WNW 177-Middle East War Set-Up, Ukraine Peace Deal, Greece and EU on Brink

4By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (2.13.15)

Everywhere you look in the Middle East, there are “wars and rumors of wars.”  Let’s start with the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.  The President says he’s ready to fight the Islamic State, and they are “losing.” In fact, they are continuing to take territory in Iraq and Syria.  President Obama is asking Congress for military authority, but in reality, the President’s proposal to defeat ISIS has restrictions, and he does not want to use ground troops.  What is different about this request?  Isn’t this what he is already doing?  So, is he just going to keep up the bombing campaign that may be slowing down ISIS, but it is not defeating them?  Republicans and Democrats alike think the plan is fuzzy.  Some say he is not taking the Islamic threat seriously, especially when his own administration thinks “climate change” is a bigger threat.

Yemen is in total chaos and the U.S. embassy has been evacuated.  This was supposed to be an example of a successful anti-terror policy, and now–poof.  It is gone, and chants of “Death to America” are being heard across the country.  According to the U.N., it is descending into civil war.  Both Iran and Al-Qaeda have taken over this country on the southern border of Saudi Arabia.  If Saudi Arabia is destabilized and the royal family is overthrown, you can kiss cheap gasoline prices goodbye right along with the petrodollar.

There is increasing possibility of war in the southern Syrian border with Israel.  Tensions have spiked ever since the Israelis killed the son of a Hezbollah leader and an Iranian general last month.  Now, it appears that both sides are setting up to do battle.  This alone may kick off a much wider Middle East war.

Then, there is the Iran nuclear program and U.S. effort to curtail it.  According to U.S. News and World Reports, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s Supreme Leader, says he now does not want to sign a so-called “political framework agreement.” The Obama Administration says this is the basic language that will pave the way for a deal to curtail Iran’s program. Now, they don’t even have a starting point, and “World Report” says this is “Bad Faith on display” and has written an in-depth article to back up their charge that Iran is not really negotiating and is “just stalling.” This development is happening just a few weeks before Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu is set to address Congress on not cutting a “bad and dangerous agreement” with Iran.  It appears there is not going to be any agreement, at least, not anytime soon.  In short, the entire Middle East is a powder keg looking for a match.

In Ukraine, there seems to be yet another cease fire and peace deal.  There have been several; and so far, every single one of them has ended in more war and violence.  The U.S. is threatening to send lethal aid to Ukraine, but France and Germany have put all that on hold for the time being with this new peace deal.  I think this is far from over, and this is just a pit stop on the road to a wider war.

Meanwhile, in Greece, there is a total stalemate between the newly elected government and the European Union.  Greece does not want to pay back all this money, and the EU does not want to let them off the hook.  The Germans do not want to give them any more money.  Nigel Farage, who is the UK representative in the EU Parliament, says either elections matter in the European States or they do not.  If they matter, then Greece should be allowed to default and exit.  If they don’t, then how are they going to force the Greek people to pay back this money?  Some say there is not going to be much of a problem if Greece defaults and exits the EU, but others say there are plenty of wild cards, and it could bring on the next global financial meltdown.  Keep an eye on Greece.

Closer to home, it looks like President Obama’s unconstitutional action is going to pay big benefits to the 5 million people the President just legalized with his pen.  They are also going to get tax refunds, even if they don’t pay taxes.  And get this, they may even get to vote in elections because they will be granted drivers licenses and social security numbers.  Of course, expanding Democratic voters is really the point.  Obama’s policies are so bad, they have to bring in new desperate voters to vote for bad policies.  It sure looks like giving tax refunds to people who don’t pay taxes is paying for votes–but that’s just my take.

Join Greg Hunter as he analyzes these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Michael Harvey

    “It is very unnerving to be proven wrong, particularly when you are really right and the government who is really wrong is proving you wrong and proving themselves, wrongly, right.”
    Mike Harvey

  2. Allen Starr

    I just want to clarify something about Russia presently receiving about $55 a barrel for it’s oil which is down from $110. The Ruble also dropped from about 33 to 66 per 1$. In Ruble value inside Russia, they are still getting about $110 a barrel as $1 buys you 66 Rubles worth of purchasing power. If they make oil sales in $’s, they immediately turn $’s into Rubles at 66 or gold. I used to buy imported products in the past for corn and peas for about 33 Rubles which cost 45-50 Rubles now so I buy Russian for 30 Rubles and the quality is better anyway. My Russian friends here make jokes about the stupidity of US sanctions as absolutely nothing has changed unless you want to buy imported goods. The dachas last year produced huge crops and they also make jokes about if things get bad, they’ll just eat potatoes and to hell with the US and their sanctions. All this talk about Russia being crushed is nonsense. The temporary problem is in the banking sector as the US criminal banks are waging a war against Russia and other BRICS countries which they will eventually lose as nobody wants to deal with the US and $ any longer. The real danger is a War being started by the Neo Cons in Washington, D.C. and bankers as War is their only chance of surviving.

    • Jeff

      The MSM will always paint a picture of Russia hurting. Never the US because that would be dollar negative…… The dollar is biding it’s time before a big drop. It already had 3 of it’s biggest daily drops ever, last week. THAT’S WHY oil came back. If you listened to the MSM propaganda you believed oil was headed to $30. Those projections alone was a sign we already bottomed…….. Just wait till the sparks fly around the world (with a unison drop in the dollar).

    • GN912457

      Very well said, but i am pretty sure Greg would have got the thing receiving the same Ruble amount for the oil it pumps and it us Europeans that are suffering. As for your Russian friends laughing, the US is fine Russia is fine and we are getting screwed and i just hope that was not the plan all along.

    • OutLookingIn

      Could not agree with you more Allen.
      The common people of Russia are a very stoic and realistic population. They like strong leaders, even if they are a bit crooked, as long as they are leading the country in a competent manner. How true your statement about potatoes. When faced with adversity, sometimes daunting and overwhelming, the Russian people have always hunkered down and got the job done, no matter how onerous the task.
      I wonder how the average Westerner would handle themselves in similar circumstances? Something tells me….. not so well.

      • Allen Starr

        I have lived here long enough now and I have nothing but respect for the Russian people. I have been able to adjust to their way of life and like it. I doubt that most Americans could or would want to make that adjustment. All I can say is that all Americans had better find someplace else to go before the SHTF and I think it starts this year. If the US finally gets the nuclear War it wants, I can accept being dead rather than living under the current murderous US Government.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Here’s something for all the many Putin fans at this worthy site. Best always. PM


    • wd


      Thanks for that real world view… this is just as I thought. I actually heard NPR’s take on the Ukeraine conflict. Their “expert” toes the party line, she slams Putin and completely gets him and the whole thing wrong.

      Remember, Germany and France went to see him, Putin did not go to see them. So who do you think holds the cards. Germany and France went there because they are desperate…this is not about the war of that little sliver of nothing…this is about the the survival of their economies….pure and simple.

      • Allen Starr

        I have many Ukrainian as well as Russian friends and none of them are happy about what the US has done in Ukraine. These people are smart enough to know that Ukraine is all about the $ and putting NATO missiles on Russia’s border. When I first came to Russia, the people were very much pro American and wanted to understand more. They hate the US Government now because of the US backed Junta in Ukraine and because Ukrainians are murdering Ukrainians. I can get first hand information which you will never get in the MSM. You have no idea how dirty this thing is in Ukraine and it’s all because of the US Neo Cons and bankers who don’t care who they kill. The big thing right now is that the IMF can’t issue the loans to pay off the bankers as long as they don’t have control over the assets in the Donbass. This is why the cease fire will never work and why Russia will have to invade no later than June to secure the land bridge so it can protect Crimea from a later attack from the US, NATO, EU, or Kiev Junta. The US will continue to push and force Russia to protect Crimea.

      • paul

        And let’s not forget to place the blame for what is happening in the Ukraine exactly where it belongs.

        Ukraine was part of Russia for over 500 years … the US “insanely” looking for trouble and profits … spent $5 billion of “our taxpayer money” interfering in Ukraine over the last 10 years … resulting in a coup d’état and a shooting war killing many many women and children … profit motive was the overwhelming reason for it all … as supplying arms and ammunition is very profitable … taking Ukrainian farm land, oil and gas wells and taking Ukrainian central bank gold is very very profitable … so the taxpayers who laid out the money for this (US Military /Industrial /Banker operation) deserve to get their $5 billion dollars back with interest this April 15.

        At 10% interest all 60 million working American taxpayers should get a minimum “tax credit” of $91.66 on their 2014 tax bills … as “our share of the spoils” for putting up all the money up necessary to fund the military/industrial/bankers unconscionable profits (slaughtering Ukraine and its people) … this way … when God brings Americans to Judgement (for having a hand in the murder of innocents) … it will make it easy for him to show exactly what we did it for ($91.66) … and no claims (that we American’s were just “innocently watching our representatives” do it for us) … will be accepted by the Lord!

  3. Clive F

    Hello Greg. Another informative WNW.
    I think Jim Willie’s perspective on the geopolitical situation surrounding Greece, and the German & French ‘secret’ desire to join the BRIC nations is probably the most logical line of thinking I have heard to date.
    According to JW Russia has plans to reroute their gas pipe-line to Turkey and Greece. Perhaps this is why the new Greek Government is standing it’s ground so strongly against the EU demands for debt payment. Perhaps they have already made a deal with Russia. Such deals between Turkey and Greece with Russia would, I imagine, be more intolerable for the West than non-payment of Greek debt.
    Similarly, I suspect that, Germany and France would also like to join the developing BRIC nations. But they must be extremely cautious not to become an enemy of their aggressive US ‘partner’ and EU elites.
    And perhaps Hollande, Merkel and Putin were discussing this process in Russia this week – as well as the cessation of fighting in Ukraine. After all, who went to Russia? Would Putin induce Germany to join the BRICs with some sort of deal on Greek debt?
    Is this why, according to you Greg, the US military numbers in Germany is increasing? – as a not so subtle message… “don’t even think about it”.
    And France – well they know which side of their bread the butter is on.
    I would like Dr Willie to share his view on this matter with you Greg.

    • Jeff

      ” According to JW ( Jackass) Russia has plans to reroute their gas pipe-line to Turkey and Greece.” ……….. fyi, Clive, everything you stated (from JW) is common knowledge. Read Zero Hedge. It’s just the facts (in real time, not monthly) without the attitude.

      • Clive Foyster

        Jeff. Did I say it was breaking news. No. I only suggested reasons why the Greek Government is be standing its ground so strongly.
        And as far as attitude – you seem to be infecting this site far too regularly with yours.

  4. A R M A G E D D O N ?

    A Greek default would be a wonderful outcome. Entities who participated in the Greek debt with the point of view that the rest of the world should bail them out should get what’s coming to them — good and hard__ and they will, in the end!

    “The situation in Greece is interesting from a lot of viewpoints. The Greeks clearly don’t want to reform. The Greeks don’t want to be mandated to by the Germans and the Germans don’t want to support the Greeks. The traditional way out of the situation would be for Greece to default….

    From Greece’s point of view, a return to the drachma would force austerity. Of course this is a moral point of view, that may not happen. What will happen, is both sides will continue to kick the can down the road.

    The people who end up paying for this idiocy of the European banks will be the European taxpayers, who will ultimately be thrown under the bus by the European politicians. But there is plenty of room between now and a year, for this crisis to roil all types of markets, in particular sovereign debt markets.

    In the near-term, anything that damages confidence, especially given the over-leveraged nature of financial markets, will create chaos in the global markets. This will be very damaging for debt and equity markets worldwide.

    Look at the negative real yields on sovereign securities, including the U.S. 10-Year Treasury, You can’t help but think that the gold vs the dollar war is one that mathematically, gold will win.

    Short-term calls on the metal are difficult, but longer-term, it certainly looks better, having gold, as a large part of your investment outlook. I think anybody who looks at the global situation and who can add and subtract would come to agree, that gold has a very, very bright future!

    • Jerry

      Have you looked at this guy Alexis Tsipras . The new Prime Minister of Greece?
      He is not only a died in the wool atheist, he is a hard core communist to boot. He was elected from the hard left communist party of Greece. I can assure you he has no other motive in mind other than to break it off in the backside of the EU. The only way a default can be avoided at this point, is if the EU gives in to his demands and continues to carry the water for Greece. Watch and see this week. It should prove to be very interesting.

      • Jerry

        Sometimes I feel like I’m living in an Ant Farm! And you will to after you read about how the NSA tracks your every move.

      • Jeff

        Jerry I don’t give a damn whether he’s satan himself IF, yes IF, he stops the insanity of the Euro, NATO, and US death march…….. Maybe spend your time worrying about the total atheistic, communist government YOU HAVE HERE. Instead of worrying about a independent SOVERIGN country 1000’s of miles away. They voted for the guy so it’s none of your business. Is it ? ……. Take the log out of your eye before worrying about the speck in your brothers eye. Good advice. I know you know where it came from.

        • Jerry

          What’s a matter, did I strike a nerve when I mentioned he was an atheist? I’m only reporting what Wikipedia has on the man. If that bothers you, STICK IT! In case you’re not paying attention or to stupid to know the difference there isn’t a here or there when comes to global banking. We will pay for Greece’s debt one way or another.

          • Silence is Golden

            I think the point is….. he (Tsipras) is no different to any of the so called “Elected” politicians nor are the economic (society destroying) mandates they follow. He potentially can change the globe which is not unlike the home-grown one that resides in DC.
            For the record….the new Greek Finance Minister is a Marxist. He strongly believes in the Capitalist “anathema”….and that was unintended …but I love how “apropos” it is.
            ROFLMAO…. 😉

  5. D.P. Davidson

    Hello Greg
    Looks like I have the honor of being the first to post on your weekly wrap up. Very insightful and great reporting. Thanks for keeping us informed and giving us your perspective not given by the MSM. Have been enjoying your varied guests and now that Brian Williams has fallen out of favor, maybe, just maybe I can convince my wife to turn off the nightly MSM news and “tune in” to your website to get the real truth on what’s happening worldwide!

  6. Michael Harvey

    Despite these warnings, Woodrow Wilson signed the 1913 Federal Reserve Act. A few years later he wrote: I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world no longer a Government by free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men. -Woodrow Wilson

  7. Jim Benoit

    Greg – I am a Canadian who watches your broadcasts faithfully. Love it when someone gives us the bare truth unencumbered by political lies and BS. Like you folks, Canadians are no better off and face similar covered up stories and lies.

    You may have heard recently (Jan 26) about a court decision out of Toronto where an economic reform group, COMER, won a decision to take the Bank of Canada to court over the way it issues money to our Federal Government (COMER vs Bank of Canada). This decision has the potential to have a drastic (good) impact on Canadian finances. Funny thing is, since the Bank of Canada lost this appeal the government seems to have put a gag order on all the mainstream media about the decision. According to COMER’s lawyer this decision could have an impact on the way all central banks issue money to governments, hence the possible reason for the gag order.

    Would love to see you cover this story for your Canadian followers. Keep up the good work.

  8. Terry

    Nice job Greg, I get more out of 20 minutes on your site than I do 20 hours on conventional media. But drop the “I don’t know what that’s about” stuff. I think you do know and I’d like to hear what you really think.
    obamas new “gotta get permission to fight ISIS” request is just a backwards grab for an excuse for his dismal failure in stopping them, up to this point. Now he can really get serious about blowing it and manipulating our destruction as a Free Country.

  9. dchayden

    One cannot rationalize mainstream political propaganda using “fact based material,” it will drive you insane !! The military industrial complex ( or what ever you want to call it) is trying to convince us that war = peace. If you tell someone something enough times, they may start to accept it as fact. However, perpetual war “does not” equal peace. I highly recommend Michel Chossudovsky’s new book: The Globalization of War: America’s “Long War” against Humanity, and Major General Smedley Butler’s book: War Is A Racket. Great wrap up Greg, have a wonderful weekend !!

  10. Mark

    Great recap this week. My comment to you is about lying in the news. There is no dilemma. When someone tells the truth, as you do, one always knows the truth will come out of your mouth. However, when someone lies, YOU NEVER KNOW IF THEY ARE TELLING THE TRUTH AGAIN. For example, one would have to be a fool to believe anything that comes out of Brian Williams mouth. For that reason, I hope and think he will not ever be back as it will be a horrible disservice to the news media listeners. And, for that same reason we can’t believe a single word that comes out of Obama’s mouth. So nobody should be surprised. He has a proven track record of lying. Hie only credibility comes from the fact that he is president and supposed to tell the truth. Face it, he does not, he lies. One would receive better information if they just assumed everything that came out of Obama’s mouth AND Washington were lies. I find it sad that it has come to this. I don’t see it getting better. Lying is part of a failing empire.

    The good news is that you, and your telling the truth are a bright spot for my Friday.

    • Greg Hunter

      I try to tell the truth all the time but, I can make a mistake and have in the past. I will always try to own it. Thank you for your kind words and support.

  11. Rock

    Greg, another great weekly wrap up. I look forward to it every week.
    It appears that ISIS is a contrived group by the alphabet orgs, and a tool for those in control. Thus, what is he up to in asking for permission? More vague and open ended powers to impose the police state on us. Each day brings the Lord’s return closer.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Rock!

  12. Jeff

    James Corbett interviewed Rick Rozoff of ‘Stop Nato’ this week and Rozoff warned that a full-blown military war over Ukraine could be in the offing soon.

  13. Spanky

    Greece is caught in a Kobayashi Maru scenario, and has no good choices. Chess players refer to it as Zugzwang. The EU and the ECB have the Greeks by the short hairs and there is no good way out. To save face, I expect the Greek politicians will accept a token compromise and claim it as a great victory. I hope I’m wrong.
    On a different topic, I’m not sure whether or not global warming is taking place. I am sure, however, that I don’t want our politicians dictating energy policy on a grand scale. This is the same group of fools that bankrupted Social Security, made the postal service insolvent, and mishandled the Veterans Administration. They are extremely capable at turning silk purses into sow’s ears. I’d feel much better about letting our politicians regulate energy if they weren’t all traveling in gas guzzling limos, living in multiple, energy wasting mansions, and jet setting across the globe in private jets to talk with other world leaders instead of using some skype-like software. I also suspect our legislators would find a way to exempt themselves from any energy legislation, much like they did with Obama Care and insider trading.
    Like everything else, I think we (the people) are a day late and a dollar short.

  14. diogenese

    Hi Greg
    IMHO the bigest threat to Israel is not Iran its Saudi , a swift coup in Saudi an Israel faces the Saudi military with the threat that either we destroy Israel or we stop Saudi oil exports .

    • Emeth

      Here is a very interesting link on modern Israel … since the holocaust to the present. It presents the duplicitous behavior of the West towards the Jews. It is well worth listening to …


  15. GN912457

    As always Greg great analysis.
    Thankfully i was wrong about a peace deal, however have heard that Putin had to put a lot of pressure on the Separatists. Maybe cus like me they smell a rat and would prefer to carry on taking ground. Meanwhile my prise prick Prime Minister after hearing Merkel and Hollande say that Putin was key to the negotiations, he thinks we need more sanctions. (i am banging my head against the wall now).
    As for the great people of the USA, next years election is the most important event to happen the world will not stand four more years of the same and that is all you will get from Bush or Clinton. In 2012 i had to rely on Larry King and RT to find out anything about the other candidates and basically any of them would have done a better job.
    Please Greg get the message out there are alternatives, American watchers please get informed and put out your boards and bumper stickers and vote for real change, please, please, please my sons future depends on it.

  16. Jerry

    Great news wrap-up Greg! You hit all the major points with precision.
    Its hard to believe that this article appeared over eleven years ago.

    What it tells me is that we have been in the proverbial spin cycle for quite some time and didn’t know it. It also tells me that the banking cartel have been offloading our debt to other countries to stall off the inevitable collapse that is coming. The fifty dollar question is, how long can they continue to do it?

    A few years ago a prediction was given that a precursor to the collapse would be that precious metals would be smashed. At the time I didn’t know why. I was just leaning about the new economic paradigm of market manipulation. Now it makes perfect sense. The new economic system will be built on gold backed currency and the banking elite want control of it, by owning as much of it as they can. Walla ! A fire sale. No surprise there right?

    Well here’s the deal. If the Socialist elites that control Greece know that (and I’m assuming they do since they called the EU’s bluff) why wouldn’t they do a deal with Russia and the BRIC nations instead, knowing it would put them in a better position to survive the global economic collapse that everyone (but us) knows is coming? Just a thought.

    • Jerry

      Its nice to see that Robert Shiller finally caught up with us in predicting where the global economy is headed. Welcome to the party!
      Six months ago I said the 10 year bond market couldn’t last paying interest rates below 2%while the RMB was paying almost 5%. It doesn’t take much of an economist to figure out where investors would want to place their money. Yet many here persist in believing that we can continue this debt based Ponzi scheme indefinitely. Wake up!
      How long do you think the treasury department can continue buying back its own bonds? INSANE!

    • wd


      Greece wants out of that debt/EU stranglehold. But they have to tread lightly, they are feeling the ire of the EU now. And why would BRICS want a money pit like Greece.
      I have a feeling that BRICS is letting the enemy commit suicide. Let Greece bring down the EU on its own, we will wait and see.

      “The Saker”( from Paul Craig Roberts) did a story on the Ukraine and he believes by the summer it will implode economically and militarily.

      He also went on to say that Putin has all the cards in his hands and is playing everyone. While Germany & France don’t want to feel the brunt of another war in their back yard.

      This summer will be interesting…. I still remember your call on the Uke airline being shot down ( within 24 hours) to the date.

  17. mac

    Iran, no drinking alcohol. Makes sober people, no?
    Confused is perfect in America, the evidence of MSM and Education’s success!

  18. paul

    And … as for silver … the “Moby Trix” breach portends higher prices ahead … http://www.superforcesignals.com/video/2015feb12silver/2015feb12silver.html

  19. ObamaConfusionOnIsis

    Good Commentary. I, too, am confused about Obama new policy against ISIS.

  20. Obama Confusion On Isis

    Good Commentary. I, too, am confused about Obama new policy against ISIS.
    It would be helpful to know America’s presence in the Middle East.

    1) How many troops are already in the Middle East?
    2) How many American mercenaries are in the Middle East (i.e. “moderate Syrian rebels”)?
    3) Did Saudi Arabia fund ISIS?

    • paul

      Who wins when the ISIS war is between the CIA and the US Military?
      It obviously is not the US taxpayer … who is made to fund both sides by the Cabal … to churn more profit for themselves!!

    • paul

      The evil Cabal has actually figured a way to have their war without the need for a foreign “enemy nation” … in the old days it was England against France, France against Germany, Germany against Russia, US against Japan, etc., etc., etc.
      Today it’s the CIA against the US Military ( no need for a foreign enemy nation just ISIS)!!
      A real neat trick on the American taxpayers “to generate profits” for themselves!!

      • Desert Rose

        good point…meanwhile the world watches mesmerized.
        we won’t pay for it, though. no money here.
        opium money pays for it.

  21. dslarsen

    Sea level has already risen 400 feet since the end of the last ice age. Anyone recall anybody anywhere being alarmed or affected by this? And now we are supposed to crap our collective pants because over the next 100 years or so sea level may rise one inch?

    What made the last ice age end anyway? Was it because a few cave men had discovered fire, and were burning wood and putting CO2 into the air? Or could it have just been part of a natural cycle that has occurred repeatedly over the last few million years? Cycles on the Earth, cycles in the Sun, it’s all normal.

    The difference now is that a group of enterprising liars have arisen to exploit this natural cycle in an effort to take your money and use it to take over your life and in the meantime give themselves opulent life styles while exhorting the rest of us to a massive lifestyle-downscaling opportunity. We get to live in a plasterboard huts with one LED for light, while Al Gore and his buddies laugh it up when they convene wherever they can land their massive fleet of private jets and talk about their latest mansion purchase and plot the next pseudoscientific scare story.

    I’m just old enough to recall the previous scare story circulating when I was in high school about the impending return of the ice age!

    Here’s what we know about CO2. There is almost none of it in the atmosphere. It is a trace gas. Rounded to the nearest 1% in fact, there is zero CO2 in the atmosphere.

    7th Grade Earth Science: Atmosphere consists of 78% Nitrogen, and 21% Oxygen. That adds up to 99%. Of the 1% remaining, 60% of that is ARGON!, and all the rest of the gasses combined make up 4/10ths of 1%. Some of that is CO2.

    CO2 is a vital nutrient for plants. Take that out of the air, and the plants we depend on for life will not be able to grow. So, if you like the taste of Soylent Green, get rid of the CO2 and we can start eating each other because there won’t be anything else left to eat.

    • paul

      Seems to me commentators here understand “very well” what is going on.
      So why do we tend to think out of the many … so few understand?
      Could it be so many depend on government checks to survive that the many are simply “sheep in disguise” (but in reality “are fully awake” under their sheepish masks)?
      I bet the masks come off very quickly … when “some celestial or other event” prevents the issuance of their government checks … and we will see “a mass awakening” in the American population very quickly!

      • Greg Hunter

        There is a quote I read recently about markets that I think applies here. The quote goes something like “There is no problem with things that don’t move until they do.” Wait until the public knows they are screwed. They are going to start making moves and it is not going to be pretty.

  22. Paul from Indiana

    Obama’s “war powers” request is indeed fuzzy. His so-called anti-nuke efforts in Iran are anything but that. Obama’s “anti-terror” remarks and actions are his version of the IMF’s Christine Lagarde’s numerology game that had many an observer on this site all aflutter last summer. All he is doing is telegraphing is to his Muslim buddies that he’s not going to do anything substantive. Lots of fireworks, to be sure, shock and awe, and you guys just lie low for a while… Meanwhile he brings in 5,ooo,000 more “dependents” for their votes and continues his domestic scam unimpeded. And we just sit here and take it.

    We would do well to recall the words of the abolitionist Frederick Douglass: Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and never will. Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have found out the exact measure of injustice and wrong, which will be imposed on them, and these will continue till they are resisted with either words or blows or both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.

    Our endurance is proving to be vast indeed. Best always. PM

  23. OutLookingIn

    Another great weekly wrap presented in such a straight forward fashion, is always a treat! Don’t know if you have seen this closer to home, it’s called “Operation Chokepoint” by the government. Mike Maloney has been a victim of this business suppresive program and has posted a 7 minute video (link below) on his site. This (IMHO) is a MUST VIEW by ALL who love freedom. Thoughts?


  24. Paul

    Is attack on Yemmen imminent?

  25. andyb

    Greg: We, of certain intelligence, who can connect the dots, know full well that there will be no economic recovery EVER, under the current controllers of the puppet strings. There has been a well planned agenda for the last 50 years, although it really began, in earnest, in 1913. All of the vestiges of a true American democratic republic had to be destroyed; a vibrant middle class, the Bill of Rights, and the ability of school children to learn true, not directed, history. The main means for this agenda was the formation of an all powerful Government that would no longer be subservient to the wishes of the States and its citizens, and that could abrogate the Rule of Law at its whim.

    Within the next decade, there will be few of us left who can remember democracy as it was envisioned by the Founders, and even fewer who will have the intellectual ability to truly understand the Road to Serfdom that is the fate of all Americans, especially given the neurotoxins that the government is using to destroy our cognitive ability, through Chemtrails, vaccines, and GMO food production, all of which contain elements (aluminum, mercury, glyphosate) , that have been proven, by reputable scientists, to cause brain cell damage. In the not too distant future, the Zombie fantasy may will be real.

    The evidence of the lack of reason, and ability to problem solve, is quite apparent in many in the under 30 group, as evidenced by man-on-the-street interviews, and the illiterates that employers face in the hiring process. Most of this, to be sure, is poor education, but the steady decline in scores on college admission tests also shows a lack of cognitive ability.

    In the current Police State, and ubiquitous surveillance, I fear that there’s little that Americans can do; we are way past the tipping point. Both discouraging and disheartening.

    • Desert Rose

      if we all boycotted Walmart, GMO food, fast food and stopped automatic tax withholdings, that would make huge changes. They need us.

  26. Rich M

    Thanks for your fine work Greg. Your last comment……….. mentally, physically, spiritually… fear not….. For some reason I really thought about that this time as more than just a closing statement…. I sensed sincerity and concern from you for your fellow man. So, I thought about that and tried to picture, what if I happen to be living in Russia or was Mr. Putin himself right now… are they panicking/fearing? I think not. He/they sure seem to be thinking and acting metholically and with concerns about the preservation of life for all of us in dealing with the insanity of the western banking systems and their reckless President they funded to get elected given that they undestand the sheeple meantality they have created.

    So, it made me think… THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES…. that used to mean something…. that was the most powerful and influencial man living on this planet at one time. I cannot help but think that it is lost now, that he is seen internationally more as a spoiled child and idiolog rather than a scholar/statesman/ promoter and protector of our inalienable rights that our God has afforded us via a once free country. it does make me think, that preparing spiritually is so important lest even thoughts with food, gold, guns, and ammo may live throught what is coming…. but not “survive” it unless we are also prepared spiritually.

    Whether I am one of “those smart commentors” or not (as I have not commented too often) I think you can consider most of us as friends…. I for one am very appreciative and loyal to you for the service and informative analysis you provide.

    So please consider most of us as friends (some smarter than others) and pretty much just honest regular folks who truly appreciate a journalist who still shoots straight and tells us the truth. It really is not just a blanket staement you make at the end of your weekly reports to be… Fear not… and now to be mentally, physically, and spiritually ready and to fear not. This in itself, tells us that you are more than just a journalist and truly do care about the welfare of your fellow citizens. People used to think … your trusted correspondent Walter Kronkite or whomever…. He told us the news as weall at dinner with our parents every night. He showed us through that relatively new technology called television, the Apollo Space missions, the opening of Disney parks, the horrors of war and presidential assisinations. So whether his motives were pure or not, we all trusted and relied on him to tell us the truth. I can say, it was lost… freedom of the press who are bought and sold by the very government they are supposed to report on… So having you is refreshing to say the least.

    Thank you for your site as I have learned so much from what you do here, your guest, and your commentators…. who really Greg, you can go ahead and call us friends. haha. Keep it up brother….



    PS I really went off here… feel free to elect to just read this or go ahead and post it… I just wanted you to know how much we appreciate you for what you are doing Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Rich and I can tell by your comment you are one of the many smart ones here. “Fear Not.”

  27. Jerry

    Its this type of reporting that begs the question, why journalist shouldn’t be hung from the nearest lamppost with alongside the bankers when the SHTF?
    Putin is cornered? Russia is mortgaging it’s assets to China? Really….?? Oh that’s right we don’t have any debt do we? The Chinese haven’t mortgaged us for any debt have they?

    This report is a worthless pile of cow crap. Greg I can’t believe that anyone could ever question your journalistic abilities after reading a report like this. The amount of ignorance in the mainstream press is breathtaking!

    • Allen Starr

      I have followed Putin since 1999 because I was interested about Russian oil and gas and the guy is brilliant. Russia has also made numerous changes in what they do in the country in the last 3-5 years. they began to stop developing the more expensive oil and gas areas and changing what gas would go for export and for domestic use. Ukraine gas pipelines were not going to be used when the existing contracts ran out so you have the Nord Strean and now the Turk stream (which will take 18 months to build). Gas for the new Chinese pipelines will come from new fields a little southeast of me and between Lake Baikal. There are huge shale areas to the north of me and Russia does nothing to develop the area because they can still develop cheaper areas. Trans Neft has a large office here and we have rented one of our apartments to their officers. These guys are smart and are quick on their feet and the US, NATO, and EU aren’t going to be able to blackmail them.

  28. Rick Perkins

    For a new totalitarian world order to arise, a prosperous and free America could not be allowed to stand. She was too strong to take down with external force so had to be demoralized from within and then convinced to commit suicide.

    Now, through a diabolically brilliant plan, she has become a broken and demoralized whore who proudly squanders her material and human capital fighting fictitious enemies created out of thin air and then fighting real enemies who oppose to her conduct and react to defend themselves against her preemptive strikes.

    America my love, you are being played by evil forces who are using you destabilize the world in order to establish a new world order. Why have you have left the blessed path of your glory and allowed yourself to be led on another by a hand full of cunning and devious people; seditionists and traitors who hate all that you once stood for. It is a path that ends only in your destruction.

    Now we need to put troops on the ground to help destroy ISIS? We need more cannon fodder to be sacrificed on the alter of the new world order? Really?

    People of America, remember that ancient wisdom “Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them” and turn quickly from those who continuously call for more war, more debt and more sacrifices of your freedoms, all as being necessary for your own good. Do this peacefully while you still can. Remember that the One who created mankind did not create him to be enslaved, one by another, but to bestow blessings upon those who are worthy. Look in the mirror of history and see that you were once so blessed and then realize that it was not God who changed but you. Reject the madness and come back to your senses.

  29. Mason

    Kudos for you for consequently hitting all of the issues out of the park again this week, Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mason. I still miss some stuff.

  30. Jerry

    Greg when I hear this speech, I think of you. I invite all to listen
    to a speech JFK gave 2 weeks before he was assassinated. And then ask yourself, is what we discuss here tin foil hat material.

  31. Mike Hicks

    Global Warming or Climate Change is the same thing. The planet is warming and setting records around the planet. The continued warming causes the climate to change. Some areas have warmer weather and some have colder weather. The west coast is burning up with drought. The east coast is having unusually wet weather. This is what happens in a climate change situation. There is no more question on this topic.

    • Greg Hunter

      Total un-backed BS. We have record snowfall in the Northeast. Please post scientific evidence that record snow fall is scientifically proven to be man-made global warming.

    • Jeff

      Thanks for reminding me about that. That was priceless.

    • Desert Rose

      On another topic, the Chem Trails are increasing, as predicted on SD.
      In my area, we had dozens of streams yesterday. It was predicted that the Chem trails after Jan 30 would be more toxic and frequent. Working to kill us all off with cancer, etc. Pilots said they were afraid to object. Notice all the cancer, folks?
      Thank you for the site, Greg.

  32. Barlow

    Federal State of Novorossiya National Anthem

    04.02.2015 Military Report of Novorossia. Latest news of Ukraine, DPR,LPR

    [eng subs] DPR artillery destroys UAF convoys attempting to break in and out of the “cauldron”

  33. Don

    Dear Mr. Hunter, good job on the wrap-up. Greece’s new PM seems to know what his people want, and is holding the line. Jim Rickards doesn’t believe Greece will be allowed to exit, and the Technocrats will do a deal to prevent them from setting a presidents for the others, France, Italy, and so forth. Even though it may set off and uncontrollable collapse in motion. I want to see them liberated from the unelected Trokia. I have been screaming my head off, so to speak, to Rep.’s in Oklahoma to impeach Obama, stop there hegemony ambitions, and take away the printing press from the central banks of the world, and restore us to sound currency. I was told just today by a friend that said he’d seen on the news that Obama had sent people to Israel to uproot the PM there. Though it was something that would be odd to here from a major media, I wouldn’t put it past him, to try to get someone else in that office, to try to force such a change. Our leaders as a whole are so corrupt and so arrogant, and are trying to change the whole landscape of the world to soot them that a citizen has know chance to be heard. It will be up to the American citizen eventually, to take our government back, and it may require a revolution to do it. I don’t see any hope for us or our descendents without it. I wish I was younger, but you know it doesn’t matter.

  34. Paul Mallinson

    Greg, just because some places get alot of snow (even record amounts) doesn’t mean that global warming isn’t occurring. Climate scientists agree that increased extreme weather is consistent with global warming. These effects happen in couplets. What I mean is that where you find an area with a cold temperature anomaly (colder than normal), you will also find an adjacent area with a warm temperature anomaly. If you look at a temperature anomaly map of the globe, you will see these couplets all over the globe. The warming in global warming pertains to rising AVERAGE world temperature. Most people don’t realise this (including Lord Monckton). And by the way, I work with weather models daily and Lord Monckton doesn’t have a clue about these either – in particular climate models.
    Paul M

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes, Paul, but here are the questions: Is global warming accused by man, and do we need an international overlord usurping our Constitutional rights by taxing and controlling us all on a worldwide basis? Please post your research that shows record snowfall (that is what we have in the Northeast) scientifically proven global warming caused by man. You are trying to have it both ways. It is either man-made global warming or it is not. If you have made this comment without reading Lord Monckton’s scientific peer reviewed paper then you should read it. The fact that you “work with weather models daily” is not proof of man-made global warming. Also please explain how Al Gore got it so wrong in his documentary (back in 2005) where he won a Nobel Prize and an Oscar for predicting the polar Ice caps would be melted by now when they are in fact growing. Gore did not call it “climate change” he called it “global warming.” Maybe he should give back his awards because that is a pretty big miss. Why are so touchy that any one would question your “science.” Isn’t this the pursuit of raw truth? Can not this theory stand up to scrutiny? If science had such a strong case they should be delighted to prove it, but you can’t because the earth is getting colder and not warmer! This is why the name was changed. I say it has already failed the test.
      Greg Hunter
      Supporter of America and the Constitution

      • diane

        Great reply !!!!!
        This is why we love Greg Hunter!!!!

    • Rick Perkins


      The evidence is clear that man’s manipulation of scientific data is the only fact which supports a contention that “global warming” is a man-made phenomenon. Like a play or a movie, it’s man-made in the sense that man manipulates the data.

      When politics mixes with science, science can easily become a political tool of little relevance with respect to a search for truth.


      • paul

        Revelation 6, verse 12 … when truth is unpopular … when men prefer darkness, the Lord allows it to come to them … Jesus said celestial signs would bring great tribulation that would last 7 years … there will be great quakes (Yellowstone?) and the Sun will become black … the moon blood red (on or about 9/11 2015) and meteors will fall to Earth in great numbers … the Bible speaks of climate change long before Al Gore ever did!

        • Rick Perkins

          Should these cataclysmic events begin to occur, it wouldn’t surprise me to see incorrigible Al out stumping, even more hysterically, for funds to assuage them.

    • wd


      This is really getting more bizarre, I bet we start to see many of these bankers start to retire.

      This is one of those bog deals that do’t get any press time.

  35. James Hastings

    Therefore God sends upon them a strong delusion, to make them believe what is false, …The rest will be history…. Can you imagine….a world that looks like Lebanon of old….?

    This is going to be interesting. 🙂

    • Greg Hunter

      The global economy is the greatest delusion in the history of mankind.

  36. Jeff

    What’s coming down in Iraq and ISIS is very troubling. I can see another Benghazi happening only with many more deaths. We could see the capture of these 300 military “advisors” marched out on TV one by one……… Where are the reinforcements and air support. This reeks of a planned false flag for political reasons. Giving the idiot in the WH a reason for more boots ? What were all the generals doing while ISIS approached their compound ? We have the technology to track anyone, anywhere (if we chose)……. If we chose is the operative word……Trillions of dollars going to the Pentagon to protect us and they can’t intercept these guys beforehand ?…….. Only one explanation and it’s a gruesome one….. This was planned.

    • OutLookingIn

      Totally agree. When wanting a wider war and stir anger in the population so as to have them want it, dangle a juicy target for the “enemy” to attack. With prisoners being burnt alive and beheaded on the MSM. These so called “advisers” are being sacrifised by the politico, military/industrial complex, cheered on by the Wall street bankers.

  37. Jeff

    I believe that could be your first question directed to Sinclair, Greg. Where’s the gold coming from ? My guess, 90% via producers (miners). As to why a 12% discount. Probably a lot of them hurting and need to dump it…….. Still, when the reset comes (or war), the price will not reflect todays prices.

  38. Jeff

    Don’t be…… For every seller there’s a buyer. Why are they buying 100’s of tons Rezo ? The same reason I did….. Price is all a matter of perspective. Given everyone’s currencies are being devalued and you get zero (or neg) interest why would any individual trade for pieces of paper ? Rezo, like I told someone here about oil prices going down ($30ish), we will revisit in a month or 2.

    • Jeff

      There’s my answer Rezo. The largest buyer in the world gets a discount. No surprise there. And, of course, they have an interest for the prices to stay low UNTIL they can no longer get any…… As for Miles, Kirby, and Hoffman, of course they weren’t interested. Their clients don’t deal in 12.5 Kilo bars. They buy 1 oz gold and silver coins………. I had one last thought. Hope all those Kilo bars are legit. Sounds like you aren’t buying them from a well known (respected) smelter………. Rezo, always enjoy (appreciate)your post, we can all learn more.

  39. JC Davis

    Great wrap up Greg. Love from a distance. Jc.

  40. Allen Starr

    I too believe that a nuclear War can only be avoided if the US backs off. Ukraine is Russia’s Cuba and no NATO or missiles can ever be put there. They can live with the 100% hostile junta but there must also be guarantees for Russia and the people of the Donbass. I think many people don’t have the truth as to why this happened. Yanukovich was in favor of joining the EU but they would only offer $2b in financial help over 2 years. Russia was willing to offer $15b in free gas over 2 years and also another $15b so they could pay on their loans and for Russian gas. This was why the EU offer was rejected by Yanukovich. To have any understanding of this situation at all you must accept that the Russian offer would have guaranteed that Yanukovich would have been reelected and that is why the US, NATO, and EU overthrew the legally elected Ukrainian Govt. You must also know that the Russian offer didn’t include any money to pay off the Western banking Cartel. Under the EU plan, the banks would be paid off by the IMF and then they would rape the Ukrainians. As an American it is just unbelievable to me that the US is now controlled by murderers and thieves. The America I grew up in is dead. It is very sad but the only way there is ever going to be peace in the world is if the US and it’s $ die.

    • OutLookingIn

      The last small vestige of freedom and truth in America, died with the end of the Eisenhower presidency and his warning to everyone on the 17th of January 1961.
      Alas, his warning went unheeded. Now the world reaps the whirlwind and Russia fully realizes this basic truth. The American military/industrial complex desperetly wants a war. A BIG war.


  41. Your fan in Japan

    Hey Greg,
    Read the Koran. I am. Not planning on switching religions, just wanted to see what “their book from God” says. Surprising stuff. Lots of it familiar to Christians. Noah, Abraham, Joseph, various prophets, etc. etc. Worship God and only Him. He is faithful to those who believe in him, etc. But woe to those who don’t. The eternal fire awaits. As for your enemies- kill them wherever you find them. Anyway, seems to me those ISIS folks are doing things “by the book”. Off with their heads, etc. etc. Not proselytizing. Just interesting to look into what they are thinking. Take a look if you have time. I humbly suggest you read chap 7 for starts.

  42. Roy B.

    The war on terror sense 9-11 has been a war on the American people. When Bush said
    we have to fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them here, he was talking about
    the American people. Now Obama want’s to fight ISIS anywhere in the world, guess
    where he is going to need to fight them, here in the U.S.A. false flag boots on the ground.

  43. Don_in_Odessa

    Math 24
    “…Take heed that no man deceive you.
    5 For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.
    6 And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.”

    So if the end is “not yet”then when? Verse 15 begins the telling of it:
    15 When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:)
    16 Then let them which be in Judaea flee into the mountains:
    17 Let him which is on the housetop not come down to take any thing out of his house:
    18 Neither let him which is in the field return back to take his clothes.
    19 And woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those days!
    20 But pray ye that your flight be not in the winter, neither on the sabbath day:
    21 For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.
    22 And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.

    The Word tells us the sign to watch for. All of these other things we will see through out time until that one final thing spoken of in verse 15. Believe no man who says the end is here until you see it.

  44. Marty McDade

    My retort to our climate is this, I call it the Ivory Soap Climatology:
    99.44% God Almighty ( El Shaddei)
    .56% man. My only fear is this: when I’m standing before my Lord , Him saying “Don’t you think you may be giving yourself a little too much credit with that .56%.”

    Greg, that’s my original, but I give you full license to use it at will. Great Work!

  45. Robert E. Salt

    Plenty of wisdom has been incorporated into Eastern medicine. Western medicine tries to fix everything with a sledge hammer. Penicillin caused the polio epidemic when it was introduced in 1943. It kills good bacteria as well as the bad. The polio vaccine is responsible for the current worldwide cancer epidemic. It was known to contain a soft tissue cancer virus before it was released. The virus is being spread through sexual contact. Are you sure you want to allow Big Pharma to introduce a foreign substance into your child’s bloodstream? It might be different if evil forces were not involved. I’m not a doctor but I play one on usawatchdog.

  46. Robert

    Thank you Greg, for your priceless jewels of fact and analysis. You make the “manufactured” crisis less effective because of your attention to events.

    A few words posted on my home office wall:
    “Complaining is a worthless substitute for action.
    Heaven has eyes, and they sleep not.
    Tyranny cannot succeed until citizenship fails.”

    God bless you and your blog.


    • Greg Hunter

      You are very kind. Thank you Robert.

  47. sam

    Greg, I am curious if you have seen the ISIS website? Jim proves that the US government and corporate interests have a group of mercenaries they call ISIS. They tried to change the site to SIS but got cought in the middle of the change and even after the change have forgotten to change the domain name which uses “isis” in the root. Please check out this info at http://www.jimstonefreelance.com – scroll down until you see the screen capture of the ISIS website and read his comments. I would love to hear YOUR thoughts on this issue. It appears that ISIS is all American. Thanks for your hard work!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Sam. 100% for sure the U.S. and Saudi Arabia funded them. Congress voted to aid the so-called “moderate rebels” in Syria. I wonder if part of this is just pure backfire in action. ISIS was attacking al Assad Air Base with suicide bombers. We have about 300 U.S. Marines there, and I hope they don’t become the American version of the “300”.

  48. JavaK


    Here is some perspective to help you with the likes of Monkton etc.


    Jennifer Francis does a great job at explaining why to the layman. Do try and follow her for some proper answers as to why you are receiving snow (and I, for example am not), and not the likes of said business interests.

    I must say, I was a bit surprised at your stance on this. I’m going to still presume you are a seeker of truth, and not necessarily just ratings…. for a little bit longer.

    • Greg Hunter

      Her first answer is “What we think. . .” I don’t care what she “thinks.” I want peer reviewed scientific evidence that global warming, Oh I mean “Climate Change” is man made. These folks cannot prove this and there warming models are not working as Al Gore said it back in 2006 that the Polar Ice Capes would Be melted by NOW—-NOT. It DID NOT HAPPEN! He called it “global warming” repeatedly 8 years ago. What happened??? This is why they had to change the name to “climate change.” Gore won both a Nobel Prize and an Oscar and I think he should give them back for a miss that big. POST Scientific PROOF RECORD SNOW FALL (This is what we got in the North East) IS CAUSED BY MAN. You should also take time to read Lord Monckton’s report or at least the scientific community should read it because we are trying to look at the scientifically aren’t we? Instead they ignore it and bash it and pay people like you to mold thought on the subject. The social fascist climate change pushers should be happy to prove their theory and point, but instead they change the name because they CANNOT.

      • paul

        Greg … Your right … it is “not man’s fault” and Al Gore should not be trying to tax us for it … celestial forces are at play … we simply have to read Revelation 6, Verse 12 to know what is coming.

      • Silence is Golden

        Please be fair.
        The Oscar was well earned!!
        After all …it is an award for “acting” is it not. A dime a dozen these days. 😉

        • Greg Hunter

          I just broke out laughing my friend!!!

      • brian

        The one fact I know is that it takes energy to move water. Rain or snow, the more precipitation you have the more energy there is to make it happen. It is also a fact that all the planets in our solar system are growing more atmospherically active ( ie Jupiters second “red spot”, the massive storm on Saturns pole, the melting ice caps on Mars and even the heating up of far away Pluto) and that takes an input of energy to accomplish. Given that mankind is not living on any of the planets heating up except for earth I am going to go out on a limb and say there is something else contributing to the spike of available energy in our solar system right now.

  49. Don

    Some very good points made hear, both about the Ukraine and global warming. George Soros was used through different organizations he contributed to and started in the Ukraine to overthrow the Dem. Government by coop and replace it with the US pick, which also was head of its central bank. Infowars has a video of a limited nuclear device going off over there. Which I don’t know about, but things are still increasing in scale fast over there. I almost am beside myself, trying to communicate with REP’s from my state, and have decided to vote for Huckebee If possible. Ran Paul though somewhat like his father, is not what I’m looking for, If I can ever get my man to the finals, I’ll vote for him. We need someone like the PM of Greece, but with strong Christian moral’s and the back bone to stand up to the corruption taking place. Lord Mocking does make a good case Greg, I listened to his speech and read some manuscript, but it sure wasn’t what the UN wanted to here was it. WEEEEE poor UN.

  50. Coalburner

    Greg: You are right on with Global Warming. Thousands of the experienced and highly creded agree. Many of us who know something about this subject never stoppped laughing at the sales of Dr. Gores’ miricle rattle weed juice.

  51. dee garmon

    I would agree with some other readers that JW makes the most sense out of this current
    situation. I am, therefore, looking forward to your having him again real soon.
    The three men I trust the most are Jim Willie, Paul Craig Roberts and John Williams.

  52. diane

    Hi Greg
    Martin Armstrong is predicting a one world currency will have to happen….makes the case why.
    What will happen if this turns out to be the case?

    • Silence is Golden

      A digital currency to be used in tandem with domestic fiat currencies.
      The former to be used as the platform for global trade settlement and Bond Issuance.
      The latter to be used on the home front.
      Not unlike how the USD takes its value from a basket, so too will the one world currency.

  53. Thomas j harmon

    Greg good question for you and your friends. If the government declares martial law or declares a state of emergency, can the government legally confiscate our weapons . Thank you justin

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