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WNW 193-Greek Debt Crisis Conclusion, Economic Propaganda, Iraq Finger Pointing

4_jpgGreg Hunter’s   (6.5.15)

The Greek debt crisis looks like it will be coming to an end.  I don’t know if it is this month, but it is definitely this year.  Everybody is worried about a Greece default, but a default has really already happened.  If you have to loan a country money to pay its debts, isn’t that a default.  The bankers have piled the debt on Greece, and it can never be paid.  Greece says it cannot make its 300 million euro payment to the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and wants to bundle the debt and put off the payment until the end of the month.  I think the Greeks are going to get that last 7 billion euro loan package, and it will officially default this fall.  (more…)

Panic Exit Out of Currencies & Into Gold & Silver-David Morgan

4_jpgBy Greg Hunter’s

Finance and economic writer David Morgan thinks the global economy very likely could take a sudden turn for the worst.  Morgan says, “There is going to be a panic buy into the metals, and there is only so much to go around. . . . The way things have gone from the 2008 financial crisis until now have only gotten worse. . . . I don’t think we are going to have a hyperinflation, but what I do believe is there will be a panic exit out of currencies.  That event will cause people to run for the most trusted money that exists, and that is gold and silver.  (more…)

Monetary Heroin Will Crash the Dollar-Peter Schiff

4By Greg Hunter’s    (Earl Sunday Release)

Money manager Peter Schiff, who wrote a book three years ago called “The Real Crash,” thinks the next calamity is well on its way.  Schiff says, “I think the next crash is going to be a dollar crash rather than a stock market crash.  Certainly it is going to be an economic crash for the average American, and their cost of living goes skyrocketing.”

So, is the next crash going to be worse than the last meltdown?  Schiff says, “It’s going to be much, much worse.  If you understand what caused the 2008 financial crisis, it was the easy monetary policies of Alan Greenspan. . . . The monetary policies of Bernanke and Yellen dwarf what Alan Greenspan did.  (more…)

WNW 192-War Hot Spots, Obama Immigration Shot Down Again, Soccer Crime Not Banker Crime

4_jpgBy Greg Hunter’s 

There are three hot spots in the world where war could break out.  Tensions continue to be high in the Ukraine crisis.  The U.S. is continually beefing up supplies and help to Eastern Europe.  There are military drills happening on land and in the air with NATO.  Likewise, the same type of drills are happening with Russian military.  Iraq is a mess with gains being made by ISIS and counter attacks by the Iraqi military and Shia militia.  Secretary of Defense Ash Carter said the Iraqis outnumber ISIS but “lack the will to fight.”  Military sources said, this past week, that Iraqi forces were “not driven out” of Ramadi, but they just “drove out” of that town on their own.  Now, a new offensive is taking shape to take back Ramadi.   President Obama is not planning on sending troops but will train and fly support missions.  The support bombing missions are sparse and some say are a joke.  We see how well the Obama Administration strategy has worked so far.  It’s a disaster. (more…)

$60,000 Gold May Be Laughably Low-Bill Holter

4Greg Hunter’s

Recent Bloomberg analysis says if China backed its currency with gold, the price would need to be 50 times higher than it is today.  According to Bloomberg, that would be a gold price of around $64,000 per ounce, which is much more than gold expert Jim Sinclair predicted a few years ago.  Financial writer Bill Holter weighs in, “That was a few years ago, before some of the QE, and Jim has said that $50,000 gold may turn out to be laughably low. (more…)

Rising Gold Price Could Set Off Derivative Nightmare-Bill Murphy

4_jpgGreg Hunter’s  (Early Sunday Release)

Bill Murphy, Chairman of GATA (Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee), says precious metal prices have been relentlessly rigged by central banks and governments.  Murphy contends, “If gold were to just to have kept pace with inflation, forget all the QE, it would be double what it is today.  That’s how artificially low the price of gold is today, and also silver.  Once they lose control of silver, it will go from $22 to $100 per ounce very fast.”


WNW 191-Criminal Financial System, Gold Fraud, Middle East on Fire, China Warns US Again

4_jpgBy Greg Hunter’s  

The bankers have done it again.  They committed an enormous global crime and only paid a fine.  JP Morgan, Barclays, Citigroup, Royal Bank of Scotland and UBS will pay $5.8 billion in penalties for rigging the $5.3 trillion a day currency market.  Once again, nobody will go to jail, even though all these big banks plead guilty to criminal charges for rigging the Forex market.  (more…)

China Gold Could Cause Tsunami of Dollars in US-Rob Kirby

4thBy Greg Hunter’s

Gold expert Rob Kirby arranges deliveries of the yellow metal to his clients measured by the ton.  Kirby says news that China may disclose it has 30,000 tons of gold will be devastating for the West.  Kirby contends, “We could be fast approaching the moment when the tide is going to turn and go out, and we are going to find out who’s wearing a bathing suit.  I think that time is fast approaching, if it is not here already.”  Kirby also says, “I think the implied message is we are going to show you how much we have, and then you are going to have to show us how much you have. . . . America, very likely doesn’t have, in my view, doesn’t have the gold they claim to have.  They also probably spent a lot of other people’s gold in safe keeping.”


Apocalypse and Enormous Disorder Coming-Hugo Salinas-Price

5By Greg Hunter’s  (Early Sunday Release)

Mexican retail mogul Hugo Salinas-Price is worried about the common man and the upcoming currency calamity that is approaching the globe.  Salinas-Price says, “It certainly isn’t getting better when you have some intellectuals going so crazy as to say they want to ban cash.  We can’t go too much further along this road.  This is utter madness.  We’re not supposed to use cash anymore?  Salinas Price goes on to say, “If we have these lunatics running things, it can’t get any better.  We have people running things that have forgotten about what motivates the common man. . . . I want people to have silver because it is going to protect them.”


WNW 190-Tensions Mount with Iran, China and Russia, Obama Trade War with Democrats, Dollar Down

4By Greg Hunter’s  (5/15/15 Friday)

China is telling the U.S. to back off in the South China Sea, even though it is building islands for military bases there. China believes the South China Sea belongs to them, but many other countries, including America, say it’s always been international waters. You can add this to the perfect storm of troubles the U.S. is facing, and this time, it is with our largest creditor. The U.S. Navy is sending ships there but is not flying over the territory, at least not yet. So far, nothing has happened, but you can add this to the many problem spots in the world.


Risk Unprecedented in Bubble Land-Egon von Greyerz

44By Greg Hunter’s

Financial expert Egon von Greyerz says forget about making money in today’s global economy.  The primary objective should be protection and wealth preservation, and von Greyerz goes on to explain, “It’s all about risk . . . what you are looking at now is a world where risk is unprecedented.  We have bubble land.   We have bubbles in stock markets.  We have bubbles in bond markets.  We have bubbles in assets markets, such as the art market, for example.  On top of that, we have a banking system that is bankrupt.   (more…)

New Recession Closer to Depression-John Williams

WILLIAMS_092_wade.JPGBy Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Economist John Williams says forget about the so-called recovery, we are headed for recession.  Williams contends, “They’ll have a downside revision to this 1st quarter estimate that will take it negative. What we are seeing now is that the outlook for the second quarter is not only weak, but it is also going to turn negative.  Two contracting consecutive quarters of GDP give you a recession.  So, we have an outlook for recession.  This is an economy that I’ll contend that never recovered, and now we are in a new recession . . .  in a grand economic contraction.  It’s an ongoing economic downturn that we entered into way back in 2005.  This is something close to a depression.”


WNW 189 Yellen Warns of Danger, Economy Diving While MSM Lying, Middle East Boils

4By Greg Hunter’s (5.8.15)  

The ridiculous drum beat from the mainstream media (MSM) has been repeating this so called “recovery” since the 2008 meltdown.  I also keep repeating that there is no real recovery. There are a variety of data points you can look at, but the most recent include retail sales and factory orders have plunged while the trade deficit has spiked.  It was announced that nearly 50 companies are closing 6,000 stores. The oil industry is shedding thousands of jobs, and 62% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck.  You think I am being too negative?  (more…)

Black Swan Event-Shift in Consciousness-Catherine Austin Fitts

7By Greg Hunter’s

Money manager and financial expert Catherine Austin Fitts is worried about exploding global debt.  It has almost doubled since 2007, and Fitts says, “Yes, I am worried about it, and I still think the chance for collapse is relatively small, but I am very worried about the level of violence going up to deal with the tensions resulting from this.  If you look at the debt, there are several things to point out.  One, the debt is very high, but it is bifurcated between who is borrowing a currency they can print and people who are borrowing a currency they can’t print.  That’s of great concern to us because with a global slowdown, a lot of people have borrowed in dollars, and now they got to pay it back at the same time they have to earn dollars, where it is tougher to do.”


World Will Become Baltimore When Debt Bubble Bursts-Gregory Mannarino

4By Greg Hunter’s  (Early Sunday Release)

Trader/analyst Gregory Mannarino thinks increasing bad economic news will force the Fed to print more money, or QE.  Mannarino contends, “I absolutely think that’s going to happen.  Before they allow this mechanism that they have propped up with these distortions that are so extreme, to correct to fair market value, they are going to throw everything at it to keep it going.  Again, the alternative is too horrible to contemplate—too horrible to contemplate.  The world will become Baltimore when the debt bubble bursts.  Every street in every nation around the world is going to become Baltimore as people realize they cannot acquire basic assets.  Everyone is struggling for these resources.  This is really what it’s all about.  They understand this.  The world central banks are not stupid.  This goes back to why the police are militarized in every state in the union.  We are one nation under surveillance.  They have understood where this was going for many, many years.” (more…)