sword over his neck. This is probably THE government line of propaganda – to keep normal people OUT of physical. If it is a psy-op push to prepare: it won’t fly. People will NOT turn over what they have gone through the wringer for in these last four years. Make citizens criminals – and I think it will blow-up in their faces.

      • Greg Hunter

        Charles H,
        I think this might help you explain what you mean. Bill Holter did this post and the facts and quotes are legit!!

        • Gary Canuck

          Greg, I also picked up on it, good comment by Holter, yea Marty did say it, no doubt about it.
          I TOTALLY disagree with Charles H, that Armstrong is trying to keep people out of the gold market, he calls like he sees it.
          Of course that is with this forum is for Greg.
          Thanks for providing it.

  34. Deanna Johnston Clark

    I remember being at Walmart in 1990 with children . I wanted some fabric and was seeing for the first time $1 a yard Chinese prints. The kids wanted cheap toys. I had a tiny budget and got these things but thought, “How will this end? It’s fun seeing stuff from so far away…gee, China!”
    But then I dreamed about the labor conditions…real dreams…and could no longer buy such things without my heart feeling colder, without arguing with myself and trying to justify it. Some said they would starve without the slave jobs…but that was EXACTLY the old argument for importing and using Africans in the 17th to 19th centuries.
    We all sold out years ago and our moral weakness over labor conditions is why we’re in the Titanic Warren describes. It’s not the Clintons, or Soros or Goldman or Kissinger we should be looking at first but our own complicity in the system…willing and enthusiastic complicity! There…my Gandhi lecture for the day!! And he got it from the New Testament.

    • Charles H

      You are right, Diana. Thank you for the encouraging and refreshing candor.

  35. Pinocchio

    Let us make Titanic great again !!!!

  36. Pinocchio

    We need a new nuclear reactor. We need another Fukushima !!!!

  37. Jim Ledyard

    Thanks Greg, for the blockbuster interview with Warren Pollack. I had to watch it three times just to make sure I did not miss anything. Timely, concise, and on-point.

    I’m sure readers know we are in deep trouble with the recently passed 2016 Propaganda Law.

    The US Information and Educational Exchange Act of 1948 (Public Law 80-402), popularly referred to as the Smith–Mundt Act, specifies the terms in which the United States government can engage ” global audiences”, also known as propaganda.

    The difference between the 1948 Propaganda Law and the 2016 Law, is that the new Law allows the Federal Government to go after media INSIDE the USA, and it is in direct violation of the first amendment.

    Very soon there will be no more Warren Pollack interviews, I’m afraid.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for supporting USAW Jim!!

      • J

        passed 2016 Propaganda Law. ?

  38. Mr. BoJangles

  39. your fan in Japan

    Near the end of the interiveiw, Mr. Pollack hints that gold prices will fall as people will not have money to spend on gold and other luxuries. That idea, “people will not have money to spend on gold, so godl prices will fall”- made me remember similar advice I offered to a student when asked about investing in gold. This was in 2004. At that time, there was also talk of a looming recession. I reckoned that people would have to use their money to buy necessities, housing, clothing and food- and you can’t eat gold coins. Gold had moved from its 1999 low of 250 up to about 450. The price had almost doubled. Liking gold to stocks, I said the time to buy was before the price doubled, not after. So, I talked him and myself out of a gold investment. People on this site know what happened to gold next. I could not have been more wrong. What’s going to happen this time? I venture no guesses. We will have to see if my idea of 2004 and Mr. Pollacks idea of today come to pass- that or we see, what is it- $50000 gold. Whatever happens, we are in for one hell of a ride.

    • This sceptred isle

      Pollack’s is working under the assumption that money is not gold. Why then do central banks hold gold? As a luxury item?

    • Macray

      your fan in Japan
      I agree with Mr. Pollack’s premise that most will not be able to afford Gold in the future, but the ones he refers to do not own any physical gold today. Most Americans cannot even spell gold.
      You may enjoy watching a short video made back in 2012. Just watch the first one minute and it tells you all you need to know about the ones Mr. Pollack is referring to. Selling 1 Oz Gold Coin for $25 (when it’s worth over $1,500)

      • Macray

        An very recent audio, excellent interview with Andrew Maguire that does not share Mr. Pollacks views on where the physical price of gold is going.

        At the 14 minute mark, he shares some good info that most gold analysts did not even have a clue about prior to the interview.

        With the Allocated Bullion Exchange (ABX), that Andrew sits on the Board of, one can now trade physical gold just as easily as one trades paper gold. Hopefully, some of the guests that Greg provides for us, that trade physical as part of their client services, gives the ABX a shot in 2017!

      • This sceptred Isle

        yeah, I think central banks and large entities will determine the price of gold not the common folk.

        • This sceptred Isle

          also if the price of gold is suppressed then the price deflation has already occurred.

    • Beligarant

      Yawn, this is all psy-ops. Every time they say gold to da’ moon it falls like a rock. And rest assured every time they say wait for the price of gold to fall further it will make a launch. Haven’t you learned anything in the past 5 to 10 years by following these guru’s? When they say China’s stock market would crash back in 2010 it went to new highs and anyone that followed their advice lost 80% of their investments. When they said gold to $5,000 oz in 2011 it crashed wickedly hard and anyone following their investments lost their life savings. Following their free advice is following them to your grave. Invest hard in gold now! Numerous mints overseas are beginning to charge incredible premiums on gold and expect that to do nothing but spread.

  40. red

    Love Warren, One of the real thinkers IMO. Just a hunch on my part but I think if they
    let the markets go to Trumps inauguration. The plunge protection people might want to be looking over their shoulders…Trump will be well aware they’re setting him up to be the patsy… JMO but if they don’t move now I think a lot of people will be looking at jail time , including Central bankers JMO

  41. James Hastings

    Mea culpa… fault. I am a Biblical based christian. I am a 10 year veteran. I am a Patriot above Patriots. I have family in Special Forces, deployed. I have served overseas. I know how good we have it. I know who will pay, for our freedom. I see who paid, I talk with, who will pay. My wife is asian, and wonders at my moods. Her life was always predestined.

    So, Sorry, for my bummer attitude. It will not go well for anyone. You have been sheltered and may not be able to adjust to the reality of ……the future. Did you ever wonder……it’s those from the Tribe of Ephram or Manasseh… who are leading the world…and failing?

    I’m a pion in history….but look at the struggle for freedom from Vietnamese people at a google search on…..USS Whipple rescues’ 410 Vietnamese in 1978. We were the “Hope” of the world. We were blessed by God. I say were, because, obama has turned his back on the house of Judah. Few, know who we are, where we originated, what God expected. From where we migrated.

    In summation, we have failed. “Many are called…few will be chosen”. I’m really not this morbid in person. I just feel overwhelmed. 🙂 I hope the best for all of you.

    • Charles H


      On the USS Midway – I saw the refugees who came out at the fall of Saigon. The expressions on their faces were surreal, after the exhaustion of fear – to the dawning of hope and an uncertain future. Something of this is probably our turn to experience. We are on the right side; and the victory is the Lord’s. (I wish I had one of the Huey helicopters they pushed overboard, though.)

  42. Craig Michael

    Hi Greg,
    Warren Pollack is someone I usually listen to a second time. I could do without the profanity and vulgarity please. By all means, let’s dismantle this toxic PC culture. Let’s work at uplifting our civil discourse. Mr. Pollack seemed particularly angry this interview.

    Let’s not also put President-elect Trump on any pedestal right yet or over-magnify who he is. Don’t turn him into “our Obama”. Trump is one of these guys who can’t be shamed or ever apologize. Let us see what he will do. The government – on all levels- is too large and intrusive. We need to re-discover and strive to return to our Constitution.

    God help our nation.

  43. susan

    God will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel. I am praying Mr. Trump will be blessed and those who follow those who curse Israel will be cursed. I am trusting in my God.

    • Frederick

      Susan that sounds great but I have to say it would be alot easier if they would stop stealing the homes and lands of the native people Supporting that kind of behavior is not very Christian is it?

      • susan

        Depending on how far back in history you go…….

        • Charles H


      • Paul ...

        Genetically the Palestinians are Jews … so we have “Jews” cursing Israel … go figure???

        • This sceptred Isle

          religion is one of the tools they use to divide and conquer…

        • Charles H

          Half-brothers, actually. Same father; different mother.

  44. Mung Bean
    December 28, 2016
    Bernie Farber’s Trump Derangement Syndrome: Muslims and Jews unite against imaginary “white lash”

  45. Kim

    Fantastic interview Greg, Happy New Year!

  46. larrywalters


    Once again you have elevated your website, and yourself by including such enlightened
    voices as Warren Pollack. I would ask that if you can, question Warren on what strategies the common man should take in these perilous times. This interview is akin to opening a window in the dark caverns of the elite wretched, who not only wish to reign over us, but
    with disdain and avarice because they ‘know better’. Kudos to you.
    And if time permits, please talk with Charles Nenner, Clif High, Martin Armstrong, Dimity
    Orlov, Rob Kirby, Katherine Austin Fitts, Nassim Taleb and other fearless torch bearers of illumination and freedom. Your forum for truth is radiating out into the web, attracting integrity and honesty to the light, like moths to a flame. If you are fake news, I wish more of it. I grow weary of the oligarchial news detritus. Truth, I like it because it is clean.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Nassim Taleb would be an amazing guest. I read his book Black Swan. It is a good reminder that chance and luck needs to be factored into our view of the world.

  47. Rod King

    We lost another great one and connection to a saner past. . .
    Leslie Nielsen & Debbie Reynolds (Tammy & The Bachelor) Full Movie 1957

  48. Dave

    President Trump should kill George Soros. He is super rich and eliminating him would cut off funding to a lot of “mischief” he sponsors. Killing, or prosecuting, Clintons would cause more problems and their allies in the deep state would then try to attack Trump. Other than money what power does George Soros have? Hey, i’m just a knucklehead on the internet so what do i know. If you’re Soros and you can just call up the Treasury Secretary, (part of email leak earlier), you are clearly connected. But, is he connected to the security/military establishment? Wasn’t one of the reasons he lives in New York was because he was banished from London because of his evil? It’s time for him to be banished from this earth. His death would shake up the evil ones, but you know i think they chalk it up to a warning and don’t retaliate. If his sons don’t get the message and try and carry on the family legacy pop them too. They can be like the Kennedy clan EXCEPT they deserve to get the shiv.

    • Frederick

      Soros is connected to the Rothshilds so he has more power than you know and Im not sure “killing” him is a great idea Arresting and/or deporting might be good though

    • Macray

      Sure Dave
      You can always blame it on Putin!!!! No evidence needed!!!!

    • flattop

      DAVE; Maybe the neocons and the perverts are done with the Clintons now that the Clintons can do nothing for them.. The sharks are circling.

    • This sceptred Isle

      It is ludicrous for Pollack to contend that Hillary Clinton is the ringleader when she is dependent on funding from other sources. Treat the cause not the symptom.

      • Greg Hunter

        They run the Clinton Foundation that Charles Ortel says is tens of billions of dollars. That is no small thing.

        • Frederick

          No offense Greg but their money is a mere pittance when compared to the big fish They are just useful idiots(grifters) and we actually fell for it for awhile Well many of us anyway

  49. Diane D.

    Trump has already exceeded my expectations in forcing the globalists and their controlled MSM to reveal their true identities and agenda. In the process many Americans have awaked. For that I am grateful, willing to count my blessings and move on.

    Now ask yourself a simple question, ‘What do you truly want?’ Revenge? I get it. But I want a divorce. Period. Yes, I will fight for that; but pursuing a fight for revenge? No thanks.

    Perhaps we should put more faith (effort and resources) in what replaces a wicked government intent on destroying us rather than trying to save it. Think new borders and being with people of like values and culture.

  50. Justn Observer

    Greg and Mr. Pollock… Thanks for all you bring to the table !

    Those that do not consider the use of the same Altar of Pergamon at the Denver stadium by Obama as Hitler used…and his ‘administrations’ ties to ‘occult satanic sacrifices’ of the Vril/ Thule Society/SS, Operation Paperclip, and the takeover of MSM and Entertainment = Operation Mockingbird by the Deep State….
    do not miss the relevance of the world wide ties of ‘pizza gate’.
    All deeply seated in manipulation of mind control, shaping of thought, and programming… When one considers ‘who’ rises to prominence and how…they become ICONS = ‘EYE-CONS’ with the many celebrities and political figures using their ‘pyramidic (all seeing eye) and satanic bull hand jestures’ , the past news of ‘government employees and porno watching on gov’t sites’ excetra…and the recent hush of the Weiner emails…there should be no illusion as to what is going on by a distinct set of people in society at high places…
    add the installation of the ARCHS OF BAAL in London and NYC more recently…the placement of the obleisks…the bent toward the PHOENICIAN ANCIENT RELIGION OF SACRIFIC OF TYRE…and you will see a regressive trend back to a pre- Christian more Talmudic Babylonian era…
    If you consider those practices of séance, conjuring, satanic ritual…and what is just below the surface today…it should give pause when you see the ceaseless – tireless – relentless push by these forces behind many of these ‘secret societies’ John F. Kennedy and Eisenhower warned about the tentacles into military industrial complex, covert intelligence groups, and their use of the education system, MSM, and entertainment industry…for mind control and propaganda… as pointed to by Ted Turner about not reporting news…but making it and shaping it ! So from now the use of all APPS in about all appliances with backdoors as the NSA AND CIA…help foster thru IN-Q-TEL, COMMON CORE, the use of celebrity ‘eye-cons’ on children as ‘role’ models, the new ‘fake news’ push to get the REAL NEWS silenced as a threat against ‘their’ real fake-distorted-manipulated narratives and propaganda… one MUST become aware and prudent as Warren Pollock pointed to in his past interview before this one !
    It would be good if all re-viewed his last … and wise as a serpent be ! discernment going forward !

  51. DaveG

    Let me comment on PizzaGate.
    I live close by the restaurant in DC and have been there many times. The owner and staff are very gay and hip, but the place really does not have a creepy vibe at all.
    I don’t doubt that there has been some gross gay sex after hours stuff there, but I really do not think it has been any kind of center for sex with children.
    Now on the periphery of these gay power elites, I would assume there’s some illegal underage sex going on somewhere, but we shouldn’t get so focused on Comet Pizza that when nothing can be proved it doesn’t make good concerned researchers look like fools.
    It is a strange coincidence that Besta Pizza 2 doors down from Comet uses a child sex symbol as it’s logo, Bizarro.
    I can see why this has struck a cord and won’t go away, these people always get away with it, like banker criminals

    • Faith

      I have no idea what a “child sex symbol” looks like. Am I naive? Yes. Do I want to remain that way about this subject? Yes.

  52. Dan S.

    Trump has upset the apple cart. US closes 2 Russian embassys-expels 35 diplomats

  53. Larry Galearis

    I always try to focus on the problems or errors of interviewees and I have to say that Warren has very few of them showing in his interview. It is one of the most solid of efforts. But (and you could see this coming), his views on geopolitical China are probably not as right on as he thinks. Let me state that China is not aggressive, but it has been abused by its neighbours as Russia has in WW2. You may recall that after the Vietnam War it actually invaded Vietnam, briefly punished and then withdrew. That was a disciplinary action against an increasingly belligerent Vietnamese government toward China. Its response to the Korean War was similar in that it would not tolerate an American takeover of the peninsula and withdrew after it had stabilized the situation there. Like Russia it is mainly reactive, not aggressive like the United States. The belligerence of Trump toward China is therefore due to misunderstanding, not an artificial construct to mislead the nation over hegemonic designs, and he will find – assuming Mr. Pollack’s conclusions are correct about the Trump world view as a business one, that the “business” of the United States will suffer if he treats Russia and China as if they are separate entities, not allies.

    Another point about China: it has learned (as has Japan) not to trust the West or even Japan. But the focus should be about its level of bellicosity, and in spite of its love/hate relationship (economics) with the West it occurs to me that the Obama treatment of China has been belligerent for the same reasons as its treatment of Russia. Mr. Pollack offers no explanation for his fears that China will attack Korea. From my point of view it might act if it saw North Korea preparing to initiate a nuclear war, but again history shows that it has always pursued stability rather than chaos with its neighbours. North Korea resembles a cult as much as it does a country, and I am sure that China is not indifferent to the dangers of having that country on its border. Note that China was even (advisors only) involved in the Vietnam War because it feared an American puppet state on its borders. I see these as defensive actions.

    His views on the economy and the media are also right on the mark although one can begin to see some self-serving (to me) reversals in the “news” here about Trump and even Russia where this “return to journalism” may be more a pretence – and probably more a knee jerk damage control ploy than something one can trust as a trend. (They must know that they also live in the swamp.) I also question whether Clinton, had she won the election, “would have been attacked mercilessly”. But she would definitely NOT have had the moral authority – or legitimacy may be the better term – to have the support of the electorate. But the electorate does not have a voice except for the alternate news sites, and it was a clear trend for me that this marginalization of the citizen was a goal for the elites running the country and for that Hillary was the perfect president. It is going to be interesting, indeed, to watch Trump deal with the “culture” of present day Washington and turn this about. And yes, I totally agree that he must go after the Clintons. But he should also know that doing that actually smears the electoral process that allows a person like Hillary to get to where she did, and at the same time makes him look vindictive. But yes, he should go after them for their legal sins against the country and the world. The latter will, after all be coming after her – and that will help his case, but stir up the piranahs even more.

    Although it sounds like I am overly critical about your guest, in reality I was very impressed with the depth of his thinking. His discussion of the bond market and how debt is really “played” in the US was hugely enlightening. I could even listen without much of a quiver his views on gold and silver prospects. I would add, however, that the politics of abusing a world reserve currency system has a political fallout potential as well, and the recognition of the corruption on this level is so pervasive suggests that the system may be more unstable than anyone perceives. It is always the black swan things that start a major fall when the foundations of a society have been so damaged by criminality. Thanks for bringing Mr. Pollack to us this week, Greg. And have a good and prosperous new year.

  54. your fan in Japan

    I am reading a book titled, “My Battle Against Hitler-Defiance in the Shadow of the Third Reich”. by Catholic author Dietrich Von Hildebrand.
    On page 267 he writes, “The myth of a conspiratorial Jewish clan ruling the world is as ridiculous a fable as the widely spread tale of world domination by the Jesuits. Great masses of people have always been susceptible to such fantastic illusions an are always happy to have a scapegoat. They willingly swallow propaganda to the effect that some Jewish world center is responsible at one and the same time for Communism and capitalism, for wars and pacifist defeatism- for whatever, in short, is regarded as a particular danger in a given country at a given moment. “

  55. Neil

    Thank you to Warren and yourself for making the notes available.
    I see the effort by the globalists to start a war has started up again with a vengeance and with an air or defiance and desperation. If anything these people are only further exposing themselves as a bunch of sick clowns.
    Trump really needs to come out and stake a claim on the Presidency and make it clear this pathetic troublemaking will not be tolerated and that creative geopolitical antagonism will not be part of the new government’s agenda.
    Soros and Kissinger should to be arrested for orchestrating treasonous activities and Obama needs to just go away and stop imagining he is much better than he is. A very petty minded and grandiose individual who has largely been an empty shirt in office IMO.

  56. Mike R

    Very interesting comments from Paul Craig Roberts, on the whole US-Russia re-alignment topic. I just posted about this here on Greg’s website on 12/23/2016, under the prior piece from Greg.
    “Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger is reportedly advising US president-elect Donald Trump how to “bring the United States and Russia closer together to offset China’s military buildup.” If we take this report at face value, it tells us that Kissinger, an old cold warrior, is working to use Trump’s commitment to better relations with Russia in order to separate Russia from its strategic alliance with China.”
    I’m afraid that PCR is living in the past, under the old regime of Reagan, and mistaken views that Russia can not be our partner. World alliances and interests have changed dramatically in the past 20 years, even 10, and China is the real concern, and the ONLY way the US can checkmate China, is to align much more in a sophisticated fashion with Russia. Kissinger is way more savvy than PCR ever will be, so if Trump is going down this path, it is likely out of strategic necessity and it doesn’t matter what the NEOcon’s think.
    What what happens over the next 2 years with Russia, and the much more favorable world and economic dynamics that will occur, especially with their oil and NG resources coupled with ours, and also on the nuclear fuel front. Russia has the technology for nuclear power plants that can be coupled with our expertise, particularly on SAFE (and non weapons grade) thorium technology. (i.e. you cant make nuclear weapons from any thorium by-products, so its a way to keep both of our current nuclear arsenals in tact to strategically defend against China’s military and economic dominance from asserting itself, without necessarily having to increase our cache of ICBM’s.) This radically changes the positioning of our entire military, dramatically lowers our military costs globally, while keeping China in ‘check.’ We need Russia just as much as they need us. Putin knows it. Trump knows it by solid intuition, and advisement from many of his military friends, and experts that Obama stupidly booted out of the military, bc he was too damn stupid about relations with Russia, and was trying to appease the wrong people here internally, bc he was beholden by moneyed interests more powerful than himself. Thank God we got Obama the heck out when we did. The clock could not have been closer to midnight and all out nuclear war, that Obama was trying to provacate. Hopefully historians will document what a treasonous and poisonous person Obama was for this country. He damn near destroyed us all economically, and came very close to getting us all nuked. There isn’t enough that can be written that could describe how damaging, and maniacal Obama was for the past 8 years. And Hillary would have just continued it all. To the destruction of our nation. (all based on personal outrageous greed)

  57. Arline

    Hi Greg, I liked the interview but didn’t appreciate the foul language. Being politically correct does not mean you should use vulgar language. With the decline of our morals as a country, also came the decline in our ability to control our language. Our forefathers would never have used such vulgar language. It is repulsive how we accept the foul language of the day as normal. Nothing in our society is normal including the language. If we are trying to become a better society, then let us start with our words. It takes a stronger person to be able to control their thoughts and their words. If you are going to continue to allow this vulgar language on your program in the future, will you at least warn us in advance, so we can choose to opt out?
    I appreciate all your efforts in bringing us the truth. May we follow the admonition of the apostle Paul—We believe all things, we hope all things, we have endured many things, and hope to be able to endure all things. If there is anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy, we seek after these things.

    • Greg Hunter

      Point taken Arline. Thank you.

      • EWH

        I agree with Arline. I listen to all of your interviews and I turned this one right off. It wasn’t just the words. There was something very unseemly about it. Feel free not to publish this but I did come back to tell you that I felt strongly that there was something wrong in this one.

        • Greg Hunter

          You are in the minority but I thank you for your feedback.

  58. David Zampatti

    I love listening to Warren Pollock – He can explain what is so often hard to articulate.
    I will listen to his talks 2 or 3 times and enjoy them each time. Great he has a good understanding of history as our history points us to the future.

    Greg I love your show. Have watched it for years with Bill Holter Jim Sinclear et al. Warren is a great addition to the intellect of your show. Keep it up Greg

    Thank You David – Austrlia

    • Greg Hunter

      Happy New Year David!!

  59. Zak

    Very nice interview Greg !

    But – he is not all smart! He says coptic Christians don’t drop buildings in NY. Really? By now it is clear that the Bush crime family perpetrated 9/11 (along with many others).

    Most events are now false flags created by us – how does Mr Pollock miss the fake here, but not in Washington politics?

    It’s the same problem.

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