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Interesting Depression & Period of Living Without – Rick Ackerman

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Financial writer and professional trader Rick Ackerman says the economy is tanking, and there is no way to avoid an economic depression. Ackerman explains, “It’s going to be an interesting depression because we have all the infrastructure of affluence. We have achieved a pinnacle of affluence, and the metaphor I use is riding to the soup kitchen on an $8,000 trail bike. . . . I hope we find things that make life worth going on without all the stuff. So, we are going to be in a period of living without all the good stuff, and that is going to be the norm. There is also a really hopeful side to economic distress, but we are most surely headed into a period of severe distress . . . and a period of living without. We will find we are not living without things that are intrinsic to human nature that are good. . . .We going to have to find ways to get along because we are headed into hard times.” (more…)

Bankruptcy & Inflation Begin, Record Unemployment, MSM Virus Treatment Lies

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 428 4.24.2020)

I’ve long said we would be seeing deflation (bankruptcy) and inflation (stimulus) before it was all over. It’s not going to be one or the other but both financial phenomenon at the same time. That is exactly what is happening now. Majority Leader of the Senate Mitch McConnell is saying indebted states should go bankrupt, and the President just signed yet another half trillion dollar stimulus package created from money out of thin air. That’s debt destruction and massive money creation. What could go wrong? It’s far from over, and we are just getting started. (more…)

Mr. President: Open the Economy Now – Martin Armstrong

By Greg Hunter’s 

Legendary financial and geopolitical cycle analyst Martin Armstrong says shutting down the economy is far worse that the effects of the Wuhan China virus. Armstrong says, “This is just scare mongering, and there is another agenda going on. The WHO is part of the UN, and the UN is for this climate change, and this is what their objective has been: Shut down the world economy, bankrupt everything you possibly can, and then rebuild from scratch. . . . The devastation in the economy is unbelievable. Our computer is very well known. Just about all the intelligence agencies look at it because it’s the only fully functioning artificial intelligence system in the world. It was saying unemployment was going to rise dramatically and retest the Great Depression highs. . . .That’s never happened like that. Even in the Great Depression, it took three years to get to 25%. We passed 13% in the first month. . . . (more…)

Coming a Time When the Money is No Good & Bonds are No Good – Michael Pento

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release) 

Money manager and economist Michael Pento says the Federal Reserve has only massive money printing left to try to save the economy from the current and ongoing debt implosion. There is going to be lots of fresh cash needed. Pento runs down a list of just few of the things the Fed will need to spend money on and says, “We all should know more than 22 million people have lost their jobs in the last four weeks alone. That’s 22 million people, and the unemployment rate, according to me, is heading up to 15% to 17%. That, my friends, is a depression. (more…)

Trump Reopens America, China Caused Implosion, Economic Reality

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 427 4.17.2020)

Donald Trump made the first move to reopen America for business by announcing a three phase plan to do it on or about May 1st. The state governors will lead the way in their individual states, but many states that are not hard hit will reopen earlier using precautions already established, and, yes, restaurants will open, too, but they will have less tables because of social distancing required. As new Covid 19 infections decrease, so will the restrictions. Some hard hit states, such as New York, will stay on lock down until mid-May.


Kicking the Can Until It Blows Up – Paul Craig Roberts

By Greg Hunter’s

In October of 2019, former Assistant Treasury Secretary (in the Reagan Administration) Dr. Paul Craig Roberts predicted on that “The oligarchs of the New World Order (NWO) will do anything to boot President Trump out of office.” We got a global economic shutdown in March of 2020 because of an overreaction to a virus.   Now, we are seeing massive money printing to bail out everything and everyone. How does Dr. Roberts, who holds a PhD in economics, see this? Dr. Roberts says, “The problem is there is already more debt than can be serviced. That’s why they are trying to bail it out by issuing more debt. It’s like kicking the can down the road until it blows up. When does it blow up? It didn’t blow up with a $4.5 trillion Federal Reserve balance sheet. Will it blow up at $10 trillion or does it have to be $15 trillion, or does the Fed’s balance sheet have to be the size of the US GDP before it blows up? I can’t say that I know, but I do know bailing out debt by creating more debt is not a solution.” (more…)

China Virus Hype Caused Biggest Economic Crisis in US History – Kevin Shipp

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Former CIA Officer and counter-terrorism expert Kevin Shipp says it was not the illness caused by the coronavirus from China, but the hype about how bad it was going to be. The projected death in the US alone was to be in the millions, and that did not happen. Shipp explains, “Remember, the World Health Organization (WHO) also said 3.4% of the population was going to get it and probably die, and they were over-inflated. The problem and the serious part of what this did is cause a panic in our economy. This was bolstered by the news media and drove us into maybe the biggest economic crisis in US history because they over-inflated these statistics. It is no small thing. Our economy has been damaged so badly we will never return to normal. We might get close over a few years, but the damage has been almost insurmountable because they overstated these statistics badly.” (more…)

Trump vs. Gates, Fed Gone Wild, Barr Prosecutes Coup?

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 426 4.10.2020) (Happy Easter Christ Has Risen!!!)

President Trump is pushing for millions of people to take Hydroxychloroquine, while Bill Gates is pushing for a global vaccine to cure the Wuhan China virus. One is about “America First,” and the other is for a new world order control system of people globally. One is a good guy and man of the people, and the other is an evil globalist who wants to control and depopulate the world. Can you tell who is who? (more…)

Disorderly Price Increases Coming for Gold & Silver – Craig Hemke

By Greg Hunter’s

Financial writer and precious metals expert Craig Hemke says high demand coupled with low supply will unlock the price of precious metals. Hemke says, “Look, the system is a total fraud. This pricing scheme was devised in 1974 as a way to diffuse supply. It was to make supply appear more readily available. . . .   So, now it’s finally crumbling because people are finally figuring out it’s a scam. It’s a confidence game. You may think you own gold . . . but what you own is just a promise. . . . So, now they are being called on the carpet to try to supply gold. . . . When the day finally comes that this pricing scheme is shattered and 50 people show up to take possession of the same ounce of gold . . . that’s when we find out what the true price of gold is.” (more…)

We Borrowed From the Future & Now It’s Over – Catherine Austin Fitts

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Investment advisor and former Assistant Secretary of Housing Catherine Austin Fitts says, “We’ve been printing massive amounts of dollars, and if you look at all the things we did to stop high speed debasement and unprecedented inflation, we’ve kind of run out of tricks. . . . Inflation is really sneaking up. My question: Is basically shutting down the small businesses and the small farm economy at high speed the way they have done, is that protecting us from going up a frightening inflation? Are we at Weimar Republic kind of inflation rates? I have been telling my subscribers to plant, plant and plant because the price of food is going to go through the roof. Another one of my questions: What’s pressing for war?   Is the debt spiral up and the inflation spiral up, is that more than they can handle?” (more…)

Hydroxychloroquine Works on Virus, Unemployment Explodes, Economy Plunges

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 425 4.3.2020)  

I keep yelling at the TV to give sick people hydroxychloroquine every time I see medical experts concentrating on pleading for masks, hospital beds and ventilators to combat the coronavirus. Why give hydroxychloroquine? It has been proven in small tests around the world that it works with little to no side effects. In countries like China and Turkey, it is given at the first sign of trouble, and their results are clear—it works and actually removes the China virus. (more…)

The Real Crash – Inflationary Implosion of Bond Market – Michael Pento

By Greg Hunter’s

Money manager Michael Pento has long warned the global financial system was “not sustainable or viable” because of record debt creation. Pento has also long said, “This was the biggest debt bubble in history, and it is going to pop someday.” That day has arrived. Now, Pento says, “This is a global depression just like we had in the 1930’s combined with a 2008 style credit crisis. That’s what it is. I was on your program about three months ago, and I predicted a global recession. That was wrong. It is a global depression. . . . We have learned that the S&P 500 earnings will decrease by 10% in the second quarter. (more…)

Epic Gold, Silver Rise & Markets Plunge in April –Bo Polny

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Cycle expert and financial analyst Bo Polny predicted a market crash in the stock market on February 9, 2020. A few weeks later, it nosedived 36% in the fastest crash in the history of the markets. Is it over? Not according to Polny. He contends, “When gold was shooting up into the $1,600 range in February along with silver and mining stocks, I said don’t get too excited because the market was going to top out the end of February, and then gold and silver will have a down cycle in the month of March. That’s what happened. Why did I schedule the interview at the end of March? The end of March is a final entry point to get in on gold and silver positions. Once April comes, gold and silver will do the opposite. Again, please understand my words, they will do the opposite of what they did in March.  (more…)

China Virus Overblown, Debt Driven Bailout, Crash Not Over

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 424 3.27.2020)

A dozen top medical and research professionals around the world are questioning the extreme response around the globe to the so-called coronavirus. One top research microbiologist calls the China virus response “self-destructive” and “suicide based on nothing but a spook.” The death numbers turned out to be a lot less than what was predicted in the beginning of the crisis, and that may be why President Trump wants to “open up the country again,” possibly by Easter.


Greatest Depression Already Started – Gerald Celente

By Greg Hunter’s

Gerald Celente, a top trends researcher and Publisher of The Trends Journal, says the world is already in an economic depression. Celente explains, “Never in the history of the world has the whole world, or most of the world, been shut down by politicians destroying people’s lives and their businesses. People are going to go bankrupt. You are going to see suicide rates increase. You are going to see crime escalate and people OD’ing on drugs because of depression. . . . Our leaders are totally closing down the economy. Again, this has never been done before. It’s not only Wall Street going down, Main Street went down simultaneously. That is unprecedented. Usually, the markets go down and then the ripple effects start hitting Main Street. This time–boom, they are both down. . . . It’s going to be worse than the Great Depression. It’s going to be the Greatest Depression.” (more…)