CV19 Injections Will Cause Massive Deaths – Dr. Elizabeth Eads

By Greg Hunter’s           

Dr. Elizabeth Eads is on the front line of medicine treating patients who have been injected with the experimental CV19 so-called “vaccines.”  Dr. Eads has 25 years of experience in North East Florida hospitals.  Dr. Eads contends the injections (or jabs) are not vaccines.  They are “bioweapons,” and the jabs are not medicine that is intended to help or cure people.  Dr. Eads says, “We are seeing from the jabs all kinds of under-reported side effects.  We are seeing infertility in women.  We are seeing miscarriages.  We are seeing myocarditis, pericarditis, pulmonary embolisms and blood clots everywhere in the body.  We are seeing swollen lymph nodes and swollen testicles.  Dr. Ryan Cole has reported an increase of cancers, and we are seeing that as well in the hospitals.  We are seeing blood clots and strokes and hemorrhagic strokes, dementias and strokes and blood clots in young people too.”

Dr. Eads says the adverse reactions and deaths are way undercounted.  Dr. Eads contends doctors are keeping quiet to keep their jobs just like Nazi Germany before WWII.  Dr. Eads explains, “This is worse than Nazi camps and Dr. Mengele and his experimentation.  MIT came out last week with an estimate of 500,000 deaths (because of CV19 injections).  They looked at all of the reporting agencies . . . and their numbers are close to 500,000 deaths already, and we know that VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) only reports one percent. . . . . We are looking at 500,000, and we are going into flu season now.  These people who received the jab have no immune system left.  There are going to be mass deaths this winter, and I bet we are going to reach numbers in the millions.”

Dr. Eads goes on to highlight how medically reckless the CV19 jabs and the mass experimental human drug trials really are.  Dr. Eads says, “There are no control groups.  This is completely out of control.  There is no oversight.  There is absolutely no FDA, no CDC, no review board oversight, nobody is following up on those that were in the study or following up on their progress, adverse reactions or antibody levels. . . . When this vaccine was rolled out, the boxes came with a completely blank package insert—completely blank.  That is against all prescribing rules.  Even as of this week, the package insert for ingredients is still blank. . . .This is completely out of control and completely dangerous.  There is no informed consent being given.  How can you give informed consent to a patient when you don’t know what’s in it?  You can’t say because we don’t have any study on what the adverse effects are.”

There is much more in the 45 minute interview, including how much the hospital gets paid for getting you on a ventilator, which few survive.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks to 25 year veteran Dr. Elizabeth Eads, DO, exposing the lies that Big Pharma, CDC, FDA and NIH are telling the public.  Dr. Eads will highlight the real unreported effects of the CV19 injections/jabs and how it’s all gone completely out of control in hospitals across the country.

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After the Interview:

You can follow Dr. Elizabeth (Betsy) Eads on Twitter or you can follow her on Telegram.

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  1. Brooklyn

    God Bless You, Greg Hunter. No rest for the weary, as it is only Tuesday evening and you are back at the USAW microphone to bring this courageous Dr. Elizabeth Eads, who has, according to bio, been on the front line treating patients who have been injected with the experimental CV19 so-called “vaccines.” Our plan is to send this long awaited interview to many of our friends and family.

    Thank you, Dr. Eads! Thank you, Greg Hunter.

    • Brent Morrison

      This is IMO a depopulation effort. What everyone is failing to realize is that the planet can in no way support seven billion souls and maintain a habitable environment. We are in the middle of a biosphere collapse with very few years left to work out a solution. No one is willing to give up their perks and lifestyles and little time left to act.

      • Greg Hunter

        Brent, The collapse it being done to us via geoengineering not naturally.

        • Ginny Silcox

          Hi Greg,
          I agree that geoengineering is a big part of this…with droughts, floods, cold snaps etc. creating famine. I am the Science Advisor for the book “Chemtrails Exposed” by Peter Kirby. Over a decade, we’ve put out 2 editions…digging into the powers behind it. I have a background in electromagnetic compatibility research (on respiratory monitors), and also designed training for DOE Emergency Ops. I’ve been tracking this entire vax genocide and want you to know how glad I am that you are out here on the front lines. Thanks for your hard work and constant effort to elevate humanity.

        • regaleagle

          Touche’ Mr. Hunter…….excellent retort full of truth and very succinct. Premeditated and Premedicated Murder of Millions!! Yes……we are indeed going to need all of those guillotines they have collected…….to operate at full capacity when the trials begin!!

        • Roxi

          And glyphosate and fluoride and CAFO. The earth is not over populated. It’s poisoned intentionally by the powers that be aka Monsanto and other large corporations and big money players. Poison the earth and the population through their evil works. Everything the government and politicians touch , “for the good of us all” they claim, messes up the entire system while lining their own pockets. It truly is a money and manipulation, power and control game. The propaganda is so deeply layered. Pure evil.

      • Rodster

        I tend to agree with Martin Armstrong. As he likes to put it, the ruling class have created so much debt, it will never be repaid and it has destroyed the economic and monetary system. As they realize this reality, they are collapsing the system and using Covid as the scapegoat.

        • Warren B.

          That may be true R….but it is important to remember the Debt is brought into existence/created to allow them to acquire all the HARD ASSETS before any collapse/reset/new monetary system.
          Note also that the Debt is the PUBLIC’s issue…so when/if it is called in… it means TPTB will still have all the Property and Natural Resources. This is true for not only America’s Elite but also those of the CCP. Follow the money trail back to Vanguard, Blackrock, State Street and Berkshire Hathaway.

      • Free Slave

        Don’t believe it.

        They have been scaring us with this tripe since I was in grade school. You develop a callus to it after awhile. I am retired now.

        It really is the story of Chicken Little over and over and over again.

        • Paul ...

          FS … Chicken Little????? … the US and its “Highly Rated Most Advanced Medical System in The Entire World” … now has the highest number of coronavirus cases and deaths in the entire world????? … this is no Chicken Little nonsense!!! … the US is now reporting a total of 47,105,460 cases … with around 770,850 deaths … and with these huge numbers now under their belt … the “commies” in charge are coming for our 5 to 11 year old children!!!!!!!! … It Is Time … Time To Stop Them “NOW”!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Lesko Brandon

        Please take yourself out first, Brent

      • Christopher Kutyn

        This is complete BS. It has been debunked several times. Read Population Bombed.

      • Stone

        That’s a load of BS, the only environmental collapse is in your brain. We are entering into a grand solar minimum and a period of time in which astral alignment has an effect on earth. This is well known, but not spoken of. Everything on planet earth is carbon based, so don’t go spouting off the CO2 lie either.

      • Coal Burner

        Sorry Brent, you need to rethink this! Really, I consider it simple! The Elites do not want low middle class prols in their beautiful places and the wonderful places to visit around the world. I saw it coming years ago. They don’t want them messing up their pretty places and they simply put a plan in place to stop it from happening. The plan is to blow up Global Warming and get rid of the middle class independence so they can make 95% of the people alive Serfs and they the Kings. It has been a tendency of mankind since the beginning. We did it as a country, ruling the world. But every Empire goes soft and then they go under. The Davos crowd thought we were mostly soft ready here in the US or they could not stand us anymore. They miscalculated and had to hurry their plan by trying to kill us all in a short time. Alas most of us are resisting and that makes them desperate to get rid of us now because they know the stage is being set for us to go after them for that old human thing called revenge and self preservation. New people will be in power when it is over. But they are capable of any dastardly deed in the mean time. Why they call it “Mean” time! They may start Nuke war, release more BioWeapons if they think they can survive that. I mean why is Fauci allowed to continue to this day funding the Wuhan Lab for more “Gain of Function” on very bad viruses??? They hope to get one that does not require a poison vax to kill you. My point is the smart thing for them to do is back off now. By the time most people figure out the truth the smart ones will be happy to be still alive and ready to move on. Are they that smart, I do not know! Gates is a high school drop out who was an excellent thief. Maybe he is not that smart. The Queen is next, wants to save her fave, I mean she cannot wait for that moron in line to die so William can take the reigns so she can die peacefully and leave the clan in good hands. And on and on!

      • john beasley

        The corporations are unwilling to make products that are eco-friendly. Cars could be smaller and get 100 MPG like the VW beetle in China but they are outlawed. The 1948-1996 Citroen 2CV had a 16 HP engine! The oil companies make an ecological nightmare to save money. How about the super-fund in the 1980’s or 1990’s to clean up industrial waste? They canceled it so they could fund the military, NASA, and all the other foreign aid programs. The problem is not 7 billion people on earth, they could all live in Texas successfully if they they got rid of industrialism. The problem is the oligarchs and their economic system. Their system is totally wastefully.

      • Frank Koskie

        The world being over populated is a bogus argument. We have the capability to feed the whole world and provide clean water to all people. The problem is the tycoons and “kingmakers” want to de-populate for their grotesque utopia. Wipe out the middle class, leave just enough peasant’s to do the menial farm work, factory work, etc….. for the privileged few. Tesla proved free energy is possible 💯 years ago, what happened to him…. He was stifled, then the Pentagon latched on to him for their deep projects. Like George Carlin said…. “It’s a big club and we are not in it”. That’s the ugly truth.

      • Thomas Nicholson

        OK Brent you have obviously bought the whole narrative, hook line and sinker.
        The planet is not overpopulated and it can support the people on it and more to boot.
        The real issue is distribution of resources and who is taking advantage of whom.
        Stop with the overpopulation crap.

    • Bob

      The why is important.

      What if I told you that the Nibiru system has been in transit for over a decade?

      Would you believe that nations coordinate the maintenance of a Sun Simulator placed in space between Earth and the Sun to keep us from witnessing the transit of wildly-moving asteroids/planets/moons? Well, believe it. The video evidence is there.

      Eyewitness accounts are there.

      The system can be seen by the naked eye in northern US states and Canada. There is a massive planet that appears to have engaged with the sun and is caught up in its orbit.

      Chemtrails have multiple purposes and one is to obstruct our view of these orbs. Layers upon layers have been sprayed and may continue unless we insist otherwise. Gates is totally behind the spraying. Because he’s a eugenicist, we can expect him to use it for aerosolizing viruses. Which is why someone must take him on.

      So…look at sunrises and sunsets…this is when the Fake Sun and the Great Planet can be seen together in the sky. Look at YouTube’s The Final Days.

      So…we are in Revelations…seek God while He May be found.

      • James

        Sounds like the “Hunger Games”

    • Lesko Brandon

      Senator Johnson blocked from yootube for bac victim video:

    • Deb N.

      “Informed consent” is something the patient needs to gives the doctor. It’s not something the doctor gives the patient. The doctor must give the patient all necessary and relevant information about a proposed treatment so that the patient becomes informed, and can then either provide their consent, or refuse to consent, to the treatment. Instead of saying “the doctor cannot give informed consent,” she needs to say “the patient is unable to give their informed consent because there is no information about the injection being given on the insert, and because the doctor has no other information with which to provide the patient.”

  2. Country Codger

    WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!!
    Lo Iyrah!!!

    • Andrew de Berry

      Yes yes yes

  3. Mike Scirocco

    GREAT work Greg. Thank you for your relentless pursuit of the truth.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank Mike for supporting USAW!!!!

      • T. Smith

        Greg, I work at the big Hospital in Greensboro. I have to get this information out to them some how. I’m hopping to get it to about 10 Doctors and Nurses and hope they will spread the info to others. Outstanding Interview.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks T!!

  4. Mary Kay Mason

    VAERS Reveals DEATH BY LOT NUMBER: Specific States Get Certain Vials
    She would be a great guest.

    • andyb

      Thanks Mary Kay for this link. It reinforces my thoughts , as posted here before. that the reason that 1000s aren’t visibly dropping dead, on the highways and on the sports fields (especially football), is that only about one in five is getting jabbed with the death ingredients. It also explains the big push for the constant boosters and why no politicians, especially Dems, have died or gotten severe reactions… I presume they all got therapudics or saline jabs. It is still true however that the hospitals are filling up from the already vaxxed.

      • Roger

        Andy B
        To your point Aaron Rodgers QB Packers tested positive for covid and now it is coming out that he never got vaccinated. He led everyone to believe he was vaccinated. He was smart to never get vaccinated.

    • Donna

      Further analysis of the lot numbers from the VAERS data:


    Another hero and what I personally like about doctor Eades is her forthright manner NO ifs or buts she tells it straight and with such conviction God protect her and you Greg, you both are doing the Lords work

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Vince!!

    • A. Anthanovich


      Absolutely spot on observation! I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone just answer the questions so directly and with such conviction. Very refreshing!!

      Everyone on this forum knows that this brave doctor is speaking the truth…confirmed by many other sources.

      We need a plan of action to stop this genocide before it’s too late!!


      • Roger

        Hang em High!

  6. Rachel.M.

    Hi Greg,

    this week Kevin Oric and David McAlvany take look behind the curtain and have one of the best big picture discussions I have heard about the driving forces behind current global government trends to facilitate exponentially increasing levels of money printing going forward that will continue to line the pockets of those that position themselves closest to the printing presses around the world.

    They discuss how the globalists are using covid and climate change to scare both governments and populations alike into printing trillions of dollars to pay for solutions to these problems.

    This discussion looks at the practical application of population manipulation theories in our world today, i.e., ‘social engineering’ and the creators of the theories behind this practice which is in full swing

    Catherine’s (C.A.F.) comments that everyone should chip away at the problems stemming from social engineering agendas in their own regions and neighbourhoods is solid advice as it does make a difference as just demonstrated Dr. Dr. Elizabeth Eads in Greg’s interview today; after all that’s what Christianity is fundamentally all about imo.

  7. David Knox Wilson

    thank you greg
    thank you doc
    lets hang all the bastards

    • Greg Hunter

      We need to wake up first and Dr. Eads is waking people up with hard data and facts she is seeing first hand!! Thanks for your comment and support of USAW!!!!

      • Brooklyn


        Doctor Eads has advised us, as did Dr. Kory that early treatment is extremely important. My question is: What about people we know who have not only taken two (2) jabs over the passed six-eight months, but more recently (2-3 weeks ago) took the Moderna booster jab? Is there anything they can still do? Will HCQ or IVM still help them, or is it just too late?

        As I watched this interview, (which more than likely was recorded in her home on a tripod/phone camera) it brings back memories of quick-deployment-covert-video-ops that we were involved in many years ago. I can not express what a courageous professional Dr. Eads is, knowing deep down inside that she could lose her job for doing this very important interview.

        God Speed, Dr. Eads!

        • sk

          Brooklyn! Go to There were recommendation for each stage of the SARS2/Covid 19 issues, including what to do if one has already taken the shot(s). It was available for free, now I note that the information has been made proprietary. Dr. Fleming is part of the Front Line Doctors, maybe go through their site and inquire how to now get the information.

  8. thingamajig

    Magnificent interview Greg, happy you are on the good guy side.

    • Greg Hunter

      I will always remain at my post as long as possible. Thanks for the kind words of support!

  9. tim mcgraw

    HI Greg, I can only speak for myself and my few family members and friends who know all this info from Dr. Eads. It’s important to put the truth out there for those who don’t know it. But for those of us who already know the evils coming at us…. well.
    Take care. Wishing you and yours all the best. Dr. Eads is a hero and it’s important to show heroes so we may keep the faith.

  10. Edward Crowder

    Another excellent guest interview Greg. She needs to rest up, in the near future she is going to be a much sought after expert witness in the Nuremburg 2.0 Trials.

  11. David Knox Wilson

    i will pull the switch to drop the hatch
    hand them all before they kill ll of the children
    Bill Gates we are coming for you and your evil satanic buddies

    • Suzan Firment



    Hi Greg,
    Shouldn’t “overSITE” be “overSIGHT”? oversite, oversight (spell check catches it)
    “There is no oversite. There is absolutely no FDA, no CDC, no review board oversite”
    Keep up the good work! A little typo is nothing. 😉

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the backstop. Fixed it.

  13. Dick Burroughs


    Unable to view your last three posts. Page comes up fine, but when I click on video, the video disappears and then screen returns and reads at bottom 0:00 / 0.00. No content I guess content doesn’t get loaded up? Just doesn’t play as it has many times before. Please check. Thank you! Thanks for the note.


    • Greg Hunter

      Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 20 sec to reset it and clear censoring codes. Also try a different browser. Let me know if this works. This is Big Tech censoring and nothing more. The videos are up and playing

      • Dick Burroughs


        Took your advice about resetting the modem. Worked fine. Same problem occurred a second time, reset again and we’re up and able to view. Thanks! I have to agree, some senescing is occurring. Keep having great guests and getting the truth to the public. We owe you more than we can ever repay.


      • Laura M.

        This censoring should be illegal, people pay a large chunk of money each month for internet, everyone should be allowed access to all the info. online.

    • Marie+Joy

      This happens, to me, and others, on conservative sites.

  14. Robert

    I’m losing my faith in humanity!

    • Greg Hunter

      Renew you faith in Christ and everything else will follow!!

    • Self Exiled

      Welcome to my mindset. I lost my faith in humanity in 1974. Gave myself to the Most High and His Son on a book mobile alone in the SD country side. Never have regretted this rebellious act of faith in the unseen God of true humanity.

      Blessed and happy are the people who know the joyful sound [of the trumpet’s blast]!
      They walk, O LORD, in the light and favor of Your countenance! Psalm 89:15

  15. Dave Scrimshaw

    THIS is HOW the guv is getting out of their economic collapse – they are killing off the country and taking all their property.

  16. David Knox Wilson

    greg make sure you protect yourself.
    those evil bastards will stop at nothing
    we can stop these satanic pieces of sh**
    i will help any way i can
    you are a treasure to this world

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks David!

  17. Edward Ulysses Cate

    “What happened here was the gradual habituation of the people, little by little, to being governed by surprise; to receiving decisions deliberated in secret; to believing that the situation was so complicated that the government had to act on information which the people could not understand, or so dangerous that, even if the people could not understand it, it could not be released because of national security.”–from Chapter 13, “But Then It Was Too Late” [from the book “They Thought They Were Free” by Milton Sanford Mayer (1908-1986). Published 1966.] This seems to be today’s playbook by today’s sociopaths. Dr. Elizabeth Eads describes it very well. Hope this helps to show history is rhyming again, and why we should pay attention.

  18. Vincent

    Greg, what another great guest in Dr Eads, you just keep finding very informative people. Thank you again for your hard work and effort you put into your show. God bless you, Vince in London.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Vince!! “Never, Never, Never Give up”!!!!

      • Brooklyn

        Good Advice, Greg, Never Ever Give Up!
        Dr. Betsy Eads is very well know in Florida. There is a picture of her with Governor DeSantis on her Telegram page. I am now more secure in the fact that there is little to no chance that her hospital will FIRE HER! She is a well-known crusader for the truth! COVID IS A LIE! COVID DOES NOT EXIST! Her Telegram page also and “Rightfully” has a link to USAW Greg Hunter’s fabulous interview. Dr. Betsy is right in the thick of the battle, and so very please Greg Hunter did this interview.

        YOU DA’ MAN, GREG!

        Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum!

  19. Southernpatriot

    Good evening Greg. What a show. You doing your reporting the right way, you seek out the truth.
    Surely something can be done Greg! This bio-weapon is killing Americans at an alarming rate. Then, there’s the rest of the world , My neighbor says he has a being murdered too!
    The idea of taking the money from these companies is a great idea, however, they need to have done to them, what was done to the Nazi’s after the war was over! They where hung!
    We should be thankful to the doctor for coming forward and telling us what the heck is really going on. We’ll keep her in our prays and you in our prayers ,too!
    My neighbor has a baseball bat, that he says he wants to use on some of these evil people for murdering 1/2 million people. All the sick and dying are or we’re citizens of the world. What did we ever do to them? I guess we lived to long?
    If we don’t do something real soon , there might not be enough citizens to do a dang thing! We’ll all be dead!
    Here’s hoping that doesn’t happen.
    I’ll continue to bless us all. SP

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks SP!! Get ready and stay ready. The hill gets steeper from here on out.

      • Southernpatriot

        Thanks as always. Sorry, about the mistake there. “My neighbor says he has”

  20. Jerry

    I’m speechless. Having just been through the experience myself I
    can say that Dr. Eads is 100% correct. Here is the patent on the virus.

    Now ask yourself why they won’t let us have ivermectin? My son in Florida died because he couldn’t get any, and was to scared to go to the hospital. His autopsy said he died of a pulmonary embolism as a result of the virus. In my own experience when our oxygen levels got to low, our local hospital sent us home with an oxygen machine after we told them we were not vaccinated. The machine only went to 5 so when our oxygen level fell to 88 and couldn’t keep up we wound up going to another hospital and got admitted. There we were placed on oxygen at 25. Gradually our oxygen level came back up, but it’s still not 100%. As I’ve stated before, had we not taken the ivermectin horse paste we had on hand we would both be dead right now. Dr. Eads is absolutely right about the dosage. You have to be 100% correct on the dosage and timing for it to work effectively. It’s better to take the pill if you can get it. The Doctor I go to now gave me a prescription for ivermectin but once again I wound up going to a private pharmacy because Walmart and Walgreens wouldn’t fill it. Medical tyranny is all around. We’re on our own folks. Only by the grace of God am I still here. I pray none of you have to go through it. Now Im being treated for a tumor found in my lung that was no doubt caused by the virus.
    I just completed my first bio posy yesterday and will find out tomorrow if it is cancerous. Make no mistake the virus was built to be a bioweapon and it is. It seeks out any weakness in your immune system and attacks it. I’m afraid the vaccines will eventually open the door to do the same thing. Many think that because they didn’t die at the jab, they’re safe. That’s totally false. The real test is yet to come in the next round. We’ll see?

    • Donna

      Jerry, I’m thinking of you and hoping that your biopsy comes back clean. Rooting for you, friend! Hang in there, your family needs you and we need you here at USAWatchdog.

      • Jerry

        Thank you. I appreciate any prayers.

    • Da Yooper

      Jerry they will not allow us Ivermectin because it also kills the parasites that are in some of the vaccines. Thats why our corrupt congressmen & senators are taking it on the down low while Fauci & big pharma tell us the direct opposite .

      • Brooklyn


        Go to Dr. Kory’s website. YES! You can get IVERMECTIN…!!!

        • Da Yooper

          Brooklyn …..thank you

          I am good ……….I was speaking of the citizens of the USA in general.

    • Angela Keel

      I am also a Floridian, and I was fortunate to see this doctor’s presentation at Flagler Baptist Church (see link below.) Everyone has to make the right judgement call for themselves but there are ways to get your hands on some ivermectin. You can go to Budesonide Works .com (no spaces, just trying to get the information here.) You can buy ivermectin from a pharmacy in Mexico. I use Farmacia Del Nino, just across the border. I order from them once a month and the also sell doxycycline, azithromycin and HCQ under the brand name of plaquenil. I saw this presentation and have been doing this ever since. There’s been no CV-19 in this house at all! People can disagree, but it’s every man for himself when you are fighting medical tyranny!

  21. Rob Lindeman

    Thank you Greg for the outstanding work. Every American should watch this program. We are definitely experiencing an unrecognized war against America.
    God Bless you immensely, Rob

  22. Dave

    Can’t watch video here, maybe blocked by UKW.

  23. Rusty

    Please provide a link to the NIH Ivermectin off-label covid approval document she mentioned.

      • Frank D2

        Greg, thank you so much for posting the NIH link showing that Ivermectin is an NIH-approved drug! I am going to try the approach that Dr. Eads’ used (successfully) with her pharmacist on mine here at Walgreens (Georgetown, TX). I will bring the NIH paper with me and ask to speak privately with the pharmacist. I have a doctor’s prescription for the Ivermectin pills which this local Walgreens would not fill. Using the NIH paper and inferring that by ignoring it, the pharmacist is illegally “practicing medicine without a license”, I hope my prescription will be filled. If not, then I will ask for the correct spelling of the pharmacist’s name and license number to be used in my upcoming lawsuit against them for denying me treatment prescribed by my doctor. This sounds like a great course of action for all of us Watchdoggers. Little by little we have to chip away at the resistance and roadblocks that have been put in our paths by the evil PTB. I will let you know how it goes and report back.

      • Rusty


      • Rusty

        Many thanks!

    • Lightning


      I purchased ivermectin from these folks in India and had an excellent experience. They are trustworthy and pricing is much lower . You have to send a bank wire but that’s pretty straightforward . It takes about a month to receive.

      • Rusty

        I took the horse paste a few times, but I started talking like Mr. Ed. Juhuhuhuhust kidding. Actually I figure it’s safe enough if dosed properly and has no other active ingredients. Some dewormers have multiple drugs (like praziquantel). I’d rather have the pills even though it’s the same drug.

      • Brooklyn


        India? Come on!?! And, who do you call if your India-X package gets lost in the translation. Dr. Kory’s Frontline Doctors might cost a few dollars more, but after we did our Tele-Med interview it took about 2-3 days to deliver. We were extremely please with the service. If you recall Dr. Betsy Eads said, IVM is weight-based. So, what size capsule did they send? how much did your India supplier tell you to take?

      • Warren B.

        This is a FAKE (spam) site that is recommended by Lightning.
        …..DO NOT PARTICIPATE…..
        The seller is Indian
        There is no ability to pay on the website via the order process.
        No security.
        Payment only available by TRANSFER through a link via an email.
        The recipient is not connected to the Pharmacy (FAKE).
        The same link to this site was provided by Jerry as few interviews previous.
        I questioned him then…no response.

        WHO IS JERRY ?
        Possibly not the person we are lead to believe…or maybe someone has his identity.
        Jerry is a common name in America…it also has roots in India!!!!

  24. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    Great, informative interview with Elizabeth Eads. This is one to add to the ‘red pill’ arsenal. The ‘normies’ will say, “Who the Hell is she?”, but then they say that even when confronted with evidence by Nobel Laureates for medicine.
    Dr Eads mentioned an NIH document, indicating Ivermectin as an approved medication for ‘Covid-19’, which she shows to pharmacists who are refusing to fill prescriptions. She says this document overcomes their objections. Would it be possible to post a link so ‘we the people’ can each print a copy?
    Thanks again.

    • Rusty


  25. Jim Clavito

    May God protect her and other doctors who speak the truth and fight this medical tyranny.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree Jim!!!

  26. Randall is a recent paper which describes how the spike protein damages the DNA repair mechanism in the body leading to DNA and mRNA degeneration and then autoimmune disorders of all kinds. This destructive mechanism makes it impossible for the body to repair its broken DNA. This is essentially the same spike protein found in the mRNA vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna) and the J&J vaccine.

    • Paul ...

      Randall … The people who received the “jab” will soon have no immune system left … this will lead to be mass deaths (Dr. Eads explains it will likely be just like the Nazi death camps of WWII this winter) … the people dying will reach into the millions … all being brought to us by Big Pharma … a bunch of Nazi’s who have taken over our government and appointed Dr. “Mengele” Fauci to lead their experimental death program … Dr. Eads says: “We are seeing the “jabs” create infertility and miscarriages in women … swollen lymph nodes and swollen testicles … heart myocarditis and pericarditis in young people … along with pulmonary lung embolisms and blood clots … dementias and hemorrhagic strokes in the brain and elsewhere throughout the body … along with an increase of cancers … all of this … will be “even more pronounced in Ireland and Israel” who have “jabbed” over 90% of their people … and the US government is endorsing this crime against humanity by Big Pharma? … both Ireland and Israel have a right to defend themselves from Big Pharma … but the politicians in both of these countries have shown neither the wisdom or the courage … to cut the tie that binds them to Big Pharma … where is Bribe’n to help Ireland? … where is Blinken, Wendy Sherman and Victoria Nuland to help Israel?? … why aren’t the Jews in America rising up to save Israel from the Nazi’s at Big Pharma’s inflicting a Holocaust upon the Jews??? … this war upon the Jews by Big Pharma is an extermination program … yet the Jews in America do nothing?? … What ever happened to “Never Again”?? … yet they sit back and do nothing … effectively endorsing the “Final Solution” upon their people by Nazi’s at Big Pharma’s who have initiated an illegal and unprovoked attack upon Israel (saying they are using Israel as their testing ground for their bio-weapon) … does not Israel have a right to defend itself?? … and do whatever must be done to deal with this existential threat to the Jews from Big Pharma (all we hear from Blinken, Sherman and Nuland is how America needs to defend Israel from the Islamic Republic?? … why are they unable to see beyond their noses that their enemy actually killing the Jews are the Nazi’s at Big Pharma … who hide in the shadows behind big bribes while destroying Israel … yet all I see on the news is how Israel has a right to defend itself from a bomb (that is always going to be developed next year for the last 20 years) … … what about the “jab” BOMB that has already been dropped on Israel by the Nazi’s at Big Pharma???? … Wake Up People!!! … these Nazi’s are not just coming for the Jews and the Irish … they are Coming for our Children Too!! … It Is Time!!! … The Time To Act!!!! … IS NOW!!!!!

      • AndrewB

        Hi Paul . . .
        ” . . . why are they unable to see beyond their noses that their enemy actually killing the Jews are the Nazi’s at Big Pharma . . . ?”
        I believe all the political ‘leaders’ endorsing the scamdemic are fully briefed (by the WEF) and aware that this is a ‘necessary’ depopulation agenda to ‘save planet Earth’. Naturally, they will have been promised survival for themselves and family, plus entry to post-apocalyptic Elysium. More likely, they will also be disposed of whenever their usefulness fades.

        • Warren B.

          The Nazi’s were attempting to halt the encroachment of the Marxist/Communists.
          Guess who supported Russia during WWII?
          Its not the Nazi’s culling the Jews…..its these One World Luciferian’s.
          They idolize the God of the Underworld. That is where all this evil comes from.

      • virginia clark

        Because a great many Jewish people are traditionally democrat. There fore they are woke or asleep, believing what the MSM is telling them. Also, too many people do not think this is anything but a life saving vaccine. They believe their doctors who are even more clueless then a complete idiot, ans don’t care. I had a close friend die because the doctor followed hospital protocol and didn’t give a damn about the latest science. These doctors are under threat of losing their positions at the hospital and losing tons of money if they dare think for themselves. Also you have to consider that they are facing debt unimaginable to most of us. Tuition debt, car and house mortgages, golf club membership, insurance (several different kinds) on and on. That’s their priority, not whether they are killing their patients. That’s why it’s such an incredible gift to humanity when doctors, nurses, scientists speak out and risk it all to get the truth out.

  27. robert p lilliott

    Thanks Greg and Dr Eads for an incredibly powerful interview. Get this you complicit DOCTORS and NURSES – after Nuremburg such people as you were HUNG! What will Nuremburg II (or the relatives of victims) do TO YOU when this is over? The awareness is spreading, thanks to people like you, Greg – doctors will see this and maybe even some of the Stasi police in my old country (UK) and Australia and they WILL turn! Speakers at any of these big rallies should carefully and simply talk to the POLICE and the military, and tell them that they too are committing crimes against humanity. Slowly many (and the firemen and Navy Seals) are turning – and they can give as good as they get. Alas, the timer has been set in motion and there will be no stopping the billions of deaths. Once again thanks to you both .

  28. John Wade

    Sounds like the hospitals are the modern equivalent versions of the Nazi era concentration camp gas chambers if all this information is true.
    How is it that all branches of national security and police not doing anything….I don’t get it…’s like all of law enforcement has been hit on the head by a baseball bat, and they are all walking around in a daze and stunned……doesn’t sound real…Holy Crap..
    Hopefully, the doc. has a body guard…..this is some truly serious Twilight Zone stuff…..
    Great video….ground breaking news that should be shared with the world….

  29. Bruce Stebbing

    Thanks ! Glad someone has courage, but how do we stop this insanity?????

    • Greg Hunter

      We wake people up with doctors like Eads. It’s working!!

  30. Christian

    Here is the NIH reference for using Ivermectin Table 2E.

    Bookmark it. Print it.

  31. Julie

    The shot heard around the world!

    • Greg Hunter


    • Self Exiled

      Thank You. Yes: second shot heard around the world and both came from the US. Exemplifies what can happen to a nation that abandons its relationship to The MOST HIGH.

    • Paul ...

      No one has yet fired a bazooka at the Georgia Guidestones … so I can only conclude everyone in America agrees “that they and their children should be exterminated” … I’ve been calling for people to act … and they are “now acting” … by bringing their 5 to 11 year old children to be “jabbed” … these “meek” numbskulls are running from the true reality that is right before him … these total cowards must believe they are fulfilling Biblical Prophecy by going willingly to their death “to inheriting” six(6) feet of “Earth” … did we learn nothing from the Holocaust … were we not going to be submissive ever again and not walk voluntarily into a gas oven (or take a “jab”) … the meek people spoken of in the Bible “were strong in spirit” … and “would act” to protect their children from being killed … as the Bible taught us that children are both a gift and a blessing to their parents … they are to be loved, nourished, and protected … accordingly … God the Father will be particularly harsh on those who (deliberately) harm their children spiritually or emotionally (by allowing perverted queers dressed like Clowns in our schools to bounce them on their laps during Transgender Story Time) … or physically”jab” them in the ass with their phallus or “jab” them in the arm with a Pfizer syringe … Revelation 14:9-10 effectively states:”If anyone worships the Beast and his Demon helpers … and receives a mark on his forehead, or on his hand, or in his arm … he will release the wrath of God upon themselves!!!

  32. James Hayman

    Hi Greg,
    How can we get our hands on the paperwork Dr. Eads uses to get Ivormecyin from the reluctant pharmacists.

  33. Ed

    Aktion T4 started in 1939 and did not end until 1945.
    They are only just beginning…

  34. Poochiman

    Thank you for your courage.

  35. Anthony Australia

    Totally floored! Keep going Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks AA!!

  36. JC


    I got my company’s official COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate paperwork this week. I filed my Religious Accommodation Form Friday. On my Religious Accommodation Form I have informed the company that since this was personal information, I control it, and therefore, if I so feel, I will post it on the Internet.

    I suspect that it will go just like the Navy’s Religious Waiver Form…

    As I mentioned in my last Post, I am involved in the Real Fight. I just met with the first protestors who are going to lose their jobs over the COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate. For the United States to remain a viable country, it needs these people. WE ARE DOING OUR PART. WHERE ARE YOU IN THIS PROPAGANDA FIGHT?

    Since I work on a major military base, the protestors who I spoke with on Friday told me that some people have cursed and spit at them, others have shown support. That is frontline reporting. This is how Civil Wars begin.

    Longtime Readers can remember that I was writing about The Second Civil War in 2010.

  37. Jr

    We have struck a decisive blow in the “jab infowar” as the following mainly Christian info warriors are now mainly referring to this foul satanic injection as a jab or an injection or a “so called” vaccination or bioweapon- Greg Hunter, Mike Adams, Alex Jones Michael Savage Clif High and Stew Peters as are the great frontline doctors like this wonderful interview guest; how unfortunate that this list does not include DJT -but whatever – he is now politically cringe worthy – any of the names on this list would be a worthy and welcome replacement for Trump. Labels and branding like votes (in red states) have consequences – they had us on the ropes with their labeling this a vaccine but this think tank of infowar hero broadcasters named above pierced the veil of the deception and lies of the devil with their rejection of the msm false branding this sewage as a vaccine – by the way Dr – I’ve taken the horse paste and while I pissed like a race horse once I experienced no problem with my bowel movement. F JOE BIDEN – IT’S NOT A VACCINE!

    • AndrewB

      “. . . any of the names on this list would be a worthy and welcome replacement for Trump”
      Let’s not forget Dr Simone Gold, founder of America’s Frontline Doctors. A practising physician AND a qualified lawyer, this lady has smarts. She is also courageous, and a very effective public speaker. Did I forget to mention she’s attractive . . . no bad thing for political advancement.

      • Warren B.

        I vote for Dr Judy Mikovits to be chief Prosecutor when/if we have Nuremburg 2.
        I want her to rip into FRAUDCI, BIRX and the rest of the suspects…literally.
        She has every minute detail of the mechanism of “Vaccines” …especially the action of the virus (spike protein) envelope….intricate knowledge of Viruses and the human genome and Microbiology. Moreover she is a TRUTHER and a CHRISTIAN.

    • Paul ...

      Jr … Trump was a genius in many of the things he did … but an idiot with regard to the “jab” (and not getting the wall “completed”) … we can’t afford to elect an “idiot savant Trump” to be our next President in 2024 (to replace the current “idiot moron Bribe’n”) … we don’t have time to fool around anymore … we need someone who can be “Intelligent All The Time” … especially since we are in a “Major War against Evil” … and fighting for “the Very Survival of Humanity” … this is a Cruel and Sadistic War that Satan and his Demon spawn (using the “jab”) have launched against us … and they are now “intensely focusing” on killing our precious children!!

      • Brooklyn


        You don’t seriously believe that the USA will have an election in 2022, forget 2024. If you believed “even half of what Clif High told us not just over a month ago (October 2nd)

        He sees in the data people will wake up to being purposely poisoned and murdered, and this is actually “asymmetrical warfare.” 

        The Deep State players such as government bureaucrats, drug company executives and doctors who pushed this will face an outraged grieving public. 

        High says, “. . . This will turn very, very ugly. . . . I don’t even like to talk about it because there is nothing you can do about it. . . . They will come to understand that this was deliberate . . . the data says individuals will take revenge on the people who actually injected them.

        People need to know we will get through this.  It’s not going to be the end of the world, but it will be the end of the world as we knew it, but the end of the world as we knew it was oppressive.  It was from the people that kept us enslaved.  This is a very terrible time indeed, but it liberates us.”

        If you want peace, prepare for WAR!

        • Warren B.

          Truer words never spoken. Agreed.

      • Jr

        If Trump runs and wins in ’24 my brain tells me it’s because they want him in the game as the closer and he’ll do it because he signed up for it a long time ago – scripture, as you well know, doesnt indicate believers on earth fare well once the man of sin is revealed – there are several “candidates” one can think of that may be that entity now- Jesus indicated that entity would be accepted by Israel…it’s clear to me the day of the Lord is close at hand .. I loved Trump – but one must consider there are no white hats left- just full spectrum control as satan tightens the noose to rid the planet of the Holy Spirit – Jesus said the deception would be so great even the elect could be deceived..- I appreciate your posts – God bless

      • Rachel.M.

        Hi Paul, regarding ..(.we need someone who can be “Intelligent All The Time” ) …I think you have hit the nail on the head. We need that too!

  38. Robert Hood

    Here in Nazi Nova Scotia out of a total of 36 siblings their children and children’s spouses every one except one nephew and myself are double jabbed. Every one of my friends are double jabbed. My nephew and I are going to have to rely very heavily on our faith in Jesus Christ to make it through the coming months. The father of this nephew is a top lawyer. He calls us Nut Jobs????

    • The Ogs

      Hi Robert,
      I know – Ontario too. All the media, the TV news people etc. are telling lies. Complete untruths! Yet the people believe it.
      Hey when the media and even the government actually start believing their own BS we’re all in trouble…

      • Paul ...

        It is amazing what a few sheep dogs (like Fauci, Gates and Soros) can do … to keep the herd moving directly toward the slaughter house!! … the Bible was right … these lambs are going to inherit the earth alright (six feet of it) … as we approach winter expect many of the fully “jabbed” sheep (with a compromised immune system) to begin collecting their inheritance!!! … unless they begin acting like wolves … and live to see (or at least help their children to see) another day!!

          • Paul ...

            Yes JC … and all of us were wearing our masks to hopefully protect ourselves from the “variant droplets” she was was spreading through out the aircraft (from the experimental “jabs” and boosters she unthinkingly took) … she wasn’t wearing a mask (because she claimed to have “a lack of oxygen problem”) likely caused by the spike protein attacking her lungs … this women with a very “meek” mind ultimately “inherited the earth” and was grounded!!

  39. Robert Coleman

    As I am originally from St. Louis and have lived in Guangzhou China for the past 17+ Years – Heads Up – Chinese Government through WeChat / Weibo and other platforms is Warning Chinese to stock up on necessary food / home items in anticipation of greater outbreak of Covid Virus in China and possible lockdowns. Went to Hospital here in China to have basic checkup – have to go through three checkpoints in order just to get in. Sam’s Club about 30 minutes from my Home in China people are stocking up with one / two and even three huge shopping carts.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Robert for the street reporting from China! We in America should do the same.

    • Kenny

      What about the covid jabs in China? I couldnt really find any news coverage on the chinese-made ones.

      • Warren B.

        ….” in anticipation of greater outbreak of Covid Virus in China and possible lockdowns” …in my book this is code for….THE NEXT WAVE OF SLAVE-ITUDE…..what happens in China rolls around the Globe….to the point where we are all operating under the same platform of OPRESSION. Forget about the useless con job Vaxxes. Its consuming too much energy…..except to warn people to stay the hell away from them. They shouldn’t be given so much breathing space…I understand the warnings etc…but not general discussions about whether they are forced/mandated , working, effective…..its all BS. Stop playing their Propaganda card. They don’t need any assistance.

    • Tin foil hat

      China seems to be in anticipation of another round of Gate-Patented Virus attack. I infer the CCP doesn’t want to participate in the NWO.
      It’s kind of funny that the CPP cannot retaliate against the Deep State by releasing their China-Virus here, since that will help the Deep State rather than hurting them.
      Come to think of it, how do you hurt a country which is in the process of exterminating its own citizens?

  40. Ray Stanley

    How can one get Imervectin?

  41. Kevin Tatanka

    Excellent interview. I’ve become convinced that this whole Covid 19 experience of the last 20+ months has itself been simply an experiment, a “dry run” with a virus of low mortality (<1%). They already have the real depopulation virus identified and most likely have the "vaccine" or "antidote" ready for the NWO members. The virus, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) website is as follows: "Marburg virus disease is a highly virulent disease that causes haemorrhagic fever, with a fatality ratio of up to 88%." Hardly even need gain-of-function lab work when you start with a virus with 88+ times greater lethality than Covid has!

    Their STATED goal is to delete 95% of the Earth's current population. Source: The first "guideline" inscribed on the Georgia Guidestones; also found in UN publications.

  42. JC

    Stay out of hospitals!

    (The Hospital – 1971)

    “The patient, a man of 56 was admitted to the hospital 10 days ago, in good health for a checkup…”

    • Paul ...

      JC … Now the entire world has become Big Pharma’s Hospital … Let Our People Go!! … before we are all killed and “jabbed’ to death!!

  43. Robert Coleman

    Australia’s military training for door-to-door forced vaccinations

    • Paul ...

      RC … Time to load your shotguns or get your bows and arrows ready Australians … “We Will Win” this battle against Satanic Evil … but to do so “we need to kill one of the Nazi goons for every one of us they kill” … as there are more of us then them … “We Will Eventually Win This War”!!
      Note: … A husband may need to kill “more then one” Nazi goon coming to administer the “jab” to kill his family (in order to make up for the loss of his wife and children) … the evil “Commies” in Australia have now pushed the Dooms Day Button … pushing things “to the point of self defense” for all the Australian people … “there is no other choice now” … we either “fight like wolves” … or like sheep “meekly inherit the Earth” as they come to bury us!!

  44. Jerry

    Global warming is at the root of the globalist plan to eliminate humanity. Save a tree, by getting rid of the people causing it. What a plan? Never mind the volcanic eruptions going on world wide.

    • Paul ...

      Jerry … The Globalists (lead by the new King of England) are using geo-engeneering “to dry the Earth and kill the trees” (through lack of water and forest fires) … so that there will be less trees to absorb CO2 out of the air … they need to see CO2 levels rising in order to collect “carbon taxes” from the 195 Countries in the world … at least back in 1776 the King of England only tried to collect “tea taxes” from 13 Colonies!!

  45. Shed Spreader

    Well was the Virginia and New Joisey election’s selected, [STOLEN!] yet?
    It’s still nighttime in the states and nobody knows fer sure, mmmm.
    Did Suckerberg and his Chi-com wife, donate 500 million this time to0?
    To secure their farcebook future’s, Together? In their fascist totalitarian, wet dream nightmare?

    The Fortnight Intelligence Briefing’s
    Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney (USAF), Says so!
    He says the lgbqrstuvwxyz deep creeps, in our face, deep state department [DOJ]. Can’t let this one go, for naught! No Way Hosea. Trouble is Terry McAuliffe, Clinton crime family hatchette man and CIA boot licker, former Governor of Virginia. In his old age, thought he could save the day in Virginnie and be govner once again and started to believe his own bull shiite!
    That pompous moron ahole, couldn’t keep his lets go Brandon big mouth trap shut long enough and said in so many words, he would represent the teachers union that owns his bosses and not represent the parent teachers association [PTA] that could vote for his sorry arse, representing them in Virginia and not the fat ass cat, crony neo-conman corporate crony capitalist Washington, swamp gaslighted Beijing Biden’s puppet master’s and Obomber women and sore ass Soros’s China credit scorecard and hammered new world dis-odor….in so many stinkin thinkin woids!
    Get over it, please!

  46. ShedSpreader

    Oop’s almost fergot!
    The Fortnight Intelligence Briefing’s
    Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney (USAF), Says so!
    Were on to you Stani’stan . . . ..

  47. JC


    AUSTIN/SEATTLE, Nov 2 (Reuters) – In Wichita, Kansas, nearly half of the roughly 10,000 employees at aircraft companies Textron Inc and Spirit AeroSystems remain unvaccinated against COVID-19, risking their jobs in defiance of a federal mandate, according to a union official.

    • JC

      G.A. STEWART: Some of us are really in the fight, while some of the major players in the Alternative Media drone on endlessly and pretend to be in the fight; their opinion from second and third-hand sources is dubious at best.

      The job that I will soon be losing has been paying the bills for the Something-For-Nothing Crowd. Needless to say, that when the job goes and the Firewall, SSL Certificate, and Security contracts are up, this Website will go down to one HTML page that sells my books.

      As I have previously mentioned, not only am I fed up with the military system, which I have supported for 42-years, I am also fed up with the talkers and a majority of the Alternative Media. The unharnessed power of organizing major boycotts that could have targeted and reined in the technology companies, sports and the take a knee movement, and those other various industries that want to control freedom, has been wasted on self-interest.

      The Real Rebel Army is stepping up to the plate, not the posers. We’re sacrificing it all.

  48. Pbd

    Greg – great interview – it would be helpful to post the link to doctor Eads referenced NIH document thanks

  49. caroline5765

    Thank you for the upload and discussion. Much gratitude to you both for being true Patriots of the people! God Bless you!

  50. JP

    Great video Mr. Greg. May GOD bless you and your family!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks JP!! You too!!


    Thank you, Greg for all you do to inform us with actual facts. Dr. Eads, you are a patriot and a Christian actually living your faith. Thank you for all you are doing to save lives and educate the masses. I am still having trouble comprehending how evil the medical community has become. I, too, look forward to the Nuremberg trials and for justice to be served.


    Thank you Greg and Dr. Eads for a Dynamic Interview.Dr, Paul Craig Roberts brought our an important issue in all this CoviHoax Scamdemic is, Trust in Medicine and
    Doctors ?

    Dr. Eads is a true Doctor and we the public of patients need to hear from these ethical Doctors who have not Sold, Forgotten or Never Learned Their Hippocratic Oath so that we can hope to find competent, ethical and effective Doctors when we need one ?

  53. virginia clark

    Here’s the big question no one is answering: At what point are the insurance companies going to say enough is enough. The costs are too high, we are going broke. Or is it that like Medicare/Medicaid the government is subsidizing them to keep the whole thing going?
    Thank you Greg for another spectacular interview. You have the best guest.
    Thank you Dr. Eads for you bravery. When these brave doctors, nurses, scientists speak out and risk everything, it is truly a gift to humanity.

  54. Neville

    What a brilliant interview with such a BRAVE lady……I salute you both for further bringing to the world the abominable crimes of the one and only AAcrime.
    As the future unfolds not only for AAcrime but the world we shall see the utter downfall and ruination of AAcrime and the coalition of the willing.
    What the medical brotherhood of satanic so-called doctors will do for getting on their kneecaps and praying to baal for money and to satan for instructions on how to terminate the lives of the patients trusted in their care (should read don’t care) Do no harm their motto which the secretary of the CDC amended to wipe out unwanted patients…..This is all born out by the approval of that disgusting and discredited outfit of all the injections posing as immune vaccinations of one ghoulish sort or another.
    Time we the people roused from their slumber and shook the country to its foundations to rid yourselves of this vermin.



    From WND, November 1, 2021:

    “All across America are survivors of the hundreds of thousands of men and women killed by the Anthony Fauci mob. While we hold our breath waiting for the Biden Justice Department (or the state AGs) to hold him accountable, some of these citizens should start the ball rolling with wrongful death lawsuits to gather discovery against the hospitals who have profited from their knowing or negligent cooperation with America’s most prolific mass murderer.”


  56. Bibi

    Thank you Greg for all you do. Dr. Eads is excellent. I totally agree there is no “Covid”. It is a group of generic symptoms commonly seen with colds and flu. No Sars-Cov 2 ever isolated from a sick human. It is an in silico computer generated “virus”. PCR is a fake test used to whip up the hysteria of “cases”. The end game was the kill shot. I am stunned at all the people worldwide that fell for the scam.

  57. Blumhagen

    I was on the pfizer drug for blood clots, Eliquis. After 2 years on this medicine, I have to say, it does not work…still have the clots, my leg hurts and my mobility suffers. The pills cost me $530.26 for a months supply. I went off this drug 15 days ago to try the Japanese Folk medicines. The folk medicines are working and have cut the swelling and I can feel the clots dissolving when I touch the clots I can see……in my opinion, they were making me a CLIENT, and not a patient.

  58. jl

    Many are going to say that, what she is saying is crazy, a majority of people who have had the jab are not having any problems at all. The reason most are not having a problems with the covid 19 shot, Is a lot of people are given a placebo. She and outhers speaking out on this issue need to make it clear why many are having no problems with the covid 19 shot. jab

    • Brooklyn


      You make an excellent point. We have many friends (and unfortunately close relatives, too) who have taken the clot shots, (some have also taken the (3rd) boosters) and it has been extremely difficult to approach the subject that WE ALL KNOW – AND THAT THE VAX IS A BIOWEAPON WHICH WILL SOON KILL THEM!!! And, they look back at you and say, then how come I’m okay? And, most of our friends are okay? My question is: Will the spike protein multiply over time, as we are told, and destroy their immunity at a 5% per month basis, even if they do not take another jab?

      I’m not sure any of us know the answer. But, one thing we can be assured of – this is going to be one HELL of a winter…

      If you want peace, prepare for WAR!

  59. Dan Reynolds

    Greg, Thanks for the incredible news coverage on what is otherwise a clear and present danger to all of humanity.

    You asked the question ” Are they just going to go for killing as many people as they can? Are they not worried about being prosecuted in the mother of all Nuremburg trials?

    The way I see it is that the wrong doers are above it all as they would like to think. Follow the money. First and foremost is who owns the “money”? The “money”, that has been established since the Rothchild bankers took humanity captive as far back as the 1800’s. Really it’s a currency and now digital currency that is controlling all of us. Where is all of the fake wealth in derivatives going to be siphoned to which is really where it’s going to now? Crypto currency! Look at how crypto is mushrooming present day. A perfect hedge for the bloody villain’s! Physical gold and especially silver would be the death knell for this ugly lot. But as of now they feel safe and sound doing what they’re doing by being wrapped in their “money” system.

  60. David W Leonard

    Now I know why my Oncologist didn’t push me to get the Jab. I am so grateful to GOD for all he has done for me during my battle with cancer. There are so many things that put me into a positive environment for healing. All through GOD’s timing. This Doctor was just one element. I couldn’t have gotten a better one.

    • Trish

      My son has cancer for the 3rd time. His Cleveland Clinic doctor had him take the jab. Praying for a good outcome for both of my children who have had it. Dear God, help us get through this.

      • Greg Hunter

        Ask your idiot doctor what is in the jab??? This is the last thing you need if you have cancer, just ask Dr. Ryan Cole.

  61. Bradley

    Great Interview Greg…I am passing this one along to others. I now am being threatened with job loss if I don’t get the jab along with other coworkers with sense. You are a great help with the battle and now I officially am in it.

    • Paul ...

      B … Lose your “Job” … or lose your “Life” … seems to me choosing “Job loss” would be everyone’s choice (except for those who are suicidal) … for those “who want out” of this “Commie” Nazi One World Dictatorship … they should at least buy a $1 million dollar “life insurance policy” first (and make only their “un-jabbed” children or relatives the beneficiaries) … then take the “jab” … and hope that death comes quickly (like with a heart attack) … you don’t want “a slow drawn out death” where you die after years of uncontrollable shaking or have a stroke that makes you a mindless cripple for a decade or more!!

  62. Anne

    “There are no control groups.”

    We who have refused the jab and who have not had COVID are a control group. Those who have survived COVID and refused the jab are another control group.

  63. Da Yooper

    Boom……. Greg you are killing it.

    “they will be arrested ‘

    With all the legal & medical corruption in America who is going to arrest them ?

    The American public have been attacked & we are at war.

    Past time for the US military to step in.

    • Paul ...

      DY … It will come down to “Citizen’s Making The Arrests” … the same way all States authorize private citizens to make arrests … for example … a car owner may arrest a teenager trying to break into his car … or a store clerk can stop and detain a shoplifter … in the sane way a parent can arrest a “jabber” trying to put a deadly needle into his child’s arm … so any Citizen can arrest Fauci (for his crimes against humanity) we don’t need to sit and wait for the “criminal” FBI to do their job (which now amounts to destroying evidence to protect every criminal you can think of )!!

  64. Doug C.

    Once again…..the “Elderly” in general around the world, vote more Conservative than younger people because they have lived long enough to see the fraud in “Socialism”. That is part of the reason to deny people over the counter drugs that would save them……NOW they are after our children.
    Just like David in the Bible….He prayed and still had to pick up his sling and slay Goliath. There is a point when people must do what needs to be done. I am NOT condoning Violence but we do need to stand up and be counted.

  65. TJZ


    A very courageous Doctor! She Speaks the TRUTH!
    God bless her and you. Thanks be to God!

  66. Paul Harvey

    Greg, thanks for this fantastic interview. Dr. Eads is one brave doctor and God Bless her and you for sharing this with the world. She mentioned Dr. David E. Martin ( CEO M.Cam) in her investigative work on patents. He revealed to the world in his movie PLANDEMIC last year and more recently the Fauci Dossier the dark under belly of Big Pharma, Big Government and The World Economic Forum colluding to bring us this disaster we are dealing with today. In the movie A FEW GOOD MEN, Jack Nicholson character coined the phrase: YOU CAN`T HANDLE THE TRUTH. Dr. Martin leaves the audience spell-bound with the truth about this calamity. It will leave you shaking your head at the Evil that was planned all along!
    Keep up the great work Greg and God Bless You!!!!

  67. Glen

    A very brave woman. You mentioned “reprisals” and they are indeed a thing (speaking from experience).
    The cockroaches that are running to hide as a result of her shining the light of truth on these issues, are nasty, filthy, sick, twisted little bugs…and they are pissed, and will stop at nothing.
    I pray for her safety and yours too.


    So kill Fauci, Soros, Gates, Schwab, half the worlds problems go away, makes sense to EVERYONE

    • Paul ...

      Makes perfect sense Realist … it will come down to the people making “Citizen Arrests and dispensing justice on the spot to the psychopathic traitors of humanity” … that is the only way left to us now … if we are to win this war against Satanic Evil … simply electing “Big Pharma paid for and sexually bribed politicians who like to touch and screw children (like the Bribe’n family, Clinton family, etc., etc., etc.)” … will not solve our problems!!!

  69. Robert P Bergeron

    What are your thoughts on getting the regular Flu shot?

    • Greg Hunter

      DO NOT GET IT!!! Get ivermectin instead as the Flu is a virus.

    • The Ogs

      Hi Robert,
      The ‘regular’ influenza vaccines contain XMRVs. These are non-human pathogens.
      They include cow cells, cow viruses and pieces of cow virus; monkey cells, monkey viruses and pieces of monkey virus; and bat cells, bat viruses and pieces of bat virus.
      The whole ‘soup’ in which they have been cooking up their vaccines for 40, 50, 60 years now is hopelessly polluted with XMRVs (and possibly worse)… this is what Dr. Judy Mikovits has been howling about for the last couple of decades but nobody seems to hear.
      Not to even mention preservatives like formaldehyde and thimerosal and metals like aluminum and mercury. Probably don’t want to inject any of this into yourself.

      TL;DR – Listen to Greg!

  70. Robert K


    MLB pulled the all star game in Atlanta this year because Georgia changed their law and now requires an ID to vote in person and by absentee. Voters without ID can use the last four digits of their social security number, a utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck or another government document with their name and address on it. MLB moved the game to Denver citing “Georgia’s voter ID laws are inherently racist against people of color”… (Which, we all know is NOT TRUE)

    Atlanta Braves win the World Series, despite the all star game being relocated, MANY injuries, obstacles from this past season and all of the political B.S. wokeness fallout.

    God has a sense of humor.


    At 27:40. DR.Eads talks about how – ZERO – of her patients Died of covid using her protocol. It should make worldwide. headlines. HUGE Time Square Billboard Story. This Suppression is proof of Government, Pharma, media. collusion and incompetence. Bad Actors – CDC FDA,NIH WHO .Shull and Bones abc agencies. This is crimes against humanity. I want to Neutralize the Affect Pzizer jab that I got  but I don’t know how or if it is possible. CAN WE LOOK INTO THAT ? WHAT CAN WE DO ? No Booster for me. Ever. I’M IN THE CITY W/ ELEVATORS AND CROUDS SO I GOT PRESSURED AND DID NOT HAVE THIS INFO. OR ANY INFORMED CONSENT AND NO INGREDIENT DISCLOSURE. — HUSTLED AND SCAMED — BUY GOV ,MD’S. MEDIA, PHARMA. STATE. EVIL EVIL EVIL

    Who in Congress is Screaming About This? None of the Dirty Rats (LAWYERS ) are taking about it. Are they all Ignorant or Afraid ? Why NO Representation ? Every time I Comment it goes to WE Have No Real Effective Representation.

  72. Marie+Joy

    Stay out of hospitals. They’re playing tricks.

  73. Carol Hudak


    AND YOU, TOO, GREG!!!!!!!

  74. Susan R

    Thank you both Greg and Dr. Eads. This has added tremendously to my conviction, a huge uplift. It also adds to my immense dismay that this can exist. There are so many deceived who followed guidance without flinching. This is a turning point in our history on this planet. Forever more no one can be trusted and the rulers have nowhere to hide.

  75. Marie+Joy

    Plant trees, asap. Fruit trees are best. Pay particular attention to grow zones, fertilizers, and pollinators. They can save lives. Very small trees can live indoors.

  76. Kathy

    Thanks, Greg. One can order and receive Ivermectin from AllDayChemist. It takes about a month.

    • Trish

      I checked that out. Still required an Rx so didn’t work for me.

      • Brooklyn


        Go to Dr. Kory’s Front Line Doctors website and you can get IVM from a list of qualified doctors. We spoke with a doctor and 2-3 days later the IVM was delivered. DONE!

  77. Grant Schneider

    I had my first Pfizer jab on May 6, 2021 and started have several abdominal pains shortly afterwards. Second shot was June 27, 2021 and I was having my Chronic Gall Bladder removed by July 13th, 2021.

    I went into an Urgent Care Facility where they gave me drugs for the pain and did their tests…I was released with a scheduled appointment with a specialist that I never made. Never made it to my HIDA Exam or my scheduled ultrasound!

    • Paul ...

      Grant … Get on zinc and quercetin to kill the virus they put in you … zinc will kill the viruses in your cells … the quercetin helps to get the zinc into the cells … you can use pills … or simply eat a hamburger with raw onion on it (beef contains zinc and onion contains quercetin)!!

  78. J. Loughran

    Please continue to cover the research into EUA Vaccine Lots and VAERS.
    Also, when people are considered to be pests don’t assume the hired exterminators will fire off a flea bomb. A population can be driven towards zero by a little increase in mortality here and a little reduction in fecundity there. Ideally the commodity is rid of the pest with as little loss of property value as possible. I am sure there is nothing an Entomologist can teach an Actuarial scientist especially scientists hell-bent on saving the planet.

    • Paul ...

      JL … Exterminators usually over-kill … they succeed in killing all the insects … but … their excessive spraying of highly deadly poisons also eventually gives cancer to the homeowners and themselves who can’t help by breathe it in … … most people with a God given brain won’t breathe in or ever use pesticides around the house and won’t eat foods sprayed with pesticides … but we have “exterminator” Bill Gates now wanting us to eat “Beyond Beef” (made from grasshoppers drenched in pesticides) … do you think perhaps … there may be an ulterior motive behind Bill Gates quest (not to allow people to eat regular meat)???

  79. Jane Farmer

    Hi Greg: I live in Washington State. Democrat Governor Jay Inslee was unlawfully given the ability to force experimental COVID vaccine mandates on all private businesses in the state of Washington as a condition for employment by an emergency filing by the Washington Department or Labor and Industries (L&I). Inslee already mandated vaccines against state and city workers, with no option for testing instead, and thousands of necessary workers who did not comply were terminated, including firefighters, law enforcement officers, healthcare workers, public and private school employees, power line workers, caregivers, and more. Washington state legislators who have refused the vaccine were locked out of government buildings in Olympia. The state is quietly rolling out vaccine passports this month, and Seattle already requires proof of vaccination or a negative test to enter restaurants, bars, gyms, movie theaters, and other entertainment venues.

  80. Walter Ambrosch

    Truly Stunning…
    I heard about the blank inserts yesterday from a local nurse who wanted to see what she was being told to inject and there it was… completely blank insert.
    She went to the head physician of the practice and ask ( WTF ??? ) and then said… This is what you stuck in your arm?
    This must end, but how can it end when Billions have taken the juice?
    This is a De-population kill shot and they are dealing it out to willing participants because of a false FEAR and Lies Lies and more Lies.
    Now they are going to kill off the children???
    At some point there will be nobody left to cater to and serve the elite.

  81. Allen Sachetti

    Can we all get that NIH Paper regarding the use of Ivermectin to treat Covid 19

  82. Noel Kendall

    Greg, God bless you richly for this. I have shared this interview far and wide. It would be a great humanitarian gesture to post a link to the protocol (was it E2 to which the Doctor referred?). Thus husband of an acquaintance is in hospital here in Ontario and is in ICU, getting the same refusal to administer claiming it is not approved. People can print off this document and challenge the hospitals that are refusing. I will search for that document myself and if I find will post a link in a comment but perhaps the good Doctor can shorten the process.

  83. Justn Observer

    Confirms Dr. Eads report =

    VAERS Reveals DEATH BY LOT NUMBER: Specific States Get Certain Vials – Rumble

  84. jim

    you are both heroes

  85. Jay A.

    The scope of this is worse than any of us could imagine. This coming long, cold winter will be a horror for many families I’m afraid. Blessings to you Greg for all you do.

  86. Jon Hurt

    Dear Mr. Hunter:

    Do you have a copy of the MIT report referenced in this interview? Thanks.

    • Greg Hunter

      Working on that Jon.

      • Bjorno

        I hope you can find that puppy!
        500k sounds possible given the data from 59M Medicare Beneficiaries indicates 48,000 murdered by injection and VAERS is likely only 1 or 2% of actual.

        • Greg Hunter

          I asked Dr. Eads about it today and it’s coming. So you are some sort of paid troll?

          • Bjorno

            Yes indeed – I really want to see that MIT study so I can “troll” normies!
            Dunno if you know clif_high on bitchute & @clif_high on twitter but the “prize” in this info war is the normies.
            We all need to wake up as many as possible to stop this ongoing genocide.

            • Greg Hunter

              I has got Dr. Eads getting that. It appears it is been taken down but she has other studies that prove this and she knows the MIT Professor that was behind the study. I’ll get it.

  87. Ken

    Thanks Greg very informative I’m wondering what us that are living with a vaxed spouse can do for them or areselves. Especially the elderly. Thus would have been a very good opportunity to get that information out to us in your community
    Thanks Greg

  88. Tony Henson

    Hi Greg, great material as usual.
    I been coming to your site daily for many years.
    I seldom comment, but need a little advice from you all.

    My wife, even though quite logical, bent to peer pressure got the shot.
    Everyone at work did, so she felt compelled.
    It’s been 12 weeks, so far she’s fine. She thinks I’m a bit of a conspiracy nut,
    but loves me none the less. She just can’t believe that the powers that be, are as evil as I say.

    My main purpose in life is to take care of her, so I need to save her a negate the shot, if I can. Does any one know if Cliff High or anyone else has mentioned a way to do this?

    I’ve started her on White pine needle tea every day at work.
    Of course Vit D, K2, Zinc, Magnesium, Multi, all daily.
    In the last week I’ve started her on Branched chain amino acids, Quercetin, Dandelion extract and now Zetox(a Zeolite suspension).

    Were 61 and 62 and never get sick.
    Myself, I have never had the flu to the best of my knowledge and have not had a cold in 25 years.
    I’ve known my wife for 20 years and she has not had the flu, and a cold only once.
    I believe we have strong immune system, but probably can’t handle the shot.
    I’m not worried about covid, I’m sure we have been exposed by now, and it was not a big deal. Even if we catch it, there is a 99% chance of recovery even with out Ivermectin.

    I just have to rebuild her immune system if I can.


    • Greg Hunter

      You have perception issue and your wife is willfully ignorant. I cannot help that. Your wife can and will make you sick. Please get Ivermectin for her and you. Fluid transmission can in effect vax you. I hate to tell you that but that is one of those uncomfortable facts.

      • Russ F

        Greg, are you saying that you can get vaccinated by being around those that are vaccinated?

    • JuicyMoosey

      According to those who have been examining the vials under a microscope there’s many saline / placebo shots going around. Some of the vials literally just had salt crystals in them. If you got a bit more unlucky they “just” had metal adjuvents in. Then…. things get worse. We all have to pray that she and others like her got the saline shots.

      Clif blew his lid the other day regarding the hundreds of frightened people contacting him every day for recovery protocol. He can’t cope with anymore – I think his own family problems are getting him down. He does have a pinned tweet with some recommendations ->

      But it sounds like you’re doing the best you can. Definately worth keeping in mind that there is such a thing as too much medicine / vitamins / etc. These things often work synergistically in an organic system and too much of one thing can inbalance another.

    • Jane Farmer

      @Tony: Clif High does not have a protocol to help those who have chosen to get jabbed…and he gets really angry when asked. I won’t repeat the tirades, but here’s a link if you’re interested in what he has to say.
      (warning: foul language alert)

      • Mike R

        Clif telling people not to email him anymore, realizes he has created a mess for himself. October has passed, and none of what Clif said would happen, has happened. So to me, his latest rant, is Clif about to exit stage left and go into hiding for a long long time. I don’t believe a word Clif says, especially when he is referring people to X22 Report. A bunch of conspiracy quacks. I don’t think these mnra jabs are helping anyone in terms of protection, but I also do not believe they are as deadly or harmful as clif has made them out to be for every single person. No one person is 100% right on any of this, so maybe there is a grain of truth, but this is not going to be the end of our world, or the end of the US, or 13 in 14 people dying off like Clif says. The jab will be more like Covid itself, where mainly those who have compromised immune systems before the jab, become worse off after the jab. A massive ‘depopulation’ by the “PTB” is simply not going to happen. If you really believe in God and Christ, you know that type of thing won’t happen.

    • Jerry

      You have no idea of what you’re talking about. My son who was 41 just died of COVID19. He was an avid body builder who worked out two hours a day and ran a mile on a tread mill. He had never been sick a day in his life . Believe what you want at your own risk. If you don’t have a supply of ivermectin on hand, you’re rolling the dice. The virus is mutating. It is not the same as it was six months ago, so don’t assume you’re safe based on past experience. You are not. How do I know? I just spent two weeks in a covid19 hospital ward and I’m still recovering.

    • Justn Observer

      Dr. Zelenko as did Dr. Kory addresses protocols to follow as does Mr. High so look into those… Anything that helps boost your immune system via those and eating well along with workouts to gain strength along with minimizing contact with vaxed people at this point can only help.
      Might look at this list that is posted to get started while you ‘bone up’ on the others.

      This IS a 4th Gen. war that is going on at so many levels…
      Never to late to awaken from the illusions but one has to at least accept the ‘possibility’ that they have been duped, betrayed, conned so as to at least consider uncomfortable FACTS.

      ‘Sarah, if the American people ever find out what we have done, they would chase us down the street and lynch us.’ That is a famous 1992 quote by George Herbert Walker Bush to Sarah McLendon

      founders of the PAY TO PLAY crews of the NWO =

      OF course there were leaders like Trump who pushed back with a more Nationalist view against outside control of their government and others like discussed in
      and similiar intrique in ie,. Australia’s history,,,

      Will stop since I tend to post things to long…but end only with the thought that Certificates of Vaccination ID’S are just part of the final steps toward the ‘endgame’ of the establishment of the NWO long ago set out by those that chartered the UN. as ‘they’ the world banks endlessly print money in concert to buy up everything and dissolve ‘the deplorable’ middle class…and relegate them to the lower of the two classes….the HAVES and ‘the have nots’ = YOU WILL OWN NOTHING because ‘they’ soon will own it all… AS for the endless jabs? = More like the “The beatings will continue until morale improves ?” of a more modern style, as the Chinese ‘credit’ system of ‘compliance’ rises it’s ugly head…. YOU DO like being able to afford staying warm and having access to food do you not?


      Doubt this….take a scroll up and SEE the developing food supply situation or should be said…the lack there of coming ?
      Hopefully, this can help your wife be awakened rather that WOK sooner than later!

    • Paul ...

      TH … Keep up what you are doing … all we can do is take the vitamins we need to keep our immune system at peak levels … it is God’s immune system that will eventually defeat the eugenicists plans to reduce Earths population!!!

    • Bible Reader

      Please have a look at my reply to Christine Luongo further down the comments section and my other comment about a possible antidote further down.

    • Dr. John H

      Kirsch’s analysis says 150k vax deaths. I’d like to see the MIT study too! Also, if it can be shown that the vax has killed 500k Americans, then we should see a spike in the all cause mortality #’s.

  89. Paul Anthony

    Dont take the vaxcine dont do it ! pray and stay strong for the people who did – pray pray to be strong so we can help the vaccinated and so that their will be miracles that can save these people from their injuries because of Satans deception

    • MC

      heartbreaking — a Texas father losing his marbles because his 16yr-old beloved son was slain by the toxic Pfizervax which is happily pushed by Trump & Biden:

      Biden, apparently, is senile. And Hunter Biden is stoned. But Trump and Don Jr. are fully conscious as they continue to tell us to take the vax.

      • Paul ...

        MC … If the “America Great” people … ever find out what Trump has done … they would likely chase him down the street and lynch him … so he must continue and continue and continue to say … he believes the “jab” is safe!!

  90. Donald G Crosson

    God bless you Dr. Eads for your truthful message. Thank you Greg Hunter for posting the truth.

    • Greg Hunter

      Tanks Don!!

  91. Donna t this is what it’s what it’s about you become trans huuman and not entitled to human rights

  92. Shirataki

    Eliminating the consumption of all oils and grains; discouraging all foods that have ingredient labels; and encouraging the consumption of lactofermented veggies and herbal spices are 100% effective in protecting against “The CDC Disease.”

    The US goober mint ought to be teaching people how to eat real foods instead of pushing sexual and racial “Pretendism.”

  93. Cheryl

    It’s easy to draw a no tolerance moralistic line on bureaucrats, e.g. docs held hostage to implementing hospital death protocols. They continue to collude with a corrupt system because it extraordinarily difficult and risky to unplug. Have you not watched the Matrix? Those who are locked in are choosing between caring for their families and losing their jobs or worse. They would likely choose an alternative if it existed. It is the responsibility of those who are awake to build alternative practices — non-bureaucratic — to protect and enhance human health, finance, governance, everything! When we do that, many will have options to serve humans rather than whatever it is we’re up against.

  94. Diana Brown

    Thank you Greg, and Dr. Eads for your valuable information. Some time back I discovered and ordered Ivermectin, Azrithromycin and Budesonide nebulizer packages. Pior to that I connected with a MD who prescribed HCQ as a prophylactic interface. I wanted it to all be on hand in case of need. I hope every reader does the same and stocks up. My plan is to stay far, far away from any hospital anywhere at any time. It took 5 weeks for my order to come from India, where coincidentally, many drugs come from to the states as our prescription medication. Im not telling anyone what to do, just what I chose to do, to protect myself, and my family. No one comes before my family and no one will keep me from them if they are failing or are ill.

  95. Lucas mclean

    Is it the same protocol as covid when you talk about our best defence against the t-cells. I currently live within a house of vaccinated people but i will not cave and subject myself to any man made experimental vaccine. So its very important to me to know exactly what is recommended so j can survive in my conditions.

  96. Marie+Joy

    They will, 100%, turn off the grid. It’s just a matter of when. Get ready.

  97. dlc

    I would take horse paste before I would go near a doctor for covid. So, too much horse paste can give you diarrhea? So will too much vitamin C. Neither will kill you though. Everything with allopathy begins and ends with a drug. It’s all the physicians know, don’t know squat about maintaining good health.

    Before covid, roughly 2 years ago, I had a kidney stone. I sat in the ER parking lot on 3 different occasions and waited for the crescendo pain to pass. I then would drive home until the next episode. I finally went through the ER doors with blood pressure through the roof, got IV pain relief and a CT. Staff before covid were very cordial, downright cheerful and talkative. I was treated very well. I’m an oddity in ERs, having no history of drug maintenance of any sort, couldn’t tell you what decade I last had an aspirin. Not opposed, just never bought into better living through chemistry.

    Then came the visit to a physician to explore how to treat this stone. I was told I could not pass it myself and procedures were discussed. I asked one question about my concern over the after effects of these procedures. I was talked down to and made to feel like a crank for having any concern. I went home determined to pass this stone before my procedure date. Stone passed, end of story, fired this clown.

    I then had another stone this last January. The ER was all but empty in “the height of the epidemic” so called. My attending nurse had not taken the jab and used the excuse that she had recently had surgery, so was able to put off the pressure to jab for a while. She was considering the J&J jab. I said, “you mean those nice people who produced carcinogenic baby powder with full knowledge?” Thought she would turn into a pillar of salt by the look on her face after hearing this.

    I think the whole approach of Medicine to drug, burn, and scalpel away every problem is the problem itself. What other service does you damage and in turn makes further money treating that resultant damage at their very hands? How much money will the profession accumulate treating the damaged vaccinated? It’s all win-win for them. So far.

  98. Rodney

    another EXCELLENT interview Greg,
    Have you seen this Indian News story of how Psfiser blackmails countries into compliance of using their death shots, I couldn’t believe it could happen..

  99. Lynn

    We cannot avoid the vaccinated, not possible. They are everywhere. So what to do? Live your life like every day is your last, and rely on those who do God’s work in this world, like Greg, Dr. Eads, Front Line doctors, Karen Kingston, etc. If you let this consume you, it will on its own kill you. Remember, they CONTROL BY FEAR.
    There will be a day of reckoning, be here to see it, live your life, know the protocols to save yourself and loved ones. Go out and be a teacher of truth, don’t waiver…and pray.
    Thank you Greg!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      I’d get an n95 mask for when I am in unavoidable close contact with the vaxed. Dr. Kory says you should also take Ivermectin twice a week.

  100. MC

    Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said Tuesday the U.S. government has ordered enough Covid-19 vaccine doses to cover every child in the country, as a CDC panel meets to decide whether to recommend authorization of the shots for kids ages 5 to 11.

    “The U.S. government has placed orders with us that basically covers every kid in this country. So, the supply will be there and hopefully a lot of kids will benefit from it,” Bourla said on CNBC’s “The Exchange.”

  101. Kay

    Thank you so much for having this guest on. I have a family member who is a nurse and she got the gene therapy jab. She is also giving the jab. I hope she wakes up and realizes what liability she might incur after viewing this video.

    I was confused about one thing. The Dr. said she doesn’t believe in COVID but recommended Ivermectin. If she doesn’t believe there is COVID why do we need early treatments? I missed that part. What virus is making people sick or is it all in our heads through brainwashing? I had a friend who got this according to testing and he said the number one thing he had to overcome was fear dealing with his illness. After he was well he told many of us that he has had the flu worse than this COVID.

    We have many friends and family that took this jab. If all this is true it will break our hearts to lose them. Sometimes I get so depressed thinking about it. Truly we are in the times of sorrow like the Bible states.

  102. Robert Olin

    Greg hits yet another home run. Very powerful interview. It takes courage to be the Tall Poppy. Here’s an inspiring scene where the people standing up do so in the face of certain death.

  103. Merry Piper

    Greg: What a massive informative interview! I’ve been researching like crazy for a very long time and never came up with Dr. Eads for some reason. Thank you and God bless you both!!

  104. MC

    Vigano rebukes the vax pushers:

    Any journalist with two neurons connecting would know to host Dr. Taylor Marshall and ask him what Cardinal Vigano, his colleague, would say about Trump switching sides and pushing the vax right alongside Biden and Schwab.

  105. Ralph K


    An amazing piece of journalism you have created. A powerful message of truth spoken to the lies and deceit by the dark forces. Kudos to you Sir. And I might add, your pronouncement, “Protocol of Death” is absolutely perfect and stunningly accurate. All credit to you for that observation. If Nuremberg 2.0 comes, I suspect not all practitioners of the poison will make it to the gallows but succumb to lead poisoning.
    The Reckoning approaching is gaining speed.

    • Paul ...

      RK … The Globalist eugenicists need to be given an immediate “mandatory jab” of lead … in order to save our children (from their bio-weapon)!!

  106. alfy

    seems lie team evil swung for a sucker knockout blow against a much larger and stronger opponent, and they have failed. not too far down the road, hope they enjoy being force fed their own fist. I’m more sure than I have ever been, their come-uppins is coming.

  107. arvind

    This lady doc has the courage of the great historical women you read of all over the world. She has risked everything; as have Karen Kingston and Catherine Austin Fitts. Remarkable women. Hopefully the rest of the country will grow ‘balls’ like them. Bravo!

  108. Harry Mintzer

    Great find. Excellent physician. Thank you Greg. Stay Safe.

  109. David


    With all the doctors, scientists and other people you know and have interviewed, why hasn’t someone gotten one or more of these vaccine vials and had the ingredients examined in a lab. Then the findings could be published on yours’ or someone else’s site, that dares to do so.

    The only thing I’ve heard is about the graphene oxide that Karen Kingston mentioned. I also heard way back (2020) that “computer chips” may be put in the vaccine, but this was optional – optional for WHO? – the hospital giving it or the patient receiving it?

    Aside from those two items, the people you interview and others don’t seem to really know what’s in this clot shot. They know what it’s doing, they know it destroys your immune system, but what are all of the actual ingredients? Why doesn’t someone get a vial or two and have it examined (even in their own lab).

    • Greg Hunter

      Some people have.

    • JuicyMoosey

      You’re not looking hard enough.

      There are saline shots. Some “just” have metal adjuvents. Some have variable quantities of graphene oxide. Much of what’s in the shots is difficult to identify even for experienced scientists which is worrisome in itself.

      It gets better. There has been found “creatures” in the shots. It’s not known if the creatures are GMO or even possibly semi-synthetic lifeforms. One creature may be a “Hydra Vulgaris”, an immortal being. The being happens to be of great interest to geneticists as it has a similar amount of chromosones as humans so could therefore potentially be used to “transvect” genetic information to human DNA.

      Some scientists who have tried to report their findings have had their labs ransacked and equipment stolen.

      Here’s a few links to get you started:

      Dr. Carrie Madej: First U.S. Lab Examines Vaccine; Vials, HORRIFIC Findings Revealed :

      Hydra in Vax :

      Info on Hydra : |

      TruNews Tentacle Tuesday :

  110. helot

    “it was a moral “duty” to refuse inoculation given what we now know about the vaccine program.” – Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò.

    Thank goodness some people see through the evil veil. That said, we are surrounded by some seriously evil individuals pretending to be human beings.
    Round & round it goes, only God knows where it stops.

    ‘SAN FRANCISCO BECOMES FIRST CITY IN THE WORLD TO MANDATE COVID INJECTION FOR CHILDREN 5-11’. – Is this some warped version of Aztec child sacrifice?

  111. Stan

    Excellent interview Greg – Thank you

    • Self Exiled

      If there are two Stans are there two Theodores? Maybe your the other Stan and you don’t know.

      • Warren B.

        Smart mouth might have had an Epiphany….!!

  112. Ken

    Good show Greg! I hope you look at the videos on Bitchute with Dr.Carrie Madej,MD.
    She describes seeing metal particles in blood drawn from a Moderna victim and the particles seeming to know it was being observed. She’s a Christian and straight shooter. Btw, bitchute seems to be host to other channels who were kicked off of Screwtube. Hope you post there, you may reach many more souls.

  113. Gregory John Morrissey

    Ezekiel 18 : 21 through 32 please send to all and read it and know the Lord
    21 “But if a wicked person turns away from all the sins they have committed and keeps all my decrees and does what is just and right, that person will surely live; they will not die. 22 None of the offenses they have committed will be remembered against them. Because of the righteous things they have done, they will live. 23 Do I take any pleasure in the death of the wicked? declares the Sovereign Lord. Rather, am I not pleased when they turn from their ways and live?

    24 “But if a righteous person turns from their righteousness and commits sin and does the same detestable things the wicked person does, will they live? None of the righteous things that person has done will be remembered. Because of the unfaithfulness they are guilty of and because of the sins they have committed, they will die.

    25 “Yet you say, ‘The way of the Lord is not just.’ Hear, you Israelites: Is my way unjust? Is it not your ways that are unjust? 26 If a righteous person turns from their righteousness and commits sin, they will die for it; because of the sin they have committed they will die. 27 But if a wicked person turns away from the wickedness they have committed and does what is just and right, they will save their life. 28 Because they consider all the offenses they have committed and turn away from them, that person will surely live; they will not die. 29 Yet the Israelites say, ‘The way of the Lord is not just.’ Are my ways unjust, people of Israel? Is it not your ways that are unjust?

    30 “Therefore, you Israelites, I will judge each of you according to your own ways, declares the Sovereign Lord. Repent! Turn away from all your offenses; then sin will not be your downfall. 31 Rid yourselves of all the offenses you have committed, and get a new heart and a new spirit. Why will you die, people of Israel? 32 For I take no pleasure in the death of anyone, declares the Sovereign Lord. Repent and live!

  114. Cat

    Sorry….i and im certain many dont believe this doom hype. Even Your friend, Clif , predicted catastrophic deaths then back peddled and stated “ projections of deaths are less as many have been given saline in the inoculation”. Appears all the fear mongering is bringing in some significant funds for all websites who are benefiting from the exaggerations. I found “no one” that i know who has major health concerns after the jab and ive been working out among the public through the inception. Fake news….everywhere. Its pathetic!

    • Greg Hunter

      Go back to sleep and ignore the facts. Make sure you get that booster or two or three. What does a paid troll make anyway?

    • JuicyMoosey

      It’s comedy when you leftist shills come to places like this to convince the world’s supposedly ultimate evil – people who can think for themselves – to pleeeeasssseee go to the hospital and get their vaccine. Oh please, save your own lives you evil nazi’s and evil right wingers. Us leftists do so love you nazi’s….plleeeeasssee get your state mandated injection from government “friends” who promote pedophilia and genocide. Plleeeasse.

      It’s like that scene on Dark Crystal; pleeeeeassseee get your vaccine.

  115. Florida Prepper

    Greg, Please bring this guest on again in the near future for follow ups to what she said.
    Great guest and thank you for bringing her on.

  116. Self Exiled

    ”The Biden administration hopes to sway tens of millions of people into getting vaccinated. Unvaccinated people are 10 times more likely than vaccinated people to be hospitalized and 11 times more likely to die from the coronavirus, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”

    “We’re going to protect vaccinated workers from unvaccinated co-workers,” Biden said during a White House briefing after he announced the mandate. Breakthrough COVID cases, which occur when vaccinated people contract the disease, are far less deadly than cases in unvaccinated patients but can still produce long-term effects, including “long COVID.” What is this long covid crap??????????????? A new threat, oh my………. Just make it up as we go along

    ”Unvaccinated people are 10 times more likely than vaccinated people to be hospitalized and 11 times more likely to die from the coronavirus, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.” Just pulled this off of an article—- no need to reference—— c|net msn Unless we put a stop to this type of news/reporting this will go on for a long time. Never underestimate the ignorance of the American people, I did for 50 years.

  117. ShoahKahn


    Purchaser acknowledges that the Vaccine and materials related to the Vaccine, and the components and constituent materials are being rapidly developed[,] due to the emergency circumstance of the “COVID-19” pandemic[,] and will continue to be studied after provision of the Vaccine purchaser under this Agreement. Purchaser further acknowledges that the long-term effects and efficacy of the Vaccine are not currently known, and that there may be adverse effects of the Vaccine that are not currently known. Further, to the extent applicable, [the] Purchaser acknowledges that the Product shall not be serialized.

    • Greg Hunter

      And we could have simply taken Ivermectin and HCQ!! Where was the emergency?????

  118. Edward Ulysses Cate

    Those who actually know Dr. Elizabeth Eads should be on the lookout and protect her. This Canadian experience may not be coincidental:
    And here’s what followed:

  119. Tim

    Great interview. Very refreshing that Dr Eads directly answered your questions. Are people who got other lots ( other then the 5 lots) of the covid jabs also going to get very sick and die in the near future? Just want to be prepared ( as best as possible). My wife and did not get the jabs, but a lot of my wife’s friend did.

    Thanks and God bless you!!!

  120. Daryl Este

    Hello Mr. Greg Hunter, and audience,

    Daryl Este – here, I have good news and bad news. First the bad news, the whole world has covid. Every man woman child business organization community has been affected.

    Good news God wins.

    The devil has cast his vote to take you to hell. You get to cast your vote.
    God has the final vote.

    Mr. Hunter thank and Godspeed to and God’s people.

  121. Steve Bice

    Greg: I am as well read as one can be on all things Covid. But one seemingly contradictory issue keeps raising its ugly head.

    There is a small percentage of commenters who insist Covid-19 does not exist. They claim the virus has never been isolated, and Covid-19 is a computer-generated “sequence” of code.

    “Sequences” don’t have an R0 value. They don’t travel through the air in droplets, or get on surfaces or get on our hands which then touch our faces. If Covid does not exist, what is infecting us (pre-vaccine and subsequent spike shedding)? If it is flu, or RSV or some other pathogen, then why are doctors (including Dr. Eads) treating with Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine? These are not flu treatments.

    This makes no sense. There has to be a novel viral pathogen that is attacking the world. This claim more than any other is the one that hurts the credibility of those rightly challenging the official narrative. If anyone makes this claim, they have the obligation to specify the mechanism by which millions of people around the world have become severely ill and in many cases, died (again, pre-vaccine). Calling the mystery agent “computer code” is an analytical cop-out.

    A bio-weapon does not work without a vector, viral or otherwise. What is the vector if not a virus?

    I’m in the camp that says Covid-19 is a gain-of-function enhanced viral pathogen that was released upon the world…with a dangerous “solution” set to follow in the form of a purported “vaccine”. That said, as noted everywhere, the critical question is, what problem are “they” really trying to solve…

    Thoughts, USA Watchdoggers?

    • Rachel.M.

      Hello Steve, I answered that in my comments and link above. 🙂

      • Rachel.M.

        Steve, The problem they are really trying to solve is ….

        How do we justify exponential money printing?

        The answer is create massive world wide problems that govenments have to address by unlimited ongoing exponential money printing.

        The problems created so far are a never ending, ever mutating pandemic and global warming.

        Why? …
        So the populations of the world support the money printing.

        So they can fleece every human on the planet.

        ie/ money is the root of all evil and everything else is white noise.

        • Steve Bice

          Thanks Rachel. I’ve read as much also and certainly agree this is a central part of it. But, I tend to go with the “what is we’ve got too many people, Alex” as hard as it is to comprehend that it is happening. But if what Warren proposes is true, we are truly looking at tribulation-worthy events.

          That said, I was confused by your first comment because my primary focus/question was about the vector for the disease we call Covid if the virus “does not exist”. I believe it likely viral in spite of other current theories. Like I said, Occam’s razor. Regardless, something evil is afoot.

          I have written extensively on the biblical last days on other forums, and am a 30-year student of things prophetic. Most know the bible lists signs of the last days, and pestilence is one of signposts.

          Given what the bible says about the nature of man, it is either ironic or fitting, depending upon your view, that mankind has likely brought the pestilence upon himself through hubris and a callous disregard for the lives of others. I’ve seen others claim that a third of earth’s population will be destroyed in the last seven years of human history, but when I do the math, it’s half: almost 4 billion people.

          “Interesting” times indeed…be safe.

    • JuicyMoosey

      There was talk that 5G radio towers had the potential to cause similar symptoms to a coronavirus. If cells are damaged by EM radiation then they may release exosomes and flu like symptoms would likely manifest.

      During the lockdowns there were many videos of workers putting up masts while the population were locked inside.

      I do remember an official scientific article being published on the subject that has since disappeard to be replaced by “debunked” articles. That mere fact is indicative there’s some truth that they’re trying to hide. Whatever way they try to “bake it”, microwaves cook you from the inside… no debunking that. They can’t alter the laws of physics to say microwaves are “safe” to suit a socio-political narrative. Attempting to do so is highly suspicious.

      Also check another theory that suggests that the Spanish Flu could have been caused by Radar and other forms of wireless communication coming online for the first time.

      This is just speculation. I don’t have any answers other than the gov are demonic entities. Perhaps that’s all we really need to know.

      • Steve Bice

        Thanks JM. I have read about 5G too, and appreciate your response. There was an article posted on Zerohedge today about an Israeli study identifying five (5) proteins in Covid-19 that attack the heart and blood vessels. The endothelial dysfunction seems to be the wildcard in all this, as symptoms seem to manifest throughout the body…perhaps in direct proportion to localized micro-clotting that differs from patient to patient.

        Can 5G cause this? I don’t know, and I’m not aware of studies looking for the effects of 5G on blood vessel integrity.

        Until further research is done, my view is that a viral vector is more likely…but that could change in the fullness of time as more studies are done or data is leaked. We’ll see…

    • ATarese

      My questions exactly Steve, well put….. and I could not find any post by first reply Rachel M with those ‘answers’, just one post from that name that’s far more political at the top of this long list.

      Exactly WHAT can be ‘caught’ and/or transmitted from a vaxxed person to another?
      And is there anything that can remove/reverse any injected or ‘caught’ nano-technology once acquired?

      • Steve Bice

        Thanks AT. This one is a puzzler. Dr. Eads made the statement that Covid-19 does not exist…and then proceeded to discuss how she treats it with Covid-19 repurposed drugs. This is not intended as a criticism, but it is an inconsistency.

        Even so, she is in good company. I don’t know if you saw the interview of Dr. David Martin by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich back in July, but Martin made the same comments about Covid-19 being a computer code sequence rather than a virus. But making these statements leaves a huge void by effectively “punting” on the disease mechanisms that are necessarily in play.

        Without a a vector, there is no outbreak of disease…and if you claim its not viral, it’s incumbent on you to offer an alternative mechanism.

        5G? I don’t know, but I appreciate those like JuicyMoosey who bring substance and alternate hypotheses to the discussion. Weight of evidence…currently… says its viral, at least in my view.

        You raised other questions too…regarding shedding after vaccination and subsequent disease impact on those exposed. These issues too will likely become clearer in the fullness of time.

        I had intentionally focused my question on the pre-vaccine period so as not to confuse “viral” infection with infection from vaccine shedding. I was trying to preempt the argument that it’s all vaccine bioweapon impact…when there was a period when the vaccines didn’t exist and disease was rampant. So there had to be a novel disease vector initially unless one argues that it was all flu or complete fabrication.

        Occam’s razor would suggest the disease is viral, has been tampered with/or enhanced and released. The rapid vaccine design and deployment suggests foreknowledge and argues for purposeful release and malevolent intent.

        With regard to a sudden world-shattering viral pandemic, I am comfortable applying the French justice system: Guilty until proven innocent.

        Be safe…

    • Simple Girl

      First of all PCR tests are not diagnostic tests (according to its inventor who says it can’t tell if you are sick) which is why they have a 90% false positive rate. Since 90% of tests are false, then the sick must have some other illness, perhaps pneumonia or flu, legionaires, 5g or something in the chemtrails. There was a radio host in Tenn. that said he new a couple where the wife was sick with”covid” and her hubby was told she had 2 days left to live. Luckily they had a doctor friend that told the hubby to have the hospital check for legionares disease (from wearing face masks). Sure enough she tested positive, they treated her and she got well. Which means to me that many people had some illness that went untreated because the doctors didn’t look any further than “covid”.
      There was a study last year in Iran where they tried to catch covid in an icu unit with like 10 “covid” patients. They could not catch it in the air of a room full of “covid” patients. There was also a study last year by Oxford university that went into “covid” hospital rooms and swabbed surfaces and they didn’t find any covid on the bed rails, tables or water pitchers of covid patients. They did find covid in the water closet on the toilet handles, the faucets and the air vent just outside the bathroom door. Which means it must be in the feces. So how can it be in the air unless it is being sprayed. What “covid” is I don’t know. I think that the 5g is probably playing a part. Studies in the 50’s or 60’s showed that short radio waves like those that are supposedly used in 5g do lower the immune system. It could be that the body has to acclimate itself to these waves and that could be what is making people sick. In June of 2020 the FDA put out a document that said they did not have a sample of covid19 and couldn’t get it and wasn’t going to get it. And this past summer of 2021 the government of Canada said in a court proceeding that they did not have a sample of it either. We will probably never know what it really is in this life. All I know is that tptb knew this was coming and we’re going to use it to force the clottery shot.

      • Steve Bice

        Thanks SG. All interesting stuff. Clear as mud, huh?

        Don’t worry. I’m right there with you.

        But whatever its form, it hard to argue that pestilence has not arrived. If Clif High’s predictions play out, we’ll have a lot more answers…and chaos…by Spring.

        The population will not tolerate mass death amidst continued stonewalling by health officials. Trust in officialdom is already running on fumes, and it won’t take much to destroy it entirely. Not good…

    • Warren B.

      Thank you for posing that conundrum.
      Allow me to offer a possible solution to the No-Covid / Viral Pathogen issue.
      There is a small but vital element in the equation – which is overlooked – in assessing how can we have a Pathogen causing harm (before the VAX) and yet no proven COVID sequence.
      I have been researching this PLANDEMIC since late 2019.
      The deaths and severe illnesses witnessed during the 2020 year can IMHO be attributable to the effects of Influenza Vaccines administered 1 year before (ie late 2018/early 2019) during the Winter of 2019. I have heard a well credentialed microbiologist state that these particular vaccines (ones that were dispatched to certain parts of the globe) were laced with XMRV’s (mouse viruses) + H1N1 (deadly form of Influenza A) + HIV + aborted fetal cells grown in monkey kidney cell lines.
      What they have effectively done (and consider the targeted section of the populace= elderly that seek Flu shots) is pathogenically primed them / suppressed their immune systems sufficiently to allow infection at a later date. A weakened immune system with viruses waiting to be activated when an opportune time arrives – will result in (as we had witnessed) extreme FLU-like symptoms and DEATHS.
      So what we have is a delayed onset of not only infection but also transmissibility. As we know with all Vaccines – the Vaccinated are prone to shedding. Like with all Lab created/designed Flu’s (SARS/MERS/INFLUENZA) …they spread. Given the concoction that was injected into those poor souls. imagine what was being spread. COVID 19 was a coverup for what was pre-meditated MURDER. That’s right !! They planned it so that they could then support the argument for a PLANDEMIC and then the subsequent VAX shots. The only viral escape was not from a LAB directly …but from those who spread the H1N1 / HIV/ XMRV’s and whatever else was tainting the Flu Vaccines from Winter of 2019 indirectly. The populace was unwittingly the carriers and spreaders.
      Therein lies the criminality of BIG Pharma, NIH, MIC and Government.
      Consider if you will – the MIC are big recipients of FLU shots for all armed forces personnel. Given the level of occupancy of Armed Forces around the Globe, it is quite acceptable to conclude that shedding from this Vaccine (Flu 2019) was occurring under covert operations – unknowingly perpetrated by those Military personnel.
      Hopefully this explanation satiates your curiosity.
      Best always

      • Steve Bice

        Thank you WB. Interesting theory…and one of the few I haven’t heard before. Like you, I am an avid reader, and started reading and prepping early for the “plandemic”. It should have been clear to all that you don’t quarantine a city of 11 million (Wuhan) on a lark. We were fully stocked for food (and had roughly 140 N-95 masks) before the public woke up and panicked on roughly March 14, 2020.

        Interesting tidbit…I would go to Publix every morning precisely at 7:00 AM throughout late January and February, and there would be perhaps 3 to 5 others in the store. When I arrived on March 13th, there were maybe 20 to 25 cars outside at 7:00 AM, and I knew it was on like Donkey Kong. So, I went home to watch it unfold.

        I don’t doubt what you describe is a plausible although frightening theory.

        One of the most dangerous things we can do is generalize our own experience. But here goes. I didn’t have a flu shot, but I do have an two-week daily log of “Covid” symptoms and treatments for my wife and I that were stranger than any illness we have encountered before.

        The symptoms were in multiple body locations and systems and were strangely intermittent, often dissipating and recurring within hours. They would be here today and gone tomorrow…and back the next day. We used the recommended repurposed drugs and dodged the dangerous 2nd week exacerbation and lung involvement. Our O2 sats never dropped below 94.

        But, strangely, in week three, in the absence of any other symptoms, I developed mild pneumonia. It lasted for more than 4 weeks with me self-treating with H2O2/Iodine nebulizer treatments. Again, O2 sat stayed above 94. Fortunately, we had “terrain prepped” with all the recommended supplements for 18 months, and started treatment within hours of symptoms appearing. I’m older, but have been fit my whole life, which probably didn’t hurt. I even continued my workouts. (One interesting symptom was that both our resting heart rates reset higher during the primary disease period. It makes logical sense as the body tries to compensate for compromised oxygen transport capacity.)

        Anyone who has had flu or even a cold knows that when you have it, you have it. It doesn’t come and go. This was way weird…which I again believe is directly related to the distribution of the spike protein and subsequent micro-clotting in areas where they concentrate. In my view, this is why symptoms can vary so dramatically from person to person (and why everyone who suspects they are infected should take an anti-coagulant such as low dose aspirin for two months after onset).

        Can I prove Covid-19 is unique and/or novel at a macro level?

        No. But it certainly was at the micro level.

        Occam’s razor is my friend, until it fails me.

        Sufficient to the day is the evil thereof, and either way, there seems to be evil driving this “plandemic”. But what you propose above is evil on a whole new level. I hope you are wrong…

        Be well…

        • Steve Bice

          P.S. If Covid-19 is injected flu viruses in disguise, why not a rush to typical flu drugs like Tamiflu and Relenza to treat it? Surely these would have been the first drugs front-line doctors would have tried repurpose as Covid spread. Strangely, there has been very little mention of these drugs across the last 18 months. Another oddity…

          • Warren B.

            H1N1 (Swine Flu) is not your garden variety Influenza = it is DEADLY. Tamiflu does not resolve especially given the combination of other viruses in the same Flu shot. A live attenuated virus like that should never have been used. It is criminal and negligent.
            Likewise the HIV sequence added to the Flu Jabs is just more of the same Gain of Function attribute.
            Combined with all of that, we still have the other XMRV’s (mouse retroviruses) and a host of other viruses from the Monkey Kidney cell lines….not necessarily acting immediately – they can sit dormant in the system until the trigger is provided for them to recombine and cause a cytokine storm. Fast forward to the next Flu season (aka early 2020 = Winter) and you have your disaster in the form of a ticking time bomb.
            BIG Pharma in conjunction with the NIH and MIC have blood on their hands.
            The Body’s immune response is overwhelmed….but more critically through the Vaccine for Flu, they have pathogenically primed the recipients.
            Now with the pre-planned Covid 19 Jabs we have further degradation of the immune system combined with ADE (aside from the vascular damage and untold other effects) – those people fully vaxxed will over the medium term – lose majority of their innate immunity. Ultimately we should see evidence of the effectiveness of the toxic Jabs when people start presenting to Hospitals with Hemorrhagic Fever. The blame will be directed elsewhere because they will not link it to the Vaccines. As previously discussed they will use the opportunity that presents for another more deadlier VIRUS and PANDEMIC.

  122. Roger

    Great interview – a straight shooter with integrity.

  123. Orlando

    Dr. Eads was so well versed with voluminous data. This was very impressive, her knowledge and of course her courage to share. Thank you Greg and Dr. Eads!

  124. Mike R


    the main things that are being treated include “abdominal pain”, “respiratory problems”, “blood clots” and “heart conditions”…

    Months of treatment delays have exacerbated chronic conditions and worsened symptoms. Doctors and nurses say the severity of illness ranges widely and includes abdominal pain, respiratory problems, blood clots, heart conditions and suicide attempts, among other conditions.

    “Emergency rooms are filled to overflowing all over America, and nobody (AT LEAST ‘NOBODY’ IN MSM, BUT GREG’S READERS CAN FIGURE THIS OUT, EAZY PEAZY) can seem to explain why this is happening. Right now, the number of new COVID cases in the United States each day is less than half of what it was just a couple of months ago. That is really good news, and many believe that this is a sign that the pandemic is fading. Let us hope that is true. With less people catching the virus, you would think that would mean that our emergency rooms should be emptying out, but the opposite is actually happening. All across the country, emergency rooms are absolutely packed, and in many cases we are seeing seriously ill patients being cared for in the hallways because all of the ER rooms are already full.

  125. Caley

    It’s time to form alternatives to legacy regulatory institutions like AMA. Perhaps new institutions can be at the State and regional levels. There is no reason docs can’t work because the AMA etc. says so. The public wants well trained and skilled docs. The AMA verifies for the public that docs have met AMA standards to practice. So, have new medical standards institutions. Time to start now.

  126. Robert Dziok

    As Cliff High pointed out in a recent interview with Greg it all makes sense when you factor in the agenda is World depopulation.

  127. Roy madison

    Wow, and I thought cliff and your last guest was scary. So ,those we trust that are in authority are the very ones we should distrust. Political ,medical, educational, and in some cases even religious.

  128. Maria+das+Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Dr.
    Both brave to stand so tall in the search for truth.

  129. Bjorno

    Greg thanks for all your interviews.
    Hey do you have the link for the MIT study finding 500k dead from the injections?
    I look through all the comments and did not see the link.

  130. Jerry

    Well Greg.
    Here you go. The globalist pushback on ivermectin.

    Once again the propaganda is being peddled to the public by these rag pickers in an attempt to keep the vaccine train rolling. The problem is, the general public still thinks the CDC and WHO are on their side. Big mistake! They were in on it from the beginning with event 201 and the Gates foundation.

  131. FatTail Canavan

    ‘Australia’s decades-long balancing act between the US
    and China is over. It chose Washington.’
    — Ben Westcott on CNN, 25 September 2021

    The world is decoupling from China.
    Don’t believe it? Go to your nearest Walmart.
    And nowhere will this divorce be felt more than here in Australia…
    Diplomatic relations with our largest trading partner evaporate by the day.
    This makes our future — not just the future of our economy, but the future of our national security — highly uncertain.
    What happens when your closest trading partner suddenly turns into your biggest adversary?
    What are the economic ripple effects? How much worse will it make our current situation? And what practical things should you be doing about it now?
    We’re in uncharted territory.
    But there ARE historical precedents.
    2022 is the Year of the Tiger
    According to the Chinese zodiac calendar, the Year of the Tiger will be a year of strength, bravery, and exorcising evils.
    Three characteristics that come in handy when you’re divorcing a partner you can’t stand anymore…
    You’ve probably noticed Australia and China have been in the middle of a rancorous break-up for 18 months now.
    You’ve seen that ramp up to a whole new level recently, with Australia signing up to the AUKUS alliance with the UK and US.
    But get ready…Folks!

  132. Bradley J Calhoun

    This has to stop!

  133. Robert K

    24 year old hockey player dies of cardiac arrest on the ice after having c19 shots…Yet Congress, the post office and others are immune from taking these shots… Hey let’s not forget about the 5-11 year old’s they are pushing to receive these evil shots too…Absolutely sickening!

  134. Robert K

    O..M..G.. I don’t even have words for this type of evil…Pfizer ad tells portrays kids will get superpowers from C19 shots….

  135. Self Exiled

    They concoct crafty schemes against Your people,
    And conspire together against Your hidden and precious ones.
    They have said, “Come, and let us wipe them out as a nation;
    Let the name of Israel be remembered no more.”
    For they have conspired together with one mind;
    Against You they make a covenant. Psalm83 3:5

  136. James J Foster

    It would be nice to see these satanic people go to jail, but who is going to do it. The DOJ and all the law enforcement, judges, Supreme Court, military, is in the pocket of the globalist. No one is going to jail. What say you Greg?

  137. [email protected]

    What do we need to do to end this assault on humanity

  138. Justn Observer

    Greg, Some good points in the link Shredder provide above concerning ‘China’s part of the development of the bi0-weapons = @ 1:16:00 of his link
    add to that this article
    in contrast to the excellent information you and your guest, Dr, Eads brought to light in this interview it is hard to believe people still can not connect the dots as to what is going on !
    The time for awakenings and talking is getting shorter as is the time ACTIONS will be required. Any return of a Trump without pushing back on the vaccines he helped create is diminishing ESPECIALLY with a Pence on his ticket… One has to remember the press conference when he turned and said, ‘ No one told me this was a drill’… He either reneges his approval of the vax and throws the Pence led Covid team of Fauci, Redfield, Birx for misleading him…or his return will soon diminish rapidly…
    Clearly, Virginia was NOT a GOP led win as FOX NEWS now is trying to co-opt.
    Virginia is a blue state…so even if every ‘Trump’ Republican voted 100% that win would not have occurred… The win took independents AND Democrat parents who did not say they were switching parties…. It simply is NOT honest to say the GOP won…it WAS the parents independent of party affiliation who had enough that made that change of direction happen!

  139. Richard Miron

    Thank You Dr. Eads for stepping up and telling us what you are dealing with.
    Good Luck to all.

  140. ATarese

    CORRECT YOUR STATEMENT THAT THERE’S ANY VAX APPROVED – THERE IS NO COMIRNATY ‘APPROVAL’ in the US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How do you two not know this????????????? Find the Aug. 23 FDA announcement worded very tricky. The announcement states that it’s not even ‘likely’ to be approved for a couple years when ‘testing’ is scheduled to be completed. I think Comirnaty may be approved in Europe. Get it straight. You also said ‘give the kids the Comirnaty instead’!!!! It’s exactly the SAME as the current Pfizer-BioNTech, the announcement said the companies ‘split’ and the FUTURE Comirnaty will be issued by BioNTech.

    • Greg Hunter

      Comirnaty is approved but you cannot not get it because Pfizer does not make it. The approval was fraudulent but it is no less approved.

  141. Naomi

    Dan Bongino is the radio presenter. Appears on Fox and has lost his radio program because he is standing against the vax mandate. Other “conservative” talking heads are silent and letting him twist in the wind. I was sorry to hear that he took the jab and since he is recovering from chemo and cancer, this man is not going to be around for very long I fear.

  142. Self Exiled

    A Net Zero economy, managed by the international bankers. Wow, imagine what kind of world that will be. Net zero people, net zero carbon issues. Global government based decisions to operate/oversee/regulate the entire world; oh and we will keep it green. Communism on a financial bases for the net gain of the managers: who, even now have no need of country governments. So many people working toward/assisting/inoculating there own demise with the goal of security in their mind. Preservation, safety and there is none. EXCEPT

    “You will keep in perfect and constant peace the one whose mind is steadfast [that is, committed and focused on You—in both inclination and character],
    Because he trusts and takes refuge in You [with hope and confident expectation]. Isaiah 26:3

    So we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are unseen; for the things which are visible are temporal [just brief and fleeting], but the things which are invisible are everlasting and imperishable. 2 Corinthians 4:18

  143. Mark Benassi

    My wife has been getting treated for cancer during the last couple of years and we decided to not the the vaccine, mostly because of the things we first started learning about it from your site. The first nurse she was working with kept encouraging her to get the vaccine but she only became more convinced not to take it. The recent nurse replacement a few weeks ago asked about the vaccination but agreed with my wife’s decision not to take it. Maybe the word is finally getting out there.

  144. Paul Richards

    Thanks again, Greg. Amazing work. I’ve not taken the jab, but A LOT OF MY FRIENDS have taken it. Do you, or one of your guests, have advice for people who have been jabbed? I recall Cliff High (I believe) talked about a pill called NAC that is supposed to help. Are there other steps people should take?

  145. Christa Luongo

    I just received my firth Pfizer shot today. I feel horrible about it but I need my job! Please Jesus have mercy on my soul. I was crying the whole time. I didn’t want this crap. I work in healthcare and my back was against the wall.

    • Greg Hunter

      So you need your job but you don’t need to live?

    • Bible Reader

      Injured by the COVID shot? These are the ‘real treatments’
      The John-Henry Westen Show Published August 2, 2021 18,609 Views

      Rumble — Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet, MD is on a mission to spread medical truth about COVID-19, the jab, and early treatments. She points out that people who’ve experienced vaccine injuries should “not suffer in silence.”

      2:15 – 3:57
      “…I’ve actually been very much involved in treating my own patients with the complications of the vaccine…

      “The vaccines are experimental. They are gene therapy agents. They trick the mRNA –and the DNA vaccines– trick your body into making the spike protein that then triggers an antibody response.

      “However, the spike protein that the vaccines are triggering your body to make are the same spike proteins that were around the –spikey things– that were around the Coronavirus… Those spikey things are what cause inflammation and blood clotting in your body.

      “…And so the complications that were seeing medically from the vaccines, many of them are exactly the same kinds of complications that we saw with Covid when people did not get early treatment. So we are using many of the same medications, and supplements, and immune boosters to treat the complications of the vaccines; that we have used all last year — and I was treating Covid patients, outpatients, at home, all last year beginning in March, and so it works….”

  146. Justn Observer

    Greg, Dr. Simone Gold on newest lawsuit for collusion between gov’t and pharma/hospitals?

  147. Dr. John H

    When Dr. Eads says millions will die this winter, does she mean just in the US, or worldwide?

    • Greg Hunter

      I think she was referring to USA.

  148. lightning

    Why Pfizer is so focused on Jabbing Children and the Federal Law that will give them back door Liability Protection even if they get FDA approval:

    Excerpt taken from the above link:

    “Here’s the real reason Comirnaty is not available
    It’s all about liability. It will magically become available when the vaccine for children is fully approved, not before.

    The reason Comirnaty isn’t available is because those shots would expose the company to liability since the fully-licensed product doesn’t have the liability waiver of the EUA product.

    But once the Pfizer vaccine is fully approved in kids, then Pfizer gets liability waiver on all age groups due to a “feature” in federal law for child vaccines (NCVIA). At that time, they are done. They can market the COVID vaccine products under full approval for all age groups and face no liability when it kills or disables you.

    This is why they are focused on the kids. This is why there is a reformulation at a 1/3 dose and they changed the buffer and the storage conditions (low temperatures not required). All of these will weaken the protection, but result in a safer vaccine (since it is ineffective).

    But for the clinical trials on the 5-11 year olds, they did not use the formulation they approved in the meeting…”

    • lightning


      In addition to the backdoor approval strategy… Pfizer and the FDA blatantly gamed the approval process . Also from Steve Kirch’s newsletter…

      “They used a more effective vaccine to show efficacy (in the trials they completed), then they get the FDA to approve the drug but with a change in formulation, then the product product with the new buffer will go out to the public with the lower efficacy, but better safety. This is because they don’t want to jeopardize any adverse events happening until they are fully approved. So they basically use formula 1 for safety, get approval for formula 2 (safer, less effective), then roll out formula 2 under EUA.”

  149. ken

    In SF Kalifornica a 5 year old cannot get into a restaurant without ‘proof’ of the kill shot. A picture of a little 5 year old girl accompanied the article on RT. This is beyond sick and in any other time period war would be declared but not weasel Americans. No,,, they comply. I am red faced angry and can do nothing! These poor children with a–holes calling themselves ‘parents’
    Pray our God will stop this insanity….Demand your preacher pray for these victims,,, if he won’t,,, find another preacher.

  150. Linda Abernethyu

    Hello…I finally was able to sit down and listen to this interview. The doc mentioned an NIH paper/publication which listed Ivermectin (on table or schedule 2? Do you know how one could obtain this list?
    Many thanks to you

  151. Peter Myyry

    Great interview Greg! Thanks for the fantastic work you do week in and week out.

  152. Jeffersonian

    Simply brilliant Dr Eads. You are taking positive action when so many others are in a state of inertia And Greg you do a wonderful job of letting her talk
    It’s rare that you get an interview where the information just keeps coming and coming She makes you come to her level and that’s the way it should be

    Went to see my friend in rehab. They took my temp asked a ton of questions then asked me if I got the clot shot I said not your business they told me ok then you need to wear a special sticker and wear one of our masks

    I said what kind and where from they said 3m n 95 and they didn’t know origin I wanted to see my friend put the mask on but not over my nose and mouth and saw my friend

    On the way out I showed the receptionist the mask was from China exact materials unknown and said so you’re afraid of a virus Origin China and making me wear a mask from China that most likely could harm me seems like youre suffering from China syndrome —shame on her. She said I’m sorry I’m just obeying orders and I said just like in Nazi Germany and walked out

    Then listening to David McCullough a Fomc president called him and asked why aren’t more people getting vaccinated Really why would a Fomc president want to know this —not enough people got jabbed of course

    My take on these two separate events
    1. Too many Americans just do what they’re told without examining the facts—aiders and abetters accomplices in crime Tptb have done a magnificent job of dumbing down the masses
    2. The Fomc is pulling the levers from covid to the great reset and everything between and with the great depopulation comes a digital currency vax passports and complete serfdom
    You’re building your own prison pet Cat

    You want change then change yourself take action
    And ask God for wisdom
    Dr Eads exemplifies change for the better —she is a true warrior God bless her and Mr Hunter keep hitting it out of the park

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for sharing your story and experience.

  153. Lisa Stahl

    Wow. Thank you, Greg & Betsy. Prayers for all.

  154. Michele Anderson

    God Bless you for continuing the fight to save our country and the lives of our countrynen.
    I share your videos with everyone I know.
    Many in my family and circle of friends are in the medical profession. Thank you for the bottom of my heart

  155. Riven

    The childish elite can’t play by their own rules and keep moving the goalposts of this charade pandemic. So far they’ve banned Ivermectin and HCQ, and have changed the definitions of:

    Pandemic: no longer requires mass sickness and death. Disease merely needs to be widespread.

    Herd Immunity: now only includes those vaccinated—They removed ‘natural immunity’ altogether

    Vaccine: no longer grants immunity from disease. Now merely gives ‘protection’.

    Meanwhile the entire pandemic is built on a foundation of false positives from fraudulent PCR testing.
    And now they just made the term ‘vaccinated’ meaningless.

    From the Washington comPost:

    You’re not ‘fully vaccinated.’ You never will be.

    All of this boils down to, essentially, an ongoing attempt to define “fully vaccinated.” Who is “fully vaccinated” against covid-19, and for how long? The honest answer is that the target is moving before our eyes.

    Until 2021, “fully vaccinated” was not a standard phrase, any more than “fully married” or “fully graduated from college.” Typically a person is considered “vaccinated” or “unvaccinated.”

    The game is rigged, folks.

  156. Sylvia in WA

    Thanks to you and Dr. Eads. May God bless you both for your attempts to help
    people to understand the dangers of this situation. I have noticed people who have had
    the shot don’t seem quite the same as they used to be. Sort of grouchy and touchy,
    sometimes losing weight. What people are willing to do for money, is frightening.

  157. Bible Reader

    I think I might have found the antidote I’ve been looking for to the experimental drugs being forced on many people. I was looking around and saw that people were using it successfully on their pets for snakebite.

    Vitamin C Antidote too all known toxins Thomas Levy, MD – even SNAKEBITE! VIRAL VIRUS BACTERIAL
    Mar 26, 2013

    Thomas Levy, MD – Vitamin C Past, Present, Future Applications-cure to all known virus, bacterial infections. antidote to all known toxins. Amazing. WATCH VERY CLOSELY AT 25:30. Thats right..he said it..ALL KNOWN TOXINS.

    • Bible Reader

      By the way, in one of the snakebite stories I read, the guy said he was too far away from anywhere to get treatment and that he sucked out the venom using a vacuum cleaner.

      • Greg Hunter

        I have been bitten by a 6 foot rattler and that I guarantee you did not work.

  158. Mr. Miller

    You people are all beyond hope. It should now be obvious to anyone with a few working brain cells that there is mass genocide going on and all you do is listen to people tell you what you should be taking to build your immune systems or treatments that will possibly save your life after you’ve already taken the shot(s). Idiots one and all.

    Not living in the evil empire myself, I could care less of where this ends for all of you. Most will be dead within a year or two and those still above ground will likely want to join them. If you wonder what real hell is like you’re about to experience it first hand.

    While waving your american flag and “we’re No. 1” BS, they’ve been planning to systematically destroy the country right under you dumb downed noses while you all stood by and did nothing. Now you get what you deserve. Good riddance and good bye.

  159. Michael Janket

    I have not seen a better interview on this subject matter. Dr. Eads says it like it is. Ironically, were it not for censorship, this abject horror would not even exist.
    The Covid brouhaha has catapulted a number of journalists into the spotlight and our own Greg Hunter is nestled at the top of that group. Greg, you may not realize it, but you are one of the unsung heroes of this battle against the ravages that threaten this country. We owe you a lot for your outstanding interviews, you will clearly be a pillar of our rise from the ashes.

  160. Fat Tail Canavan

    Get ready…Folks!
    It’s the old story of
    laughing, dancing children;
    One for the money, two for the show.
    Three to make ready and four for to go.
    In 2022, the rift between Australia and China would become the ‘forever split’.
    Understanding this divorce — and adjusting your portfolio for it — could be the single most important thing you can do right now as an Australian saver, stacker, prepper and investor. Just ask prep Aussie;
    If there’s one thing you should take away from this comment, it’s this…
    Things are never going to be the same between this country and China.
    And because China was and still is the single biggest driver of the Australian economy, that’s a very big deal.
    While it lasted, we were strange bedfellows…
    Australia, a liberal democracy, population of 25 million.
    China, a communist state, population of 1.3 billion.
    But for many years, this strange marriage worked.
    China got resources, goods, and services. And we got to share in their insane growth.
    Well, the marriage is over.
    And this divorce is getting more bitter by the week.
    I’m convinced that what’s unfolding here is the CENTRAL economic problem for Australia.
    Yes, even bigger and more far-reaching than the planned COVID non-demic.
    Because the consequences of this divorce will be felt decades after we’ve figured out a way to live with the covid cold virus BS…

  161. Jim Kuzdal

    Magnificent show Greg!! you ought to get the Nobel prize for something for this one!!

  162. Barb

    Great interview. Curious, WHO is paying the hospitals? Didn’t they get the $13k per patient when Trump was in office? Couldn’t he have stopped it? I am MAGA, so I like Trump, but who do we pressure to defund whomever is funding the killers? Thanks

  163. JH

    Greg, you are 100% responsible for what happens after bringing anti-vax guests on your show so regularly. Blood is literally on your hands. The infection rate and death count of Covid-19 victims within the USA is on the rise, with 99.9% –yes, 99.9%– of these new cases unvaccinated persons.. Some day, a few years from now, you are going to wake up and regret the path you chose, putting so many people at risk.. God be with you when that happens.

    • Greg Hunter

      Are you a moron or just a paid troll. Look at the evidence and stop with the childish names like anti-vax!!! You are anti-science and can’t or won’t read. My God (Jesus) is with me always. Your god is satan. Show me the source that 99.9% of new cases are un-vaxed. Let’s see it!!

      • JH

        Just responding to your challenge, Greg. Here is your (carefully researched) evidence supporting this fact (from a variety of news sources, including AP News, NPR, CNET, AU/UGA Medical Partnership and many others), which you so ungraciously panned, Greg….

        1. “Staggering COVID-19 Statistic: 98 to 99% of Americans Dying are Unvaccinated”
        If you have decided to not get vaccinated against COVID-19, a new data analysis from The Associated Press concludes you may have a higher risk of dying compared to those who have chosen to be vaccinated.
        The analysis was released in May of 2021 and looks at COVID-19 related deaths in vaccinated versus unvaccinated individuals—only .8% (150) of vaccinated people accounted for the 18,000 COVID-19 deaths in May.
        With this staggering statistic, Andy Slavitt, a former adviser to the Biden administration on COVID-19 suggested that 98% to 99% of the Americans dying of the coronavirus are unvaccinated.
        “The pandemic is not over,” said Augusta University/University of Georgia Medical Partnership Campus Dean Dr. Shelley Nuss. “I strongly advise everyone to consider getting a vaccine and to discuss this with their health care provider. Cases are rising throughout the United States in large part due to the particularly virulent delta strain.” Source: The AU/UGA Medical Partnership (a partnership between the Augusta University and the University of Georgia). Read it:

        2. “U.S. COVID Deaths Are Rising Again. Experts Call It A ‘Pandemic Of The Unvaccinated'”
        July 16, 20215:03 PM ET
        The death rate from COVID-19 in the U.S. is rising steadily for the first time in months as the nation grapples with a renewed burst of cases in what’s become “a pandemic of the unvaccinated,” the head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Friday.
        The seven-day average of new cases has increased by nearly 70% to almost 30,000 per day; hospitalizations are up 36%. And deaths from the virus have risen steadily in recent days, reversing a months-long downward trend that began in mid-January.
        Read it:

        3. “The new 99%: These are the people who are getting serious cases of COVID-19”
        They are the new 99 percenters: The vast majority of Americans who are getting serious cases of COVID-19 or dying are unvaccinated.
        While COVID-19 cases continue to spike across the US, the overwhelming majority of deaths and hospitalizations from the virus continue to overwhelmingly be among unvaccinated Americans, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention….
        Read it:

        4. “99% of COVID deaths are now of unvaccinated people, experts say”
        With the delta variant running rampant in the US, COVID cases are on the rise in what is now a “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” the CDC says.
        Read it:

        5. “ICU Doctor: 99% of new COVID cases come from unvaccinated people”
        LAFAYETTE, La. — A spike in COVID-19 cases in the state is causing concern among health care experts. As of July 19, nearly 4,000 new cases have been reported and more than 700 people are in the hospital because of the virus. In total, the state currently borders the 500,000 case mark.
        Dr. Frank Courmier, a pulmonary critical care physician at Our Lady of Lourdes, tells KATC 99 percent of the new cases at the hospital come from people who have not received the COVID-19 vaccine.
        Read it:

        6. “99% of New U.S. COVID Hospitalizations, Deaths Occurring Among the Unvaccinated”
        By Robert Preidt, HealthDay Reporter

        FRIDAY, June 25, 2021 (HealthDay News) — Unvaccinated people now account for nearly all COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths in the United States, federal government figures show. An Associated Press analysis of May data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that infections in fully vaccinated people accounted for fewer than 1,200 (0.1%) of the more than 853,000 COVID-19 hospitalizations, and only about 150 (0.8%) of the more than 18,000 COVID-19 deaths.
        Read it:

        7. “Nearly all COVID deaths in US are now among unvaccinated” By CARLA K. JOHNSON and MIKE STOBBEJune 29, 2021 Nearly all COVID-19 deaths in the U.S. now are in people who weren’t vaccinated, a staggering demonstration of how effective the shots have been and an indication that deaths per day — now down to under 300 — could be practically zero if everyone eligible got the vaccine. An Associated Press analysis of available government data from May shows that “breakthrough” infections in fully vaccinated people accounted for fewer than 1,200 of more than 107,000 COVID-19 hospitalizations. That’s about 1.1%. And only about 150 of the more than 18,000 COVID-19 deaths in May were in fully vaccinated people. That translates to about 0.8%, or five deaths per day on average.The AP analyzed figures provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC itself has not estimated what percentage of hospitalizations and deaths are in fully vaccinated people, citing limitations in the data.Among them: Only about 45 states report breakthrough infections, and some are more aggressive than others in looking for such cases. So the data probably understates such infections, CDC officials said. Source: AP News Read it:
        There were many more, but this post is too long as it is. Stick to the facts, Greg, from experts, not quacks. Live long and prosper, but always, always… tell the truth.
        – A Professional Researcher

    • Anita Alt

      Someday you will wake up at the judgment seat of Christ

      • Anita Alt

        My comment was to JH , tell it to the Lord Jesus Christ. You do not know Him now but you will soon when you wake up at His judgment seat.

  164. Patrick Chambers

    Aloha Greg,
    I visit KWN and JSMineset daily. Thank you for all your wonderful videos and for all you do.
    I’m a retired lab director at Torrance Memorial Medical Center (SoCal – sure glad I moved from CA).
    Your sources on the dangers of the vaccine are spot on.
    I’ve written extensively on this and warning about the malaria epitope on the spike protein on SARS CoV2 (and the vaccine). This information is heavily suppressed. Pfizer – 12 trillion per dose, Moderna – 40 trillion per dose or booster.
    Both of the below articles have been peer reviewed and accepted.
    The myocarditis, blood clots, decreased immunity (loss of cytotoxic CD8+ T cells) are all related to the CD147 receptors on endothelial cells, lymphocytes, platelets, …
    Also about a year ago I started a project (a bit technical) on this at COVID-19 PATHOGENESIS (

    Patrick Chambers, MD

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Dr. Patrick

  165. AJ

    Amazing interview Greg. Thank you for interviewing Dr. Eads.
    I particularly appreciate you and other commenters for providing the links Dr. Eads had referenced in her interview.

    You always go the extra mile! I enjoy checking your website daily for the interesting and helpful interviews you bring about.

    Take care,

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you AJ for all your support!

  166. Anita Alt

    Thank you both

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Anita for all your support!

  167. Todd MichaeL Wiseman

    Nice to see her wearing the Christian cross around her neck for sure !! TRUTH is as Rudoph Steiner predicted long ago, this fake HOAX injection changes human DNA into a mutant beast , hence the 666 prophecies, It voids and cut off all ties with the human SOUL, also why stories are floating now , but banned on TV, on these vax babies being born with ALL black eyes, no white part of eye is visible, this is a sign of EVIL, soul less offspring freaks of nature are being cursed at birth now from their parents making the WRONG choice to take the needle, also our once strong military is over now, easy and ripe for a full invasion from the west coast as forseen by Ed Cayce and Nostradamus,
    so glad we have NOT sould our mortal souls over all this foolishness communist propaganda, the fake vax hoax will go down in history biggest LIE ever swallowed by the gullible who never question so called ”authority” and who never think for themselves, a lost art when the world was last normal 2000, before the fake hoax nyc attack on the twin towers
    ohio st Univ

  168. pro27

    How can I get a transcript of this interview?
    Thank you!

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t have the time or the $ to provide that, but the interview is free to watch.

  169. Jim Hebert

    The vax is the mark of the beast, proof…injected nano-processors link to blue tooth and WIFI.

  170. SoftwareGuy

    She says the Covid 19 virus doesn’t exist. What did 700,000 plus people die from.

    • Greg Hunter

      Software guy. Why don’t you tell us because you cannot prove there is even an isolated CV19 virus.

      • SoftwareGuy

        A good reporter would have asked her that question. Dr. David Martin says the same thing. He says there is no actual covid virus. Maybe it’s true. I’m simply trying to find out what people are getting sick from. People got sick and died.

        • Greg Hunter

          Software guy,
          A grateful viewer would say, Hey Greg thanks for the totally free site with great information!! Instead, I just get a comment from a total jerk.

          • SoftwareGuy

            Wow, I have watched you for years. I never thought I would get a reply like this.

            • Greg Hunter


              “If you were a real reporter” I was a bit taken back by that too. We are even.


  171. Sam

    I can find no supporting sources for the $39,000 Remdesivir cost. Every source I have found has it $3-$4k/person. Where she is getting that number from?

    • Greg Hunter

      That’s because you got it wrong. Listen to the interview again and and please check your own facts. You look like a stupid troll when you get it this wrong. You are trying to throw dirt on Dr. Eads to discredit her. That’s what a paid troll does. You are fired. Dr. Eads clearly said it was $3,000 or more for the kill shot “death is near.” (Remdesivir) The $39,000 figure was for ICU and intubation.

  172. Joe Boudreau

    I spent the last 45 minutes watching this video directly on USAWatchDog. Youtube got zero minutes from me. Thanks Greg for another great interview!

  173. Truthteller

    Thank you for your hard work. May I ask you to put me in touch with Dr.Eads, please? I would like to go to her Sanford speech but I can’t find the details online. Please reply in private. Thank you,

  174. John Hoxie

    Found a link to your interview with Dr. Betsy Eads tonight on my telegram group. I have been watching interviews by Brannon Howse and Stew Peters with Karen Kingston, Dr. Jane Ruby and others for months. You and Dr. Eads put out a boatload of good material in a short amount of time. I’m definitely adding the two of you to my info regimen.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks john!

  175. Kurt

    A year ago when this video came out: I wondered how the NWO were going to pull off a 2/3 depop of America and European countries and a 90% decrease of GDP. Now it seems clear.

  176. Kurt

    33:00 I would think the people who should be worried about being assassinated should be anyone who has ever attended a Bilderberg meeting. Insiders leak the list of names every time. These are the true kingpins, their policies are the ones that get implemented. Remember around 2009 when some high ranking banksters got murdered? Perhaps this is a realization Michael Yeadon had, as former VP of Pfizer, that he could be next. “I’m dead set against this from the start! Don’t murder me, I warned you!”

  177. Craig Carmichael

    Change the term:

    Instead of “Crimes Against Humanity”

    Let’s call it “Betrayal of Public Trust” — That’s akin to treason; treason not to a foreign agency, but against society.

    Much easier to convict for a crime by that name – guilt or innocence should easier to prove, more cut and dried.

  178. Clint Young

    Great Interview. Thanks Greg for this presentation.

  179. gabriel sullivan

    what over the counter or natural plant is anti viral or anti parasitic to help against the spike protein from being around vaccinated that the common man can get since ivermectin is presciption only?

  180. Jenny

    I can not find any documentation that states that there are currently placebos in the covid19 vaccine, only in the trials. Can some one either correct me or send me a link? Please and thank you! Jenny

  181. Lida Ford

    I am Purchased ziverdo kit and ivermectin from india. . It takes about a 15 days to received.

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