Virus Fears Cause Financial Crisis, Bernie Screwed Again, Economic Update

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 422 3.6.2020)

Who knows how bad the virus problem is going to get, but the financial fallout is real and getting worse. Hotels, airlines and restaurants are getting killed along with many other businesses around the world, and there is no end in sight. The only question now is how many businesses will go under before it’s all over?

Bernie Sanders got screwed – again as the Democrat Party ganged up on Super Tuesday in favor of senile Joe Biden. Bernie supporters are more than angry this is happening all over again. Don’t expect after this sham they are going to all get together and vote for the establishment candidate picked by the elite in the party. It’s not going to happen.

The markets are gyrating like a drunken sailor because of a huge slowdown. Up one day and down the next. Is this really investing or one huge Ponzi? We are all going to find out in the not-so-distant future.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Interview:

Radio legend and filmmaker Steve Quayle will be the guest on the Early Sunday Release. He will talk about the Biblical times we are living through now.


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  1. Mike G

    Hope springs eternal for indictments

    • paul ...

      You know … it wouldn’t have been so hard for Trump to hire Tom Fitton at Judicial Watch to be our US Attorney General … so why did he place a Barr on the swamp door??? … if he really wants to drain all the criminal corruption out of Washington DC?????

  2. mal

    Hi Greg,
    Maybe it happened somewhere and I missed it but I’m unaware of any fake news reporter who approached Obama to ask the former President if he did indeed approve Biden’s quid pro quo in Ukraine like Biden said he did. Why was Biden doing the Secretary of State’s job? Did Obama make that decision or was Biden telling Obama what to do. It brings to mind the Lisa Page/ Peter Strzok email soap opera. Remember when she emailed Strzok about how “POTUS wants to be kept in the loop” while they were interfering in the election? I think that was after she assured her knight in shining armor that he was “just the man who could stop the election of Trump”. Before that Hillary was using an unsecured private server to send classified information. She, not Obama, recalled the forces who were enroute to try to save Americans at the U. S. consulate in Libya. Biden went around the Secretary of State and used U. S. taxpayer funds to obstruct an investigation into his son. Eric Holder’s so called Justice Department was sending thousands of guns to Mexican drug cartels and Obama sounded like Sgt. Shultz, “I know nothing”. All this is going on and Obama was sending out texts pleading with someone to keep him in the loop. Can you see Rodney “Obama” Dangerfield sitting at the oval office desk? “I don’t get no respect!” while the deep state ran amok?

    • Justn Observer

      DELUSIONAL …go follow GW and McDuff on you tube…watch the investigation for over 3 years… all the princelings are ‘in the loop’ ! Obama and admin crew up to their eyebrows as well as many in past admins. and Congress. =
      The true story of McDuff, Kennedy’s man to smash the CIA into 1000 pieces. The history of Special Operations, and the fight to control them. An ongoing investigation into corruption, trading with the enemy, elite privilege, and wars for profit of the past, present and future.

      • William Stanley

        Thanks for your campaign to bring George Webb to us.
        While I think Mr. Webb has placed too much emphasis on parts of the puzzle, I also think he has provided tremendous insight into the operations of the globalist “cabal” and the “deep state.” IMO, it’s not possible to understand modern history without understanding that which Mr. Webb is revealing. Unfortunately, Mr. Webb’s presentations are difficult, sometimes repetitive, often undocumented and, seemingly, disorganized.
        His March 6th podcast was enjoyable and, hopefully, portends well for the future:

      • Michael Leskie

        Obama was a buffoon. when he was a “community organizer” in Chicago in the early 90’s he couldn’t have found Ukraine or Crimea on a map!! He was nothing more than a stooge and strutting peacock while the deep state ran amok.

  3. Anthony Australia

    My head is spinning from all this, I need a lay down.
    Take care friends, love one another.

    • Ray

      Have a Bex and a good lie down mate!!!
      Take care.
      Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

  4. Mike

    They criticized Mr.Polney over 160. Remember what they said about Jim Sinclair when he missed. $1650.00 by about 3 weeks . I watched closely after Mr. Sinclair made the statement way in advance. Mr. Polney And Mr. Sinclair certainly have my respect. When they speak I pay attention.
    According to Anna Von Reitz. The United States of America’s Inc missed a payment on 2/15/20. Interesting times. You’re doing a fine job Thanks. M.j.Hunter

  5. JC

    Latest ypdate at The Age of Desolation site. Is war next?

    If the Chinese join the Iranians in accusing the United States or Group of Seven Nations of attacking China with a bio-weapon, then war will be the inevitable next step.

    I have written about this in detail in Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars, The Complete Prophecies of World War III.

    Since the news is following my narrative timeline precisely, readers who have not bought or read the book are wasting their time coming to this Website and waiting on Updates from me. Doom is here. Tomorrow, some people will be finding out firsthand.

    • JC

      Did Nostradamus see a Comex default?

      Nostradamus Quatrain III-4
      When the default of the luminaries [gold and silver] is related,
      Not far distant from one and other,
      Cold, drought, danger towards the frontiers,
      Even where the oracle had its beginning [France].

      Nostradamus Quatrain III-5
      Shortly after the default of the great luminaries [gold and silver]
      Which will occur between April and March.
      What loss! But two great debonair ones
      By land and sea bring relief [to] all parts.

  6. Sayonara

    The time has come for us to say Sayonara!

  7. Fredrick Getzschman

    Great report Greg.

  8. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:
    Surely you are correct that fear is a factor regardless of the facts; i.e., fear itself is a relevant fact. But, then, so is evil.

  9. JC

    Greg, I’m halfway through, you just said it all, “Lots of awful things are going on.” Perfect.

  10. JC

    This wrap-up is so good that someday it will be included in a “The Best of Greg Hunter” compilation.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks JC.

      • Steven Poloncak

        Greg, a week ago I picked up 1,300 pounds of Bernie flyers printed up in Nashville and expedited them to Charlotte, Durham, Greenville and Wilmington with the most going to a college in Durham. If I knew what town you were in I would have stopped along the way to say hi! Steve

  11. JC

    Hmm…. so Chuck Schumer looked “demonic.” There may be a fine line between demons and aliens… anyway made me think of the film “They Live.”

    ‘Nada, a down-on-his-luck construction worker, discovers a pair of special sunglasses. Wearing them, he is able to see the world as it really is: people being bombarded by media and government with messages like “Stay Asleep”, “No Imagination”, “Submit to Authority”. Even scarier is that he is able to see that some usually normal-looking people are in fact ugly aliens in charge of the massive campaign to keep humans subdued.’

    • paul ...

      Ever since I found my sunglasses … I see criminal demons, pedophiles and warmongers everywhere!!!

  12. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    Love ‘The Cycle of Money’ – says it all!

  13. DanielSong39

    I feel like I’m living in the Soviet Union, with rigged markets, rigged elections, and propaganda press.
    As for the virus, it can kill 10,000 to 1 billion or anything in between. I expect the USA economy to be partially shut down in the near future though. Time to get prepared!

  14. andyb

    Greg: we’re now at the point where the coming financial apocalypse is gaining in the rear view mirror and the brick wall is dead ahead. When commerce dies and credit disappears, the major banks, already technically bankrupt, will be walking zombies. Consider the repo direction of the FED; it began long before the coronavirus became the latest Black Swan. I strongly urge folks to review the Cyprus bail-ins because it is coming here. The money that you deposit in a bank, whether for savings or regular checking accounts is not really your property under the law and can be confiscated from you in the event your bank’s market positions fail (think derivatives). Although it is a pain in the ass to change all your bill pays, get away from the major banks and go to a credit union, prohibited by law from engaging in the market rigging and risky investment strategy of the likes of Citi, JPM, GS, WF, Bof A, etc.
    This will save you in the event the most dire financial outcomes are temporary and not permanent.

  15. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    Last time JPMorgan bank came under scrutiny, Jamie Dimon had a cancer scare (allegedly) – now it’s a heart attack. Also of note: Harvey Weinstein leaves court pushing a three-wheel walking aid and reminds me of Egypt’s (ex president) Mubarak attending his trial on a gurney. Not quite in the same league, but I recall (pun intended) HRC allegedly suffering near total (dementia-level) lack of recall when being questioned over Benghazi. “I cannot recall” was her answer to almost every pertinent question. How come a majority of the population are taken in by this obvious deception tactic. By feigning ill health, crooks seek public sympathy and make it seem that those seeking justice are callous and vindictive.
    It is frankly, so frustrating that the majority of people are seemingly unaware that they are continually being lied to and duped!

  16. AndrewB

    Hi Greg
    I felt is was about time I made a (small) contribution to USAW and followed the ‘donate’ process to the point of inputting a value on the PayPal page I was directed to. Unfortunately, at this point I found the value input field confusing (and off putting) because you have to fill the field from right to left. This may be hard to explain. The default value is shown as $00.00|. The vertical line shows the default cursor position. When you try to move the cursor to the left, to input $20.00, the curser jumps back to the right and enters 2 cents – $00.02. I tried to ‘buck the system’ and ended up with this “$2000.00”! Sorry, I did not click the confirm button! The unusual nature of the input field unnerved me and I reversed out of the donate process. Not sure if this is usual for PayPal donate pages (I don’t usually have problems using PayPal) but would like to make a small donation to USAW because (although we do not agree on everything) your output is IMO of significant value.
    To resolve. Please send me a $20 payment request to my PayPal account as per the e-mail address validating this comment.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Andrew.

      • AndrewB

        Hi Greg
        I have looked up my PayPal account several times since posting original message and there is no request for payment. Did you note to send the request to the e-mail I used to post the comment – and this one? Note, this is not the e-mail I usually use to post comments to USAW. This is the e-mail ID of my PayPal account, which I do not use for general e-mail.
        Please send a request so that I may ‘pay my dues’.

  17. Roger Stamper

    tks for post

  18. David

    Officials are trying to calm everyone by saying that the COVID-19 is not a problem. It’s just the flu… relax. Yet, every time I see medical personnel, they are fully suited up from their head to their feet. Some are wearing a fully enclosed breathing apparatus.

    The Chinese accused the U.S. of overreacting. Meanwhile, they lock down over 400 million citizens, forcibly remove people from their homes and, if they can’t get to them, they weld their doors shut so that they can’t leave.

    What do they know that we don’t?

    Question: Have you ever seen a family physician in a full biological suit when you go in claiming to have the flu? I haven’t.

    • chuck

      For what it’s worth – I have now seen 4 separate sources that state this virus is indeed a bio-weapon. It has a thirst and a special fondness for North Asian genes. It is race specific insofar as mortality. Some sources say that Langley and MI6 are involved. Belt and Road is threat to US trade and the dollar. Let’s see how the Siberian population and the South Pacific nations bear this out. I think if China is able to prove this hypothesis of a race specific bio-weapon, then expect retribution

      • Ray

        And if it were PROVEN that MI6 & Langley are responsible for this, then China has two honourable options to put to the England and the US:
        1) Hand over half of both your nations for us to keep…..thank you, and don’t EVER pull this shit again.
        2) Let the nukes fly over London & Washington..
        Personally, I think option 2 will be the one they go with.
        If America or any other nation…..including The Lap Dog Nation, think they can unleash biological weapons across our planet and devestate people’s lives, then they deserve to be nuked out of existence, for they are the vermin of the world, of which requires SWIFT eradication.
        Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

        • Greg Hunter

          I don’t think you can prove this. This is mostly speculation. You don’t think the Chinese are capable of making and experimenting withy a bio weapon?

          • Ray

            Hi Greg,
            You are 100% correct……it can’t be proven, and that is probably the reason why they get away with it.
            Yes……I am sure that China, along with America, England and The Lap Dog are all in up to their elbows inventing ways to destroy their fellow humans.
            Looking forward to The Day Of Redemption, when they are removed from this world once and for all.
            Enjoyed your report…..thanks as always for allowing wide ranging debate here.
            Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

            • Greg Hunter

              No doubt the whole thing stinks. That said, I am concentrating on the economic fallout because that has dead solid sourcing.

              • Ray

                Stick with it……you’re doing exactly what an “old school” journalist would do, and for that, I and many others are very thankful.
                Keep throwing out the left jab mate.
                Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

    • William Stanley

      I wish I had the same experience you’ve had.
      I went to have my annual physical a couple of days ago. They were out of masks at the office, were not familiar with the term “R-naught, and thought that the corona virus had a lower case mortality rate than seasonal flu (which evidence does not support). No personnel were wearing masks, goggles, gowns or gloves and there was no initial screening upon entering the office and waiting room. Moreover, they were unaware that some N95 masks (the kind made for workers exposed to airborne particles like asbestos) have a valve that allows unimpeded/unfiltered exhaling (thus not protecting others with whom they come in contact). They were also unaware that there is evidence that masks DO provide some (though imperfect) protection. I worry that so many healthcare workers are less informed than most of us. We can’t afford to have them knocked out of action any sooner than is absolutely necessary.
      Oh, BTW, my best friend informs me that there is a suspected outbreak in a school two blocks from his house and the school has shutdown for that reason (other schools in the district remain open).

      • MCasey

        The Japanese population, etc have worn face masks for decades and they seem to think they are somewhat effective. They’ve sold them in vending machines for years.

        So, by now, you have figured out why the CDC has told us not to buy them? Because they need them and there’s not enough to go around. I’m afraid the U.S. is unprepared and feeding us a bunch of double-talk to convince us, among other things, that the masks will not provide any protection.

        The disadvantage to being one of the last nations infected is that supplies are depleted by the time the virus gets to us. First, the China supply chain broke. As the virus spreads to other countries, those supply chains also break. As the virus spreads nationwide, our own supply chains will break. Trucking, farmers, railway, factory workers, Amazon/Walmart deliveries, U.S. mail…etc.

        I’ve also noticed the info coming from the CDC and the government is always a day late. They are practicing a slow crescendo…(“Things happen slowly, until they happen suddenly”).

        First it’s “just wash your hands”; then “just wash your hands often”; but then it’s “why aren’t you prepared?”. They knew all along that to get through this is going to take more than “just washing your hands”, but they are trying to protect the market and what resources they can….and oh, yes…. to prevent panic!

        I wish I could create some panic! I have tried to alert several friends and family and just got a big yawn.

        Hopefully, it will stop long before that….maybe with the summer heat.

      • susan

        William, I, too, went to my doctor that is in the largest clinic in my state. No one was wearing any kind of protection. They did ask a lot of questions related to the virus. Also, they had lots of masks for sale at Lowes.


    Hello Greg.
    I am glad to hear you are rethinking the indictment of the criminals in the Deep State. Stay strong -it will happen. If we give up, they win. And we can not let that happen.
    Have you ever considered interviewing Dave from the x22report? He believes that Barr and Durham are about to wrap-up their criminal investigations with indictments, not a report. He also believes that Michelle Obama or Hillary will be shoehorned into the election as possible running mates for Biden.

    I believe that the timing of the Covid-19 viral outbreak is extremely suspicious.
    It is another 911 – except they are using a virus instead of nano-thermite. All pushed
    relentlessly by the MSM, obedient to the Central banks. And like 911 there are multiple objectives the DS would like to achieve with this attack. The two main objectives are to provide cover for the failed fiat currency franchise during the manufactured economic collapse and reset period. They also want to crash the economy before November in an effort to hurt Trump.

    The real pandemic we have to contain on this planet is the pandemic of greed, aggression and hate.
    In any event the next 8 months will be very interesting, to say the least.

  20. lancelot

    Thank you so much foe bringing in Mr. Quayle on your coming Sunday program. This corona virus is starting to really get to me and I need all the sound advice from you and your guest I can get. Is it possible that our government would seize gold from retail investor ?

  21. Country Codger

    Great Wrap-up. It is interesting that Bo called the 21st of April. By my calculation the next Super Cycle begins April 23rd.
    Keep up the great work.
    Lo Iyrah!

  22. The Riverman

    Greg I think Biden will pick Michelle Obama for his running mate. You will see Oprah and Ellen step up to help Michelle. That would set up a regular donnybrook knockdown drag out, right left, polarizing election everyone is looking for. Biden’s campaign will use the Lee Atwater pity tactic against the bully Trump. Only in America.
    Thank You for what you do and God Bless
    The Riverman

    • Freebrezer

      T R – My guess is that Joe is going to pick either Michelle or Hillary. Sometime in August/September Joe is going to be clinically diagnosed with dementia … it is like dah (!) that he already is on the downhill slope and way over his skis! … or die of a heart attack. Then Hillary or Michelle (who ever the deepstate decides is going to be Joe’s running mate) will them be catapulted into the candidate for President. If it is Hillary, she will pick Michelle and if it is Michelle she will pick Hillary. The DNC will then have two women on the ticket … what they have been striving for! A little out there, and I sure hope to hell that I am wrong!

      • Cole


        I fear you are right, and will pray you are wrong. I believe in prayer and hope God will put Trump in again just to save the unborn.

      • Cole

        I just posted the same thing below without having read your comment! If we are thinking this so are others. Bernie Bros won’t vote for HRC, but they will come out for MO. Then BO will get 8 more years. People in this country are that dumb. If this happens we are truly finished as a country and the globalists win for good. I’m stepping up my prayer time.

    • Country Codger

      Two thumbs up.

  23. kevin
    say no more

    • Chip


  24. Connie Hugo

    When I used Facebook to get to this story it came up an error 404. I tried a few times. Just FYI.

  25. Ed Milligan

    There is something deeply satisfying seeing the evil gangster democrats finally getting some return on their party’s corruption even if it’s only of a karmic nature. And I would also like to thank the corporate press for making the Republican party possibly as honest as any political party can be. The MSM would report it if a republican farted in church but turns a blind eye on any and all demo criminal behavior. Thank you Greg, great show.

  26. Joe (not Biden)

    Greg, you see these?

    And this is the best these Demorats have to offer? WHAT A CLOWN SHOW!

  27. Stan

    Once this fear of the sniffles is over you’re going to see a Gold crash of historic proportions. Talk about bubbles. Just shorted more and convinced some friends to do the same.

    • JC

      Stan, what exactly did you say to your friends to “convince” them to short gold? Why didn’t you short oil instead? At the moment (12:33 pm) it’s down more than 8%.

      • JC

        Stan? Hello? Are you there? Oil down around 10% now… gold is in the green. If you had told us a few days back you were shorting oil, we would all now have new found respect for your money making skills.
        Even paul…

      • Freebrezer

        JC – this is not good and very ominous … every time Stan let us know that he is shorting the gold market further bad things happen. He is a very good (maybe the best) contra-indicator … Silver is a steal if you can not afford gold!

    • paul ...

      So Stan … that’s the best you and your bankster buddies could do to Gold this morning … drop it by $30 bucks … that’s the cost of two pizza’s!!! …

    • Justn Observer

      How’s your DB and HSBC doing? VIX fluttering on 50… Dimon setting up his ‘retirement’ and ‘denialability’ plan… Soon, he too won’t be able to ‘remember’ anything? How many at JPM under indictment for ‘rigging PM’ now?
      Poseidon 3d charting system of volatility about the only thing that can work now… no why to judge fair value at this point. S&P to go to 1700 ?, DOW 18,000?
      IF JPM is still holding as much physical silver as reported…why when the ‘time is right’ would they NOT want it to go to where some speculate it will? At some point they will – then sell – then use it to sop up all the blood in the streets?

    • Ray

      So……you’re selling some gold cheaper than the current market rate.
      Excellent……I am a VERY wealthy, self made man, and I love a bargain.
      I’m in a buying mood Stan, so put me down for a thousand ounces of physical, deliverable by you personally.
      Actually, make it 5000 ounces…….I hate to quibble.
      When can you deliver?
      Oh…..what’s that?
      You don’t have ANY physical bullion to trade with?
      That makes you a charlatan……no other word for it sir.
      C H A R L A T A N.
      Get off this site, Oxygen Thief.

      Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

  28. Jerry

    Let’s just call the corona virus scam what it is. A psychological operation to prepare people for a coming market collapse.

    Even the largest investor in Dallas is buying storable food. What does that tell you? The fed says its tapering the repo. It’s not. It’s increasing it to meet demands. For how long? If market liquidity bottoms out in April as expected, even the repos won’t be enough to stop the market from collapsing. Than what? Zero percent interest rates ?

    • Jerry

      Yep…..50 billion a day was not enough for the central banks. Now it’s 100 billion.

      • Jerry

        This is what is beneath the corona virus smokescreen.

        Disinformation agents are spreading false information. Everything from a global pandemic, to a meteor crash. But the truth is in what the central banks are saying themselves. What’s the best way to eliminate a fiat cash society that is in debt up to its eyeballs? By making contaminated with disease.

      • MCasey

        Here in the “Heartland” (where they is no “panic”…. until everyone wakes up tomorrow morning and finds out our 1st virus case hit the news late tonight), this last week two ATMs were out of cash; and my daughter, who was transferring a fairly large sum from her checking account to pay her credit card account, had to call the bank because they had not completed the transfer in 5 days. They told her, “it takes time”; she told them, “the accounts are all with the same bank!”

        • Kevin S.

          Not unusual. I had the same thing happen over a year ago. Went to a make a large payment to my credit card from my checking account. A hold was put on the transfer. After a few days I called up my bank to see why they did not complete the transfer. Was told that the hold was put on the transfer since the payment was much larger then what I usually paid at one time and I had just previous made a large deposit to my checking account. The person then made the transfer right away.

  29. Gina M Mancarella

    By the way, your website lies !

    You stated, “ is neither Democrat nor Republican, Liberal or Conservative.”

    REALLY ?????

    Well, I havent seen anything more radical RIGHT WING than this site !!!!!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      When I wrote that the dem party had not gone full Marxist/communist/globalist. I am not that and never will be. Maybe the Democrats should change its name to reflect what it had become.

    • Al

      You’re back? Comedy Relief Gina is back? LOL!!!
      Get with the program. The Democratic Party died with JFK one sunny Texas afternoon, Nov 22 1963. RIP Democrats, now you got DemoCRAPs who smell like Schiff and are really Collectivists (encompassing NAZIs, Communists, Socialist and Fascists)

      Get with the program Gina, wake up already.

      • Freebrezer

        Well said – The Democratic party died with JFK … Killed by the collectivist, one world order, and defense contractors and Lyndon Johnson/CIA! Per all Democrats, take a hard look a what Lyndon Johnson (LBJ) did when JFK was assassinated… he refused to be sworn in to the Presidency until Jacquelin Kennedy was present! She was still covered in her dead husbands blood and the son-of-a-bitch (way to nice for the evil, evil piece of crap he was) made her stand there and watch him become President, this to put it in her face! Yep, this is what and has always been the democrat party since JFK. And Gina and her crew worship at the alter of this evil crap!

    • Justn Observer

      They only dropped the ‘n’ to as a disguise?

    • Justn Observer

      Gina, Christian beliefs in Truth and Love and Life…Trumps either Hegelian dialectic or identity politics…
      Take a deep breath…what part of ‘right to life’ over ‘choice’, of ending the selling of opiates into the streets , endless wars, or religion’s beliefs based in hate, and death do you not get? There is NO party line to be draw between those… only moral and ethical ones! Just like ‘taking’ another’s hard work and saving and ‘re-distributing’ (stealing it) to other’s via ””free stuff”’ & and absolving some of their own personally incurred debt as an inducement for a vote is called ”’bribery”’ in a ‘real’ world !

  30. J.

    Greg, although I believe Trump will win the next election, I hope the Democrats are too foolish to run a Biden/Sanders ticket.

  31. Erika Miller

    Here is a link to an alternative view on the corona virus implications

  32. Dave

    With due respect Greg, the horses have long been out of the barn on the Barr investigations. Nothing is going to happen and Trump is stringing you along or you are reading way too much into his comment. Hannity has zero credibility. Trump, Hannity and others have zoomed their base on this. You can only cry wolf only so long. How some still buy into all this is inexplicable. Use common sense – if there is really something so grave going on then Trump should declassify all pertinent documents. He hasn’t which is all that you need to know.

    As to Biden, it is possible he could sew this up after Michigan. Certainly he will have the plurality of delegates going into the convention. Bernie’s supporters will gripe but the majority of his supporters hate Trump more than they despise the Democrat party and Biden. They will turn out en mass just to vote against Trump. As many Trump voters did in 2016 – they didn’t like Trump but liked Hillary even less. The Biden Ukraine scandal will not hurt him as the Trump scandals did not hurt him. None other than Laura Ingraham recently spoke truth to power (minority leader McCarthy) when she said voters don’t want to hear any more about Page, Strokz and the Russia stuff.

    The Democrats are consolidating earlier than most pundits predicted. Is it orchestrated – likely. By whom? My guess is Obama forces. Biden paired with a popular female VP will probably defeat Trump. In hindsight, Trump’s confused response on coronavirus (Kudlow saying today to go to work while the CDC says don’t if one can telecommute is one example) has already hurt him in the polls. Women with families and children are especially concerned about this and the downplaying of it all by Trump. On Hannity he posited the death rate is much less than reported. How does he know that? That is a reckless comment which could come back to haunt him in the fall.

    Back to the election. My guess is Michelle gets the nod as VP. With the idea being Biden resigns after two years which allows for Michelle to run for two full terms plus finishing up the last years of Biden’s first term. Barrack would be prominent behind the scenes in a Michelle Obama presidency. He loves the power and the potential for the Obamas to be in control for 10 years has to be quite alluring.

    • Greg Hunter

      Jury still out on prosecutions although it is looking bad as I admitted last week. You also have to admit there is a lot =going on behind the curtain we sim ply are not told about and that is a fact. As far as the Democrats consolidating–Don’t make me laugh. As I said, Bernie voter have been screwed again and they are not going to take it and vote for the DNC elite candidate that might not even be Biden and he probably will not win either. The momentum is with Trump who is setting records for turnout in the primaries.

      • Justn Observer

        One notch closer though?
        March 6th, 2020. Crowdstrike Recants Russia Russia Russia – We Told You It Was General Roth+KIDS =

    • Cole


      I fear you are right, and will pray you are wrong. I believe in prayer and hope God will put Trump in again just to save the unborn.

  33. paul ...

    Two days ago the WHO declared that the global mortality rate for the Corona Virus was 3.4% (higher then the 2.4% death rate of the Spanish Flu where 60 to 80 million people died) … Trump vehemently disagreed with the World Health Organization and stated: “I have a hunch that the mortality rate is really closer to 1%” … so there you have it folks … Trump has a “hunch” that only about 25 to 33 million people will die of the Corona Virus!!

    • paul ...

      The question is … will China join the Iranians and others and accuse the United States in the United Nations of mass murder? … and ask for sanctions to be imposed against the US (forcing the Fed to print up even more trillions for monetary reparations driving gold even higher then people like Rickards and Sinclair expect)?? … the smoking gun bombshell exposed by Alex Jones is that greedy US scientists sold the Corona Virus to the Chinese for a lot of money … and was developed in a bio-weapon laboratory right here in America!!! …

      • paul ...

        We Americans are “truly exceptional people” when it comes to greed!!!

        • Freebrezer

          Paul – Greedy? Have you ever read up on the Chinese stealing the USA blind of our technology? You might want to rethink who the greedy ones are in this scenario …

    • Greg Hunter

      Yeah, so what? You do realize he did not invent the virus.

    • Freebrezer

      Paul – I think the most accurate mortality rate for the virus is probably the numbers coming out of South Korea. They are testing anyone and anybody who thinks that they might be exposed … A great model for the USA or any other western nation to follow … as of last time I looked 44/7041 (deaths per cases ID) = 0.0062 Or just 0.6% . They have drive up testing windows! WOW someone doing it right! … Though I am not sure what strain they have … there is one strain that is more virulent.

      • paul ...

        Freebrezer … Hopefully the mortality rate is only 0.6% … for at that rate we get away with only 15 million people dying!!

        • Freebrezer

          Paul – I think that this virus is going to kill a lot of people. the goal is to reduce the spread rate and not inundate the hospitals. If a patient gets good care they have a much higher chance of survival. For any disease with an Ro over 3 to 4 there is no way to stop it unless there is a vaccine or real heavy handed quarantine to slow the spread.

    • Kevin S.

      Just to add to what you said. The Spanish flu was much worse than what the Coronavirus is at this time. Most of the deaths from the Spanish flu were young healthy people and many that had it had more severe symptoms than the Coronavirus.

  34. Auntie Seize

    “The markets are gyrating like a drunken sailor because of a huge slowdown. Up one day and down the next.” – GH
    Wild swings in system state are characteristic of an unstable system – a system that is headed for self-destruction. If any single component or subsystem fails, which is usually what happens, that can and typically does, cause further instability and hasten the destruction of the larger system. – Fundamentals of System Stability
    You either pull the plug and fix the problem, or stand back and watch the system destroy itself.

  35. Auntie Seize

    Chuck “the Schmuck” Schumer also threatened DJT some time ago. Why isn’t this PoS behind bars?

    • paul ...

      Auntie … “hit man” Schumer is behind Barr’s (Justice Department that does not dare indict any Demon-rats) … as for “commie” Bernie (he may walk on the wrong plane) but at least he can hold on to his own train of thoughts (something “criminal” Biden can’t do)!!! …

      • Auntie Seize

        What a sorry state of affairs this world has degenerated into when people like Chucky, et al., can wield such power and influence over the lives of others, the majority of which just want to be left alone. Reminds me of the Planet of the Apes collection of movies.
        In my opinion God is long overdue for another cleansing of the planet of all the violent beasts and other assorted pests and vermin. Perhaps Covid-19 is that?

  36. JC

    George at Urban Survival says…

    In Elliott Wave terms, there’s an elevated risk of a downside breakout next week if the FedGov, IMF, G20, and whoever else, can’t staunch the bleeding by the close today. We don’t give investment advice, but scheduling shrink-time if you’ve got a compunction to “buy the dips” might be time and money well-spent.

  37. Doug

    Good job Greg.
    I think the reason the DNC has been behind Pedo Joe (aka..creepy Joe Biden), is the fact that he is LOSING it and will easily be controllable (if for some unbelievable reason he won the election). All the people in place within the DNC would stay put, where they are, along with the secrets if he wins the Nomination. If Bernie Sanders won the nomination, the Bernie Bro’s Socialists would invade the inner sanctum of the DNC, and release the secrets and stir things up. That CANNOT HAPPEN, so once again, the DNC will do what ever they can to STOP the Burn. Also, Tulsi (she who’s name shall NEVER BE SPOKEN) Gabbard has been completely scrubbed from MSM and DNC messages. She would bring up Unspeakable issues if allowed to be on the stage again. She IS STILL RUNNING…..but Crickets. She is a raging Socialist as well, but at least she speaks of the insane WAR FOR EVER….Great job once again. Take care, God bless.

  38. Sue Patterson

    Thanks for another WNW, they’re always worth the wait.

  39. iwitness02

    It certainly feels like a worldwide game is afoot.
    We the people always lose.
    I understand that no one can believe that we are going to win. We never have.
    If justice were to come, that means we are winning. So far, there is no visible justice.
    But perhaps the prelude to justice is visible now. Inasmuch as pedophiles are being arrested. CEOs resigning from incredible jobs and pay packages. Politicians jumping off the gravy train and not running for re-election. Outlandish threats being made in public concerning the president and the supreme court justices. The economy is on Peyote and reeling up and down. Worldwide fear of coronavirus. The end of cash my be at hand to curb the spread of disease. The current powers that be want to consolidate their power. The people of the earth want to break the strangle hold that these criminals have on us.
    There is nothing happening, and yet everything is happening. Might it be possible that we just can’t see a big enough picture to grasp our current reality? The whole story is so big that it is not easily explainable. It isn’t like: We’re going bowling Wednesday night.
    So much background and current events have to be brought together to even begin to see the bigger picture. Past, present and future must all be assembled in one picture. That is not a casual conversation. That is an in depth study. Not everyone is inclined to devote themselves to something so serious as an in depth study. That takes time and a certain amount of self discipline and concentration and motivation. Much of society is only interested in entertainment. They need and want immediate gratification. And if that gratification is free, then it brings temporary bliss. We are not entering blissful times. The free stuff brigades are going to suffer. So too, will all of us, to one degree or another. The winner will be revealed in due time. It will be evil verses the good.
    The human race must gain experience and wisdom concerning good and evil. We are getting that training now. For God’s plans to be successful, the people must be delivered from this evil. But they will retain the lessons learned. That will pave the way for eternity. Experience is the only thing that Adam and Eve lacked in the garden of Eden.
    That is why they were pronounced; very good, instead of perfect. We have since been redeemed and are on the cusp of being saved. At least in my world view, and we have gained wisdom. The mostly costly commodity in the universe.

    • iwitness02

      Most costly.

  40. paul ...

    Remember how the banksters wanted to get rid of cash??? … well they found an easy way to bring their wish to fruition … stating today US paper money will be need to be “quarantined”!! … lucky for us we own metal money (that is anti-viral and anti-bacterial)!! …

    • paul ...

      Does this mean we can’t send paper checks in the mail to pay our bills with???

    • Gary C

      The credit card companies, owned by the banks, have been forcing merchants to eliminate cash, via fee structures. I now get to pay for the use of my debit card every time I do a transaction, plus a fee for having a credit card, paying for access to my own money.
      This crisis stinks, I think it is orchestrated , the bankers will never let a good crisis go to waste, and quarantining money from Asia is just the start.
      Central Banks & Governments want to eliminate cash.
      PS The virus can live on a debit machine, do I have to walk around with a bottle
      of sanitizer and spray em every time I use them.

  41. Al

    THIS REGISTERED DEMOCRAT (Me) Will be voting for President Donald J Trump on Nov 3rd. 2020. It will not only be a landslide, it will be a massacre!!!

    As a Registered Democrat I can also vote for the person President Trump wants to spar with, and it’s not Buffoon Biden, it’s BURNey. I get to vote in the primaries and I’m voting for BURNey. Why? Because the establishment Cult Enemy Media wants Buffoon Biden that’s why! It’s a kick in their rear so to speak.
    Against a Titan like President Trump, Mr. BURNey will get SMOKED on round one, and we all will have witnessed the greatest comedy of the Millennia!

    DemoCRAPs like to play dirty, well, I now play that game too. I’ll be as bad as they are, with a smile!
    I was an Independent for almost two decades! I registered as a Democrat just so I can have a much LOUDER VOICE when I speak to DemoCRAPs about their Socialist picks, and best of all I can vote on the primaries. It’s a stab in the back of the Enemy Media and the establishment.

    Democrat/Republican/Independent.. those are meaningless words to me. What’s in my heart is what I am, and I stand for Justice, Freedom and The Constitution ORDAINED BY GOD!!! President Donald J. Trump stands for all of the above, he’ll get my vote alright.

    Hey DEMOCRAPS!!! You just met your virus. I’m not the only one doing this, it’s going VIRAL on the net among us “degenerates”. It’s about time your little “resistance” gets RESISTED !
    Congratulate me, I’m a Registered Democrat … or call me THE BLUE VIRUS. 🙂

    For all you DemoCRAP Socialists out there, bite on this:
    Ponder on that if you have a brain.

    Love you Greg, Thank you for all you do.

  42. Paul in Oz

    Where are the democrats and their “no one is above the law” mantra … US code 6134 says “It is unlawful to discharge a firearm, firework or explosive, set fire to a combustible, make a harangue or oration, or utter loud, THREATENING, or abusive language in the Supreme Court Building or grounds.” when Chuck Schumer said “I want to tell you, Gorsuch. I want to tell you, Kavanaugh. You have released the whirlwind and you will pay the price! You won’t know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions.” If you ask me … not addressing that comment means that Chuck Schumer is ABOVE THE LAW. The madness has got to stop!

    • Chip

      Bingo! I sent a similar message to the White House yesterday. We all need to flood their message boards with calls to stop with the two tiered just-us system… Chip

    • Auntie Seize

      Exactly correct. Selective prosecution demonstrates that there are two (or more) tiers of justice in the land. One for the elites, and another for the serfs, for example. Well, if certain individuals won’t be prosecuted for the breaking of the law, then why should anybody else obey it?
      The more bad/criminal behavior you tolerate, the more you’re going to get.

  43. John M.

    The Democratic party is a full-fledged socialist/communist party. At least Bernie Sanders is honest enough to proclaim himself a socialist. Bernie is also a big pussy, as he did not challenge Hillary when she stole away his previous primary win. Of course he did not want to cross the wrath of the Clinton’s, otherwise Bernie might end up a cadaver and be a real-life reenactment of that dead guy on “Weekend at Bernie’s”. Even now Bernie talks tough, but he is all bark and no bite. But the rising enthusiasm for socialism among younger Americans is a dangerous development for sure.
    On the other hand, the GOP is the “stupid party” as the late columnist Samuel Francis used to write. The Repubs. are also part of the same Establishment and Swamp, especially the ones that are terrible actors like Mitt Romney and Chuck Hagel.
    Trump seems to be outside the system. I’m intrigued to see how he will handle the new world currency system that is on its way, with much bigger globalist adversaries than stooges like Jamie Dimon or Christine Lagarde.
    I’m thinking the globalists need to up the ante from a mere coronavirus although it has been quite effective in lots of ways. I’m thinking the detonation of a nuke or two in some big city will really ramp up the fear factor and the urgent need for War and bloodshed. They will stop at nothing.

  44. Stan

    People at the Comex should be fired! I even told that to a friend of mine there. I implored him to tell his people to stop nickel and diming and throw 100k new contracts at the Gold price – smash the (expletive) out of it! He said it is coming and I replied that I’m getting tired of waiting.

    • paul ...

      Stan … finally we agree on something … you and me are waiting for the Crimex to do something right!!

    • Mike R

      we know you are in a lot of financial pain with your gold shorts. But talking to the walls like that is not gonna make gold go the direction you want. Next week you will feel even more financial pain, when gold rockets past $1700.

    • Gary C

      Stan, stick to collecting pet rocks, give them to your friends at the Crimex as they are more valuable than the paper gold contracts which are a good substitute for Toilet Paper.

  45. Bill B

    Seems that the DNC is going to support Sleepy Joe for the Presidency, despite his public gaffs and forgetfulness. some say he is in the early stages of alsheimers. So why would the DNC continue to support him?
    It may be possible that Sleepy Joe will select Hillary as Vice Pres, and shortly after his election he would be declared incompetent to hold office. Enter President Hillary.

  46. Bill B

    GREG; One more thing
    How long will it be before someone somewhere says, The Coronavirus is being spread through the handling of money. Might this be whats behind the spread of the virus

  47. James Brown

    That “Cycle of Money” was hillarious.
    Tell your buddy he got me, I had taken a drink, and when you hit the punchline, I had water gushing out my nose.
    At least I can breathe now.
    Keep up the great work.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks James. It would be funnier if not so true!

  48. Bill B

    GREG, One more
    Today , Friday, I went to Costco to buy gas and then to the store to pick up a couple things. Costco was maxed out with people. I asked the guy at the door if they were having a special sale, he replied no, people are stocking up on supplies for the coming virus outbreak

    • Keith

      Well according to our news channels 10% of the population are currently buying extra for the coming coronavirus sickness. Supermarkets sold out of TP,Bleach,and canned food etc. What happens when 20% start to prepare and start buying extra in the weeks to come. Many expect food riots and complete breakdown when the steeple realize that the SHTF and the stores are closing because all the truck drivers are off sick for six weeks with the sickness.

  49. Brooklyn

    I totally agree with JC , Greg. This by far, was one of your absolute best weekly wrap ups. You have told us how much work goes into each wrap up and this one was worth every minute of the phenomenal efforts-you-put-in to get-the-word-out.

    If someone landed on earth from another planet asking “So, what’s up?” the correct answer would be, “Do you have 35 minutes? Good! Then spend it looking at this video.”

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Brooklyn!

    • paul ...

      If someone from another planet saw Greg’s video he would sound a warning to every alien up there … to never ever make contact with the evil thieving deceiving greedy pedophile murdering warmongering beings that call themselves human!!!

      • paul ...

        The only reason God the Father has not nuked planet Earth (like he did Sodom and Gomorrah) is because he found 10 good men down here on Greg’s site … luckily for us he included Stan (because he hates the Crimex)!!

        • paul ...

          So thanks Stan (but that’s assuming the Corona Virus doesn’t kill us) … Stan says relax: “there is no need to worry … it’s only a flu”!! …

        • eddiemd

          There are no good men. There are none that do good.

          The judgment and wrath are coming. The economic beast system must come. Then Satan will be able to control who buys and sells.

          Ezekiel 14:12-20

          12And the word of the LORD came to me, saying, 13“Son of man, if a land sins against Me by acting unfaithfully, and I stretch out My hand against it to cut off its supply of food, to send famine upon it, and to cut off from it both man and beast, 14then even if these three men—Noah, Daniel, and Job—were in it, their righteousness could deliver only themselves, declares the Lord GOD.

          15Or if I send wild beasts through the land to leave it childless and desolate, with no man passing through it for fear of the beasts, 16then as surely as I live, declares the Lord GOD, even if these three men were in it, they could not deliver their own sons or daughters. They alone would be saved, but the land would be desolate.

          17Or if I bring a sword against that land and say, ‘Let a sword pass through it,’ so that I cut off from it both man and beast, 18then as surely as I live, declares the Lord GOD, even if these three men were in it, they could not save their own sons or daughters; they alone would be saved.

          19Or if I send a plague into that land and pour out My wrath upon it through bloodshed, cutting off from it both man and beast, 20then as surely as I live, declares the Lord GOD, even if Noah, Daniel, and Job were in it, they could deliver neither sons nor daughters. Their righteousness could save only themselves.

  50. Virginia Conway

    Hi Greg, I think we are drinking the Koolaid. Fear in itself is stifling. Our physical and mental health is stymied, thus lowering our body’s availability to fight off dis-ease. Whether this is the worst illness ever worrying will not help. Lack of preparedness is a good reason to be concerned, yes, but not worry. The fear-mongering we as a nation has had to endure for the last 3+yrs has taken hold in on our psychic conscientiousness and it is not healthy. Find a mantra, ie I know that all that is transpiring now will be for our highest and best good, thanks be to God. I know this can sound kookie but, such thought has moved mountains. Prayer does work for the highest and best good, maybe not what you want but a better good than one can imagine. I think this virus will mutate into nothingness. God bless everyone.

  51. Rich

    On the crown princess cruise ship they ONLY tested 46 people and 21 tested positive for corona virus thats 45%. WHY did they stop? they do not want the uninformed American public to know how bad this virus is.

    At AIPAC all Israelis that returned were put into immediate quarantine because of exposure to an american with corona virus, yet all Americans go on there merry way(to infect other Americans).

    They are not testing, or even remotely trying to stop the spread of Corona virus in America. I voted for Trump, however he is going to need some real good spin doctors to explain how he did not want to protect the American people versus keep trying to pump up the stock market.

    • Dave

      Trump’s response to the virus is hard to fathom. Saying yesterday it was contained – it surely is not. Kudlow telling people to go to work while the CDC suggests telecommuting if possible. The response is perceived as inadequate hence his numbers are falling. Is he simply trying to hold up the market – not possible, or is it aimed to guarantee a Democrat victory in the fall? I have never trusted Trump. If you will lie to your spouse as he did you will lie to anyone. It is not out of the question he is part of a grand scheme. The markets already are starting to factor in a Democrat win of the Presideny and Senate this fall. As reported at zerohedgae and also local weekend financial radio guys in my area are saying to strategize one’s position given the growing possibility of a Democrat controlled government. Really one controlled by the globalists – Trump sure seems to be facilitating that.

      • Greg Hunter

        This is your/Democrat opinion and not fact. And if you never trusted trump then you are a never Trumper and you are speaking from the Dem playbook. The ” response is perceived as inadequate” by hateful Dems looking for any way they can to smear dirt on the President. You forgot about the hoax coup and Mueller team of Dems? You forgot about the hoax impeachment?? Go away.

  52. WAYNE



  53. paul ...

    Talk about a financial crisis … it looks like the 4th largest option market maker in Chicago just got completely liquidated today around 3 PM eastern time … now the question is “who is on the hook to settles all their derivative bets”??? …

    • paul ...

      This is why we sometimes see precious metals sell down temporarily during a financial crisis (when gold is supposed to be skyrocketing) … the idiot gambling speculators caught in a gamma short squeeze who get completely blown out are forced to sell off what ever precious gold they own “to raise cash from us” (to pay off their margin debts) … gold we gladly take out of their weak hands!!!

  54. paul ...

    Breaking News: Astronomers see a”big explosion 5 x more powerful then the Big Bang that created our universe” … … could this be a “new universe” being created right within our own?? … but just wait … when the Fed bubble bursts it will be “a universal event”… people will likely talk of it throughout the ages as being on a scale 25 x more powerful then the Big Bang itself!!!

    • Chip

      What big bang? No such thing. Nonsensical theory promoted by Atheists. Mater is neither created nor destroyed except by the hand of God… Chip

      • eddiemd


      • Occasnltrvlr

        The theory is not “nonsensical.” There is evidence of a universal, creative event. Some people call it “big bang”. This in no way contradicts God’s hand being the Creator.

    • JC

      paul… Do you have your official Captain Video space helmet on?

  55. Johnnie

    There were a lot of voices out there warning that if things didn’t go their way (the Deep State didn’t eliminate Trump) that something very bad would happen. A false flag most figured. Anything to stop exposure of the Deep State. Just when Trump has clear runway to drain the swamp in a meaningful way, this happens. Well this coronavirus sure seems like a masterstroke. Spike China with a deadly virus, fully knowing it would spread the world round. The Deep Stake takes out China at the knees (stopping their ascent, bonus for smashing Iran also). Meanwhile back home, there is some collateral damage. It crashes the economy thus jeopardising Trumps re-election, clean up the homeless problem and the oipiod addicts and takes out the elderly to shakeout all their savings and generate estate taxes and passing down of savings (wealth transfer). It also resets the banking system that was running on insane means. Pol Pot massacred the middle class in Cambodia to re-stimulate it’s economy. It’s not a new idea, just a new approach and highly veiled. COVID-19 is just too perfect, it’s hard to imagine anything more ideal for these bastards.

  56. Johnnie

    This COVID-19 Deep State false flag is too perfect. It’s like the collapse of WTC7. It’s collapse was too perfect. A text book controlled demolition. Even better than just about any demolition I’ve ever seen. Yes, sometimes a building or structure is dropped to make it lean in a certain direction, but all 4 corners of WTC7 dropped in unison within 1/10 of a second of each other. I wonder if this is the hallmark of a Deep State false flag? The giveaway is that it’s just too perfect.

  57. Cole

    The media’s portraying Biden as senile is not a mistake. I believe at the last minute they ( DNC ) will say he is disqualified due to dementia and his VP pic, MO or HRC, will be declared the nominee. These criminals are always thinking ahead. There is no way they are going to let Biden debate Trump.
    However, if he does by some crazy outcome remain the nominee, depending on his VP pic, the gimmes in this country will all vote for him.

  58. Jordan Demurest

    So my USAWatchdogerow, how were Adam and Eve punished for their disobedience, their lack of appreciation? According to some religious teachers, at death Adam and Eve went to heaven. But is that reasonable? Does the Bible say they went to heaven? Why, if that were the case, Adam and Eve would have been given a greater reward and blessing for sinning than they would have had for being obedient. Had they not sinned, the best they could have hoped for was to live in an earthly Paradise to time indefinite, for God said nothing about an existence for them elsewhere. No, it is not reasonable to conclude that Adam and Eve improved matters for themselves by disobeying God.

    Well, then, did Adam and Eve go to a burning hell to be tormented forever? If God had purposed to punish them in that way, surely he should have warned them to that effect. He would then have said to Adam: ‘If you eat of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and bad you will go to hell and be tormented forever and ever.’ But God said nothing of the sort. Then did he change the penalty for the crime after it had been committed? Why, even imperfect men realize that to be unjust. Surely God is not less just than man, is He?​—Gen. 18:25.

    The fact is that in sentencing Adam and Eve God said nothing about their going either to heaven or to a fiery hell. They had been given life on the condition of obedience. When they disobeyed, God had no choice but to carry out the sentence of which they had been warned and to take from them what he had given them. And so God told Adam: “In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.”​—Gen. 3:17-19 [KJV].

    Upon returning to dust Adam ceased to exist. He was conscious of nothing at all, even as we read: “The living are conscious that death will come to them, but the dead are not conscious of anything, and they no longer have a reward, because there is no memory of them. For the living know that they shall die; but the dead know not anything, neither have they any more a reward, for the memory of them is forgotten.” What about Adam’s soul? Since, when he was created, he “came to be a living soul,” when he died he died as a soul. Yes, “the soul that is sinning​—it itself will die.”​—Eccl. 9:5 [KJV]; Gen. 2:7; Ezek. 18:4, 20.

    But someone may say: ‘Granted, Adam’s penalty was just. But is God not also merciful? Where does mercy come in?’ (Ex. 34:6) Be it remembered that mercy does not mean condoning lawlessness and leaving deliberate violators of divine law unpunished. However, in permitting Adam and Eve to continue living for a time and to become parents, our heavenly father, was acting mercifully toward those who did not become sinners by choice but by inheritance from their forefather. Not only did God permit Adam’s offspring to enjoy life for a limited time but he eventually made provision on the basis of the sacrifice of his dearest Son for all to become free from sin and death. (John 3:16; 1 Tim. 2:3-6) As a merciful God, he has patiently allowed time to pass so that humans are given an opportunity to learn of this provision and to choose to do his will. “The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.” 2 Pet. 3:9 [KJV] Nevertheless, those of Adam’s offspring refusing to repent and having no desire to become servants of God will not be exempted from punishment.​—Compare Exodus 34:6, 7.

    Truly this should motivate us to show appreciation for what God has done in our behalf, by being exclusively devoted to him and giving of our time and energies to aid others to gain his approval and life. This requires that we obey the new commandment given by Jesus, when he said: “A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.” (John 13:34 KJV) Are you USAWatchdoger, seeking to display such unselfish, self-sacrificing love, especially in these day’s and on this site? Let’s hope so, for all our sake’s!

    • eddiemd

      Who is Jesus Christ of Nazareth?

      • Jay Jordan Cardone

        Son of God?

    • Bob Lamb

      They repented, so yes they were better off. They were then able to have children and bring the human race to existence. We all sin, if we couldn’t repent we would all have been better off not having been born! Adam was very conscious after death, his spirit didn’t die just like Jesus’s spirit didn’t die. At the time of Christ’s resurrection, many others also resurrected. Their spirit and bodies reunited. That is what will happen to each of us at some point. Where we go after that is dependent on our obedience and repentance. All have sinned and if we say there is no sin in us, we are liars (says the new Testament).

  59. Chip

    Friday bond yields were down between 20-30% !!! This is HUGE. Talk about a canary in the coal mine… Chip

    • Jennifer Ohman

      Yes Chip. The CoronaVirus is NOT a black swan. The government and media management and reaction to this virus IS the black swan. The CoronaVirus is a red herring used by many power players…for their own respective reasons. The collapse in interest rates will be blamed on the virus, but it was already set to blow.

      • jennifer ohman

        …i.e., global governments…

  60. Johnnie

    COVID-19 being a Deep State false flag fits the pattern. Blame someone else for what you just did. Right out of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.
    For 911, the Deep State (maybe in co-operation with Mossad) had WTC 1, 2 & 7 wired for demolition. In a slip up, 2 planes hit but 3 buildings fell that day with WTC7 falling straight down with only a few dozen windows blown out. Blame this attack on cave dwellers in Afghanistan.
    For this virus, it would totally be the Deep State modus operandi to spike China with a virus, facilitate it being brought back to the US and blame China for it.

  61. JC

    “1-800-GETMEOUT”… Ya gotta love it.

    In the financial markets arena the greatest problems are likely to emerge in credit markets, particularly in corporate credit. According to the BIS, so-called “zombie corporations” represent an estimated 12% of the world’s corporate debt issuers. These companies depend on gullible investors continually refinancing their debts in order to muddle on – during boom times, that is.

    If we were to take a stab at guessing what investors (even otherwise gullible ones) are likely to do if/when half the world releases PMI data similar to those shown above, refinancing the debt of zombies will probably not be at the top of their list of priorities. It seems more likely that most of them will speed-dial “1-800-GETMEOUT”.

  62. Thomas McLaughlin

    Greg, your conviction in having Bo Polny on a month ago probably saved thousands of people from losses in the markets, if they listened. I’m in total agreement, get him back on!!! Bo has a track record of interviews just before major cycle turning points, I do look forward to hearing from him again.
    Like you always advise Greg, I got prepared and stay prepared. The perfect example of why everyone should are the crazy runs on Costco and warehouse stores.
    Thanks for all the hard work in researching the Weekly Wrap Ups, I so enjoy them.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Thomas!

  63. TonyM


    Looking more like Charles Nenner nailed this stock market fall.

    Thanks, love your interviews…


  64. patrick

    I am starting to think that there may not be an election this year!

    • Occasnltrvlr

      The Cheeto Emporer reigns…

  65. DJ

    Brokered Convention the Super Delegates draft Hillary and give her the nomination. She’s doing her hair and putting her makeup on.

    Civil War in the Democrat Party starts July in Milwaukee.

    Sanders people will go full Red Guard.

  66. Country Codger

    Have you ever had Tom Luongo on? Wonder what kind of guest he would make?

  67. ZtEve.0

    Pres Trump is a great strategist, he’s gonna keep his friends close and his enemies closer.

  68. Mike Strohmier

    Just saw DB at 6.04 around market open on Thursday March 12. Everyone hold on…

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