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Global Growth Will Never Return to its Glory Days-Chris Martenson

By Greg Hunter’s  

Chris Martenson of says, “We have an economy that requires constant exponential growth . . . that won’t happen.  We’re on an unsustainable course.”  Martenson says the next 20 years will look nothing like the last 20 years.  He predicts, “The crisis really is going to belong to the people who don’t see it coming.”   (more…)

Weekly News Wrap-Up 12.14.12

By Greg Hunter’s 

The Fed made it official, this week, with continuation of money printing to infinity.  The Federal Reserve is now engaged in $85 billion a month in pure QE.  It is continuing to buy the sour mortgaged-backed securities at a rate of $40 billion a month from the big banks, and it is now directly buying $45 billion a month of U.S. government debt.  (more…)

America is Going to Crash Big Time-Paul Craig Roberts

By Greg Hunter’s 

Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Treasury Secretary in the Reagan Administration, and he warns, “America is going to crash big time.”  Dr. Roberts says, “The real problem is not the fiscal cliff.”  The dollar is on very thin ice.  (more…)

Cash is Going Out of Style-Gregory Mannarino

By Greg Hunter’s 

Financial analyst Gregory Mannarino says, “The Federal Reserve is going to print into oblivion.  Why?  Because cash is going out of style.”  It was recently reported the Fed is buying 90% of U.S. Treasuries.  Mannarino contends, “The Federal Reserve has to go out and buy Treasury bonds.  If they don’t do this, it’s over . . .  the system collapses.  The Fed is now the lender of last resort.”  (more…)

Weekly News Wrap-Up 12.07.12

Greg Hunter’s 

Once again, there are two multifaceted stories dominating the news.  They are the Middle East and the U.S. financial crisis.  Syria is in a full blown civil war, and it is spilling out into Turkey and Lebanon.  So far, 40,000 Syrians have been killed in this conflict.  The President warned the increasingly desperate Assad regime not to use chemical weapons.  (more…)

Gold is the Anti-Bubble-Jim Willie

By Greg Hunter’s 

Jim Willie is the editor of the “Hat Trick Letter.”  He has a PhD in statistics and crunches the numbers on things like gold, currencies and bonds.  Jim Willie says, “Gold is the anti-bubble. . . . (more…)

Jon Stewart and the Fiscal Cliff

By Greg Hunter’s

I don’t know about you, but I’m already sick of the so-called “Fiscal Cliff” battle in Congress. That’s the mandatory concoction of tax increases and spending cuts that kick in January 1st if Democrats and Republicans can’t reach a compromise.   Comedian Jon Stewart gave his perspective recently on “The Daily Show.”  I thought he dished the dirt pretty evenly between both parties.  (more…)

Over 20 Million Houses Sitting Vacant-Fabian Calvo

By Greg Hunter’s 

Real estate expert Fabian Calvo says there’s more to the story about rising prices in the housing market than what’s reported by the mainstream media.  Calvo charges, “There’s a tremendous amount of manipulation . . . (more…)

Weekly News Wrap-Up 11.30.12

By Greg Hunter’s 

The two big issues, this week, are the U.S. debt deal and the Middle East.  The debt deal that everyone thinks was in the bag looks like it is nowhere near a done deal.  It all comes down to which parties’ base will be hurt the most.  For the Republicans, it’s tax increases.  In this case, they want to close loopholes and raise a trillion bucks over 10 years.  It’s not a lot of money, but I guess it’s a start.  (more…)

Gold Higher by End of Year-Yra Harris

By Greg Hunter’s

Yra Harris is called a “trader’s trader.”  He says the latest deal on Greek debt is just “pretend and extend. . . . The real problem is Spain because they’re big, they’re in debt and they have 27% unemployment.”  Everyone in the Western world is dealing with the sovereign debt mess by printing money and suppressing interest rates.  (more…)

Climate of Fraud, Negligence, Incompetence and JP Morgan

By Greg Hunter’s 

I was thinking about titling this post “Fire Jamie Dimon.”  I changed my mind because this article is much, much bigger than Mr. Dimon.  This is really an article about the current climate of fraud, negligence and incompetence that is accepted as the new normal.  Dimon and JP Morgan Chase are just the larger-than-life faces of the profound problems that are not getting fixed.  (more…)

Gaza-Israel Fighting, Fiscal Cliff and Debt Ceiling to Infinity

Greg Hunter’s  Weekly News Wrap-Up 11/23/12

A cease-fire was announced earlier this week in the Gaza-Israeli conflict.  Fighting lasted longer than a week and claimed the lives of 140 Palestinians.  Israel counted five dead and more than a dozen wounded.  It is not the “durable outcome” Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was seeking, but at least the bloodshed stopped.  The only question is how long will it be before the shooting starts again.  (more…)

Hyperinflation and Complete Collapse – Nick Barisheff

By Greg Hunter’s 

Asset manager Nick Barisheff says, “There’s never been a fiat currency in history that didn’t end in hyperinflation and complete collapse.”  Barisheff thinks that Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner’s most recent call to have an “unlimited debt ceiling” for the U.S. was “just telling the truth.”  That’s essentially what we have now with “open-ended” money printing by the Fed.  Barisheff adds, “All it’s doing is postponing a problem . . . it makes it bigger and eventually it blows up.”  (more…)

Central Banks’ Gold Likely Gone-Eric Sprott

By Greg Hunter’s  

Money manager Eric Sprott says, “The central banks’ gold is likely gone with no realistic chance of getting it back.”  Don’t expect this revelation to get any coverage by the mainstream media.  In an interview last week, Sprott’s analysis was met with words such as “gold bug” and “conspiracy theory.”  (more…)

Donations Button

By Greg Hunter’s 

During the past few months, I have had several people either comment or email asking if there was a way to support the site with a donation.  I have installed a “Donations” button at the top of the page just under the banner in the black bar.  I want to keep the site subscription free, and an open place to get real news and exchange ideas, but I also have expenses.  (more…)