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Dollar Alternative Anyone?

By Greg Hunter’s  Countries around the world have been actively seeking ways to not do business in dollars for the past few years.  The U.S. dollar is the so-called world reserve currency, but the big question is for how long? 

Two Parties No Difference

By Greg Hunter’s  The political season is well underway, and the real problems of the country and how to fix them are not being talked about.  Instead, we get lengthy discussions on things like contraception or religion.  The banking system

Gas Prices Signal Tsunami of Inflation

Greg Hunter’s A good friend of mine, who has family living abroad, called me this weekend. One of the first things out of his mouth was about his sister in London and how she was dealing with “terrible inflation.” No

Weekly News Wrap-Up 2.24.12

By Greg Hunter’s  Syria is the top story, this week, because the bloody revolution there has big super power war implications.  This violent uprising against Bashar Assad has been going on for months. Two journalists covering the story were killed

Greek Debt Deal Done—Yeah Right

By Greg Hunter’s  I keep asking myself, when is a deal not a deal?  Every time I hear the words “Greek debt deal” or “Greek bailout” in the same sentence, I wonder if, this time, they really have a deal. 

Consequences of Iran-Israel War

The latest headline proves, once again, Iran and Israel are moving closer to war.  The only question is when.  A headline, today, from said, “Tehran steps into US-Israel Iran row with threat of pre-emptive strike.”  The story goes on to

Inflation Everywhere but MSM Says NOT

By Greg Hunter’s  It seems every chance the mainstream media (MSM) gets, it tells us things really aren’t that bad.  For example, the headline from the Associated Press (AP) said, “Consumer prices on the rise, but inflation outlook is benign.”

Weekly News Wrap-Up 2.17.12

By Greg Hunter’s The big story is the continued threat of World War III in the Middle East.  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, this week, sanctions are not working on Iran; and the U.S. Senate is talking about a

U.S. Dollar Will Take Beating in the End

By Greg Hunter’s In the simplest of terms, the U.S. dollar will take a beating in the end.  That is going to be the result of all the bailouts and money printing to save an insolvent banking system.  Today, I

Mortgage Settlement Not Only Thing Plunging Prices

By Greg Hunter’s  New data just released revealed delinquency rates for mortgage holders is up in the last quarter of 2011.  Now, the national mortgage delinquency rate is 6.01%, up from 5.88% in the third quarter of 2011 according to

World Crisis in Pictures

By Greg Hunter’s It is said “a picture is worth a thousand words,” and the following story features more than a dozen from Greece, Europe and the Middle East where people are protesting the burden laid on them by the crooked,

Mortgage Settlement Will Plunge Real Estate Values

By Greg Hunter’s  It is official.  State and federal governments have condoned forgery, perjury and fraud in what’s been called the “robo-signing” foreclosure debacle.  Last week, the five biggest banks in America signed on to a $26 billion deal that,

Weekly News Wrap-Up 2.10.12

By Greg Hunter’s  The big news, this week, was the $25 billion mortgage settlement with the five biggest banks in the country over allegations of mortgage and foreclosure fraud.  It has been reported that $13.5 trillion of potential fraud is

Fed’s Free Money Isn’t Really Free

By now everyone has heard of the Federal Reserve’s free money policy where the Fed loans money to its banking buddies at or near 0%.  This is a great deal for the bankers, but free money isn’t really free, and it

Bless You, D. Sherman Okst

By Greg Hunter’s  Today, I received a personal email from D. Sherman Okst titled “F*** You.”  Okst is an Internet financial writer that, I think, does some very good work.  So, I was taken back when Okst wrote