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BRICS Will Devastate US Dollar & Economy – Bo Polny

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Biblical cycle timing expert, geopolitical and financial analyst Bo Polny predicted last year to “expect the US dollar to go lower and gold, silver and Bitcoin to trend higher, much higher in 2024.” What have we seen so far? Bitcoin and Gold are, once again, flirting with all-time highs, and silver is starting to turn up, too. What about the dollar? So far, it is holding steady, but Polny contends the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) are about to put a hurting on the buck. (more…)

Putin Nuke Warning, CV19 Vax Inflation, Tanking Economy

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 623 3.1.24)

Russian President Putin warned NATO that sending troops to fight in Ukraine could cause a nuclear war. Putin pointed out that Russian nukes travel at hypersonic speeds, and the weapons of the west are no match. Putin also signaled that he was ready to talk about a peace deal to end the fighting. With 500,000 Ukrainian soldiers killed in action and even more dead civilians in this war, isn’t this a good time to stop the killing? (more…)

Entering a Global Great Depression – David Morgan

By Greg Hunter’s

Economic analyst and financial writer David Morgan has gone against the majority in the past with predictions that seemed unbelievable at the time. One prediction last year is the Fed not cutting interest rates in 2023. The Fed didn’t, and Morgan is still predicting there will be no Fed interest rate cut anytime soon. Now, with a record high stock market, Morgan is predicting “We are entering into a global depression the likes of which the world has never seen.” The warning signs are many as Morgan explains, “When we enter a depression, people cannot keep up with inflation. So, they work even harder or more hours to try to make ends meet.” (more…)

Super Bull Market in Gold About to Start -Charles Nenner

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Renowned geopolitical and financial cycle expert Charles Nenner has been warning of a huge war and financial cycle, and it is clear both continue to build.  The war cycle will continue to amplify until World War III breaks out.  Meanwhile, unpayable debt will continue to explode until another Great Depression hits America again.  Standing in the gap is gold, and the wait for a bull market is about over.  Nenner explains, “The dollar’s buying power could possibly  be cut in half. . . . That’s the reason why we expect a super bull market in gold and silver when the cycle bottoms.  You remember I came on and said coming, coming, but not yet?  I say it was too early . . . but, now, we are getting very close to a bull market.  . . . Gold could still have one more down move because the cycles are still down.” (more…)

China Hacks, Get Trump’s Money, CV19 Vax Murders Continue

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 622 2.23.24)

AT&T suffered a widespread cell phone service outage this week, but if China attacks Taiwan, that is going to be a small event, according to US Senator Marco Rubio.  He says the AT&T outage will be “100 times worse” if China launches a cyber-attack on America preceding an invasion of the island nation off the coast of the Chinese mainland.  Rubio says, “A China cyber-attack could knock out power, water and even your bank.”  Remember that more than half of the US Senate got satellite phones last year to provide what is called “continuity of government” in case of emergency and war.  You have been warned. (more…)

Fed Will Be Forced to Raise Rates to Defend the Dollar – Bill Holter

By Greg Hunter’s

Precious metals expert and financial writer Bill Holter says the market is exuberant with the idea the Federal Reserve is going to be forced to cut interest rates as the economy sinks.  Holter has warned about the US dollar turning into confetti because of massive dollar printing and more and more bank bailouts.  Holter is taking the other side of the rate cutting bet, and he thinks the Fed will do just the opposite.  Holter says, “If you look at the amount of debt service the federal government is paying, it’s over $1 trillion a year.  That’s going to go to $1.5 trillion, and then it will go to $2 trillion in interest a year.  There is no reflection of deterioration of credit in the rates themselves.  (more…)

2024: The Year from Political Hell – Martin Armstrong

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post) 

Legendary financial and geopolitical cycle analyst Martin Armstrong is predicting political turmoil, civilian unrest, war and a big economic downturn in 2024 in a new report called “The Year from Political Hell.”  It’s not just a US election year, but it is an election year for more than half of the world.  This is a global phenomenon which no one can be sure of the outcome.  Armstrong explains, “This is not just the United States election.  This is what you hear on the news locally.  However, step outside this country, and, for example, Indonesia just voted in a leftist government.  You have the EU going for elections.  You have on May 2nd all the local elections in Britian. (more…)

America’s 2-Million Terrorists, Fani Willis Done, Economy Tanking

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 621 2.16.24)

Nobody in the Lying Legacy Media (LLM) is talking about America’s two million terrorists that have crossed the US border, according to a source at the National Sheriff’s Association.  It is reported that military age men sometimes found with weapons and explosives have been caught or spotted.  Ohio Sheriff Richard Jones had one-on-one time with FBI Director Chris Wray, and he was told, “More red flags are going off than before 911.”  Why is this not a top story on every newscast and newspaper? (more…)

Evil Attacking the Air -Weston Warren

By Greg Hunter’s 

Scientist and inventor Weston Warren says evil powers have plans to continue attacking the air you breathe.  The Deep State came up with this decades ago.  To combat, these evil plans, Warren invented his germ killing and air purifying bipolar ionization technology.  As evil scientists made plans to poison humanity through the air, good scientists, such as Warren, perfected his air scrubbing technology that works to combat all airborne contaminants.  Warren explains, “You need information to come up with a strategy for you and your family.  If you think someone else, ‘white hats,’ a government agency, if you think someone else is going to protect you and your family, I think you are sorely mistaken.” (more…)

Nobody Gets Out Alive from Climate Engineering Disaster – Dane Wigington

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Climate engineering researcher Dane Wigington says huge lies are being told daily to cover up the speed in which the climate is imploding on a global scale. Sure, there have been all sorts of ways harm has been done to the environment, but Wigington contends the biggest single cause of damage being done to the planet right now is man-made climate engineering being sprayed from the skies. Wigington explains, “The bottom line is we are fighting for our lives right here and right now. The current paradigm is over. It’s in the death throes. The oceans are dying. The insects are dying. Plankton is dying. Our atmosphere is changing radically. Nothing can adapt to changes at this speed. Again, we are talking about toxic elements that should never be in our atmosphere. . . . (more…)

Putin, Tucker & Truth, Scotus Smashes Insurrection, Debt Surge

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 620 2.9.24)

Tucker Carlson interviewed Vladimir Putin, and the Deep State melted down.  They called him a “Mouthpiece for Putin,” a “traitor” and threatened to sanction Carlson.  Why?  The truth is a powerful thing, and the Deep State wants you to think the lies they are telling you about the Ukraine war are true.  This against a backdrop of the US Senate sending another $60 billion for a war that has already cost the lives of 500,000 Ukrainian soldiers. (more…)

Survive With Lifesaving Power – Greg Hunter

By Greg Hunter’s (Satellite Phone Store Sponsored Post) 

There are many ways these days to have your power cut off.  There are extreme weather events such as the California storms, this week, that knocked out power to more than one million people around LA and Hollywood. (more…)

Gold & Silver Fight Tyranny – Catherine Austin Fitts

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Catherine Austin Fitts (CAF), Publisher of The Solari Report, financial expert and former Assistant Secretary of Housing (Bush 41 Admin.), says, “The federal government is being run as a criminal enterprise. . . .not just a little criminal, but a lot criminal.”  CAF thinks now is the time for state governments to act to protect their citizens from the dangers of a falling dollar and increasing central control over “We the People.”  CAF explains, “One of the things we are talking with the states about is Sovereign State Banks, so they can protect their transactions in dollars.  We are also talking about State Bullion Depositories.  This is so states can protect their rainy-day reserve and, ultimately, their transaction ability with gold and silver.  Under the Constitution, the states have those powers.  This is very important if we are going to have sovereignty as individuals and not wake up one day and find ourselves in the same spot as the Canadian truckers who had their bank accounts shut down for protesting the CV19 lockdowns and mandates.  (more…)

Iran War, Border War, CV19 Vax War, Economic War

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 619, 2.2.24)

Iran proxies attacked a US military base in Jordan, this past week, killing three and injuring 30.  It was a drone attack, and war hawks want to strike back.  Senator Tommy Tuberville says, “This war is getting ready to happen.”  Iran says it will strike back, and there is no end in sight with the violence erupting all over the Middle East.  Are we already in biblical end times? (more…)

CV19 Vax is Anti-Christ Technology– Karen Kingston

By Greg Hunter’s  (Saturday Night Post)

Karen Kingston is a biotech analyst and former Pfizer employee who has been reporting on the nightmare of the CV19 vax that she tagged as a bioweapon from the very beginning.  She was the first to say the CV19 vax was created to hurt and kill people.  She was one of the first to warn people not to take the CV19 vax.  Kingston predicted that “vaccine” makers wanted to get people sick and then come up with new treatments to make money off the people they caused to get sick.  She has been reporting on the nightmare of these “vaccines.”  Kingston has new analysis on three important current stories that show people around the world are finally waking up to this crime against humanity.  (more…)