Update: Kevin Shipp Destroys Hammer Hoax

Former CIA Officer and whistleblower Kevin Shipp has new material on the so-called “Hammer” (Hamr) surveillance. Shipp gives extensive documented proof that both Dennis Montgomery and his super-secret program are a hoax. This story has been pushed for nearly three years on other channels, and Shipp has been attacked for telling the truth about this false story.  Please watch Kevin Shipp professionally dismantle this bogus story so we can all concentrate on the real NSA data abuse used to try to remove President Trump from office.   (This is a brand new updated video (7/2/19) with much more new information.)

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  1. Doug Cook

    Thanks for this Greg. Anyone can be fooled including very skilled and dedicated Orthopedic Surgeons. A humble doctor not driven by ego and not trained as an intelligence analyst will eat some crow and admit they were taken for a ride. I hope Dr. Janda has the integrity I think he has. We shall see. And I know it’s not easy for your to have to share this but you have integrity and are going to go where the hard evidence leads and your stock has gone up in my estimation.

    • Greg Hunter

      Sad thing here Doug is Shipp notified Janda months ago on a at least couple of different occasions via email of the problems of “Hamr.” Shipp was actually warning Dr. Janda of the huge problems of the Montgomery hoax. Instead of listening, Dr. Janda goes on the air and casts dispersions on Shipp after I interview him on why Montgomery and “Hamr” are both a hoax. Shipp only wanted to correct the record so we all focus on the real NSA data abuse story.

      Shipp is a real deal former CIA Officer and whistleblower who had very high security clearances. One example, he protected the CIA Director at his home for more than a year. How high does your clearance need to be to do that?? Thank you for your support.

      • Uncommon Sense

        Greg, these playground arguments and all the political stuff is boring!!! Can you just focus on economics?

        • William Stanley

          I assume that you are being ironic. They used to call it “POLITICAL economy,” as I recall (yes, I am very old, lol).

      • Rob

        I don’t think many of us truly understand how far our Father will go to separate truth from lawlessness:

        Matthew 10:34-39 Think not that I came to send peace on the earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. (35) For I came to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law: (36) and a man’s foes shall be they of his own household. (37) He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me. (38) And he that doth not take his cross and follow after me, is not worthy of me. (39) He that findeth his life shall lose it; and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it.

        The Sword is the Word that separates truth from lawlessness:


      • Doug

        Cui Bono; ‘who does it benefit?’

        It doesn’t benefit Dr. Janda to knowingly present false information. It could of benefitted a con artist like Montgomery and it might benefit certain agencies that would like to deflect from what they did and put it on someone/something else.

        Dr. Janda was trained to mend broken bodies and broken bones. He wasn’t trained as an intelligence analyst or as an investigative reporter like yourself. Janda was probably showed rudimentary documentation of Montgomery’s clearance from years ago and what Montgomery stated sounded ‘good’. Not having the benefit of knowing how to check out a story Janda went with it. I doubt you would single source a story this important without excellent supporting documentation and very strong circumstantial evidence. Dr. Janda just didn’t have the training to spot this for what it is.

        Problem for Dr. Dave is he has invested a lot in this explanation over the last few years and now he feels that his credibility is on the line. He has a popular radio show on a commercial station and an extensive following. Human nature being what it is with ego involved one can either admit the error and take your lumps or double down to save face. To be a great surgeon you need a lot of ego as it seems to be a qualification to do the almost impossible and Dr. Janda was a great surgeon from what I’ve read.

        We don’t need big ego’s in our community as the stakes are too high and we certainly don’t need infighting by those who desire truth above all. Dr. Janda has to understand that your credibility is also on the line if you didn’t present what you know from Mr. Shipp as Dr. Janda has been a guest here many times. It’s not easy for you to lose a friend nor is it easy for you to have to correct what your friend presented on your channel. It shows that you value the truth and want only the truth to present on your platform whatever the cost.

        Kudo’s my friend! Who does it benefit? Not Dr. Dave and I hope instead of doubling down on a losing hand that instead it would kindle within him a great desire to get to the bottom of this. I know he is going to be on the website perusing all the comments and I hope he can find it within himself to ‘man up’ and take his lumps and move on.

      • Truth will set you free

        You have lost a lot of credibility with this one Greg. Ship is a COUNTER INTELLIGENCE OFFICER of the DeepState orchestration force the CIA. Meaning his job is to “keep sensitive and threatening info from being know and decisive the forces that oppose the CIA”. The whistle blowing scheme that was designed to give him credibility is Counter intelligence 101. You now will be viewed as either a propaganda agent or a gullible mouth peice.

        • Greg Hunter

          Neither I or Shipp have lost any credibility according to the facts. Hamr is a hoax and that is a fact. You are a paid troll who has never been here before. All you can do is make up some “counter intelligence bull crap.” This is all you got? Some unfounded name calling and zero facts to back up your case that Hamr is real and no a HOAX!!!!?? Hahahaha, we hit a nerve and you weasels are pissed. That’s why you are here. Talk about “counter-intelligence.” I am NOT “gullible” as I know you are a weasel paid troll. Now go play in the street.

        • William Stanley

          “Truth will set you free,”
          CIA’s motto? Good trolling!

  2. iwitness02

    Haven’t gone through the evidence yet, but it sure sounds like the case is building against Janda. Inasmuch as leaving out pertinent facts concerning Montgomery. The burning question is why. Sure hope the day comes when all this makes sense. It is interesting enough to me to pursue it further. Thanks for posting this Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      This presentation completely destroys the “Hamr” Hoax — completely. Janda tried to make Shipp out like a guy covering for the Deep State and HE’S NOT. The facts and the truth are on Shipp’s side and there is not even close. Shipp is a true patriot and stuck his neck out, yet again, for the truth!!!

      • Diane

        Thanks Greg.
        Thanks Kevin.

  3. Mike

    When intelligent people like Kevin Shipp and Bill Binney disagree, it is likely that they are both missing something. When it comes to evidence, how do you know the difference between a deep state fabrication to “dirty up” a whistleblower versus a legitimate court record that documents the operation of a fair justice system? Why should the operation of the justice system be trusted under the Obama regime? Why would personal data to be used for blackmail be identified as “classified” under inspection? Could the vault 7 HAMR be the means used to gather blackmail information? Why would the NSA system be used by Obama if a parallel platform had spying capability? Would a parallel platform with 47 hard drives be nothing in comparison with the NSA system with the Utah data center? If the “whistleblower” was a criminal then why is he not in jail?

    • Greg Hunter

      No Mike,
      They are not both missing something. Shipp has exposed a hoax and the other side is embarrassed and trying to not look foolish. It is that simple. Hamr and Montgomery are both a hoax.

      • Beverly Kingsford

        I saw a documentary on Dennis Montgomery a long time ago, about how he is a friend of the Clinton’s and that he is very good at making totally false stuff look like credible information. So, Dennis Mont. can not be trusted at all. It takes courage for Kevin Shipp to come out and set the record straight when it involves his friends. I respect him for that. Unfortunately, I believe that all of these facts will be swept away in their importance, because of the economy tanking. That will be the big distraction. That and other very serious crimes(murder) that totally destabilize the nation.

        • Greg Hunter

          Are you sure that is accurate and not a disinformation campaign. You know many of the bosses of the CIA (when he left) hated him. They took away his pension.

    • Paul in oz

      Mike, prior to this video I also felt like you … if you do what Mr. Shipp suggests, you will see very damning evidence that this is a hoax … like you I questioned Greg on this in the prior posting … IMO Greg did not jump to a conclusion, but rather vetted his position and once easier access was provided, we can all have access to enough facts to conclude the HAMR is nothing more than a browser hacking platform and not a super spying tool.

  4. Erika Miller

    Thank you for this update, Greg. The level of persistent digging required in a sea of obfuscation and deception to find the truth is just mind boggling. In the end, it is the truth that shall set us free. Kudos to Shipp and you.
    It is going to be interesting to see what attacks your website will have to endure as retribution.
    You are the King of news.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Erika. Dr. Janda has told me we are no longer friends because I went against him on his Hmar hoax.

      • Paul Lucki

        Sorry to hear that Greg, but its good to know your compass never sways from the truth. Keep up your excellent work, you have and will continue to earn our respect.

      • Marie

        Sorry to hear that, Greg! although it tells me a lot about him. I’ve got his website bookmarked–gonna go delete it right now…

  5. Anthony Australia

    I never really believed Janda and always thought he was hijacking your platform.
    He always seemed contrived.

    • Greg Hunter

      Janda pushed a hoax and when he was warned by a top CIA whistleblower he tripled down. WTF??? The only think I am 100% sure of is Montgomery and “Hamr” are both a hoax.

      • Anthony Australia

        Stay focused on your objectives Greg, forget the noise and battle on.

  6. Jodyp

    But Dr. Dave ” believes” he’s right!

    • Greg Hunter

      Yeah Jody, and bruce Jenner thinks he’s a woman.

    • Stan

      Yeah, and Jerry believes in Big Foot and crop circles.

      • Greg Hunter

        You are making crap up.

      • Jerry

        You’re not intelligent enough to insult me, so quit wasting your time. As far as the NSA goes, Dr. Janda may have been wrong about the Hamr program, but spying on Americans is nothing new. Back in the seventies my cousin who was in the secret service told my parents to be careful what they said on the phone, because they’re phone was tapped. There’s no doubt in my mind that the Obama administration was having the IRS target concervative groups during his administration. And now you have Mark Zuckerberg and the rest of the clowns at google doing the same. Nope. Nothing to see here move along.

        The only real fantasy here is the idea that an investor like Stan (which I doubt he is) is dumb enough to buy Deutsche Bank stock. Dr. Janda, I believe was fed disinformation for a reason. Evidently he was getting to close to some real truth, and needed to be compromised.

        • Stan

          DB had big move up today

        • paul ...

          Jerry … Mark Zuckerberg and the rest of the clowns at Google pretend to be running a search engine … but it is a search engine “that hides information” for political purposes and to control who wins our elections!! …

          • paul ...

            Google is using its power to overturn Constitutional law (by controlling free speech) … now if the Legislature tried to control free speech the Supreme Court would rule it to be unconstitutional … so Trump needs to drag Google before the Supreme Court … the only problem is … our current Supreme Court is currently acting just like Google and are legislating laws (like Roe V. Wade) when their only function is simply determine if a law passed by Congress obeys the Constitution!!

            • paul ...

              Use DuckGoGo for your search engine and you will reach more documents … including those that were scrubbed by Google!!

        • William Stanley

          This probably is not news to you: But lots of people listen in on your phone conversations, not just NSA, CIA and other federal agencies. Your local sheriff (and even private parties, I would think) may be listening in, too (via a “stingray” device). And and all without warrants.

      • Jerry

        Have you heard the old saying “ follow the money”?

        I don’t see them buying Deutsche Bank stock. Do you?
        Greg, thanks for posting Stan’s comments. He’s more fun than watching a car full of clowns.

      • Uncommon Sense

        Stan we have had this discussion before. Crop circles exist! The only point of contention is on who or what made them. It is like UFOs. UFOs exist. The point is nobody knows what they are.

      • The Zionist 2A American Patriot

        …and Stan believes in Deutsche Bank.
        Time for the men in white coats!

      • K.Wayne

        Stan the Man…..Shouldn’t you be busy making Funeral Arrangements ?
        DB is on its last legs….. any day now. Life support will be turned off imminently. For someone who has cherished DB for so long you are being quite disrespectful. Silence ….. in this time …..is the Golden rule.

  7. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter,
    What an interesting turn of events!
    I saw the Janda interview of Messers Binney and Weibe before I saw you interview Mr. Shipp.
    Mr. Binney had for years been a hero of mine (although I was unfamiliar with Mr. Weibe). Nevertheless, my initial take on the Janda interview was that Mr. Binney (especially) and Dr. Janda were strong-arming Mr. Weibe. Something seemed wrong.
    This is disconcerting because Mr. Binney’s findings about the download speed of the Wikileaks documents from the DNC server are/were such apparently-powerful evidence refuting the narrative of Russian “hacking” although, as I recall, there is corroborating evidence refuting the Russian hacking narrative.
    This whole episode is especially disturbing because it tends to impeach Mr. Binney’s credibility. My intuition is that we are seeing the tip of a subterranean battle between CIA and NSA.
    Moreover, I am under the impression that NSA has ALL the data and has known all along who did what to whom. If the DNC data had travelled over the internet, NSA would know. Yet that fact(?) goes unnoticed, unmentioned, and under-appreciated. Why? Are we still pretending that NSA doesn’t get and have EVERYTHING, FISA warrants or not?

  8. Finally

    Been warning about Janda for a couple of years. He is all Fake news. (Tribunals, Executions, etc.) all was Click bate
    Thank God, you got it now. Between him and High I was beginning to give up on USAWATCHDOG

  9. regaleagle

    Looks like Janda has mud on his face now for sure…..and he was warned in advance! Now he strikes out against you Greg for reporting truths exposed by one of the top whistleblowers in our nation concerning NSA activities. Sorry for Dr. Dave……but I would definitely suggest a very loooong look into the clearest mirror he has access to. We can all be wrong……but when proven wrong with tons of evidence documented is the time to wave the white flag and surrender…….not strike back at others in anger.

    • regaleagle

      We all need to put our personal agendas aside in this critical time in our nation’s soul-seaching for truth and justice and band together against the greater fight against tyranny…….I hope Dr. Dave can come to his senses soon.

  10. anthony bona, m.d.

    it is sad to hear dr. janda had such a spiteful response to the truth being revealed. it would have been so much more dignified to simply acknowledge he was duped, and thank mr. schipp and greg. that would have ended it and most would simply forgive and forget as people realize all human beings err. the road dr. janda took is ill-conceived, and it will be harder to forgive him later should he repent. dr. janda has made a big mistake.

    • Dawn Aper

      You will know them by thier fruits!! I’ve never heard Dave JANDA praising God, or Jesus Christ. Greg does!! Very TELLING!!!

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you Dawn!

  11. Victor Lee

    Great job Greg, you are the “REAL DEAL”!

  12. Sue Robinson

    Thank you for posting Kevin’s piece. Kevin Shipp, as you noted, is the ‘real deal.’ Dr. Janda, bless his heart, does seem to have a problem here. I have found Dr. Janda’s work to be a bit short of credible over time. Perhaps overlong on emotion. As a former journalist who did a lot of ‘investigative’ type work, I am aware that it always is a danger to trust sources without verifying their information, and it is easy to let emotional investments override cold, hard facts. Finally, you have been brave enough and tough enough to let the facts lead here, even when it meant losing a friend. So, take yourself out for an ice cream cone, Greg.

  13. Barb

    Thank you Kevin (and Greg) for clarifying this once again. This kind of reporting is what puts you and Greg on the top of the heap! As for Janda – very sad. Let’s see if he comes around.

  14. Jim Lauck

    Greg, you are a true hero, and I am sure you agonize over the real possibility that one you admired and featured is fraudulent or too proud to admit mistakes. I know I trust Kevin Shipp’s word, backed up by proof!

    I very much wanted to believe Janda but often had doubts. I too wish he would man-up to his errors or produce hard, provable evidence backing up what he espouses. He often, IMHO, left issues hanging as conjecture, and that I think is preaching, not teaching.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Jim. Montgomery building “Hamr” program is clearly a hoax.

  15. Stan

    Deutsche Bank soaring today!!

    • Greg Hunter

      DB is $7.34. Whatever you say man.


    The fact of the matter is YOU are an idiot Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yeah Mike,
      I guess I am an idiot for having a free site you can comment on.

    • William Stanley

      Re: “The fact of the matter is . . ..”
      In my experience, when someone uses the phrase “the fact of the matter is,” they are usually two things; (1) about to lie, and (2) a Democrat. It’s a tell.

      • iwitness02

        I admire your athletic ability. That was quite a leap! Although it was a lousy landing.

  17. Linda W

    I never have taken Dave Janda very seriously as his close associates, Generals Mcinerney and Vallely, are reputed to be or to have been close associates with Michael Aquino and have ties to MKULTRA, the scandal at the Presidio Air Force Base (Vallely was CO), and the Satanic military officers corps in general. Douglas Dietrich, a first-hand whistleblower –has reported on these ghouls for years. Constance Cumbey has done the most extensive documentation of these three very questionable persons. I recommend DuckGoGo for reaching more documents that are scrubbed by Google and its derivatives.

  18. Open Eyes

    A short article on Father Malachi Martin. It contains a lot of information about nefarious activities said to be going on in the Catholic Church: Which would account for all the scandals occurring.


  19. Diane

    I think it was Will Rogers who said
    ” you can’t fool a honest man”
    Greg Hunter is an honest man.
    Janda is not.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Diane for the Will Rogers quote!! I have not heard that one.

  20. `

    Greg, A great example of Journalistic integrity ! Mr. Schiff was very humble in his approach to addressing a smear and inaccurate information and setting the record straight. We will never find truth, unless the false breadcrumbs and rabbit trail laid to distract – deceive are not exposed. Thank you and Mr. Shipp!
    Adding to my last post…that same beat con-tinues as well as the metadata suggests similar such ‘narratives’ to lead away from what ‘they’ were really up and led to the more recent crimes of rigging elections, setting up Trump and the attempted coup of him … More dots and connections aligning it would seem along with the dismissed court cases and denial of evidence being allowed into court records…https://twitter.com/georgwebb
    catch up = https://www.youtube.com/user/georgwebb/videos?disable_polymer=1

  21. Jerry

    I’m hearing from my contacts that tensions are high again with North Korea.

    Without disclosing specifics it is believed that the u.s. is ramping up its military presence in the South China Sea. This is not going to go well with China as President xi is scheduled to met with President trump behind closed doors at the g-20.

  22. sheryl

    Wow can’t believe Janda said that to you. who needs friends like that I don’t think you do you have a ton of friends here,certainly would love to be one!!!!!!
    your integrity cant be questioned


  23. sandra sullivan

    I am very disappointed in Janda. Surely, the Lord is already separating the sheep from the goats. Men of valor are still standing and some are coming forth. I do count you and Kevin as men of that caliber. I am quoting the prayer ‘make us a thousand times as many as we are.’ OT

  24. Matt

    How do you know which side to believe?
    Once a CIA asset always a CIA asset I always thought. So Adm McInerny was lying to Janda?

    • Greg Hunter

      You believe the side with the court records and documented evidence and that is clearly owned by Kevin Shipp.

  25. Mark James

    Dr. Janda has provided a lot of good information… on this very channel over the years. I agree Mr Shipp seems to have put the final nail in the whole Hamr thing… but please let’s not throw “the baby out with the bathwater”.

    Trying to have 100% accurate sources all the time or have 100% accurate predictions all the time is just not humanly possible.

    After viewing this, I do believe Dr. Dave Janda made a mistake on Hamr and Montgomery. Let’s keep this in perspective. I don’t think he is a “bad guy” now or before. If Greg chooses to have him on, I will watch it. Just as I will watch Clif High. If Greg has on Eric Swalwell… then I will start getting worried. Ha ha!

    Just my thoughts on it.

    • Greg Hunter

      Dr. Janda has not acknowledge this story is a hoax. Janda has doubled down. Janda has told me we are no longer friends. So it’s no longer up to me.

      • Chris

        Janda always showed up for me as a drama king.

      • Mark James

        That is very sad. 🙁 Losing a friendship over this??

        Most people who you have on don’t always agree, but at least they respect each other.

        Really Sad. Kinda speaks about Janda.

    • Rebecca

      I agree with you. Dr. Janda loves our country just like I believe Kevin Shipp does. I believe they are both good guys. The truth will come out.
      I would be very worried if Greg had Eric Swalwell on!!!

      • Greg Hunter

        Dr. Dave is continuing to tell a false story in the Hoax of the “Hamr” data collection system He was warned for months and no Shipp has come out with a second video destroying the “Hamr” Hoax. This is not a disagreement but a provable false story. The question I am asking is why? Watch Dave’s lates video the new stuff as of July 2 nd is near the last quarter of the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gxKE86LoYic

  26. Tommy

    Another reason not to believe the wild predictions that are sold by many.

  27. Jim

    Janda has been a phony from the beginning. He loves the adulation of breaking “insider” information. You don’t get those kinds of sources from being an MD consulting for the government. He is a little man playing a big mans game. I’m glad you finally figured him out Greg. You are the real deal, however, I am sure in the name of providing a variety of content you have to interview some questionable people. Bo Polny comes to mind.

  28. Margie Adams

    I usually come here to get info about gold and silver. When will I ever get back to even?
    This guest is boring because he can’t get to the point!

    • Greg Hunter

      You will.

  29. Nico-Jeriko Loikkanen

    Dear Sir,

    May I ask why you removed this video from your youtube channel? I watched Dr Dave Janda’s videos where he spoke about this video and I was surely surprised to see you remove this video.



  30. Mary

    on Jan. 5th 2017 Obama informed Sally Yates about Flynn’s phone conversation with the Russian Ambassador. She was very surprised he knew of it when she didn’t. How did Obama have this info if the first unmasking of Gen. Flynn later that day.

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