Obama Ordered FBI & CIA to Spy on Trump – Kevin Shipp (Pt #1)

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Click here for Part #2)

Former Assistant FBI Director Andrew McCabe looks like he is going to be charged for his role in the Trump Russia hoax to try to remove a duly elected President from office. Former CIA Officer Kevin Shipp, who is an expert on counter-intelligence, says McCabe is going roll over on his co-conspirators and talk if the DOJ cuts him a deal. Shipp explains, “Yes, I do think he will talk, absolutely. It’s either that or be imprisoned with Billy Bob for the next 15 or 20 years. The motivation is great for him to talk. . . . This is one of their most outrageous things the Shadow Government and the Deep State has done.   They ran a counter-intelligence espionage operation, and that was their excuse to open an investigation. . . . It is clear to me that spying on Trump was ordered by Obama. It had to be, no doubt about it. He gets a Presidential brief on what the FBI, CIA, NSA are doing every single day. The FBI spied on the Trump campaign with an unprecedented domestic spy operation, and that is rocking this country.”

Shipp points out that what happened with President Trump is a first in U.S. history. Shipp says, “This is huge that they had a domestic spying program involving CIA and FBI informants targeting a Presidential candidate and then the actual President himself. This has never happened before, and I am hoping it will never happen again. This must come out. It has to come out if we are going to retain our democracy and our constitutional republic. These people have got to be exposed, they have got to be indicted, and they have to be charged. If they are not, it’s pretty much over for our justice system.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with former CIA Officer and whistleblower Kevin Shipp.

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  1. Anthony Australia

    It was obvious Obama ordered surveillance, requested by a higher power.

    The wars drums are beating louder.

    • JC

      Drone attacks in Saudia Arabia….it’s funny, things have been pretty quiet and calm, but a few days after Bolton is fired we have this happen. Curious. Very curious. Is Bolton at work in the shadows of the deep state pushing for war, war, war?

      • Anthony Australia

        Indeed, only a few days after he departed.
        In the past they said Bolton was the always the prime instigator .

    • Rob

      Yes there are rumors of war in every corner of the globe:

      Matthew 24:6-9 And ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars; see that ye be not troubled: for these things must needs come to pass; but the end is not yet. (7) For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom; and there shall be famines and earthquakes in divers places. (8) But all these things are the beginning of travail. (9) Then shall they deliver you up unto tribulation, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all the nations for my name’s sake.

      The church must endure the tribulation:


      • Anthony Australia

        Wars, Fires, Famine and Social unrest.

  2. al

    Slow justice is NO JUSTICE! I’m not the only one feeling this way.
    At this time I’m looking for major heads to roll, the rest is minutia.
    While in Venice, Clinton just flipped her middle finger at Trump. What’s to say about that?


    • iwitness02

      I second that motion!

    • Cole

      Face it. It’s not going to happen. Ever. We live in a very corrupt anti-God country.

      • Greg Hunter

        No we do NOT live in an anti-God country. Some are anti-God but the majority are not.

  3. Russ F

    Greg and Kevin, let’s also remember that there were huge put options on the airlines in advance of the attack. Someone knew something was going to happen.
    My question is: WHY was this done. We always talk about how, but I really wonder why? Especially if the deep state was involved; why would they murder so many people?
    Please give me your opinion as to WHY. Thank you.

    • Justn Observer

      Huge PUTS in Las Vegas as well !

  4. John

    Rut Roe looks like McCabe is going to be suicided.

    • Bill B

      After Epstein was suicided, it better not happen to McCabe. If it does, Barr has lost control of our Justice system and we are in for a bumpy ride.

  5. Stan

    Harry Dent also believes Gold will collapse from here: https://marketsanity.com/harry-dent-bursting-bubbles-and-irrational-economics/

    And Dent, like me, has been very accurate in past Gold predictions.

    You have been warned.

    • Greg Hunter

      You do know how long Mr. Dent has been wrong on this right?

    • DaveJ

      Stan, are you working in the financial sector? Some of your calls have been spot on (unlike Bo). Do you have some contact information as I have a sizable sum of money to invest and am looking for advice?

      • Stan

        DaveJ: I’ll try to keep everyone posted on this board regarding any future market moves.

    • Mike R

      Dent also said the Dow would be at 40000 something like 10 years ago. This guy has been wrong so many times, I’d be rich if I got a nickel every time he was wrong.

      Stan Dent, would be a good name for you, since you say you are just like him. As in dent in the head, and haven’t recovered the IQ.

    • Anthony Australia

      Dent, please give it a rest Skol

  6. Dan Adams

    He will be suicided before he talks.

  7. Dana McMichael

    The United States Constitution guarantees to the citizens of the Union a republican form of government. Once upon a time, the Secretary of State maintained a list of subversive organizations that were outlawed in the USA. Topping the list was the Communist Party. Every single candidate for the Presidential nomination in the Democrat Party are openly espousing socialist Marxism/communism – subversive objectives, policies and directives that would fundamentally replace a republican form of government. Why are these candidates not being rounded up and charged with subversion?

    Why isn’t anyone talking about this? Conservative talk show hosts are constantly talking about them being nut-cases and expressing the repeated history of the failure of such policies; but none of them are relating their socialist and/or communist objectives as open violations of the Constitutional guarantee of our form of government?.

    • iwitness02

      Thank you for bringing up an interesting point.

    • Frank D2

      Spot on Dana. And not just Dem candidates, but MSM members (how many treasonous acts has the NYT committed?), Hollywood court jesters, etc. There are many, many people openly espousing communist policies and/or going against the constitution they swore to uphold (like all the Dems who want open borders, free healthcare for ILLEGALS, etc.). These are all anti-constitutional and if Trump was the “Nazi” so many of these traitors say he is, he would have had these people rounded up and dealt with by now. As Al above so accurately states SLOW JUSTICE IS NO JUSTICE.

      • susan

        13,000 democrats and they totally run the USA. That’s what it feels like.

  8. skipNclair

    Your justice system died so long ago you were not even born when it happened.

    • Greg Hunter

      And then we elected Donald Trump.

  9. Blather

    They let obama go as a faux “President”. So he is likely untouchable. Trump said he would go after Hillary or hinted he would as a BIG campaign promise by the way he was talking.

    Then when he got elected he let her go. They are all free as a bird to plot against Trump again.

    And if they win they’ll never be under threat of prosecution again. Instead, the prosecution of the right will begin and they’ll be serious about putting you in jail.

    BTW, under Trump, only his friends and associates went to jail. Not the real perps. That’s the way it stands now. Helping the enemy and forgetting your friends.

  10. john duffy

    Hell No You Won’t Take Our AR-15s, Our AK-47s!

  11. mike r

    Crude oil just soared like a bat out of hell. Attacks on Saudi’s will also spike gold higher. Once again, Stans gold shorts are toast.

    Trump says we are ‘locked and loaded.’ Anytime any military asset is activated, once again, its good for gold.

    Gold is so undervalued, just by the massive and very false complacency in ALL markets worldwide, based on the myth that all governments are ‘well’ and all economies are supposedly ‘a-ok.’ Well anyone complacent on these things, has rocks in their skull. Gold easily will be trading north of $2000, once its revealed how devastating the financial manipulation by all governments has been, whether its currencies or on the commodity exchanges. They cant hide everything forever.

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      Silver is where you want to be. Way undervalued. Kind of like Palladium in July 2005 at $172 (I was buying at $190). Now Pd is $1,600.

  12. Robert E. Salt

    Donald Trump’s tariffs involve pain but are necessary in order to level the playing field. The ghost cities in China are real and are part of Agenda 21. Each of these cities is empty but capable of housing millions of people. The plan is to relocate young people from around the world into Chinese high-rise chicken coops and have them spend their waking hours working in nearby sweatshops. Google, Diane Feinstein and others work for the Chinese government in an effort to achieve this goal. The previous four presidents have amassed personal fortunes selling the country out from under us. California alone has thousands of homeless people. Why should our socialists waste their time sitting trapped in traffic jams when all these young people would be far more productive living and working in China producing babies for human trafficking. Thomas Jefferson predicted this would happen if we ever allowed a private bank to regulate our currency. Donald Trump threw a monkey wrench into the plan when he was elected. It’s like Trump said “You have to vote for me even if you don’t like me.”

  13. Bill B

    Mike r
    Gods word says ” We must ALL stand before the judgement seat to answer for what we have done. There will be no excuses, no alibis, no pleading. Only swift justice.

  14. Mike R

    Well gold and silver should certainly skyrocket from here, especially now that its OFFICIAL that JP Morgan has been indicted on multiple and very serious counts of precious metals manipulation. Using heavy language involving the RICO act, which is typically done with mob related circumstances, this means the prosecutions will go WIDE, and DEEP, and HIGH UP INTO the organizations, and not just JPM. The rigging essentially coincides with the take down of gold, and silver dating back to 2009, which preempted a serious bull market in both, causing millions of people to lose billions of dollars via their rigging and price suppression. Oh, by the way, the JPM was just a proxy for the FED and our government during Obama’s regime, trying to intentionally suppress prices to make it look like QE wasn’t causing inflation. We all know it was, which gold and silver would have rightfully indicated, if they had not been heavily suppressed.

    You can pretty much be assured that this eventually leads to the abolishment of the FED, and not just the take down of JPM, and other banks involved in the scheme, but also the take down of Obama, who will be the first former President indicted and prosecuted and sent to prison for life. of course Trump will have so much fun doing this in his second term, since these rat basta*ds have tried to oust him from day 1. Payback is going to be a b*tch for all these people.

    Funny how Fauxcohantas is talking about ridding DC of corruption in her new campaign pandering. Trump’s admin is already do just that ! in spades !

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