$174,000 per Ounce Gold Not Funny–Scary – Jim Sinclair & Bill Holter

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Early Sunday release)

Renowned gold and financial expert Jim Sinclair and financial writer Bill Holter are sounding the alarm now on global financial markets starting to burn down and implode. Sinclair and Holter are business partners at the popular financial website JSMineset.com. Sinclair explains, “‘When’ is the question we are asked constantly by our viewers and readers. . . . ‘When’ is a period of time all of this comes to fruition, meaning the date. . . .‘When’ is now. . . . This is the beginning of something few expect. This has very little to no precedent in history. . . . The system has been unwinding for a significant amount of time, but now is a point in time it is being recognized, especially by those enormous centers of wealth that have robbed so much from so many who are long fiat currency and must convert into something that is real. . . . If you are bankrupt, the way to fix it is to face it–and we are. We have not faced it, but rather made it worse. . . . The price of gold has to equal the liabilities. . . . If we don’t have gold, then it is whatever the price China and Russia wish it to be. If we do have gold, the mathematics work out to be slightly under $20,000 an ounce. I don’t believe we have the gold.”

Holter adds, “The $20,000 per ounce number would be just the debt foreigners hold. If you used the total (federal) debt of $21 trillion, the number is $87,000 per ounce. If you add the number of ‘missing money’ (from HUD and DOD) that Catherine Austin Fitts and Professor Mark Skidmore came up with of another $21 trillion ‘missing,’ you double that gold price. So, you are at $174,000 per ounce.”

Sinclair also points out, “Is there any question why central banks are so interested in using methods of bullying and creating a false market by using counterfeit gold when you realize how difficult the situation actually is?”

A few years ago, Jim Sinclair predicted the price of gold would hit $50,000 per ounce, and some laughed at him. Now, Sinclair says, “$50,000 per ounce price of gold would be a very low estimate. I will tell you one thing, $1,200 per ounce is a joke.”

Holter says, “Equity markets are levitated. Interest rates have been dropped to zero. Gold and silver have been suppressed. The reason being is the markets have to support the MOPE (Management Of Perspective Economics). In other words, they have to be able to point to markets and say, see, everything is okay. Just look at the markets.”

Sinclair says, “It’s a product of a psychological operation, if you will.”

Sinclair also says, “It’s going to be a Friday to Monday event. There is going to be an explosion, and the explosion is a change. It may blow your mind, but the explosion would not be three or four months or a year in upticks in these items (gold and silver prices). Oh, they are going to uptick. That’s for sure. The finality of this is going to be the reset. . . .It is going to be something entirely new that doesn’t exist now. It may be engineered and not happening by natural causes. . . .You need to know who President Trump is, what he is a master of and what tools he has used effectively as part of his business. It’s not “The Art of the Deal,” it’s the science of bankruptcy.”

How bad is it going to get? Holter sums it all up when he says, “The world is Venezuela.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Jim Sinclair and Bill Holter of JSMineset.com in an in-depth exclusive interview.

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After the Interview:

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  1. Chip2

    Greg, off-topic, but this pedophilia stuff is cracking wide-open. Please look up the “Jamie Dlux” channel on Youtube. That guy has been doing a lot of independent work on putting the puzzle together. He’s bold and naturally smart. Might be good to interview him. Language warning on his videos, though.

    • This Sceptred Isle

      The sacrifices will be the next level to penetrate.

    • The Canuck

      It has been reported this past week in Canadian national news that the Roman Catholic Church is once again under the magnifying glass for issues of pedophilia. The individual in question has been issued house arrest. The elite protecting their own !

      • This Sceptred Isle

        Hierarchical systems are the Demiurge’s favourite method of control. They are the most efficient way of facilitating control of the many by the few. The Demiurge also loves globalisation, as it is the most effective way of centralising power and placing control of the masses in the hands of fewer individuals. The Demiurge can then control these global power centres by controlling those individuals (the elites). So the grip is strengthened by imposing hierarchical systems on the people and increasing national and global integration of these hierarchical structures. Nobody ever called the Demiurge stupid!

        • Brent Jones/ BJ

          The Malachi Prophecies will prove to be true!

    • Tea For One

      EVERYBODY, please look up The ITNJ, International Tribunal for Natural Justice, which is going after the worldwide satanic pedophiles.



  2. paul ...

    Now lets see … with gold at $174,000 dollars per ounce … silver (even at the current gold silver ratio of 80) should rise to $2175 per ounce … with a gold silver ratio at a more reasonable 25 … silver should rocket to $6960 dollars per ounce … but logically based upon current mining statistics … where 5 ounces of silver are mined for every ounce of gold ( a gold silver ratio of 5) … silver’s rise will be an incredulous $34,800 dollars per ounce … will the government send swat teams to each Americans home to seize their silver coins? … not too likely … as explained very well here … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xi6gM1THMYU

    • paul ...

      Worst case … all our gold is in Fort Knox and therefore gold only goes to $20,000 dollars per ounce … and silver (with a worst case gold to silver ratio of 80) only goes to $250 dollars per ounce (still over 15 times your money)!

    • This Sceptred Isle

      It sounds absurd until you remember what bitcoin did in a year.

      • paul ...

        TSI … Let’s all keep in mind the first re-set will be a “fake re-set” … so don’t trade in your physical gold and silver coins for SDR’s … SDR’s are just”another fiat piece of paper” printed up “by crooks even worse then the Fed” (if you can imagine any crooks being worse then the Fed who took our 100 cent US dollar down to two cents in the span of one lifetime) … we must all wait for the “real re-set” to take place … when “paper” issued by the US Treasury is backed by gold “as required by our Constitution” that the Demon-rats want to rip up!!

    • William Stanley

      paul . . ., I enjoyed your link, thanks.

    • The Canuck

      As per Martin Armstrong’s research, when the Roman soldiers (the police force of the day) we’re no longer paid they turned and sacked the city. One would have to expect anything could happen.

    • ConcAmDad

      Greg is it still 2014? Sinclair said we wouldn’t get past fall of that year. Now the pin’s been pulled again. I think it’s telling when holter says things like “ what is it 3,5,7,10…….” they’ve been saying the same things for years. It was unthinkable for 10 trillion to double- yet here we are. Same thing will be said at 40 trillion? Apparently “they” are in control. Why didn’t trump stick with the truth? It may have been easier to wake people up with truths, such as fake bubbles, fudged numbers…… now he runs with the pack taking credit for the frauds. Is he waiting til his third term to do something about the rampant criminality? They’re always waiting til the next election….. and on and on it goes, dow rips up anothe 250 !!!

      • Greg Hunter


        Ignore it then. Everything is going to be OK.


      • Beverly Kingsford


        The difference in our “now” is that there is so much other corruption going on that is being uncovered. And, Hillary would rather take this whole country down and all the corrupt people she knows of, than she, herself, be put in jail. So, if it looks like she will be indicted and put in jail, you can bet that she will use knowledge of other people’s crap, as leverage. So, all this truth that’s coming out about other crimes from all directions, is going to bring everything to a head. They will kill WHOEVER they need to, to cover up their crimes. Chaos is their goal, anyway. Death is their goal. They don’t care how many deaths they cause in all of this chaos. Trump is bringing all the corruption to a head because he is exposing the wicked. The wrongs have to be righted if we want to ever have a free country again. This is happening now. Just watch the puss in this zit continue to collect. It will explode soon. Babies are being sacrificed. God will not stand by and watch— on and on. God will bring justice.

  3. Gina M Mancarella


    I hate to inform you, but gold and silver are not going to be anyone’s savior. . . . (This is Greg Hunter and the above title is why I don’t post much from “Gina.”)

    • JC

      Hi Greg, don’t worry about posting stuff from “Gina” , she always provides a good laugh.

      • paul ...

        What is not going to be a laughing matter to Gina is seeing Greg sell one of his 1 oz silver coins he paid only $16 dollars for (near the bottom) … for an incredible sum of $34,800 dollars … obviously precious metals are not going to be Gina’s savior as she withdraws $34,800 dollars from her bank account to buy that one silver coin Greg is selling (near the top)!

    • Mike R

      Spineless worm is an oxymoron. And Gina certainly is the moron here.

      • Diana Dee Jarvis

        Actually “spineless worm” is a tautology because it’s repetitive. An oxymoron is a phrase that contradicts itself. Gina’s yelling in all caps certainly shows some kind of devolution though. Shouting insults at the guy running the website doesn’t strike me as an effective way to get one’s message published.

      • Bob

        Actually it is not an oxymoron, because worms are actually spineless. An oxymoron is a term comprised of contradictory words so perhaps you are the moron.

      • R Grange

        Everybody here thinking this paranoid garbage of Gold 20k or whatever is
        smoking pot!

        • Frederick

          R Grange NO not really Look at the leverage and the debt worldwide You will be proven the fool

        • Beverly Kingsford

          We know that gold is going to skyrocket, but the high it reaches isn’t really important. It will only be used for trade and buying things for a short time period anyway. Food and things we would normally buy at the store, are going to be the real valuables. Especially food. Most people don’t grow gardens, and where are they going to get food?!! It will become SO valuable, and people will need it to keep their own families alive. People will not trade food for gold, even, when it comes right down to it in the end.

    • H. Craig Bradley


      Muscular girl (Gina) kicks “sand” in wimpy Greg Hunter’s face at the beach. Remember the urban legend about bodybuilder Charles Atlas ?

  4. FC

    Everyone here knows $1200 an ounce gold is a joke, but how many here have heard this joke?

    The Mother-in-law of a work colleague, unfortunately, passed away in Israel while she was on her around the world holiday.

    The Son-in-law took the call from the Bureau of Consular Affairs notifying him of the tragedy and asked whether he would like to have the body buried in Israel or flown back home at a cost of $5000?

    The Son-in-law immediately answered ‘I want the body flown home’.

    The Consular officer was curious why he had chosen the more expensive option and asked him that very question.

    The Son-in-law replied ‘I’ve heard a story of a person who was buried over there and 3 days later he rose from the dead and I ain’t willing to take that chance’.

    • William Stanley

      FC: LOL! Pretty good “mother-in-law” joke.

  5. Mark James

    Wow!! Amazing interview! Very interesting that **they** came to you, Greg, to do this interview. That shows a lot of respect they have for you and USA Watchdog!

    I hope people really take this to heart and act. We all know this has been coming, but now it is here. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

    Thank you so much to Jim, Bill, and you Greg!!!

    • paul ...

      Mark … Remember Jim Sinclair has many powerful contacts in banking and the stock markets … so when he puts the dots together based upon his banking and stock market sources … you have to respect his analysis of what is likely to happen more then any other gold analyst putting the dots together!

  6. BJ Reid

    Eye opening interview and maybe your best ever..
    Don’t know how you managed to get Sinclair & Holter on with
    what they felt was very urgent and most important info .
    Great job … You really knocked it out of the park with this one.

    • Beverly Kingsford

      I really liked how Bill Holter gave credit to John Williams for his nuts and bolts work. That was great of Bill to give credit where credit is due. Thanks Bill for the great reference!

  7. Derek Sinclair

    Good stuff. I knew the markets were artificial but it takes a bit of lateral thinking from that to realise that they don’t in fact really exist. When you realise that they don’t actually exist in any real sense you realise how close we could be to that long weekend where everything changes. It could be this weekend. I buy into all of this and some may consider me to be stupid. But consider this: even if you don’t buy into this (like I do), can you say it is not going to happen with 100% certainty? If you say that then I may be stupid but you must be a real idiot. Unless you are an idiot and you are 100% convinced that this is ALL baloney where’s the harm in buying some physical gold or silver? Remember, even traditional brokers and investment managers recommend that you have at least 10% of your assets in gold (and that would have to be physical gold not worthless paper). Based on the gold price figures being discussed, that 10% would preserve all of your wealth and then some.

    • Derek Sinclair

      I should point out that I have PhD in chemistry and microbiology, so how much of an idiot can I really be?

      • Greg Hunter

        That doesn’t make you worth listening to.

      • This Sceptred Isle

        I trust you…as long as you don’t work for big pharma…

        • paul ...

          What all the banksters who run the economy have in common is that they don’t focus their minds to see the “real truth” … and by not observing the “real economic truth” … it can take on many probabilities (or shades of truth) … sort of like when scientists don’t focus their observation on an electron when doing the double slit experiment and it loses its physical form and becomes a wave … what scientists have come to realize through quantum experiments is that humans (just like electrons) can have a physical body or a wave (or spiritual) nature … but in order to exist as a physical entity in the real world we must remain focused “continually observing what is going on around us” … otherwise our physical body begins to become “non-physical” … similarly with the precious metal, stock, bond and derivative markets … the less the banksters focus on the reality of the entities they are dealing with … the more they don’t in fact really exist (just as Jim Sinclair says) … and these entities (cash, bonds, derivatives, etc.) simply become a probabilistic figment of the banksters imagination!!

          • paul ...

            You know … immortality may simply come down to us just continually observing ourselves and doing what is right … because as we begin to “block out of our consciousness” all the wrong things we do in our lifetime (we continually weaken our physical form) … and thus progressively become “more wave-like” until we eventually die away like a wave in a pond!!

            • This Sceptred Isle

              You should watch Ant Man and the Wasp.

            • paul ...

              Quantum mechanics (shown by the electron double slit experiment) provides humanity an important lesson … and it should be learned by the evil warmongers and child murderers of this world … evil deeds doom you to death … if you are seeking immortality … continually observe what is right, positive and good … that is what reinforces your physical body … that … is the secret to immortality … while turning your head to evil weakens your physical body and eventually your life force is scattered like a wave and fades away!

              • paul ...

                Research confirms that our consciousness affects matter and that the choices we make in life (good or bad) has a profound effect on our physical body … we must not be distracted from focusing our attention on doing good otherwise the physical universe itself can collapse … this is exactly how God the Father used his consciousness to create matter! … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nRSBaq3vAeY

        • Jim

          I knew numerous honor students at a midwest university. One of the smartest could get lost going around the block. A few honors engneers would come get the farm boy when their cars didn’t start in the winter. They were all great fun to know and landed great careers. Credentials aren’t the whole story. Smart and stupid comes in all kinds of wrappers.

    • Tin foil hat

      “Remember, even traditional brokers and investment managers recommend that you have at least 10% of your assets in gold”
      Who’s your broker and investment manager? They must be pretty honest since I don’t know one broker who has given me that recommendation. I have one who told me to stop reading crazy conspiracy on the Internet.
      Btw, I don’t have a PhD but I’m good at mathematics.

  8. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter: If that doesn’t motivate us to do what we have to do, nothing will. Thanks.

    • William Stanley

      P.S.: Despite the wonderfulness of the interview, I wish that you and Messers. Sinclair and Holter would have put less emphasis on the dollar price of gold and silver. Although neither you nor they have ever implied (and did not here) that dollars will be worth much if anything in the end, the unwary could walk from away from this thinking that one could secure a comfortable retirement with 10 or 20 ounces of gold.
      However, the pertinent question is more like how many ounces of gold will it take to buy a house, a car, or a BigMac. In other words, we need to focus on how gold and silver will appreciate relative to real things.
      In my opinion, the purchasing power of gold (and, especially silver) will rise dramatically relative not only to stocks and (particularly) bonds, but relative to houses, cars and BigMacs as well. I’m just not very confident by how much; however, I’m guessing something on the order of 5 to 10 times. That’s still way higher than historical norms, but in the long term the demand for gold and silver as money will also be much higher in real terms, I think, than indicated by historical norms. This is because both will become relatively more scarce relative to real stuff despite future technological and productivity improvements. Moreover, silver will gain in value as an industrial resource as well as in its function as money.
      Nevertheless, as Chris Martenson likes to remind us, fertile land, water, oil, and all manner of other minerals and natural resources (like insects) are also getting more scarce relative to the world population and may also outstrip the ability of technological improvements to keep up. This factor will tend to reduce the purchasing power of gold and (less so) silver in the future RELATIVE TO WHAT THAT PURCHASING POWER WOULD OTHERWISE BE.
      I know that Messers. Sinclair and Holter know all this. And so do you and much of your audience. So please forgive my cautionary observations if you deem them redundant, unnecessary or just plain wrong.

      • This sceptred Isle

        People dismiss gold as a ‘barbarous relic’ or quaint anachronism, but I think, in the ensuing panic its simplicity will be its strength. When the overly complex financial system begins to implode, investors will realise that nobody really understands it, and will seek simplicity.

        • William Stanley

          TSI: Great point about the merits of simplicity!

        • WD


          Yes Much like the AK 47 (simplicity) vs M16 (complex)
          Guess which one never fails you.

          • Greg Hunter

            Lots of improvements to the M16.

            • WD

              Yes I know…They are better. A lot better

              my time in the military went from M16 A1-A2-M4. when I got out…Still a tight system…sand and dirt are its enemy. I was there when we went to Iraq with our rifles in plastic bags.

              My point was slimplicity is genius; hammer, nail, scissors etc…Russians perfect a firearm through simplicity.
              Not bad that a 75 year old design still domintaes the world firearms market.
              Thanks as always for letting me comment here

        • Frederick

          Like they say “ keep it simple stupid” Rings true today more than ever before Gold and Silver are as simple as money gets The base of the money stability pyramid

      • K. Wayne

        You missed some of the critical points made by JS and BH.
        Gold re-priced based on EXISTING debt.
        That is HERE and NOW.
        The inflated price simply recognizes what should already be.
        Gold re-balances the Balance Sheet of the USA.
        The inflation is already present.

      • paul ...

        William … your just being a realist … although a one ounce silver coin may rise to be worth $34,800 dollars … the question becomes … what will that $34,800 dollars buy us?? … hopefully it is going to be more then dinner at Wendy’s or McDonald’s that currently costs about a 1 oz silver coin!! … however paying off our debts with that $34,800 dollars (home, car, credit cards, etc., etc.) we will definitely make out on the deal (unless we righteously paid off all our debts)!!

      • Jean-David Beyer

        “the unwary could walk from away from this thinking that one could secure a comfortable retirement with 10 or 20 ounces of gold.”

        That would be a seriously deficient way of thinking. My guess is that 10 or 20 ounces of gold will have the same purchasing power after the total collapse of fiat currencies as they do now. The dollar value of those ounces will be much more, but the purchasing power of those dollars will have declined.

        I have some one-ounce pieces of gold, but since the number I have now is not enough to retire on, it will not be enough to retire on once the excrement hits the ventilator.

  9. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter ,Mr Holter and Mr Sinclair,a trio of thought.The ideas discussed are indeed unpalatable to the majority but the sheer writs of force daily are a reality yet still so many turn away from the solution.The oligarchs within the security forces are stripping us dry and leaving the USA like the former Soviet Union,a concentration of wealth and privilege on an unprecedented scale and death and despair for us plebs.Sadly the light upon the hill is flickering in its death throes.
    We outside the USA are indeed in deep pain beware.

  10. Anthony Australia

    This was what I’ve been waiting for a very long time.
    My friends were watching football today on TV, then I tuned into USAWD and jumped into the air. They honestly think I’d lost the plot, when in fact my superstars are right here.

    Thank you!!!

  11. H. Craig Bradley


    I think if you consult economist Martin A. Armstrong and ask him about gold and silver he might respond maybe $5,000 an ounce someday. However, the conditions have to be right, including a total loss in confidence in our (Federal) Government. In fact, this process is already advanced now in South Africa under current (black) leadership, as the President of South Africa now intends to expropriate farms and land ( from original Dutch Settlers) without any compensation. If you fight or try to hold-on, you either are beaten-up (badly) or as often as not, just murdered on-the-spot by mobs of angry black Africans. Since they have no agricultural skills, mass starvation often follows such foolish policies. As to be expected, as its just gross mismanagement.

    A race-based civil war quickly becomes “fight or flight” for most White South Afrikaners. Confidence in their government is already in precipitous decline. Gold thrives under these conditions, as the currency usually tanks right along with the economy. In a vain effort to fix the broken monetary system, those in political authority try to raise interest rates to halt the debasement of their money. It usually fails anyway (Venezuela). This could happen here someday, but not for now.

    So, anything even close to $174,000/ounce probably means your whole system ( government and financial ) has already failed and is in the later stages of collapse, just like in Venezuela or Zimbabwe currently. No food, no services, no currency and now at the very end, hyperinflation to finish it all off. Only practical, useful items in short supply have real value in what becomes largely a barter economy. Basic subsistence only.

    Remember, Gold is not edible. You have to flee for your life and with only what you are wearing ( gold jewelry) or bullion coins. (Corrupt) border guards may help lighten your load on the way. Where can most Americans hope to go? Few, very few will have a second residence and passport already lined-up overseas in a friendly nation. Our cities would empty into the countryside and depopulate like Rome gradually did in 320 A.D. Life becomes a struggle and is shorter and infinitely harder for most everyone.

    Just take a look at history and reality. For example, the former residents of Rome initially were fleeing their own government’s onerous taxes, which they could not afford to pay. So, they just walked-away into the countryside. A major earthquake in California ( San Andreas ) might cause the same affect regionally. Damaged properties (homes) would be abandoned in-mass and just left standing. Millions of destitute migrants or refugees would just hit the road going out-of-town. Many would probably die of starvation with any gold they had still in their pockets. Gold is of limited value after a collapse has occurred for any reason, even just a regional one.

    • Greg Hunter

      Gold is not edible and either are dollars.

      • JC

        That is a beautiful response, I never thought of that.
        But I think it’s “neither” not “either” , but I could be wrong.