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Washington is Arranging Support of the Dollar-Paul Craig Roberts

4By Greg Hunter’s 

Former Assistant Treasury Secretary Dr. Paul Craig Roberts says new Trade deals with the EU and Asia are meant to backstop the dollar.  Dr. Roberts contends, “Washington is arranging that many countries have a stake in supporting the dollar.  That frees them from the consequences of the printing press for now and a number of years.”  (more…)

Weekly News Wrap-Up 7.5.13

11By Greg Hunter’s 

A key provision in Obama Care has been postponed.  Didn’t I tell you even the strongest Obama supporters are worried about the damage this will cause in the economy?  The Obama Administration abruptly postponed the “employer mandate” portion of the health care rollout.  Employers were already cutting hours to 29 from 40 because they didn’t want to be forced to give health care to full time employees.  (more…)

Happy 4th of July

By Greg Hunter’s

The cartoon on the next page would be funny if not so true today.  Thank you all for your comments, donations and support.

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People Want Physical Gold and Silver in Their Hands-Tom Cloud

Wealthy People Want Physical Gold and Silver in Their Hands - Tom CloudBy Greg Hunter’s 

Hard asset expert Tom Cloud has spotted a clear trend with “the lions share” of his 2,000 high net worth clients.  Cloud says, “I had a client the other day who liquidated a several million dollar position in an ETF because he said it’s time to put gold and silver in my hand. . . . People, the wealthier they are, want to get physical gold and silver in their hands.”   Cloud is far from alone in his observation.  Cloud reports, “I was talking to a major wholesaler last week, when the price was going down, and I asked how many orders have you had today?  He said 560.  I asked how many have sold to you?  He said 20.”    (more…)

Treasury Bond-Greatest Asset Bubble in History-Jim Willie

goldenjackassBy Greg Hunter’s 

Financial analyst Dr. Jim Willie says there is no way the Fed is going to stop printing money or even “taper” it.  He charges, “Everything is dependent on Fed support.  They know if they take it away, they’re going to create a black hole.  The Treasury bond is the greatest asset bubble in history.  (more…)

Weekly News Wrap-Up 6.28.13

4By Greg Hunter’s 

Russia is still holding NSA leaker Edward Snowden.  This is a major embarrassment to the Obama Administration on many levels.  On the first level, why couldn’t Snowden come forward to let America know about this spy program?  Many say this kind of spying has been known for years.  (more…)

We’re Going into the Greatest Depression-Gerald Celente

CelenteBy Greg Hunter’s 

Top trends forecaster Gerald Celente says NSA leaker Edward Snowden is a non-event.  Celente charges, “What did Snowden say that we didn’t write about over a year ago.”  Celente says the real stories are the imploding economy and coming war.  (more…)

Fed Continues Printing Money until it Implodes-Fabian Calvo

Fabian CalvoBy Greg Hunter’s 

Real estate expert Fabian Calvo says, “If Bernanke stops printing money, the housing market completely falls apart. . . . They’re just going to continue printing money until there is some sort of end-of-the-road event where this implodes.”  (more…)

Weekly News Wrap-Up 6.21.13

4Greg Hunter’s 

The Middle East, namely Syria, continues to dominate the news in my world.  It is because the threat of a wider war is increasing and not decreasing.  President Obama met with Russian President Vladimir Putin about Syria and the civil war that has taken the lives of more than 90,000 Syrians.  How did the meeting go?  In a word, bad.  No agreement was reached to end the war, and Russia will not agree to anything that removes the Assad regime.  So, it appears to be “game on” in the war front as the U.S. arms the rebels which are, in effect, al-Qaeda terrorists. 


More than 100 Years of Money Printing Next Year-Wiedemer

Robert Wiedemer, Author of “The Aftershock Investor" - Get Out of Stocks and BondsGreg Hunter’s 

Bob Wiedemer, author of “The Aftershock Investor,” says, “People are definitely in denial about what we’re doing. . . . Nobody mentions the $85 billion a month we’re printing now. . . . We’ve only printed about $800 billion in the last 100 years.  We’re going to print more than that next year.  So, literally 100 years of printing next year.”  (more…)

Bail-ins-The Ultimate Win for Precious Metals-Eric Sprott

15By Greg Hunter’s 

Money manager Eric Sprott isn’t worried about the heat he’s taken in the past few years over the declining price of precious metals.  Sprott contends, “You get a lot of criticism because people think you’ve lost your marbles . . . our views will be proven to be correct.  We intensely analyze the gold and silver market, and we think both will hit new highs at the end of the year or early next year.”  (more…)

Weekly News Wrap-Up 6.14.13

NSA Whistle Blower Edward Snowden, Americans Under Surveillance and MoreBy Greg Hunter’s 

This week in the Wrap-Up, we’re going to play “connect the dots” to see what kind of picture is developing in America.  Let’s start with NSA whistle blower Edward Snowden.  He has released information that shows a gigantic government surveillance program that is spying on millions of Americans.  It’s not only in the U.S., but this surveillance program is reaching into Asia and Europe according to reports.  Many say he’s a hero, some say he’s a traitor.  (more…)

We’re a Long Way from the 1970’s

Is the Gold Rush Really Over? We’re a Long Way from the 1970’s!By Greg Hunter’s   (Updated)

Lots of people are comparing today’s gold market to the 1970’s.  Gold shot up to nearly $200 per ounce and crashed 9 months later to near $100 an ounce.  Of course, gold had an historic rise to $850 per ounce after that wicked pull-back.  Some, such as economist Nouriel Roubini, say “the gold rush is over,” and the seventies are not going to repeat.  (more…)

Fed Hell-Bent On Hyper-Inflating Stock Market-Gregory Mannarino

Greg MannarinoGreg Hunter’s 

Analyst-trader Gregory Mannarino says, “The Fed is the sole driver for the market at this time.  They’ve caused an absolute and disconnect in the economy and the market.  When that happens, you know you have a bubble. . . . The Federal Reserve is hell-bent on hyper-inflating the stock market at the expense of the U.S. dollar.”  (more…)

Weekly News Wrap-Up 6.7.13

U.S. Marines are Headed to the Jordan/Syrian Border & MoreBy Greg Hunter’s 

1,000 U.S. Marines are headed to the Jordan/Syrian border.  You might remember pieces of the 1st Armored Division are already there.  Military exercises are common between the U.S. and Jordan, but this is not part of a military exercise.  The Pentagon is worried about the fighting in the Syrian civil war spilling into Jordan and wants to protect the Kingdom.