Tsunami of Dollars Coming Back to America Soon-Rob Kirby

rob12By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Special Release) 

Emergency Fed meetings at the White House, the launching of new gold trading market at the Shanghai Gold Exchange, revelations Deutsche Bank admitting it manipulated gold and silver prices, China starting its own global payment system. These may all seem unrelated, but according to macroeconomic researcher Rob Kirby, they are all connected.  Kirby explains, “With China and their upstart CIPS, which is the China Interbank Payment System, China appears to be on the verge of merging their interbank payment system with SWIFT.  My gut is telling me that this will very much marginalize America as the main processor of global payments.  This, in my view, will embody very possibly a global reset in terms which currency is going to be the world’s reserve currency.  I have a very sneaking suspicion that when China merges with the SWIFT system, I believe there is a very strong possibility that China will back their currency with gold.  I do believe this is why China has aggressively been buying physical gold for the past 10 or 15 years.  They have been doing it with a view to dislodging the dollar or greatly diminishing the dollar as the world’s reserve currency.  That’s what I think is at play right now.  I think U.S. bankers and regulators have caught wind of this and are aware it is coming.  I also believe this is the reason for all the secret meetings they have been having.  The Federal Reserve Board met in secret behind closed doors (Monday morning), and they gave us some frivolous reason why they were meeting.  The Fed Chairman, that Monday afternoon, walked over to the White House and met with, not just the President, but also the Vice President.  The notion that the President and Vice President would be in the same room at the same time tells you this is national security related.  If you don’t think the preservation of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency isn’t a national security issue, you better think again.”

Could there be a dramatic and overnight reduction in the value of the dollar?  Kirby contends, “I think this is coming in very short order now.  The trail of bread crumbs is indicating this is what is afoot right now.”

Does that mean dollar devaluation and a bank “holiday” coming soon? Kirby says, “How quickly this happens is open for conjecture, but that is clearly the direction we are heading.  We are unmistakably headed in that direction.  The only real question is how long these criminal central bankers can MacGyver the system together and keep it together with elastic bands, paperclips and bungie cords.  This is going down.  This is going to happen. I think it’s going down in the next two or three weeks. . . .We’ve all speculated that this would eventually happen.  Now we are here, and the clock is about to strike midnight.”

What have the President and the VP been told by the Fed Chairman in these emergency meetings this week? Kirby says, “My guess is they are probably explaining to them just how deep the   pooh is that they are about to be thrown into.  It’s deep, and it’s going to be over their heads. . . . Historically, when banks have nothing else they can do, they take us to war.”

If they don’t take us to war? Kirby says, “Everything is on the table. . . . My thinking is there are an awful lot of U.S. dollars out there right now that are going to be coming home to America. . . . The adjustment in global reserve accounts could create a tsunami of dollars coming back to America in a very, very short period of time. That could trigger something approaching a hyperinflationary event or, at least, stagflation and super inflationary pressure.  That’s the minimum occurring very, very soon.”

About the recent revelation of Deutsche Bank suppressing the price of physical gold and silver? Kirby points out, “The price rigging ultimately comes back to and will be shown that it really is an operation of the U.S. Treasury and the U.S. Federal Reserve. . . . The short interests, or the paper sales of precious metals, have been used on purpose to suppress the growing demand for precious metals, or to make it appear that people are still happy with dollars and don’t prefer precious metals to dollars. . . . Whether the U.S. central bank declares that gold or silver are not money in some hubris filled silliness doesn’t diminish the fact that gold and silver are money, and your U.S. Constitution says gold and silver are money.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One in a pivotal interview with Rob Kirby of KirbyAnalytics.com.

After the Interview:

Kirby also adds, the globalists hate and fear a Trump Presidency because he will unwind the anti-American secret trade deals like the TPP.  Kirby thinks Donald trump is an “America first guy and a real patriot.”   Rob Kirby has some free information on the home page of KirbyAnalytics.com. Kirby also sells a personalized newsletter style subscription service for $145 a year.  If you would like to sign up please click here.

(Please Note: The Rob Kirby interview is taking the place of the Weekly News Wrap-Up this week.  I felt this interview was so pivotal that it had to be released right away.  Remember, “Fear Not.”  Prepare yourself physically, mentally and, above all, spiritually.  “Fear Not.” God the Father is in charge.)

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  1. Gina Mancarella

    For Crying out loud. Who cares if the silver market has been manipulated? What difference does it make to the common man or woman on the street? We need to concern ourselves with the wellbeing of John Q Public and Mary Q public. We need to elect Hillary Clinton to ensure the wellbeing of every American going forward. Everyone needs to join hands and march forward together knowing that we shall overcome. We shall prosper as Americans. We shall be successful. God bless the United States of America. God loves you and so do I !

    • Greg Hunter

      I think Hill is a criminal who used a unprotected private server to hide the fact she was using her Secretary of State job to enrich herself at the overwhelming expense of national security. The Silver manipulation is a canary in the criminal coal mine. You may not think the suppression of silver effects you but it will. What is coming will destroy the man in the street that you say you care about.

      • allen ols


        (TRUNEWS) Dr. Peter Vincent Pry says President Obama is directly misleading America, and that North Korea could kill 90% of America with a satellite delivered EMP strike.

        Pry’s statement were made during an interview with Rick Wiles of TRUNEWS on Thursday, while speaking about the specific threat North Korea’s nuclear and space program pose to the United States.

        Since North Korea first began making threats in 2013, Dr. Pry said President Obama deliberately downplayed their mastery of the miniaturization of nuclear warheads. He said that Obama considers the truth about North Korea’s developing capabilities to be in direct conflict with his Iran nuclear deal.

        Read more at http://www.trunews.com/dr-peter-vincent-pry-obama-lied-about-north-korea-emp-could-kill-90-of-us/#Hh2EJ5iIc7v2wRlF.99

        • Joe G.

          Great response Greg….. I wonder if Gina is some kind of crude “artificial intelligence” bot… that paragraph had the feel of vintage Korean communist propaganda… all emotion, no substance….

          • helot

            RE: ‘the feel of vintage Korean communist propaganda… all emotion, no substance….’

            Pardon me, but didn’t you just describe the zombie side of America?

            ‘ all emotion, no substance’ – just about 1/2 the population, especially the i-Gadget generation, Y and Z?
            Yeesh, the things the greatest generation & the Boomers ushered. Ugh!

            • Philip Townsend

              I have a lot of respect for Rob and normally agree with all his stuff. But in this case, I don’t agree that China is about to merge CIPS with SWIFT. China, and other independent-minded countries, set up this system to avoid the possibility of being sanctioned by The US. SWIFT is European and so controlled by Washington so merging CIPS with SWIFT would return China etc right back to where they started. I expect CIPS to prosper as an independent system entirely outside of US control for Inetbank settlements and Transfers.

              • Tin foil ha

                Philip Townsend,
                After CIPS merge with SWIFT, the new system will be denominated in SDR. Neither the dollar or yuan will be the global reserve currency. It makes sense.

      • Hillary

        Great interview Greg
        As you know, I also have been informing the American Public about precious metals manipulation for over 2 decades now. Bill and Chris may not remember, but it was I that told everyone what Robert Rubin was doing for my husband. As you know, CNN and main street media have constantly misinterpreted many of my positions to the American Public. They have twisted and edited every Silver and Gold comment I have ever made. Here is a short video that was financed by my enemies and you can see how they deliberately distorted the facts on most of my positions.
        Greg, I am so sorry that you have misjudged all those frivolous stories about those “emails”. The truth is that this is also one more vast right-wing conspiracy egged on by those k brothers.
        Gina, Bill asked if you could drop by this evening!

        • Winston

          I’m afraid someone defecated in your gene pool.

        • Hillary

          For crying out loud. Who cares if I was telling different stories to different foreign leaders about the Benghazi attack? What difference does it make to the common man or woman on the street?

          State Department Belatedly Releases New Clinton Benghazi Documents

        • allen ols

          On April 28th 2011 Trump gave a speech in Las Vegas to a gathering organized by the Clark County Nevada Republican Party. In the speech he spoke directly about the present —and future— potential of him making a run for president.

          Below is a copy of the message Mark Taylor says God shared with him:

          Commander in Chief

          The Spirit of God says, I have chosen this man, Donald Trump, for such a time as this. For as Benjamin Netanyahu is to Israel, so shall this man be to the United States of America! For I will use this man to bring honor, respect and restoration to America. America will be respected once again as the most powerful and prosperous nation on earth, (other than Israel). The dollar will be the strongest it has ever been in the history of the United States, and will once again be the currency by which all others are judged.

          The Spirit of God says, the enemy will quake and shake and fear this man I have anointed. They will even quake and shake when he announces he is running for president, it will be like the shot heard across the world. The enemy will say what shall we do now? This man knows all our tricks and schemes. We have been robbing America for decades, what shall we do to stop this? The Spirit says HA! No one shall stop this that l have started! For the enemy has stolen from America for decades and it stops now! For I will use this man to reap the harvest that the United States has sown for and plunder from the enemy what he has stolen and return it 7 fold back to the United States. The enemy will say Israel, Israel, what about Israel? For Israel will be protected by America once again. The spirit says yes! America will once again stand hand and hand with Israel, and the two shall be as one. For the ties between Israel and America will be stronger than ever, and Israel will flourish like never before.

          The Spirit of God says, I will protect America and Israel, for this next president will be a man of his word, when he speaks the world will listen and know that there is something greater in him than all the others before him. This man’s word is his bond and the world and America will know this and the enemy will fear this, for this man will be fearless. The Spirit says, when the financial harvest begins so shall it parallel in the spiritual for America.

          The Spirit of God says, in this next election they will spend billions to keep this president in; it will be like flushing their money down the toilet. Let them waist their money, for it comes from and it is being used by evil forces at work, but they will not succeed, for this next election will be a clean sweep for the man I have chosen. They will say things about this man (the enemy), but it will not affect him, and they shall say it rolls off of him like the duck, for as the feathers of a duck protect it, so shall my feathers protect this next president. Even mainstream news media will be captivated by this man and the abilities that I have gifted him with, and they will even begin to agree with him says the Spirit of God.

          Read more at http://www.trunews.com/gods-man-firefighter-shares-2011-vision-of-president-trump/#qlXlMwthSIOEJD2s.99

      • Brandon W

        Gina, wearing beer goggles?

      • gregd

        I believe you now have to say, that you have some of the smartest people on the internet commenting on U.S.A. Watchdog, and most certainly one of the dumbest.

        • Greg Hunter

          Who are you talking about?

          • gregd

            It not a mystery – Gina, of course.

            • Greg Hunter

              Thank you Gregd. I already forgot about her. Thank you for the comment and I agree!!!!

        • brian

          haha, I hope you’re not referring to “Gina”, because judging by the attention “Gina” gets I think “rock star” is more appropriate……

      • Silver King

        Great reply Greg

      • Chip2

        Greg, Gina has got to be MILLIONDOLLARBONUS from ZeroHedge. It’s all a joke. Note the use of the infamous “what difference does it make” meme? It’s entertainment veiled as opposition.

        • gregd

          I tried to find her schicht on Obama but I couldn’t find anything. I was anticipating a rolodex of excuses. Perhaps she will see this, and help me out here.

      • Ross

        Spot on Greg I cannot access your Youtube Video. Is it being censored?

        • Greg Hunter

          So sorry you are having trouble but it works for me :https://usawatchdog.com/tsunami-of-dollars-coming-back-to-america-soon-rob-kirby/

          • Christina

            Grey- Where are you? I miss you and look forward to you M-W-F

            • Greg Hunter

              I let the Rob Kirby interview breath and posted it early. Mannarino is up tonight and he provides a very interesting perspective from a traders point of view. Thank you for your comment and support.

      • Guest

        Sarcasm. Look it up.

        Even a real HRC supporter is not that stupid.

        • Greg Hunter

          Sure about that?

      • graham


        Heads up Greg the Saudi Arabian Royal family are being called scum…see
        When they Russia, China, Saudi etc) attack the soft underbelly of the USA the ($) it’s all over, everyone will want PHYSICAL GOLD…cheers matey

        The Greed for Gold is close, very close

      • tulip

        both clintons have been criminals for decades…

      • William Beeby

        Here here Greg well said.

    • Gator

      You have got to be kidding…Hillary Clinton????? You want another 4 years of destruction of our country?

      • Max Meister

        A tipical sheeple victim. Didn’t understand anything but let them think that way. They will soon discover what it really meant to vote for people like Hillary.

    • Don

      I’m shocked, that Hilary has any support. She is a habitual liar, and a puppet of the big money interest. She joins herself to people like George Soros, Henry Kissenger, is a mover and shaker of globalism, which is for stealing our national sovereignty. She has and will, as long as people will blindly support her, use any position of power, to enrich herself and continue to build her personal kingdom. Her and Bill used their Clinton foundation down in Haiti after the big earthquake had kill thousand of their citizens, and made a deal with the leadership to be able to control all the rebuild contracts given to corporations, and ended up with millions of dollars given to the Clinton foundation, to get contracts. They seized mineral rights of the country, and gave large contracts for mining the minerals to corporations that gave the most to their foundation. While they used to media to appear like they were on a humanitarian effort. All because of the web of political and corporate connections. Both of them are global vultures, feeding off the nations blood. They are as corrupt as it comes, in my view, but you got a right to believe the way you wish.

      • Paul ...

        Don … Seems the recent Fed meetings is a result of the failure of JP Morgan/Chase to present a credible plan for winding itself down if the bank failed … the “deficiency” in the JP Morgan/Chase wind-down plan could “pose serious adverse effects to the financial stability of the United States” … and that sense of panic was probably communicated to Obama and Biden by Yellen this week … of course nothing this bad about JP Morgan/Chase ever makes it into the business press … remember … the Federal regulators didn’t say JP Morgan/Chase could pose a threat to “its shareholders or Wall Street or the markets” …. what they said was the potential threat was to “the financial stability of the United States of America”!! … so much for all Hillary’s pronouncements that “Dodd-Frank Financial Reform is working fine” !!

        • Paul ...

          In addition … according to the Fed and FDIC JP Morgan/Chase with $2 trillion in assets and $51 trillion in derivatives (that are not under control) and poses the highest risk of all US banks … the US Treasury Office for Financial Research (OFR) states that of five big banks in the US (that have “high contagion risk” to each other) a default by JP Morgan/ Chase would have a much greater impact on the rest of the banking system … because any shortfall would spill over onto other financial institutions creating a cascade effect that can lead to further defaults … just as Greg Mannarino has been warning!

          • Greg Hunter

            Mannarino is on next week. I for one cannot wait!!

            • susan

              I can’t wait, also!

          • helot

            Seems to me, cascading cross defaults only occur when there’s no one else to rob from. 401k’s etc…

            Who knows, though? It’s an insane world, run by insane leaders, supported by an insane populace.

        • Don

          Paul, you’ll find, the central banks of the world never take responsibility for the destruction they cause. Yes JP Morgan is a big player, along with Goldman, who is really the door keeper, in the political arena. Ex-Goldmans have complete control of the Euro-Zone, totally unelected, and unaccountable. When something goes wrong with there plan or when it doesn’t the sheep are the ones who pay.

    • Dan


      LET’S MAKE A PACT: Since Gina is obviously a gov’t troll chosen to mock this site, I suggest that from now own we ALL IGNORE HER. In other words, do not respond at all to her posts. She (he?) is not worth an ounce of our attention.

      WHO’S IN?

      • Janet G.

        Absolutely. That is a troll, whether a male or female, who cares. No responses, please.

        On One America News last evening, a free book on The Internet,that you can print out, it’s about 36 pages, on The Muslim Brotherhood In America, is available. It is the book found in a cellar in 2004 in Virginia from one of the radical Islamic leaders in this country. One of the many that Obama is bringing into America by the thousands now. They have the same agenda that they are bringing about throughout the EU. Criminality, destruction, rape, takeover, destruction of our laws, and the spreading of their charia laws. If you haven’t seen any of the videos on alternate media of the EU, by all means, make sure you do. And, by the way. Only Congress has the right to immigration. Obama does not have this authority. Like so many other things he does, and is able to get away with. Why, if Congress doesn’t want to do their job, why do they receive a salary and benefits. Why don’t we demand they give their salaries and benefits up. They don’t do the job they took an oath for.

        On silver and gold, I agree with Ron Kirby. He’s one guy I have always agreed with. Found him always to have common sense.

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        I’m in…..I stopped responding to her moronic comments long ago!

      • Linda L.

        I’m in too. No energy on a troll!

    • Tommy

      Please stop responding to Gina. It only gives her jollies to see people getting excited.

      • Greg Hunter

        I give me the chance to drive the message that I think Hillary is a criminal that used the Sec of State office to enrich herself and used a private server to cover her crime. Look–I did it again.

        • Laura

          lol…genius! Love the folks you interview. Can’t wait to hear from Mannerino again. Keep up the great work!

    • southernpatriot

      While it’s true that God loves you, HC does not give a tinker’s Da* about the John and Jane Does of America. How many more “4- dead in Benghazi “stories will it take until you realizes that a Progress candidate is still a Communist and as long as her and Bill’s needs are met,she could care less what we think or how she’s a Traitor to America.
      She new that the information on her c-phone should not be on her private server but on a encrypted one. She made it easy for our enemies to get the secrets and in return they made donations to the Clinton’s foundation. Moving forward in your dream, will lead us all to WW III , FEMA camp’s or the gas chambers. Regarding the price of silver and gold,if they can manipulate the cost and keep it a secret, what other horror’s are they hiding from”We The People.By the way,at one time the common man and women had coins in there pockets, that had real silver in them. And by golly they took that away too.The next thing to go is our Freedom and Liberty. Ladies and Gentlemen, Prepare to defend your Freedoms and your Liberty. Good Day Mate!

    • uma

      better take your daily shot of drugs, Gina and be quiet.
      Honorable, Greg to answer to all that nonsense shes putting out, but not worth the time.

      Great interview, Kirby is on my credibility list on place 1. (beside Mr. Bill Holter and Mr.Stockman), after that comes Mr. Schiff (for not agreeing to the PM manipulation, cost him points, if notso he would be the lone 1.) and then Mr. Rickards, but he has a lot of irregularities in his message for covering the system – in fact cuz of reading his new book he went down in my credibility list and I am kind a angry a little for his lies.
      Oh, “Ranting Andy” (Hofman) although a difficult character comes well before Mr. Rickards…

      In my News and journalist ranking this place belongs to you, Greg.

    • Bryan

      This “Gina” character? Certifiably nuts…

    • art barnes

      Hillary = criminal criminal = Hillary : any questions?

    • Mark

      “We need to elect Hillary Clinton to ensure the wellbeing of every American going forward” … God help us all if this person isn’t a plant/troll and believes what she said.

    • Hurricane

      Hi Gina,

      I very rarely reply to people like you (trolls) but in this case I will give you some attention that you seem to be trying to get. Hillary is just a simple liar. Can you not look past the politics enough to just look at the information available to you. You just blindly follow whatever she or her (handlers) put on mainstream media. Please do some true research and have an open mind when doing so. You will be surprised at what you find.

    • RTW

      Who cares about the Ag market??? Why your beloved hillary does, that’s who. The clinton crime family has accumulated millions of dollars from the very people you believe she is going to punish. The only people who will be punished, should she escape prison and win the general election, will be JQP & MQP. But, then again, if that should happen, it will prove that the country has truly gone to the dogs, because everyone has lost their minds. If you really love this country and want to see it thrive, pray she goes to prison, where she belongs.

    • Pinocchio

      HRC 2016 = Game Is Over.

    • Brad

      Good God….are you crazy? Some people don’t know a good thing when its right in front of them. Please read this article: http://www.wsj.com/articles/let-me-ask-america-a-question-1460675882 God help you.

    • Sayonara

      You are commenting only to try to antagonize us USAWatchdoggers. If you really believe in Hillary, that makes you an extremely sick, mentally disordered and intellectually illiterate lunatic for supporting an elite criminal for committing the following crimes:
      1. Killing of tens of thousands of individuals in the middle east as a direct result of policies in Egypt, Libya and Syria.
      2. Jeopardizing national security and exposing top secret information by using a private email server to avoid FOIA inquiries about dealings as SOS and the relationship to the Clinton Foundation.
      3. Using the Clinton Foundation as a pay to play piggy bank to obtain tens of millions of dollars of donations in exchange for favors from both domestic and foreign donors. This is not only corruption at its worst, it is also treason giving foreigner favoritism at the expense of America’s best interests.

      If this were a rational world, Ms. Clinton would easily be serving 25 to life. We now live in completely irrational world and she running for POTUS and would probably win except the imminent Black Swan event that will preclude the election from happening.

      And I think Rob Kirby has just identified our pending Black Swan event? Eh?

      The time has for us to say Sayonara.

    • RichM

      Gina: I have to ask, what species of troll are you? A cave troll or mountain troll? I’m sorry but I just couldn’t resist. haha

    • Kate Henry

      Goodness gracious Gina, have you been listening to Greg’s interviews and somehow not yet understood that (a) Hitlery Clinton is a liar , thief and worse; and (b) when the gold/silver price manipulation stops, the US dollar will disappear down the toilet and the US public will be crucified financially? The Chinese own more gold than anyone and will probably force a global currency re-set, backed by gold. Your dollars will be worthless – they are just bits of paper backed by confidence, ie: fiat currency. All fiat currency goes to zero. Watch these excellent videos by Mike Maloney , Kind regards, Kate https://www.hiddensecretsofmoney.com/videos/episode-1

    • Mike

      Respectfully Gina, you don’t get it. This manipulation does matter. And Hillary? Really? She is a corporate sycophant with no conscience.

    • Galaxy 500

      If you wish God to bless the USA, how can you support the godless?

    • John k

      Gina Pull your head out of THE SAND for crying out loud !!!

  2. Don

    Good interview Greg, learned a little different twist on the shanghai accord. I have listened to Rob several times, and believe whoever his connections and sources are, are pretty reliable. Just me though. I, like Mr. Kirby, believe we must be very close, to some important moves by global banking cartel. I’m glad you ask him about the metals, I just don’t have as clear of a vision, as to what changes lie ahead. Even if they say, devalue the dollar over night, I can’t imagine all the things that may follow. I know a 40% devaluation, would decimate the poor. I, being disabled, and having to retire early, has left me with little extra each month, and I live as meager as I can. Well, lets hope the population isn’t put into the place despair. Good job, Your da-man

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Don for weighing in here!!

      • Don

        Its my pleasure

      • steve giskin

        Rob Kirby is amazing. Many have made predictions that turned out to be dead wrong. But Kirby’s recent claim that a huge story proving pm manipulation would come out soon was dead on. His is “the man” as far as I am concerned. Thank you, Greg

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Steve.

    • uma

      Kirby IS reliable, as he believes in his messages. Even if he is wrong I trust him.
      He is angry. Its hard telling lies, in the mood he is.
      Remember If he is wrong, that doesnt mean he is not reliable.

  3. Gator

    Greg…best interview of the year…much appreciated…

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Gator. This is why I cancelled the Weekly News Wrap-Up and just ran Rob Kirby. This is big and something very big and very bad is coming. Our top officials in our government know it too.

      • Macray

        Tremendous Interview Greg
        THANK YOU

  4. Justn Observer


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you J-O!

      • allen ols

        I txted my people and one waited up for the interview, and since I work nights, I am up already, EXCELLENT TIMING, TKS AL OLS

  5. Dan

    KUDOS to Greg, as the questions you asked in this interview were FANTASTIC. Best ones ever in IMHO. With great questions come even greater answers.

    Rob Kirby doesn’t disappoint. He tells it like it is (straight with no sugar coating) to Americans and I think most WatchDoggers here would have trouble contradicting him.

    I think it will be an interesting few weeks ahead of us!

  6. Mark

    Hi Greg,
    Wow! Thank you for bringing Rob back on. Don’t forget Bart Chilton who for how many years saw no evidence of market rigging! The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit Greg and Rob! Again thank you!!

  7. Arthur

    Another stellar interview with Rob. Thank you very much for getting Rob on in lieu of your weekly wrap up. While I love your weekly wrap ups, what you managed to glean from Rob was dynamite and well worth getting him on sooner than later!

  8. Scott

    I really enjoy hearing all that Rob has to say, and was a bit surprised to see him back on so soon (pleasantly surprised, of course).

    That said, in light of the recent Deutsche Bank revelation – which Kirby accurately warned about here on USAWD – Kirby’s prognostication about $USD devaluation is chilling indeed.

    Take heed, friends…

  9. Alan

    In the Book of Revelation Ch 6 there four horsemen of the Apocalypse are identified.
    The rider on the white horse could very well be the Pope… who wears white, flies in a white plane, and drives around in a white vehicle.
    The rider on the red horse is … What color are the Chinese and Russian flags? Yup… red.
    The rider on the pale green horse is… the Greek word used in original manuscripts is “chloros” Yes… green. And what is the color of the Muslim religion, mosques and is contained in all Muslim flags? Green. This rider brings great chaos into the world.
    Now, the rider on the black horse gas been a mystery for a long time, but… That rider has scales in his hand- symbolizing commerce. Quite likely capitalism. The color of capitalism is black. The Book goes on to say that during that time a days wage (denairus) will get a quart of wheat or two quarts of barley. If capitalism is indeed the rider on the black horse, then we are in for tough times, working all day for enough grain for a loaf of bread.
    I encourage everyone to watch Irvin Baxter, video #3 of his End Times video series. Pretty insightful, and he might just be right. I admire his years of study and integrity with the Word.
    If this is the true interpretation, there are/have been wo religious systems and two political systems, each bringing different levels of struggle.
    Free market capitalism was a great system, but most of us would have to admit that it has been hi-jacked by some pretty evil people.

  10. Bruno

    So are you ready to tell people to get out of the market and buy metals. Instead of all these reports scaring us, what is John Q to do to protect himself? Buy yuan?BB

    • Galaxy 500

      Greg doesn’t give investment advice. Most here have advised to have some PMS and some cash on hand along with food, water, medical supplies, alcohol and guns and ammo. If you don’t have anything prepared, time is short. Get to it with great aclarity and resolve.

  11. DLC

    To add to the sorry mix, the census of the hospitals around the country is way down as never before. The physical “wellbeing” of the man and women “on the street” is already being impacted.

    My guess is that hospital admissions are way down because people cannot afford the very high deductibles thanks to the all knowing, all caring gov’t.

    One doctor’s comment recently: “This patient’s type of Obama insurance pays for no surgery of any kind.” This patient being discussed was hit by a motorboat blade and needed skin grafting because his wounds were not healing, he being a diabetic to boot. The patient could possibly lose his leg or life piddling around with inadequate wound care.

    People are now putting off healthcare because it now truly is unaffordable. Who can pay a yearly whopping deductible after the whopping premiums?

    This is just sinking into the naive voters’ skulls, and still they flock to the Sanders rallies — a public incapable of grasping that they have been had by fairy dust promises.

    • Galaxy 500

      That is by design. They don’t call him the 0bamachrist for nothing

  12. Oxfarmer

    Whoa, Greg!! This is huge and explains so much about the rats’ nest in the financial markets. Gold is gold, whatever they would like us to believe, and in a meltdown people will instinctively know it.

    This is the first information in a long time that genuinely proves what a lot of us believe is coming and what have stood the heat for, scrimped, saved and planned for, is reality. A grim reality. A lot of people are going to suffer.

    But it will also end a lot of silly games. It would be like going to an exclusive club that sets national trends. Everybody wears paper clothes, and we are all told this is the best, snazziest wear ever. The jewelry and watches are made of tin foil. Then somebody walks in wearing cloth and flashing real diamonds. Endgame, paper. No amount of mainstream propaganda is going to convince anyone in that room paper is best. A silly analogy, maybe, but for too long we’ve been told the experts can handle it and we are gloom and doomers, hoarders, religious fanatics, etc, for saying we thought instinctively it was all coming apart.

    As to SWIFT, I use it often enough to hate the system. Your money sits in some megabank for days while they skim off a little interest, and if you want to know if it arrived safely, you have to contact the end receiver, who then has to contact his bank. Who else gives such lousy service and gets away with it? Those with monopolies do.

    Thanks much, Greg, for giving up your Wrapup time to be right on top of this!

  13. Allen Starr

    If this interview with Ron Kirby doesn’t wake you up, nothing will. Bill Holter saw something a coupled of months ago that got him going also but it appears something held things off for a bit longer. I’d be very interested to hear what Holter has to say now if you can get him on. There has been so much chaos created all over the world by the West in the last month which was a tip off that the financial end was near and that the West needs War now. Russia is on auto pilot in Syria and Ukraine and they can’t back down. If the US pushes the issue in either area, they will get War and it will be nuclear. Ukraine is a basket case and there is nothing left to save so War there is the only thing left. The American people are the only ones who can stop the US government or we are all going to be dead. I live here in Siberia in Russia and I’ll tell you that nobody is going to invade Russia and take over Russia as long as there are winters here and Russians who know how to survive in this climate. You don’t know what kind of people you are dealing with here; they’ll never surrender and will fight to the very last man to save Russia. The only reason there hasn’t been War is because Putin has been very skillful in avoiding it and was content to let the West implode financially first. The only thing I know for sure is that the murderers and thieves that control the US and the West must be stopped at any cost and if Putin ends up having to go nuclear, I’ll just have to accept being a US citizen turned into glass here in Siberia. I can’t tell you how thankful I am to be living here instead of the US right now.

    • WD


      Great post… I agree, Putin rope a doped US. We all can look to Russia for 2 things. Look at what the long term destruction that the Russian( Communist) Revolution wreaked .

      2) Look at Putin and see a master at work, look at how he brought a country that was devastated and down on its knees to where it is now.

  14. vincent_g

    Hmm – guess you think this was very important as you normally have a weekly wrap-up on Friday.

    I too think we will have problems this year but not sure as to how serious those problems will be.

    Silver is undervalued and should be at around $50 to $60 right now.
    Because it’s undervalued people are buying which is causing shortages.

    But the way this system works such shortages do not translate to higher prices.
    They instead just become removed from the physical market.

    So it’s hard to tell what crazy scheme these so called experts will come up with to keep the train on the tracks.

    Thing is the train is going too fast and sooner or later it will hit a curve that might cause the train to derail and crash.

  15. PeterB

    Wow…Powerful interview. I think Rob could well be right with his time frame. It feels like something big’s on its way.

    Thanks Greg…all the best.

  16. Robert Lykens

    Jerry (Watchdogger) has seen this coming for some time now.

    Looks like the big moment we’ve all expected may be in sight. For all those who ask, “Can’t TPTB just keep kicking the can down the road forever?” the answer is:
    As long as currency conditions remain fairly stable, maybe. But if this “tsunami” of Federal Reserve Notes comes crashing to our shores, the answer is definitely NO. Gold/silver prices may be manipulated as long as the general public isn’t surging to buy. But if a panic starts they’ll have difficulty suppressing the prices.

    A big reason they’ve been able to hold things together as long as they have is the mainstream media, which spout the official propaganda and ignore anything that doesn’t further the leftist/Marxist agenda. But let a full-blown panic take place and they won’t be able to ignore reality.

    I’ve never been one who thought that Hussein Obama would necessarily try to remain in power past his second term, but if he wanted to try it, this could be the perfect opportunity.

  17. Deano

    Hi Greg, i THANK you sir for bringing Rob back on. BEST INTERVIEW since his last. I cant thank you enough. This is it. its happening.! the poo is about to get nuclear!. Congratulations to you sir Greg.

  18. David

    Good and timely interview Greg. Mr. Kirby is authoritative and places this all in perspective. Question: In light of the DB acknowledgement that precious metals are manipulated, will those who own paper unload, or will they buy more? If paper is unloaded, is it possible that gold will drop temporarily? I’m curious because of the fractional nature of paper.

    Also, will the Treasury and others attempt to slam the price? In other words, if the USD is under pressure, will they try anything to maintain the dollar? And, how long can they do this?

    Thank you for getting this on early. I was wondering why the Fed was having a rash of meetings. And, the incredulous story that the WH put out was so weak that it even challenged the upper score of the “stupid test”

  19. your fan in Japan

    Fantastic interview. And I was starting to get depressed. Like brother JohnF, I say, bring it. BTW, gas prices raised here 7 cents in one day. The station had a sign saying Fill up befroe the prices rise. Thanks Greg for all your work.

  20. red

    I just hope the law suits’ follow. How many little people have been ruined financially, families, communities , whole nations with dishonest money. Clowns Rob called them & that was way too nice..Great interview Greg good to see your getting over your cold.

  21. James Hastings

    Wow. That was fun. I hope he is right. We need to move out of the center and into the storm. Let’s get this over and settled.

  22. Tommy

    I’ll give Rob an extra week and mark Friday the 13 on my calendar. Certainly that is enough time for the end of the world to come.

    • Tommy

      Tick, tick, tick, tick. Day number 19 and counting.

      • Tommy

        Times up! Four plus weeks and no collapse. Someday someone will have their prediction hit but not this time.

        • Greg Hunter

          Tommy collapse is a process and the process is picking up steam.

          • Tommy

            I agree that it is a process. However, Ron specifically said that the collapse was coming in 2 to 3 weeks. When people make such a specific prediction, whether it be economic or in the Second Coming it creates more doubt among the masses when it doesn’t happen. I remember Fabian Calvo making dire predictions about the real estate market in 2014. I notice that he hasn’t been on here in about a year and a half. For that reason I prefer the likes of Catherine Austin Fitts who explains what it happening and why and reach a conclusion without date stamping it. But I do appreciate what you do by bringing us people who can speak the truth and show us what is going on behind the curtain.

            • Greg Hunter

              It’s a warning that it is coming. If it is tree weeks or three months all the signs are there in front of you face. This is NOT trading advice. Here’s what Kirby said, “Does that mean dollar devaluation and a bank “holiday” coming soon? Kirby says, “How quickly this happens is open for conjecture, but that is clearly the direction we are heading. We are unmistakably headed in that direction. The only real question is how long these criminal central bankers can MacGyver the system together and keep it together with elastic bands, paperclips and bungee cords. This is going down. This is going to happen. I think it’s going down in the next two or three weeks. . . .We’ve all speculated that this would eventually happen. Now we are here, and the clock is about to strike midnight.”

  23. Paul

    Greg, I was thrilled you had Rob back on so shortly after the Silver Manipulation news broke. As you know by now Zero Hedge posted another story indicating that Deutche Bank also is admitting to Gold Manipulation. What struck me is the fact that Deutche Bank is about to offer up “other” criminal Bank’s. My question is : Will the Mining Industry follow suit along with other investors with major lawsuits. Imagine ,the billions miners lost not only in revenues but in capital….There also should be a criminal investigation into the CFTC . They stalled for five years – at the behest of their masters ( The Treasury). One guest you might consider for future is TED BUTLER who has been tirelessly documenting Silver Manipulation for years. He knows the Silver market inside and out and the major culprit Bullion Bank who participated ie JPM. As for Gina, I will pray for her…”Everyone should hold hands together knowing we shall overcome “..so she says. I would add that everyone should turn to God and Jesus for their salvation not Hilary who rarely if ever mentions God . God loves those who obey him not mock him. Progressives are doing everything possible to take God out of America and then they ask GOD to bless America?
    Greg, Thanks again for quickly having ROB on ..a journalistic coup!!!

  24. heyJoe

    Great job Greg! You continue to outdo yourself. Rob is a standup guy and what a resource. Great to have him on our side.

    Still waiting for the lame stream media to pick up this story. I guess they have not received their talking points from the White House yet.

  25. Paul ...

    As Rob says unneeded Fed Reserve Notes from around the world will flood back to our shores … and this will create inflation … the Fed response will have be … raise interest rates … creating a stagnant economy along with inflation (stagflation) … to avoid this coming stagflation … a means will have to be found to make all the returning dollars “less valuable” … this can be done by creating a “new dollar” for American citizens only … backed by gold (a US Treasury dollar) … which will automatically make the old Federal Reserve Notes (without gold backing) less valuable!

    • Paul ...

      American citizens (but not foreign entities) will be given the right to exchange their Federal Reserve Notes for the new (gold backed) US Treasury dollar … but only up to a maximum limit of one million dollars!

      • Paul ...

        If the only money worth anything will be the new US Treasury dollar (backed by gold) … I should really be doing a calculation as to the price of gold in new the US Treasury dollars and not the old Federal Reserve Notes! … I will get back with my calculation!

  26. David S

    nice surprise for Friday morning! so we are talking weeks now rather than months before the whole thing collapses?

    And Gina Hitlery should be tried in the Hague for war cimes and hanged.

  27. woody188

    I can buy physical silver 1 oz rounds in lots of 500 for less than $10,000 per lot right now, as many as I want. I’m not sure these guys know anything but how to pump and dump.

    I can’t believe the world is going to trust China as a reserve when they have repeatably shown that they will manipulate their data and policies to their favor. China will never peg to gold unless they intend to lie about their reserves. They won’t allow their currency to not be under their complete control.

    • Galaxy 500

      I with you about trusting China. To me it laughable but there is a saying about a suckered being born every minute

  28. Jerry

    This will go down as one of your best interviews. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for having Rob on at this critical time. What was once a questioned rumor is now a material fact. http://www.forbes.com/sites/kitconews/2016/04/13/chinas-yuan-based-gold-fix-to-include-two-international-banks/#3264403a73b7

    I believe Rob is not exaggerating when he says we have literally weeks before this thing blows up. When China sets the Benchmark price in Shanghai on Tuesday, I think it will literally be days before President Xi announces that China will be backing its currency with Gold in the IMF basket of currencies. The question then arises, given a choice of trading with a currency backed by Gold, or a currency backed by nothing, what would you do? The United States, and more importantly the Central Banks at this point will be faced with a tough decision. Either they will be forced to reveal their Gold holdings or lose control of the dollar. Its just that simple.

    At some point the Central Banks will probably be forced to have some type of Holiday in order to slow down the fuse on this financial bomb, since we all know they have no Gold holdings (IE Germany repatriation). It could come in the form of some type of cyber attack, or ISIS event. As Rob alluded to there are multiple options on the table for them to use so its anybody’s guess. I’m sure at this point the call has already been made to the boys at Langley to cook up something so stay tuned.

    P.S. Greg, you are totally correct about the Chinese subs off the California coast. The Chinese aren’t stupid. They don’t trust the crooks in our government any more than Donald Trump does. FYI Gina. Hilary is a Goldman Sachs bank puppet. Dream on.

    • Jerry

      Want another sign post of where the Chinese Gold Fix is going ? Well here you go. The World Bank has jumped on board the AIIB train.

    • Greg Hunter


      We live in an empire of fraud and lies. Thank you Jerry for your links and involvement here!!


      • Ranger67

        Jerry – I enjoy reading you comments and value your analysis. Being a business owner in the Midwest, I am hoping that the following is what is going to happen and that gold will not spike and the dollar will crash on April 19th. (“Are we missing the main point. It has already been agreed that the SDR will replace the dollar to settle trade come October 2016. Most countries want a trade settlement unit that is not tied to any one country as it is currently. Later this year countries will be able to exchange their dollars and treasuries for SDRs from the IMF. This will be a very slow process as no one wants the dollar or treasuries to collapse as this would have a very negative impact on all entities holding those assets. The actual day to day management of trade conversion for the SDR will not be the IMF but the BIS. All this has been and is continuing to be implemented. ” ) I sure hope I am right!!!!

        • Jerry

          I to am a business owner so I get your point. Your hypothesis would probably work under normal circumstances. But these are not normal circumstances. The United States borrowed almost 3 Trillion dollars from the Chinese in 2008 in order to prevent economic collapse from the subprime loan debacle (how soon we forget) . And how did we repay them? By rigging the gold market and forcing them to devalue their own currency in order to keep the dollar propped up for trade. The Central Banks have run out of time, and willing victims to fleece. The Shanghai Gold Fix, AIIB, CIPS, and the IMF all say so.

      • Jerry

        Thank you Greg. Where I live, during tornado season you basically have three choices when the siren goes off.
        1. You can move to an area of safety.
        2. You can ignore the warning and hope nothing happens.
        3. You can go outside and look for the tornado.
        Guess which two will get you killed? Rob just gave us a warning.


  29. CrazyCanuck

    Thank you for the timely inclusion of RK. As time draws short, I am left hanging wondering what to do further ( having loaded up my investment war chest with S/G ) in order to buttress my family against the upcoming financial tsunami. The elders’ wisdom of diversification rings true, yet for the common MClass Joe who can’t afford additional real estate, farmland or rare paintings, only Precious metals seem to be the haven of choice. What to move those parked dollars into becomes the question right? I hope your commenters weigh in. Here’s one wacky idea — how about TBTF bank bonds? Being systematically critical will they not be protected to the nth degree??

    P.S. I wonder how Rob sees our Cdn loony doin in relation to the Yankee buck.

    • Ranger67

      Jerry – as always good advise.

    • Diana Dee Jarvis

      Suggestions: food items that can be stored for months, toilet paper, extra socks and other clothing items.

    • Gary Canuck

      That Is the question for us Canucks, what happens to the Cando if in fact the US Dollar takes a big haircut.
      I sure as hell wish that Ron Kirby would address this point.

      Greg perhaps you could get Ron to address this point for your readers north of the border.

  30. JC Davis

    WOW Greg this may be the biggest interview I have listened to. At the 14:30 mark Rob Kirby said this will blow up in weeks. Rob is no small thinker. Everyone should consider what they are going to do. Protect you loved ones while you can.
    The only reason the US dollar has been propped up is because there is no alternative. Faith in the dollar is gone, now with a optional currency the dollar will fade fast.

  31. Russ

    Excellent interview Greg. Yes, gold was also manipulated and there was a follow-up article on ZeroHedge on gold; http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-04-14/first-silver-now-gold-deutsche-bank-admits-it-also-rigged-gold-prices-legal-settleme

    Lots of rigging though, gold, silver, currencies — major adjustment/reset coming and it won’t be pretty.

    Now if we can just keep them from really taking us to war.

  32. Oliver Cromwell

    Thank you for getting Rob back on so soon after the rigging scandal broke – is there – any chance you can get Rob back in mid May (or earlier if things happen sooner)?

    I guess if Rob is on the money (or close) in terms of the timing then Mr Polny will be taking a bow too. Let’s hope that whatever happens, society can handle the consequences and that we’re not taken to war. I can’t help thinking the Russia jets buzzing the US ship might have been accompanied by a demonstration of jamming technology as a deterrent to the neo-cons in Washington doing anything stupid.

  33. Jallen

    Bravo, Bravo and Bravo,
    Without a doubt your finest and most important interview to date, bar none!
    All Watchdogs have been educated and warned; the dollar as we know it is toast.
    I love the Rob’s description of the Bankers meetings, a light from 30,000 feet above
    shone on scattering cock roaches. Actually. it is an insult to cock roaches. Beyond any shadow of a doubt the bankers belong in jail along with all the leaders / owners of the major networks and media supporting this farce. Let us hope and pray the Bankers do not take us to war as suggested by Rob. I am sure I speak for all Watchdogs and Greg for our gratitude to Rob for warning us about the immediate future of the dollar. Watchdogs, we have been privy to information most Americans are unaware, put it to good use and prepare as well as possible. Greg, Your passion and excitement for this interview was off the charts. Your leaving your network job and starting your own web site has borne much fruit and I sensed your passion and excitement during this interview revealed your deep feeling for the service and education your website has provided for Watchdogs. Kudos to you Greg and Rob as I can see this interview going viral.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jallen.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      I was going to comment….I don’t need to……. you said it all!

  34. Paul ...

    OK … here is my calculation of gold’s price in “new” US Treasury dollars (comment would be appreciated) … the first thing I did was estimate how many “new” Treasury Dollars would have to be created for American citizens … most “working Americans” have only about $25,000 “old” Fed Reserve Notes saved toward their retirement … assuming 100 million working people means about $2.5 billion in “new” currency … add to this a million or so wealthy individuals (like business owners. etc.) who can exchange “the maximum” one million Fed dollars for the “new” Treasury dollars … this amounts to about a trillion additional “new” dollars that must be created … then add an additional 2 trillion dollars or so for Government operations like Social Security, food stamps, etc. etc. and we wind up with about $3.2 trillion “new” US Treasury dollars that will have to be created …
    Next I assume the US has 8000 tons of gold (either at Fort Knox or in deep storage) … 8000 tons means 256 million ounces of gold will be backing the 3.2 trillion “newly issued” US Treasury dollars … and this means that the price of gold (in newly issued Treasury dollars) will be $12,075.47 per ounce … and at a 5 to 1 silver to gold ratio … silver should sell for $2,415.09 per ounce in the “new” currency!

    The “old” Fed Reserve Notes will likely be circulating right along side the “new” Treasury dollars … but because the Fed dollars are backed by “nothing” they will have less value … and so it may take $50,000 “old” Fed dollars to buy one ounce of gold at the same time just $12,000 “new” Treasury dollars will buy an ounce of gold … so for a short time … we will be living under a “two-tiered” currency system!

    • Paul ...

      The fact that we can currently buy an ounce of silver with $16 “Federal Reserve dollars backed by nothing” is the bargain of the millennium … my calculation above for the price of gold in “new” Treasury dollars may actually be too conservative if the US only has “deep storage gold” and not physical gold bars at Fort Knox …. because buried un-mined gold in the ground has a lower present value then gold that has already been mined … so the US may actually need 80,000 tons of un-mined gold in the ground to be the equivalent of 8000 tons of real physical gold at Fort Knox!

      • Paul ...

        Actually … keeping our gold in “deep storage” may be the better option … as it helps to prevent the easy expropriation and theft of our gold (by people like Ruben, Clinton, etc.) … who took our “above ground” stored bars of gold at Fort Knox and sold it into the market in order to manipulate the price of gold downward!

        • Paul ...

          Investors worried about gold confiscation might be better served by seeking out foreign gold mining companies for investment … as US gold mines will likely become a target … as the government owned “deep storage gold” has to come from somewhere!

          • Tin foil hat

            All gold mines will be nationalized no matter foreign or domestic if gold were to become what it destined to be once again.
            I prefer pure silver mine like HL. I think silver price is suppressed because of its traditional monetary gold/silver ratio.
            Silver price should go up the moment it’s no longer necessary to suppress the prices of gold and silver when gold is returned to its role as a monetary metal. However, silver mines will not be nationalized since it will not be used as a monetary metal like gold.

    • Tin foil hat

      Cuba has a dual currency system which consist of Cuba peso (CUP) and Cuba peso convertible (CUC). Government workers and most ordinary workers are paid in CUP which is not peg to the dollar like the CUC. Store owners and tourist industry workers rely on foreign currencies or CUC to make a living. CUP is not much good other than paying for electric bills and lousy can foods. Cubans who want nice clothes or good foods need CUC, CUP is not accepted in any nice restaurant or hotel.
      I don’t believe the US government would be fair, allowing only US citizens to convert old dollar to the new Treasury dollar. I think the new Treasury dollar would be the dollar used as the component in the SDR.

    • Tin foil hat

      I don’t think the traditional monetary silver to gold ratio will hold after the reset. Silver price would likely fluctuate in the commodity market depending on supply and demand. Gold would fluctuate in the FX market as a monetary reserve in central banks and one of the components in the SDR. Come to think of it, gold price may not fluctuate in term of SDR but would only fluctuate in regional currencies.
      Our regional currency would be the new Treasury dollar. The old federal reserve notes would be like welfare stamps currency.

      • Paul ...

        TFH … the good thing about such a currency re-set is that it will bring back “Constitutional Money” that many fine President’s gave their lives to restore … for the benefit of the American people!

        • Tin foil hat

          I’m not too sure the reset would benefit the american people.
          I envision all five nations, which currencies would be included in the SDR, would probably adopt a dual currencies system. The old fiat currencies would be significantly devalued as the new currencies, likely tie to the gold reserve of those five nation’s central banks, being created in the IMF as the components in the new global reserve currency – SDR.

          If an American wanted to buy a BMW after the reset with the old FRN dollar, he would need to convert the FDR to the new Treasury dollar, and then convert the new Treasury dollar to SDR for the price.

          The old FRN would be totally back by our productivity and the new Treasury dollar would be partially back by whatever percentage of gold, which the IMF deed necessary in the central bank’s reserve, and the rest would be back by the old FRN.

          If our productivity deminished after the reset, then the percentage of gold has to increase to maintain the value of the new Treasury dollar in order to stay in the SDR pie.

          If we didn’t have enough gold to make up for our falling productivity, IMF would reduce the size of the Treasury dollar in the SDR.

          Now, please bear with me and allow me to put on the super size tin foil hat and take this to the extreme, if we lost all productivity and used up all of our gold, the IMF would eject the new Treasury dollar and introduce a new component like Russian ruble.

          I hope the American people understand that if Trump bought jobs back to America, that means we would have to be as competitive as the Germans or the Japanese, or our labors are as cheap as the Chinese, or we have as much gold as the Indians or oil like the Saudis.

        • Tin foil hat

          If you found my tin foil hat theory plausible, then the shoe is going to drop later this year in October rather than April 19.

        • Tin foil hat

          Perhaps I’m too pessimistic to assume that our productivity would diminish after the reset. If our productivity increased after the reset, the previous percentage of gold in the new Treasury dollar deem necessary by the IMF would be reduced to maintain balance of the shares within the SDR. In that case, an extremely productive FRN dollar could technically equal in value to the denomination of the SDR without any gold backing.

  35. Concerned american dad

    Greg, thanks( if one can be so excited about such real news) for the surprise interview. Tuned in for your wnw and got blown away! Some clarity on all that the msm is ignoring. Thanks

  36. Mike Harris


    Gina is a troll.

  37. Jughead

    Greg….always love to hear Kirby and highly respect his opinions….but,…this information is now out…and , in most cases this info is probably available for some to front run its release….yet, gold and silver in the last few days has done nothing except flatline to decrease….so, I really wonder if a substantial jump is likely in the near term…..or do people, investors and the like, …basically just do not care….not important in their view….and he(Kirby), like many….are overplaying its significance….?….We’ll see…….

  38. Rock

    This deserves a standing ovation.
    Thank you Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Rock.

  39. katy

    Donald Trump stated early in his Presidential campaign that “everything is a lie”. Americans no longer live in a country that values truth. The banks, financial regulators and federal government have sold out workers and savers — the FDA, CDC, pharmaceutical manufacturers and medical profession has sold out children and cancer patients by poisoning them with vaccines that cause autoimmune disorders, learning disabilities and autism spectrum disorders and using toxic chemotherapy and radiation when they know they don’t work.

    There are examples like this in every industry. Unfortunately, the scum has risen to the top and these people are willing to screw over everyone else, so they can get “theirs” and move on to collect their earthly rewards. The damage these people have done is incalculable. I don’t see America recovering from all this. 🙁

  40. SylverSerf

    Kirby might be a few weeks early, but he will be right before Jesus’ birthday. 1987 is a prime example. The markets marched up as the money honeys cheered on. Then the markets fell unexpectedly.

    The complete opposite in price action will happen to the mtls. The newly undeclared bull market will generously reward the strong hands. Appreciate the nuance of freeze dried burgers and fries until then.

  41. Leah from Seattle

    Hi Greg. Another great interview and very inspiring. I am so ready for real change. Im hoping Rob is right about the two to three week event of some significance. What always interests me is what are your guests doing to prepare? I never hear how they are preparing themselves. So that begs the question Greg, how are you preparing your self and your family?
    Thanks as always!

  42. (Rev) Andrew de Berry

    Greg – this Gina lady strikes me a shill. That said, people over here still seem very smitten with both Hill and her horribly charismatic ‘husband’, while Trump if not demonised remains a laughing stock.
    Great interview with Mr Kirby, who in my opinion is right up there with Bill Holter.

  43. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    Thanks for the special release. I had reached this conclusion on my own but had a great deal of uncertainty about my conclusion. The last 2 weeks have kept us in prayer over this. We feel that we entered the true sabbatical year Saturday evening (04/09). Everything I found indicated we were entering a Super Cycle in March or April with the follow-up Super cycle falling in Sept. or Oct. (most likely October) and the cycle of war beginning this time next year. So, ask yourself, will we make it to next Spring?

    What Mr. Polny doesn’t understand about Biblical cycles is that they do not run according to the Gregorian calendar. That is why he was about 16 months off, not that it was a jubilee year. There won’t be another Jubilee year until 2045. The Hillel II calendar is 76 years off.

    Thanks once again for the heads up report.

    • Greg Hunter

      I feel the real endgame is in play.

      • Country Codger

        Hi again Greg and all commenters,
        Please keep US forces in Afghanistan and Iraq in prayer. If this thing goes down suddenly, which it could, many will be stranded in the field with no lifeline. Israeli contacts have said that they will try to retrieve as many GI’s in Afghanistan and Iraq as possible. ((THis will be unofficial so window may be small.)) SPECOPS in Jordan and Syria will be told to make their way to Israel as best possible and Israel will get them back to the states if it is still possible.

        If you have never been cutoff with no lifeline you cannot imagine how fast things look bleak. Many will probably join local militias just to stay alive on the hope of one day returning to their family. Many won’t make it.

        Remember too, prayer is not the least you can do but the MOST.

        p.s. unless you own an airline or charter a flight.

    • sk

      Any thoughts about Hillel’s prosbul clause? The clause that enables an end run around jubilee?

      • Jallen

        Was not Hillel a great Rabbi prior to Jesus Christ?
        Please define THE END AROUND JUBILEE.

        • Country Codger

          Hello Jallen,
          I apologize for not giving a complete answer to your question. Yes, Hillel was a great rabbi at the time of Yeshua but, Hillel II did not live until 3 centuries later. He was also called Hillel Ha Nasi or Hillel the Nasi. The Hillel II calendar uses the dark of the moon but YHWH’s calendar uses the sliver of the moon. As with anything man does there is the temptation to put a personal spin on what YHWH really meant. And this has been the case with the Hillel II calendar over the years. However, YHWH’s calendar is in the night sky ((Gen. 1:14)) and NO man can change that. (Clue: it says He created LIGHTS in the sky not darkness.)

          Yah Bless,

      • Country Codger

        Hello sk,
        Please read Leviticus 25 and also II Chronicles 36:15-21 and show me where YHWH’s Word makes such a provision. THis is a tradition of man. What did Yeshua say about keeping the traditions of man but breaking His Father’s Sabbath? It means any sabbath, not just the weekly Sabbath. Go to Matt. 24:20 and read it in the Greek and you will see the it is “sabbathon” not “hasabbathon” or get an original Aramaic/English NT and read it in the Aramaic and you will see that it is saying on a or “any” sabbath, not the weekly sabbath. Remember, this year is the sabbatical year (not the false shemitah year made famous by pastor Cahn) and it also qualifies as a sabbath. This should make verse 17 of Matt. 24 come into focus. If you are supposed to have enough food in your house for a year you should not go down into your house to get anything but instead flee to the mountains.

        Hope this helps sk.

        • susan

          CC, I dug out my Greek New Testament and I’m afraid I have forgotten as much as I remember. My last Greek class was in a class of Greek scholars in seminary. The entire semester we argued our own interpretations of the Greek Bible. I believe none of us have it entirely correct, but with prayer we will each understand what we are to know.

  44. Manuel

    I have been listening to Kirby for years alerting us all to the day the global system/dollar will collapse. This is the first time I can remember that he places such a short window (2 weeks) until D-Day arrives…and he appears so confident about it. God help us all when (not if) he is right, imo. There will be devastation to our lifestyles the likes of which we have never seen.

    • Country Codger

      Hello Jallen,
      Hillel was indeed a great rabbi about the time of Yeshua (Jesus). The Hillel II calendar was a politically correct solution to a very real problem. After the Shimeon bar Kockba rebellion the Jews were driven out of Israel and dispersed throughout the Roman empire. A standardized method of figuring out when the holy days took plays had to be developed. ((If you were a Sanhedrin and looked in the night sky for the sliver of the moon you could be put to death by the Romans.))

      If you will go to the following articles I try to explain all of this and how we got off of YHWH’s true calendar:



      If you read these 3 you will understand what happened and why America is headed for judgment.


      • Greg Hunter

        Did you write this? Fantastic. Wow blown away. Thank you for posting it.

        • lastmanstanding

          Your a busy guy Greg, but if you have some time to spare, go over to http://www.dont-tread-on.me and read some more of CC’s amazing stuff. You’ll have to go back into the 2011, 2012 archives. Sorry can’t be more specific as to articles.

          To CC…hope you all are well. Don’t spend as much time on-line these days and don’t think I have your current email. I’m still at the same one, contact me if you have time and I’ll surely respond. I still talk to John and correspond with Ben and am trying to get him here to Montana.

          Crazy world we live in, best wishes…Bill.

          • Country Codger

            Hey Bill,
            Great to hear from you. Go to the codgerville website and look in the “about” section for my current email. I had to abandon my other one because of bots in various programs and it got real bad. Please shoot me an email when you get a chance. Von is wheelchair bound and my writing time is very limited. I like Greg’s site and his passion so I comment here from time to time. Didn’t know I still had articles on Chris’ site.

            You don’t know how great it is to hear from you. Take care and hunker down. It could get ugly. Oh, did you ever add that tangle-foot to your homestead or at least buy the supplies?

            Yah bless,

        • Country Codger

          Thank you very much Greg,
          Yes, I did write it and please make use of some of the attached charts. They provide great detail into the historical tracking of the sabbatical and jubilee years.

          I finally found a good use for my analyst and linguistic skills I used for NSA. LOL.

          Like you always say, “Fear not! God the Father (Abba) is in charge.” And in that should be our comfort.

  45. Hatemail

    This is making me feel very paranoid.

  46. Dennis Earnshaw

    Thank you Greg: Your interview with Rob Kirby is possibly the most significant interview you have posted to date, it was scary to hear Rob say it as he believes the world is at this pivotal moment in history.
    Definitely worth listening to a second time.
    If we have but moments left to prepare, may we all make the best use of it.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Dennis. This is why I cancelled the Weekly News Wrap-Up and ran with Mr. Kirby.

  47. Diane D.

    While I have grown weary of ‘date predictions’ I DO have the highest respect for Rob Kirby and Greg. Both are savvy and ‘call it like you see it’. Thank you Rob and Greg for an awesome interview. I’ve done about all I can do to protect my love ones. I’m praying keeping my powder dry.

  48. Dan Reynolds


    Thank you for being the beacon of light for what we have to face on a constant basis , namely darkness and treacherous conditions. Your position in which you have chosen holds tremendous responsibilities ! Your guests are important sirens sounding the alarm of impending danger for all of us. God willing we will see the day of light where true peace and sanity once again reigns supreme !

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Dan.

  49. Mark


    Thanks for this timely interview to piggyback on the Zerohedge story of the DB metals manipulation truth bomb! I hope all doggers read it and stay alert for updates on this overdue story.

    I also came across a story hidden for the most part by the MSM on the arrests taking place of those protesting the rigged election process. The revolution has begun…

  50. Wayne

    My guess on what the secret meetings this week at the WH were about is that Deutsche Bank is blowing up and the effect it would have on the US banks. Not surprising since they have more derivative exposure than anyone else.

    • Greg Hunter

      DB has around $70 trillion in derivatives. You may be right but I think it is many things all at once. That is probably one of them and a big one at that!! Thank you.

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        I have the utmost respect for Rob Kirby.
        I will always remember his prophetic words on WD years ago:

        “The real problem is with the money itself. We need to revert back to real capitalism which is real weights and measures and honest commerce. Otherwise, we are going to devolve into a very dark period of feudalist oppression.”

        Guess what….I think we have already arrived!

    • Max Meister

      @Wayne Yes, that is well possible, but as Greg pointed out, i think there are several big issues coming up. They would not have gathered in this manner several times in a row.
      I’m quite sure, Kirby and Maloney are right about that.

  51. andyb

    If Rob is right and time is short, then we can expect some dramatic policy decisions such as USD devaluation and bank closures, both of which will mean that credit, as we know it, will cease to exist, at least for a time. Forget your credit cards and any government direct deposits into your bank account. The grocery stores will be empty within 24 hours. Employment will come to a halt. Why work if you cannot get paid? The ensuing riots will produce martial law, and cancellation of the 2016 elections. This summer will be unlike any in US history; please prepare yourselves; water, food, bartering items, cash, and ammo.

    I don’t see war for the simple reason that even the psycho neocons know that our once great military might has been decimated and we are no match for the latest in Chinese and Russian technology. Although you never know, but there is hope.

    May God have mercy on us all.

  52. Scott Miller

    In the next two or three weeks, as Kirby said, and as of this date, April 15, means we are talking about a window between April 29 and May 6.

    Please have him back on USA Watchdog sometime in the second half of May.

    Thank you.


  53. MM

    Two words stand out: “global reset .” Get ready for false flags and other distractions to hide the pink elephant.

  54. Steve

    What is your bet for what will occur on April 19th, 2016? I have heard that the Shanghai gold exchange will open. Will gold skyrocket on this day? Also, is China expected to back the Yuan with gold on this day? I’ve only seen speculation about when this would occur…

    Have any of your other regular guests made predictions about this date?



    • Max Meister

      I don’t think China will back the yuan with Gold any time soon, unless the current monetary system would totally implode. You cannot introduce a Gold backed currency in a world that runs entirely on fiat currencies. It would instantly kill their export economy. They know that and they are not stupid to do something like that. What would it be good for? No, they silently accumulate Gold to prepare for the demise of the US Dollar. They just don’t want to be “painted” with their bunch of US Dollars, once the shit Dollar as Jim Willie calls it, will become reality.

      • Alex

        I agree, Max. Another thing is that having a gold backed currency today is a great way to lose all your gold reserves. If I were the USA I would simply buy as much RMB as I could and then demand real gold for them. I think it is too far-fetched to believe that China will introduce a gold backed currency any time soon. If she ever does, it will be not an unilateral decision but a concerted effort by the major central banks.

        • Greg Hunter

          Hey Alex the gold backed Yuan is not going to accept the USD for trades. You might want to consider the ramifications of that fact.

          • Alex

            You might be right, Greg. Time will tell. My opinion is that China cannot allow herself to lose USA’s market (not until China undergoes successfully the planned reforms she’s been busy doing) and from where I stand the FED and the central bank of China have been cooperating ever since QE was launched.
            My main point, however, is that any country who backs her currency with gold becomes quite vulnerable economically. Even if China stops trading with the USA, then Russia, the EU, India, etc will all rush for the Chinese gold. It seems like a foolhardy decision to me. Well, the 19th is tomorrow so we won’t wait long before we know more about it 🙂

  55. Mister Mister

    I hope the $32 trillion located in tax havens, is not repatriated. Last week, I had this thought, if the well-to-do realizes their Dollars will be close to worthless, they may decide to invest in key commodities, triggering inflation on Main Street. Caterpillar’s stock is rising. The (commodities) currencies Aussie Dollar and Loonie are on the rise.

  56. EverywhereTheBezzle

    Very nice interview. I am inspired to get some extra supplies this weekend. Thanks Greg.

  57. Craig Bradley


    Everything is manipulated these days by someone. Nothing new. Bottom line: consumers don’t want gold at current prices. Too expensive. Low demand means No Bull Market ( in gold ). Kirby is JUST one more conspiracy theorist talking his book.

    • andyb

      Apparently Craig, you cannot read economic charts or are clueless about the current state of the global economy. Gold is the ultimate safe haven and while it is true that the millions in this country (the 99% )cannot afford it, there are BILLIONs in Asia that can. Your cognitive dissonance is showing.

      • freebreezer

        Andyb – another way to look at it is. Are the billions in China, India, Russia, etc too delusional and stupid to understand why they buy gold, or are the 99% of the Americans too stupid to understand why not to buy gold? I wonder which group it is that is going to be ‘stupid’?

  58. Jared


    What’s a shame is probably 98% of Americans have no clue what is about to happen to their country. America is about to be humbled like ancient Israel was humbled by the Babylonians. God help us all!


    • WD


      More like 99.99999999999999999999999999999%….sad to say.

      • Jerry Snyder

        Hello Greg, great interview.

        Does anybody have the percentage of people who invest in either silver or gold, not counting jewelry?


        • Galaxy 500

          They could do a survey but I would bet it would be ridiculously inaccurate. Only a fool would tell someone calling they had PMs

  59. Max Meister

    Weeellll, we will see. Don’t need to wait more than three weeks.

    • Scott Miller

      That is correct. Thank you for noticing the time period. Next, watch and listen to how many others also reiterate this prediction.

      Please do not forget to subscribe to Mr. Kirby for $145/year.

      However, you may want to wait 3 weeks.


      • Greg Hunter

        Why do you come here Scott? Hey, while you are being a wise guy, did you notice that Kirby said on the last interview that a big bank in Europe would cop to rigging precious metals prices? Did you forget that while you take your pot shots at tearing people down???

        • Scott Miller


          Pot shots are deserved as a result of interviews you conduct. Stop being over sensitive and allow for freedom of thought, criticism, and sarcasm. This is USA Watchdog, not the MSM. People who comment here are generally more competent than sheeple watching corporate fodder posing as news. Furthermore, you have supporters of Hillary writing comments. I commented in a timely manner directly on “the comment” of this particular interview, only to follow up with a response to another person who reacted in a similar way to myself.

          If you don’t want me here, just say so Greg, and I shall respectfully oblige you.

          However, if I am welcome, I will contribute my thoughts without concern for any unintended discomfort they may cause.

          In addition, it needs to be said, I have followed your work for quite a while now, I own metal, it’s stored with Miles Franklin, and this “buy in” to the general premise we are in for an economic collapse can not be questioned as it pertains to myself. I did what needed to be done largely because of the type of information provided by your guests. Therefore, I am entitled to criticize those same guests because having learned from them before, as well as revisiting archived interviews you Greg provide, see an opportunity to offer insiteful commentary. For example, why would anyone pay $145 for a subscription to a man who stated emphatically we have 2 or 3 weeks? Another example, Holter just began his new business and he also speaks of this crisis being eminent. If it is happening now, or very VERY soon, doing business on a year to year basis regarding a subscription to pay those who keep telling us we are all screwed, appears foolish, as well as fear mongering.

          I state emphatically Rob Kirby is WRONG! Nothing will collapse in May or even into the summer. Mr Kirby and I disagree on his stated timeframe.

          You need to decide whether or not I am going to be here commentating when I am proven right and Rob comes back on after his deadline has passed us by.



          • Greg Hunter

            You are not fair Scott and I don’t deserve pot shots for putting g up a free site. You can’t even acknowledged Kirby was correct a moth ago. Stop being a one sided weasel.

        • Galaxy 500

          My guess is he is a paid disruption

  60. Diana Dee Jarvis

    I miss the weekly wrap up. 🙁 As for precious metals, Zerohedge added a story about Deutsche Bank also admitting to gold manipulation shortly after admitting to silver manipulation. Zerohedge also had story today that Fed released a redacted letter it sent to Jamie Dimon and JPMorgan Chase. Basically there’s a deficiency in the bank’s plan to wind down in case of failure that poses a threat to the financial stability of the US. Methinks that’s what Yellen’s meeting at the White House was about. Shanghai Gold Market’s coming benchmark in yuan instead of dollars is certainly important, but there are other factors here.


  61. Wondrouscat

    “The cockroaches are scurrying.” Great image and so true what with a Wednesday night meeting to boot. Rob Kirby’s anger towards the clowns who’ve been “carrying the water”, and his description of the hijacking of the electoral process and of the globalists who have taken over our government is right on. We are approaching the day of truth. TRUMP 2016 – all the others, save for Bernie perhaps, are owned by the neocons. Not sure Trump can make it though without a revolution.

  62. ThankYou

    Another great interview.
    And you were gracious enough to point out that Kirby called the Gold Price Fix is coming.
    And viola ! D-Bank makes the confession.
    You made a point of stressing this to all viewers. This is very much appreciated.
    He did make that prediction ON YOUR SHOW !

    I’m a Canadian also living in Toronto. I thank God that there are people like Mr.Kirby out there that are telling the TRUTH.
    It has been far too long whence we have heard TRUTH.
    Thank you Mr. Greg Hunter.

  63. Rusticus

    Good interview, Greg. Rob doubtlessly has some insider information that’s proving to be accurate – I worry, though, that he’s being led down the “primrose path,” and us with him, by not understanding how utterly controlled China is vis a vis the Anglo-American Establishment.

    You had on James Corbett a few years back, who understands this macrifinancial structure far better than any other guest yet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tLlDVpPhROU

    Perhaps it’s time to get him back on to offer a rebuttal to the “BRICS will save us all” narrative? (At least) two sides to every story, and we haven’t heard the counterpoint on USA Watchdog in quite some time.

    • Greg Hunter

      We just did.

      • Rusticus

        Greg, I don’t agree with all of the coverage on USAWatchdog, but you are a true Journalist with a capital J and a stand-up human being in general. Keep up the great work.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Rus.

  64. Vince Shook

    My friends:

    1. There will be no “dollar collapse”. With all the countries and central banks in the world printing in coordination, against what would the dollar collapse? Please don’t site the Weimar Republic as a relevant example. The US has not been defeated in a final war, made to hand over its industry to the victors and pay unrealistic restitution to its conquerors.

    2. Gold will not be re-priced against the dollar. Neither will it reset against the Yuan or ever back the Yuan. The consequences to monetary, trade and reserve policies for these countries (and their politicians) would be too high a price to pay — and towards what ends? To invalidate the very financial system that is the basis of their control, manipulation and profits? This is never going to happen short of much blood being spilled by many patriots.

    3. In factual support of #2 above, remember that the participating countries of the IMF, are not allowed to back or even to peg their currencies to gold. The US and China are participating countries.

    4. As money continues to be printed worldwide, asset prices will continue to rise as the benefactors of current monetary policy try to find something of value to trade for it. Anyone who sits on the sidelines during this period (stocks, real estate, etc.) will most probably miss the “opportunity”, sad as this process may be, to at least preserve some of their purchasing power going forward.

    5. In 1978, gold was formally banned from the U.N. monetary system by an amendment to the IMF Articles of Agreement (1st Amendment, Article IV).

    6. The amended Bretton Woods Agreement Act (sec. 24) even prohibits the U.S. from backing its dollar with gold:
    “The United States is barred by its obligations under the Articles of Agreement of the International Monetary Fund… from adopting an exchange arrangement by which the external value of the dollar is established and maintained in terms of gold.” (Gold Commission Report, March 1982, p.137)

    Listen to those posting the opposite here at your own financial risk. Do you see and understand what such hopes are up against? Good, well-intentioned people have been hurt badly by following the advice and direction of those selling or promoting precious metals, the books they write to encourage same and their predictions of economic collapse. While it is good to have some precious metals, weapons and supplies (I do), rarely in life do the most extremes of life, predicted by many posting here, ever happen. Moderation in all things is still a proven prescription for a good life.

    • Greg Hunter

      Vince Shook,
      If you are going to give people this level of detailed advice what is you expertise? Is “Vince Shook” your real name? My thoughts: I find it hard to believe that anyone is going to follow any rules on gold in this lawless world. I thinkthis is turning into a grand struggle for power and that will be the number one goal not a “prescription for a good life.” Real name and list your expertise please.
      By the way, gold is true financial power, not money printing. Ask the Chinese.

      • Vince Shook

        That is my real name. Why would it not be? The legal facts stated are real facts (#5 and #6) that you/all can verify. The logic, analysis and conclusions support the real alternative probabilities stated. The uncivil reluctance of some to even consider/discuss alternative scenarios is what is unreal.
        There are no experts in the false art of predicting future events. I give no advice other than to consider for yourself the reasoned commentary and facts as presented above in making one’s monetary choices going forward. My best to all.

        • Greg Hunter

          So let me ask this another way. What do you do for a living? Kirby has clients around the globe and secures gold by the ton for them. He also sells his research on his website. What do you do for a living, and what is your level of expertise? By the way Kirby’s sources said that a big bank would cop to manipulating precious metals, Kirby said, “Just like precious metals are manipulated, their prices are suppressed. . . . There are some revelations that are going to be coming regarding precious metals price suppression, which is going to make the deniers, that this has been occurring, look very silly. This is going to occur in the very, very near future.” https://usawatchdog.com/global-economy-dying-pig-no-more-rate-hikes-rob-kirby/ I’s say that was good call, wouldn’t you and not some “false art of predicting future events”? What do you do for a living and what is your level of expertise? By the way, you gave specific advice to my readers and told them to disregard Mr. Kirby’s advice and said basically said it was bad advice. You said, “you see and understand what such hopes are up against? Good, well-intentioned people have been hurt badly by following the advice and direction of those selling or promoting precious metals, the books they write to encourage same and their predictions of economic collapse.”

          By the way this is one of your more laughable points, “remember that the participating countries of the IMF, are not allowed to back or even to peg their currencies to gold. The US and China are participating countries.”

          You think anyone is going to follow rules?? THERE ARE NO RULES. Fraud is the business model, but you would know that working on Wall Street. That’s where you work–correct??? Real Verifiable name and where you work? You sound like a Wall Street shill trying to protect the criminal crony class by telling my visitors to buy “securities”? Now that’s what I call bad VERY BAD advice. Do you know what the insiders (Smart money) have been doing on Wall Street for the past 11 weeks??? http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-04-12/selling-just-wont-stop-smart-money-sells-stocks-near-record-11th-consecutive-week If you said selling securities, bing, bing, bing!!! You would be correct. Your credentials please.

          • Vince Shook

            I am a small business owner located on the west coast of Florida. I employ 16 people including 3 family members. We are a manufacturer. I am Not in Wall Street nor connected to it in any way. I am 66 years old, with the perspective of time and events that come from living almost 7 decades.

            Please understand me, as regards the stock market (manipulated also) I said that people “may” miss out on financial gains going forward. Will the stock market decline in the future? Most assuredly. Will it rise in the future? Most assuredly. Have those that have been out of the market (like myself) the last two years missed out? Of course.

            Everyone knows the precious metals markets are manipulated. They always have been. I have posted here before the court case in which the government admitted such and referenced its legal basis (law) that gave it the right to do so. Mr. Kirby’s good “call” you reference, is nothing more than ancient news for those more informed.

            I realize the nerve that is hit here when people take their time to post facts and opinions that seem to argue for a more balanced approach to what is our monetary situation. I believe the facts I have stated are not “laughable” but may be misinterpreted by you and others as a personal attack. There ARE rules here, but just not for you and me. The cartel’s rules are real for themselves — and they are enforced on its members.

            I stand by the observable fact(s) that many have been financially compromised by listening to the “advice” of many like Mr. Kirby. I have seen them in person, heard their stories in person. They can be devastating. Just attend one of Jim Sinclair’s seminars to hear them. Talk with the people there who have lost so much believing so hard. You will want to cry for them. Everyone must proceed cautiously here.

            This may be my last post here. I wish everyone well and encourage all to keep an open mind to the opinions and experiences of others that challenge their own. There is much wisdom to be gained, and pain to be spared, from such an approach. While it pertained to different subject matter, the general principle behind what Jesus said is relevant: For those with ears to hear, let them hear. God bless you and your families.

            • Greg Hunter

              You “hit a nerve” when you tried to incorrectly of dishonestly discredit one of my guests. Still no mention that Kirby’s intel about a big bank admitting to gold manipulation. You DO NOT have not track record or contacts that can guide people. I am surprised you think you can still invest and protect your wealth in a rigged and fraudulent system. Don’t take my word for it, take Professor William Black’s : https://usawatchdog.com/fraud-key-profit-center-for-wall-street-william-black/ The fact you are telling people to buy securities in a totally rigged a fraudulent market is terrible advice and that make me question your motives and your logic. Fraud is the business model and it is real and by being involved in the stock market you are participating in a Bernie Madoff fraud that is orders of magnitude bigger.

              You say, “I stand by the observable fact(s) that many have been financially compromised by listening to the “advice” of many like Mr. Kirby. I have seen them in person, heard their stories in person.” We NOW know the advice was sound, but the criminals at the big banks rigged the markets even though the fundamentals were screaming to buy protection in the face of massive money printing and bond creation. The big banks are the ones responsible for people being “financially compromised” not Rob Kirby or Jim Sinclair or Bill Holter. You should be outraged that this fraudulent Rigging has been going on for this long. Isn’t that now an “observable fact”?????? You don’t want to admit this because it blows your “investment thesis” and throws the blame on the bankers instead of my guests??? Is this why you fail to bring this up? Rigging of precious metals “codified.” Give me a break. Let’s se if the banks committing fraud to rig the markets use that as a defense. You are wrong Vince, and that to, is an “observable fact”


              • Dan

                I like listening to Mr. Kirby, but Vince is NOT wrong that many have been financially compromised by listening to advice for the past 4 years that pm’s are on the rise. That is a FACT! The manipulators are ultimately responsible, but the advice has proven to be bad none the less!

          • Vince Shook

            For your readers information here, I wanted to post the documentation confirming the suppression of the gold price being codified in US law:

            Howe vs Bank for International Settlements, et al

            U.S. District Court in Boston, 2001.

            Reg Howe was suing the Bank for International Settlements, the U.S. Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve, for gold market rigging, and suing the major investment banks as well.
            An assistant U.S. attorney got up to argue in favor of the government’s motion for summary judgment, which is a motion for dismissal on the grounds that even if everything complained of in the lawsuit is true, there is no remedy at law and the lawsuit has to be dismissed.
            The assistant U.S. attorney got up in support of the summary judgment motion saying that while the U.S. government did not admit doing anything that the plaintiff complained of, the U.S. government claimed the power to do everything that the plaintiff complained of as authorized by the Gold Reserve Act of 1934, as amended in the 1970s. Thus, in this one hearing a U.S. attorney got up and said that the U.S. government claims the power to secretly rig the gold. So it has always been since 1934. Forewarned is forearmed.

            An additional fact for all to contemplate: The ISDA (International Swaps and Derivatives Association). These are the people who will determine a default (triggering a derivatives’ payout) vs. a mere “restructuring” (which will not trigger a derivatives payout) on sovereign bond debt, interest rates, etc. The organization is made up of its own member banks, the very banks that have sold all these derivatives, collected the premiums and now are in a position to make a “determination” and “distinction” that an actual default is not a default at all, but really just a “restructuring”. This ability to re-define default as mere “restructuring” means major insurance payouts by the member banks for all the derivatives (insurance contracts) they have written will not be triggered. Essentially, this means the banks will get to keep all the money from selling the contracts, all the money from any premiums and never have to pay out a dime if they choose not to. It also helps to insure that there will not be a derivatives collapse — at least not one from which the banks can not profit.

            I hope everyone finds these facts helpful in assessing their future financial options.

            • Greg Hunter

              The powers that be have to have the metal in order to manipulate it. If the LBMA and COMEX go to a force majeure and are forced to settle contract with fiat cash because they cannot or will not deliver physical gold or silver–it’s over-quickly.

          • Brad W.

            Yes Greg, Kirby made a correct call. So what? Guys like him make predictions all the time. They are going to be right once in a while. You seriously believe Kirby can predict the week the dollar collapses?

        • Kate Henry

          Vince, I agree with Greg: you sound like a Wall St shill.

          • Vince Shook

            You couldn’t be more wrong. While Greg wants to say I advocate stocks, and imply I am not who I really am, he has over reacted — something I will not do. I merely stated there may be a risk to future purchasing power in not considering all assets (stocks, real estate, etc.) that will be affected by inflation and future money printing. It is stating an observation of the history and facts of the last two years. How is that so offensive to people to the point that they mock and call names?

            • Greg Hunter

              Yes Kate,
              Vince is telling you, in a nice way, to participate in the fraud when he says “a risk to future purchasing power in not considering all assets.” What vice is not telling you is the fraud will end quickly and all frauds do. My advice is you best have your assets under your direct control. By the way, you should listen to best-selling author Jim Rickards who was on USAW in the past few weeks. He said he holds no publically traded stocks. (He does invest and owns pieces of startup companies. I’d go with his advice.) There are some reasons for that. One is he does not trust the brokerages. Think MF Global or Lehman Brothers, both went under.

              By the way Vince, I am not “over reacting,” I am discrediting your arguments. You have no real comeback so you tell my readers that I am “over reacting.” That’s not going to work Vince.

              • Vince Shook

                Seriously? I have no comeback? After all the presented facts some did not know, the reasoning and analyses discussed that help us all to mull things over (and focus) so as to hopefully be better prepared for what is coming? That is highly unfair. Is this forum to be just a support group for group think? You will notice I do not respond in kind to your, or other’s mockery, sarcasm or denigration. And to correct your recent insinuation — in no way do I advocate participation in the financial fraud taking place on so many levels. That is an outright lie. I advocate for protection from it.

                There are stocks — and then there are stocks. If you are buying precious metals as a protection against future inflation (a dollar collapse) then there are protections from same in some particular stocks. That is merely common sense. For the life of me, I do not see how that statement is controversial. Rickards’ position is to be selective (he owns the stock of startups for heaven’s sake) and to be careful because we all know what may come. Each and every one posting here actually agrees on much about how to best protect ourselves, families and country. We have a common bond and interest — one that can be shattered by your approach to any objective criticism of your guests’ ideas and obvious conflicts of interest.

                I am sorry, but the fact is that their “advice” over the years has cost people dearly. Why? Because it is they who have grossly underestimated the extent, the nature of the players and the powerfulness of the fraud going on. That is part of what I am pointing out. As I said before, I have personally listened to those who have been so destroyed. Why do you not?

                I will end with a quote from Richard Russell, who recently passed away: “A voice tells me that America’s BEST days are ahead and the same goes for the precious metals. ………… Unfortunately, the news in the newspapers and on TV does not support peace of mind.”

                Peace of mind is the common goal of everyone commenting here. We are all united in that pursuit. I fear others with much to contribute, don’t or no longer comment with new ideas, facts and analysis because of the way they are personally received and treated. That is some “customer” feedback that I hope you take to heart.

                I leave you now. I wish you and your readers only the best of luck in the future. God bless you and them as they seek the best path forward for theirselves and for their loved ones.

                • Greg Hunter

                  This statement really sums up our divide: “There are stocks — and then there are stocks.” Yes, and all the stocks are wrapped up in a system supported by massive fraud–period,the end.. You do realize the Fed has been in an “emergency” posture since 2008? Normal cycle??–NOT!! This has never happened in U.S. financial history or global history for that matter. You seem to think this is some “invest for the long term” cyclical occurrence that is really not going to alter things much. I think just the opposite. Brokerages will fail, bonds will fail, derivatives will fail to perform (contrary to ISDA,) and create a black hole in the financial world. Your every comment ignores the massive fraud propping it all up. You, who admittedly has no real investment experience,” are basically telling people to ignore the risks and the massive fraud. This is bad advice. You also will not let go of the fact that the banker manipulation (this is now official and clear) is what, in fact, caused people to suffer. Yet, somehow, you can see clearly all the fraud and still tell people to invest in the massive fraud. I have no conflict of interest on my free site where I have only Google adds and sell nothing. You want a discussion, you got one. I totally do not agree with you, and yet you hang on to the victim mentality when you say “You will notice I do not respond in kind to your, or other’s mockery, sarcasm or denigration.” If you cannot take a challenge, do not comment here. Don’t come here and say me and my guests are hurting people to sell them metal. I do not have to let that go unchallenged especially when it is UNTRUE. I think everybody should have physical PMs. I also think they should have a car title, house title, cash on hand, all debts paid in full, stockpile of food and water ect. I DONOT think they should be in any form of paper investment because it is all propped by fraud that will end, and end badly–especially for the middle class. This is the last word with you on this subject.
                  P.S. I left off the front-running fraud of “High Frequency Trading.” What could go wrong in a totally rigged system??? More: http://www.peakprosperity.com/podcast/97873/eric-hunsader-financial-system-absolutely-positively-rigged

    • Ranger67

      Vince – a very detailed response with some good advise. The US would never allow China to peg their currency to a gold standard at this time. We would see an all out war (by the US) against China, if this were to happen as it would destroy the US financial system. Also China and the rest of the world would suffer huge losses on their USD if this were to happen. Everyone should own – PM’s, firearms and extra food just for insurance. More money printing is in our future….

    • JC Davis

      V Shook. China is not using patterns of the past mistakes. They are breaking the mold, and The IMF with it.

    • Jerry

      You obviously know nothing about business. Would you loan someone three trillion dollars, and then let them hose you over, and say “by the way if you want your money back you will continue to do business with us at a loss? I think not. Take the Chinese Gold Fix for what it is. China giving us the middle finger before they step off.

      • Vince Shook

        As usual, your reaction to me and others asking those here to pause and consider facts outside the box of their current biases, is to begin with baseless insults. That helps no one honestly seeking the best path forward for their family, friends and country.

        • Greg Hunter

          You are welcome to your opinion and analysis but when it gets to actual investing advice I think it is only fair to give your credentials and real verifiable name. Rob Kirby has a public website, uses his real name, and has known credentials. What are yours? Is Vince Shook a real name? Please don’t consider this an attack.

          • allen ols

            I guess Obama/Kerry/govbment are wanting this trans alantic trade/pptrade agreements to keep these countries hooked to the dollar as they KNEW what china was up to with aiib/cips/etc and probably knew china would announce they would not accept dollars for yuan. call it a last ditch effort before going to war.

        • Dan

          Hi Vince,
          Although I don’t agree with all of your conclusions, I do appreciate your comments & point of view. I think you got unfairly attacked for expressing your views & hope it doesn’t deter you from commenting in the future. After all, let’s face it, no one KNOWS what the future holds – yet, we all speculate (some just more intelligently than others!)

          • Vince Shook

            Thank you Dan. All these discussions help us focus our attention and draw important conclusions.

    • Ranger67

      Vince – I would not go so far as to recommend that anyone invest in either stocks or real estate (other than farm land) at this time. I believe that we are in the start of a “recession period” and the market will make a needed downward correction. Real estate prices will follow the market down.

    • Scott Miller


      Very interesting post! I was not aware on some of the ideas you wrote about, and to my knowledge, no one else has mentioned it. However, regarding #1, since the direction has been the deterioration of all fiat, does it not mean this depreciation of currencies continues, especially against each other?

      Furthermore, regarding #2, isn’t gold already being repriced against the dollar even with massive paper metal shorting, and as a result must continue to be priced vs. the dollar as all commodities are?

      I look forward to you elaborating more on these issues, as well as the rest of your commentary. Specifically, what was the motivations for #s 4 & 5? Who pushed this and was there resistance, or did it happen quietly?

      Thank you for your insights.


      • Vince Shook

        Because I think you, particularly, would be interested in these two additional facts, I am re-posting under your comment, one of my responses to Craig above.

        For your readers information here, I wanted to post the documentation confirming the suppression of the gold price being codified in US law:

        Howe vs Bank for International Settlements, et al

        U.S. District Court in Boston, 2001.

        Reg Howe was suing the Bank for International Settlements, the U.S. Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve, for gold market rigging, and suing the major investment banks as well.
        An assistant U.S. attorney got up to argue in favor of the government’s motion for summary judgment, which is a motion for dismissal on the grounds that even if everything complained of in the lawsuit is true, there is no remedy at law and the lawsuit has to be dismissed.
        The assistant U.S. attorney got up in support of the summary judgment motion saying that while the U.S. government did not admit doing anything that the plaintiff complained of, the U.S. government claimed the power to do everything that the plaintiff complained of as authorized by the Gold Reserve Act of 1934, as amended in the 1970s. Thus, in this one hearing a U.S. attorney got up and said that the U.S. government claims the power to secretly rig the gold. So it has always been since 1934. Forewarned is forearmed.

        An additional fact for all to contemplate: The ISDA (International Swaps and Derivatives Association). These are the people who will determine a default (triggering a derivatives’ payout) vs. a mere “restructuring” (which will not trigger a derivatives payout) on sovereign bond debt, interest rates, etc. The organization is made up of its own member banks, the very banks that have sold all these derivatives, collected the premiums and now are in a position to make a “determination” and “distinction” that an actual default is not a default at all, but really just a “restructuring”. This ability to re-define default as mere “restructuring” means major insurance payouts by the member banks for all the derivatives (insurance contracts) they have written will not be triggered. Essentially, this means the banks will get to keep all the money from selling the contracts, all the money from any premiums and never have to pay out a dime if they choose not to. It also helps to insure that there will not be a derivatives collapse — at least not one from which the banks can not profit.

        I hope everyone finds these facts helpful in assessing their future financial options.

        • Greg Hunter

          Yes Vince,
          All the “facts” and no analysis of the fraud ISDA, Treasury, SEC, ESF, Fed and US Government is doing every minute of every day. What could go wrong???? Be a long term investor and everything will be OK. Go back to sleep everyone the government will take care of everything. Buy Stocks!!!! I hope you all found this message helpful.
          (Please not this comment was laced with VERY Heavy sarcasm.)

          • Wes Benzing

            Greg – WOW what a great service you provide. Look at the number of posts and all the different points of view on the board. The only true way to thank you is with a donation.
            I hope everyone follows my lead…..

          • Vince Shook

            The facts about gold manipulation, the ISDA, etc. I gave here prove the fraud you rant against. That’s why I gave them. By the way, you did not use sarcasm, you mocked. In your mockery, you have missed the fact we agree on the fraud and the dangers to our future inherent in it.

            • Greg Hunter

              Yes Vince ,
              And what we do not agree on is that my guests and their motives are fraudulent or shills for the precious metals market. We also disagree that my guests caused for the pain for investors in the precious metals markets. We clearly now know the banks (who, now, official rig every market on the planet) are the reason for the pain. What you call mocking I call facts.

            • spirit

              Hi VS, much appreciated. Please keep posting.

          • Dan

            Wow, what animosity toward someone intelligently presenting a differing viewpoint. That’s exactly what the MSM does!

            • Greg Hunter

              Hey Dan,
              I gave my point of view and said why Vince was wrong. You are overlooking the point that Vince basically said my guests were lying about gold to make money. We now know officially there has been massive admitted market rigging by DB and other banks. It is them who cause the pain because they were covering up the fact global debt was expanding by exponentially. The advice was sound and this proves Vince was is totally unfair and false. You left that out, and “That’s exactly what the MSM does!” I am not going to stand by an let people falsely accuse my guests screwing the public. (I think the bankers have done a fine job of that.) also, I am not going to allow what I think is bad advice and analysis to go unchallenged. If you think that passes as “animosity” then so be it. Vince and you are more than welcome to deploy capital and work for years developing a successful site. Have at it, it’s easy.

              • Dan

                OUCH! Your site is actually my favorite on the internet. The regularity & quality of interviews is unmatched. I have no doubt that I couldn’t even come close to duplicating it. Nevertheless, the quality of the comments only add to the site & allowing for an intelligent discourse of the issues, even if it means someone occasionally outright disagreeing with one of your guests only works to further clarify one’s position.

                • Greg Hunter

                  Please keep in mind, you read both sides of the argument. I let it fly, but did not let Vince disparaging my guests go unchallenged. Vince also dramatically undersells what we are facing. (My many guests back up this premise.) We are headed in to a financial and political storm of Biblical proportions. This is not just some small cycle of something like the Great Depression. We are facing nothing short of a total financial wipeout of the middle class with The threat of nuke war cherry on top. Disagree all you like, but make sure your argument is sound and true. Thank you for your comment and support.

        • Mark H.

          Vince, I have read your comments with interest. You have provided some information of which I was not aware, although I haven’t had the time to verify accuracy. Thank you. I would like to follow up on your derivative comments with a question. I understand that recently the banking laws were changes so that in case of banking defaults, the derivative losses would be paid first and depositors later (i.e. the bail-in). If what you are saying about the bank’s ability to restructure derivatives upon failure rather than paying out derivative losses is accurate, then why did the banking system push legislators to pass laws allowing derivative losses to be paid first? This is a pernicious law that raised lots of red flags for people who understand the ramifications, and certainly has made the public even less trusting of the banking system.

        • John

          Hi Vince,

          In regard to points 4 & 5;
          Are you not just supporting the idea that the U.S. Gov’t and big banks are acting outside of the rule of law? If your Gov’t followed the belief of it’s “founding fathers” that only pm’s are to be accepted as currency, do you think that they could play the games that they do in the courts that they do? I believe that this is the most relevant concept that is promoted by many of the guests on this site . Their advice is to hedge against any financial system acting outside of the rule of law. History does support their advice. Those who have lost money on the short term on pm’s have done so because computer enhancements (algorithms,derivatives,high frequency trading etc) have exacerbated the manipulation of central banks who are acting outside of the rule of law.

          The next time that you talk to one of these folks who have lost money as a result of listening to the advice of the likes of RK,
          tell them to “hold “! Treat the position like insurance.

          P.S. Do you honestly think that the founding fathers who initially set up your financial system would disagree with the position of CH’s guests?? I think they would suggest that pm’s keep a financial system honest, and were well aware of the consequences of one that was not.

  65. Faith

    This interview was incredible! I read the articles on Zerohedge about the silver and gold markets being manipulated. I also read about the secret meetings with the Federal Reserve head, the President, and the VP that happened earlier this week. Of course there was mostly silence in the MSM. I totally understand Mr. Kirby’s anger with regard to the people that work in the financial media. It is criminal that they have failed to provide the public with accurate and timely information. When this goes down, it is going to be heartbreaking for many people. Many people are not ready and didn’t even realize they needed to get ready due to the financial media being staffed by liars and propagandists.

    If the US is brought down that will mean the current President will have achieved his goal, to destroy the US, to bring the US to its knees. This will not bother the President at all. He considers the citizens living in the US to be the 1% of the world and to have a lifestyle of excess. Dinesh D’Souza talked about this in his movies and I think those movies were accurate representations of the President’s point of view and attitudes.

    The US military has been decimated. FOX is showing footage and interviews with marines about how they are cannibalizing planes for spare parts. One marine said, “we are supposed to be flying planes not building them.” No wonder Russia sees no problem with buzzing the US navy. Nor does China care when they send submarines to lurk off shore.

    I started posting on this blog and discussed China backing their currency with gold along with the creation of an alternative financial system to that used by the US. First there was CFETS, and then the AIIB, and then CIPS. I think Mr. Kirby is correct with regard to everything he said about China. I read this article yesterday.


    Post by U.S.Reporter – Apr 13, 2016

    “In a shocking move likely to crush the US economy overnight, China is refusing to make its new gold-backed Yuan, convertible from or to US Dollars. The new Yuan will be introduced next Tuesday, April 19.

    When the International Monetary Fund (IMF) agreed to add the Yuan to the basket of world currencies used for Global Reserves and International Trade, they wanted China to make the Yuan more reliable as a currency. Since then, China has almost un-pegged its Yuan from the Dollar, allowing its value to fluctuate on world markets.

    But for years, China has been amassing huge amounts of gold bullion; some have said their appetite for bullion has been “staggering.” And with a new gold-backed Yuan to be issued next Tuesday, the entire world will have a choice of a new currency to use for international trade: The old US Dollar which is backed by nothing, or the new Chinese Yuan, which is backed by gold. Which currency would YOU use?

    When this new currency is issued, countries that have been forced to use US Dollars for decades, and have had to keep billions of dollars in their foreign currency reserves, will be free to dump those dollars. But they won’t be able to dump them to China for the new gold-backed, Yuan!

    China has reportedly decided “there can be no conversion of gold-backed Yuan to or from US dollars.” What China fears is that many countries around the world will want to trade their reserve US dollars for the new Yuan, leaving China with mountains of worthless US dollars. China already has several trillion in US dollar reserves and does not want or need more.

    If news of this decision by China is correct, then countries around the world may just have to decide whether or not they wish to continue trading with the USA at all?

    The upheaval this could cause as early as next week, would be staggering.

    This is a fast-=developing story; check back.”

    I apologize for posting the entire article but I didn’t want to break it up.

    God bless all of you. Stay safe. Stay smart. Get ready for turbulence ahead.

  66. Larry Galearis

    Great interview, Greg!
    But I was thinking about things after just listening to Mr. Uehlinger talk about Hillary becoming president with her history of monstrous felony crimes while in government and I just cannot think that any monstrous news about bank rigging the silver markets would have any lasting affect on something as insignificant as the PM markets to Americans. There just doesn’t ever seem to be anything that can be done to reform the system when they cannot even prosecute a presidential candidate who has been a security threat to her own country.
    And for Gina, I would like to nominate her for the Mark Dice Interview Candidate Award as a very rare listener to your usually well informed audience. Mark has a web site and perhaps he could set up a meet and get her on camera for all the world to enjoy.

  67. john duffy

    Gina is a sick person. They get off on pulling your chains. People like this feed off your responses. The worse thing you can do is to ignore them. In public they are as quiet as a mouse.

  68. Robert Lykens

    Teach your children about taxes.
    Eat 30% of their ice cream!

    • JC Davis

      Robert Lykens. That’s funny. My brother, and I would fight over who got most every time.

  69. Karl

    Wow. Kirkby and Jim Willie are on a similar time line..
    18th April may be it..
    Great interview Greg

    • Galaxy 500

      And today is the 19th. The problem with picking dates is they are almost always wrong. Are things going to crash? I don’t see any other way for things to happen.
      When? Now that is the question isn’t it?

  70. Tman10

    Long time lurking and a first time poster.After the rigging broke yesterday on the metals market my first thought was I wonder what is Rob Kirbys take on this .I was going to check out the weakly wrap up hoping you had thoughts on it and there was Rob……Thanks Greg.You knocked this one out of the park!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Tman!

    • JC Davis

      Tman10 comment more often. We are a friendly bunch. We often disagree, but in the end we agree to disagree and get along. Best comment site I have found. Thanks too Greg.

  71. cm1

    As mentioned on JSmineset, it would be nice to hear Martin Armstrong explain how/why he missed the manipulation.

  72. Frank

    Hello Greg
    You forgot one of biggest one that said there was no manipulation of the precious metal markets Martin Armstrong

    Regards Frank

    • Greg Hunter

      Well, we all know the truth now as the manipulation is a matter of record and it is widespread.

    • Casey Phyle

      Not only Armstrong, but Doug Casey, too, should be made to explain his no manipulation spiel.

  73. BillyR

    You have had a ton of good interviews. This one was GREAT! Keep it up Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Billy.


  74. stonewall

    Your best interview to date Greg. Terrific stuff. I 100% agree with you that the Russians and Chinese are sending a message to the NeoCons in the white house *Don’t get stupid and start a war or it will be game over before you know it” . Obama and his leftist lunatic
    cohorts have sold America down the river for a few pieces of silver and now we all pay the
    price. He and Hillary should be tried for treason.

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen Stone!

  75. Tad

    So Obama will probably announce a spate a spending programs within a month–all the while lying that their emergency oriented. Pigs will fly, but gold and silver will “fly me to the moon.”

    Coming to a quick realization that foregoing purchases of gold and silver, means none will be available in a month.

  76. Sayonara

    You have so many great guests and Rob Kirby is absolutely at the top. I thought his interview several weeks ago was incredibly informative and clairvoyant. He stated clearly the PM manipulation would be exposed and like clock work, it has. There are a lot of major unprecedented macro economic issues at play currently and I think Rob Kirby sees what is transpiring better than anyone in the world at this moment.
    I have repeatedly said that there will be a major Black Swan event that will preclude the 2016 election and I believe Rob Kirby has just identified it. We are apparently weeks away from the Black Swan flying and you can now smell, taste and feel it its imminence. Prepare for Impact. Incredible Work! Thank you!

  77. Coalburner

    500 years ago, the Great Supercycle, almost exactly, C Codger, ships were sailing into the new world and the old order was about to be Vince Shaken down overnight. The Mayans, Aztecs, the grand army of Peru was about to fall each in less than a day. That does not count the many who died from disease advancing far faster than the Europeans. It can happen and has happened many times through history. They could not imagine but we have Heralds ! A few are listening!

  78. BruceM

    This fly over by a Russian jet that you referred to was a message to the US but was even more of a message to China. The Chinese invoked Article 9 of the Sino-Russian Treaty of Friendship which is the mutual defense article of the treaty. The official Chinese government document delivered to Putin on April 1, invoking Article 9 states: “Continued military provocation(s) against the PRC by the United States in the South China Sea,” China then ordered the deployment of nuclear armed attack submarines to the US west coast. This came one day after President Xi Jinping warned President Obama that the two countries were perilously close to war. The fly over by the Russian jet is a clear signal to China that Russia will honor Article 9.

    As a further note, A Russian Ministry Defense report analyzing this Article 9 invocation states that the American people’s knowledge of this conflict is nearly non-existent

  79. Mike Preston

    That was the best interview I have seen on Greg Hunter channel. I tried commenting to Greg with the top response of Gabe Masa. It will say see all five responses but when opened it will only show four. I will copy it and would like to know if you see it in the comment section of the video.
    uncontrolledmedia28 minutes ago (edited)
    A very commendable piece of work and worthy of all the superlative adjectives. It was great, tremendous, awesome, and epic– even magnificent. Can you imagine how things would change if everyone saw this? It is just too honest and too true for television. It makes me wonder if Greg Hunter would approve of people putting this up on public access channels.

    I hold this with the same esteem as my favorite short interview of all time: The Keiser Report Episode 175 : “Keiser Report guest Catherine Austin Fitts on market frauds (23Aug11)”- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xnp1U3zBkTs

    Rob Kirby said in a previous interview on Greg Hunter channel he thinks humanity is going to go through a meat grinder, which is something that is going to happen because of radiation if nothing else. Here I have to encourage people to check out Bob Nichols Radiation Report on VeteransToday.com and remember 300 RADS calls for evacuation. Link= http://tinyurl.com/27shrzo It sure looks like THEY are going to take everyone’s money and the so-called soft tyranny will go to hard tyranny, or said another way, the milk cows are going to become meat cows.

    “The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.”- ― Frank Zappa

    I submit three links to incorporate into our now.

    Big Brother Gone Mad? No – He’s Just Pure Evil: The David Icke Videocast Trailer= https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=No6HiQ_REc8

    Obama Set To Put In New Law That Can Put Everyone In Jail
    Published on Mar 13, 2016

    Putin annual Q&A session 2016 (FULL VIDEO)
    Streamed live on Apr 14, 2016

    • Dan S.

      Mike – Obama signed a law on December 31,2010 allowing him to detain and hold anyone for no reason whatsoever it was called the NDAA or National Defense Authorization Act. Which brought us Fema camps. Or how about the executive order he just signed a month or so ago allowing him to declare Martial Law. The later was probably signed because they know (planned ?) that the people will finally have figured out the elections are rigged and manipulated (just like the gold and silver market).
      Your vote doesn’t mean diddly squat. The CCC will put in the Oval Office whoever they please -just like they did with Obama.
      I thought Bush was the worst President ever but Obama has him beat by a country mile. Don’t be surprised if Obama is still President ….errrrr Dictator come Christmas.
      These are indeed interesting times.
      Dan S.

  80. Paul ...

    You know … there has been a suppression of news on the recent flurry of earthquakes around the Yellowstone caldera … which makes me believe things are getting very bad … scaring scientists and the politicians have ordered a news blackout … the major corporations in America with inside knowledge of how bad things are have been getting at Yellowstone have been moving their businesses (and our jobs) out of America for years now and American corporations have been selling off their property and ports to the patsy China hand over fist (and also our gold while taking their silver) … China now owns about 1/3 of all America’s real estate (JP Morgan Chase just sold China its headquarters in Manhattan) … now I know Trump is going to try to bring these corporations back to American soil but how many will listen? … and then he will put up a Wall so high we American’s won’t be able to escape to Mexico when Yellowstone blows … we will be trapped like rats breathing glass particles into our lungs … the climate will cool rapidly helped along by the governments chem-trail program and we will be without food for seven(7) years … the only good thing I can see coming from all this is that the elites will be trapped below Denver Airport in their underground condos under 100 feet of volcanic ash that clogs up their ventilation systems!

    • Paul ...

      God’s judgement on America will be harsh for the all the fraud and sins it has committed … tens of millions of Americans are going to need a “get out plan” when Yellowstone blows … possibly back to their own respective home countries to live with relatives (as there will likely not be enough available housing for the millions who will flee America) … so much for buying farmland as a way of protecting ones family from extreme economic events!

      • Paul ...

        Supposedly the largest Yellowstone quake in 34 years “is no big deal” … so everyone can rest assured we are not in danger! … http://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-earthquake-yellowstone-idUSBREA2U01920140331

        • Greg Hunter

          Yes Paul, a very big deal!! Thank you for posting this.

          • Paul ...

            Greg … Not only do we have to contend with Nature destroying our food crops (i.e. a Yellowstone volcano, drought., ultraviolet light, etc.) but we have scientist clowns working for Monsanto who likely were never taught about the birds and the bees when they were children … did they ever ask simple questions as children like why is the sky blue? (today’s children now ask why is the sky white? which can be more easily answered (chem-trails) … do these clown scientists working for Monsanto know that bees and birds contribute to the essence of life on our planet? … the honey bee for instance is the most important pollinator of agricultural crops (pollinating over 70 out of 100 crops that in turn provide 90% of the world’s food) … bees pollinate most fruits and vegetables (apples, oranges, strawberries, onions and carrots. etc., etc.) but pesticides are killing off bee colony populations in many European nations and North America … if the clowns in government don’t put a stop to the clowns at Monsanto … the human species survival is in serious doubt … widespread proliferation of commercial insecticides containing the highly-toxic chemical neonicotinoids acts on the central nervous system of insects like bees and small song birds … and recent scientific studies suggests eating foods sprayed with it affects human brain development in newborns.

            Since 2004 over a million beehives have died across the United States … beekeepers in 25 states report it as Colony Collapse Disorder … and it’s not just happening here in the states … in the winter of 2009 alone an estimated one fifth of bee hives in the UK were lost … the clowns in Government claim it is a mystery to them? … today more than ever (with Yellowstone likely on the verge) the world’s precious food resources should be protected … instead the world’s food resources are being hijacked by giant corporations like Monsanto who are replacing natural foods “with seeds” … with their genetically modified “seedless foods” … purposely destroying natures independent food growing ability … all to create a profit-driven monopoly with a “hidden agenda” … this is what is behind Monsanto’s genetic manipulation and it must stop … we must demand that the government clowns in Washington pass a law to label all our food … and force the food industry to apply stickers on their products indicating whether the food is GMO or Non-GMO! … as Albert Einstein once stated “without bees all of humanity will be dead within 4 years”!

        • freebreezer

          Paul, 4.8 is an ok earthquake … enough to make me stop and think, but the 7.2 in 89 in the bay area, Now that was an earthquake and it scared the @#$^ out of me.

        • R B

          Paul ,you are aware it will take a great catastrophe to slow or stop the killing the little unborn babies.We the bystanders will just have to say ,God’s will be done.

  81. Gil

    After analysing what Rob Kirby just said I think that inevitability there has to be a false flag event planned for this montth in the US!

    Unfortunately something very big!

    The US is not going down easy…and the sheep must be further brainwashed to hide the truth… !!!

  82. Oxfarmer

    Nice reply to Gina. It frees us up to consider the real issues.

    I went back and listened to Kirby again. I admit I was a bit miffed at his mysterious, ‘There’s something coming’ remark in the last
    interview, so it was very nice to hear him get specific. He goes way up in my books.

    Also nice is real info on what’s coming. I admit to some discouragement lately in prepping. One member of our community is now on a sodium restricted diet and another said he was sorry he’d gotten started on this, so many years of ‘It will come next year’, and then it doesn’t. You know how high in salt most storage foods are; it’s like starting over. But the Kirby interview has energized everyone, because he sounds like the real deal.

    Can’t thank you enough.

  83. Deano

    ive watched this interview like 4-5 times now. BEST. The clocks about to strike midnight!

  84. Diane D.

    Some folks expect guests to be absolute accurate in their predictions. This is NOT realistic. I expect savvy guests who speak what they believe to be the truth, which is why I faithfully follow USAWatchDog. Ultimately it is OUR responsibility to discern what guests say and their track records.

    • Kate Henry

      Diane: well said! No one has the complete answer, so it is our responsibility to weigh what guests say. And yes, we too faithfully follow USAWatchDog over here in New Zealand 🙂

  85. Brad W.

    Yes, we have big trouble coming. But the idea that Kirby or anyone knows things will collapse in 3 weeks is absurd.

    Greg you would improve your show greatly if you stopped encouraging guests to make short term predictions.

    • Tin foil hat

      Brad W.
      I hope you are right and Kirby is wrong because I will be flying to Peru on a 12 days vacation starting April 19.

  86. Seeking Truth

    Hi Greg,
    I’ve been watching this interview over and over. It’s a smash hit and has gone viral! Kudos to you for having him on last month when he revealed the coming revelation. Now, all eyes are on what comes next. The US is slipping fast – real fast. I feel this is really the time to fast forward preparations for what’s coming, and have been urging friends and relatives to buy precious metals, extra foods, medicine, and anything of necessity. From all accounts, if what Rob Kirby, Mannarino, you, and others have been saying will be happening in short order we could see a hyperinflationary event as soon as the summer. These are indeed very interesting times!

  87. smaulgld

    It’s not all over yet. The others may fight the case and somehow win…. and in this way since DB is probably going down any way, its a nice send off -they turn rat, go bankrupt and the rest get off scot free….
    What better way of discrediting the gold and silver markets are manipulated crowd.

  88. Pondering

    Greg and participants, some of us are at times out of touch with real market activity, thanks to job responsibilities during business hours. Given that every new day (Tuesday included) seems like a potentially significant waymark in our unfolding drama, would you consider pushing out a special alert to the forum on an odd day, should there be justification to do so? That could centralize our information search if we could periodically check in on this site, given that WatchDoggers tend to have a variety of information streams to report from. And, opinions are thought provoking, but we really need hard data to formulate useful action plans. All practical preparations are pertinent in their proper timing. Thanks!

  89. Don

    Greg, if we truly reached saturation point, and we begin to see what we’ve all talked about for so long, then the days ahead are going to be full of chaos and probably big city calamity. We can not forget however, what you’ve always been faithful to remind, God is truly in control, and nothing that is done, will happen, except it be in God’s predeterminate council. Men however wicked, in there deepest wisdom, can only fulfill what God has already written. So my advise to anyone, would be, to draw near to the Lord, and seek personal leadership, for their own selves and family.

    • Kate Henry

      Don: well said. God is in control 🙂

    • susan

      Thank you. Amen.

  90. BruceM

    Greg. Great interview, thanks.
    There are many rumors circulating about China creating a “New Yuan,” this new Yuan will be backed by gold, the new Yuan will not be exchangeable to or from US dollars, etc. None of that is necessary. The Chinese have already done the hard work and it is now a very simple step for the Chinese to have the only “gold backed” currency in the world. The essence of a “gold backed” currency is for x amount of a specific currency to be equal to x amount of gold over time. For example, if I sell one gram of gold for 1000 Yuan today and I am certain that in one year from now I can buy one gram of gold for 1000 Yuan then the Yuan is a “gold backed” currency. The essence of a gold backed currency is that it is redeemable for gold at a fixed amount over time.

    All the Chinese have to do to have a “gold backed” currency is to order the administrators of the Shanghi Gold Exchange (SGE) to keep the “daily price fix,” which is denominated in Yuan, consistent over time. The Yuan will be redeemable to or from gold at a specific amount, and in one year, or two years, or ten years the Yuan will be redeemable to or from gold for the same specific amount. The Yuan will be “as good as gold.”

    Regarding the rumor circulating the web that the “new Yuan” will not be exchangeable for US dollars, it is illogical. Of course one will be able to buy Yuan for dollars or Euros, but at what price?

  91. randall

    I appreciate the interview with Kirby, but saw 2 more items, Saudia Arabia threatening to dump US assets if Congress continues, and an alert on Steve Quayle where a guy in Sylmar CA cannot withdraw any funds at all from his Bank of America account.
    I wonder if the emergency meetings with Yellen, Obama, Biden, were about the Saudi Arabia threat?
    I agree that what Rob had to say is pertinant, but here are 2 more pieces to the puzzle.

  92. steve

    Hello, With the tragic earthquake events now occurring in Japan. Is it possible this will disrupt permanently the Yen carry trade and start the derivative ball rolling?

  93. Paul ...

    Those with courage enough to heed Rob Kirby’s advice of a coming financial tsunami should look carefully at the following charts for silver and gold …

    Silver … http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui?s=%24SILVER&p=W&b=5&g=0&id=p10470424227

    Gold … http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui?s=%24GOLD&p=W&b=5&g=0&id=p57925325583

    If (as I believe) we are in a new precious metal bull market … silver should exceed its July 2014 high at $21.50 very shortly (a 32.3% rise from its current price of $16.25 … and gold should also move to exceed its July 2014 high at $1350.00 (a 9.24% rise from its current price of $1235.80)

    The way to play the coming move (for those willing to believe a financial tsunami is coming) is to buy silver (as it will out perform gold by 3.495 times) … remember silver always performs better then gold in a “currency crisis” !!!

    • JMiller


      Silver certainly does not always perform better than gold in a “currency crisis”. Gold outperformed silver during the hyperinflation of the Weimar Republic. A number of articles show this but this one pretty much sums things up nicely.


      Weimar Gold and Silver Prices 1919-1923

      • Paul ...

        JMiller … very interesting … I stand corrected!

        • Paul ...

          But keep in mind that in 2012 JP Morgan/Chase held just five(5) million ounces of silver … but as of now have increased their silver holdings to 55 MILLION OUNCES!
          CEO Jamie Dimon recently stated “there WILL BE another crisis and its IMPACT will be felt throughout the financial markets” … I think that crisis has arrived this week!
          Let me simply say silver and gold have historically been a very good hedge against financial and currency upheavals …

  94. helot

    silver should exceed …
    gold should also move …

    Does all this depend upon investors flocking to the metals? I mean, if things get as bad as many imply it might, wouldn’t demand from the industrial side go wayyy down, and unless ‘investors’ pile in, the price goes down, the same as everything else (as it did in 08).

    If it’s all about industrial demand, as in silver, wouldn’t that be a terrible buy in,… if industry took a dive due to low demand from a collapsing economy? And, wages stayed flat.

    …Just thinking the worst, out loud. It’s hard not to think you’re being played for a sucker, no matter which side of the trade you take, in any market. Imho.

    One thing: if China says they won’t take Dollars, the key to that working is: if no one will accept Dollars for whatever it is the Chinese are demanding.
    Seems to me, at the very least, that will take awhile to be an absolute. Time will tell.

    Also, thanks G.H., for mentioning, ‘Do Not Fear’.

    • Paul ...

      helot … Commodities and oil usually reverse together … the oil, gold and silver reversal over the last month tends to persuade me that the oil/commodities bear market has reversed … and gold companies are continuing to rally … even in a sluggish economy … a tsunami of dollars returning to the US will dive prices of everything higher … perhaps even the stock market which may be hard for anyone to believe looking at current PE ratios!

  95. neville

    Given the recent Earthquakes in Japan …….Rob’s statement could be the MOST prophetic
    A TSUNAMI OF DOLLARS COMING BACK TO THE U.S. as the collateral damage done there is being kept under wraps …

  96. Kate Henry

    Another great video Greg. Many thanks.

  97. Everett

    Very good interview Greg,

    As always, I very much appreciate Mr. Kirby’s insight into affairs that I would otherwise be crippled. Very reluctantly, I offer my opinion on current events; but, nevertheless, here is my two cents. Many people have, and will continue, to ridicule individuals such as Mr. Kirby when events do not take place EXACTLY as prescribed, or, to the timing of such. The problem is we live in a NOW society, Americans pull up to the drive thru and they want a double cheeseburger, fries, and a large soda; and, they want it in 3 minutes or they will take their business elsewhere. Patience is not an attribute of Americans as a whole. I have vivid memories of listening to the preacher on a hot summer day (no air conditioning) proclaiming that the return of Christ was near. Did it happen? No. Was the preacher wrong? No again. He was right, and, never for a second have I entertained thoughts to the contrary. Obviously, many would disagree; people hear what they want to hear, and, totally discard the spirit behind the message. As I have stated before, it is my firm belief that this country is at the brink of war. WAR. Not because of what Mr. Kirby, or any other analyst may have to say, (although they confirm it), but, because of what I believe the Bible has to say concerning the U.S. Bad times are coming, and I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt it ends for the U.S. as the recipient of nuclear war. “And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast.” (Rev. 17:12) “And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire.” (Rev. 17:16) The one hour meeting was held in 2008, as many of you may remember, it was televised. The hard gutting of the U.S. has happened ever since; fire is on the horizon. When you live like Sodom, you will die like Sodom.

    As a side note, in 1999, I had a dream that I walked into town – there were no cars moving and everything was silent, it was evident something was wrong. When I arrived in town, I looked at the gas station sign and it read $8.67. I had to chuckle to myself when you, Greg, said “the man on the street is gonna say, what, gas is $8.00 a gallon?” No doubt, it’s coming, and, soon. Mr. Kirby said, “The clock is about to strike midnight!” “And at midnight there was a cry made, Behold, the bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet Him.” (Mat. 25:6)


    • Laura

      Beautiful post! Thank- you.

  98. Don

    Greg, for some reason, I’ve lost excess to several sites, even after doing restore a couple of times. Has any of your guess had this problem?

    • Iona Laundramat

      My guess is that there’s just a lot of excess on the internet.

  99. Hatemail

    What are you people going to say if nothing happens at all? What if it still remains business as usual? How will you rationalize it away again? I have been hearing about the impending “collapse” for years. This does not mean I haven’t prepared for the possibility, but I’ve become cynical listening to all the predictions of an economic doomsday.
    Nevertheless, I am currently focusing on further efforts to prepare for disaster. Nothing wrong with being responsible. Reading this site has made me somewhat paranoid and I’m embarrassed to talk openly about it.

    • Greg Hunter

      Look around something IS happening. Look at the news and threats from Saudi Arabia.

    • WD


      Watch the movie the Big Short, the whole premise of this movie is the monumental fraud perpetrated from all sides, including regulators. Also the effort to hide this, there came a point where they couldn’t hide it anymore….you can only convince that 2+2 = 5 for so long.

      Just imagine this on a global scale, 1000x this….Remember it should have massively crashed back then. But it was rescued.

    • Doug


      Your problem is that your listening to other people and then deciding whether or not they are going to be able to convince you of this, that or the other thing. That is the wrong approach. I’ve know and have been assured of these events for years now [not specific but in general].

      Learn something important. Something that is not sustainable CAN NOT BE SUSTAINED. Stand back and look at the big picture in total. As a nation we owe more than can ever be paid back. As a world we owe more than can ever be paid back. Economies and governments around the world are falling off a cliff with debt that can’t be paid back and commerce is slowing winding to a stop.

      I could go on and on for pages and then begin by getting into society and conditions in this country. Back in the 1930’s we were an agrarian society. Most people had gardens and knew how to use them. Most of the food was grown locally and not hundreds and thousands of miles away. Most people had extended families living close and depended on them. We had a moral society where hard work was the norm and a sense of entitlement didn’t exist.

      Fast forward to today. None of these things exist anymore and people will kill you for your tennis shoes if your in the wrong place of town. Events such as Fergusson show were on the knifes edge of civility. What do you suppose will happen when the electronic benefit cards no longer work, ect???

      I say all that in order to say this. I don’t depend on Kirby or any of the other wonderful guests that Greg brings to the table. I have my faith and discernment. I have eyes to see and ears to hear. I know where this is all going and why. I just don’t know the exact timing. All the various guests help to flesh out just where we are at in a given point of time. I don’t depend on any of them to ‘convince’ me. I’m already convinced. Nobody has to talk me into owning gold/silver, I already know what real biblical money is, ect.

      To get back to my first point. That which is unsustainable can not be sustained. The economics and math of our situation don’t care how we feel about them, they simply are. Reality doesn’t care how we feel about it, it simply is. If your depending on any of these guests to shape your world view or to tell you what to do then respectfully submitted your already way, way behind the power curve.

    • Hatemail

      Thanks for all the support. This is all exhausting isn’t it? We can prepare, prep, save, stock, and pay off till we are ready for whatever awaits us. It’s the waiting that leads to worry, that leads to paranoia and mistrust. Some people just freak out and rage. We are all hostage one way or the other on a long one way trip against our will to a place unknown. What is it going to look like when we get there?
      Living in our birdcage isn’t uncomfortable. We all have food and water and fresh paper. I’m sitting on my perch gradually plucking my feathers out.

  100. monty d bissett

    Hi Greg

    Missed your weekly wrap. Hope all is well

    • Greg Hunter

      All is well my friend and thank you for asking. I went with the Rob Kirby in place of the WNW because nothing I would say would be more timely or pivotal than what Rob Kirby had to say. He predicted a month ago that a big European Bank would admit to rigging precious metals and it happened. Thank you for your support.

  101. Lori

    For the most part, your readers’ comments are thought out and intelligent. Many news sites seem lately to be used as a verbal garbage heap by people who only wish to insult each other. Thank you so much for operating a site that is dedicated to understanding the news and sharing ideas.

  102. Gina Mancarella

    Anyone that doesn’t believe in and support Hillary is a racist misogynist woman hating pig. Its that simple folks. yOU PEOPLE NEED TO GET RIGHT WITH gOD AND SUPPORT aMERICA !

    • Greg Hunter

      Good luck with this type of message.

      • JC Davis

        Greg, NOT GINA ! Is there no point you tell her to go back to her planet.

    • Paul ...

      Gina … with electile dysfunction a growing problem in America do you think Hillary has something to do with it? … as her presidential campaign approaches a climax many are finding an inability to get aroused … see how hard Bernie tries … but the Diebold machines provide his plunge … but no matter … when all is said and done … “what difference does it make anyway”!!

    • Galaxy 500

      Hahahaha. I bet Gina is a little boy in his mommies basement either gender confused or pretending to be a girl. Not that there is a difference between the 2

    • foggygoggles

      I want some of whatever you are smoking……….

    • Sayonara

      My favorite and verb and pronoun to you!

    • Daphne Lamb

      Right Gina Macaroni! We shouldn’t expect present day living Americans, to pay for and support future generations of our so called corrupt dear leaders of today!

      Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. So their will be a United States of America in the future of your progeny!

  103. Anna

    Hello. I love listening to Rob Kirby. He, and most of your faithful listeners/readers, know that something is coming… soon. He knows what’s happening out there; and we know things should have crashed long before now. However, I fear that with his prediction of ‘it’ happening in the coming 2-3 weeks that he might have “Harvey Organ’d” himself. I hope you continue to interview Mr. Kirby even if he is proven wrong time-wise.


  104. coalburner

    The Herald!
    Did you see the Zero Hedge article on the European Suicide by Jihad? It will end very badly. LAst week a Libtard Brit leader of some level admitted he was wrong 10 years ago when he said muslims would assimulate and become Brits. Libtard philosyphy is deadly to societys and humans. The 500 year cycle worm is turning and power is shifting to the east and away from us. Sadly it is caused by human beings largely blind and doing it to themselves. Europe no longer has the will to live, do WE???

  105. teri

    Mr. Hunter,

    I just read an article about the latest tax return filed by the Obamas. The article is really of little interest (yeah, yeah, wealthier people pay a lower percentage in taxes than I do, but that’s nothing new), except for the final paragraph, which reads: “Treasury notes amounting to $994,941 were cashed in by the Obamas, possibly in anticipation of his upcoming unemployment, although the White House did not comment on why they were sold.”

    I don’t know anything about investing in treasuries – is it simply that they all matured at the same time and had to be sold, or does he know something? Almost a million bucks; sounds like a lot to dump at one time.

    • Paul ...

      Was this before or after Yellen spoke to him?

    • Dan S.

      I wonder if that is the balance remaining from his million dollar nobel peace prize that he invested in T Bills? I certainly hope so! Let him experience the effects first hand of negative interest rates.

  106. Casey Phyle

    Rob said all those excess dollars abroad are coming home soon. In return for what? Does America have anything valuable in sufficient quantities that foreigners want… in return for which all those dollars would be sent back? Not a chance. No way can Americans suddenly export enough goods to soak up decades of trade deficits.
    So the dollars are NOT coming home, they stay abroad, and the first bank or government that dumps their unwanted excess dollars at a discount will get the stone rolling. Lower and lower will the dollar go, as desperate holders try to get rid of it at today’s bad rate rather than wait for tomorrow’s that is going to be worse. In the end, like the last items in a garage sale that just won’t go, you just give or throw them away. THAT is the fate of the dollar, and it will be a spectacular collapse, making old Voltaire look very good with his prediction that paper money will eventually return to its true value, zero.

  107. Charles Turner

    I would be interested to know whether any of the USA media are following the UK media in either reducing comment sections from online newspapers or removing them entirely.
    The UK press has been so full of propaganda regarding the the Economy, Middle East wars and the threat of any politician that moves out of the acceptable doctrine of the elites, that there started to be a groundswell of opinion forming in the comment sections at the bottom of articles. Many people would skim the articles and then read the truth underneath. One national newspaper, the Daily Telegraph has removed all comment sections and others are reducing them. I am wondering whether the internet has just provided to much free speech for some. It will reduce the newspapers revenues from clicks on ads, so this is not happening for economic reasons.

    • Paul ...

      If the elites take away the comment sections … it is time to turn the tables on the elites who eagerly seek immortality … lets take them to the FEMA camps they built for us … and instead upload their minds into computers … we can charge them a “one time” uploading charge … and there after a monthly fee for “life services” … this way we can more easily reprogram their minds and block them from thinking bad thoughts (like taking away the comment sections, crashing the economic system, starting WWII, etc., etc.) … as for all those black coffins we taxpayers have already paid for … we can fill them with liquid nitrogen to preserve the elites human bodies for “reprogrammed mind insertion” if they ever fail to pay their monthly “life services fees”!


    • dave

      I think in hindsight the biggest mistake the elites will have made is not censoring the internet right from the beginning. Trying to do it now will prove immensely difficult if not impossible. Although China does censor it. I don’t know how well it works over there.

  108. Marcus West

    Greg I usually don’t comment much but I took my head out of the sand over two years ago when I first found your site. I must say all the important people you had on helped me to make good choices. I really enjoy this show its by far one of the top sites I watch every time you post. I can sleep good at night knowing the choices I made will keep me above the water.
    One more thing that GINA person she made the same comments on a interview you had a week ago or so like Mr. Kirby stated the shills are out there.
    Thanks for all you do

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Marcus!

  109. ugg

    1)Gold stocks not really reflecting “imminent financial catastrophe” this morning (yet).
    2)The West consumes a lot of Chinese produced goods. China will help them not get caught off guard in currency reset(or make every attempt not to antagonize the beaten kid (USA) who still has a really big gun)
    3)I would have expected much more action if 2 or 3 weeks was the timeline. Though, definitely agree something big is happening behind the scenes, I just don’t think armageddon comes as fast and as uncalculated as “tomorrow”. Not the Chinese “MO” who are “patient”, “long term” in perspective, will probably lease the US gold (because they have to sell their products somewhere and simply won’t stop accepting an american currency), and the east can continue to buy any more available gold for as long as possible before the reset. All of this doesnt add up to a 2 to 3 week switch. But who knows what is happening – or happened – behind the scenes.

    • Tin foil hat

      I think 5 to 6 months is more like it but even that is quit extreme for the “patient” Chinese.

      I just don’t see the point of the RMB joining the SDR if gold were not included as a component at the same time. We have enough papers, the world doesn’t need another new fiat currency.

  110. jeff

    monday 18th of april,
    you’re not up . I hope everything is ok! No interview since last week.

  111. pat the rat

    Law suit are joke billion dollars in bank money went to governments and not one penny went people that suffer at the hand of the bank.

  112. Garttard

    You and your guests have been dead wrong for years.

    • Tracy Welborn

      No, they haven’t actually. My investments are up 16 percent this year from insight I weaned off this site. I’m an accountant. There is no mathematical equation whereas the US dollar makes it. I repeat, there is NO WAY out of this. The math simply does not allow for the survival of the USD. I am early with my preps, I get that. It’s not easy watching friends make money with paper investments. It takes discipline to stay the course. However, as I just mentioned – I CAN DO 8th GRADE MATH. It’s over at some point in the very near future. I’m right with God and have done all I can do to prepare for my friends and family. I have friends that shake their heads at me like I’m crazy not knowing that I have prepared for them too. Maybe you’ve got some friends that have done the same for you.

    • Paul ...

      Garttard … How in God’s world can you be so blind as to what is going on … do you even realize MARSHALL LAW is now being discussed at the White House!!! … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FimcIBlk4_o

      • Stu

        “MARSHALL LAW?” A great Tekken character! My 10 yr old grandson loves the game.

      • Garttard

        The US dollar cannot collapse when central banks across the world are in cahoots to devalue their currency at the exact same pace.
        Besides, the U.S. military could always be used to bring back in line those who would dare venture off the dollar reservation.
        On another note, markets that were closed to U.S. corporations and banks for decades just opened up…
        Finally, it has become obvious to those who have researched the topic that Obama and Putin have been working together all along… If the Kremlin and D.C. work together, this means there is ZERO opposition to U.S. hegemony in the world, China not being a credible threat…

  113. Matt

    Well the Prez will NOT sign the Saudi Investigation Bill regarding 911. Surprised, naa. http://www.zerohedge.com

    • sk

      The SA angle, methinks, is a red herring within a red herring.

  114. JC Davis

    Greg. you messed up my week by changing the routine.

    • Deano

      he actually made my week better. thanks greg!

  115. Kaylene

    Northwest Terratorial mint in Federal Way, WA, has declared bankruptcy as of April 1st. I ordered some silver from there, as at this time, have lost access to the money I spent and the metals I ordered.

    • frederick

      Kaylene İ also am involved with that bankruptcy Contact me at [email protected] for more info on the case We are forming a group and possibly hiring an attorney for a class action

  116. Justn Observer

    Evening Greg !
    Any idea that China is chugging along or that the world economy is NOT fading might consider this ! Historical low shipping out of China belies the numbers of GDP ‘growth’ in China… So if the U.S. waiting for the Chinese purchasing of U.S. goods to pull the U.S. out of the doldrums…. GOOD LUCK !


    • Galaxy 500

      And all that paid for real estate that are ghost cities. If you build it they will come only works on the movies

    • Tin foil ha

      Justin Obserer,
      Boy, you just don’t get it. China is expecting/preparing for the eventual demise/massive devaluation of the yuan.
      China is preparing for the new global reserve currency – SDR. It doesn’t make sense if the new reserve currency is make up of a basket of unstable fiat currencies which have already been overprinted.
      I believe US, UK, Japan, China and EU will soon have their own Gold Exchanges which fix the gold price denominated in their own individual currency, or they would have to trust the IMF to do it for them – probably in the form of dual currencies system I have spoken of earlier. If the gold were priced incorrectly by any one of these exchanges, an arbitrage would create a gold flow which would self correct the problem.
      I think the five nations which make up the components of the SDR would have the privilege to get the first pot of fresh playing chips (SDR), providing they would deposit 10-20% in gold and 80-90% in their respective currencies in exchange for the SDR. The more gold a nation would deposit in the IMF, the bigger the piece of SDR pie would be in the bank’s reserve.
      Any country which get stuck with the dollar can only spend it in the US. Hopefully, these countries would invest these returning dollars in factories rather than real estates or gold.
      After the reset, we would have to work hard to justify the worth of the dollar or we would loss whatever little gold we have. Nobdy can handle the coming reset. With Trump, we have a fighting chance. With Sanders, we are DOA. With Hilary or Cruz, we are going to war.

  117. RichM

    You know folks…. whether you think Bill Gates is NWO or whatever… he is a true Capitalist and an impressive individual. I cannot forget when the Fed’s were after his Microsoft in the 1990’s trying to break them up for a few reasons but really because they felt Microsoft was too big and powerful… Back then I suspected Bill Gates pissed them off somehow….. and in turn he felt as a creator of tens of thousands of dollars and billions of tax revenue, they over-reached and tried to make a fool out of him. Only arrogant politicians would do this although I do know that Miscrosoft did take some advantage of their monopolistic opportunities. Yet still, Bill must have been thinking, who the hell do you guys think you are attacking one of the greatest and most innovative companies this country has ever seen. It would be almost enough to make him become “dis-enfranchised or de-pat-rioted I suspect.”

    Anyway, that was then and this is now…

    I found this article today about Bill Gates and that he is BEGGING the US Government about the one thing they should spend money on. Not social programs, not ObamaCare or anything like it. He is all but begging the US to spend on R&D.

    Now what does that tell us when it comes to one of the richest billionaires in the world. From someone like Bill Gates himself?

    It makes me think he see’s that America is fast losing our technical advantage and solverency all at the same time due to waste and spending on socialistic endeavors instead…. that and that the corrupt politicians are more than willing to sell our technologies…… that he too see’s us soon becoming the Banana Republic of America. I suspect, that just like a much lesser billionaire like Donald Trump, he too see’s the debt and the utter stupidity of the WA DC politicians and something in his heart is saying… even though I am well taken care of order in the NWO, it still makes me sad that the USA will likely o from the top 3 most powerful and innovative countries to somewhere around 35th if we aren’t careful.

    What I think he see’s most of all, just like Trump does and we do… is that our very Government has become so anti-capitalism. It breaks my heart.


    • RichM

      I meant…..Hell yeah Microsoft was HUGE but was also the creator of tens of thousands of jobs…..

      It really shows how dis-connected the government is from free enterprise and free capitalism. Capitalism in the single greatest institution to bring more people out of poverty and despair. Somehow politicians on both sides have lost all perception of that very fact.

    • RichM

      haha…. sorry… another clarification… I am not saying Donald Trump is NWO, I suppose Bill gates must be but still he is still an American. I think Trump is jsut a billionaire who is definitely an outsider considering the way he is treated. But I also think he is running in the hopes of fixing the broken system that is WA DC. I sense Trump wants to fix it or damn well die trying. That is my gut feeling and I hope that is correct.

      As far as Bill Gates, he is not doing that as he is also set and even more so….. but I cannot imagine him not still being saddened by the demise of his own country that he see’s coming. … even if it is in the name of the NWO plan.

  118. Mark


    Here’s Mike Maloney’s take on the DB silver & gold fix fiasco….


  119. eddielaidler

    Ordered more silver this morning on the breakout and China news. Get it while you can. Canada’s Gold is gone because it was probably used up as price suppression. Watch mining in Canada as when it goes full tilt they will be replenishing their Gold supplies. China is a new sheriff in town and may have enough metal now.

  120. Steven R

    I think “Jerry” from our own comments here on watch dog would make an excellent guest. I look forward to the regular scheduled guest and Greg’s comments and then I look for Jerry’s comments…

    • eddielaidler

      Uh….No! Jerry scrapes the internet and calls that his “Sources”. He is no dummy but remember that you are on the internet.

  121. Galaxy 500

    I hate Saudi Arabia but if these morons lift sovereign immunity, our soldiers, our government everything here in America is going to be sued out of existence.
    These cretins don’t understand the consequences of their actions. But then, should Bush have understood that Iraq was a dagger at the throat of Iran? We never should have invaded Iraq. It shows a gross lack of understanding of the middle east, it’s people and the dynamics of tribalism.
    Outside of 0bama, Clinton and Carter we haven’t had a worse President in the last 50 years.
    The House of Saud was a frienemy. It was stupid to allow them to fund mosques here. They don’t allow churches there. But they are against the crazies in Iran. 0bama sold out the Saudis , Egyptians and Israelis. In doing so, 0bama is causing all out allies to rethink their alliances . And this will reverberate for decades. This one man has brought destruction to America. I beleive he will allow sovereign immunity to be pierced to damage America. The only up side is that he will not be able to travel the world for fear of being held responsible for the many murders he has committed. And it may open up him to be tried for the murder of American citizens abroad.

    • foggygoggles

      This certainly wasn’t Obummer’s decision–research the deep state.

    • foggygoggles

      As Dr. Joseph P. Farrell would put it, Saudi Arabia and Turkey are on the menu.

    • Ranger67

      I think that Jerry makes valuable contributions with his comments. Jerry is correct but his timing is off (it will happen over an extended period of time). The dollar has real problems in the future as both Rob and Jerry have stated. Another large OPEC country has just dropped the dollar for oil transactions. The Saudi’s are threatening to dump 750 billion in treasuries. If this were to spread – countries might start dumping their dollars for 50% or less just to get rid of them. This would cause the dollar to collaspe. These are the real threats that Jerry and Rob are talking about, (in addition to China) and they will happen unless the USA changes course financially.

  122. Galaxy 500

    The Shanghai Exchange is up and running. I thought gold was supposed to take off. Wasn’t that what everyone was predicting?

    • Daphne Lamb


      The sheeple are occupied, there’s voter suppression going on in NewYork. Crise, Trump, Bernie must be stopped!

    • frederick

      İt did up over 15 dollars today and silver up 90 cents an ounce

    • Paul ...

      G500 … who cares about gold … look at silver … http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui?s=%24SILVER&p=W&b=5&g=0&id=p10470424227

      • Paul ...

        G500 … Before the Chinese can set the price of gold where they think it should be … the yuan must become fully convertible … the first official Chinese benchmark price (derived from a 1 kg-contract traded by 18 participants on the Shanghai Gold Exchange) was set today at 256.92 yuan ($39.69) per gram (equivalent to $1,234.50/ounce).
        The new benchmark set today is not yet an immediate threat to London … but over time China will be able to move the price higher!

        • Tin foil ha

          I concur.

        • allen ols

          tis true

  123. Justn Observer


    • Tin foil ha

      Justin Observer,
      I was looking at JOY late last year but didn’t stay focus. I was too busy looking at the miners. Thanks for reminding me of JOY.

  124. allen ols

    Yes it chafe’s my ass people voted for bush, cheney , rumsfield and opened the door for all these ME countries to be destabilized per Gen. Wesley Clark and then not even find the WMD’s.

    Oh, and on another note, ” The vote is rigged, it is criminal what the RNC PARTY BOSSES are doing to the American people manipulating the votes.” -Donald Trump, Donald Trump jr.-

  125. Tom Cunningham


    I was surprised to not see a WNW, but pleasantly surprised to see your interview with Mr. Kirby. It is starting to hit the MSM more and more about how all of the markets are manipulated. The funny thing is, the MSM tries to come across as if it is no big deal, however, the push back they are getting give me hope that more of the masses are awake than we all think.

    It has been interesting to see what has happened in the metals market since I watched this video on Sunday night. Silver is up 4.7%, while Gold is up 1.1%. All of this while the USD index is falling to 10 months lows. All of this really adds credence to what Mr. Kirby said in the interview, IMHO. On top of that, fuel prices are up over 25% over their February lows. It will be most interesting to see every that DB names when the full report becomes public.

    Some other new of note under “The Economy is Great!” meme:
    1. Intel just announced today that it will be eliminating 11% (12,000) of its’ global workforce.
    2. Vestis Retail Group has initiated Chapter 11 Bankruptcy proceedings. They run Eastern Mountain Sports, Bob’s Stores, and Sport Chalet. All stores to close.
    3. Sports Authority is poised to liquidate after entering Chapter 11 bankruptcy last month.

    I apologize if I present a Sporting Goods slant as that is the business I am in (Sporting Goods Wholesale Distribution). It just goes to show how great the economy is. Sporting Goods as a whole weathered the great recession without many casualties. Now with the economy doing “great” (/sarcasm), we are seeing many old time brick and mortar SG retailers fall by the wayside.

    Keep up the great work and I am truly looking forward to your interview with Mr. Mannarino.

    Tom Cunningham

    • Greg Hunter

      I went with Mr. Kirby as nothing I could come up with would have been bette3r than his information and analysis. Mannarino up tonight and he is , once again, insightful.

  126. Rock

    My ipad keeps dropping my connection to this site when I am scrolling down the comment section. Don’t know what the deal is with that….I do not seem to have the same problem on my mac though.

    • Dan

      Mine too!

  127. coalburner

    Hey G 500! Have you studied the dynamics of tribalism and other steps on the cultural ladder? How about the differences of Classes? Really interesting stuff and you are right, Bush, Cheney and also most definitely the boy genius in the White House now(ha), never knew beans about the subject and still do not. I got interested 30 years ago by a little book , called “Class”. I went from there to everything I could find which is little. Then I heard 20 years later that some school teacher had made huge steps in understanding and it was being taught to teachers. Then, along came one of the top books ever written “Guns, Germs and Steel” They talk all around the subject shedding much light. Worth the reads. One rule is the great difficulity of jumping one step on the ladder. It often takes generations and some jumps do not stick. That is one of the Islamic things, they cannot leave the tribal life and Islam was written for it. Unlike a number of other religions mostly with much older origins. They move to somewhere like Europe and instead of becoming European they form tribal enclaves. Simple observation! You might argue they have some non-tribal traits but they are strongly Isalmic and with violent overtones and that is enough to hold them. That is the reason they are always living in the 6th Century and cannot go against there violent brethern. It took Europe 700 years to get them out last time and they forgot in 500 more. It will be at least a 1000 years this time if there is anything but total war.

  128. Brad Winnekins

    At the 15 minute mark Kirby claims the dollar is going to crash in 3 weeks. Well, what another stupid prediction that was. This example illustrates one of the main shortcomings of your show. Your focus on short term predictions is just stupid. You should know that no one can make these kinds of predictions with any accuracy. But you will not stop. Most of the people who listen to your show are addicted to dumb predictions so you will keep serving up the nonsense.

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