Fake Russia/Sessions Story, Obama Plotting Against Trump, Fed Rate Hike

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (WNW 274 3.3.17)

New Attorney General Jeff Sessions is under fire in the ongoing fake story about Russian involvement in the 2016 election. It centers on his old job as a senior member of the Armed Services Committee in the U.S. Senate.  Sessions was asked if he had contact with Russian officials about the election.  Sessions said, “No.”  Sessions did talk to the Russian Ambassador as part of his duties in the Senate.  Now, Sessions has recused himself in the ongoing Russian hacking investigation where no evidence has come forth about the Russian government having an effect on the outcome of the 2016 election.

Former President Obama is using his recently founded “Organization for Action” (OFA) to undermine the Trump Administration. Obama says it’s his right to be able to help people resist Trump and exercise their First Amendment right.  Critics say Obama is doing nothing short of “masterminding an insurgency against President Trump.”  Obama’s close confidant and former top adviser, Valerie Jarrett, has moved into his palatial Washington, D.C., home which is now the nerve center of Obama’s anti-Trump activity.

Will the Fed raise interest rates this month?  Wall Street is now giving a 90% chance of a rate hike at the Fed’s next meeting in the middle of  March.  Could that stop the so-called Trump rally?  Not only can it stop the rally, but a rate hike can stop the Trump economic revival dead in its tracks.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

After The Wrap-Up:

Clif High from HalfPastHuman.com will be the “Early Sunday Release.”  Powerful interview about what is going on and what his data mining is showing for March through the end of 2017.


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  1. Oxfarmer

    Excellent wrapup, Greg. This is why we like and support Watchdog.

    • Frank Brady

      Greg, thanks for yet aother great article. Unfortunately, it seriously understates the problem. You wrote, “Former President Obama is using his recently founded “Organization for Action” (OFA) to undermine the Trump Administration.” The problem is, OFA is most definitely NOT a recently founded organization. It is the vehicle the left (under Obama’s leadership) has been using for more than four years to undermine the U.S. Government. Please see https://tinyurl.com/z8kvkj3 for documented detail.

      The government of the United States is under attack by a consortium of domestic thugs intent upon subverting the will of the American people and overthrowing the lawfully-elected Trump administration.. OFA is just the tip of the spear, a spear that includes the Clinton apparatus, organs of the mass media, corrupt federal judges, and members of the Republican National Leadership among others. The GOP contingent includes Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnel, Lindsay Graham, and John McCain among others. They are dedicated to instigating a new and completely unjustifiable war with Russia in a desperate effort to maintain their hold on power. These people pose an existential threat to peace and what little remains of American liberty.

      • Greg Hunter

        I stand corrected. Obama is just taking a super active role in OFA now that he is out of office.

        • Rick Hester

          Does Obama’s action fit the definition of “sedition”?

    • Paul

      I second Oxfarmer’s comment above. I’m a new reader, but your site has been a refreshing read. I enjoy the news wrap ups!

  2. David Coddington

    There are a number of leaks which claim that the real story is the establishment is deathly afraid of pedogate unraveling. The Russian thing is a total ruse. If the blackmailing of congress critters and high level government officials is exposed, the blackmailing will no longer be effective. In which case the deep state’s control will implode.

    This is the best place to start, a real quick and recent update:

    Title: BREAKING – More EXCLUSIVE Information From VL DHS Insider! – #PedoGate & Jeff Sessions Under Attack
    Channel: Victurus Libertas VL

    • Paul ...

      The following attachment should be the common reaction “all Americans” have … to the evil “Deep State” trying to weaken Trump’s White House attack against pedophiles (emanating from the Obama “Black House” down the block) … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JR_L6mXhis4

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Yes…Sessions is hounded by Americans demanding prosecution and investigation of pedophilia in high or low places. The shrill desperation in this situation is obvious.

    • RealityCheck

      Yes, the head pedos and their facilitators are desperate to keep the status quo… Russia is just a diversion.

  3. Frederick

    Bribes I’m sorry Donations Love it

    • al

      The way I look at it is I tip my Barrista a few bucks and all I get is a few minutes of deliciousness. Greg is my information Barrista with delicious truth, worth tipping.

  4. Kim

    Thank you very much for keeping us informed. These wrap ups so important! I am grateful for your hard work! I say the Prayer of Jabez for you, the watchdogs on this site and President Trump.

  5. Kim

    Sex addiction is evil and must be confronted. My biggest concern is what about the CHILDREN?

  6. DeepDeep&Creepier

    To help refugees [Obomber] why didn’t you stop arming terrorists – Rep. Tulsi Gabbard

    Why They Love Our Deep Do D o State, Shadow People!

    EU Commissioner defends Chinese ‘slitty eyes’ comment

    https://twitter.com/hashtag/MakeSchumerCryAgain?src=hash MakeSchumerCryAgain!

    LePene is mightier than the sword

  7. Mme Hedin

    Greg – Sorry that you don’t see that Obama is simply preserving the facts of what actually happened from certain eradication by Trump officials. Other intelligence agencies of other countries have declared that they too have recordings of Trump campaign officials speaking with Russian officials prior to the election.
    As hard as one may try, one cannot escape the Truth.
    But “their eyes were veiled”, Scripture says (yours)…
    Truth Out!

    • Greg Hunter

      Obama should be charged with Sedition and Treason and you are a paid troll.

      • Diana Dee Jarvis

        Is it just me, or does Mme Hedin sound like Gina? Same sock puppet operator under a different name?

        • Greg Hunter

          Gina or another paid troll. I am flattered.

          • Mme Hedin

            You shouldn’t be. We’re not.
            ( Tho I actually don’t know Gina, who is probably just another intelligent progressive who, like me, suffers Out of compassion for all of you paranoid, fearful right-wingers, scared a boogieman, or someone different than you, at every turn)

            • Greg Hunter

              Call your self what you really are: Marxist/Communist/Nazi and NOT “progressive.” By the way, you should call Planned Parenthood what it really is and that is planned abortion. It does not do any family planning that does not involve infanticide and selling the baby body parts-Troll.

        • Charles H

          D D J,

          Mme is the elder, retire teacher type – who orginally was reached by the intellectual anarchists, who zealous pitch served Women’s Liberation some time ago. Gina is the student type – who is even farther removed from knowledge, and serves as a justice warrior. Neither understands the false and pernicious principles they spout; or the incomplete character development as critical thinking individuals they both lack. They are tools, of a higher intelligence – they neither understand or are willing to believe. It is a real shame. They embody the biblical saying: “believing they are wise: they have become fools.” What a waste.

          • Mme Hedin

            No Charles – formerly an investment analyst, financial consultant, IQ +130, well educated, retired and living off investments- and I know that the ignorant and uneducated are easy marks, as grifter Trump knows all too well.

            • Greg Hunter

              You are not that smart if you voted for the Wall Street “grifter” and criminal/traitor Hillary. Let me sum it up for you Mr. “130.” Hillary used multiple unprotected servers that jeopardized national security to take treasonous bribes to her global charity fraud for favors that the Clinton’s are now shutting down. You are an idiot to think there is anything resembling a legit market out there because there is fake risk (well understated) and fake returns (well overstated.) Good luck living off your “investments” you are going to need it–TROLL.

              • Mme Hedin

                Greg, I kept telling you I voted for Sanders, and you don’t listen. I am a fellow Christian Greg, and in the name of our Lord, I ask you to please refrain from namecalling simply because we disagree on a political perspective. Your venom is disconcerting to me. I invest primarily in commercial RE, so please don’t assume to know what you don’t know.

            • Charles H


              From standard intelligence tests – we are well matched: but that in itself is no endorsement. It is the nurture of experience with which you associate – that I believe nullifies the potential a good mind may serve. Your gravitation to the Main Steam Media of compromised sources, which you accept as true: undermines your validity. Your experience in Finance, when it worked under some fashion of rules and regulations: now hardly exists at all. I do not condemn you either as a woman, or a professional. You probably did very well and played quite straight while you worked. But as a link in the chain of what has now gone south badly two issues affect you: the lesser is guilt by association, as in having a last name of “Mud”; the other is carrying forward the faith and vested interest of what is now a corrupt system, and unquestioning loyalty to the political side which fosters that corruption.
              Don’t get me wrong: both sides of the isle are corrupt; and the criminal crony class are eating the entrails of both parties. But in the main – the Democrats are leading America from the Rule of Law. Trump is no saint; but Hillary and Obama have done great damage: if one can see past the ideological blinders. I know it seems like unmitigated pluck to say that what ails America is the administration of the last party in office: but history, comparative and future – I believe will bear me out as being right. Eight years ago, the Right gave Obama a chance. Today, it appears that the Left doesn’t believe the Right should have the same opportunity. Fight, bite, oppose – allow nothing we don’t want. Isn’t THAT a monopoly?; a notion of intolerance?; leaving rationality and cooperation for irrationality?!?? You must find forgiveness toward us here if we do not perceive the common consideration we have given in the past. In the face of the attitudes which the Left has arrived at – little room, or patience remains for us to be pushed further and further from our equally valid viewpoints and values.

      • Mike R

        Obama is going DOWN, and will be charged with such. Trump would never make these allegations, if he didn’t have concrete proof. There is much more coming about Obama’s corruption, and what we are seeing now is actually a diversion from whats really happening behind the scenes. Not only is Obama going down, but both Clintons will be too. Americans are going to be shell shocked with what Trump is going to do to these treasonous and highly corrupt people. Obama’s strong denial, only further impugns his own guilt. Deep state will try unsuccessfully to get Trump removed before he can take action on Obama and the Clintons, as they are doing now with all these attacks on Trump from every angle. This is why you see Obama frantically staying in DC, and attempting to set up a front that is called OFA but really is not the truth of what he is there for. Obama and the Clintons were so SURE that they had the election adequately rigged and in the bag, so as to protect Obama from all of his criminal actions being exposed, along with HRC being able to escape prosecution too, if she became President, that Obama had no back up plan to cover up all of his tracks. Now he is desperately trying to use whatever loyalists he may have to initiate a coup from within the bowels of the whitehouse. 2017 should be a year of immense denial and riots by the demoncrats, especially by supporters of Bernie on the riot side.

        • Mme Hedin

          Mike R: you stated “Trump would never make these allegations, if he didn’t have concrete proof”. Well, Mr. Trump makes statements/allegations all the time which are not verifiable by evidence. He did so throughout the campaign, and continues to do so now. Why do you think that democrats and journalists’ favorite nickname for him ihas been “Liar-in-Chief”?

      • Jocko

        Seems strange that all these people and countries have these recordings and not one peep leak? Me’s think’s Hedonist and her mastoids are taking from our playbook and trying to get us to panic so we make fools of our selves like [they] have been doing these past six or seven months. Shame on you!

        Yes we take the credit for flushing you out and give you the credit for getting all the people behind the Trumpster and he’ll get the credit for disposing you in the dumpster, yes mark his foreboding words, Scaredy fat cats! The American people have always been smarter than you powers that was. Try reading a history book sometime you smart arses!

        Now what can we say, to really make you all lose your minds, even more so? I know. Works every time, didn’t it. MJM! Regime change in Washington, not Moscow! LOL! No, that ones been used to much already, but it sure did do the job, didn’t it! Mr. so called spy-master. Why your kind’s been around through out history and all failed miserably. Lying murdering war-mongering whore-mastering political pied piper. Its simple, good against evil. Thats why we won and your yet, to lose big time.

        Well now that we did win and still winning despite your stupid shenanigans, we sure don’t want regime change in D.C. comics now, do we. Loser’s! LOL. You guy’s sure did bust a shunt on that one! LOL. But you all took the bait along with that mad-man. Following the biggest loser. All your intell and psy-ops bull and you never figured out the con was on you.
        And your supposed to be the neo-conmen and conwoman. Turns out you clowns couldn’t con your way’s out ah paper bag of excrement!
        Sorry for being so blunt, but we ain’t the ones smoking that blunt, [wacky tobaccky] . You better screen your people much better, especially with our new sheriff in town!

        So your all on notice. . . This town was built by Americans for Americans and by golly its going to be run by real Patriotic Americans, not phony flag waving new world dis-order globalist, leftest, Muslim brotherhood, corporate media intell lackeys! [really un-intell lackeys]
        Oh and by the way your fired and like Jesuse said to Judas IsScaredy cat after he had kissed him. Go do what you gotta do. Before I come for you! Lets get this show on the road. Peace and prosperity is coming down the mountain, here she comes, here she comes!
        Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0NghGoIdv-E

        Complicated set of circumstances and experiences
        This guy looks like he could be your dad. Maybe even you when you were younger. You need help. Seek it. When all else fails you can always pray, not just prey upon others

        ”Sorry to keep you waiting, complicated business, complicated”

      • Mme Hedin

        On what evidence, Greg? The same evidence that Mr. Trump showed to us when he claimed that the nearly 3 million votes cast for Hillary (which won her the popular vote) were “fraudulent”? No evidence was ever found to back up his claim. Likewise, you can be sure there’s no evidence to back this new claim of his as well. Unfortunately for Mr. Trump, he’s dipped his nose into a real hornet’s nest, insulting/speaking badly of Pres 44 –

    • Paul ...

      Yeah Mme … Obama is just “preserving the facts” … the same way the Fed is preserving German, Ukrainian and Libyan gold … he should be charged with stealing (as well as Sedition and Treason)! … I bet you can’t wait for the banksters to bail in your bank account (to preserve it from use by you) !!

      • Mme Hedin

        Where do you get your “news”, Dear? Do you believe EVERYTHING You read on the Internet?

  8. Mme Hedin

    Greg – Sorry that you don’t see that Mr. Obama is simply preserving the facts of what actually happened from certain eradication by Trump officials. Other intelligence agencies of other countries have declared that they too have recordings of Trump campaign officials speaking with Russian officials prior to the election.
    As hard as one may try, one cannot escape the Truth.
    But “their eyes were veiled”, Scripture says (yours)…
    Truth Out!

    • Macray

      Hey Meals made Easy
      Mr. Obama is simply preserving the facts??? Funny!!!! You even got O laughing at that one : ))) I’ll see about getting that one posted at the Meme Generator : ))) https://memegenerator.net/Obama-Laughing

    • Ned Kelly

      Mme Hedin,

      You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.
      Abraham Lincoln
      Times up, Chumps! The writing was on the wall during the address to the nation.
      You all were addressed down. To run the gauntlet! Corporal punishment in which the party judged guilty is forced to run between two rows. In Ernest Hemingway’s For Whom The Bell Tolls the aristocrats of the town are subjected to the gauntlet wherein they are led by the villagers.

      So keep it up. Just remember. It takes a village, were that village. US., the unwashed masses you so despise.
      I suggest you and all your ilk, take some flying lessons soon. You’re gonna need em!

    • Freebreezer

      MH – Where were you when Obama was caught ‘off mike’ promising Russian Official, Medvedev favors after the election?? As I like to say … As hard as one may try, one cannot escape the Truth.
      But “their eyes were veiled”, Scripture says (yours)…
      Truth Out!

      • Freebreezer

        And as I recall, the Democratic senate stopped any further inquiry in to this matter … One has to wonder did the Russians help Obama in his re-election bid .. Hmmmm??? Again, as I like to say … As hard as one may try, one cannot escape the Truth.
        But “their eyes were veiled”, Scripture says (yours)…
        Truth Out!

  9. Michele Simpson

    Cynthia McKinney, questioned I believe Donald Rumsfield on human trafficating in 2006. You can YouTube that congressional hearing. Outrageous. This criminal behavior goes deep and high in the government. She also did some other interviews on human trafficking. One with Alex Jones. Very enlighting. Would love for you to interview her.
    Thank you so much Mr. Hunter always look forward to USA watchdog updates.

    • Robert Lykens

      Cynthia McKinney on the Issues:

      Consistent supporter of reproductive rights (abortion). (Feb 2008)
      Voted NO on restricting interstate transport of minors to get abortions. (Apr 2005)
      Voted NO on banning Family Planning funding in US aid abroad. (May 2001)
      Voted NO on federal crime to harm fetus while committing other crimes. (Apr 2001)
      Voted NO on banning partial-birth abortions. (Apr 2000)
      Voted NO on barring transporting minors to get an abortion. (Jun 1999)
      Keep affirmative action in college admissions. (Feb 2008)
      Supports gay adoptions. (Feb 2008)
      Reparations for former slaves, as promised & never delivered. (Jan 2008)
      Voted NO on banning gay adoptions in DC. (Jul 1999)
      Voted NO on ending preferential treatment by race in college admissions. (May 1998)
      Supports reparations for slavery. (Aug 2001)
      Ending racial profiling is part of fight for justice. (Jan 2001)
      Constitutional Amendment for equal rights by gender. (Mar 2001)
      Rated 80% by the HRC, indicating a pro-gay-rights stance. (Dec 2006)
      Rated 97% by the NAACP, indicating a pro-affirmative-action stance. (Dec 2006)
      Voted NO on Bankruptcy Overhaul requiring partial debt repayment. (Mar 2001)
      Replace death penalty with life imprisonment. (Feb 2008)
      Voted NO on prohibiting needle exchange & medical marijuana in DC. (Oct 1999)
      Voted NO on giving federal aid only to schools allowing voluntary prayer. (Mar 1994)
      Declare US carbon-free and nuclear-free. (Feb 2008)
      Implement Kyoto; raise CAFE; oppose drilling ANWR. (Feb 2008)
      Leave the oil in the soil. (Jan 2008)
      Protect ANWR; fund sustainable power sources. (Dec 2007)
      Voted YES on keeping moratorium on drilling for oil offshore. (Jun 2006)
      Voted NO on scheduling permitting for new oil refinieries. (Jun 2006)
      Voted NO on authorizing construction of new oil refineries. (Oct 2005)
      Voted YES on raising CAFE standards; incentives for alternative fuels. (Aug 2001)
      Voted YES on prohibiting oil drilling & development in ANWR. (Aug 2001)
      Voted YES on starting implementation of Kyoto Protocol. (Jun 2000)
      Regulate wholesale electricity & gas prices. (Mar 2001)
      Preserve Alaska’s ANWR instead of drilling it. (Feb 2001)
      Rated 100% by the CAF, indicating support for energy independence. (Dec 2006)
      Close the School of the Americas. (Feb 2008)
      Targeted by AIPAC for opposing Israeli settlements. (Feb 2008)
      Voted NO on deterring foreign arms transfers to China. (Jul 2005)
      Voted NO on reforming the UN by restricting US funding. (Jun 2005)
      Voted NO on withholding $244M in UN Back Payments until US seat restored. (May 2001)
      Voted YES on $156M to IMF for 3rd-world debt reduction. (Jul 2000)
      Voted YES on $15.2 billion for foreign operations. (Nov 1999)
      Allow Americans to travel to Cuba. (May 2000)
      Supported sending Colin Powell to Durban racism conference. (Aug 2001)
      Voted NO on requiring photo ID for voting in federal elections. (Sep 2006)
      Voted NO on banning soft money donations to national political parties. (Jul 2001)
      Voted NO on prohibiting product misuse lawsuits on gun manufacturers. (Oct 2005)
      Voted NO on decreasing gun waiting period from 3 days to 1. (Jun 1999)
      Supports single-payer universal health care. (Feb 2008)
      Voted NO on building a fence along the Mexican border. (Sep 2006)
      Apology on House floor for punching Capitol Police officer. (Dec 2007)
      Advocate of Hip-Hop movement for social justice. (Dec 2007)
      Voted NO on Tax cut package of $958 B over 10 years. (May 2001)
      Voted NO on eliminating the Estate Tax (“death tax”). (Apr 2001)
      Voted NO on $46 billion in tax cuts for small business. (Mar 2000)
      Rated 100% by the CTJ, indicating support of progressive taxation. (Dec 2006)
      Voted YES on establishing “network neutrality” (non-tiered Internet). (Jun 2006)
      Voted YES on establishing “network neutrality” (non-tiered Internet). (Jun 2006)

      If McKinney has been right on ONE issue, she’s been wrong on a million others.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you Robert.

        Impressive reveal of McKinney based on her record.


  10. Luke

    Greg Hunter,
    May God bless you !

  11. Concerned american dad

    Rather than answering “no”- why doesn’t he simply state that as a senior member of the armed services committee it was part of his job to talk to numerous foriegn ambassadors and put an end to this. That’s all that needs to be said. Somehow these guys are always smart enough to not just simply state what needs to be stated to put an end to the jabbering. It’s as if they’re playing along sometimes…… most of the time

    • Paul ...

      Yes … Sessions could have said: “As senior head of the Armed Services Committee I talk to Russians all the time … but never spoke with them about the election”!! … however he probably knew the Demon-rats would have then demanded to know “exactly what those other topics were” that he discussed with the Russians … and Sessions would have said “they were secret negotiations that can not be disclosed or discussed” … giving the MSM the opportunity to put the following headline on the front pages of all their newspapers … “BREAKING NEWS” — “SESSIONS TALKED WITH THE RUSSIANS IN SECRET BEFORE THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION” !!!

      • ConcernedAmericanDad

        right- So rather than present the fact that the Russian Ambassador was merely one on a long list of ambassadors from various countries with whom there was communication as a member of the armed services committee and specifically note that there was in fact no communication on behalf of his potential role in the Trump administration – it is better to let speculation run wild that something is being hidden. Brilliant.


    Greg , I couldn’t imagine democrats or republicans in congress not raising or suspending the debt ceiling . Wall Street and all of the people on social security and medicaid would run them out of office .

    • Greg Hunter

      A lot of damage can be done while Congress is negotiating. How much damage can be done in 30 days, 60 days, 90 days??? We have no way of knowing how this is going to play out. Get ready and stay ready.

      • Mike R

        Not lifting the debt ceiling, could allow Trump to purge a ton of Obama loyalists, and traitors to our country within DC.

        • Greg Hunter

          Mike R,


      Sorry , Mike R , but a lot of our congressman have received funds from Wall Street , so I don’t see them voting against raising the debt ceiling . I think it would be political suicide for a congressman that did that . I could be wrong ,but I don’t think so . Time will tell .

  13. Tommy

    It is sickening the way the Democrats are acting. Absolutely abhorrent. Sessions answered the question asked honestly. The Democrats can totally ignore the lies of Obama, Clinton, Lynch, Holder, et.al. but become unhinged over their made up scandal. The ridiculous Russian conspiracy is total nonsense but when you see what Hillary did with Uranium One and Skolkovo in exchange for hundreds of millions of “donations” to the family foundation plus speaking fees for husband Bill it becomes even more ridiculous. Which always begs the question that is never asked, why would Russia want Trump to win when they already had Hillary bought and paid? Add to that the classified information they gleaned from hacking her server and a normal person would think that they would definitely prefer her. But the Democrats have one thing that the Republicans don’t have; the MSM. Oh, and also a backbone. The Republicans have already served up Gen. Flynn and now Sessions has recused himself in anything to do with the election probe. Trump and the Republicans must stand united and thwart the coup that is being attempted. If the Democrats and media are allowed to prevail we will have lost everything. They will be able to neuter anyone that does not tow their line. Thank you for leading the charge in unraveling the lies and shining the light of truth.

    • Russ McMeans

      There are two parties: the evil party and the stupid party. Most of us here belong to the stupid party. Sorry, it’s true! Our team doesn’t know what going on the offense means. Maybe they took too many medications that old people take. Just no spine or fight. I don’t know about everyone here, but I voted for ribeye steak and whiskey, not boneless skinless chicken breast with a glass of warm milk. Please!

      • Tommy

        You are correct. I just can’t figure out why they remain so stupid, so spineless. It has to be more than it appears. Sort of like the Democrats are the Globetrotters and the Republicans are the Washington Generals.

    • Flattop

      Tommy: Very important you keep In mind… Our battle is not against flesh and blood.

  14. al

    Greg, I’m with you 100% on the DOW thing, but…. from my research we are soon facing high inflation with hyperinflation to follow, which… unfortunately… Like Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Brazil and other Countries suffering high inflation, the Stock Index goes up no matter what the interest rate does… I see no other reason why he would point to the market as a supporting mechanism of sort. Remember who’s on his team, the core manipulators of the market. He also wants the dollar to drop, which will.. unfortunately… lift the DOW even more…. I too see a crash coming but it will be shallow and will flip to the upside faster than the 2008 crash mainly because of inflationary tactics by the Fed and the Treasury…. I HATE THIS STOCK MARKET ! I WANT TO SEE IT RESET, but maybe the reset is a blow off top to ridiculous levels before, like the USSR Stock market, it is ignored and laughed at.

  15. Southern Girl

    Just a thought…I went to ABC News online and left a comment under contact us…..I told them that I was so tired of all the lies they were spreading about President Trump…there was an article that surfaced that said 30 news reporters were on the dole from Clinton…listed David Muir…so I told them in my email that I was TURNING OFF ABC news…..just a thought

    • C romana

      I did the same with newspapers and radio stations. Now is the time to fight for the right, or be subjected to tyranny and lies. Canadian news is non stop negative on Trump. I fear for humanity.

  16. Russ

    Thanks Greg, good wrap-up to a week in which we’ve been inundated with BS, another acronym for fake news.
    “Trey Gowdy (R-SC) After FBI Director Comey Briefing: “Be Very Very Careful” Relying On NYT and Washington Post For Leaked News”

    My take is that the FBI is following a lot of this and it may be a case of allowing someone enough rope. The 1st Amendment does have limits.

    The PizzaGate thing can’t be dealt with directly by those involved in covering it up, so they go after the front men like AG Sessions from the side, by bringing up this “nothing burger” accusation of lying to the Senate regarding contact with Russia, they hope to throw Sessions off his game. They need Sessions out because he’s lead on cleaning up PizzaGate. It won’t work.

    Not that anyone should care, but Russia is also hitting back:

  17. Jerry

    I think it was generally understood by all the major economic players that the United States banking system could never recover from the Subprime Mortgage Scandal of 2008. The amount of debt injected unto the system was just to great to overcome. Knowing this fact, with the help of the IMF and the Chinese, the central bankers embarked on a plan to replace our failing system. Assets including TARP funds and Chinese bank loans have secretly been transferred into Swiss bank accounts to be used for a planned reset. The tradeoff of was market manipulation, and cheap gold.

    In my state in 2015 a well known state auditor was found dead following an investigation into a St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank.

    According to my sources, he was planning to hold a news conference with a radio station in St. Louis, to reveal information showing misappropriation of TARP funds by the Bank. Before he could do that, he mysteriously committed suicide. I used to have a cousin in Chicago that did contract hits for the mob. He once told me that he had no problem helping someone put a gun to their head since he was ‘6-8″ and weighed over 350 pounds, Suicide was his preferred method of choice. Clean. No questions asked.

    My point is this. None of us can judge anything by what the MSM or the markets tells us. Everything is completely rigged. Because of Donald Trump there is a planned reset coming, and its coming much SOONER than they had planned for. All we can do as plan for it, and do the best we can.

    • Jerry

      What is it about former Deutsche Bank employee’s and roof’s?
      Like I said. Clean and neat. I guess Wall Street breaking all time highs was to much for him to bare?

    • Jerry

      A follow up link to one of my last statements. Folks I can’t make this stuff up. Its real!

    • Jerry

      The bottom of the rabbit hole.
      In case you haven’t noticed, Donald Trump has pissed off the globalist. Why? He has interrupted their plans for global domination. Now instead of a slow methodical, systematic, transfer of power, they’re going to drop the mother if all economic bombs on us, in the form of an economic reset. Cyprus was just a beta test for the real thing.

      • Macray

        I used to have a cousin in Chicago that did contract hits for the mob. He once told me that he had no problem helping someone put a gun to their head since he was ‘6-8″ and weighed over 350 pounds, Suicide was his preferred method of choice. Clean. No questions asked.

        Jerry, even if your cousin is no longer with us, I want to stay on your good side : )))

  18. Southern Girl

    Found this article http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/mar/1/former-abc-news-employees-urge-strong-stand-agains/

    Interesting…what do they think they can do???? He can just continue to FREEZE them out of their own jobs.

  19. Southern Girl

    You are so spot on with this weeks news wrap-up..I think you will find that many people who are involved in the pedophile rings are the ones screaming the loudest..THE DEMOCRATS..they don’t want to be found out or exposed. You are also right about the Nazi tactics..they are so desperate they are just freaking out.
    GREAT JOB!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks SG!

  20. Todd

    Greg, Have you heard that George Soros bought 500 million in puts? This seems like a big deal.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Todd. It is, and a dire warning.

      • Macray

        Hi Todd
        Do you have any links as to what you are referring to?

    • Paul ...

      Todd … Trump should have the Plunge Protection Team buy 500 billion in puts … this way when the banksters make the markets crash the American people will also cash in on the profits … enough to pay off our national debt, make Social Security solvent and re-build America infrastructure!!

      • Macray

        I think he should use the PPT to buy Gold and Silver on a monthly basis for our country! Because the Don likes to think big, he should send a clear message to China and Russia that we can purchase more than they can!

  21. Chip

    Love it Greg! Your WNW’s are my news highlight of the week! Thanks for what you do… Chip

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Chip. By the way Clif High is going to be the “Early Sunday Release.”

      • Mike R

        With all that’s happening right now, we could sure use a dose of Clif – to help guide us through the muddy waters. Nice timing Greg !

        • Greg Hunter

          This is more than just an update from Clif High. It is a stunning interview with many revelations. I think it is well worth watching and it’s free!!!! Thank you for your comments here.

          • Macray

            Great Weekly Wrap!!!
            I so look forward to the CH upcoming interview.
            Thank You so Much!!!

            • Greg Hunter

              You will not be disappointed with this interview-guaranteed!!

  22. Linda L.

    Attorney General Sessions better not step down, and if it happens then it will have occurred by extortion. In my opinion, the big story is Valerie Jarrett, who is moving into the Obama mansion to assist Obama/cronies in their never ending goal to destroy/sabotage Trump’s Administration, furthering their Saul Alinsky agenda to overturn the Republic. Apparently the mansion is just a couple miles from the White House, and I bet this mansion is fully equipped/hacking/White House monitoring capabilities, working round the clock with financial assistance from folks like George Soros to destroy our current POTUS and his Administration by ANY MEANS possible. We’re living in such dangerous times, and Trump should never let his guard down because I think his life is in jeopardy. However I also think that a higher power is at work keeping Trump lifted.

    • Paul ...

      By the Demon-rats setting up a Black House just a few blocks from the White House … can only mean one thing … Soro’s, Obama and the Demon-rats are preparing to play the “race card”!!!

    • Russ McMeans

      You’re correct. Unfortunately. Would love to hang them for treason. All of em!

    • Mike R

      It’s as if Valerie Jarrett is still running the white house, with all her minions still in place. She’ll probably just communicate via wireless encrypted devices, planted by Obama’s staff in the white house before they left. The entire place isn’t just infested with roaches, but has moles, leeches, parasites, and predators. Trump literally needs to fire the entire Obama staff, clean house literally and figuratively, and if necessary blow the whole thing up, and build a new white house on a different parcel of land. For all anyone knows, the mansion chosen by Obama, has a direct tunnel that he had built while he was in the whitehouse, directly into the oval office. He rigged that place 7 ways to sunday, and booby trapped it with all the loyalists he could find.

      Where’s the Trump we all once knew, using the “You’re fired” power he was known for on his shows ? Now more than ever, he really needs to use that phrase until he replaces most of the entire government.

  23. David Bain


    Have you considered B.O. setting up the Muslim Caliphate in the USA? He will lead the Muslim Brotherhood from DC.

  24. JC Davis

    Greg, I always learn something from your wrap up. The MSM is simply using their platform to distract the people from looking at corruption. Please consider doing a biweekly wrap up. I knew nothing about the pedo arrest numbers. It disturbs my me too much to study the child traffic criminal actions, but I will force myself. The (free press ) needs to be more vocal. Thanks for all you do. JC

  25. Justn Observer


    • This sceptred isle

      To cover up all the crimes takes a lot of effort. Their grip on power has loosened. There will be a lot of bottom up pressure. The pyramid falls when the base collapses.

  26. Flattop

    GREG: Will the Atty General go after Obama and Clintons for their illegal activities while in the govt, or will they get a , get out of jail pass?

    • DeepDeep&Creepier

      Their all demanding Sessions give them a pass and his caving in already can tell you something already. Maybe we should let them have Jeff, so’s we can get a hard nosed in there, thats up to the job! [Not This Brown Nose’r]

  27. Arthur Barnes

    Trump is surrounded by enemies of the deep state, including, but not limited by the MSM, Hillary & Obumer treasonous cronies, most of the Congress, and millions upon millions of
    illegal aliens, and last but not least, Bush’s religion of peace; and, that is just in this country. Having said all that, Trump is up for the job! Trump is like no leader the deep state has ever contended with, I particularly enjoyed watching the speech in Congress this week, watching all those Trump haters having to kiss his ring. This country is divided and rightly so, its no longer just one beast with two heads (demogods and repubcrcats on one monster), its Trump against the beast. Trump, Trump, Trump!

    • This sceptred isle

      Let’s hope there are some good guys and girls in the FBI.

  28. Diane D

    Trump is already being bullied out of power. It makes me sick. Maybe I’ve been in Montana too long but what happened to real men who would stand up for themselves?

    • Greg Hunter

      D D,
      Not going to happen. “Fear Not.”

      • zip

        Thanks Greg for continuing to point to God and reminding us to ‘trust Him’! because He is Trustworthy!
        John 16:33 These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.
        Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.
        Romans 12:9 Let love be without dissimulation. Abhor that which is evil; cleave to that which is good.

    • Flattop

      Diane D; Just hang loose for a little while. The Prez is getting his cabinet in place and figuring out where his friends and enemies are. Then watch the action. Bannon, McMasters, Sessions are going to strike fear in the democrat/pedophiles

    • DeepDeep&Creepier

      We can tell you one became president of these less than-United States.

  29. Flattop

    GREG: As I looked at he picture of Pres Trump during the swearing in, his hands was on the bible being held by Mrs Trump. Under the bible it looks like a box. What was she holding?

    • Jon

      Sworn in on his childhood Bible underneath that Abraham Lincoln’s Bible.

    • DeepDeep&Creepier

      It was a Desert Camo USMC 1911.

    • Jane

      Donald Trump used the same bible as Ronald Regan used when he was sworn in. He also used his mothers bible. The ‘box’ you are referring to was the second bible.

    • McKonica

      It was two bibles: one that belonged to former President Abraham Lincoln and another that was gifted to Trump in his childhood by his mother. Lincoln’s bible, a true historic artifact, was in the box.

    • Diana Dee Jarvis

      I think the box held a second Bible. I’ve seen reports that Trump was sworn in with two: Lincoln’s Bible and a Trump family Bible.

  30. RTW

    Enough is enough already. Sessions must stay or this juvenile nonsense will only get worse, if that’s possible. The Republicans should look Pelosi and Chuck U Schumer in the eye and tell them that Sessions and the Russian Ambassador only talked about their grandchildren. That’s completely plausible according to Loretta Lynch. And if one more MSM stooge suggests or inquires if Trump will reach across the aisle, they should be shown his speech, to Congress, where all those petulant children, posing as dumocratic congressmen, appeared to be superglued to their seats. No surprise that Jarrett moved in with Barry, He’s her little hand puppet and without her, he couldn’t wipe his own a**.

  31. Mohammad


    Do you see any similarity between Obama’s (OFA) and Soros (NGOs)?
    Trump must not underestimate the experience and RESUME Obama has in “Arab Spring”, and if I smell any thing in his OFA (stink to say the least) I smell “American Spring”. Same play book, seen it before.

    It will be interesting if the connection in funding could be established between the two since Obama does not have the money. More interesting if the new OFA is the resurrection of Clinton’s dying foundation.


    • This sceptred isle

      Obama always was a figurehead for shadowy powers.

  32. Jerry

    Once again Greg I’m going to put the numbers up so people can see for themselves where we are financially. This is how much the subprime mortgage scandal cost us.
    Now factor in the fact that the average GDP since 2008 has been approximately 1.5% per year. In most years it was negative. How do we replace over 20 trillion dollars that has been lost? More importantly where did that debt go?

    I know first hand from working in the foreclosure industry that our Federal Government through FANNIE MAE and FREDDY MAC absorbed most of it onto their balance sheets adding it to the national debt. Meanwhile our government borrowed close to 3 trillion dollars from China, and the rest in the form of TARP funds from the American taxpayers. Trillions and Trillions of dollars all floating in hyperspace waiting to come back down to earth.

    • Russ McMeans

      There will be blood for all these evil misdeeds. Soon I suspect.

  33. Frank D

    Greg, I love your site and visit here regularly. Keep up the great work. One of the things that Trump is a master at, is not letting the lamestream media control the narrative. Lets do likewise more often…lets not allow the “progressives” (what an oxymoron that term is!) to control what we spend time discussing. Don’t give their sad little snowflake stories legs! They are slowly but surely destroying themselves, especially with moderate Americans (many of whom did not vote for Trump but who likely will in 2020 now that the progs are showing their true colors). Stay positive. All the little snowflake insanity is just icing on the cake.

  34. Dan Schuh

    Good news wrap up as always Greg. Thanks for all the work you do in keeping us informed of the REAL news of the day. The Republicans need to quit playing defense against the constant assaults on Trump’s cabinet picks by the Democrats. Jeff Sessions did absolutely nothing wrong in his role as a Senator. Hillary Clinton lied under oath numerous times and was never forced to resign as Secretary of State. Republicans need to get behind Sessions 100% and get a back bone like their President has ! Republicans won the election and they need to start acting like winners !

  35. Steve

    Pelosi and Shumer calling for Sessions removal is like Bernie Madoff calling for Harry Markopolos to be removed OR Al Capone calling for Elliot Ness to be removed. The swamp doesn’t want to be drained!

    It doesn’t matter what evil people want. Evil people don’t get a chance to veto their own impending correction.

    • Greg Hunter

      Too funny Steve!!! Thank you.

  36. Bill

    I believe many Americans would contribute to a fund to build the wall. What s political statement that would make. Just advertise it, and tell us where to send the check and stand back and watch the money flow in…

    • Mike R

      Someone should set up a GoFundMe page for Trump’s wall, and see whether Americans would vote with their own dollars to help pay for it to be built. That way the liberal snow flakes can’t say it was built with their tax dollars, and therefore they would have no say on whether it gets built.

  37. Dee Garmon

    This is nothing short of a divine comedy. British and Italian PMs resigned without even losing an election, Nancy Pelosi lost four and she is now trying to undermine the democratically elected president with her democratic colleagues.

  38. Robert E. Salt

    These sex trafficking arrests should have happened years ago. Once Donald Trump was elected these criminals were no longer protected. That’s why it happened when it did. There was a big bust in Canada and another one in Europe. This crime goes back a long way. Gerald Ford headed up a large ring out of Michigan. Betty Ford knew what as going on, and she couldn’t handle it. She drowned herself in alcohol.

  39. andyb

    Greg: another great wrap up. Although nothing has been proven, there are indications that Trump’s biggest enemies on Capitol Hill are scared to death of a pedo investigation. Rumored are Schumer, Graham and McShame, among many others. No wonder the puppet masters are salivating when it comes to policy making for the good of the 1%. That’s why Sessions must go, because if he’s able to clean house at the DOJ and go after the pedos, Trump will have a level playing field. I still have problems with Trump. There is still the ultra influence of the Giant Squid which we all know are the guardians at the gate of the 1%. Increasing the military budget by billions, or a $Trillion in infrastructure spending, is Ok as long as Trump eventually plans to default on the debt. Otherwise the eventual economic implosion is just going to be that much worse. The SHTF moment happens in the spring of this year. Hope everyone is well prepared.

  40. Jan

    Love the way you kept saying “there is no THERE there”. Perjury is meaningless unless covering up a crime or other evil, like what sent Martha Stewart to prison or President Clinton’s affair. Jeff Sessions is not covering up anything. Was he supposed to turn in a list of every foreigner he spoke to as a Senator? The Democrat hunt for Russian connections is McCarthyism on steroids!

    On the funny side: this video posted on Youtube today by Watter’s World, subject “Can Democrats Say Anything Good About Trump?” (Some can; some can’t).

  41. Susan

    Trump was holding his childhood family bible and the box contained President Lincoln’s bible. The symbology signifies his intention to unite the country just as Lincoln sought to unite the country.

  42. francis m reps

    Good weekend summary Mr. Hunter. Perhaps a tactful way could be expressed by President Trump and like minded Americans to bring into QUESTION ; the necessity to subscribe to fake news organizations { print and electronic media }…..and also consider to consider not patronizing the organizations that advertise in these media outlets. I for one will not purchase Starbucks Coffees ; either in the grocery store or at their outlets. USA Today and the NY times have nothing that enhances my knowledge. Years ago…as a successful money manager { $ 1.5 billion in accountes } I stopped my ” so called ” necessary subscription to the WAR STREET JOURNAL to no ill effect. Do not boycott these entities….FORGET THEM.

  43. James sullivan

    Hello Greg;
    I don’t usually follow your Friday wrap-up …no criticism of you…but, by Friday, i’m all full up with the transparent sickness …frankly, i don’t know how one can keep up with it all. I believe the excess of no holds illegality had to eventually arrive at the depravity of child molestation ….it’s all part and parcel of ‘Hey, i can do anything i want, cause the power elite got my back’ …am i’m not convinced they are not correct in that. Imagine a sitting president logging 28 trips on the Lolita Express to a convicted child molester’s private ‘Fantasy Island’ ….
    I read comments that the FBI will soon expose and charge high ranking people caught up in this sickness ……but in my heart of hearts, i don’t believe it. This cuts too deep and the elite will not allow it.
    I believe this will only end when the people finally vomit their disgust and rise up… May i live long enough to see.

  44. red

    Greg, I know a lot of people think the ptb are going to collapse the markets, JMO
    but I don’t think they can. I think continually shorting the comex and buying phiz
    with profits..is the play, until the US$ vaporizes, the $ is the only thing along with all paper money will collapse somnetime between now and 2020 , again JMO
    I believe this is what .US gov is trying to do..all too late

  45. coaburner

    Remember the Maryland US SEnator caught up in the child sex scandle trip to the Domiican Republic. Under Obama it was quieted very quickly.

  46. coaburner

    Greetings Greg;
    Mohammad, Trump is on the offensive somehow. Traps are set! Otherwise the Obummer mistake he has made over and over is going to catch him. First Obama never could do anything withgout screwing it up and wehave test after test to study. Second he always underestimates the Americans because he is not one of us, there are twenty million armed Patriots out here ready to make things right for Trump and our country. Obummer, Soros and their ilk are walking into a buzzsaw. You say what about the military. they are our families, our brothers, sisters and children, they will watch until we finish. If Madog is half as smart as I credit him for this is the path to National rendemption. But we will be forced to do it, and will not, before.

    • Macray

      First Obama never could do anything without screwing it up and we have test after test to study.

    • Mohammad

      Civil war happened in this country before, and the patriots killed each others, brothers killed brothers just because they were on the wrong side and wrong color of the uniform, You still do not get it do you, underestimating those psychopaths is a huge blunder, take it from someone who saw his mother country wiped off the map with a civil war that is ignited by those psychos, when I see the similarities I spot it right away, and I see a lot of those similarities from the great division in this country to the spastic tones between the different components of American society…unfortunately the writing is on the wall, the fate is sealed and when the bush is so dry it won’t matter who lights the match.


  47. coaburner

    LOL! Greg; it would not suprise me any day to find out that a drone had been hijacked by hackers and dropped a few hellfire’s on Obama and Jarrett. LOL!, at home. The damned Russians are bad about that!

  48. BetterChetter

    Critics say Obama is doing nothing short of “masterminding an insurgency against President Trump.”
    –> Which critics, Greg ??

  49. anymouse

    Soros is Council on Foreign Relations [CFR] He brings Obama forward to the DNC. The Bilderburgers are meeting in Virginia. Obama and Hilary disappear to a secret meeting somewhere nearby and then it is announced that Obama will be the Presidential candidate and Hilary gets the booby prize of Secretary of State. Joe Biden [CFR] is made Vice President…Deep State all the way. Greenspan, starts the beginning of Zero Interest Rate Policy to crush the middle class and transfer ultra wealth to the elites who control the Federal Reserve….The Clintons are both CFR. Hilary was probably promised her day in the sun, but screwed it up by being,well, Hilary, and the people finally woke up due to Obama’s destruction of the economy as step and fetch it to the CFR. The Demos/Clintons try to paint Trump as a Fascist. Lets see the definition of Facist organization….Powerfull Politicians [some of the Demo persuasion] plus Rich Corporate interests, married with powerful Military presence = Fascism….
    Therefore it is easy to become of the opinion that CFR is a Fascist Union of the Wealthy and powerful elites and are the enemies of the American people. Does anyone see a logic error??

  50. anymouse

    Note–Greenspan, Summers, and Rubin, are all CFR…Surprise, Surprise, Surprise…

  51. pat the rat

    Oroville dam :
    Two of the major ways of draining water from this dam has now failed,if draining water from the electrical generation unit fails too it will stop being a problem and start being predicament.Then it is only a matter of time before the dam collapse.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Pat for the street reporting. If that breaks Jerry brown should be impeached as governor. He looked after illegal immigrants and not his taxpaying citizens!!!!!! What an incompetent self serving weasel.

      • Diane

        You got that right Greg. He is very bad.
        He cared more about climate change…and social justice bs.
        Knew that Dam was in danger 10 years ago, but did nothing because he believed drought climate change would never again fill that dam up.
        Idiot Socialist!

  52. Russ McMeans

    Congratulations Greg on making Drudge Report via Zero Hedge via your interview with the great David Stockman. May your site not become too popular though, then the mean people will start typing away in this comments section. They’re so nasty and civility gets pushed to the wayside.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Russ!!

  53. Russ McMeans

    I thought of a new alliance that would be truly great: USA, Russia, Britain and Japan. And France if Le Pen wins. We could be a great adversary against the radical Muslims and cruel Chinese and insane Western Europeans. Of course first we would need to remove all the Democrats from the USA and ship them to their birthplace; Western Europe- which is where their ideology was birthed. ( just wishful idealistic thinking here).

  54. dlc

    MMe Hedin: We do have a live recording of Barry himself talking to Medvedev and asking him to convey a message to Putin that on the other side of his 2012 election he would be better able to play ball. The treasonous bastard received no queries from this same press as to what this conversation was meant to convey.

    And, what of the selling off of this country’s uranium to the Russian nemesis? This was not Trump’s doing. Hillary got fat (fatter) on this little side deal, and to hell with jeopardizing this country when there was a buck to be had by this insatiable witch.

    Ironic to see our country’s own commie Dem traitors finally so against communists. They are a bit late to the party though (golly, could that party be a charade?).

    Dems loved all things Red when the communists persecuted their own people from Cuba to Eastern Europe to the USSR, but somewhere in mid stream our own commies seem to have switched horses (if only on the surface to accomplish more treason).

    I’m thinking it is the reemergence of religious devotion and a spirit of nationalism in Russia that keeps throwing a rock at their hornet’s nest. Putin can see an overrun Germany, a U.S. in distress every which way. He’s not a banker stooge, not buggering little boys, probably finds the American dream to be his worst nightmare for his own people.

    I’m counting on providence to right this ghost ship we find ourselves stranded on. Looks like so far providence has Trump’s back.

    Would like to know what those 20 some visits by Russian reps to the WH were all about, or how about the Muslim Brotherhood? Probably discussing grandchildren.

  55. dlc

    It isn’t that the Republicans have no backbone for fighting back. They ARE the problem. They are the very ones who knowingly charted our U.S. path to demise. A good many of them are in their 70s, kissing age 80. McCain, 80 years old, has been in Congress since the 1980s.

    Why did anyone expect a different outcome by re-electing the same corrupt people? How are you liking that Obamacare repeal? Trump will have to dog fight over every inch of ground — with Republicans — to make the changes he has in mind.

    I’ve heard Congress referred to as a Jurassic Park rest home. How many Americans have had the same good job for 30-40 years? Pelosi is almost 80. We’re a country of beaten wives who stand by these rats over a few kind words at election time. We get what we tolerate.

    Why would they change course? They have gotten so rich, and we voted our approval of them in 2016. Trump has very few allies in Congress. What’s the point of carping about it when the people did not rise up and make Congress pay for what they’ve done to this country?

    Voting does too have consequences. Now it’s all uphill to accomplish anything. We never had a better chance than last November, and blew it.

    Is Thad Cochran still alive? There’s another dinosaur who went deep swamp after his re-election. No one can say we do not respect our elderly. We continue to prop up every demented one of our politicians.

  56. Christopher Earl Strunk

    John McCain is a traitor….https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YuTemj7fmUY
    [2/17/2017 9:44:50 PM] Dr. Jonathan Levy, PhD, JD: Sign the Petition to direct Attorney General Sessions to investigate Senators McCain and Graham for violation of the Logan Act, conducting private foreign policy without consent of the US government. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/investigate-senators-mccain-and-graham-violations-logan-act
    [2/17/2017 9:45:19 PM] Dr. Jonathan Levy, PhD, JD: February 17, 2017

    The Honorable Jeff Sessions
    US Attorney General
    U.S. Department of Justice
    950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
    Washington, DC 20530-0001

    Re: Senators John McCain and Lyndsay Graham Violations of the Logan Act (18 U.S.C. § 953)

    Dear Attorney General Sessions:

    I am requesting the Department of Justice open an investigation of Senators John McCain and Lyndsay Graham for a potential violation of the Logan Act (18 U.S.C. § 953) that occurred on or about February 16-17, 2017 in which Senator McCain appears to engage in negotiations with a person he believed to be the Ukrainian Prime Minister and Senator Graham speaks with a person he believes to a high-ranking member of the Ukrainian Parliament.

    The alleged phone recording of Senator John McCain by Russian celebrity pranksters Vovan and Lexus, reveals Senator McCain discussing United States foreign policy including Russian sanctions and his views on President Trump and Russian President Putin with a person he believed to be the Prime Minister of Ukraine:


    On or about February 17, 2017, Senator Graham had a similar conversation with person he thought to be Andrey Parubiy who is well known anti-Russian member of Ukraine’s parliament.


    This occurred only days after a well-publicized similar incident with Congresswoman Maxine Waters in which her ignorance of geography and current events were revealed.


    As an Adjunct Professor of Diplomacy who instructs courses in Diplomacy and Communications, I am appalled that Congressional security is so lax that well-known pranksters like Vovan and Lexus can circumvent it with ease. As an attorney and member of the District of Columbia Bar Association, I am outraged that Senators McCain and Graham are pursuing an alternative foreign policy with Ukraine and Russia.

    I am hoping the Department of Justice will probe this matter as the national security of the United States is at stake.


    Jonathan Levy PhD
    Member District of Columbia Bar Association
    [2/17/2017 9:45:44 PM] Dr. Jonathan Levy, PhD, JD: Let’s get the word out

  57. Christopher Earl Strunk

    My sanctuary case in NDNY 16-cv-1496 is developing a response to the CA motion to dismiss regarding absentee ballots (in discussion with Bev Harris of BLACK BOX VOTING http://blackboxvoting.org/) that CA admitted to have been done on Nov 8 when 400000 voters showed up and were told “no you can not vote because you did already” and were then offered 400000 “Provisional ballots” (PB) under HAVA that in total are 750000 for CA in November; and then when asked to name those who received the PB the CA SOS stated that under CA Code that names are SECRET. The Democrat party vote fraud tricks certainly would add up to more than 3 million votes nationwide


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you CES!!!

  58. Ron Spoonemore

    Can anybody spell ‘COO’

  59. John Woodhead

    My favourite American interviewer,you the man Greg,keep up the good work

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you John.

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